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NWS: Hi guys, please introduce yourselves to the readers I’m Jordan Buckley, @I.a.m_jordan on Instagram And I’m Jordan Hurrell, on Instagram I’m @ezhydro NWS: Awesome, can you guys please explain what you guys do and what you’re about? Hurrell: So basically, we’re bringing a new energy to the creative community Buckley: We’re bringing a new feel to the scene, we wear streetwear, designer clothes and then we bring videography to it. Hurrell: Look books are so basic now, they just do the same thing. We’re trying to add a new element of cinematography in that area. We want to make look books more appealing and exciting. Buckley: Something fresh, rather than just looking at pictures. NWS: Do you guys see yourselves as visual artists along with being models? Hurrell: Yeah, definitely Buckley: In the future we hope to extend things and do more with the brand NWS: Moving forward, what is it that you guys want to do most? Hurrell: To become a brand that takes on actors to film look books. Buckley: Also, if for example H&M want to do an advert, they can call us and we would be able to promote the clothing they want whist adding our creativity to it.


NWS: How unique do you feel what you guys are doing is? Hurrell: What we do, no one else is doing it in this moment in time. That is why we wanna make it valued. Buckley: make sure our name gets out there so more people take notice and follow on. NWS: Can you guys tell us about your season series of videos? Buckley: How it came about was me and Jordan going into central London and go to the hyped scenes, the supreme store etc. Then we started filming one day, we began to feel great energy about it, then we began putting them together in videos and it just got better and better. Hurrell: We can’t expose ourselves too much because we’ve got things that we’re filming but I’m sure it’ll all make sense in the future. NWS: Can you guys tell us about your relationship and how you guys came together? Hurrell: Me and Jordan went to the same secondary school, none of us were really into fashion like that. Buckley: Nah, we didn’t even speak about fashion Hurrell: we came to find that we love making videos, even back then we would make videos with our friends. We’ve now come back to it as a team and added the fashion aspect which is something were both interested in.


NWS: how did you guys come up with the name Urban Outcasts? Buckley: That’s a tricky question, we don’t really know. Buckley: we never always called ourselves ‘The Urban Outcasts’, when we first started filming we had different names… Hurrell: Yeezy Outcasts Buckley: Yeah, Yeezy Outcasts. Just names revolving around the major brand we related to. Hurrell: Yeah, then we settled with Urban Outcasts because we could make that our own brand. Buckley: We’re outcasts because we’re not following the crowd. We’re trying to do something different. NWS: Who are your inspirations? And how do they come together to influence what you guys do? Hurrell: well, I get a lot of inspiration from Sam Kolder and Matt Komo, guys that make cinematic videos on YouTube. I look at their videos and I think that one day we can reach that quality. NWS: Because you guys have limited resources, do you feel like it helps to make you guys become more creative? Hurrell: Definitely, It’s not about what camera you have. Its about what you can film with that camera. Its about can you film, and do you have ideas. Buckley: Yeah, its about the ideas. Its just about seeing the idea. NWS: you guys are part of the New Wave Team, how did that relationship come about? Buckley: Through YouTube and Instagram you guys reached out and expressed interest to collaborate with us on a photoshoot, that ended up turning into most of our look book and we built from there.


NWS: How do you guys fit into the New wave Team? Buckley: Perfectly. Hurrell: Very good answer [laughs] Buckley: I feel comfortable with everyone, it was good the first time we met, we have also of similar interests but we’re all very unique. We’re motivated young ones. NWS: What projects do you guys hope to do with us in the future? Buckley: Photoshoots for New Wave Magazine. Hurrell: we want to continue to bring our look books to your magazine. Keep people updated and promote ourselves. NWS: what will make you guys feel as though you have been successful? Hurrell: I think it’ll be when we have a good following. Buckley: Yeah, a strong fan base, more people getting to know us. Our views on YouTube to go up etc. NWS: How do you guys want to inspire other creatives? Hurrell: To promote the idea that not having the latest brands does not matter. You can stand out while being yourself NWS: With you guys being so young, what would you say to people that feel like they have to wait to be proactive in the creative industry? Buckley: if you wanna do something, just do it straight away. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Just go for your dreams because anything is possible. Hurrell: I agree.






















Instagram: @urban_outcasts Twitter: @NWMagazine Editor/Curator: Derrick Odafi Head Photographer: Charles Ogunmilade Modelst: Jordan Buckley and Jordan Hurrell

Youtube: Jordan Hurrell Tumblr: Facebook: @newwavemag Issuu: New Wave Studios

Urban Outcasts Lookbook  

This lookbook is a visual presentation about the creative fashion and videography duo Urban Outcasts, made up of Jordan Hurrell and Jordan B...

Urban Outcasts Lookbook  

This lookbook is a visual presentation about the creative fashion and videography duo Urban Outcasts, made up of Jordan Hurrell and Jordan B...