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A Personalized Approach to Improving Physical Health, Mental Health, and Human Performance Stories of How Habit Change Impacts the Whole Person

Newtopia is a habit change provider focused on helping individuals achieve long-term improvements to their health by preventing, reversing, and slowing the progression of chronic disease. Each participant benefits from a one-size-fits-one approach that integrates the unique characteristics and needs of the whole person, thereby enriching mental health, resilience, and human performance. The Newtopia habit change experience: • Is designed around each person’s unique needs, personality, and preferences • Is enhanced by an Inspirator (health coach) who helps to set realistic goals that are achievable around participants nutrition, activity, and behavioral well-being • Personalizes the experience to the participant’s lifestyle and helps with motivation and accountability • Focus on being healthier, not just weight loss

In our Participants’ Words Brad

Like a lot of people, Brad wanted to lose a few pounds so that his clothes would fit better. He’s now lost 25 pounds and is more focused on his health than his appearance.


My favorite component is my Inspirator, Blanche. She has helped me make gradual changes to my diet over the course of a few months--changes that not only helped me lose weight but also have me more focused on my health and what I am actually putting into my body. She is focused on the same goal and she holds me accountable, which is exactly what I need to remain focused on my goal.

She [Blanche] also helped me learn that the scale is not an enemy; it is a tool to measure performance and nothing more. I spend more time on the food that I make and have learned a few cooking skills along the way focusing on making healthier meals. Taking pictures of the meals also gives me a reason to pay more attention to detail when I’m plating my food, which I’ve also enjoyed. I feel like when I started, I hoped to just lose that extra 10 pounds, but now I’ve changed my whole way of thinking about what types of foods I am eating.

I have also seen how small changes can really make a huge difference over time. I have recommended Newtopia to several co-workers. I started the Newtopia experience at the same time as several of my co-workers and all of us speak highly of not only the experience, but also each of our inspirators. We have all had discussions about who has the best. Thank you again for helping me change some lifelong bad eating habits and start eating healthy meals instead of garbage. I hit 176 yesterday and I haven’t seen that on a scale 20 years!

A Better Understanding of How Nutrition Leads to Healthy Weight Loss


Nelsie Nelsie wanted to lose weight, she met her goal and feels confident she has made sustainable changes.

I wanted to lose weight and develop healthful habits. I feel that I have achieved that goal with the help of my Inspirator. He has helped me learn about what my body needs.

I feel much more educated in my lifestyle choices. I learned how to be more aware about what I eat and to make it a lifestyle. I feel that I have achieved my goal. My favorite component was the fact that I learned about food and I will never see it the same way again. I am more conscious about what I eat. I am implementing everything I have learned every day, not only with myself but with the people that I love so all of us can be healthy together. I feel way better, my knees don’t hurt. I lost weight. I feel beautiful. I can wear things that I couldn’t wear before. I love the positive compliments from people.

I love how I have more energy. I am so proud of myself. 7

New Adjectives to Describe Me and My New Lifestyle 8

Amanda Amanda’s habit changes have improved her health, but also how she sees herself and how her daughter views her.

My Inspirator, Maddie, has been such a fantastic cheerleader and motivator. She is great about helping me think about challenging but achievable goals. Everything is different now. Exercise is a priority. Food choices are made consciously.

I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. When my daughter was writing down adjectives that described me, she used ACTIVE. This wouldn’t have been possible without Newtopia. I really feel like Newtopia has had a significant impact on my life. While I still have goals left to achieve, I am so thrilled with the progress I’ve made so far!


Accountability as the Linchpin for Weight Loss Shon Shon wanted insight on how to eat and exercise better due to his lifestyle and work travel requirements. He needed someone to encourage him to do the right things, focus on the successes, learn from his mistakes, and practice good habits every day. He got that and so much more.


My Inspirator, Jorge, was a good match for my personality type and we’ve had some great conversations. Ultimately, the way he’s handled my objections is why I’ve been successful, and I feel great! I like the regularly scheduled calls, training resources, and scale! I know when I get on the scale, Jorge is going to see my results and that will drive our discussion and I simply don’t want to disappoint him. It’s all about accountability, and for me that works! I make more calculated decisions about how I eat, what I eat, when, how much, and how I exercise, and the importance of daily discipline.

My annual wellness exam and bloodwork are exponentially better, and I have so much more energy! These things combined have improved my quality of life to the point that my attitude is more positive, my stress levels have come down (personally and professionally) and I enjoy being more active with my family. Going for a run with my wife is now enjoyable and I actually challenge my children to outdoor activities. We have so much fun together getting our heart rates up and being active! I feel I have also been a positive influence on my peers and other professional acquaintances that I interact and collaborate with.

All of these things just fuel my desire to continue to strive to stay focused and do better and better each and every day! 11

Hitting 2 Goals:

10% Weight Loss and Quitting Smoking 12

Kathleen Kathleen has gotten to know herself better through Newtopia. She better understands her strengths and her weaknesses and what she needs to focus on to stay on track. I wanted to be more accountable to eating healthy and I feel I’ve accomplished that. My favorite thing was the calls with my Inspirator—someone who was vested in getting me on track without judgment, just guidance and some great ideas. I am more diligent in my meal planning and getting the fruits and veggies in my diet and removing the junk food. I’m more conscious of portion control and have increased the amount of time that I am walking.

The first half of the year I actually reached my goal of 10% weight reduction. During this process I focused on bettering my health and preparing myself for something very big—I finally quit smoking! I am happy that by working with Newtopia I was able to accomplish a major feat! I would definitely recommend Newtopia. It’s kind of like the buddy system when you start going to the gym or working out. There’s someone to guide you and keep you on track, someone with the knowledge to help you set realistic goals and accomplish your goals. But like anything else, you have to work it yourself and be in that frame of mind that YOU CAN DO IT!


Increasing Productivity at Work by Improving

Health 14

Norma Norma worked in a high-paced, physically demanding environment. She needed to find ways to help her body keep up with the requirements of her job while still focusing on her health.

The lack of energy, reduction in reflexes, emotional impact, and psychological stress I carried with me daily as I did my job was consuming me. Newtopia helped me address these areas and align myself in a more productive mindset.

Thanks to Newtopia, I learned to keep myself on track with my day-to-day requirements and was able to regain most of the energy I was needing, not only for my employment, but my personal life as well. I would recommend Newtopia to others as a way to improve the standard of living as well as a guide for overall quality of life improvement.


Achieving Goals with

Steady Progress 16

Danielle At the beginning, Danielle hoped to gain a better understanding of nutrition and to have more energy. She also wanted to find a way to make weekly exercise work with her busy schedule.

I’ve been successful with my goals because of my Inspirator’s knowledge and insight. I’ve learned to pay attention to sodium. This was a pivotal part in my journey. I always paid attention to carbs, sugars, and protein. But when my Inspirator, Jordan, shared his tips to avoiding sodium and the reasons why... game changer!

Jordan has taught me to be gentle with myself. He’s taught me how to recognize the positive changes I have made and how much I’ve been able to overcome during this past year. About 7 years ago, I was so regimented with my marathon training that I lost my passion for it after I became injured. I put on weight because I couldn’t run. I’m grateful my Inspirator has shown me to be proud of my current progress and aim at training for a running race as a goal in the future. I like how he breaks my goals down because this makes it more achievable. I have recommended Newtopia to my co-workers. I’ve learned so much and I look forward to continuing in my goals.


Changing BMI Category and Improving Biometrics


Tanya Tanya wanted to improve her biometrics results. She has achieved that goal and so much more.

It’s pure amazing what Newtopia has done to improve my life! I feel amazing inside and out. I get asked daily what is my secret? What diet am I on? I was even asked if I’d gotten gastric bypass surgery. Within a year, I went from obese with numerous medical conditions—fast forward to today— I have NO medical conditions and I’ve lost 50 pounds. I look and feel amazing and I have so much energy. I get up and get out every day because exercise is now a daily routine!

I feel Newtopia saved my life as I’ve been obese my entire life and have YOYO dieted­—I’ve done every diet on the market. I went to my doctor last week and my biometrics are the best I have ever had. My Inspirator, Sarah, shared so many amazing tips, sent me weekly webinars to attend, sends powerful reading that makes all the difference. She assisted me in finding a healthy way of living that works for me, and not costing me any money. I’m truly blessed that my employer provides all of us with these amazing life changing opportunities!


Gaining Knowledge and Accountability


Michele Michele hoped that she would gain a better understanding of how to eat more nutritionally and how to get motivated to exercise more. Newtopia has helped her achieve both those goals.

I enjoy the check-ins I have with Ashley, my Inspirator, as I found myself taking more accountability for my own health. Ashley helped me understand what types of food affect my body in positive or negative ways. The Fitbit I received has really helped me as I can track the level and longevity of the activities I am doing daily. It has been a big part of getting me physically motivated.

It is not easy making changes in your life and I still struggle with finding the motivation some days to exercise or eat better. However, with the help of Ashley, I have a better understanding on healthier options and that sometimes you have to dig deep to get moving. 21

Motivation to Exchange Bad Habits for Good Susan Susan wanted to achieve better eating habits and weight loss. Newtopia helped her do just that.


I’m making sure I am eating more fruits, vegetables, good fats and, of course, portion control. I am more confident in my eating habits and life change. There is no pressure and if you are motivated like I am, it is an easy change to make your eating habits and life change for the better.

Both Danielle and Leslie have been great Inspirators. There is no judgment if you gain a little. They work with you where you are in your life and give you tools to always improve. They are encouraging and full of great knowledge. Newtopia works if you are motivated to change your bad habits for good. Thank you both for your encouragement and direction.


Avoiding Medication and Heart Disease Risk with Weight Loss

Nick Nick began to work with Newtopia when he had very high cholesterol levels and his doctor warned him that he would have to go on statins if I he didn’t change his diet and reduce his weight. Nick wanted to learn how to lose weight to lower his cholesterol levels and to maintain those improvements over the long term. Newtopia helped him achieve both the goals.

The best part is the Inspirators and their knowledge of habit change and how to apply it to each participant. I liked the way Ren helped me ease into the routine by asking me to upload the pictures of the food that I ate. She then advised me how to make certain changes that were easy. She also gave great tips to start physical activities that were easy to perform during busy workdays.

It has become a lifestyle for me. I feel healthier, my energy levels are higher, and I am making healthy food choices. I am also able to educate and inspire my family and friends to make a healthy lifestyle the norm. I have already recommended Newtopia to several colleagues who have also joined and are reaping benefits from it. 25

Health Improvement for the Whole Person


Shelli Shelli joined Newtopia to learn how to eat healthier and in the process, improved mental health too.

I wanted a better nutritious way of eating. I’m understanding the importance of eating certain foods and how they make me feel. Newtopia has helped me be much more aware of what I eat, why I eat those foods, and what I should eat to feel my best. Eating better has improved my mental well-being. My Inspirator, Hannah, is great. She’s amazingly attentive to what I say and she’s knowledgeable on what advice or guidance to give me. I’ve learned a great deal from her regarding nutrition and mental well-being, sleep awareness, energy levels, and many other topics. I’ve enjoyed my conversations with her and the guidance she has provided.

I would recommend Newtopia!


A Better Approach

Organizations have a vested interest in keeping employees as healthy as possible. The challenge is how to design a benefits program that not only helps employees afford the care they need but that also helps them lead healthier lives—both of which can help significantly lower costs. Newtopia can help. Newtopia is focused on preventing disease and lowering population risk by improving health to prevent, reverse, and slow the progression of chronic disease while enriching mental health, resilience and human performance. Newtopia’s platform leverages genetic, social, and behavioral insights to create individualized, personalized prevention experience with a focus on: • Type 2 diabetes

• Stroke

• Heart disease

• Weight

With a whole person approach to health improvement, Newtopia combines virtual care, digital tools, connected devices and actionable data science, with sustainable clinical and financial outcomes. Newtopia serves some of the largest nationwide employers and health plans.

Randomized Control Trial Demonstrates Impact

Aetna partnered with Newtopia to conduct a one-year randomized control trial focused on reducing its employees’ risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Eligible at-risk employees were offered an exclusive invitation to participate. Once enrolled, they completed a personal profile which gave us insight into their personality type, level of motivation, eating habits, activity level, and other social determinants of health. Participants were then personality matched with a Newtopia Inspirator (personal health coach) who worked with each participant to build confidence and develop new habits across nutrition, exercise, and behavioral well-being.


Participants were provided tools for success that included a genetic test, smart scale, activity tracker, access to Newtopia’s mobile app, and a measuring tape for waist circumference. The genetic test enabled Inspirators to further personalize lifestyle recommendations by understanding how certain genes impacted a person’s behavior and created challenges for achieving healthy lifestyle changes. Our mobile app gave participants access to their Inspirator, video lessons, goals, and a view of their progress from anywhere. It also helped to increase accountability and engagement between coaching sessions.

Randomized Control Trial Results


remained engaged for 12 months

*p-value <0.001


body weight loss by 76% or 10 lb*


first year reduction in medical costs compared to control**

**p-value <0.02

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