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12 - The Newtown Bee Official Guide To Newtown & Phone Directory 2016

TOWN GOVERNMENT (continued from page 8) inland Wetlands Commission Mary Curran (D) (chairman), Anne M. Peters (D), Kristen Hammar (R), Sharon W. Salling (U), Craig Ferris (U), Suzanne Guidera (R), John Davin (R). Term: Four years. Powers and duties: Address the protection of local wetlands and watercourses; review forest practices applications; serve as the town’s aquifer protections review agency; administer the state’s aquifer protection regulations. Appointed. Unsalaried. lake lillinonah Authority (Newtown members) Susan Bot (U), Cherie Sheridan (D), William Pelletreau (R). Term: Three years. The authority comprises residents from Newtown and other towns with Lake Lillinonah in their territorial limits. Powers and duties: Improve water quality in Lake Lillinonah and the Housatonic River system; promote safe boating through education and enforcement of the boating laws; develop onshore recreational facilities; water quality testing; operate a Marine Patrol Enforcement Unit; provide assistance to boating public as well as enforcing the boating laws. Appointed. Unsalaried. lake Zoar Authority (Newtown members) Ray Hoesten (U) (chairman), Gary Fillion (R), Robert Mouchantat (U). One position open. Term: Three years. The authority comprises residents from Newtown and other towns with Lake Zoar in their territorial limits and meets on a rotating basis in Newtown, Southbury, Oxford, and Monroe. Powers and duties: Control and abate algae and aquatic weeds in cooperation with the State Water Resources Commission; study water management and make recommendations to members’

towns; file applications for grants and reimbursements. Appointed. Unsalaried. Parks and Recreation Commission Ed Marks (D) (chairman), Patrick M. Barczak (R), Maureen Crick Owen (D), Tom DiNicola (R), Vincent Yanni, Jr (R), PJ Yochum (D), Warren Spencer (D). Term: Two years. Powers and duties: Manages and supervises all public parks and other areas set aside by the town for recreation uses. Oversees the town’s recreational program. Appointed. Unsalaried. Pension Committee Thomas M. Murtha (D) (chairman), Barbara J. Bloom (R), Mark W. Korotash (D), Richard Monckton (R), Joseph DiCandido (R), Charles Farfaglia (D), Patrick Burke (R). Powers and duties: Administers the town’s pension plan. Term: Two years. Appointed. Unsalaried. Public Building and site Commission Robert Mitchell (U) (chairman), Joseph Borst (R), Tom Catalina (R), Anthony M. D’Angelo (R), James Juliano (D), Roger Letso (I), Peter Samoskevich (R). Alternates: Rick Matschke (R), Thomas Hanlon, (U). Term: Four years. Powers and duties: Serves as advisory panel to the Board of Selectmen or the Board of Education at their request on public building projects and land acquisition planning. Appointed. Unsalaried. sustainable Energy Commission Kathleen Quinn (D) (chairman), Joseph Borst (R), Barbara Toomey (continued on page 13)

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Guide To Newtown 2016  

Guide To Newtown 2016

Guide To Newtown 2016  

Guide To Newtown 2016