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8 - The Newtown Bee Official Guide To Newtown & Phone Directory 2016


Five Star Rated Five Years in a Row

River Glen

Health Care Center

(continued from page 7) Cultural Arts Commission Laura Lerman (D) (chairman), Robert Kaiser (D), Donna Mangiafico (R), Donna Monteleone (I), Robert Rabinowitz (U), Jennifer Rogers (R), Andrea Spencer, (D), John Conk (D). The Newtown Cultural Arts Commission members shall stimulate, facilitate, coordinate, and cooperate with existing organizations for the development of the arts. It shall serve as an information center and focal point in the community for activities in the arts. Conducts annual Cultural Arts Fair. Cyrenius H. Booth library Board of trustees Robert Geckle (President), Michelle Rosenthal (Vice President), William McCarthy (Treasurer), Donna Rahtelli (Secretary), Geri Carley, Tom D’Agostino, Laura Goldstein, Colleen Honan, Raymond Irrera, Matthew F. Mihalcik, Walter Motyka, Mark Principi, Anne Rothstein, Julia Starkweather, Michael Talluto, William Lavery, Emeritus, Mary Thomas, Emeritus. Positions open. Eighteen-member board, six appointed by First Selectman. Unsalaried. design Review Board Phil Clark (R), Donald Perry Strait (D), Jennifer Decanio, (D). Alternates: Peter Ortali (D), Gus Palmieri (R). Term: Two members for two years, third member for one year (open). Powers and duties: Review proposed commercial developments within the Town of Newtown in designated design districts that are adopted by Newtown Planning and Zoning Commission, serve as an advisory board to the Newtown Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z); assist property owners, design professionals, and others to understand the specific elements of site design and building appearances that are desired within the various design districts located within town as designated by Newtown P&Z; and recommend design guidelines to the P&Z for each design district. Consists of three volunteer members, appointed by first selectman (and approved by Board of Selectmen), each of whom has expertise and knowledge in one or more of the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and urban planning. Appointed.

A 5-Star Rated Facility

Economic development Commission Al Roznicki (R), Paul Fadus (U), Michael Boyle (U), Matthew Mihalcik (R), Robert Rau (R), Wes Thompson (R). Term: Three years. Powers and duties: Guides and promotes economic development; prepares strategic plan of economic development. Appointed. Unsalaried. fairfield Hills Authority Thomas Connors (U) (chairman), James Bernardi (R), Phil Clark (R), Renata Adler (R), Ross Carley (D), Andrew Willie (R), Terry Sagedy (U), Curt Verdi (R). Duties: To implement the master plan for development of Fairfield Hills Campus adopted by the Newtown Planning and Zoning Commission on March 17, 2005, effective March 28, 2005. A master plan review committee completed its work in 2011, presenting its recommendations to the Board of Selectmen. Appointed. Unsalaried.

162 South Britain Road, Southbury CT

(203) 264-9600

Hattertown Historic district Commission Michelle Rosenthal (D), Michael Kelley (U), Joan Peterson (D) Christopher J. Layda (D). Alternates: Bruce Degen (D) (chairman), Christine A. Degen (R), Evelyn Watts (R), Joel Malin (R). Term: Five years. To promote and preserve buildings and places of interest in the Hattertown District. Appointed. Unsalaried. (continued on page 12)

Guide To Newtown 2016  

Guide To Newtown 2016

Guide To Newtown 2016  

Guide To Newtown 2016