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The Newtown Bee Official Guide To Newtown & Phone Directory 2016 - 7

TOWN GOVERNMENT (continued from page 6) Board of managers Edmond town Hall James Juliano (D) (chairman), Mary Fellows (D), Margot S. Hall (R), Anna Wiedemann (D), Marie D. Smith (R), Jennifer Chaudhary (R). Term: Six years. Powers and duties: Charged with the management, supervision, and maintenance of Edmond Town Hall. Elected. Unsalaried. Planning and Zoning Commission Robert A. Mulholland (R) (chairman), Jim Swift (D), Don Mitchell (D), Frank Corigliano (R), Corinne Cox (D). Term: Four years. Powers and duties: Interprets the town’s plan of development and creates and implements regulations governing land use. Alternates: Roy Meadows (R), Barbara Manville (D), Fred Taylor (R). Term: Two years. Elected. Unsalaried. Justices of the Peace Joanne Albanesi (R), Mitchell Bolinsky (R), Matthew Bracksieck (D), William A. Brimmer, Jr (R), Jan Lee Brookes (D), Robin Buchanan (R), Gregory J. Bunger (U), Ross Carley (D), LeReine Frampton (D), J. David Goldin (U), Cheryl M. Johnson (U), Marianne C. Malkin (U), Barbara O’Connor (R), Evan Pitkoff (U), Deborah O. Stiewing (D). Term: Four years. Powers and duties: Empowered to perform marriages and witness legal documents. Elected. Unsalaried. Zoning Board of Appeals Charles E. Annett III (R) (chairman), Ross P. Carley (D), Alan J. Clavette (D), Timothy J. Cronin (R) Barbara O’Connor (R). Term: Four years. Alternates: Jane Sharpe (R), Joseph Bojnowski (D), Stephen Singlak (R). Term: Two years. Powers and duties: Reviews


appeals for variances to zoning regulations and hears appeals on actions of the zoning enforcement officer. Elected. Unsalaried. APPOiNtEd AdmiNistRAtiVE OffiCEs Board of Ethics Suzanne Copp (R) (chairman), James Stringer (D), Linda Dixon (D), Jacqueline Villa (R), Parker Reardon (R), Joyce Murty (D). Alternate: Laurie Kilchevsky (R). Term: Four years. Powers and duties: Administers the Code of Ethics. Hears and rules on any allegations of code violations. Reports to and is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Unsalaried. Building Appeals Board Currently vacant. Commission On Aging Curt Symes (R) (chairman), Sheila Torres (D), Margaret Imbro (D), Anne Rothstein (D), John Boccuzzi, Sr (R), Anna Wiedemann (D), Ruby Ryles, (D), Barbara Bloom (R). Alternates: Lisa Krauss (D), Claire Theune (U). Term: Three years. Powers and duties: Reviews the needs of the elderly and oversees programs for seniors. Appointed. Unsalaried. Conservation Commission Mark Boland Sr (R), Karlyn Sturmer (U), James A. Ryan (D), Thomas A. Philbrick (R). Term: Four years. Powers and duties: Focus on natural resource protection; protect streams and water supplies; conserve wetlands areas; implement the 2004 Town Plan of Conservation and Development. Appointed. Unsalaried. (continued on page 8)

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Guide To Newtown 2016  

Guide To Newtown 2016

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