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Quiz: Are You Really Ready to Switch Applicant Tracking Software Solutions? Applicant tracking software is a polarizing subject. Many of us know (from experience) that you either love your ATS or you can’t stand it and want to get rid of it now. But we’re stuck, we use what our executives gave us, or we use what was passed down from the previous HR manager when she departed. Well, it’s 2011 and things are finally changing in the world of applicant tracking software. Forward-thinking vendors make switching between software smoother than ever. They provide ATS systems that are simple to install, easier to use, and they even make them affordable. They also give you fast, friendly, free support and they’ll even import your legacy data. The Main idea? You are no longer stuck being unhappy. We created this short quiz for you to see if it’s time to switch from your current ATS provider. This will help you tell if you’re being too hard on your current platform or if it really is time to ditch that zero and get with a hero. Simply jot down the number of times you answered “yes” to the questions and compare your results with the key below. 1. When you contact support, do you get a ticket number or multiple automated directions, rather than a real person to answer the phone and help resolve your problem? 2. Do you have to pay for training and support? 3. Did your current ATS require seemly extensive training to implement? 4. Do you feel like someone who has never been part of the recruiting process designed your ATS? 5. Do you constantly have to beg your hiring managers to use your ATS? 6. Do you wish you could see exactly what was happening in your jobs without having to run a report? 7. Do your recruiting metrics give you less than meaningful results or sometimes just leave you confused? 8. Do you dislike the careers page that your ATS provides as part of the system? 9. Do you want to fall in love with your ATS? 10. Do you give suggestions, comments and complaints to your ATS vendor but never see any improvement or change to the product as a result?

Now count the number of times you said “Yes”: 0-3 – Congratulations! You’re in pretty good shape, gold star for you. 4-7 – The first step is admitting your problem. You should start lobbying for a new platform. It’s time to get serious and see what else is out there. 8-10 – It’s time to blow this Popsicle stand! When is that contract up? You need to switch, now. Score over a 4? It’s okay. Stay calm and breathe. Just visit and they’ll set you free of your ATS worries.

Quiz: Are You Really Ready to Switch Applicant Tracking Software Solutions?