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20 - The Newtown Bee Official Guide To Newtown & Phone Directory 2016

BOROUGH OF NEWTOWN Warden James Gaston; 203-426-2500. Powers and duties: Chief elected officer of the borough and chairman of the Borough Board of Burgesses. Presides at all meetings of the electors of the borough. Elected. Salaried; $2,500. Board of Burgesses Joan Crick (senior burgess), Joseph M. Maher III (second senior burgess), Betsy Kenyon, Anthony Baiad, and William J. Lucas III, Chris Gardner. Powers and duties: Administrative body of the borough charged with the preparation of the budget and other administrative duties. Elected. Unsalaried. Borough Clerk Ann M. LoBosco; 203-426-0472. Powers and duties: Custodian of all borough records and keeper of the borough checkbook. Elected. Salaried; $4,500 Treasurer Paula Brinkman; 203-426-5698. Powers and duties: Pays out money from the borough treasury upon the written order of the clerk. Elected. Salaried; $4,000. Tax Assessor Jodie Enriquez; 203-426-1052. Powers and duties: Determines real estate and personal property values in the borough. Elected. Salaried; $2,250. Tax Collector Jodie Enriquez. Powers and duties: Collects rate bills prepared by the warden and the Board of Burgesses. Elected. Salaried; $4,200.

Building Inspector John Poeltl; 203-270-4260. Powers and duties: Works with town building inspector in operating borough building department. Salaried; $4,000. Engineer Ron Bolmer; 203-270-4270. Performs engineering services. Appointed. Salaried; $1,800. Zoning Officer Jean St Jean; 203-270-4276. Powers and duties: Enforces compliance with the borough zoning regulations. Appointed. Salaried; $5,000. Building Clerk Jean St Jean; 203-270-4276. Powers and duties: Responsible for administering and issuing building permits. Appointed. Salaried; $4,200. Conservation Official Robert Sibley; 203-270-4350. Powers and duties: Enforces Conservation Commission and inland wetlands regulations. Salaried; $1,000. Borough Historian Daniel Cruson; 203-426-6021. Duties: Maintains records of the history of the borough. Appointed. Unsalaried. Tree Warden Robert W. McCulloch; 203-617-7432. Powers and duties:

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Emergency Services 24/7 Danbury (203) 748-8055 Newtown (203) 426-5891

New Milford (860) 355-4137 Shelton (203) 380-0660

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Guide To Newtown 2016  

Guide To Newtown 2016

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