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Aboriginal Happenings From Across Canada Ontario reserve attracts national spotlight

week by Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan.

But solving the problems of substandard housing and lack of clean, running water will take a lot more than visitors.

In a release Monday, Duncan said they are looking for answers Ò why conditions are as poor as they are, given the significant funding for housing, infrastructure, education, and administration provided by our government.” Ò My priority in the immediate short term is working with the community and provincial officials to ensure that affected residents of Attawapiskat have access to warm, dry and safe shelter,” Duncan said in the release.

OTTAWA - A month after the First Nation community of Attawapiskat issued a cry for emergency help, outsiders are now flooding into the small James Bay reserve.

The Assembly of First Nations estimates that 126 out of 630 native communities across Canada have drinking water advisories right now, and some of those have been in place for well over a year. The AFN also says 80,000 new houses are needed in First Nations, while about 45 per cent of the existing housing stock is in need of major repair or should be condemned. Attawapiskat is only the most recent example of First Nations communities crumbling under the weight of poverty.

Ontario also sent a team to the reserve under provincial emergency measures provisions. “I’m glad that the federal government is now taking the leadership role, which is quite properly theirs,” Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty told reporters Monday.

Ò We need a commitment for a mediumand long-term solution” from the provincial and federal governments, the area’s NDP MP Charlie Angus said. “Again and again you see this is a community in handcuffs.”

The Red Cross is also sending up a team on Tuesday, loaded with emergency supplies and helping the band deal with a sudden onslaught of donations and offers of help. A spokeswoman said $11,000 had come in this weekend alone.

A team of federal officials landed in the flyin community on Monday, as promised last

The aid organization is coordinating donations, and will be arriving with winter



sleeping bags and warm clothing of all sizes. A team of two will spend a couple of days assessing the needs of the families living in tents, and then move on to the families living in uninsulated huts, and then the entire community, said spokesman John Saunders in Timmins. Andrea Horwath, Ontario’s NDP leader, called the situation “absolutely disgusting -- and then the only source of support is the Red Cross, an international aid agency? ...Somebody has to step to the plate here and if the federal government’s not prepared to do, then the provincial government needs to do it.” The grand chief of the regional Mushkegowuk council, Stan Louttit, is coming in on Tuesday. And federal NDP interim leader Nycole Turmel is also flying in, along with Angus. The goal, says Angus, is to increase pressure on Ottawa. Ò We want to make sure the federal government gets serious about helping this community,” he said. Angus says five families are living in tents and another 19 are living in uninsulated sheds with no running water. SOURCE -WINNIPEG FREE PRESS

What’s Going On? DECEMBER/JANUARY,2011/12 Dec 1 - 5 Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week National http:// aboriginalaidsawareness. com/2011/ Dec 2 - 3 ‘NDN Interupted” Central Library Calgary, AB Dec 5 Santa Shuffle Calgary Eau Claire Calgary, AB Dec 12 Tom Jackson - Twas in the Moon of Wintertime Benifit for Calgary Meals on Wheels Calgary, AB

Jan 6 - 8 The Calgary Motorcycle Show Calgary, AB www.calgarymotorcycleshow. ca Jan 13 - 15 Homexpo Calgary, AB Jan 14 Chestemere Winter Festival Chestemere, AB Jan 15 Bridal Fantasy Calgary Calgary, AB Jan 26 Theory of a Deadman in Concert Calgary, AB

Calgary YMCA Rec night Every Tuesday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Dec 25 Christmas Day Dec 31 New Years Eve

Calgary Flames

12/01/2011 07:00 PM Columbus Blue Jackets @ Calgary Flames 12/06/2011 07:00 PM Carolina Hurricanes @ Calgary Flames 12/08/2011 07:00 PM Colorado Avalanche @ Calgary Flames 12/10/2011 08:00 PM Edmonton Oilers @ Calgary Flames 12/20/2011 07:00 PM Minnesota Wild @ Calgary Flames 12/22/2011 07:30 PM Detroit Red Wings @ Calgary Flames 01/07/2012 08:00 PM Minnesota Wild @ Calgary Flames 01/10/2012 07:30 PM New Jersey Devils @ Calgary Flames 01/12/2012 07:30 PM Anaheim Ducks @ Calgary Flames 01/14/2012 08:00 PM Los Angeles Kings @ Calgary Flames 01/24/2012 07:00 PM San Jose Sharks @ Calgary Flames 01/31/2012 07:00 PM Chicago Blackhawks @ Calgary Flames

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FIRST NATIONS WHAT % ARE WE? by Charles Atlas Sheppard

The Occupy Movement that spread from New York City to over 2000 camps worldwide took on a life of its own with many voices and faces as it gained daily momentum. The First Nations, never known to back down from a good fight, joined in on the movement from the earliest days. The Occupy Movement began from an early July 2011 Adbuster’s blog post proposing “a peaceful occupation of Wall Street to protest corporate influence on democracy, a growing disparity in wealth, and the absence of legal repercussions behind the recent global financial crisis.” The initial date of occupation was set for September 17th with many social and political organizations taking up the cause. They poured into Zucotti Park in Lower Manhattan, New York City, in the area known as Wall Street with their tents, kitchens, libraries, performance artists, and drum circles. Canadians joined, en masse, on October 15th setting up similar camps across the country. The mass media will have you believe that Occupy message is confusing and incoherent. The movement has no leaders, no official spokespeople, no public relation dynamos crafting their sentences, spin-doctoring their words into cute little twenty second soundbites.The messages are contradictory because each participant has a different priority: the environment, income disparity, welfare, equality,



depending on whom you talk to.

In New Mexico, the movement changed their name to “(Un)-Occupy The protesters quickly adopted Alburqurque” to integrate the fight the phrase, Ò We are the 99%Ó against corporate greed with the from an internet meme referring ongoing struggle for indigenous land to the income disparity between rights. Evergreen2, a DailyKOS blogger, the wealthiest 1% of Americans explains, Ò ÉN ew Mexico, including controlling 60 percent of the wealth Albuquerque, has a very strong and in the country compared to the other vocal indigenous population. And for 99 percent. many indigenous people, the term “Occupy” is deeply problematic. For “The 99%” are basically members New Mexico’s indigenous people, of the white and blue collar workers Ò OccupyÓ means 500 years of forced who took out student loans, occupation of their lands, resources, mortgages to buy their own houses cultures, power, and voices by the to start their own families, only to find imperial powers of both Spain and themselves downsized, unemployed, the United States. A big chunk of The and underemployed staring into the 99% has been served pretty well by abyss of financial ruin. It became that arrangement. A smaller chunk all the more desperate when they hasn’t.” realized that the top 1% owned 42% of the wealth (in the states). The Jessica Yee, another blogger on income disparity was a mockery to Racialicious wrote about the Deeverything they believed in. colonize Wall Street movement: “THE UNITED STATES IS ALREADY The First Nations feel they are so OCCUPIED. THIS IS INDIGENOUS far down the economic scale they LAND….I’m not against ending aren’t even part of the 99%. Some capitalism and I’m not against people of them are calling themselves the organizing to hold big corporations “Unpercent” adopted from another accountable for the extreme damage internet meme, “My lands are being they are causing.” occupied by a public which largely remains ignorant or silent about the The Occupy Movement considers injustice I live with every moment of racial discussions divisive and counterthe day. I am silenced or minimized in productive but for the First Nations the “occupy” movement frequently racial inequality has almost everything as my issues injustices transcend to do with income disparity and mere financial concerns. I am poverty. indigenous and I am the Ò un%Ó “We need to decolonize Native North

COMMUNITY from various band groups in the Regina area, they were kind of concerned about how their leaders were approaching band issues, like getting cut off welfare, housing was In Quebec, an anti-colonial one of the major concerns, water, contingent joined Occupy Montreal voting…a lot of the band members stating in a press release, Ò We stand felt alienated from their band, their against colonialism and in support band isn’t listening to them. The of Indigenous peoples across Turtle Occupy Regina gave them an avenue Island struggling for land, autonomy, to express their anger and emotions.” and dignity. We stand against patriarchy and racism, and for the self Occupy Regina, like most movements across Canada, had a good run for determination of all peoples.” three weeks before city Mayors tired When the Occupy Movement of their presence in the city parks. flourished across the country, Finance They slowly and systematically tried Minister Jim Flaherty, brushed it off ways to undermine the movement saying, “Canadian’s have nothing to and have them dispersed. The City protest about”. Yet, the Attawapiskat of Regina began by shutting down has declared a state of emergency off their power causing them to because their community is without use propane heaters, and then they adequate housing, running water, confiscated their portable toilet proper sewage disposal amongst for lack of a permit. They finally other challenges. The provincial and threatened them with legal action federal government have been passing before ultimately charging six of them the buck and pointing fingers at each and arresting one for priors. other. “Occupy” Facebook groups The protestors spent the last two went viral with the cause. weeks of their physical existence Joseph Reynolds,41, of the Opasquiak fighting city hall for their right to Cree Nation joined Occupy Regina stay and protest. This, unfortunately, from day one as a protester and diluted their message and confused occupier when he found himself the public as a whole. They started off fighting the banks and corporate homeless. greed only to make a last desperate I asked him about the local First stand for their constitutional rights to Nations involvement. “Mostly, First protest in the first place. Nations were concerned with antipoverty issues, rent control, issues Joseph said, “I was telling a couple of around the welfare system, child and people from Occupy, the spirit has family issues, mostly daily issues [on come and gone, lost, it flew out the window like a bird.A lot of the energy how to survive].” was lost fighting the city as opposed Joseph admitted that a lot of the First to bringing out our message. I think Nations camping out were largely the city used a lot of sneaky tactics to unaware of the broader issues of weed us out of there.” the movement but Occupy Regina provided them with unity them I asked Joseph if he had been following the movement across Canada. He because they had the same issues. admired Occupy Winnipeg for “I heard from other band members their orderly tents, camp meetings AmericaÓ , protester, Ifo Ikeda, told the Occupy Nova Scotia Movement, “We need to acknowledge we’re on Mi’kmaq Territory”.

and he wished Occupy Regina was similarly organized. At the time of our conversation, Occupy Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg were in the throes of eviction. “What I’ve been reading in the papers, a lot of the occupations have been physically shut down by the cops and everything else. I don’t know what to really think about that. I feel that our constitutional rights are being ignored. Because if you have injustice what do you do about it? You need communication. If there’s no communication there’s confrontation. Inequality, eh? But what kind of confrontation? A lot of us can’t afford criminal records. If it comes to be, it may be necessary. It depends on how you feel about the movement. ” Canadians didn’t experience the same level of horrific violence Americans felt when they faced eviction. Certainly, there were a few skirmishes, a cop got bit in Vancouver, another allegedly got his gun clip stolen but overall everyone went quietly with only a few arrests across the country. John Berger, an English art critic and cultural observer, in his essay entitled, “The Nature of Mass Demonstration”, argued that public demonstrations are rehearsals for revolution. The essay was written well over thirty years ago but his insights can easily be applied to the Occupy Movement today, “The question which revolutionaries must decide in any given historical situation is whether or not further symbolic rehearsals are necessary. The next stage is training in tactics and strategy for the performance itself.” It is still too early to predict how the next stage will evolve for the Occupy Movement.




On the Table Cinnamon Pinwheels INGREDIENTS

2 cup(s) all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon(s) baking powder 1/4 teaspoon(s) salt 1/4 cup(s) cinnamon red hot candies 3/4 cup(s) (1 1/2 sticks) butter or margarine, softened 3/4 cup(s) sugar 1 large egg 1/2 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract Red paste food coloring


In mini food processor with knife blade attached (or in coffee grinder), pulse cinnamon candies until finely ground; set aside. In large bowl, with mixer at medium speed, beat butter and sugar until creamy. Reduce speed to low; beat in egg and vanilla. Gradually beat in flour mixture just until blended, occasionally scraping bowl with rubber spatula. Transfer half of dough to small bowl; with hand, knead in candies, then enough red food coloring to tint a pretty red. Between two 20-inch sheets of waxed paper, roll cinnamon dough into 15” by 10” rectangle. (If paper wrinkles during rolling, peel it off, then replace it to remove wrinkles.) Repeat with plain dough. Refrigerate dough rectangles 10 minutes or until chilled but still pliable. Remove top sheet of waxed paper from each rectangle. Place plain rectangle (still on waxed paper) on work surface with a long side facing you. Invert cinnamon rectangle on top of plain rectangle, so that edges line up evenly; remove top sheet of waxed paper. Starting from a long side, tightly roll rectangles together jelly-roll fashion, lifting bottom sheet of waxed paper as you roll. Wrap log in plastic wrap and freeze at least 1 hour or overnight, or until dough is firm enough to slice. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Grease large cookie sheet. Remove log from freezer. With sharp knife, cut log crosswise into 1/4-inch-thick slices. Place slices, 1 inch apart, on cookie sheet. Bake cookies 14 to 15 minutes or until lightly browned around edges. Transfer cookies to wire rack to cool.




Holiday Crafts Pom-pom Snowmen Materials Needle Thread White pom-poms in 2 sizes: 1-1/2 inches and 1 inch Colored felt 1/4-inch jump rings Glue Orange felt Black fabric paint Yarn String INSTRUCTIONS

For each one, thread a needle with a 2-foot length of thread, then double it and knot the end. For the snowman’s body and head, pass the needle through the centers of 3 white pompoms: first a 1-1⁄2-inch pom-pom, then two 1-inch pom-poms. To add a hat, sew through the centers of a 1-1⁄2-inch circle of colored felt and a matching 1-inch pom-pom. Slip the needle through a 1⁄4-inch jump ring (found in the beading aisle of craft stores), then secure the snowman by scrunching the parts together slightly and sewing back through the hat and the head. Tie the thread to itself between the two 1-inch white pom-poms and trim any excess. Glue on a small orange felt triangle for a nose and add dots of black fabric paint for a face and buttons. Finally, tie on a yarn scarf and a loop of string for a hanger.




From Me to You th by Jordan Belhumeur Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys please listen to me and hear my voice I am no one special, no pow wow dancer I’m no doctor or lawyer or I haven’t cured cancer In fact some may call me criminal, convict or inmate but believe me when I say. I do not hate I am another statistic another number but I sit in my jail cell and I often wonder what is the issue what has went wrong why do we not hear the words of our sacred song Natives killing Natives falling victim to the street there is no camaraderie no emotions no peace our people are hooked to the bottle hooked to the drugs trying to be gangsters trying to be thugs our elders and mothers are crying because our youth and young ones are out there dying it is no different from the city to the reservation change begins with our generation take from me my people I sit here in shackles and chains but the same blood that runs through you runs through my veins I’m stuck in a cage with locked doors but the problems out their are too big to ignore I stand before you and I speak the truth It’s up to you and me to put an end to drug and alcohol abuse it does not matter if you’re Blackfoot Ojibaway Blood Cree or Dene togeather we are equal we are all the creators people so join me brothers and sisters for today is the day we start a new path and our generation leads the way




COOL JOBS PROFILE Waubgeshig Rice Journalist

by Desirae Desnomie Could you tell our readers a bit about yourself? My name is Waubgeshig Rice. I’m 32 year’s old and from the Wasauksing First Nation in Ontario. I went to university in Ryerson University in Toronto, where I got my Journalism Degree. Growing up on the reserve I was told a lot of the stories from my Grandmother and Aunties and Uncles. I really liked listening to their stories. I’d get bored on the rez so I’d let my imagination run wild. I would write just to pass the time. So being a journalist and author is pretty much a dream come true. When did you start your career? I started working in CBC in 2006 first in Winnipeg, Manitoba and now in Ottawa, Ontario. I started as a general assignment reporter. Being in Winnipeg gave me a sense of what Aboriginal people can accomplish in an urban setting. What is your favorite thing about your job? The best thing about being a journalist to me personally is the trust that people put in you—to tell their stories. I love to start the day with a story only being an idea, only being a sentence in someone’s head to being a solid story from start to finish. You get that instant gratification by turning an idea to an actual story for people to consume. Having someone trust you with his or her story and to have people commend you for it is the most rewarding thing for sure. Would you consider yourself a role model? Not necessarily. The term role model has a lot of weight to it. We’ve all made bad

choices at one time or another (laughs) I do want people to do some of the things I’ve done - finish high school, get some sort of post secondary education, and chase after their dreams. So if I can provide a “model” for young people to do some of the things I’ve done, then yeah. Keep positivity in mind, and try achieve your goals is my main message. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the road? I would like to focus on documentaries and longer form visual storytelling. Ideally I’d like to split my time being a documentary filmmaker and an author. I would like to do documentaries half the time and the other half writing stories and continue being an author. To achieve some balance between the two, I’d be happy. Do you have any advice for Aboriginal youth reading this issue? Just stick with it. When you’re young the future seems so insurmountable, and as Aboriginal youth we already have an additional amount of baggage even if we have positive upbringings—we’re still Aboriginal and that carries a whole lot of weight. A lot of negative weight in the eyes of the rest of Canada, even in this day and age. That’s something we just have to live with. There are all sorts of stereotypes that are alive and well with negative perceptions of us as people. The thing is, I just suggest to young people is to look within, be introspective. Really hang on to those things that make you happy. Hang on to them and sustain them throughout all those negative times and try have a bigger goal in mind and really try and reach for it! Stick with your education and try to find a path that way. Be as creative as

possible, it could be in any way. What about aspiring Journalists? For aspiring Journalist I’d really encourage people to try consume as much media as possible. Read articles; listen to the radio watch different styles of T.V., and news broadcast. Go to different news segments online and learn about the different ways of telling these stories. There are so many different ways to be a journalist so the opportunities are pretty deep. There are different ways we can utilize our natural skills as storytellers as First Nations people. Try to saddle up with someone who is already in the media; someone who may work in the area you are interested in going who is also Aboriginal. There are lots of us out there. There is pretty strong network of Aboriginal journalist working in news rooms across the country. Ask questions, don’t be afraid to contact people and get answers. What do you like to do in your spare time? I’m a big music fan. I go to a lot of concerts. I play guitar and other instruments. I am a big sports fan. I like to run, and lift weights. I train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)Also I like to do anything cultural. Right now, I’m taking an Ojibway language class at Carlton University. So I’m reconnecting with my language which is really rewarding, fulfilling both spiritually and emotionally to connect. And I go to sweat lodges, ceremonies and powwows.




HOLIDAYĂŠ TIPS The holidays bring a joyous time for everyone. The shopping, cooking and hanging lights can be a family tradition. With all the activity going on there are some safety concerns, though, that must be addressed. Individuals and families alike need to look out for each other, and make safety a priority during this holiday season. Christmas trees are an important part of the holiday celebration, but there are some things to consider when deciding on what type. Artificial trees are convenient and can be used year after year. However, families may have had their artificial tree for a number of years. The tree should be labeled as fire retardant for it to be safe in the home. Additionally the trees can be purchased with the light sets already on the tree. Over the years the light sets may have become worn, and there could be frayed wiring. Inspect the tree prior to set up to ensure there are no electrical hazards. Trees that are not fire retardant should be discarded. Real trees are popular, but they must be freshly cut. The real ones will dry out quickly and can become a fire hazard if cut too early. The tree stand must have a water reservoir incorporated where water can be added for the tree to absorb water. Fresh cut trees will



absorb moisture through the trunk for several weeks. Prior to putting it in the stand, cut two inches from the base to expose a fresher cut for better water absorption. The tree lights must be low enough wattage where the bulbs do not create a heat hazard. LED lights are low wattage and brighter, yet are cool to the touch, and come in many color varieties. Inspect for damaged wiring and broken bulbs. The combination of a dried out tree and hot light bulbs can create a fire hazard. The needles on fresh trees will be rubbery and hard to pull from the branch. Never set the tree close to radiators or fireplaces. The drier air of winter will pull moisture from the tree quickly so monitor the water level closely. Pets can create havoc with trees and light sets, as well. Young dogs and even some cats love to chew. Make sure they have not chewed through any electrical wiring. The wiring will be new to them, so they will inspect and taste the wires. Cats of course love the low hanging bulbs, and have at times caught their paws in the hangers, and pulled the tree over. Having this happen when no one is home can be hazardous to the cat and the house. It may be necessary in homes with pets to leave the lights unplugged unless someone is home.

Children love to help with the lights but ensure they have gloves on to protect against broken bulbs. Lights sets from years past used real glass, which when broken will cut little hands. Never allow anyone to untangle a light set while it is connected to a wall socket. Many people will test the sets by plugging them in and then proceed to untangle them. Shorts or bare wires can of course cause an electrical shock. Always thoroughly inspect all light sets. The previous year’s lights may have been attached with a staple gun. The likelihood of having some damaged wires from the staples is high. When placing presents under the tree keep, the fluffy tissue paper wrapped ones away from light bulbs. Ornaments not specifically made to hang on Christmas trees should be placed carefully to keep from contacting hot bulbs. Electrical connections that have shorted out can arch electrical sparks, which will start a fire. Routinely inspect the tree for any electrical problems. A burnt wiring smell is the first indication of a problem. Many communities have contests to determine which home has the most impressive lighting. Subsequently, some owners in their haste may tend to overlook some obvious safety hazards. No one should hang outdoor lighting alone.

COMMUNITY Follow instructions on the outdoor sets. Know the number of light sets that be safely connected to the same circuit. Make sure any extension cords are rated for outdoor use. Ensure all cords are heavy enough gauge to carry the electrical load, and have a grounded plug. Always plug into a ground fault interrupter or GFI outlet when wet conditions may exist. The GFI will disconnect power at any sign of a short caused by moisture or a break in the line. This prevents shocks to humans. Most building codes require the installation of GFI for wet areas. Cords should never be laid across driveways or walkways. Vehicles driving over the cords will damage them, and people can trip over the cords on sidewalks and walkways. Be careful when using nails or staple guns to hang lights. Running a nail or staple through the connection will cause a

short and will create a shock hazard. Wrap electrician’s tape around all connections to prevent moisture from making contact with live wires. Some tips that many have probably heard year after year, but are worth repeating. Never leave gifts in plain sight in any vehicle. Use the trunk or back cargo area to avoid smash and grabs. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Someone sees a backseat full of gifts, and they will smash the window and grab them. Do not allow them the opportunity. Everyone must take a moment and consider shopping safety this holiday season.

access. Know what entrances are closed and when. This avoids parking close to an entrance that is closed. This may be fine in the daylight but after shopping, it may be dark, and the vehicle is farther away from the exit. Have the car keys in hand when walking to the vehicle. Fumbling through pockets and purses diverts attention. Assailants are not as likely to approach people who appear to be paying attention. Only unlock the driver’s door with the automatic unlock. Unlocking all doors before it may be safe allows someone to slip inside from the passenger’s side unannounced. Store employees are happy to walk anyone to their car after dark. Do not hesitate to ask.

Many retailers will close some entrances at night to help control




SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS Janice Monroe Once summer is over and the cold weather has come our way, it’s more than easy to gain a couple pounds. Not only are we not as active, but the holidays come along with the cold weather to make it even more difficult to stay healthy and in shape. Though the holidays can be known for helping people gain a few extra pounds and bring out our bad habits, they don’t have to. If you’d like to stay healthy this holiday season, consider these tips below: Have a plan: Before the holidays get here, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Know what you’ll be doing and when. By knowing what you’re doing and when, you can plan other things around the holidays such as your exercise, eating habits and also have a goal weight in mind. This not only keeps you from over indulging, but it can keep your schedule more organized and healthy overall.

even a few beers, try to make it a goal this holiday season to think of your health first and to avoid those cravings and bad habits as much as possible. In fact, it never hurts to weigh yourself now and every day until after the holidays. This will help you stay within your weight range and show you when you’ve indulged a little too much.

choose from, water is your best option. Not only is it free, but it’s a great way to avoid those empty calories, as well as flush out our system. So, the next time you’re thirsty try to drink some water instead of pop, beer or another high calorie drink. Avoid drinking too much alcohol: Whether you like your mixed drinks or just your favorite beer, it’s easy to keep drinking and drinking until we’ve noticed that we may have had too many. This holiday season; try to avoid drinking too much alcohol. Not only can alcohol be toxic to our system, but it’s known for killing brain cells and increasing dangerous driving. Though a glass of wine may be good for you, it’s all about proportions and moderation.

Try new foods: When we see our favorite foods, we often skip out on the ones we’ve never tried before. This holiday season try to be good about trying new foods. For example, if you see a new fruit and/or vegetable you’ve never tried before, pick one up and see if you like it. When we eat our favorite foods all the time it’s hard for our body to get a good variety of food, as well as nutrients. When you try new things you might be surprised to see that you like it. Exercise daily: Though it may not be “fun” to exercise every day, it is Drink more water: When we’re said that our bodies need at least busy with our schedules, shopping 30-45 minutes of exercise daily. Make it goal: Try to make it a for the holidays and trying to Whether you go on the treadmill goal to stay within your weight entertain and prepare to see for a brisk walk, play basketball range. Though it may be difficult others it’s easy to forget to drink with your friends or you do yoga, to say no to your favorite sweets, and stay hydrated. Though there any form of movement can be good your family’s cheesy potatoes or are many different beverages to exercise. Instead of thinking about 18


HEALTH how boring exercising can be, it’s best to have a good attitude, keep in mind how much it can help your body and remember how well it can transform your body over time. So, be sure to aim for an exercise that’s 30-45 minutes. It’s also best to try and do it before you eat because you will be more conscious of how hard you just worked out so that you won’t want to indulge so much so fast.

our bodies, but it can also repair our body after a long day. Sleep is essential and keeps the mind and body healthy. By getting enough sleep you can also benefit from a stronger immune system. So, before you take on more than you can handle, make sure you can get enough sleep each and every day of the week.

Have good hygiene: In order to have a healthy holiday season, you Get enough sleep: When the must make sure that you have holidays are just around the corner, good hygiene. Though you don’t it’s easy to lack sleep. From staying to be a germ freak, you must be up late working to pay for all our conscious about washing your Christmas gifts, to shopping and hands, getting a flu shot and taking keeping busy with our errands, on good habits. Not only can this it’s common for someone to not help you avoid getting sick, but get their recommended 7-8 hours having good hygiene can also help of sleep that they need. When it you from ruining your holidays by comes to sleep, we must make being sick in bed while everyone sure we take time to get it. Not else you know is out having fun. only can sleep help rejuvenate

As you can see, there are so many different things you’ll want to take into consideration this holiday season. Not only will you want to stay within your budget when it comes to money, but you will also want to make wise choices when it comes to your health. From eating a healthy diet this holiday season, to trying new foods, staying hydrated, not drinking too much alcohol, getting the exercise you need and more, you can not only set good goals and habits for your health, but you can turn what could be a disastrous holiday season into a healthy one instead. So, the next time to you’re tempted to skip out on walking the dog, you want another piece of pie or you want to pull an allnighter, be sure to think of your health first.




Koralee Bruno

by Desirae Desnomie

Koralee Bruno is a professional dancer originally from the Samson Cree Nation in Hobbema. The 19 –year old is pursuing her dance career far away from home - in Los Angeles, California. She was recently signed with the prestigious dance company McDonald Selznick Associates (MSA). Their chorography and dancers can be seen behind the likes of Britney Spears, Madonna and the late Michael Jackson.

They have sacrificed so much for me and my dancing. My Mom and Dad have gone above and beyond to give my sister and I the life they never had growing up.

hop, jazz funk and contemporary are my favourites! Jazz funk just comes so natural to me, I love it. As for contemporary, I love it because of the emotion behind the movement. Whenever I’m feeling Professionally: My dance teachers a certain way about anything, from the very beginning, Andy & contemporary allows me to release Tina Sjwed from Andy & Tina’s those feelings into art. Dance FX. in Wetaskiwin. They have introduced me to what is Do you have a signature style? now my career. They genuinely give so much knowledge, love My signature style is definitely and encouragement. I will forever jazz-funk! give thanks to the both of them for pushing me every day. What do you do to train?

Along with continuing her formal dance training, Koralee Where do you draw strength has also landed modeling and and motivation from? acting gigs in Los Angeles. There are so many things that I had the chance to catch up motivate me, to start with, my with Koralee and ask her a few parents and the rest of my family. questions… My roots, my community, and just the mere thought of all that I want Who do you look up to as a to accomplish in my life. role-model both personally and professionally? Also, whenever I take dance class or watch a dance piece that just My parents! They have gone puts me in ‘awe’ it always makes through the unimaginable together me feel so alive and just continues and have shown such strength in to keep the drive inside going. the weakest times of their lives. The week after I was born my What kind of dance do you mom was back in school while prefer and why? my dad sat outside her classes and waited for her to come out to feed I’ve trained in ballet, tap, jazz, me. If anyone knows my parents— jazz funk, lyrical, contemporary, this would not come as a surprise. pointe, musical theatre, and hip

I take a bunch of different dance classes weekly to help me train. When I’m not dancing, I like to get a good workout in at the gym and to go hiking with my roommate. A few other things I’ve tried are kick boxing which is a killer workout and hot yoga. As a dancer have you faced a lot of adversity? If so how did you handle it? Absolutely! The entertainment industry is full of rejection, they say for every 100 “no’s” there is 1 yes, and it’s true. You need to have some tough skin in this business if you want to be successful. Being cut or said no to isn’t something I need to handle because I know it’s just how it works here. The most NEW TRIBE DEC/JAN 2011/12


COMMUNITY successful auditions I’ve gone to are the ones where I gave my all, got cut, and walked out feeling like million bucks. You need to give your all in an audition and be ok with getting cut. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough it just means you’re not what they’re looking for right now. What would be your dream job? My dream job is to have a lead role in dance feature film and to tour with Rihanna What kind of music do you like? I listen to almost all genres’ but I’m a big country fan! Sometimes I feel like the only person in L.A who drives around with the windows down with Strait playing. What advice would you give to someone who is pursuing a life in the dance world? Let me first say this—I’m still starting out in this industry and I’m trying to find my way. But what I can share thus far is to just embrace every bit of who you are and what you have to give. It can become your deadliest weapon. Q: Best piece of advice you’ve been given? My mother is a woman of wise words. She has genuinely given me so much inspirational advice “Be thankful for those who have gone before you. Seeing one of our own doing something that we sometimes dream of, makes it possible”



What do you miss most about home? How often do you get back? Family dinners! I love when my grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins all came together for different occasions, big or small. There is always so much laughter & craziness at our dinners. I try to go back (home) every 2 months or so for a little break. I never want to lose touch with home. Dancing isn’t the only thing you have been up to over there in L.A, Tell us a little more about your acting and modeling career. Acting is still a new found love of mine. I’ve recently started to pursue it more seriously. This past August I booked a lead role in a pilot which was my first acting gig on film. To me this was huge! I’ve also shot a commercial for a baby product which was a lot of fun. I’m signed with an agency for dancing, acting and modeling. What’s in store for Koralee in the future? What can our readers look forward to? My ultimate dream would be to have a family of my own one day! Some of my other future goals would be finishing my personal fitness diploma, do a mission trip, take up singing, open a drop-in dance studio in Edmonton, experience the industry in NYC, excel my clothing business and to create a program that offers First Nations youth the tools, love and support they need

to get their dreams off the ground. What I hope would set mine apart from others is the fact that I’m young and haven’t had a career highlight to date. I’m still chasing after my dreams myself and I hope that doing this, I was viewed as a leader hand in hand with others rather than being a leader with many followers. Oh yeah, and I want to open a cupcake shop. Just for fun... 3 things you can’t live without? Boots, leggings and laughing! If anyone knows me, they know that I hate jeans, I love wearing boots and that I laugh at almost anything. Favorite junk food? Root beer, sweet potato fries and pizza. Last good book you read? “Playing with Fire” by Theoren Fleury. Amazing book! Your favorite thing to do on a day off? Stay in my PJ’s all day and watch movies! Your go to song on your iPod/ playlist? Right now it’s ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna. If you could have one super power what would it be? Teleporting because I hate LA traffic!! Thanks Koralee, and all the best in the future.


Where Angels Dwell by Rene Drake In your spirit the Creator put a very special key, Your inner spirit knows this well, For it opens the Gate’s to the Holy City, The heavenly place where the angels dwell. The Creators words are indeed worth believing, For your living soul longs to reach this Heavenly place, And to return once again to these celestial beings, To once again see the Creators face. Since your birth your soul has always looked towards Going home to the power of the Creators Trinity, And so your life strives forward, In oneness and purity. Follow life’s narrow path remembering to keep the faith, Allow your soul to boast about the Creator’s unity, So that when death comes to take your body away You may put on the wings of immortality. So hold yourself in ethical conduct, As you go through life which is the Creators gift to you, Listen to the Creators voice follow as he instructs, So when you reach Heaven’s gate you may go through. Within your soul the Creator implanted a special key, And gave you the breath of his life to your earthly shell, So that one day when your life ends you may return his charity, And return your soul back to the very place where angels dwell.



TRIBE Talent

INTRODUCING SHELDON HARDING by Chelsie Dowler While sitting in the copier room of the Chinook Lodge Aboriginal Resource Centre, a 6-foot tall, medium-set man with big brown eyes speaks of his aspirations. “I live life like I could be underground next week.” Sheldon Harding, a 31-year-old Beaver Clan native, questions what people would say about him and what his legacy would be. Sheldon’s mother, Beatrice, moved off the Doig River Settlement, about 30 kilometers northwest of Fort St. John, B.C., at the age of 18. One year after moving off the reserve, her first son of two, Sheldon, was born. Growing up on a farm, not far from the settlement Beatrice moved from, gave Sheldon opportunities that a lot of his family didn’t get. Raising cattle, horses, chickens, pigs, and sheep kept him busy helping with chores. Ò At 10 years-old I was chopping wood so I could make a fire and make my parents coffee before they woke up, That’s why I don’t drink coffee now,” chuckled Sheldon as he took a drink of his Monster energy drink. When Sheldon was 22, he left home and lived in a workers’ camp while he was employed as a foreman for a seismic crew. After 100 days straight, Sheldon paid for two of his cousins and his brother to fly to Calgary to see what life was like off the reserve. Sheldon’s cousins and brother left Calgary, but Sheldon stayed to live. Living in Calgary was the start to the rest of Sheldon’s life. Today, he owns a large home with his wife, Leigha Parsons, and mother of their two young children. The couple has similar goals of helping people. Together they want to foster native children. Ò We want kids to come in and experience what a good home is like. “If we could help these children and bring them up half as good as I was brought up I would be proud.” Sheldon was raised to respect mankind and



help others to the best of his ability without expecting pay. Ò We raised our kids like they did in the old days,” explains Sheldon’s mother, Beatrice. “If your neighbour needs help, you help them. “Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but most times it does.” Fostering native children is one of the ways Sheldon plans on helping people. Although he has a house, a family, a business and more than enough skills to make a great living, he is in school at SAIT Polytechnic, working toward a Bachelor of Science and a diploma in construction and project management. With letters behind his name, Sheldon wants to help bring self-sustainability to the First Nations People. He will try to work as a liaison for his relatives from the Doig Reserve, and wants to find a way to help others by teaching them the ways of becoming self-sustainable. Sheldon’s great grandfather and grandfather from his mother’s side were chief of the Doig reserve at one point, and her brother has been chief for 22 years. “Sheldon’s always a leader and makes a march,” said Beatrice. In fact, leadership runs in the family. Among the relatives from Sheldon’s father, Joe’s, side were: The 29th President of the United States, Warren Harding, the first to invent aircraft controls that made fixed-wing powered flight possible, the Wright brothers and one of the men who fought and helped put through the religious liberty laws in the United States, Sir Roger Williams. When Sheldon was a teenager he told his parents about a deer he saw in the front yard. Hunter that he is, Joe shot the deer and butchered it, which opened Sheldon’s eyes to the fact that he was never going to tell his family about animals he saw any more. Sheldon’s parents remember a time when Sheldon set a mouse free that they had caught in a trap.

“He’s never been a hunter. He hunts in Mom’s freezer or in Safeway,” jokes Joe. He’s not a hunter, but he does a lot with his hands. Sheldon and his younger brother got experience in road construction when they were young because Joe was a road builder. In 2004, at only 24, Sheldon and his brother started S-S Contracting – a road building and maintenance company. Because the business is only busy about two to three months a year, Sheldon would come back to Calgary and do general construction jobs like renovations, dry walling and landscaping. “I’m a jack of all trades and master of none. “That’s what my dad was, so that’s what me and my brother are.” The Doig River First Nation has a population of 250. There are people with job skills and people without. Sheldon wants to help First Nations people in a way that will make them more self-sustainable, so they can take advantage of the oil and gas industry that surrounds them. “Instead of being paid off to do work on their land, they can make deals that will benefit the people by providing them a living,” says Sheldon. His generosity and willingness to help anybody stands out to his wife. When the couple met, Sheldon’s politeness and great manners grabbed her attention. “He’s got a good attitude and he’s a good friend and father.”





University of Calgary Academic Writing Class Teacher: Laura Swart Graduation by Richard Sparvier I arrived at school, all my peers ahead piled into the building with their fancy curled locks and gelled hair wearing the graduation gowns representing our school colors; a blue gown complimented with a red v-shaped ribbon hanging down the chest and upper back, ironed so no wrinkles would take away from each graduates fresh cut hair, and well groomed appearance. As I witnessed this sight before me I took my gown, slipped it overtop my white dress shirt and put the ribbon around my neck; only to find it as wrinkled and stringy like the condition I received it. With no time to drive home and iron it, I began to walk inside and stand in line for the opening ceremonies. I stood along the lockers in the hallway beside an acquaintance and examined the ribbon of the individual across from me. I knew something was wrong when a teacher walked by and gave me a look of annoyance and told me to take off my ribbon; while she changed my ribbon and scolded me about how we were reminded countless times to iron our ribbon the night before I peered over to my acquaintance and saw that his face was red with laughter. After the ribbon was changed, the hall echoed with stern instructions from the principal regarding how to enter the auditorium for the recognition ceremony. The speech given was ignored by students alike and we began our ascension into the auditorium. I entered the auditorium and an expression of astonishment slapped my face, fascinated by the crowd of three hundred. The auditorium was decorated with black streamers and a backdrop with every graduate’s picture above their head, dimly lit, with two spot lights concentrated at the front of the stage, where speakers were giving their last cheer to the class



of 2011. I sat in front of the crowd, first row with three rows of students behind me, gazing into the abyss of people for a glimpse of any of my family. As I was mesmerized in the vastness of the crowd I noticed everyone on the left and right of me stand and face east in anticipation of their name being called. I stood up and conformed into the single file line waiting for my name, still gazing into the crowd with an occasional beam of light blinding my eyes. I arrived at the front and heard my name over the loud speakers and began to step forward onto the stage to receive my letter of recognition. I walked toward the principal, shook his hand, received my letter and peered into the crowd once more; I took a look down at the people taking pictures and noticed the four most important people in my life standing before me: my grandmothers and parents, smiling with glowing faces and tears in their eyes – each of them taking pictures of this moment as they engaged in the celebration of my success. I walked off the stage and into the front and gave a thumb-up, winked eye and tongue out pose, the only expression I could think of doing for graduating high school. That day was one of the most important events in my life; it marked the ending of one story and the beginning of another. One day that I wish would’ve lasted a lifetime, which is now only a visual interpretation of something that was taken for granted. A time where every boy cleans up his image in order to look good for the girl he wants to wheel at the end of the night; and the time where every girl can feel like a princess, dressed in a long elegant gown with jewelry that could blind an oyster. A day highly anticipated by high school students alike.

The Room by Brittany McMaster The hospital room was cold, covered with bare walls, outside the cold February air ripped through material, pinching ones skin, rushing into each lung. The room was at the end of the long hospital hallways, the very corner of the structure with monstrous windows exposing the deadly southern Alberta winters. On the bed lay a woman, old and frail with a head of in grey hair, tired and worn out. Family crowed the waiting room just outside the door, not saying a word not even a whisper: the center of the family was leaving. A long life lived, coming to an end difficult to look back on and reflect in a positive manner. One becomes numb to the cold winter air outside, numb to their own feelings, and numb to the world for the time being. Losing someone is worse when their laying in front of you suffering, emotionless faces strain each member of a family. The pain is insurmountable, not seeing an end to the dark days at present. Inside you is a black hole filled with anger, and a lonely hurt that is indescribable. Surrounded by family in a crowded room, but still feeling so alone, crying becomes effortless oblivious to cheeks covered with tears. The room becomes a sanctuary, a passing through portal to the next life. The cold, bare, lifeless unfamiliar walls offer closure in the only way possible. An uninviting place filled with so much love and prayer turns into the place one longs to go back to for the vivid memories imprinted on each bare wall. The cold room becomes a lasting memory, owing a certain respect to such a sacred place seems silly to some, but for others it has become a place of peace knowing that there a life was lived, loved and lost.

COMMUNITY Jordan Alexander The day started as many others before it had: waking, showering and a large healthy breakfast of pancakes and crisp bacon. It was early in May and the morning sky was dark with low hanging black clouds, but there was no rain. The day’s task was clear; hundreds of cows were scheduled to be moved to the place where they spent every summer – a large pasture many miles to the north where the grass was tall and plentiful. The morning was spent alternating between phone calls and lip service to the task which I had been assigned: stand by the gate and make sure the cattle which were deemed unacceptable to travel weren’t allowed to pass. There were many horses being used to assist us, as they could move faster and more powerfully than any person, and all were unusually skittish. The horses were normally docile, but it seemed they could sense rain was coming and were eager to find shelter from the impending downpour. Many riders were thrown to the hard packed ground by horses that would not obey the commands given to them. All of the people present were on edge. We were wary of the horses and the cattle, which seemed to want to go anywhere but their expected destination. There was an uncomfortable feeling I didn’t know what I was doing. Something was different this day, and no person could pinpoint the exact nature of the difference. It was sensed by all present, including the animals. For many painstaking hours we struggled against unanticipated problems – cows running through fences, dogs chasing cattle the wrong way, and uncooperative horses. Though we thought we would fail, we slowly pressed forward, slowly chasing the herd of cattle north. All kept a wary eye on the black sky above us, though nobody spoke of it. The looks of consternation on every face showed all feared the chaos the rain would bring. We all knew cattle and horses would not behave predictably in the rain, and danger would exponentially increase once it began. There was no way to speed up the process, as cattle are stubborn creatures, refusing to move any faster than the slowest in the herd. With a great sigh of relief, we closed the gate on the northern pasture as the rain started. We had defied all odds, nobody had been injured and the job was done. The job was not finished. There were a handful of horses in a pasture far to the

west without shelter from the rain. While they probably would not suffer any adverse effects from the weather, it was decided they should be moved. We got into a truck and drove quietly in the rain to the west. We pulled the trailer, content in the knowledge that this was an easy assignment. It would be quickly completed with few if any problems. I envisioned the task, preparing myself so I could minimize the time we would spend in the rain. My partner would close the gate preventing escape and I would catch the dominant horse and lead her into the trailer. The others would follow, happy to get out of the rain. Then my partner would close the main door and I would slip out the side, leaving the horses secure for the trip east. The rain fell harder, and I switched the windshield wipers to high and turned the headlights on. The sky darkened even more, I felt uneasy. This was unusual weather for the area I grew up in. The unusual always sparked fear in the local populace. The prospect of too much rain was always feared, and there was more rain than had ever been experienced in this place. We arrived at the west pasture as the rain fell harder. Large puddles formed. We exited the truck. No words were necessary. We had done this many times before. We knew what part we needed to play. We knew complaining about the rain would not help, so we walked in silence to the horses, standing quietly huddled together beside a large pond. My partner moved to the gate with a quick deliberate gait, determined to close it before the horses could understand what was about to happen. My years of experience easily allowed me to determine the dominant horse. I moved slowly and deliberately towards her. She regarded me with what seemed to be general disinterest, more preoccupied with staying close to the other horses than paying attention to her natural instinct to flee. When I came to her side she made no move to step away. As I reached around her neck to attach the halter I was carrying, I noted this was going easier than I had anticipated. I knew I would soon be out of the rain and headed east. As my arm was firmly around her neck, her ears suddenly laid back, a sign that something was wrong. My heart jumped in my chest as I tried to guess what that might be and how it would affect me. Her muscles tensed and she lifted her head. Her powerful neck easily lifted me from the ground and

tossed me as easily as one might toss a child. I landed hard, behind the other horses, now alarmed by the sudden movement. It is the nature of horses; to flee from a perceived threat. As I struggled to rise to my feet, I was kicked in the back of the head and back. I was airborne. I landed the pond. I slowly pulled myself on to the wet grass. I felt the rain fall on me, noticing the dampness around, not noticing my partner stiffly standing in place where the horses once stood.

Dance Floor by Kirsten B. Mandes As I put on my hand sewn dress, zip up my leggings and pull my beaded cape over my head I think about the hundreds of hours that were put into making my regalia. From head to toe I feel ambushed with emotion- a sense of pride takes over and a invisible cloud of strength forms around me. I braid my hair, put on my beaded hair pieces, and as my mother secures the barrettes holding my eagle feathers a feeling of excitement arises from within my heart. The movement of the fringes on my cape represents the gentle swaying of the prairies, knowing the background of my dance and how it came about is an important part of being First Nation. When the drum starts to beat I feel an electrifying pulse, I begin to bounce in beat with the drum, and I pray. I represent emotion, health, sickness, prosperity, joy, sorrow, and pride all in the midst of a ceremonial song. I dance for those who can’t, for those who have the will but not a way, and for those who pray for others more than themselves. I feel like a flower blossoming at season’s change, confident and commanding attention, free from discrimination and racism; I let go of all negative thoughts. I dive into the core of who I was meant to be as a First Nations woman, authentic freedom is mine for the taking. The dance floor is sacred ground- a place of constant prayer and healing where one is pure and perfectly balanced in all aspects of life. Being a pow-wow dancer does not define you, although it plays a role in the lifestyle one choose’ to follow; dancing is poetry of arms and legs- what story will you tell?



COMMUNITY Hard Working Woman by Lacy Runner As a little girl I always remember my grandma helping a young single woman with two kids from time to time. A woman with strong will and dedication to her kids, going through hard time after hard time, to be at the very bottom, and all she could see is the glass being half full. Never having a doubt in her mind that things happen for a reason and teach one to try harder in life to succeed. She was one woman that has a heart of a lion and the touch of an angel. Every Tuesday and Thursday the young woman would drop her children off with my grandma. I was always happy, as I had kids to play with my own age while my parents were busy at work. Her nine year old daughter named Emma was very talkative and would tell me all the stories her mom read to her at night, how one day she would have her own horse, her own bedroom and bed to sleep in. Houston, the six year old, was shyer and secure as he was very protective of his mom would always be with my grandma. I remember their mom with long dark brown hair, always tied in a thick braid to keep her luscious locks together, with golden skin like honey and hazel eyes like a wolf, she was what reminded me of the cartoon Pocahontas. Every time she entered the room, the smell of lilacs and honeydew would fill the space. So sweet and mouthwatering, she was a humble woman with very traditional ways. She had the turquoise earrings that occupied her ears, so beautiful and content with life. Over the years as I grew older, my grandma told me she was hard working good woman, raising her two children on her own with no help. She pitied the young woman; she took in her kids when she could. She was going to school full time as well as working a full time job at the local supermarket with shifts scattered all over the sky like meteors. The tiredness that filled her face with the shifts or late nights of studying, would overcast the tired look with a stunning look of hope, that little sparkle in her smile that kept her going when times got tough. To never give up on the future she was providing for her children. Her strive was strong like the power of the Greek gods, to keep herself going, for the future she going to give her children. After my grandma told me about the woman that would always come by, she said she is now an accomplished CEO of a very successful business. She bought the dream house, the little toys she was able to now give her children with out a second thought. She is a perfect example of hard work, dedication, and success earned not



handed to her. The late nights I am tired or exhausted from raising a four year old n my own, I just think to myself, Ò if she can do it with two children, a full time job and school, I can do it too”. Thinking of her is what gets me through those late nights of studying and homework, knowing one day it will all pay off for my son and I

Initiation by Katerina Rain I stand still with my eyes closed listening to beat of my heart drowning out the people in the background, with a sudden weight over my shoulders, nervously waiting for what is to come next. Although I cannot see, the stands are full of spectators. Then it hits: I open my eyes and listen. One, two, three... the beat of the drum slowly begins to quicken with ever strike. You begin to hear them sing their song and that is when my feet begin to move. My fear is gone. It is my turn and I am alone but I do not let that stop me. The soft hide under my feet, the heavy weight of my dress over my shoulders and the heat of the sun on my head I continue to move. With every strike of the drum I continue to move my feet at the exact same pace. Moving forward with complete poise and praying to the creator for healing in my family and I continue to move. Then I hear the first down beat, I look up and while bringing my fan up to touch the sky, I look into the distance from left to right, searching for what could be anything. Now, I follow my fan where it may take me on the grass around me, until the beat begins to quicken again and I retire my fan back over my heart. I begin to feel more of the weight on my shoulders but I keep stepping to the beat of the drum. Creating new moves every hit and stepping to the beat on time. Last down beat, from the bottom of my mid section, I open my fan out the crowd, and raise it high and thank the creator for allowing me to share my dance with my people. Time to show the last of my moves: my dance. Every move is different but never planned. You hear the drum and you let your feet react in a way that describes you. You listen and you create your dance. This is truly when I can feel the complete synchronization of the beat of the drum and the beat of my heart. That is when I end my dance on time to the last beat of the drum with my fan still in the air and my feet landed together. I have shared my dance,

and told my story. Misadventure by Ronda Rabbit The afternoon sky was cotton-candy blue, the breeze was cool and light – perfect weather conditions for a long mission-like

walk alongside my two cousins, Jamie and Gordon. Snow formed in patches throughout the acres of my mother’s land, crunching and cracking beneath our feet, filling the silence between our conversations. As we neared the edge of the field, where my late auntie’s house stood before it burned, there is a watering hole for cattle, which the field housed during warmer seasons. To our surprise, there in front of us, about 500m, stood four forgotten cows quietly watching our approach. Their huge brown eyes seemed to boar into the back of my skull, hate seemed to emanate from them. They began to form a line, four cows wide, and started to inch their way toward us. My cousins and I stopped, looked at each other in uncertainty, silently questioning our next moves. Jamie took the lead by continuing forward along the path, Gordon and I bringing up the rear. As Jamie came to a stop again, so did the cattle. Our brown eyes searched their brown eyes looking for signs of peace but to no avail found none. They started trotting towards us, eyes locked on their targets, no one was to be spared. Gordon and I wasted no time, we instantly turned around and ran like we had never ran before. My heart pounded against my chest, threatening to leap out, my breaths were long and hard, my mind focused on my mosum’s house, a place of safety. My feet were too fast for my shoes, left behind in the trail of dirt, better them than me. Meanwhile, Jamie slowly backs away fromthe cows thinking we were still behind him and says, “Uhhh, Guys? I think we should start running now.” As he turns around he sees us already in flight and quickly joins us. The race of our lives has began. I look back behind me, it seems the cows have closed some of the distance between themselves and I, and when it seems my heart can beat no harder, it begins to pound louder in my ears. Sudden realization that my mosum’s house is too far, I make a quick 55¡ turn and mynew target becomes the Sundance road. A little hill comes between myself and the wild animals, I can breathe easier. Words of Encouragement from Jamie boost my energy and I finally reach safety, never have I felt so secure in my life. Gordon now remains the only one left in the field and be becomes their main focus. I fear the worst for him. We yell for him to abandon his intended target and run towards us, its his only chance. They begin to get closer and closer, the suspense is getting to me. Jamie tries to distract the cows until eventually Gordon reaches the road. 45 minutes of terror has come to an end. Relief courses through our veins, laughter ensues and we completely abandon the job we were set out to do. Nothing is worth being trampled by cows.


White Buffalo Catering charges into the catering scene By Katty Jo Rabbit Debbie Anderson is a Blood Native woman armed with only a blender and a spatula that is waiting for her turn to shine in the culinary world, with a willingness to challenge herself, she is beginning her career path and baking up some good recipes along the way to help herself reach the top. She was able to take a break from slaving in the kitchen to speak with us, and give some insight into her current business venture. Ò I am the proud grandmother of a two year old granddaughter, I have three children, Tatiana, Rory, and Jayden, my parents are Alma Spearchief and Martin Scout. I was born and raised in Standoff, and through the years have lived in Lethbridge, and Calgary…” When asked where she got her inspiration to start her own catering business she had this to say; “ It all started with an easy bake oven, I started with cookies, and made brownies, cakes and other things like that, my family really liked it. I can remember pretending when I was young that I had my own cooking TV show, I would put out all the ingredients and make cakes. This motivated me to try new recipes, when I got older, I began making lasagna, and cabbage rolls, taking a cooking class in high school also inspired me. I really liked to challenge myself with complicated recipes, I am basically a self taught cook, and am addicted to the Food Network.” Some of the obstacles now that Debbie is facing is getting her business off the ground, with a few minor setbacks such as business protocol, licensing, and not knowing where to start with her busi-

ness research; Debbie is facing each new challenge with a determined and strategic plan. Ò There are no real how to guides to starting your own business, it would be helpful if there was a resource that said step one, get this permit, step two you need this , it has been pretty difficult trying to get all the information together, and knowing what step to take next. I wouldn’t know what to do if Kristal Roman from Business Links, and Norma Wolf Child hadn’t supported me and encouraged me to move forward, I am very grateful for their guidance.” Some other agencies that have had a hand in the success of White Buffalo Catering are: Aboriginal Business Corporation, Indian Business Corporation, and Blood Tribe Economic Development. Ò It was so exciting to work with these agencies, they would connect me to other organizations, and from there I would meet people who were very willing to help me figure out what I needed to do, Shawna Morning Bull was a great help, as with Aboriginal Opportunities Employment Centre, they have all provided referrals that have allowed me to keep moving forward.” With a newly purchased mobile food concession stand, Debbie’s next plans are to get out on the road and follow the festival and pow wow trails, you will find her in April at the pow wow in Regina.Where she hopes to be able to serve you a gourmet indian taco. Ò One of the things that makes me differ-

ent from the other catering and concession stands is that I don’t just have basic recipes, I want to start exposing the crowds to new menu items like pulled pork sandwiches, and deep friend pickles, whenever I try something new I always test it on my family, and if they like it I know the rest will.” With future endeavors like starting her own bakery on the reserve, and expanding her services to meet large event standards, White Buffalo Catering is just the beginning stages. “In the future I would love to have my own store front where I could hire aboriginal staff, it would be a bakery where cakes, cookies, breads, and my specialty white buffalo cookies would be available. With that we would have the catering service spring from there, and we would be able to cater large events and provide all the added extras like the linens, the tables; even a large tent would be great. For now though I want to focus on providing services to all of Southern Alberta.” If you or someone you know is hankering for something tasty, and is need of some catering services for their next event be sure to ‘Like’ White Buffalo Catering on Facebook, there you can make requests, find out more information on prices, and take a look at some of the menu items she has available. Before Debbie left to go back to the kitchen, she wanted to let anyone who has had a dream of owning a business know that; “ no matter what the dream never shelf it, ask questions, have confidence, and get used to hearing no, just don’t let it be the deciding factor to your own success.”




Turn up the Volume By Katty Jo Rabbit

Built Like Alaska In Troubled Times This is the third album for the Oakdale, California based band, and I have to admit I haven’t been a fan until now, only because I was sitting in the library and heard someone humming a really catchy tune. Not knowing what I was hearing, it became an earworm and I too could not stop humming the tune, so with the help of a Blackberry app. I was able to figure out that it was the song Antique Love. So to whoever that person was, thank you for allowing the universal energy to pass through you and touch me, no wait caress me, yes it was that awesome I felt caressed. Anyways, that caress didn’t last that long, after looking at the lyrics, and realizing the dismal undertones of the album name, I soon realize this isn’t really a motivator album, with it being the third album, makes you wonder what trouble times are for a band that has had some reasonable success. Either way, this album does what it can to cheer you up with its disguised musical happiness, but after a few listens I became complacent, bored, and really sick of the color grey. It shouldn’t be this way, and who ever John Henry is, he must be a pretty lame guy if his song sings Ò Should I hang it up, should I hang my hammer up?/IÕ ve seen the worst in men let the machines win.Ó Seriously life isn’t that bad, the world isn’t that bad, it could be a lot worse. If you’re feeling like this then there needs to be a release, which is why this album was more than likely created. I mean it took the band six whole years to come up with this so let’s just hope that the new year of music see’s more inspiration for this bands, unquestionably a band to watch out for.

Summer Camp Welcome to Condale For those of you who are fans of the 80’s scene, this album will take you back, as for entertaining new takes on an old scene there isn’t much to be said. Oh and by the way Condale is not even an actual place, believe me, if Google maps can‘t find it then it doesn’t exist. Don’t ask me why I was trying to find this place. Which leads to the question, why would you create a place that no one knows of and go as far as making an album dedicated to the happenings of this wonderful place? Well to escape of course, and for some of you if music is your escape then you will know what I am talking about when I say I did go somewhere else for brief moment, but it wasn’t as fun as I thought, it brought me back to my own 80’s experience. Side pony tails, and braces, a thousand rubber bracelets, and a multi coloured fanny pack, ugh, shudder, not my idea of escape. Though some of the stellar standouts, that made me think I was cool back in the day are: Better off without you, Down, I want you, and Nobody knows you. Overall this is definitely one of those times where you have to taste test for yourself, first listen I wasn’t extremely excited but after checking out their website, listening to the album while playing snakes and ladders, and twister, and revisiting the past, it made me realize that things will never stay the same and they shouldn’t.




Music You Can Feel In Your Toes Justin Beiber Under the Mistletoe Who knew Christmas could be so sexy! Is it just me or has the Beibs turned into a slightly deeper voiced dude? There was something a little different about this album and I think I just figured it out. His voice has changed which is good, because when your singing next to Mariah Carey you don’t want to be singing in the same octave as she is, with some other artist contributing like Usher, and the band Perry, Beiber has actually been able to make Chirstmas music cool, somewhat. Something that boy band NSYNC couldn’t do, is remain original and cheesy at the same time. I say that with endearment, as his version of “Little Drummer Boy” is actually quite amusing, I imagine him singing it outside with his full leather white and red suit on, the same one he wore to the American Music Awards. I think instead of giving your mate a lump of coal for being a horrible friend, you should give them the gift of music from this little teeny bobber, turned “ I wanna dance like Usher” pop star! To be honest, there was actually a few songs that were cool renditions of old school Christmas anthems but to be brutally honest I will not admit or endorse the support of said individual. What I will do, is encourage you to have the spirit of Christmas and be forgiving to all of the main stream pop stars who try to do their best to be everything to everyone.

She & Him A Very Special Christmas If you have ever seen the movie Elf with Zooey Deschanel you have already been somewhat introduced to the She half of this duet, the other half is M.Ward who has been connected to another band such as My Morning Jacket. This should give them some indie street cred, as this album isn’t what I expected. So I want to first point out that if you are looking for an original Christmas album that is not laced in over the top tacky spirit of Christmas wonderment, you won’t find it here. There are no real original songs, which is somewhat of a disappointment seeing as both part of this band are well equipped to write and compose their own stuff. There is also the question of the release date, as it was released in October, someone was a little too excited for this year’s festive season. That or they just wanted to make sure everyone had their album to start off the holidays. What we do have is an original take on well known selections, there is something for everyone, which is good for those of you who have an older uncle who lives in wranglers, and tall pointed cowboy boots. I know you have one, the old uncle who is set in his ways, sits in the corner waiting for Christmas dinner to be served all the while those shin high pointed boots glistening in the twinkling lights will tap to the twang in Sleigh ride.The great thing about this album is that you get what you expect from Dechanel sultry voice; the jazzier songs on this album are really kinda catchy, the different tempo’s and switch up’s of the male and female roles in the songs, all make for a warm and fuzzy moment where you actually feel touched by the spirit of chirstmas. Then you realize it’s still October and distribution ain’t until the 14th so you can’t even buy Christmas presents until then. NEW TRIBE DEC/JAN 2011/12



See You at the Movies starring Logan Lerman, Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz and Milla Jovovich The Three Musketeers 3d is about the three musketeers that are going to reunite with each other and take on a double agent and her employees from taking over the French throne. If they were to take over the French throne then there would be a Europe war and this is what they are trying to prevent. This film has received a 6 out of 10 from customer reviews. The 3d version makes it more exciting and makes you feel that you are right there in the action. This movie still has a lot of mixed reviews from very good to not so good.

Three Musketeers 3d

If you enjoy the three musketeers and movies that are focused in history then this is a film that you need to go watch. This film has a lot of ups and down parts during it. Most people don’t like that this is about defeating a beautiful double agent and this is where the story line starts and its hard for them to accomplish because of her beauty. This movie is rated PG-13 for its action violence that is focused on in the film. If you enjoy movies that focus on heroes saving the day then this film is for you to go enjoy.

starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Ulrich Thomsen. The Thing is a horror film that is about a paleontologist that discovers a frozen ship with dead organisms on it. They assume that they have passed away a long time ago when the wreck happened. Little do they know that these organisms will wake up soon when they do an experiement that frees them and they must begin killing them off before something terrible happens. This movie have recieved a two out of five stars from customers. The problem with this movie is that it is to fake and does not do a good deal at trying to make it a real life horror film.

The Thing


The film is known because of The Thing that was filmed in the 1980s and this one doesnt do the film justice. If you enjoy thrilling movies that have a scientific feel to it then this film is the perfect one for you to go watch and enjoy. The film is rated R due to the strong violence and the disturbing images throughout the film. If you enjoy all thriller movies that focus on the horror or if you have watched the 1982 version of this film and enjoyed it, then you must see this one.


TA LENT Grandfather I call upon you from the depth of my soul I need your support to regain control Everyday I deal with this hate Your strength can lift this weight First I must let go and carry on I have lived this way for far too long Let us not judge the man on the right He may be the one who carries the light We are all related and must unite For the first time ever I can finally see I can be the man you want me to be With all my misfortune I will spread your word I will be free and you will be heard A poem by Patrick DePerry




Book Reviews For the restless mind Cornered by Ron McLean McLean’s new book, Cornered, is an insiders look at radio and sports. For over 25 years McLean was the regular Saturday night sportscaster providing witty, eye-brow raising Hockey commentary based on a veritable encyclopedic volume of knowledge. The host of one of Canada’s most popular weekly programs, McLean interviews, waxes eloquent, provides substance and delivers pure entertainment. Cornered provides insider accounts, eye witness reports, hilarious commentary and scenes and an entertaining delivery of the quarter-century of first-hand sports milestones he has witnessed. Beginning in his early days in Red Deer, Alberta as an up-and-coming part-time news caster and weather forecaster, McLean moves the reader through his life of humorous perspectives and wise evaluation. Host to both Hockey Night in Canada-to the Olympics, McLean has enjoyed the respect and admiration of Canadians by providing his talent for catching details to the delivery of what we all know simply as “a great story.” For the Hockey lover anywhere, this book will inform, delight, evoke hilarity and deliver quality from the first paragraph to the last word. A rare treat for such a king of commentary, Cornered is the book for your favorite Hockey fan this year.

The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Phantom by L Smith This book is surrounded by controversy since it’s author, L. Smith, was removed from authoring the rest of her Vampire Diary series by the book publishing company due to a legal clause. Loyal fans are boycotting this unfortunate event, and all subsequent books in this series, including Phantom, are not actually authored by L Smith. In the continuing saga of Elena, Damon and Stefan, however, the story continues. As the echoing background of this thriller suggests, the past is never far. In Phantom, Fell’s Church and town is saved from the dark spirits working to destroy it. In the process, Damon Salvatore dies. This price was devastating and changed everything for the heroes. This also means that Elena and Stefan can be together at last. Unbeknownst to them, a new darkness is brewing within Fell’s Church. Elena also can’t seem to stop dreaming of Damon, and her feelings for him are growing as a result. Although it seems clear Elena has already been to hell, and even returned--this new darkness is bigger than anything she has ever encountered. Apparently it’s only goal is to destroy Elena and everyone she loves most.




Book Reviews For the restless mind The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade Set in 19th century London, this is a story of secret organizations, man-monsters kidnapping children from alleys and spies lurking around every corner. Perhaps not exactly historically accurate, but it is the delivery of a good thriller just the same. Young readers will identify with the plight of children, and the lonely need for saviors to come. The active, complex plot keeps the reader on edge and just a step behind the dastardly villain and the crafty, proactive hero. Recruited into a mysterious order called the Permanent Association, the young Modo discovers his ability to transform himself from a hideous hunchback into the form of his will. This apparently is just the recipe for high-espionage. This tribute to historical precision mixed with the wildly imaginative is a great read for those who seek to escape the norms of modern-day reality. To make certain the fantasy doesn’t over-ride the believable, Slade works to create a technological realm that somehow seems plausible for the time and date in history that is represented. Positioned for sequels, this novel is highly entertaining, whimsical and will certainly remain popular among young readers who need that ever-so-tantalizing touch of darkness in their reading diet. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater Grace survives the attack on her by the yellow-eyed wolf pack she admires. She can’t help but feel drawn to the wolf that is always watching. Soon, she meets and of course falls in love with Sam and they must somehow discover a way to be together before the chill and freeze of winter set in. Their relationship is well intimated in a gorgeous single scene when Sam meets Grace in a bookstore; so close--and yet so far. A plot augmented by a lovely simplicity, this is a romantic fantasy all the way. It causes the reader to become compelled into the following novel by its sheer evolution of great storytelling. The characters are strong and independently compelling. Despite the clean simplicity of the romantic plot, the dimensions covered with the character development cannot be underestimated. Even though Grace and Sam are leading characters, no one can escape the charms of Olivia. Enjoy the crisp crunch of snow underfoot deep in the glistening, icy woods and you will discover just how tantalizing the transportation is into the lives and scenes in the character’s of “Shiver.”












USAY wishes to thank everyone involved in the play “NDN Interrupted” for making it such a success.

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