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NOTEBOOK from*the*editor Hello New Tribe Readers, Welcome to the September issue of New Tribe Magazine. It’s a busy month for most people as school is back in session, work vacations are over, and everyone is gearing up for the fall season. The USAY group is especially busy as we are packing up and getting ready for a new location move for October. Once that is done we will post updates on the new contact information. The September issue takes a look at back to school tips, with emphasize on the ongoing bullying phenomenon, and ways to make the transition from summer break, sleeping in, and general goofing around, to get back with the usual grind of sticking to a schooling schedule. It’s a fun time of year for students so enjoy everything school has to offer and get out and participate in everything you can. I know that I have been crying wolf about when the new USAY web site will be launched but I can now say with confidence, and fingers crossed, that the new site will be



launched mid month and updates will be made on facebook with all the details. Need updates on upcoming USAY and New Tribe Magazine events? Feel free to search us out on Face book and join our growing friends list. We post upcoming events, submission requirements and deadlines, and fun stuff like upcoming movie nights and book clubs. It is also a great place to comment on stories or articles you wish to see in our upcoming issues. Do you have an opinion on this issue of New Tribe magazine? Good, bad, or ugly send in your thoughts and we will print it in the letters section. We are currently looking for freelance designers to work on everything from magazine layout, to creating posters and advertisements. Contact editor for more information.(Experience required) Spread the word, and stay true to it. John Medeiros Managing Editor

Calgary’s Aboriginal Youth Monthly Managing Editor John Medeiros New Tribe Intern Ritchie Hairy Bull Graphic Design Aboriginal Design Group Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth 1511 10th St. SW Calgary, AB T2R 1E8 403.233.8225 Executive Director LeeAnne Sicker Program Manager Rachel Paris Executive Assistant Jessica Hawryluk Board of Directors President Jesse Halton Vice-President Amanda Gonet Treasurer Sarena Provost Secretary Cheryl Hanley Directors Ryan Willert Cherokee Blood NEW TRIBE is a monthly magazine. Our mission is to promote a positive outlook on Aboriginal living in an urban setting by promoting information sharing within the Aboriginal and youth communities Opinions expressed in submitted work/letters are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of NEW TRIBE or USAY. This magazine is a forum for Aboriginal youth to speak their minds and share their stories without intervention.

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Aboriginal Happenings From Across Canada Residential Day School suit gaining steam

lawyer David P. Church to prosecute the suit. SOURCE - THE CITIZEN

FIRST NATIONS Ð Polly Jack, Vancouver Island coordinator for a class-action suit that wants compensation for First Nations people who suffered during the years they spent at Indian Day Schools called this week for everyone who feels they should be part of the suit to complete their application forms and get them in. The first consignment of completed forms, more than 200, were to be sent to Manitoba today (Friday, Aug. 27). They will be followed in a chain by mailouts from other bands as native people gather their forces to argue their case. Since the suit was launched in July 2009, support has been growing because day school students have been left out of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement. The Aboriginal group, Spiritwind, first formed in the 1980s, has taken on the initiative to push for a lawsuit and Joan Jack, a First Nations lawyer from Berens River, Manitoba, launched the court action. This summer she joined forces with Vancouver



Spirit Sands casino moves ahead

WINNIPEG Ð A plan to build a new aboriginal casino near Spruce Woods is in its final stages as its backers put a business plan and the $40-million facility’s financing in place, the head of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs said Wednesday. Grand Chief Ron Evans said a sod-turning for the Spirit Sands Casino, to be built off Highway 5 about 16 kilometres south of the Trans-Canada Highway between Carberry and Glenboro, is scheduled for the third week of September. The proposed site is near Spruce Woods Provincial Park. Ò ItÕ s a lengthy process,Ó Evans said. Ò WeÕ ve got a lot of bureaucratic hurdles we have to overcome.Ó The casino will be the third First Nations casino in the province, after the South Beach Casino and Resort south of Grand Beach and the Aseneskak Casino near The Pas. The Spirit Sands Casino will be run by the

Swan Lake First Nation, which still has to have a referendum on the project, Evans said. Recently, the Manitoba government agreed to guarantee a loan of up to $750,000 towards the project, according to a cabinet document. Evans added an environmental review also has to be completed. SOURCE - WINNIPEG FREE PRESS

Aboriginal candidates sought for professional journalism development program

WINNIPEG - CanadaÕ s National Screen Institute (NSI) is calling for applicants for its newest training program: NSI Aboriginal Journalism. This pilot program is designed for Aboriginal candidates with prior journalism experience, or media experience in a related field, who want to hone their skills and abilities. After completing the program, participants will possess the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to accelerate their careers in journalism.

Tribe*Mail AUGUST Issue 2010 The August issue of NEW TRIBE magazine ended up being available online and we apologize for not having a printed version of this issue available. It was a great issue that showcased some up-andcoming mixed martil arts fighters, along with some great articles on social concerns such as violence towards women and health advice. ItÕ s wonderful that we continue to get feedback from our readers in the form of letters and emails. Below are a few that have recently been sent in.

MMA TBC Hello, I was a little dissapointed to find out the August issue wasnÕ t going to print as IÕ m a fan of MMA and online the pictures looked pretty cool. Is there going to be more stories on MMA in the future? I hope so as a lot of people really enjoy the sport. RICHARD BLACK Ed. Note: Absolutely! We will certainly be working on more stoties about MMA in the near future. A CHILDÕ S PAIN Hello Tribe Staff, I checked out the newest magazine online and I was very moved by the story on Parental Alcohol Abuse that was in this issue. It really reminded me of my own upbringing. Although itÕ s sad that this trend continues to happen itÕ s important that it gets covered and IÕ m glad that you did so. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading future issues. Cheryl Smith SUBMIT ART NOW I notice that you have art in each month and wondered how to get mine in the magazine?

Joe Sampson Ed. Note: Send it to RESERVE LIFE Hello, I would like to offer a suggestion on a possible future article for New Tribe. I think it would be really interesting to do a profile on life on a reserve and the challenges involved in doing so. There are both good and bad aspects to this and having people read first hand accounts of both could educate people on this topic. Thanks and keep up the great work on the magazine. Jessica Young Ed. Note: Thank-you for the email and suggestion. We will start working on this in the near future. LEGENDS I saw that you had a Medicine Lodge legend in the newest issue of the magazine and I wanted to comment on what a good idea it is to include items like this in New tribe. I read it to my little boy and he enjoyed it so IÕ m hoping this could be a regular feature in the magazine. Janice Shoe Ed. Note: We will continue to keep this a regular feature for as lomg as possible.

THANK YOU I just wanted to say thanks for putting out such a great magazine that profiles positive Aboriginal achievement in our city. I feel that there surrounding our itÕ s refreshing to reading positive young people.

is so much negativity Native heritage that see our young people stories about other

My only Ò problemÓ is that it can be hard to find locations that carry the magazine. Any help with that would be great. Renalda George Ed. Note: Thank-you for the e-mail. I have been meaning to do this for a lomg time, but I promise that soon our website will list all the locations New Tribe gets distributed. Have a comment about the latest issue of NEW TRIBE magazine? Emails can be sent to or via mail NEW TRIBE MAGAZINE 1511 - 10th Street SW Calgary, Alberta Canada T2R 1E8 Name can be withheld at request


What’s Going On? SEPTEMBER,2010 Sep 4 - Sep 5 BBQ On The Bow Calgary, AB Eau Claire Market http://www.bbqonthebow. com Sep 4 Calgary Highland Games Calgary, AB Shouldice Park http://www. Sep 5 Calgary Pride Parade Calgary, AB Sep 9 Summer Splash Masquerade Belgo Restaurant Calgary, AB Sep 10 Zoogala Calgary Zoo Calgary, AB Sep 11 - Sep 12 Akwesasne International Pow-Wow Cornwall, ON http://www.

Sep 12 Calgary Bridal Expo Calgary, AB BMO Centre Sep 12 Haultain and First Street Festival Calgary, AB Victoria Park Sep 16 Charlie Murphy Calgary, AB The Gateway http://www. Sep 18 - Sep 19 Curve Lake Pow Wow Curve Lake, ON http://www. powwow.html Sep 18 - Sep 19 Calgary Art Walk Calgary, AB http://www.webstergalleries. com

Sep 20 Justin Bieber Concert Pengrowth Saddledome Calgary, AB Sep 21 Thirty Seconds to Mars MacEwan Hall Calgary, AB Sep 24 - Oct 3 The Calgary International Film Festival Various downtown venues Calgary, AB

CALGARY STAMPEDERS 09/06/2010 04:00 PM Edmonton Eskimos @ Calgary Stampeders 09/25/2010 07:30 PM BC Lions @ Calgary Stampeders

Calgary YMCA Rec night Every Tuesday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

If you have an event youÕ d like us to include in our monthly calendar, email it to us - by the third Wednesday of the month. Submission deadline for the OCTOBER issue: SEPTEMBER 24






Amanda Marie Louise Fox





BACK TO SCHOOL Sandy Childress Returning to school can be an exciting but stressful time. One of the best ways to enjoy the beginning of the new school year is to enjoy the friends you already have and to make new friends. Making friends is easier if you possess certain personal qualities and follow certain guidelines.

your classmates or staying at home alone when school is not in session will not gain you any friends. To make friends, you cannot be a hermit. You have to be around people whether itÕ s in the classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria, hallways or just waiting on the bus.

Personal Qualities and Guidelines for Making Friends

Join groups with interests similar to yours. Clubs offer wonderful opportunities to do fun, worthwhile activities as well as meet new people and make new friends. Schools have many clubs for students. Some of these include Junior Beta Club, content area clubs (math, science, history, foreign languages, etc), SADD, and more.

Love and believe in yourself! Too many young people see themselves as too tall, too fat, not smart enough or interesting enough, or with a host of other flaws. Others are more apt to like you and you can make friends easier if you like yourself and believe in your own special abilities. To have a friend you must be a friend. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Be considerate of the feelings of other people and try to remember little things birthdays and special accomplishments. Be generous with well deserved compliments and hold back on criticism. Spend time with people. Sitting alone in the back of a classroom away from



Participate in a sport. Those who play sports donÕ t have to be planning careers as professional athletes. If you enjoy a sport, then by all means try out and participate. Participation in sports will expand your opportunity to meet students from other schools and make even more friends. Nowadays there are many sports to choose from including football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, wrestling, swimming, tennis,

track and cross country. There are even academic sports with quick recall teams and individual written competitions in content areas. Community service. Volunteering your time is a great way to meet people and do good deeds. This provides you with an opportunity to make friends outside the school and to work with adults as well as young people your age. Actually talk to people. DonÕ t be too shy to strike up a conversation. There are a lot of conversation starters like giving someone a compliment or mentioning the weather or maybe mentioning a big ballgame coming up or the great win this past week. Conversations can be started on the bus, cafeteria, hallway, gymnasium or classrooms. Be friendly, smile, and use eye contact. Conversation should be light, cheery and positive. Be sure to give your name before the conversation is over. The other person will probably do the same. Be a good listener. Someone once pointed out that people have two ears and one mouth for a reason and that reason is because we are

COMMUNITY supposed to listen twice as much as we talk. When meeting people it is important to help remember names and little details about what they like and dislike. ItÕ s a good idea to ask about their interests and just take time to get to know more about them. Good manners come into play too. DonÕ t interrupt or change the story right in the middle of someone elseÕ s conversation. Try to arrange another meeting. Friendly conversations with other students are great but when you meet someone youÕ d like to get to know better or hang out with, try to make sure you get a second chance to talk to them. You can do this by getting their phone numbers or seeing if they have social networking accounts like Facebook or MySpace. That way you are opening the door to future conversations and meetings. If you donÕ t want to ask for their phone number you can give them your number and other contact information. In addition, if the person youÕ re talking to expresses

an interest in a hobby or activity that youÕ re interested in or participate in you can invite them to join you or ask to join them.

Hang out with friends of your friend. Hanging out with your friend when they are with their friends is a great way to expand your circle of friends.

Be trustworthy. This means being the kind of friend who does not betray others trust by telling little secrets or details that can be hurtful. It is also important to be helpful and true to your friends and that can mean using your time and energy in order to help out even when itÕ s something unpleasant that needs doing. Sometimes friends just need a shoulder to lean on. ItÕ s nice to let your friends lean on your shoulder and if theyÕ re true friends you should be able to lean on theirs.

Give friendships time to develop. You canÕ t make other people like you enough to automatically want to hang out with you. Friendships take time to develop. Be friendly but not pushy. If you stop by to see someone make sure they know youÕ re coming and try not to overstay your welcome.

Be reliable. ItÕ s important to be on time. If something happens you canÕ t be on time, call and explain the situation so the other person isnÕ t waiting and wondering whatÕ s happened. Make sure youÕ re the type of person others can count on doing what you say youÕ ll do when you say youÕ ll do it.

Making friends is a great way to enjoy the beginning of the school year but unless you have the right kind of friends or youÕ re asking for heartache and trouble. Friends are people we can talk to and play with. They are people who laugh with you when youÕ re happy and cry with you when youÕ re sad. Choose friends you can get along with. Shy away from those who are jealous and controlling or those who do things that are unhealthy. Choose wisely and have a happy school year!




On the Table Elodie Caron Pizza Dough There is almost no better food than pizza. ItÕ s cheesy, itÕ s portable, you eat it with your hands and you never have to have the same kind twice. Endless variety, for the win. A few months ago, I discovered how unbelievably easy it is to make pizza from scratch, and I couldnÕ t care less about Pizza Hut anymore. This is a basic dough recipe that takes very little time to prepare and set. It will make enough for one medium pizza, but you can easily double it, and if you want, freeze half of the dough. ItÕ ll keep for a month in the freezer. If you donÕ t have instant yeast, just use regular yeast and make sure to ‘bloom’ it first, sprinkling it into the warm water and letting it sit for about ten minutes before mixing it with the flour and salt. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups flour (plus extra for kneading) 3/4 cup lukewarm water 1 teaspoon instant yeast 1/2 teaspoon salt Vegetable oil In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt and yeast until well combined. Pour in the water and stir until a ball of dough forms. Transfer the dough to a floured surface and knead (this is basically just pushing the heel of your hand into the dough and then folding it over and repeating) until the dough is smooth and elastic-y. Push a thumb into the side of the dough. If it bounces back quickly, the dough is ready. In the mixing bowl, pour a small amount of vegetable oil and spread it around with your fingers. Put the dough ball back in the bowl and roll it around until it’s oiled all over, then cover the bowl with plastic and set in a warm, dry corner for an hour, until the dough has doubled in size and is soft and bubbly. Remove the plastic and punch the dough down, then let it sit for five minutes, to relax again. After five minutes, you can move the dough to a pizza pan (I actually use a baking sheet turned upside down) and gently push to stretch it into the shape you want. Cover with your favorite toppings and bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit (about 250 Celsius) for 20 - 30 minutes, or until the cheese on top is bubbly and lightly browned.




On the Table Spaghetti with Meatballs Ingredients: Meatballs: 1/2 lb ground beef 1/2 lb ground pork 1/2 lb ground veal 1/2 medium onion, finely chopped 2 tablespoons of parsley, finely minced 1 teaspoon of garlic powder 1/2 cup grated Pecorino-Romano cheese 2 eggs Vegetable oil. Pasta: 1/3 cup olive oil 3 cloves of garlic, halved 1/2 medium onion, chopped 2 28 oz cans of plum tomatoes with puree, crushed 2 basil leaves salt and pepper to taste 1/4 cup of water 1 pound spaghetti Directions: Combine all ingredients for the meatballs, except vegetable oil, in a bowl. Gently knead the mixture with your hands without squeezing it When all the ingredients are evenly combined shape it gently into balls In a saute pan large enough to hold all the meatballs in a single layer, heat up enough vegetable oil to come 1/4 inch up the sides. Add the meatballs and place pan in oven pre-heated to 450 degrees and brown on all sides. Add garlic and onion and cook until onion is translucent. Add tomatoes, basil, oregano, salt & pepper and water. Bring to a boil then lower heat to a simmer. Simmer for 45 minutes then add meatballs. Continue simmering for another 1/2 hour. While the sauce is cooking, bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add 1 tablespoon of salt and the spaghetti. Cook uncovered over high heat until Al dente. NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2010



JOURNEY It was an exciting day when you blessed me and came into the world as my daughter. You were only here for a short time but every minute spent with you was amazing. You had a spirit that I have never seen anyone have and always made everyone laugh around you. I held your hand and made you feel safe in this world, we shared laughs and memories I will truly cherish throughout my lifetime and I will share them with your daughter Nicole in the years to come. We had a bond that no one could take from us, mother-daughter, and you will be held in my heart forever We walked this journey that was lain in front of us together and throughout all the hardship we always came out stronger & wiser. You kept me strong, and your heart and generosity made me smile, and know that you grew into such a good hearted and loving person. I shall truly miss you and I will see you in every smile and laughter that your daughter, Nicole shares with me and our family. I love you Patience Shilo Mariah Rose Warrior Forever & ever, Amen

T. Warrior 14






JOURNEY Ritchie Jr. ChiefCalf

ItÕ s the middle of August and IÕ m still waiting on my home reserve to see if they will fund me for schooling, I sent them all my papers and acceptance letters back in early May. This is one of many stressful situations you can have as a student going back to school and school hasnÕ t even started. My name is Ritchie Jr. ChiefCalf and IÕ m the proud son of Ritchie Sr. and Rose ChiefCalf, IÕ m a proud member of the Kainai Blood Tribe reserve, and my treaty number is...... HaÕ haÕ haÕ IÕ m kidding. I was born in Cardston Alberta on November 3rd 1983 and grew up in a city about 30 minutes from where I was born called Lethbridge. I spent all my school days in Lethbridge growing up until grades 11 and 12 when I went to Kainai High School, where I graduated in 2002 with honors, and sports recognition. After high school I attended RedCrow OffCampus in Lethbridge for 2 years to do some upgrading and have 1 year of Criminal Justice under my belt. I have experienced pretty much all the stressful issues back to school can bring especially for College or

University students, so read on and maybe you can relate to my personal experiences as a prospective student. IÕ m glad that I now realized what I want to be in life, as a career goal and that is to become a writer. I have always loved writing about my own life situations and also what I dream of, and now I want to write for a living. This is my reason for going back to school and trying to attend the University of Calgary this September, hopefully, but if not than this coming January of 2011. Why I say Ò hopefullyÓ is because as every student knows there are always struggles and stressful situations and as of right now finding funding is my main problem. As a personal goal I have always looked at myself as a Aboriginal role model and I strongly believe that all Aboriginal youth need role models, as I did growing up, and I also want to improve my life and show fellow Aboriginals to dream big, always dream big, and as my dad has always told me Ò if you want something, go and get it, period. The only thing

standing in your way is yourselfÓ . In the end we all have our own struggles and troubled situations as students, I guess itÕ s all about the challenges in life that makes us go on. Epilogue My goal this coming fall was to start my future career at the University Of Calgary and get into the Communications program in becoming a Journalist/Writer. In the end my funding was unable to go through until this coming January or next September 2011. I believe I was blessed with a different path in becoming a writer, I was able to get funding for a Creative Writing course starting in October, which IÕ m very excited about and privileged, and I know this time around I will not fail. I will reach my goal and dream of becoming a writer one way or another. I would like to thank all my co-workers at USAY ! Working with you all this past summer is definitely a highlight to remember! Thank You.




Store Manager American Eagle Outfitters What is your name and job title ? (Where do you work?)

How long have you been doing this job?

What is your favorite thing about your job?

My name is Lanni Plume, and I am the store manager for American Eagle outfitters here in Calgary, at the Sunridge mall location.

I have been working in retail for the past 8 years. I started out as a part time sales associate and advanced to a assistant manager all the way to store manager.

I donÕ t know where to start ! There is so many things that I love about my job, but I would have to say the most rewarding part of my job is when I see the staff thrive . Just knowing that I have influenced them, in their lives.

What does your job consist of? My job consists of coaching, training and developing my direct reports. I monitor the business, write the schedule, and motivate employees. I also recruit, train, and make sure the needs of the store are met in a timely manner. My career has many aspects to it and is ever changing from day to day. What sort of education do you need to get into this type of work? A business management background would give you a step up in this career as well as a high school diploma. I have received all my knowledge from experience that I have acquired in my career for the past 8 years in retail.



Why did you get into this type of work? Well I never really thought I would be in retail for this long, but when I first started it was just a job while I was in school. It wasnÕ t so easy in the beginning I was a very shy person and wasnÕ t very outgoing. I am a very competitive person and my first evaluation was not so good. I had received a below target score and being the competitive person I was, that was not acceptable to me. So I pushed myself to be more outgoing and with the help of my manager, who is my mentor as well, I began to thrive. After gaining experience I was looked at, when a opening in management came up and because I love helping people and meeting new challenges I jumped at the position.

What are the challenges within your job? The most challenging part of my job is that there never really is any downtime, as soon as one thing is done there is always something else that needs to be worked on. But I guess thatÕ s another reason to liking my job, as well itÕ s never boring. What advice do you have for any other youth interested in this position? Always be open to new challenges. Make the best of every situation, you never know where your Ò jobÓ will take you, it could end up as a career.



Jolene Frayne-Callihoo The Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan Diets:

to help you start on a healthy veganvegetarian diet:

Just to clear a few things up, the vegan diet shouldnÕ t be confused with the standard vegetarian diet. To call yourself a vegan, you are eating foods that are in no way bi-products of animals including honey, eggs, and dairy and also the exclusion of wearing animal products such as leather, silk, wool, etc.. Vegetarians are similar with the exception of dairy products, eggs, honey, and clothing; basically, they donÕ t eat the primary source of animal meat but some still participate in consuming their bi-products.

If iron intake is not monitored, this could lead to iron deficiency anemia vegetarians who exclude all animal products may need almost twice as much dietary iron each day than non-vegetarians. Suggestions: Molasses is a high-iron food source and many vegans take it in spoonfuls as an iron supplement.

Risks for vegan/vegetarian diets and how to avoid them: The question is, do the benefits outweigh the risks? In which case the answer is yes. You can rest assured that if you consume foods that replace the essential nutrients found in meat products, vegan-Vegetarians can live a long and healthy life. There are many potential risks involved with veganvegetarian diets if not followed correctly. Iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 are the essential nutrients found in meat, poultry, fish products and their bi-products. Here are a few suggestions

Lack of calcium and vitamin D could lead to an increased risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis in vegan- vegetarians, likely due to lower dietary calcium and vitamin D intake (usually caused by avoiding dairy products which contain significant amounts of these nutrients). Suggestions: Eat foods high in calcium such as spinach and broccoli and get enough vitamin d - sunshine (5-20 min/ day) Ð to help absorb calcium. Vitamin B12 deficiencies in veganvegetarians are not common but there are potential risks due to the fact that the nutrient is not be reliably found in plant foods. Suggestions for avoiding this deficiency is to increase your consumption of either foods fortified with vitamin B12or take a vitamin B12 supplement.

Benefits of a vegan-vegetarian lifestyle: “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian dietÓ ~Albert Einstein Many doctors claim that high animal fat and protein diets, are high risk for future health complications. A lifestyle change consisting of a low fat vegetarian or vegan diet could not only prevent various degenerative diseases, such as coronary artery disease, but help to reverse them. People who avoid meat are reported to have a lower BMI than those following a diet filled with animal foods. Vegetarian and vegan diets can help to prevent death caused by conditions such as: heart disease; hypertension; type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer, etc.. Why become vegetarian?



It basically comes down to personal beliefs, morale, health concerns, lifestyle, and personal choice. ItÕ s up to you if you decide to make the switch! Ò If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarianÓ ~Paul McCartney NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2010



Many of us were either bullied or bullied others at one point in our childhood. I have been on both sides of the fence. Though the years have allowed me to forget most of what was done to me but I am still ashamed of the bullying that I did to others. There are two main points of concern about the topic of bullies why do they do it and what can we do about it.

that are beat by their parents. The bullies that do a lot of shoving, pushing or punching could very well be suffering these same torments when they get home from school. Emotional abuse can include verbal belittling as well as a total lack of proper attention to the child. The parents can be ignoring either the child or their duties as parents and this could show up in the child as Ò acting outÓ .

There are several possible reasons for why bullies push people around; they can be from abusive homes, they might have extremely low self esteem or they might be a down right sociopath. Bullies are usually victims themselves in one form or another. My parents divorced when I was 8 years old and I know that was a major component of my antisocial behavior.

The problem with dealing with a bully is that the last thing we would ever want to do is the exact thing that we should be doing and that is showing the bully compassion. If the bully has a severely low self-image the question is Ò why does this child have such low self esteem?Ó The answer, if ever found out, will probably be that they have been victimized at some time in their life. With the correct measures, these problematic children could be rehabilitated and live fairly normal lives.

There are three major categories of abuse physical, emotional and sexual. Sexual abuse does not always demonstrate itself in the victims as bullying, but it does not exclude it either. Abuse usually is handed down in the form that it was given, that is to say that a father that smacks his children will usually have grandchildren



The worst form a bully can come in is the sociopath variety. This one has no knowledge of right from wrong. He or she has no conscience or no concern for the consequences of his or her actions.

Another form of bullying is hazing. I think that this is very disgusting. I remember hearing really horrible stories that involved pinecones being put into the victimsÕ rear end. I cannot remember all the facts of this case but I remember that it got the attention of the national news media. Hazing most often occurs in groups and involves tormenting new members. Freshmen can undergo a minor form of hazing when they enter into high school. Bullies can either be acting alone or they can be the unofficial leader of a group, performing their atrocities as an attempt to gain respect in their clique. It does not matter what form they come in or what caused them to be the way that they are when it comes to picking on our children. It is our duties as parents to teach our children when to report these situations and who to report them to. I was taught to stand up to bullies but that might not be an option when there are four or five bullies trying to get their greedy little hands on someone elseÕ s milk money. We should teach our kids that when

COVER FEATURE they are getting sworn at or shoved around that they need to report it to an adult. It does not matter if that adult is a teacher, principal, playground attendant, food server or janitor. These adults should be properly trained in how to deal with these situations. When I was in high school I had a petite, little biology teacher get in between a bully and myself. He had been picking on me for weeks and we were going to solve the problem. He sucker punched me over her shoulder, but we both got suspended for the same amount of time. I should have reported his bullying before but did not. Had I reported this earlier I could have avoided the suspension. I hope that I can teach my son to report it before it gets out of hand. If the situation occurs that a child comes home from school with bruises, the school should be contacted to find out what is the procedure for handling this situation. Everybody has the right to an education, and that should happen

in a safe environment. If the child has been suffering the torments of a bully the principal should definitely arrange a meeting with the bullies parents in order to see measures are to be taken. If the principal suspects that the bully is being abused at home, he or she should contact child protective services in order to get the bully the help that he or she may need. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enrolling children in martial arts classes to train them in self-defense. If the right class is chosen the child will be provided with discipline and structure, both of which will help lead to his or her success. If parents want their children to learn self-defense, they should interview the teacher of the class to make sure that the teacherÕ s attitudes and behaviors are something that they want their child to be taught. It does not hurt to shop around and compare values of different disciplines to find the right fit. The child must be taught that violence is the very

last resort. If violence has to be used, it should only be used in defense. There is a very fine line between defense and offense. If the bully has been subdued and the child continues to pounce on the bully, the defender has now taken the offense. There are no happy endings when the story involves bullies. There are precautions we can take as parents: if we teach our children the right way to handle these situations, if we teach them when they need to get help, and if we teach them neither to instigate nor retaliate, hopefully our children will be less likely to be victimized by bullies. Bullies are more than likely being raised by bullies. The parents of the bully should be held accountable, if they are abusing their child and causing him or her to behave in this manner. We must also remember that kids will be kids and they will act childish.




Making the Right Choices Do you drink soda? North Americans drink at least 13.15 billion gallons every year. Soda pop is a cool, refreshing and convenient drink to grab, which supplies almost no beneficial nutrients. The average person will drink about three quarts of carbonated beverages every week or a bit more than 150 quarts every year! One of the biggest concerns are young, healthy children and teenagers that are consuming large amounts of soda only to find they may be endangering their health. LetÕ s take an insightful look about soda pop and diet sodas made with aspartame. Soda Contents WhatÕ s in that can of soda pop? An average can contains caffeine, acid, dyes and corn syrup and flavorings. This equals 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar and phosphoric or carbonic acid. Caffeine can be an addictive stimulant, which causes excretion of calcium (needed for strong bones) and leads to kidney stones and osteoporosis. Fructose syrup that makes it taste good has no nutritional value at all. Did you know that additional health risks include obesity, diabetes and extreme tooth decay? About this time youÕ re beginning to question why you drink it. What happens when you drink a can of soda pop? Visit to find out what really does go on in your body when you consume just one soda. For teenagers and adults that often down several sodas in a day, you might just be fascinated with this information.



About Aspartame Maybe youÕ re not consuming large quantities of sugar in regular soda, but you are probably ingesting the artificial sweetener known as Aspartame. Diet sodas are made with Aspartame and you need to question whether this is something that is good for you. To give you some insight, Aspartame was in fact approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) back in 1974. Since then, many critiques have questioned the validity of studies and claims made about whether it is safe for consumption. ItÕ s been stated that Aspartame is considered safe for current levels of consumption as a sweetener. What does that mean to you? What are safe levels? Are you okay if you only drink soda? Is Aspartame in other products as well? Consider that no two people are alike and what is okay for your body or lifestyle may not be right for someone else. In any studies, findings or questionable health related situations, itÕ s up to you to determine how you are effected by this substance and whether you might wish to give it up for a healthier lifestyle.

counter drugs and yogurt. Candy, instant breakfasts, cereals, gum, coffee beverages, gelatin deserts, juice beverages, tabletop sweeteners, instant teas and topping mixes could also contain Aspartame. These are only a few examples out of over 6,000 products made with this substance. You may not be aware as you enjoy your diet soda and healthy yogurt that you may have just double the consumption of Aspartame in your low-calorie lunch. At Risk Teenagers It is not uncommon for many teenagers to grab a quick soda on the run or not even realize how many they consume in a day or a week. Teenagers are more at risk than adults because their bodies are still growing and forming at this stage in their development.

Aspartame in Products

Teenage girls who drink exceptional amounts of soda have an increased chance of developing broken bones and osteoporosis. Males in the age range of 12 to 29 years are by far the largest group of soda pop drinkers. Most teenagers and adults as well, donÕ t realize they may be experiencing health related problems such as fatigue, mental disorders and medical ailments, which can be associated with aspartame.

Check the label of food and drink products to see if the product contains Aspartame or Phenylalanine (a substance contained in Aspartame). Products that may contain Aspartame are diet soda, herb or vitamin supplements, prescription or over-the-

Other disorders can include weight gain, hair loss and eating disorders. Remember, these are possible conditions and it doesnÕ t mean it will happen to you, but it also doesnÕ t mean it wonÕ t. ItÕ s worth taking a moment to reflect upon how

COMMUNITY many diet sodas and other products you eat containing this substance. ItÕ s also been said, that young women who consume considerable amounts of caffeine, which may be found in any type of soda, are more likely to experience severe PMS symptoms. ItÕ s believed that aspartame induces male sexual dysfunction and can affect female responses of a sexual nature. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine published a study referencing teenage girls and carbonated beverage consumption. It noted that young girls that drank carbonated beverages (soda pop) were at three times the risk of acquiring bone fractures, as those who did not drink soda. ItÕ s hard to conceive of a young girl having a bone fracture at such a young age and sad.

that a young woman needs about 1300mg per day of calcium and most are only getting 800mg. ThatÕ s a reason to be concerned. You need the proper balance of calcium for development and strengthening bones up to 18 years of age. Shorting yourself on calcium can lead to broken bones and osteoporosis.

problems. Obesity in our young children today has become a major concern with inactivity and the increasing consumption of soda pop. Researchers calculate that each additional soda that is consumed will create an increased likely hood of obesity by 1.6 times.

The interesting thing about soda is that it has a high phosphorous (phosphate) to calcium ratio, which produces a negative effect on bones. Simple put, if phosphate readings are high and at the same time calcium levels are too low, as they are in soda pop, itÕ s possible for calcium to be removed from your bones. This combination can create a shortage of calcium in young people that may drink too much soda and barely consume any milk products that contain calcium.

Healthier Choices

Dental Diseases, PKU and Obesity

As you can see there are concerns about drinking soda pop in general, whether itÕ s diet or regular. In addition, drinking diet sodas with aspartame brings up even more health concerns. This information is an overview of health considerations and whether you drink soda pop is a decision that only you can make.

Osteoporosis The trend these days with teenagers is to consume soda with lots of sugar and drink less milk. Not only are you consuming more sugar, but youÕ re getting less calcium, which is so important for healthy bones and teeth. Studies conducted on teenage girls indicate

Periodontal disease, tooth loss and gingivitis are all problems that can develop with high intakes of phosphorus from soft drinks (diet or regular). Some people cannot digest the phenylalanine in aspartame, because of a genetic disorder called phenylketonuria (PKU). This can result in very serious health

There are plenty of other cool, satisfying drinks that can replace soda pop. Milk is an ideal choice and refreshing orange juice quenches your thirst and tastes good too. Look for any kinds of juice that donÕ t contain aspartame. An ice cold glass of water on a hot day is just what your body needs. Chocolate milk and lemonade provide great energy and are healthier to drink than soda pop.



KingÊ BigÊ CrowÊ

photo and story by Caylem Simeon

Hailing form Tsuu TÕ ina Nation Alberta, this young man has been putting together his moves in such a tactical way, it is hard to not be curious as to what has been going on with Evans Ò KingÓ Big Crow. From the early age of fourteen heÕ s been rhyming and preparing his skills for shows, guest spots appearancesÕ and new mixtapes that he has been releasing around the City of Calgary and beyond. With support form his family and those close to him in the studio, he has never lost sight of the goal and the standards heÕ s placed on himself. While making a name for himself this summer (and previous summersÕ ) and getting into the studio as much as possible I finally managed to sit down with him and get the lowdown on the moves heÕ s been making to make a name for himself in the rap game. Priding himself on being versatile to any format of music, he has been stretching his ideas past the standard rap and hip hop beats. King has given all his energy and effort into promoting his talent properly and more importantly making sure that the music



never stops. With all the various ways to express your creativity, why have you chosen hip hop as your form of expression over art, music, dance, writing, multi media, graffiti etc.?

How long have you been active in the scene with regards to doing shows, mixtape appearancesÕ , production or any other form of involvement within the Aboriginal hip hop scene?

I have chosen this area of music genre because I was into poetry, art, and sports when I was a youth. When I tried a freestyle to the late 2 PacÕ s beat it was explosive its like a rhyme dictionary was unraveling in front of everyoneÕ s eyes but when I played it back on the karaoke and camera phones I was off beat so it took a few years to prefect my style and become unique unlike everyone else trying to sound like whatÕ s on the radio I wanted to sound like myself and what my actual voice sounds like and to let my personality come out. I try to avoid anything or anyone that may prevent me from reaching fame like others but at least IÕ m doing me.

I have been in the scene since I turned 14. I started performing at house parties in Forest Lawn, Ogden and Bowness all my peers thought it was bizarre because they never suspected I had that talent and everything started happening legitimately in 2006 when I got my first show and I admit it didn’t go as planned but at least I stepped up last minute, I think I had no more then 2days to prepare for the show. From where do you draw inspiration? Who or what inspires you to push that much harder when youÕ re in the creative process? Does creativity come to you or do you need to find it at times?

Tribe*PROFI LE I draw my inspiration naturally, I also generate it from my culture and people and our past where we came from thinking what would I want them to think of me when I rhyme my lyrics, I wouldnÕ t want someone to get the wrong idea and think I am trying to be something IÕ m not like a gangster rapper or like IÕ m not a proud Aboriginal creativity comes to me naturally but I find when I work with other artist’s I got to find where there styles coming from and mix my own authenticity with them. When youÕ re getting prepared to produce a track, where do you begin? Do have the lyrics or the music layed down first? What is your approach to doing a track? How long does the process usually take? When IÕ m producing a track/song I make the beat first or if it’s a mixtape find the beat then lay down the lyrics usually on the spot because I like recording my lyrics well there


fresh in my brain so my emotions can fully be exploited the way there meant to be maybe IÕ m making a song about a ex or a current girlfriend or loved one thatÕ s passed on and I want it to sound perfect, the process sometimes could last a hour to three days depending on if itÕ s a legit beat or mixtape. Finally, what message do you have for the Aboriginal youth who are interested in becoming a hip hop artist? What do you have to say that will make a difference in their attitude or approach to music? What advice do you have to give to people who have only just begun their music career? The one message I have for all the youth that wants to become any kind of artist be yourself and put all your faith and heart into it and you will succeed, Never give up on your dream whether it be a hockey player basket ball player musician, artists, be positive and humble. Remember to help

out the ones that need it because there is always someone out there that needs your help. In my life there have been many artists that came to me for assistance, to use my recording studio and producing capabilities. Some of these guys have no money to their name, so IÕ ve helped those people and to this day a few of them are doing shows across Canada and elsewhere. You probably have heard of them but were still friends to this day were following our own paths and I still got love for everybody who shows the love back. IÕ m a producer, musician, and an artist. Here are a few of the pages where you can find my music: Also remember to keep a look out for the new mixtape: BIGCROW ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY JEWELS

My Only Friend By Joe E. Ironstand

I met My Only Friend in my early teens They say I was a lot better, like My Only Friend ruined me I was just an angry loose cannon, My Only Friend fixed that My Only Friend took my social life, they can/t believe I do that But My Only Friend brought me all my new friends, that/s what they like me for Now all I/ve got is My Only Friend My Only Friend is all I need Soon My Only Friend took all my time, money, effort My Only Friend can make things kinda tough But My Only Friend also fixes any bad day My Only Friend/s gotten me into a lotta trouble these years But My Only Friend helps me out each & everyday My Only Friend costs lots of money & I/m always broke All I want money for is My Only Friend When My Only Friend/s gone I/m lost & frightened With My Only Friend I/m stupid & paranoid By now My Only Friend/s in charge I don/t do a lot cuz of My Only Friend All I need to do is be with My Only Friend My Only Friend makes me all sore inside My Only Friend can still numb any pain My Only Friend makes me lazy & tired But I still can/t start the day right without My Only Friend My Only Friend/s killing me My Only Friend keeps me alive I don/t have much to say for myself, just My Only Friend My Only Friend makes me who I am NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2010




by Jonathan Stewart

I never cared for sports. I like to draw and build models. Sometimes I will build a model and then make a drawing of it. I build model cars and model planes too, but then I paint them with loud colors. My mother would laugh at me but she simply does not understand exactly how cool my models are. I also like gardening. My grandmother taught me how to garden during the summer and I fell in love with it. Toward the end of the summer, I planted some mint. They grew like crazy. The mint was right there near a water hose that dripped all day long. I guess the extra water helped



them along. Did you know that coffee grinds make a good fertilizer for rosebushes? Eggshells do too, roses need calcium. Anyway, I have great memories spending time with my grandmother during the summer. I never once thought of myself as odd because I like to do things around the home. To me, a good time is working or playing around the house. Then I went to junior high school. My life sure changed. Everything was different. Instead of attending one class for the entire day, I now had to move to a new classroom throughout the day. That was fun at first but as

time when by I began to hate it. I did not realize how different I was from other boys my age until I decided to take a home economics class. That first day was a nail biter. I stepped into the home economics class and looked around. I was the only boy there. The girls started giggling and whispering to each other as girls do. This was a moment of realization for me. I thought to myself how different I might seem the others. Sure enough, the Õ othersÕ would soon have something to say. Now, do not get me wrong, I know how to take it and dish it out. There is nothing wrong with everyone

TRI BE*FICTION having a good laugh at my expense, on occasion. However, one kid would just not leave me alone about it. For some reason this kid could not stand the idea of another boy taking home economics. He would not miss a chance to ridicule me and physically intimidate me in front of everybody. This kid was a classic bully. Go to the dictionary and look up the word bully, you will see a picture of him. He was three times larger than I was. He was also larger then any other boy in our grade was, too. I am talking huge. He was mean as well. Meaner then anybody I ever saw in my life. I no idea such meanness existed until I met this person. He made my life miserable. I usually entered school from the south side of the building. He would be waiting at that door every morning to start picking on me. He would follow up the stairs with his little crew and they would make jokes, laugh, and cause a big scene. One morning they grabbed me and shoved me down the stairs. Fortunately, I was able to maintain my balance by holding on the rail but still sprained my ankle. I was mad. I felt helpless. Even my friends were laughing at me now. I could not believe my life could go from such happiness over the summer with my grandmother to this. I did not know what to do. I changed directions and started entering school from the north side. However, it did not take long for him and his friends to discover that I had changed routes and they would be there waiting. It did not matter which door I chose because they would be there the next day, waiting. All I can think is they have lookouts. How could anyone go through so much trouble just because I took a home economics class? Nothing made

sense to me anymore. It just did not make any sense. I was also the object of attention in the cafeteria. I had to watch out for food thrown at me. The usual leg sticking in the aisle to trip me was a constant annoyance. One time I even had a plate of food dumped over my head and twice in my lap. I started bringing my lunch and eating in the library after that. I found some peace in the library but it was short lived as soon as the bell rang. I had to do something but I did not know what to do. I could not discuss this with my mother. She is a type of person that cries at everything so I did not bother her with my problem. If I told my Grandmother, it may have killed her. She was always going to the doctor for her heart problems. There was only one thing left to do. Swallowing my pride and hiding my shame, I call my father. I had not spoken with him in months so was good to talk to him. First, you must know that my father and I are complete opposites. He likes sports I like models. He likes to go out and have fun I would rather stay at home. I am sure you get my point. I explained to my father what the situation was while trying to hold back my tears. As you may have guessed, my father is not a sensitive man. His nonchalant attitude over my desperate situation seemed rather appalling to me. Here I was pouring my heart out to this man but he seemed to care less. His only recommendation was for me to punch the kid, as hard as I could, in his face. That was it. Fighting is distasteful to me but not to my father. Which makes prefect sense because, as I said, we are complete opposites. Oddly, that fact

was the only thing that in my life right now. Even though the relationship between my father and I was intact, and made sense, I still had my little problem with the bully. The next day I resorted to the library. I found some books on how to deal with a bully. The advice ranged from me playing the part of Howdy-Doody and being nice to this person all the way to going to the principle and becoming a snitch. None of these options seemed acceptable to me. I did not want to be overly nice to someone that was making my life miserable nor did I like the idea of becoming a snitch. Being nice to this person would not work anyway. I think my cat can figure that out. On the other hand, becoming a snitch would make my life get worse. I was back to square one and feeling more hopeless. The torture continued for a few more weeks until one day something snapped inside of me. I hear them coming down the hall. The laughing begins. I said to myself, this has to end even if it means doing something I would rather not do. I bawled up my fist and punched my bully hard as I could. I punch him square on the jaw just like my father told me. I suppose we all have to do things we would rather not do at times. My bully fell flat on the floor and everyone laughed. Only this time they were not laughing at me. That afternoon I became some sort of hero and latter the bully and I became friends. I then discovered the bully was not such a bad guy after all. Neither was my father.






Game Review

By Jonas Soosay

Mafia II Mafia II is a third-person action-adventure game, the sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. The game is set from 1945 to 1955 in Empire Bay (Ò The Empire StateÓ ), a fictional city based on San Francisco and New York City, with influences from Chicago and Detroit. Mafia II is a gritty drama which chronicles the rise of World War II veteran Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants. Vito Scaletta, Mafia II’s conflicted leading man, does not lead an easy life. War, murder, and betrayal are common themes in his complex existence--the prices paid for booze, money, status, and sex. Like most aspiring made men, Vito knows the risks of his lifestyle, but the lure of earthly pleasures is too great to ignore. Mafia II, the game he stars in, is also an earthly pleasure, as well as a cerebral delight that any fan of great storytelling will revel in. The twisting narrative is almost certain to draw you in, and superb dialogue spoken by a talented voice cast brings the characters they portray to life. ItÕ s easy to get engrossed in this world of tenuous allegiances and pompous personalities, though there are a few oddities scattered about that may occasionally yank you back to reality. Most notably, Mafia II’s detailed open city is curiously under-utilized, giving you few reasons to explore it and providing precious little to do outside of the main story. Yet while Mafia II is not the fully featured open-world game it seems to be at a glance, the tremendous story, the fantastic action, and the lovely city overflowing with striking visual touches make for an exciting mob drama. The graphics are lush, giving a real sense of being in 1950Õ s New York; native New Yorkers will smile at some of the attention to detail to some of the lesser known landmarks. Like Mass Effect 2, Mafia II more or less railroads the player down the main plot, with very little time for side activities Ð not that the player will mind, since the main story is completely engrossing, full of rich characters and engaging chapters. There is also no multi-player in the game, which some may find a deal breaker, but others may applaud as the right move by 2K Czech, for focusing on making the best possible single player experience. The missions themselves are also engaging, with plenty of humorous moments and quips. In short, if youÕ re looking for a cinematic open world experience with evocative graphics and a compelling story with memorable characters, Mafia II is right up your alley, if you can forgive the annoying late game checkpoint system and the lack of any sort of multi-player.

ERSB Rating: M (17+) Reveiw: 9/10




Turn up the Volume By Katty Jo Rabbit

Plants and Animals La La Land This is a band that there has not been too much hype about, stay away from hype, it is something that the devil made up to separate you from your hard earned dollars, it was also created by the government to keep you focused on the mainstream, rather than the bands that really have something to say. Just a little conspiracy theory to help you swallow all the B.S we are force fed on a daily basis. Speaking of being forced fed; this is something that is highly recommended that you chew on, the second album of the Montreal based band, is a little boring, but sometimes boring is good. It is up to the listener to decide if boring is worth the time, and the money, with all technology now, you could probably get this free from someone. Do not get it twisted, this is not encouragement to download illegally, but it is not an option to disregard. In a situation like this always ask yourself, what would the Rolling Stones do? Only because included in their boring is a decent attempt to lift the barriers held to them by their first album. When will people figure out that when you come out “guns-a-blazin’”, it is harder than you think to make a second album just as amazing. So forget that they even had a first album, listen to Undone Melody, Kon Tiki, and Fake it, and then forget that they made a second album, and put this on a random playlist. Most of the time, the in-between is the safest place to be.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan Hawk Remember those performers from the late 80sÕ that would dress up as one half a women and one half a man and then perform a duet together, well this is what this band is like. Only they are way better, and they are not the same person. We die and see beauty reign was the song that was the hook, line and sinker, with James Iha, formally of Smashing Pumpkin fame, joining in and lending his anxiety ridden guitar chords, the albums introduction song was all it took to make a fan of yours truly. It is easy to tire of the XX and it is nice to know that in the end it all blends. The albums as a whole is vivid, colourful and full of acoustic blues, touched by the hand of the gospel man himself, (but do not be disturbed, that was the only thing that was touched). To make a little something different but with a style all its own, and does not reflect the sounds of Belle &Sebastian who Campbell was a former band mate of. Or the Screaming Trees whom Lanegan was first recognized. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing of two former band mates, from different bands, who get together and make music that was exactly the same as their old bands. It is a place where lovers intertwine to make a voice of one, only to unwind into a beautiful lonely mess of sounds that swirl with the changing moods of young love. Where nothing makes sense and nothing really fits, where you’ve decided, as a young confused, twitter patted lover that you want to sing with others, like Willy Manson, and then know it was meant to be, with your original mate. That life is really worth living and opposites do attract and that life isnÕ t as bad as it seems as long as you have a snag.




Music You Can Feel In Your Toes Scott Pilgrim vs. The world Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Guess who is at it again? Yes, the ever awkward, adorable and endearing Michael Cera, oh to be a sweater he wears, anyways, enough about the secret obsessions. In his latest, he is a comic book, uh, er, hero, who is fighting to be with his snag. Who apparently has seven deadly exes, sounds like a story line taken directly from the reservation. All joking aside the compilation itself is no joke. It is quirky, awkward, funny, and entertaining. Not to mention it has some great contributing artists such as Beck, Metric, T-Rex, Frank Black, and Broken Social Scene. Depending on your mind set there may be some innuendo that you may not find entertaining but for the hardcore fans, there are some definite references that you will discover when you listen to the cd over and over. The real meat and potatoes is the stellar performances by Metric and Beck, whom have fictional bands in the movie perform their songs, makes for a good time had by all. They also make for funny conversation starters. Most of the songs have been in the mind of these performs and are really nothing new, the only band to breathe life into the mix, is Metric, whose song Black Sheep is a new, never heard before but made for this show song. The rest, Beck was rumoured to have made the songs in less time than it took to film a scene. This is not too bad, especially if you don’t take this too seriously, and a comic-to-movie soundtrack should never be taken seriously.

Arcade Fire The Suburbs With a title like this, you can almost taste the boredom and frustration that is living in the Suburbs. So it is nice to hear that it is something more than that. It is also a refreshingly simple reminder of the fact that Arcade fire, is one of the few bands that can reinvent the mundane. The tracks on this list make for a good journey into the minds of the band. This third album comes in a time where gone are the days of original theory, original timing and production. In this time, they seem to have made it work, because you find yourself, in a sound that is purely honest, honest about the reality that is to move on from your daily routine and dream of something less commonplace. The chords and grandiose sounds make for a timeless experience that reminds you of the innocence of fleeting youth. Something we could all take in. Definite songs to take in are Rococo, We used to wait, and Sprawl ll (mountains beyond mountains) these will make you want to shed the boring routine you might live and follow your dreams and find something that will set you free creatively or it will make you want to listen to something a little less motivating. This album has a running time of 65 minutes with 16 tracks in total. So you know you are going to run into some sort of theme that will appeal to you. Whatever you do, be sure to shake the doldrums off; they seem to be making their rounds, because even if you donÕ t at least you will have some good music to listen to.



Music*Charts Catch the Beat - Charts – House & Techno by Caylem Simeon


Artist Ð Track Ð Label Derek Dunbar – Dripping Wet E.P. – Dufflebag Recordings Mel Rosario Ð Coffee and Blunts E.P. Ð Blatt Traxx Murat Kilic – Summer Traffic E.P. – Stil voe Talent Digital Jayson Bothers Ð Monster Box (Original Mix) Ð Raw Cuts Kasper Bjorke Ð Alcatraz (Jimpster Dub Mix) Ð Clone Records Lovebirds Ð The Ride (Original Mix) Ð Kneedeep Records Karol XVII & MB Valence Ð Clap Your Hands Ð Loco Records Smokingroove Ð Check Me Out (Gramophonedzie Mix) Ð Illuminati Records Krus & Nuernberg Ð Sliced (Original Mix) Ð Lazy Days Recordings DJ Sneak Ð Something About Chicago Ð Magnetic


Artist Ð Track Ð Label Kevin Gorman Ð Alarm (Christian Smith Remix) Ð Mikrowave Stu Hirst - Clap, Snare, Repeat (Original Mix) Ð CR2 Christian Smith Ð Break It Down (Umeks Big Room Mix) Ð Tronic Carlo Lio Ð False Information Ð Intec Ame Ð Enoi (Original Mix) Ð Innervisions Hans Bouffmyhre Ð Mistake Me (Matador Mix) Ð Perc Trax Alexi Delano Ð Lost 4 Words (Original Mix) Ð Truesoul STP Ð The Fall (Additional Mix) Ð Subsolo Secret Cinema Ð Glad Chord E.P. Ð Gem Records Heartthrob Ð Setting Up E.P. Ð Minus



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Origin of the Medicine Pipe Thunder you have heard him, he is everywhere. He roars in the mountains, he shouts far out on the prairie. He strikes the high rocks, and they fall to pieces. He hits a tree, and it is broken in slivers. He strikes the people, and they die. He is bad. He does not like the towering cliff, the standing tree, or living man. He likes to strike and crush them to the ground. Yes, yes! Of all he is most powerful; he is the one most strong. But I have not told you the worst: he sometimes steals women. Long ago, almost in the beginning, a man and his wife were sitting in their lodge, when Thunder came and struck them. The man was not killed. At first he was as if dead, but after a while he lived again, and rising looked about him. His wife was not there. Ò Oh, well,Ó he thought, Ò she has gone to get some water or wood,Ó and he sat a while; but when the sun had under-disappeared, he went out and inquired about her of the people. No one had seen her. He searched throughout the camp, but did not find her. Then he knew that Thunder had stolen her, and he went out on the hills alone and mourned. When morning came, he rose and wandered far away, and he asked all the animals he met if they knew where Thunder lived. They laughed, and would not answer. The Wolf said: Ò Do you think we would seek the home of the only one we fear? He is our only danger. From all others we can run away; but from him there is no running. He strikes, and there we lie. Turn back! go home! Do not look for the dwelling-place of that dreadful one.Ó But the man kept on, and traveled far away. Now he came to a lodge, a queer lodge, for it was made of stone; just like any other lodge, only it was made of stone. Here lived the Raven chief. The man entered. Ò Welcome, my friend,Ó said the chief of Ravens. Ò Sit down, sit down.Ó And food was placed before him. Then, when he had finished eating, the Raven said, Ò Why have you come?Ó

Ò Thunder has stolen my wife,Ó replied the man. Ò I seek his dwelling-place that I may find her.” Ò Would you dare enter the lodge of that dreadful person?Ó asked the Raven. Ò He lives close by here. His lodge is of stone, like this; and hanging there, within, are eyes, the eyes of those he has killed or stolen. He has taken out their eyes and hung them in his lodge. Now, then, dare you enter there?Ó Ò No,Ó replied the man. Ò I am afraid. What man could look at such dreadful things and live?Ó Ò No person can,Ó said the Raven. Ò There is but one old Thunder fears. There is but one he cannot kill. It is I, it is the Ravens. Now I will give you medicine, and he shall not harm you. You shall enter there, and seek among those eyes your wife’s; and if you find them, tell that Thunder why you came, and make him give them to you. Here, now, is a ravenÕ s wing. Just point it at him, and he will start back quick; but if that fail, take this. It is an arrow, and the shaft is made of elk-horn. Take this, I say, and shoot it through the lodge.Ó Ò Why make a fool of me?Ó the poor man asked. Ò My heart is sad. I am crying.Ó And he covered his head with his robe, and wept. Ò Oh,Ó said the Raven, Ò you do not believe me. Come out, come out, and I will make you believe.Ó When they stood outside, the Raven asked, Ò Is the home of your people far?Ó Ò A great distance,Ó said the man.

said, Ò Look!Ó The man looked, and saw the camp. It was close. He saw the people. He saw the smoke rising from the lodges. Ò Now you will believe,Ó said the Raven. Ò Take now the arrow and the wing, and go and get your wife.Ó So the man took these things, and went to the ThunderÕ s lodge. He entered and sat down by the doorway. The Thunder sat within and looked at him with awful eyes. But the man looked above, and saw those many pairs of eyes. Among them were those of his wife. Ò Why have you come?Ó said the Thunder in a fearful voice. Ò I seek my wife,Ó the man replied, Ò whom you have stolen. There hang her eyes.Ó Ò No man can enter my lodge and live,Ó said the Thunder; and he rose to strike him. Then the man pointed the raven wing at the Thunder, and he fell back on his couch and shivered. But he soon recovered, and rose again. Then the man fitted the elk-horn arrow to his bow, and shot it through the lodge of rock; right through that lodge of rock it pierced a jagged hole, and let the sunlight in. Ò Hold,Ó said the Thunder. Ò Stop; you are the stronger. Yours the great medicine. You shall have your wife. Take down her eyes.Ó Then the man cut the string that held them, and immediately his wife stood beside him.

Ò Can you see your camp from here?Ó asked the Raven.

Ò Now,Ó said the Thunder, Ò you know me. I am of great power. I live here in summer, but when winter comes, I go far south. I go south with the birds. Here is my pipe. It is medicine. Take it, and keep it. Now, when I first come in the spring, you shall fill and light this pipe, and you shall pray to me, you and the people. For I bring the rain which makes the berries large and ripe. I bring the rain which makes all things grow, and for this you shall pray to me, you and all the people.Ó

The man did not speak. Then the Raven rubbed some medicine on his eyes and

Thus the people got the first medicine pipe. It was long ago.

Ò Can you tell how many days you have traveled?Ó Ò No,Ó he replied, Ò my heart is sad. I did not count the days. The berries have grown and ripened since I left.Ó




Book Reviews For the restless mind

Elodie Caron Bone Worship by Elizabeth Eslami Sad, restless twentysomething comes home after failed attempt at adulthood, makes everyone around them miserable, accidentally falls in love with someone who can put up with them for some reason. This book is Garden State with a half-Iranian heroine instead of a mopey white guy hero (or was he?). Jasmine is dragged back to Georgia after failing out of university in Chicago, and her father informs her that since she hasnÕ t been able to make a life for herself, heÕ s moving on to Plan B and arranging a marriage for her. Her aimless discontent and stunted social growth make Jasmine unable to escape her stifling home life, and she allows herself to be steered along, never really fighting or even verbalizing any opposition to what goes on around her. When she finally does start to find some footing and make decisions again, it still doesnÕ t feel like she even cares. ThereÕ s a scene in a pet store, when Jasmine encounters an animal in danger. Instead of doing something about it, she just walks away. ThatÕ s pretty much all you need to know about her: she never tries, not for herself and not for anyone else, either. Her potential husband is described in some pretty unflattering detail, her jobs are kind of awful and heartbreaking, her parents are insincere and secretive, and Jasmine herself is at best confusing and uninteresting and at worst incredibly frustrating. Worst of all, I never got an answer to the biggest question this book left me with: how the hell did JasmineÕ s nomadic, mountain climbing brother take his beat-up old SUV all the way around the world? What? ThereÕ s no way a guy who does freelance journalism can afford that. Come on, thatÕ s ridiculous.

Too Cool by Duff Brenna Elbert Earl Evans, or Triple E as everyone calls him, is a punk. Not the kind with safety pin earrings and tragically over-laced boots, more the kind that the cops know on sight. HeÕ s a violent, 16-year-old serial car thief who is almost constantly in some kind of trouble. The book starts as Triple E and his girlfriend, Jeanne Windriver, are on the run from the cops, along with Triple EÕ s cousin Ava and her boyfriend Tom. Triple E has broken out of reform school and heÕ s taking everyone down with him. In the mountains of Colorado, on the way to Utah, they pull onto a back road to escape a police roadblock, and it all goes to hell from there, as they find themselves trapped in a brutal snowstorm, the car stuck deep in the trenches of the muddy old country road. I think, from the few clues scattered through the book, that the story is set sometime in the 80Õ s, but it reads a lot better if you imagine itÕ s the 50Õ s or 60Õ s. The language and slang is really more suited to that time, and it fits the frame of The Outsiders better than it would Fast Times at Ridgemont High or even Heathers. A lot of it is told in flashback, through Triple E’s memories, so the real story takes a long time to unravel, and the ending is pretty abrupt, after all that work to understand whatÕ s actually going on. Even though none of the characters are particularly likeable, itÕ s still the kind of book you need to

read until the end, because you have to know what happened. For that reason, IÕ d recommend it.





See You at the Movies


By Elodie Caron

Starring: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jason Schwartzmann, Brandon Routh, Chris Evans Scott (Cera) thinks heÕ s met the woman of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Winstead). Literally, heÕ s been having dreams about her. The problem is, he already has a girlfriend, the sweet and very young Knives Chau. Also, Ramona has seven evil exes, and theyÕ re all out to kill Scott. So, you know, thereÕ s that.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Based on a graphic novel series by Canadian artist Bryan Lee OÕ Malley, the movie takes a lot of cues from the comic genre, relying on heavy graphic touches and video game elements to blur the lines. Each evil ex possesses some kind of superpower that puts Scott at a disadvantage, and he has to figure out a way to defeat them using only his hands and his head. Fortunately, he has his best friend and roommate Wallace, his sister Stacey and his bandmates from Sex Bob-omb to help keep him focused and ready for battle. There are so many quotable lines in this movie, and so many good, clever moments. I especially liked the shower of loonies and toonies when each villain is defeated, and Brandon RouthÕ s psychic vegan may have actually stolen the entire movie. ItÕ s a must-see. In fact, IÕ m ordering you to go see it. Now!

Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Evans, Ann-Margret, Will Patton Fisher Willow (Howard) is the debutante daughter of a disgraced Southern plantation owner. Her aunt, a rich widow of considerable resources, has called Fisher home from Europe, where she nearly married into royalty, to help repair the damaged reputation of their family. Attending all the social events of the season is now FisherÕ s reponsibility, and her curse. She is outcast because of her fatherÕ s actions and her own inability to restrain her enormous personality. Jimmy (Evans) is a childhood friend of FisherÕ s, the grandson of a politician whose own family has hit hard times. Fisher recruits him to act as her escort to the parties neither of them are particularly thrilled to attend, and they both struggle with their evolving relationship.

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond

Tennessee Williams wrote the screenplay in 1957, and Lindsay Lohan very nearly took the lead role, which she probably could have done a fairly good job at. As it is, the story wanders and the language can be a bit confusing, but as a study of early 20th century Southern society, itÕ s not bad. If youÕ re into that kind of thing, itÕ s worth a look.





History of Aboriginal Voting Rights in Canada It has been said that being born Indian is being born into politics. I believe this to be true; because being born a Mohawk of Kahnawake, I do not remember a time free from the impact of political conflict. (Alfred 1995, 1) It has been a long struggle for Aboriginal suffrage in Canada. In fact, until 1948, Aboriginal Peoples in Canada were not allowed to vote because of their race. After racial exclusions were lifted in 1948 by the Canadian Government, Aboriginal Peoples were entitled to vote only if they gave up their First Nation’s status under the Indian Act. During the civil rights movement, strong pressure from Aboriginal groups to move toward equality, forced the government to re-evaluate the discriminatory practices of the law. In 1960, the restriction was lifted giving all Aboriginal Peoples in Canada to vote (Inuit Peoples and Aboriginal veterans were already given the vote) Although many Aboriginal advocacy groups fought for this right, very few Aboriginal people chose to exercise it. Voter turnout for Aboriginal Peoples is the lowest in the country. NEW TRIBE SEPTEMBER 2010


September New Tribe  

September New Tribe