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YMCA Program Nurtures Leadership Skills in Aboriginal Youth




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NEW TRIBE is a monthly magazine. Our mission is to promote a positive outlook on Aboriginal living in an urban setting by promoting information sharing within the Aboriginal and youth communities Opinions expressed in submitted work/letters are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of NEW TRIBE or USAY. This magazine is a forum for Aboriginal youth to speak their minds and share their stories without intervention.

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Andrea Tombrowski

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Aboriginal Happenings From Across Canada Preserving aboriginal languages crucial

CORNWALL - Youth, elders, teachers, leaders and language activists from a number of First Nations met Wednesday to discuss the preservation of their language and culture.

Ò Now, more than ever, itÕ s been an ongoing effort for First Nations in Canada to maintain their language because some are on the verge of extinction,Ó Mitchell said. Ò The struggle to maintain aboriginal languages is a struggle for all First Nations.Ó SOURCE -STANDARD FREEHOLDER

An estimated 200 people are anticipated to attend the two-day conference, which continues today at the Ramada Inn and Conference Centre in Cornwall. The conference -- called Ò Raising Our VoicesÓ -- is hosted by the Sweetgrass First Nation Language Council, in partnership with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne. Dozens of workshops were held to discuss language issues in First Nations communities, focusing on how to better teach native children and youth their language and culture. Michael Kanentakeron Mitchell, grand chief of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, said the number of people in attendance at the conference shows the dedication of the communities to preserving aboriginal language and culture.



Aboriginal youth program announced at School of the Arts

HALBERTON Ð Haliburton School of The Arts (Fleming College), Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre, and the Aboriginal Research Institute are pleased to announce the upcoming collaborative program in Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship. The Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program centres on developing young Aboriginal entrepreneurs in the arts, crafts and music sectors. It also focuses on developing or expanding a microenterprise, and enhancing participantsÕ understandings of the arts, crafts and music businesses and supply chain elements.

The Arts, and the Aboriginal Research Institute. It provides opportunities for Aboriginal youth to develop and expand their business plans, refine their products, participate in mentoring by local Aboriginal artists, develop understanding of the value chain in support of the arts, crafts and music markets, and get hands on experience visiting local arts and crafts suppliers and retailers, the School of The Arts, and business support centres. ? Haliburton School of The Arts is pleased to be a partner on this initiative that focuses on developing the skills and careers of young Aboriginal artists and crafts persons. Ò The project partners are excited to join together in providing an educational opportunity that will serve as the foundation for the young Aboriginal artists to begin their careers as professional artisans. The Haliburton campus looks forward to welcoming the participants this fall,Ó said Sandra Dupret, Principal of Haliburton School of The Arts. SOURCE - THE ECHO

This innovative program is offered as a partnership between Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre, Haliburton School of

What’s Going On? JUNE,2011 June 04 Calgary Relay for Life Cardel Place Calgary,AB June 04 - 11 Carifest Shaw Millennium Park Calgary, AB June 05 Enerflex MS Walk Prince’s Island Calgary, AB events/scwalk/default.htm June 06 The Big Rock Eddies Jack Singer Concert Hall Calgary, AB June 10 - 11 Honouring Lifegivers Pow Wow Utopia, ON www. redlakepowwowcommittee. June 11 Aboriginal Day - Humber River Run/Walk Toronto, ON aboriginaldayrun/

June 16 10th Annual Keeping the Fires Burning Winnipeg, MN www.keepingthefiresburning. ca June 17 - 19 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo Calgary, AB June 18 Blackfoot Astronomy Calgary, AB June 19 Fathers Day Worldwide June 20 - 25 Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary, AB (See full calendar on pg 16-17 June 22 Designing the Canvas of our Lives Edmo

June 22 - 25 Sled Island Festival Calgary, AB June 24 - 26 2011 GASP Softball Tournament Shouldice Park Calgary, AB

Every Monday 6-8pm Drum and Dance Program - Learn how to hoop dance and other traditional dances Location: Radisson Park Elementary School 2805 Radcliffe Drive SE Across from Franklin C train Station Calgary YMCA Rec night Every Tuesday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

If you have an event youÕ d like us to include in our monthly calendar, email it to us - by the third Wednesday of the month. Submission deadline for the July 2011 issue: June 25











Scott Skinner

The phrase ‘butterflies in your stomach’ finally made complete sense to Amitola. Neatly arranging his schoolbooks into his backpack, he slung the tattered strap of his backpack over his shoulder. Ò See ya later,Ó Jason grinned showcasing his pearly white perfect teeth Ò how about tomorrow?Ó . Amitola turned around flashing Jason a Ô thumbs upÕ . Amitola had always been curious, and confused about his sexuality. He always had flirtatious thoughts and strong emotional connections to his best friend Jason, but feared that if he said anything their friendship would cease to exist. Coming from a very traditional Native American family, the idea of coming out paralyzed him with fear. Ever since he was little, he grew up with native stories. His mother told him of a legend about the first rainbow. According to the legend, there was a young Indian chief who painted a colorful picture across the sky, he was named Amitola. Amitola found it ironic that his nameÕ s meaning was rainbow. He never displayed outward notions that he was interested in 10


the same sex.

Ò Hey Amy!Ó They both chimed in .

His muffler mumbled as he pulled into the smooth driveway of his suburban home. Ò Darling! How was school?Ó His short stature mother kissed him on the forehead. Ò Fine, thereÕ s a school dance tomorrow,Ó he replied. Ò My son is going to take the most beautiful girl, arenÕ t you son?Ó His father excitedly gave him a grin. Amitola nervously shrugged telling his father none of the girls wanted to go with him. He truly didnÕ t want to bring a girl. Feeling uncomfortable he shuffled off to his room and gave Jason a call. Ò Hello?Ó

Ò What are you doing tomorrow? We were thinking of boycotting the dance, and possibly going fishing,Ó said Jason.

Ò Hey Jason, its Amitola, just calling to find out what you are doing tomorrow.Ó His stomach swashed as if he was on a ship. He was pondering the idea of coming out to his best friends. Ò That dance is tomorrow at school, but I donÕ t think IÕ m going Lets call Amy, we can put her on three-way call, and hopefully we can hang out or something insteadÓ said Jason Ò Hey guys!Ó

Ò Hey guys, I have something to ask you,” an awkward silence filled the lines as Amitola took a few deep breaths Ò if one of us were to like another one, would that screw up our friendships?Ó . Ò Oh my gosh Amitola! Are you asking me to the dance? IÕ ve been fantasizing about this forever, but I didnÕ t want you to laugh at me!Ó Amy excitedly responded in a high pitch shriek. Jason chuckled in the background. Ò Um, it was just a general question, you know just wondering. Amy IÕ m so sorry.Ó Flustered he hung up the phone. Thoughts replayed themselves from the evening. Between his dad being so hopeful that he would attend the dance with a stunning girl, to Jason snickering in the background, and Amy heartbroken. Amitola curled up in a blanket and stared ahead blankly for hours.

FICTION Suddenly, Amitola heard a knock. he sluggishly opened the door to find none other than Jason standing at his door holding chocolate cake and a video game. Ò Thought you could use some company, plus my mom made cake, and I though you could help me scarf it down.Ó A sheepish grin stretched across JasonÕ s face as he held up two forks. Ò Actually, I honestly came here to ask you about that phone conversation. I could also clearly see you werenÕ t too interested in Amy.Ó AmitolaÕ s heart came to a halt, taking one deep breath faced all the fear that had been inside of him for years. Ò Dude, to state it simply, IÕ m gay. It doesnÕ t mean IÕ m anyone different, and I’m still up for fishing and sports, and...Ó Jason cut him off mid-sentence. Ò Man donÕ t sweat it, Its totally cool, and to be honest I’m flattered. Basically all I’m try-

ing to say is, do you want to go to the dance with me?Ó AmitolaÕ s jaw dropped to the floor trying to put all the random pieces of what happened together in the past five minutes.

are said to have a spirituality in which he or she can posses one, both, or a mix of genders. A Berdache is possesses a male attraction, and is encouraged to live the life which he desires. Son, I want you to know that no matter how Straightening his collar, Amitola you identify yourself sexually, you breathed a sigh of relief upon feel- are my son, and I support you.Ó ing a weight lifted off his shoulders. His parents looked on proudly as He hugged his son, and smiled he walked down the stairs. Ò Mom down proudly. Amy came bursting and dad, I have something impor- through the door, and hugged her tant I need to tell you.Ó Suddenly two best friends. Ò Just because I Jason pushed open the front door thought you liked me did you think and smirked. Ò Mom and dad, IÕ m I wouldnÕ t want to hang out at the gay, and IÕ m going to the dance dance with my two best friends?Ó with Jason.Ó His mother grasped A cheeky smile came across her his hand and kissed him on the petite face. Amitola had his two cheek. Ò A mother always knows,Ó best friends behind him, and his She blatantly stated. parentÕ s love and support. Even though it was confusing, frightenHis father appeared shocked, but ing, and stressful at times, Amitola took a deep breath Ò Son, among was glad he was loved for who he Native Americans there are peo- was. ple called Ô two spiritÕ people. They




On the Table by Elodie Caron

POTATO SALAD So I’m not the biggest fan of summer. Sure, it’s great at first, all green grass and bare feet, but then it reaches a point where itÕ s too hot and sticky to enjoy anymore, and itÕ s like that guy who used to be everybodyÕ s favorite party animal but is now just that creepy dude that nobody remembers inviting. What IÕ m saying is, there are things about summer that you have to take advantage of while you still can, because they donÕ t feel right in the middle of December. Like slurpees, or sitting out on the deck, or swimming in the river. Or potato salad. Because doesnÕ t it feel weird to be eating potato salad when itÕ s snowing outside and your toes are numb? It does, right? Potato salad is a summer food, meant to go on your plate next to barbecued steak and corn on the cob, or a veggie burger, if youÕ re so inclined. Although if youÕ re a vegetarian, you might want to skip the eggs and substitute Vegenaise. But you probably already knew that. What youÕ ll need: 8 - 10 large potatoes 6 eggs 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup sour cream 3/4 teaspoon garlic powder or garlic salt 1/2 teaspoon grainy mustard (optional) 6 - 8 dill pickles, chopped into small chunks 2 stalks green onion, sliced salt and pepper to taste paprika for garnish In a medium pot, arrange the eggs and fill with water to just above the tops of the shells. Set on the stove on high heat. Once the water has boiled, let it boil for 1 - 2 minutes more, then turn off the heat and cover the pot. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then drain and rinse the eggs in cold water. Set aside to dry. In a mixing bowl, combine the mayonnaise and sour cream, stir in the garlic powder/salt and mustard and mix until combined. Refrigerate until the potatoes are ready. Peel and chop the potatoes into bite-sized pieces. Boil in salted water until theyÕ re soft and easily broken by a fork. While the potatoes are cooking, peel the eggs and roughly chop, then set aside. Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them and rinse in cold water, then drain again and transfer them to a large mixing bowl. Spoon in the dressing mixture and stir until combined, careful not to break up the potatoes. If you think you need more dressing, you can scoop more mayonnaise or sour cream as you like directly into the salad. Add the chopped eggs and salt and pepper to taste. Add the pickles and mix, then sprinkle the green onions over top. Put the salad in the refrigerator for 1 - 2 hours to set. When youÕ re ready to serve, garnish with the paprika, just enough to add a little color. You can also add fresh or dried dill weed if you want more of that flavor, or more pickle chunks if you want more crunch. Happy barbecuing!




On the Table




THE DARKNESS by :Susan Musgrove

The darkness hides the truth it shadows your true feelings you hide beneath the veils in fear of the revealing light be afraid for the truth will come out hiding is not your only option change is possible in everyone even you learn from your mistakes it’s not too late not too late not too late remember your past remember who you are remember where you came from not the darkness




YOUR VOTE COUNTS Joshua Fraser When people tell me that their single vote doesnÕ t count, I often think about Elijah Harper and his single vote. Many Canadians and Aboriginal people are familiar with Elijah Harper the former Cree chief from Red Sucker Lake who was elected Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in the Manitoba government. In 1990 the Meech Lake Accord was negotiated by the federal government and provinces it was a new constitutional deal that would give increased power to the provinces with particular power and recognition to the province of Quebec. Native leaders were outraged that the Accord did not include any recognition of unique Treaty and Aboriginal rights and that they were not consulted in development of the policy.

Fast forward to the present, there have been many First Nation, MŽ tis and Inuit peoples elected to municipal, provincial and federal governments and some of them have held Ministerial positions including a few being Premiers in the northern territories. In the past couple of federal elections we have seen increased voter turnout and interest amongst Aboriginal people. National Aboriginal organizations and Aboriginal leadership have encouraged their people to consider the various parties and get active in participating

and general interest in the election raised the portfolio of Aboriginal interests throughout the election. Political Parties developed more comprehensive and specific Aboriginal platforms and policies. There were all-party debates that focussed on Aboriginal issues. The result of the election was the election of a record 7 Aboriginal Members of Parliament, two from the NDP and five from the Conservatives. Four First Nations, two MŽ tis and one Inuit now sit as parliamentarians in CanadaÕ s House of Commons.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has promoted 2 of his Aboriginal MPs to the highest seats of power as full cabinet ministers. Peter Penashue is the Minister of For a vote on the Accord Intergovernmental Affairs and to proceed it would require Leona Aglukkaq is the Minister unanimous consent from the of Health. The first time two Manitoba legislature to be Peter Penashue being sworn into cabintet Aboriginal people sat in cabinet debated. Elijah Harper took this procedural opportunity and the (Courtesy of Prime Minister’s Office) a powerful body that makes the most important laws and decisions of our iconic image of him voting Ò noÓ over federal government. While there and over again while he held his eagle in all areas of the election. are many who a concerned with the feather is forever etched into the memory of all Canadians as a symbol In the recent 2011 federal election Conservatives approach to Aboriginal of Native leadership. The accord died there were a record 35 Aboriginal policy it provides us peace of mind but if Elijah wasnÕ t there it would have candidates running for the various knowing that there are two Aboriginal succeeded and this represents the parties (Conservative, NDP, Liberal, minister and a total of 5 Aboriginal importance of the Aboriginal vote and Green) who represented diverse First MPs that now sit in government and why we need to be represented in all Nation, MŽ tis and Inuit peoples from can be a voice for Aboriginal people. urban to northern and rural ridings. levels of government. Having so much Aboriginal candidates NEW TRIBE JUNE 2011



Summer: The Best Time Of The Year To Be Healthy Janice Monroe

Okay itÕ s over now. Time to get away from the television, the computer, couch, phone and desks at work and at home. Winter is over and spring is soon to be a thing of the past. ItÕ s summer. The best time of the year to be healthy. Everyone wants to look good for the summer but what better way to look good than from the inside out! It starts with your routine. Sleep is a priority. DonÕ t let all of the summer activities wreck your sleep habits. Everybody needs at least eight hours of sleep a night to be at their optimal performance level during the day and to look their best. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and to eliminate all food for four hours prior to sleep. Your body 18


does not digest efficiently and as it is received. Water certainly cannot burn calories refreshes and renews all of the while you are asleep. vital organs and systems in the body. The only caution comes During the day it is imperative with carrying around a plastic to keep yourself hydrated. bottle of water too long. DonÕ t This doesnÕ t only apply to avid let it get warm. Try and freeze a exercise fanatics. Hydration is bottle or two overnight and use a very important necessity to during the next day. It will stay everyone young and old, active cold and fresh for drinking at or non active. When a body work or play and even if there is overheated it will sweat, is no access to a refrigerator, decreasing the water content in the iced water will stay frozen the entire body inside and out. for a very long time. Human bodies are made to be hydrated. What you choose to Activities during the summer hydrate with is vital. months are endless and for the most part the most enjoyable Water is always the optimal and memorable time of the choice since that is what we are year. Time to get out in the yard physiologically built to process. and play with the kids, manicure No chemicals, no additives, just the lawn, enjoy the flower and pure clean refreshing water that vegetable gardens, baseball the body can use immediately and softball games, hiking and

HEALTH camping just to name a few. We must never forget that these activities are done mainly outdoors during the summer. Wherever you are spending your time outside never forget to load up on the sunscreen.

routine with kids early enough in age they will consider it second nature just to do it all the time themselves.

is unimaginable that bugs wouldnÕ t like it! Summer is the best time of the year to readjust lifestyle and diet simply because of the choices available. While enjoying many of the What is better than growing your summers activities we are own organic foods to have at the exposed to a plethora of bugs dinner table? Lettuce, tomatoes, Skin will still tan with sunscreen which are not only a nuisance peppers, cucumbers are just a but without the worries of but they can sure cause a lot of few of the vegetables which are burning badly, creating skin disease and illnesses if people are extremely easy to grow. cancer that may not show up for not prepared. Mosquitoes and years. Sunscreen must be applied ticks are the biggest concerns but They produce relatively quickly liberally to all exposed skin when are also the easiest to repel with and you have the piece of mind outdoors no matter what time of the correct bug spray. Deet free knowing there are no additives the day. It is a good habit to get repellents are best particularly and harsh chemicals added. If into to use sunscreen on the face with small children. you cannot grow your own you first thing in the morning. can certainly support your local Bug spray should be used as farmers and visit the numerous A good quality sunscreen will last diligently as sunscreen when it markets and fresh food stands for up to 6 or 8 hours provided is known what problems that to buy corn, zucchini, beans and it does not get wet or wiped off. they can cause. Why put yourself any other number of home-grown Small containers are available at an unhealthy disadvantage foods. which are perfect to slip into a when there are so many capable purse or the glove compartment products available to avoid it? Feeling good from the inside out in the car. DonÕ t forget to set Not all bug repellents smell like shows in the summer months the example for children. Just bug repellents either. Some are through a healthy lifestyle and like anything else, if you start the actually so wonderful smelling it healthy eating.



YMCA Program Nurtures Leadership

(top row) left to right:Jon, Trina, John, Star, Nathan, Sapphire, Kristin Bottom row left to right: Samuel, Amber, Lakeisha, Erin, Emy- program coordinator


YMCA Program Nurtures Leadership Skills in Aboriginal Youth by Andrea Tombrowski The Department of Aboriginal Programs & Services of the Community YMCA of Calgary offers a variety of resources for the benefit of Aboriginal children, youth and families. Utilizing holistic and traditional approaches, one such program goes by the acronym of Ò Y7G,Ó which stands for YMCA 7th Generation, a leadership program designed specifically for Aboriginal youth in Calgary. The concept for the program predates CanadaÕ s existence. The Ò 7th Generation prophecyÓ refers to one of the fires – or prophecies – passed down through generations. The Facebook page of CalgaryÕ s Y7G group explains the meaning behind the name: Ò Legend has it that the Elders who predicted the arrival of the Europeans and the near destruction of our people also foretold the rebirth of the Aboriginal people seven lifetimes after Columbus. WE ARE THE SEVENTH GENERATION!Ó In Calgary, Y7G gives youth the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through a variety of activities and areas, including: -employability skills -traditional teaching -personal goal setting -modern life skills -cultural identity building -community service learning projects -education and study skills -relationship-building, and -team-building. Emy Ulloa is Y7GÕ s program co-

coordinator. She writes, Ò I, as the coordinator, am an equal with these youth, and seek to provide as much knowledge as the youth provide me with.Ó New Tribe asked Emy several questions regarding the program. Here is that dialogue. NT: Emy, please tell us how long the Y7G program has been in existence in Calgary? EU: ItÕ s about 14 years old NT: Do other YMCAs in Canada offer such a program? EU: The other YMCAs in Canada do not offer programs specific to the Aboriginal population. We are the only YMCA that has an Aboriginal Program and Services Department. NT: How many members does the program currently have? Is there a membership fee? EU: There are 56 youth enrolled currently and there is no fee to be a part of the program. NT: What is the programÕ s format? For example, do you hold regular meetings? Go on field trips? Have visiting guest speakers? EU: I have 1st, 2nd and 3rd year participants. My 1st year sessions run out of the high schools and my 2nd and 3rd years run Wednesday evenings out of the old Community YMCA location downtown. I run program once a week at all four locations.

Y7G is a leadership program and any outings have to be fundraised for. Such as the Dream Catchers Conference, the 2nd and 3rd years fundraised to go. Otherwise we do try to give back to the community by going out and volunteering as a group at Pow WowÕ s. We also go to leadership camps and conferences throughout the year. As for guest speakers we bring in Aboriginal mentors from the community to speak to the participants and support them, and we also have Elders that regularly run workshops and ceremonies for the participants. NT: What do you think are three major challenges facing Aboriginal youth today in Calgary? EU: I think the ones I see with the participants are a loss of cultural identity, drug and alcohol abuse, lack of interest in their studies/dropping out. NT: How can Y7G assist youth in meeting those challenges? EU: Well first off we bring inspirational Aboriginal mentors and Elders to come speak to the youth to help with the loss of culture by spreading cultural knowledge and awareness to them. They also assist in teaching them more about the alcohol and drug abuse and where it comes from and how to work on it. Also they do touch on education and importance if it. With drug and alcohol abuse, this is NEW TRIBE JUNE 2011


COMMUNITY a tricky one because I try my best to provide an alcohol and drug free environment for all those that want a sober fun place to hang out. I also hope that some of the workshops and activities we do in the program help them further think about their needs and wants in life. I guess the biggest thing I do in program and keep reminding them is that the change starts with them. If they want to be leaders they need to start by healing themselves and a part of that healing is learning about the root of where these unhealthy choices are coming from. Just to put this out there as well, as the coordinator of the program advocating for these youth to work on themselves, I also lead by example by choosing to work on myself and to not engage in drugs and alcohol as vices but this does not mean I judge those that do. As for lack of interest in their studies and dropping out, one of the major parts of the program is advocating for their current education and post-secondary opportunities. Also, running program at the high schools encourages some participants to keep coming to school, especially on the days Y7G is running. For some participants, Y7G has been the reason they attend classes and stay in school. NT: One of the goals of Y7G is to Ò help instill an essence of



self-empowerment as a youth and as a person.Ó How does this program encourage and nurture self-empowerment? EU: I think a huge part of it is the support of the Elders. There has been a huge gap in todayÕ s youth when it comes to mentors and Elders in their lives. So first off, it starts with being held up and supported by adults and people that really do believe in them and that can help them along the way. Self-empowerment also is a very personal thing for all the participants. Some of them start feeling empowered by their first year. For others, it takes three years or more to begin to understand what they were feeling or even doing in the program. The encouragement comes by applauding every little success these youth have in the program and in their personal lives. To always remind them that there is hope and that they are their own best friend. Through the workshops and the curriculum, we help them learn a little more about themselves and their identity. NT: The Y7G program embraces the Seven Sacred Teachings of the Aboriginal people (love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, truth), along with YMCAÕ s four core values (caring, honesty, respect, responsibility). How are

these principles encouraged in the participants? EU: Through everything that we do in the program. First off, the participants learn about these words early in their first year and they begin to identify what these words mean to them and then throughout their second and third years we keep bringing those words up and discussing them. NT: Thank you, Emy, for your contribution to this article. Please let Calgary youth know how they can join the program. EU: They can join the program by first going onto our Facebook page: http://!/ home.php?sk=group_25190946748 and become a member of the YMCA 7th Generation to get all the latest details on the program. Also they can contact me at eulloa@calgary.ymca. ca or 403-215-5349. Program starts up in October. Also, please join us for the LIVING IN A DIVERSE WORLD event happening at the SAIT Orpheus theatre on June 10th. Doors open at 6pm and it is all youth lead and run. ItÕ s a fun evening of live performances and music. To find out more about this event, please visit the event page at http://!/ event.php?eid=171037639619383












Drezus Walks & Talks Hip-Hop by Angel J. Sanderson Photography by Blaire Russell Urban music is becoming one of the fastest growing forms of expression in our communities. Perhaps it is because many can identify with the fundamentals of self expression in conjunction with the oppression shared by minorities colonized in North America. Hip-Hop has become the new medium in which many are finding a sense of freedom when writing rhymes and spitting raps. It has become a therapeutic and necessary art form that touches minds and hearts while promoting messages that masses of people can relate to. Hip-Hop has created its very own life force that both adults and youth gravitate toward. Over the past little while I had the pleasure of sharing a Q & A session with a talent artist by the name of Drezus. He rhymes about everything from real life issues, to loving the ladies. Drezus provides sick beats and a steady flo that make you want to shake what your mama gave ya, and keep you waiting to hear his truth filled sermon. With his honey smooth voice Aboriginal Hip-Hop is sure to be on the brink of sustainable greatness. Drezus speaks of a reality saved by the grace of a pen, paper, & mic in hand. Q: Could you share a bit about yourself for our readers?

A: I was born in Saskatoon, SK and spent time in many different cities especially Calgary. I spent my early teens out there and developed a taste for hip hop at a very early age. I started writing raps and poems and then would record them on my old ghetto blaster dubbing over other tapes. That turned into free-styling, which gave me the confidence to perform in front of people. Then boom, it was on! I moved back to Saskatoon, and was instrumental in the early movements of Stressed Street alongside Joey Stylez. I eventually started creating music with Stomp and Jmak, and then became the first mc in Team Rezofficial. Many mix tapes, albums, videos, awards later, based out of Winnipeg, MB IÕ m working on my next solo release on Heatbag Records/ Rezofficial Music entitled Ò Praise DrezusÓ . As far as this summer goes, its time off for me because IÕ ve recently went back to school to get my much overdue diploma. This summer I expect to perform, but my main focus is on my sons Tyson and Shako. Q: So I did a little research and noticed youÕ ve a few music videos to your credit. Would you share a little about the experience putting pen to paper, and then viewing the finished creation on the

screen? Yeah itÕ s a crazy experience when you sit back and think on it. But when I get in that zone I just GO! Whether itÕ s writing, or coming up with ideas for concepts and videos. I think itÕ s important to visualize your songs when youÕ re writing. It makes it that much more appealing and put together. Nowadays, itÕ s really easy to pick up a sick camera, go shoot and experiment with the visuals. IÕ m lucky to have many sick, sick directors and editors as homies. You can expect a lot of videos this summer and fall from me no doubt. Q: Usually there is a good story as to how a musical performer acquires their moniker. What are the origins of Drezus? A: Back in the day I started with the name Hydro and eventually cut it down to just Dro, or Big Dro. As I grew as an artist I felt it was too common a name because there Young Dro, Lil Dro, Hydro, Rev. Dro etc haha. My boy, Hellnback, was always calling me different variations of Dro, like Drizz, Drizzy(Before Drake came out!) Dreez, Drezus (Pronounced Dree-zus) etc etc. To me itÕ s like Dro the Red Jesus, the second coming of Dro ... NEW TRIBE JUNE 2011


TRIBE MUSIC Q: Who are your musical inspirations? A: Run Dmc, Ll cool J, U2, Michael Jackson, Dr Dre, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Big L, Big Pun, Biggie, Outkast, Dj Quik, Stomp haha Q: Vampires Werewolves? A: Come Werewolves.


Q: Would you share some highlights of your year?


Q: What is in the near future for you as an artist? A: A mix tape is in the very near future! Leading to my new full length Ò Praise DrezusÓ with my Heatbag fam. Shoutout to Winnipegs Most my fam, they killing it right now! Q: Are you a good Indian, bad Indian, or somewhere in between? A: IÕ m somewhere in between, TRYING NEW TRIBE JUNE 2011

I got right into the first couple verses talking about an amazing father, and then your tone completely changed and you begin talking about how that actually wasnÕ t the way it was. It really rocked my mind, and I I must say I truly Ò feltÓ that switch up. Q: Did you have a sense of freedom once you delivered that truth?


Q: Can you describe what itÕ s like to step up onstage and share your rhymes with a crowd of people? Or, what is your most memorable performance? A: I think being on stage is one of the best feelings in the world for me, itÕ s like an escape. Its expression to the fullest, especially if your spittinÕ some real s*** or making the dance floor fill up. I think my most memorable performance was when me and Joey opened up for 50 Cent and G Unit in Saskatoon in 2004. It was crazy seeing all those people respond to a call out! When I say Ò BIGÓ you say Ò DROÓ !! Ò BIGÓ !!....Ó DROOOO OOOOOOO!!!!!Ó


to be a GOOD Indian!

Yeah it was different because so many conflicting feelings came about. On one hand I felt a big weight lifted off of me and the other I almost felt guilty for speaking to my father like that. It was tough but it had to come out and it did, if my dad happens to see the video, or read this I just need him to know that it needed to be said. Maybe it shouldnÕ t have been so public but either way it flowed through me so I let it be. I still got love for that man but you can only suppress feelings for so long right. Q: If you could give a Ò sermonÓ or create something dedicated to our young people, how would it sound, or what would it look like? A: The last couple of years have been nothing but trials and tribulations; IÕ ve been in and out of jail looking for a better way. Music always brings me back to my center though, where my sons need me to be. IÕ d say this past years highlights were coming back to school to set an example for my sons, and other nates out there who might think itÕ s too late. Being able to wake up free everyday is a highlight and a blessing. I just look forward to making some memorable records this year, Ò Walk with MeÓ . Q: When I first listened and watched your video for Ò Never be the SameÓ

A: First and foremost I love working with the youth. IÕ ve been a part of several inner-city youth programs, and got to chop it up with a lot of young people. If I was to make a song or what have you for the youth, they would definitely be involved in every step. A Ò for us by usÓ mentality you know? I canÕ t wait to see what the future holds for my children, and other native children in the arts community, whether it’s music or film or native art. I see a ton of potential nowadays, the future looks good.





Turn up the Volume By Katty Jo Rabbit

Hank Williams III Hillbilly Joker This is a product of the age old fight between creative ownership, and music label greed. When Williams signed with Curb Records, he most likely thought he was going to get this big pay check to make music the way he wanted. Wrong! Turns out, Curb wanted a cookie cutter sound from a cookie cutter name, with affiliation to the country strong sound of his father of the same name, Curb records thought they were going to get a formulated album. Instead they got what others have coined as Ò cowpunkÓ , where the ever familiar twang of the country music his family is so well known for, is cut with a punk razor and snorted by all metal heads whose love of the devil and all things hellbilly have inspired, and encouraged Hank III to be his wildest. Seeing as this fight still ensues, it is hard to make an honest review of this album, on one hand it is great, almost one of the best rock n roll albums ever played, and heard so far this year. On the other hand, I would say, give it to the man, and download the album, donÕ t support the label who is likely to make a lot of money off this album, and keep it for themselves. Whatever you do decide, be sure to listen to this meld of country, punk, metal and rock. Because not only is it dark, heavy, and cool, it is very different in a sense that you have never heard before. Like one day Hank III woke up and said you know what F*%@ it, and freaked out with guitar licks, and megaphone chanting. A couple of standout songs that are some of the greatest are IÕ m drunk again, 10 feet down, and drink it, drug it. The first impression from this album was oh my grandpa had decided to be a punk rocker, but he still wearing his cow boy boots. It feels wrong, but it feels right, it hurts the ear drums, but it soothes the angry old man in all of us. Check it out, and if you like it then buy the album, if you donÕ t, then download the album and give it out for free. Either way donÕ t let anyone ever tell you that country music sucks.

The Mechanic Motion Picture Soundtrack If only Jason Statham could play the guitar this soundtrack would be complete, sadly he spends most of his time rubbing warm oils on his muscles, just kidding, he most likely works out and practices dodging bullets. Never has music invoked such a violent response, but because it comes from a place where murders and killings are common place, this album make you want to practice your knife throwing, it also made you want to smuggle illegal guns. But donÕ t do it, itÕ s only the music. With songs from Mark Isham, it is good to know that music does really have a purpose, with dark overcast themes, and humanistic rhythms this is definitely a cd for all you house music, trance fans. It always been really hard to make sense of trance music, and let it be known, that never will yours truly be able to understand it. Only because trance is not interesting enough to get fanatic about to really grasp an understanding of the music to make sense of it all. The music instead revels in the movies fast paced adrenaline rip your face off fight scenes, then pats your back in good fashion for the efforts you have made. It also holds a deep dark secret to your past, and makes you think. Literally, listening to this album, made skeletons come out of the closet, and it was scary, ugly, hurtful, most of all it was real. Never really thought an album could take you into that whole realm. Anyways, check out the movie, it makes more sense that way.




Music You Can Feel In Your Toes Lady Gaga Born This Way Well, well, well, look who just took a giant leap forward, and decided to step outside herself, and grace us with her honesty, it is Mother Monster. It finally arrived, wrapped in pictures of Gaga looking tragically beautiful and artistic. It would be a complete let down if this album did not come without controversy, disturbing images and great dance hits. Though it is actually the same formula different outfits, with all the hype and according to Star Magazine the personal breakdowns, the drinking, the apparent drug addictions, you would think this would be the release of the best album of all time. It is a glimpse into the future of music. Think Whitney Houston. All foreseeing aside, depending on your own personal reason as to why you like Gaga, will also be the same way in which you will experience this album. You could be one of the ever glorifying fan as to her creative perspective and feel this album reflects that, or you can really listen to the music and believe that this has turned into an overkill of what makes Gaga music so addictive. So you have to ask yourself, do I really like her music, or do I like her concept? Hopefully you take the high road, and realize that if promises are going to made Ò to give the greatest album of the decadeÓ you better be able to back all that jazz up. Because basically this is all what it is, jazz with saxophone climaxes and chorus blowouts that crumble into lyrical piles of electronic filth, this whole sound is overdone, over produced, and over thought. It was a lot more fun when Gaga wasnÕ t trying to prove to anybody that she was creative, she was just doing her thing, now it is contrived, boring, garish, and sad. ItÕ s like watching your little sister try to hard in front of the cool kids.

Thurston Moore Demolished Thoughts There has been some mixed feeling going on with Sonic Youth fans, and Thurston Moore followers, the confusion must be the latest album to be released by Matador records. It would be safe to assume that the experimental music that Moore has been able to associate himself with has been left behind in a sea of folk rock schemes, and waves. Imagine you are an artist in every sense of the word that you were there when great bands who were able to stand the test of time, and who weren’t able to stand the fame, took the stage. Not many people can say they influenced some of the greatest indie alternative rock bands known, but Moore can. Now 53 years old, this album does not feel like a sad attempt from an old man. Nor does it constitute him as a winner, or a troll, instead, it is another insightful journey that we are allowed to accompany Moore on. A musical squall of experiment, timeless knowledge of the relationship of musical instruments, and just really great sounds allows Moore to seem more of a legend in his own right, then an ageing star who is trying to desperately to hang on to his fifteen minutes. The lonely insightful lyrics are still there, but there is no more screeching, searing rock noise, there is no more guitar bashing chording, it is all a nice hum and strum. So donÕ t be confused, this is not folk, rather it is an acoustic remembering of all that doesnÕ t matter. But really the only person who should know what is going on is the writer, and performer himself, the rest of us should really just enjoy the experience. NEW TRIBE JUNE 2011



by: Elodie Caron

The Elodie Garden

Last year, I decided to grow a garden. With no yard and limited space in my tiny apartment, I couldnÕ t exactly put in rows of potatoes and corn, so I decided to go with the next best thing: an herb garden. My mother, who lives on the west coast, has a huge garden, and listening to her talking about her cantaloupe and bok choy harvest every year was starting to make me pretty jealous, especially because IÕ m not close enough to steal from her. I wanted in on the easy and convenient groceries.

I was determined, so I tried again.

Somehow, little shoots of green started appearing in the pots and before long I had a healthy crop on my kitchen counter, next to the window. Basil, parsley and oregano grew plentiful. The tomato never flowered, but it provided clean oxygen for a few months, so it was a trade off. I got a lot of use out of my plants, snipping or tearing leaves to mix into salads and sauces or straight onto dough for pizza. The basil smelled so good that sometimes I would just pinch a leaf and stand there inhaling it like a reformed stoner. But, you know, the kind that just likes to cook.

ItÕ s relatively cheap to start a small window garden. A few packets of seeds, some pots and a small bag of soil and youÕ re good to go. Because we live in a cold climate, you have to wait for the weather to be warm enough, even inside, to start the seeds. I planted them when the temperature was still going below zero overnight, so there wasnÕ t enough heat to nudge them along and the days were still too short to give them enough sunlight. Lesson learned. I also I should mention, before I start, neglected to mark the pots, so that I have a long history of plant when they finally did start coming killing. Everything from violets up, I had no idea which plants were Eventually, IÕ d like to have an outside to cacti, they have withered and which. Another lesson learned. garden so I can try something a fallen at my hands. So it was kind of an experiment, to see if I even I really had no idea what I was doing. little more complicated, like peas had it in me to not only grow them Once they had outgrown their or lettuce. For now, though, IÕ m from seeds, but to keep them alive small pots, I carefully transplanted making the most of the small long enough to turn into actual them to bigger homes, scooping amount of space I have to work herbs. Considering I planted them them out, dirt and roots and all, with. too soon and they didnÕ t even and gently pressing them into If youÕ re trying to think of ideas germinate the first time, I wasn’t larger pots with fresh soil. for how youÕ d use an herb garden, feeling too confident about it, but 32


COMMU NITY try this:

One handful of basil and parsley


salt and pepper to taste

4-6 slices thick bread, like a 1 - 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese French or Italian loaf (each piece should be about half the size of Finely chop the tomatoes and 2 your palm) cloves of the garlic and transfer to a bowl. Mix in the olive oil and 3 cloves garlic salt and pepper. Roll the basil and parsley leaves together and chop 4 small to medium tomatoes into thin, short ribbons, then stir into the tomato mixture. Let it stand at room temperature for at 1 teaspoon olive oil least an hour.

Lightly toast the bread, until just slightly browned but not too crunchy. Cut the third clove of garlic in half and when the toast is ready, rub the halves on the top of the toast slices, making sure to cover the surface of the bread. Arrange the toast on a plate and spoon the tomato mixture onto each piece, making sure to evenly distribute it. Sprinkle the cheese over the toast and serve. Et voila, the perfect summer food.




Book Reviews For the restless mind The Clockwork Prince Fiction by Cassandra Clare The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare is the authorÕ s sequel to the New York Times #1 bestseller Clockwork Angel. And this new release will bring fans back with the situation escalating fast at the London Institute. With Mortmain and his clockwork army still threatening the heroÕ s mortality. In the book the Council also wishes to strip Charlotte of her powers and hand the running of the enclave over to power maniac Benedict Lightwood. So in hopes of saving not only Charlotte but also the Institute Will, Jem, and Tessa set out to unravel the secrets of Mortmains past. They do this to predict what he will undoubtedly do in the future and the secrets are not the only thing they find buried in the past they also find Tessa also finds out the secret behind her birth. Given the rapid secret revealing this is a book fans will definitely love.

Buried Prey Fiction by John Sandford Cold cases are often sought after and never disappoint, Buried Prey by John Sandford is no exception. It is the 21st Prey book which features investigator Lucas Davenport. The bodies of two teenagers are found in a plastic bag beneath a basement in Minneapolis and Davenport a investigator with a state law enforcement agency is the first to respond. He instantly recognizes them from a 1985 disappearance case he had worked. Jan Sandford who was a former newspaper writer flashes back to the 1985 case. Mainly because he never really believed the suspect killed the girls because he wasnÕ t Ò mentally capableÓ . But also due to the fact that the Police could never fully ID the two tips which led them to actually arrest the suspect. It is the perfect book for any fan of Cold Cases or true crime style stories; it grabs the attention of the reader so they canÕ t put it down.




Book Reviews For the restless mind Hard Bitten Fiction by Chloe Neill In Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill times are tough for new vampire Merit mainly due to the fact that since the Shape shifters had announced their existence human beings just rally against anything un-natural. They stand outside the house she resides in with pitchforks ready to strike. Inside things are as well tense between Merit and her master making the situation all the more hard. Then the Mayor happens to call and invite them to a Clandestine meeting at which he tells them of a violent vamp attack that has left three people missing. His orders to Merit were to get her house in control or else. The young vampire then calls in a favor from someone deeply involved in the underground vampire group to get to the bottom of what is really happening. It is a unique book due to mix of mystery and emotion itÕ s a great choice.

Seven Gifts for Cedar by Cherie Dimaline Seven Gifts for Cedar by Cherie Dimaline is about seven year old Cedar who lives in the big city with her Mother. However she travels to the Georgian Bay area of Ontario to stay with her Dads family on the reserve every summer. So she pretty much just lives this other life during the summer when she doesnÕ t have to live in the big city. And during her visits to stay with her Fathers family she receives valuable gifts. This book has received lots of praise due to the fact that it teaches the core traditional values in a contemporary setting. The book portrays strong ties that exist within First Nation families and communities as well. And the book has been seen as different because itÕ s in a format that encourages parents to read the book aloud. With this format the outcomes can only be positive.




HOROSCOPES CENTRAL Gemini May 21- June 20 Today’s a good day to go for a walk and clear your head. Your Lucky Day: 7th Cancer June 21- July 22

Capricorn December 22- january 20

Visit a relative you haven’t seen in awhile, it could do you some good to reconnect.

Chances are meant to be taken, when the reward is worth the risk Your Lucky Day: 22nd

Your Lucky Day: 28th

Aquarius January 21- February 18

Leo July 23- August 22

Explore a new interest, invest in something that could improve your quality of life.

Stop being afraid, it’s okay to like someone completely different. Change is good.

Your Lucky Day: 30th

Your Lucky Day: 10th

Pisces February 19- March 20

Virgo August 23- September 22

If things don’t feel right, they probably aren’t. Find out the truth before you react.

Be patient, things will happen but at the right time, Don’t rush anything this week.

Your Lucky Number: 20th

Aries March 21- April 19

Your Lucky Day: 13th Libra September 23- October 22

Make someone else feel good about themselves today. It could benefit you in the long run.

New love is blossoming everywhere, why not listen to your heart and just go for it.

Your Lucky Day: 12th

Your Lucky Day: 17th

Scorpio October 22- November 21 If your having doubts about your relationship, Its time to talk to your mate and put all your thoughts on the table.

Taurus April 20- May 20 Sagittarius November 22- December 21 Get off your feet, treat yourself. You definitely deserve it after this week.

Take the initiative this month, Its time to take your life back and start enjoying life like you should. Your Lucky Day: 7th

Your Lucky Day: 13th







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