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WHY MINDSET, WHY NOW? A Intro to Mindset Training I’ve talked with people of different ages, different backgrounds and yet most of us struggle with the same things and in some shape or form it's related to being more of who we're wanting to be, how we imagined ourselves, doing more things that bring us joy, having more of our preferences being included in our day-to-day experiences - more happiness no matter what that might mean to you. And no matter what it is that you love to do, no matter who it is you’d love to be, it's all about how it would feel to be do or have those things. It's all for the feeling of it --

the exhilaration, the joy, the excitement of the moment it's all for the moment. And yet most of us are pretty unconscious, to only sort of awake as to how we actually spend our moment. What our attention is on. What we are standing for. How we feel. 

We always want to talk about right and wrong, positive and negative. I'd rather change the conversation a bit and talk to you about what serves you best. What's more consistent or in alignment in tuned with what you’re wanting and what’s not.

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As we are striving we are forgetting about where all of our power lies. And that is always in the current moment, -- what we're doing with our moment and what would serve us better to be doing with that moment.

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focuses on ACHIEVING what you want..” 1


What’s bringing you more of the essence of what you want and what’s not. And how to shift more into using your moments in a way that expands your experience towards more of what you’d like to have in it. I've been calling it mindset training. Setting your mind. And the reason why is because it's all about mastering your internal focus -- about what you’re doing in the moment with your own focus. You can think of your focus of attention being what you're standing for in this moment with your energy. What it's directed to. Which represents essentially what you are all about right now in this moment where all your power is. You see, it's time to put more attention on our powerful state of being as we’re involved in our activities because our emotional state informs the outcome of our actions. Now whether I call it mindset training or peak performance training or resilience training talk to you about being in the zone or how to facilitate a

“Get ready for MORE meaning, MORE fulfillment, MORE fun!

state of coherence, or a state of flow or state of allowing or alignment… Whether you prefer the message spoken from the framework of religion, spirituality or psychology, quantum physics or now finally through scientific data, the underlying fundamental principles are the same. And the real question is, “How do I apply these principles in my day-to-day life to improve the quality of my experiences according to me. So, the quality of your own experiences according to your own preferences for you. I want to help you move from information to knowledge and then knowledge to mastery of principles that help shape your experience in every area of your life.

internal Focus and applied the new state of being to the areas of you are choosing? EX. your body, relationships, work or whatever else is part of your vision for you.

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 Calling all innovators. As I write this, I have 5 training partner slots available. If you have a team or group that you want to take to the next level, let’s jump on a call and see if we are a good fit.

Can you imagine how unstoppable you would be if you master your




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Why Mindset, Why Now?  

Why Mindset, Why Now?