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NOTEBOOK from*the*editor Hello New Tribe Readers, Back to school! That’s generally the sound of happy parents at this time of year, and not so happy students getting ready to head back to class. Cheer up though, it’s going to be a fun chance to reconnect with friends, get back into sports, and maybe even learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

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COVER STORY DREZUS 20 By: Aj. Bellegarde

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18 FLOOD 2013





Aboriginal Happenings From Across Canada Attawapiskat First Nation chief re-elected The Chief Theresa Spence has been re-elected to a second three-year team as chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation in northern Ontario. Electoral officer Louie Noah told The Canadian Press that Spence received 214 of the 507 votes cast.

election went ahead Tuesday despite a call from The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples to postpone it until all members living off-reserve had a chance to vote.

The reserve is widely known for a housing crisis that prompted a state of emergency in the winter of 2011 and set off lingering tensions with the federal government.

The group, which represents aboriginal people living offreserve, said it’s unfair to people who live outside the remote community to have to vote in person.

Flooding and sewer backups this spring again forced Attawapiskat into a state of emergency and forced the First Nation to evacuate its only hospital.

Spence gained notoriety last winter for subsisting on fish Despite the complaint, voting broth and tea for six weeks as went ahead. a form of protest during the rise of the Idle No More movement. According to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development The Idle No More cause was a Canada, the Attawapiskat First protest against the Conservative Nation has a total registered government’s omnibus Bill C-45 population of 3,472. Of that, which First Nations groups 1,489 people — or about 43 per claimed threatened their treaty cent — live off-reserve. rights. 4


Spence’s protest in Ottawa last winter drew unfavourable attention to Attawapiskat with the release of a scathing audit of the band’s books that found a missing paper trail for millions of dollars between 2005 and 2011. SOURCE -The Canadian Press







What’s Going On? SEPTEMBER,2013 Aug 31 - Sep 01 Xfest Calgary Fort Calgary Calgary, AB

Sep 15 The Terry Fox Run Eau Claire Calgary, AB

Sep 29 Drake in Concert Scotiabank Saddledome Calgary, AB

Sep 01 Calgary Pride Parade Calgary, AB

Sep 19 - 29 Calgary Interntional Film Festival Various www.calgaryfilm.com Calgary

Sep 30 Indigo Girls in Concert Knox United Church Calgary, AB

Sep 07 Calgary Run for Water Eau Claire Calgary, AB Sep 07 Soulocentric Festival Vertigo Mystery Theatre Calgary, AB Sep 14 - 15 Monster Jam Stampede Park Calgary, AB Sep 15 Calgary Bridal Expo BMO Centre Calgary, AB

Sep 22 Rock the House Run Market Mall Calgary, AB Sep 25 Wordfest presents: Amanda Lindhout OnoncoPhillips Theatre Calgary, AB Sep 28 - 29 2013 Calgary Pincade Show Marlborough Park Hall Calgary, AB

Calgary Stampeders Home Games 09/02/2013 3:00 PM Edmonton Eskimos @ Calgary Stampeders 09/13/2013 7:00 PM Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Calgary Stampeders 09/21/2013 5:30 PM Toronto Argonauts @ Calgary Stampeders Calgary YMCA Rec night Every Tuesday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Creator’s Kindness acrylic and ink on loose canvas








EASY ON THE SUGAR! In today’s society, people do not just simply drink only water anymore.The drink industry has exploded to become one of the biggest industries in the world. It is no surprise to most that this has been accomplished by making drinks that taste good, despite what is in them. Even drinks like fruit juices, that you would think are healthy, contain more and more sugar than ever before. With how good these drinks taste, can they really be that bad for you? You may be shocked to find out the health effects that these drinks will have on you and your kid’s bodies. One of the biggest dangers caused by these sugary drinks is obesity. A Harvard study determined that drinks containing lots of sugar will 10


directly interact with the genes that affect a person’s weight. These drinks increase the risk of obesity dramatically. One can of Coke contains 39 grams of sugar. That means that drinking one can a day over the course of a year will result in your body processing about 31.5 pounds of sugar. With sugary drinks being linked to obesity, it is suspected that nearly 180,000 obesity related deaths each years are linked to the consumption of these sugary beverages.

very simple sugar chains. These simple carbohydrates are very easy for your digestive system to break down quickly, resulting in your blood sugar being quickly affected. When the blood sugar spikes, your body has to react and release insulin to deal with the sugar. Eventually your blood sugar will drop and your liver will release stored sugars to make up for the sudden drop in blood sugar. This is a roller coaster that your body is not meant to handle. Over time, these dramatic rises and drops in your blood sugar can cause depression, cardiovascular disease, impaired immunity, asthma, allergies and even various cancers.

Though these sugar stacked drinks will affect your weight and outward appearance, they will affect the inside of your body as well. The digestive system is directly affected. Sugary drinks are known as “junk sugars.” The sugar within is a simple carbohydrate consisting of Another problem presented to

COMMUNITY your body by the consumption of high sugar drinks is kidney damage. Your kidneys are responsible for removing everything unnecessary from your body. When you have high blood sugar, your body cannot handle all of the sugar and it becomes your kidneys job to get rid of it. This leads to a high concentration of glucose residing in the kidneys. While there, the sugar will clog up the capillaries in the kidneys. Over time, this will cause the glomeruli, kidneys filtration advocates, to deplete and not be able to complete their job of filtration. This increases the risk of kidney failure. When consuming sugary beverages, the first part of your body to come in contact with the sugar is your mouth. Your teeth will suffer the consequences of this. Sugar acts as an acid and dissolves the enamel on your teeth. Along with the bacteria in your mouth, the depletion of tooth enamel will result in holes in the enamel, more commonly referred to as cavities. Cavities can cause oral pain, food toughness and temperature

sensitivities, and even the loss been linked to the depletion of teeth. in production of BDNF (chemical known as brainThe heart is perhaps the most derived neurotrophic factor) in important organ in the body, the brain. This results in your brain having difficulties m a k i n g memories, thus making learning difficult. A lack of BDNF has been linked to type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome as well. Also, lack of BDNF can cause depression in a person, as well as setting them up to develop Alzheimer’s. rivaled only by the brain. The two work together to ensure your body functions properly. Sugary drinks can have affects on both.Too much glucose in the blood will impair the function of endothelial cells. This will result in the your blood vessels having difficulties dilating. When this occurs, blood flow to and from your heart become difficult, and can even cause cardiovascular disease.

With so many negative effects on the body, sugar in take is something that every person should keep a close eye on. Sugary drinks are one of the main sources in which people get their sugar from. For this reason, it is important to watch what you and your kids are drinking. Limiting sugar intake promotes good health and even reduces risk of various diseases throughout life. It is important to not only live healthy yourself, The brain needs sugar every day. but to teach others of the However, the sugars needed by dangers that may be caused by your brain are not the simple sugary drinks. carbohydrate kind. It needs natural sugars from things such as fruits. Added sugars have NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2013



On the Table Beef Stew INGREDIENTS

2 pounds cubed beef stew meat 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 4 cubes beef bouillon, crumbled 4 cups water 1 teaspoon dried rosemary 1 teaspoon dried parsley 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 3 large potatoes, peeled and cubed 4 carrots, cut into 1 inch pieces 4 stalks celery, cut into 1 inch pieces 1 large onion, chopped 2 teaspoons cornstarch 2 teaspoons cold water DIRECTIONS

In a large pot or dutch oven, cook beef in oil over medium heat until brown. Dissolve bouillon in water and pour into pot. Stir in rosemary, parsley and pepper. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer 1 hour. Stir potatoes, carrots, celery, and onion into the pot. Dissolve cornstarch in 2 teaspoons cold water and stir into stew. Cover and simmer 1 hour more.






WORD Her unconditional heart brought more than just a kiss In the flesh those emerald eyes healed my wounded spirit You brought laughter N energy like the mortal sun A warm gentle smile that illuminated my dark Your purity laced with devotion changed a demon And gave my mind, body-n-spirit sincere hope Coming from the moon like a breathing light of serenity So sanctuary cry’s my heart with constant desire Together we look to the morning star so beautiful a glow For we are one with the universe, blessed in the heavens My eyes of wonder give into the beauty of your soul If we could love like God imagine what we would become Yes, it was more than just a kiss that brought meaning N I will cherish your heart of gold-n-soul of silver You set me in your eyes n showed my heart the beginning But that’s just the grace of your own revelation Yet you give my soul sunshine after the rain has fallen What a beautiful sight that creates our minds to imagine Will we see a different direction that’s filled with purpose To feel the ever touch N to breathe the poetry of love Your my angel of life just to see us both smile And I will lead you by the still waters with my hand Only the essence of prayer will cover us in the fields of freedom Our happiness N love are the creations of eternity With these blessings we repent to cherish a love joy So forever-N-always I will remain in your hearts grace A soul 2 squeeze Dedicated to:

Lesley-Ann Destiny Wolfchild R.I.P 1986-2009 I miss you sista & Crystal Desire A.T.M (Shorty) Xoxo Forever-N-Always xoxo

Written by: Kesley-David-Pretty Boy-Wolfchild 14






by Joseph Montrose

There are many different ways to save money and stay on budget when planning on your kids back to school needs. There are several ways to not only stay on budget, but also go under budget for the same quality items that you can get anywhere else. Step number one is to get your child’s school supply list form the school house. Talk to the teachers and find out what needs to be purchased and what can wait. Most things like paper towels and tissues can be purchased throughout the year as needed. A lot of parents will go ahead and buy these for the first day, and then there are some left over 16


that the teachers use for the following year. Other things like crayons and markers are needed after the first couple of weeks. Plan your purchases according to the need of your child.

Dollarramma and the Dollar Tree offer the same products that big name stores like Target and Wal-Mart for cheaper prices. You can get everything your child needs for school for under twenty dollars. This will save big Step number two in keeping purchases like back packs and on budget is to look at the school clothes for later. deals and coupons that are offered by your local stores. When making your big Some have deals close to purchases, it is wise to buy the start of each school year. a back pack that will last Others offer deals before all year. Most back packs the school year starts. Either that are used for things way, keep an eye on the store like luggage, are cheap and inserts that are offered by fashionable. They are also your local newspapers. capable for decoration. This option is ideal for the child Don’t forget about your who is artistic and wants to discount stores! Places like individualize their back packs

COMMU NITY to suit their particular style. If you can get a back pack that lasts for longer than the year, all the better! This will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the years to come and allow the child to individualize their back packs each year. Simply throw the old back pack into a washing machine and you have a new canvas for the decorating styles of your child.

purchasing at least two pairs of shoes per year, one a size bigger than the other in case of a growth spurt in the middle of the year. Boots for rainy weather or cold weather.

A special pair of shoes for gym class is also a safe bet, but not a necessary. Socks are also a must, making sure that you have enough for your child to have a pair everyday for a week ensures that your Clothing should be purchased child will not go without for the seasons to come as well socks every day. as give some room for growth. That means, if you know that A pack of ten socks run your child is going to grow at between five to nine dollars least two inches in the year, at Wallmart, and that many purchase clothing meant for socks will give your child cold weather at least one size enough socks to wear once bigger than what your child a day for about a month with currently needs. regular cleaning. Maintaining proper sock care is as easy as This is listed as the most making sure that you wash expensive thing you can the socks on a gentle cycle buy for your child, but the and you will not have to buy investment is well worth it socks all year long. in the end as you have saved hundreds of dollars in the These tips will ensure that beginning by planning your no matter what your budget, purchases according to the you will be able to stay within need of your child. your limits or even below limit. Just remember: Also make sure that your child is properly equipped in 1. Make sure you plan your their footwear. This means purchases according to when

they will be needed. 2. Check the local stores for deals and coupons on the things your child needs. 3. Talk to your child’s teachers to find out what needs to be bought for the school year. Don’t make unnecessary purchases if they can be avoided! 4. Save small purchases for when they are needed. Make the purchases that will be needed for the first couple of weeks first, but spend the majority of your money on the things that need to be purchased first. 5. Purchase back packs that will last if not for the remainder of the year, but also for the years to come. 6. Purchase clothing for year to come. Take into account growth spurts. Same with shoes.




Calgary Flood 2013 In the aftermath of some of the worst floods on record, southern Alberta is slowly emerging from the catastrophic effects of being deluged with several months’ worth of pouring rain in a matter of a few days. With estimates of the cleanup efforts reaching into the billions of dollars, Calgary and its surrounding neighbourhoods will be faced with years of repair and rebuilding. In Calgary the disaster has caused the Mayor, Naheed Nenshi to urge all but the most essential workers to avoid the flood-ravaged downtown area. As electricity is gradually restored, cleanup workers are faced with a large volume mud and silt in the places where the floodwaters have receded. The Calgary Zoo did not escape damage and animals that had to be evacuated are only now beginning to be returned to the zoo. While it is encouraging that the displaced animals are going home, as many as 100,000 human residents of Calgary and 18


surrounding neighbourhoods are still unable to return to their homes. Consequently, a site in the Great Plains industrial area in the southeast portion of Calgary has been set up to help house evacuees.

Saddledome hockey arena was hit particularly hard, with floodwaters inside the structure reaching above the lower bowl. The damage at Saddledome brings to mind the hit that Calgary will be taking in its usually-thriving tourist industry. While some of the losses that southern Alberta is suffering from the devastation will be somewhat recouped when cleanup is done and rebuilding begins, nothing can replace the lost tourist income. As New Orleans showed in the slow recovery from Hurricane Katrina, the absence of tourist dollars can put a huge damper on recovery.

Calgary has seen help coming from across Canada. Vancouver has sent thirty members of their Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Team to assist local efforts. Even the Prime Minister’s wife, Laureen Harper, along with several MPs has been taking part in clean up efforts. MPs Joan Crockatt, Deepak Obhrai and Rob Alders have waded in with Laureen Harper to help haul rubbish and recover and remove The flood stories have ranged from flood-soaked articles. the inspiring to the ridiculous. Citizens all across Canada have With so much of the southern parts opened their hearts to Calgarians of Alberta underwater, a state of and are pitching into the recovery emergency has been declared to effort with time and money. cope with the aftermath of the Social media has been a point of risen Bow and Elbow Rivers, coordination in many of these which overflowed their boundaries efforts, with a Facebook page during the heavy rainfall and called “Calgary Flood Cleanup brought such devastation to 2013” gathering over three downtown Calgary and so many thousand “Likes” and being a surrounding towns. focus point for encouragement

COMMUNITY and ideas. The local police and rescue response workers have been putting in tremendously exhausting twelve-hour shifts and more in an effort to see to the needs of the people affected by these floods. News crews have reported dozens of inspiring sagas that have filled an anxious nation with pride, hope and encouragement. On the other hand, they’ve also reported to us about instances where helping-hands efforts like the Calgary restaurateur who was sending employees out on bicycles with free lunches for the rescue workers were temporarily shut down because of over-zealous bureaucratic enforcement. Happily, that situation was resolved and the coffee and sandwiches are once again reaching the first-responders.

Canada now receiving twenty more days of rain than records show it received as recently as the 1950’s. In a nation where flooding is the most expensive natural disaster, this bodes ill for the future. Considering the fact that among leading nations Canada stands alone in the lack of a citizen’s ability to purchase insurance for overland flooding, the expected impact on Canadian taxpayers to pay for cleanups and rebuilding will continue to increase.

When this fact is contrasted with the federal policy in the US, we find that our neighbours to the south are proposing farreaching and innovative solutions. Currently, President Obama has put forth a climate change plan that anticipates increasing Experts point to the fact that problems to infrastructure by weather events like these floods upgrading standards for highway are clearly on the increase, with construction in flood-prone areas.

It also promotes cooperation between federal and local agencies by offering help in preparing for extreme weather. Likewise, the UK has a program that sees private insurers offering flood insurance while the government takes proactive steps to mitigate probable damage. The fact is that Canada used to have a Flood Damage Reduction Program, which began in the mid1970s. It involved cooperation and sharing of costs between the provincial and federal governments which created flood risk evaluations. The program ended in 1990. With so many of our towns and regions lacking in preparation for the increase in floods and other weather events, it may ultimately be the Canadian taxpayer who end up footing the bill for repairs and rebuilding.





By: Aj. Bellegarde

photos courtesy of Tyson Anderson

There’s a line in Drezus’ track Red Winter from the album of the same name. It goes, “I’ve been quiet for too long. It’s time to speak. We gotta stand for something to keep us free.”

the government policy that people across the country were speaking out against. “I had to reach out to a lot of people to explain what the Bills were and what they meant for us as a people,” he says referring to the recent Omnibus Bill put forth Drezus is talking about the Idle by the current Stephen Harper No More movement. For the government. hip hop artist originally from Saskatchewan, his award winning “I feel like hip hop is a soundtrack CD was inspired by his people. for oppression. I think that’s why He recorded 7 of the songs on the we latch on to that genre of music. Red Winter album over a 4 month When it comes down to it, we period. It recently won Best Rap were stripped of our identities, so or Hip Hop CD at the Aboriginal sometimes we don’t know where People’s Choice Music Awards we belong or how to react what’s held in Winnipeg in mid – August. happened to us as people,” he says. Drezus was born Jeremy “When I made the Red Winter Manitopyes in Saskatoon. record, I went into the studio with He’s Cree and Saulteaux from all the energy that was created by Muskowekwan and Cote reserves the Idle No More movement. I in Treaty Four Territory, and he’s went to a lot of things; teach-ins, been making music since he was a rallies, and round dances. It kind kid. “When I discovered hip hop, of made me realize we’re strong I loved it. I just connected with people. It helped me gather my the rhythm and the beat. At the strength back. I was coming from time I was already writing my own a negative time. I was physically poetry. I started putting my poems healing, and emotionally healing into lyrics. I learned how to stretch even. All that togetherness from them out or compress them to hit our people gave me strength. I feel the beat. It’s called riding the beat like I spoke for myself, to and for right,’ he explains. “Around 9 or the people.” 10 is when I started putting things together.” He remembers, “My “To be honest, I had a hard time songs back then weren’t about understanding it,” he admits of anything. It was sort of seeing

what rhymes, like rhyming the letters of my name to something else; really simple stuff. That was the fundamentals for what I do now. But it came early, that’s for sure.” “I don’t think I actually finished a song until I was literally 18 or 19 years old,” he continues. “I used to write really long verses and rap them forever, thinking that was a song.” Drezus has been in the hip hop game for a long time. He met producer Big Stomp from War Party in the late 90s and he was an original member of Team Rezofficial out of Hobbema. He remembers the first time he was in a real recording studio in 2003 with Rezofficial in Winnipeg. “I was breathing heavy, and trying to catch my breath. I was not sure if I had my stuff right, if the engineer was going to think that I was slacking or didn’t sound right. I was really self-conscious about how I was going to sound on a really amplified good mic. It made me rethink my whole delivery, my voice, the way I did everything. But it was probably the best experience I had as far as developing as an artist. That time, we did ‘The Foundation’ album that we released in 2004.” NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2013


COMMUNITY In 2009 Team Rezofficial released their second album The World (And Everything in It). “We were the first Natives to hit Rap City Number 1. We did it for three weeks. We’re still the only Native group to do that,” he says, referring to the album’s first single, “Lonely”. Now a solo artist, Drezus says, “I feel like with perseverance, faith, determination and my grind, my hustle and my thick skin I can do it.” Out on his own, he’s responsible for everything, including writing his own music. He says of his song writing process, “With writing songs it’s all about feelings. It’s either the beat or instrumental that invokes feelings. Sometimes I can write a song on the spot in 20 minutes. ‘Red Winter’ for example; I wrote that in 45 minutes from start to finish. It came together real quick. Some days, I’ll write a verse, and I’ll never go back to it ever. I’ve got songs that I’ve finished in a day, and I’ve got songs that I’ve never finished.” He says that even though hip hop is a genre where almost anything goes, he does draw the line at certain subjects. “I don’t like the violent rap shit. That’s off limits to me. I might throw in a little lyric here and there where I’m pissed off or something. I won’t talk about hurting people and stuff like that. For me, violence is not it. That’s not where I want to be anymore. I don’t want to attract that so I won’t speak about it.” 22


He says, “I’ve seen some really bad shit in my life, and some traumatizing stuff, which I’ll never forget. But I won’t speak on those kinds of things in detail in my rap. My music is about my past experiences, my feelings, my emotions. You won’t see me cross the line into the fairy tale world. I always keep it me.” “For a while there, the streets made me think that I was supposed to be a hustler. I used to tell people that I felt comfortable in this, riding around in shit that’s going to put me in jail for the rest of my life. But we’ve all got in it us to be something.” Hence the track on Red Winter called ‘Big Dreams’. The video is on youtube. He remembers of the shoot in Calgary, “I went to ask them if I could shoot in front of the Bow downtown. They were like, you gotta go through permits. And I’m like, I wanna shoot this today. I’m gonna shoot across the street. So that’s what we did.” They shot all day at different locations in Calgary and ended the day at the Stampede. He recalls, “I was an hour behind on each shot. We didn’t get there at Stampede til 9:30. My phone died so I couldn’t coordinate anything. When we got to the Slingshot, my battery died in my ghetto blaster. I was having a meltdown. Someone said, ‘just rap it’. I looked at the director and he asked if I could hold down

the timing. I said, “Of course I can, it’s my song. I know it perfect”. So we went through the whole thing. I was just rapping my verse, knowing the timing of my beat. All those shots at the Stampede were me with no music. Guerilla style.” In a world where music is easily accessible on websites like youtube and easily downloaded rather than purchased, Drezus says, “I’m cool with it. I understand that it’s the nature of the industry and human beings. If they want to take it off the internet free, then so be it. As long as they play it for their friends and let their friends hear it. Somewhere along the way, one of them is going to purchase it. As long as they understand that for me it’s more than just an art, or a hobby. Music is how I make my living.” He says the Idle No More movement has inspired him in more than just his music. It’s inspired him in his everyday life. “I think we gotta step out of the shadows and let some of our light shine, as people, as individuals, because every one of us has it in us. It might not be rap, or acting or teaching. But if you feel it in your heart, then do it. If somebody tells you something negative, don’t take to the heart. Never give up, just because someone doesn’t like what you do. It doesn’t mean you can’t do what you love and what’s in your heart.”





a child abuse... story Anonymous

Here I find myself again in this dream, this nightmare. How could this be happening? Is there something wrong with me? The nightmare all started 5 years ago. I was only 5 years old and had no idea what was going on. My mother who was a nurse would work the night shift leaving my brothers and I home alone with my daddy. I love my daddy. Is this the way it is suppose to be? I have my own room and my two older 24


brother share another room. The first night daddy started coming into my room my mommy was at work. He got into bed with my. I remember feeling so special that he wanted to spend time with me and be with me. For a while He just held me but then he started to touch and rub me in uncomfortable ways and places. I hate thinking about how it all progressed and I will not say any more in regards to the details besides that it hurts

in so many indescribable ways. He did not come into my room every night that mom worked yet it seemed as though he would come in at least once or twice a month. Why does daddy treat me this way? Is this what I was made for? Is this how men are suppose to treat women? I can’t tell anyone. Daddy told me I could never tell. He says it is our special secret. He also says that if I tell I and others

COMMUNITY will get really hurt. Are all men and even boys like this? Are my brother like this? Does daddy do this with them? I can’t talk to anyone. I feel so dirty and ashamed. I’m I dirty? Is this all I am good for? As I have gotten older my body has developed more and daddy seems to do things worse and worse. Will this last forever? Is it suppose to? Maybe it is my fault that all this is happening. Maybe I have done something wrong. I must be a horrible person. No one could love me like this. Daddy can’t even love me. Maybe what he does to me is love. If this is love I must have to marry a man who treats me this way.

I can’t stand the pain. There has to be answers. Maybe it would be better if I had never been born. Then daddy wouldn’t have to do this to me. Then I wouldn’t be so bad. Then everyone would be much happier. Is anybody out there? Can anyone see me in my pain? Does anyone know the pain I am going through? Can anybody hear me!!!!!??

These are the questions that pound in my mind everyday. When people look at me I know they can see the dirty little girl that I am. There is no way anyone could love me like this. The only thing that I am good for is to be used by others and to make them feel good at my own expense. I am worthless. It is obvious that my body is only good for guys to use and abuse. This is I am so confused. I am so the only love I deserve. alone. There is no one out there who can help me or who I wonder if daddy will come understands me. I am so dirty, into my room this week. so bad. I don’t want to live Mommy works 3 nights a like this. I hate living like this. week and is working tonight. I can’t stop this. No one will It has been awhile since he listen. Some one will get hurt. has come in to my room. This might be normal and if Maybe he will stop. Maybe it is not I just must deserve it. he does not want to do it

anymore. Maybe he I have been good enough lately that he would not want to do that to me anymore. I can’t be good enough. Even when I thought I was better than I have ever been I remember him still coming into my room. There is nothing I can do. I am bad and dirty. I can never be good enough. Since it has been awhile daddy probably will come to my room tonight. Why shouldn’t he? I deserve it anyway. Oh, it hurts so much. I don’t know if I can take it any longer. Is there anyway out of this. I hear mommy leaving for work. Oh how I long to cry out after her and plead for her to help me. She must know though. She must think I deserve it. I must deserve it. Oh no, I hear steps coming up the stairs! It is probably daddy. What do I do! I can’t stand it anymore! I am so afraid! I must just go to sleep. I will pretend that I am asleep. If I am lucky I will not wake up to this nightmare ever again. NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2013



Child Abuse Help Child abuse is a very serious crime, that sadly happens on a daily basis all around the world and Calgary, Alberta is no exception to this. They, like many other cities, have their fair share of crime and the bigger the city the more likely are the chances of crimes occurring. There are ways to get help, if you are the victim of child abuse in any way; at school, at home, or after school clubs there are people you can reach out to and talk about it. Your parents and teachers can help you, but if you wish to get help with issues at home there are many places that offer help to victims of child abuse. In 2012 a new Calgary Child Advocacy Center opened which helped children in the area come out and talk about the abuse they were 26


1-800-387-KIDS (5437) and get 24 hour help and support if you or someone you know is the victim of child abuse. For help across Canada call 1-800668-6868 for a child abuse hot line. If you aren’t able to call a hot line, you can always call the police and they will help you in any There are different circumstance and reach types of child abuse and out to child help services depending on the type for you. of abuse a child is being subjected to there are If you feel targeted at different types of options school or at a place outside for help. There is a hot of your home, tell you line that was developed parents or another adult to help children, or even and they can help you. If adults, who are the victims you feel the need there of sexual abuse at 1-877- are lots of therapists who 237-5888 for 24 hour are there to listen to you support from the Calgary and provide help for you Communities Against at every turn. Don’t ever feel you are alone, just Sexual Abuse. talk to someone and let There are other hot lines them know what is going available however, for on. There is help out there any sort of child abuse for you. problem you can call being subjected to and get help and support. The center aims to provide an open environment where children will feel safe and comfortable coming forward which would help deal with the problem of child abuse all around the city.





Kesley Wolfchild 28








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Speedy Ortiz Major Arcana

The meaning of the word Major Arcana is “major mysteries” this being a very fitting name as it leaves you with a wondering of what happened in the ten song music span, personal interpretation will be required when listening to this album. Only because you are not going to find meaning in the lyrics unless you take it for your own; the style of this album is based more so on the use of the words itself, which is different for bands of this caliber. Smaller bands tend to want to make a radio smash hit. At least you know that this musical experience will take you some where else if you want to go. Knowing that, listen to Down Below, and Tiger Tank the female vocal lead, paired with the bass line and drum rolls will make you pine for those days when everything was boring but you were motivated to do something about it. Plough is most likely the song you want to listen when you decide to do something about being bored, it is catchy, and just hard enough to make you feel better when all you actually want to do is walk down to the local corner store and buy some sour keys to bring you back to the days when being bored of everything was okay. To make matters better, the band made this album full of sarcastic wit and catchy guitar riffs. Wish this album could turn into a real life best friend, sometimes sitting alone listening to random music can be isolating. But alas we all can’t be popular and to think of it, I am sure lead vocalist/guitarist Sadie Dupuis wouldn’t want to hang around with me anyway. All kidding aside, the rest of the band made up of Matt Robidoux on guitar, Darl Ferm on bass, and Mike Falcone on drums is probably one of the better bands to listen too, because once you understand the complexity of the unintentional messages you might just like the sound and convert. The Heat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack At first look it seems like this compilation might have been put together without considering the entirety of the album, but then after listening to the entire album it works. With everyone having obscure random ipod lists it almost resembles the listing of possibly your single aunt who is older but cool, not quite cougar cool, but relevant in the fact that she could probably choke you out as she takes MMA classes. So if that was the feel that they were going for then awesome they nailed it. But seeing as it is a Michael Man directed film then you would know that the score is always a good showing. Anyone who can make Miami Vice a great listen is worth the time. From Luther Vandross to Santigold, there are really no missteps in this 15 song listing, the fact that Kreyshawn and Angel Haze who are relatively unknown at this time is a great way to expose the youngsters to the old school and new school. The first song is so much fun, that you just can’t help but feel a little edgy and hardened when the female rappers take the stage. Nothing really feels like it is out of place, the mix of both funk, rap and throwbacks like Ted Nugent Stranglehold, Groove is in the heart; Deee-Lite are songs that never get old. It is kind of funny how music can make you feel like you’re a superstar and then take you back to the good old days. But really you can’t go wrong when you have good music in every range which is a marketable thing to do.




Music You Can Feel In Your Toes Hooded Fang Gravez

For a band out of Toronto that was trying to hard, they have been able to right the wrongs, and make it work with their third full length album. Released on Daps Records this band has been able to take a large group of musicians, where too many ideals and sounds were mashed together to create a small grouping of sounds that makes it less chaotic. At least it’s fun to listen too, and that is really what music should induce, snazzy dancing fun that you can sing too. One thing they didn’t lose was the melodic and pop sound of garage rock that makes absolutely no sense but melds into a musical experience. I also love the fact that there is some underlying paranoia in the lyrics that reminds me of a friend who was convinced there were cameras in the bathroom put there by some sinister janitor. Turns out that it actually happens, so in life paranoia does do some good, other times it just makes for good conversation starters. Or it makes for good music, at times this album falls short of a personal crowd pleaser, but isn’t that why we listen to music, to find something that no one else is listening too, and then claim you heard it first before the radio played it? Well while some of us are trying to find that diamond in the rough, bands like Hooded Fang will keep in keeping on and churn out some good tunes along the way, check out the song Graves. NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2013



See You at the Movies Starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman The World’s End is a brilliant and slightly sad British science fiction comedy film released in July 2013 staring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan and Rosamund Pike. It was written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. The World’s End is the third installment of Wright’s trilogy of comedies and follows “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”. Filming took place at several places including at Elstree Studios, Welwyn Garden City, Letchworth and Hertfordshire. It is an action packed movie with stunning effects that shines a light on these brilliant actors who can pull it neatly together.

The World’s End starts with the reunion in Newton Haven for five friends who have become strangers in their adulthood years. Their ringleader, Gary King (played by Simon Pegg),plays an immature alcoholic, who has not seen his friends in twenty years. He is obsessed with completing The Golden Mile, a pub crawl or drinking marathon, the gang tried and failed to complete in their youth and drags his friends back to do it again. The Golden Mile includes twelve pubs with The World’s End being the last one and Gary is bound and determined to get there fighting off aliens for the sake of beer. He has no direction in his life and no goals so while the rest of the gang is busy living their lives to the fullest, Gary is caught in a downward spiral and torrid love affair with beer. Since they last saw each other, Gary’s friends have grown up and moved on with their lives. They have married and have careers but Gary seems unable to assume any kind of adult responsibility or accountability for his past actions. He is riddled with self-hatred and his total lack of common decency is evident when the group arrives at the first pub and Gary makes a pass at Sam,(played by Rosamund Pike) right in front of his friend, Steven, who is in love with Sam. When Gary won’t roll up his sleeves to prove he is not a robot he and Andy wind up fighting. When Andy sees that his arms are bandaged because of a suicide attempt and not because he is a robot you understand what this moving is really about: friendships and forgiveness. Although Gary and Andy went in their different directions both were in pursuit of their own happiness along with their own imperfections.



See You at the Movies


Starring Sharni Vinson, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen

You’re Next is a horror movie written by Simon Barrett who credits the famous novel “And Then There Were None” as his inspiration for the screen play. It was edited and directed by Adam Wingard. It was filmed at a vacant mansion near Barrett’s hometown of Columbia, MO. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 and was released in the United States in 2013. The two year delay will be worth the wait to horror movie lovers. The movie begins with a family get together for the Davison’s and their four adult children at the family’s country home. Sibling rivalry rears it’s ugly head between their three sons and daughter which sets up the over-all family dynamic as one of resentment and hard feelings. None of the characters are particularly likeable so it makes it hard to cheer them on for what happens next. No family dinner is complete without plenty of petty bickering which makes the air between them so thick you can cut it with a knife. Making fun of someone’s accent is just one cruel way they are mean to each other and treat each other like manure. It is hard not to compare this dinner scene with your own memories of bad family dinners. In hindsight, it was probably not the most pleasant family dinner for Crispian Davison (played by Rob Moran) to introduce his new girlfriend, Erin, (played by Sharni Vinson). Erin comes along to meet his parents for the very first time and she also brings a little secret of her own. “You’re Next” lacked in the creativity department by using what resembles the same animal masks used in the 2008 hit “The Strangers”. The idea of killing people trapped in a house unable to get out because they do not know where the killers are is ingenious but somebody has already made a movie about it. Movie goers want fresh ideas and not movies that mirror others in any way because you spend the rest of the movie making comparisons. But if suspense is what you came for then that is what you will get with this twisted home invasion movie. It is almost too hard to watch when the suspense gives way to just plain physical brutality and violence. When the movie hits this point, it becomes hard to watch but for the die-hard, blood and guts type of horror movie fans out there, they will not be disappointed in the least.




Book Reviews For the restless mind Allegiant - Veronica Roth

Allegiant is a recent novel released by author Veronica Roth. This book has a very intriguing story that will appeal to many readers. In this novel, a woman named Tris Prior is in a society that has been broken by much violence and power struggles. It has also been a society effected by loss and betrayal. Due to society being broken, Tris decides to explore the world like never before. Along with an individual named Tobias, she decides to live a simple life which will allow her to avoid society’s ills and also avoid reliving some negative memories. However her new endeavor ends up being more troublesome. During this time she finds out that her past discoveries have no worthwhile meaning. She also finds out that some recently discovered truths change the attitude of the people she loves. As a result she needs to deal with the complex nature of how humans act. In this time she also needs to face a number of choices which will test the level of her courage and love. It will also test her allegiance and level of sacrifice as well. When reading this book, readers will be told a story from a dual perspective which will enable them to see multiple points of view. Allegiant is a book written by one of the #1 New York Times best selling authors. With Allegiant, readers will get to know the exciting conclusion to the Divergent book series. In this book, readers will find out many new secrets of the dystopian world being discussed. This will be the end of a great series of books including Divergent and Insurgent. The book Allegiant is one of the various parts of a series of books that reveal a dystopian world. Readers who are interested in stories about dystopian worlds and life will find this book to be very fascinating. They will also enjoy this book if they are fans of the Divergent series. For fans of the Divergent series of books, Allegiant is yet another critical part this unique and intriguing series. With this book, readers will have yet another high quality book to enjoy due to the fact that it is likely to be among the top selling books around. With Divergent you will be sure to have a book that provides excellent storytelling, interesting characters and lots of suspense. Overall it is a very good read for those who enjoy novels. 34



Book Reviews For the restless mind FML - Shaun David Hutchinson FML is a novel written by author Shaun David Hutchinson. The novel is a drama story that deals with romantic themes. In this book, a party is taking place where a young man is looking to get a romantic relationship with a woman he is in love with. During the course of the novel, the young man gets to kiss the woman and this changes everything for both parties. The story is about a man named Simon who attends a party. It is a very big night for him as it may be his best chance to get a romantic relationship with a woman named Cassie. She is a woman that he has loved for a very long time and is now currently single. Cassie is throwing a very big party which is the biggest of the entire year. As a result Simon sees a golden opportunity to attend the party and have her fall in love with him. Simon’s plan is to attend, win her over and make out with her. However things don’t go according to plan and therefore a number of things come up during the party. During the novel two alternating plots take place as Simon goes after the Cassie but stumbles along the way. However numerous things can go right and it is a matter of what will actually happen in the end. Since this book has romantic themes to it, many readers who enjoy these kinds of stories will likely enjoy it. Those who are younger and are into the party scene will also find this to be a very appealing book. The story is very intriguing and is quite typical of numerous romance stories. A man is in love with a woman and is therefore going to do everything he can to win her heart. Like many young people, Simon goes to a party in order to meet and court the woman of his dreams. As a result there are a number of intriguing things that happen along with way. Those who enjoy stories that deal with contemporary youth themes as well as romance will likely enjoy this book. Most people will also be able to relate to the characters of the story since there are many times where readers may have encountered romantic situations themselves. As a result this is a very good book that has a good story and is very well written in which many readers will gladly read. NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2013

















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