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spring 2017

notes lifetime learning’s Jessica Lipnack About five years ago, NCE’s Director, Ed Hauben, asked if I’d find speakers for NCE’s Lifetime Learning program. I met Eddie in 1970, at an event honouring the great design scientist, Bucky Fuller. Through that event, I also met Bucky, and ultimately scores of others over the years—interesting, outlandish, and serious people—whose appearances we sponsored here through Interface, the non-profit we founded in 1974. In the 1980s, my late husband Jeff Stamps and I published our first book, Networking. We contacted thousands of non-profit organizations working to make the world work for 100% of humanity. That book gave rise to a half-dozen others, and invitations to consult for organizations around the world, which led to meeting artists, scientists, educators, and do-gooders in many fields. Which meant that I met all kinds of fascinating people with thought-provoking ideas. So when Eddie said, “You know a lot of people,” I couldn’t deny it. I took on this twice-yearly speaker hunt, finding people dedicated to areas of inquiry that engage our inquisitive and well-informed audience. Since the Speaker Series started nearly 20 years ago, we’ve featured authors, scientists, artists, futurists, and other broad-ranging thinkers. Among those receiving high marks from our audience: Governor Dukakis, who spoke on the current state of health care; Congressman Barney Frank, who enlightened and entertained us; Boston school teacher Kandice Sumner, who dug into the roots of educational disparities in urban schools; and journalist Stephen Kurkjian, a member of the Globe’s Spotlight team, who took us into the investigation of the still-unsolved Gardner Museum art heist. With but an hour for presentations, questions, and answers, the time flies by.

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Meanwhile, what goes around… last year, Eddie presented at an event honoring Fuller’s World Game, and I joined the board of directors of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. If only we could invite Bucky Fuller himself to speak at Lifetime Learning! That would require some very special magic.

Reclaiming Conversation A Scientist Explores the Visual Arts

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art & photography

Watercolor Painting for Beginners Gary Tucker, Instructor Experience the joy of watercolor on paper. We’ll explore the fundamentals and surprises of painting with watercolors as well as the variety of techniques available to the watercolorist. Through instructor demonstrations and a series of painting exercises, you’ll develop your own style as you become more comfortable painting with this media. Classes will emphasize personal expression in a creative and relaxed environment. We’ll review artwork in class and engage in critiques. New and returning students welcome. Note: See online class listing for required materials. A $7 fee for still-life setups is payable to the instructor at the first class.

A176–P17 $245 8 Wednesdays @ Newton South 6–9pm April 5–May 31 No class April 19

Chinese Brush Painting Michelle Yu, Instructor Chinese brush painting originated in China thousands of years ago, earlier than the Chinese invention of paper. The Ancient Chinese painted with bamboo sheets, silk cloth, and rice paper. Today, artists are constantly adding to these time-tested techniques. Varying gradients of three items: paper, ink and a brush, generate designs in thousands of manners. Learn to paint peony, bamboo, lily and pine, birds, animals, and landscape mountains. Through instructor demonstration and in-class participation, you will also learn how to manipulate ink and watercolors in order to create wonderful visual effects and develop your own style and interpretation of this beautiful craft. All levels welcome. Note: See online class listing for required materials.

A137–P17 $158 6 Tuesdays @ Newton South 6:30 –8:30pm April 25–May 30


617 559-6999


Experimental Watercolor Workshop Jeanne Gugino, Instructor Break out of old habits and explore various new ways to use watercolors. We’ll experiment on a variety of papers including tissue paper, cardboard, and gouache, and delve into imaginative painting, using a combination of materials you may have on hand and those introduced by our instructor. You’ll work from traditional subject matter such as landscapes and still-lifes, learn spattering and pouring techniques, and we’ll experiment with salt and other finishes to broaden our palette. Expect to create textured art including collages, woven forms, and original paintings. Some watercolor experience is helpful. Note: Bring watercolors, board, tape, containers for water, and brushes to class, plus scissors and PVA glue. A $7 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of the first class.

A123–P17 $158 6 Mondays @ Newton South 6:30 –8:30pm April 24–June 5 No class May 29

Intro to Acrylic Painting Jack Neylan, Instructor Many artists enjoy working with acrylics for its advantages: it can be manipulated for various visual results, acrylics are water-based (instead of solvents, which are toxic), and they dry very fast—so it is easy to learn quickly! Explore art in this medium and learn how to paint with acrylics. We will cover essential foundation skills such as how to set up your palette, color mixing and theory, and composition. Class work will include a variety of painting projects including observational painting from still lifes, photographs, and portraits. Note: See online class listing for required materials.

A190–P17 $188 8 Thursdays @ Newton South 7–9pm April 6–June 1 No class April 20

Abstract Painting Paola Page, Instructor Find your inner abstract painter. Explore this style of art as you learn to paint with acrylics. Inspired by the styles of artists such as Kandinsky, Frankenthaler, Rothko and Noland, you’ll experiment with shape, texture, and color using brushes and palette knives. We’ll Interpret traditional subjects such as landscape, still life, and portrait, and also explore conceptual themes as well as your own independent ideas. New and returning students at all levels welcome. Note: Material list will be emailed. For questions email

A786–P17 $207 8 Wednesdays @ Newton North 6:30 –9pm April 5–May 31 No class April 19 New

The Abstract & Obscure Artist: Joe Stapleton Robert Solomon, Instructor Abstract expressionist painter, Joe Stapleton (1921-1994) was part of a scene in Postwar New York, that became the center of the art world, stealing that role from Paris. Yet, the New York School artists and its spawning of Abstract Expressionism, produced few successful painters—among them, Rothko, De Kooning, Kline, Pollock, Newman, Motherwell, and Reinhardt. But, according to some, there were about 300 AbEx-ers around during this time. Join an artist and art historian to take a closer look at the history of Abstract Expressionism through the intriguing life and work of one of these painters, Joe Stapleton, whose work and life permeated the New York abstract art scene during this period. We’ll look at Stapleton’s role in the development of community, and why his unseen drawing portfolio may have made a difference in the art world.

A158–P17 $15 Wednesday May 17 @ Newton South 7–8:30pm

art & photography

Impressionist Painting Zhanna Cantor, Instructor The Impressionist movement, which included artists such as Monet, Renoir, and Pissaro, developed in France during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The genre is characterized by the way artists render reflected light using small strokes of bold color. Students will receive individualized instruction to develop at their own pace. New and returning students welcome.

A104–P17 $189 7 Mondays @ Newton North 7–9pm April 24–June 12 No class May 29

Landscape Painting Zhanna Cantor, Instructor Learn to paint landscapes from imagination and photographs of nature using acrylics or oils. Improve your technique by learning about perspective, color mixing, and value. We’ll practice rendering trees, rocks, water, and other elements of nature. Supportive class critiques will be part of the process. New and returning students welcome. Note: See online class listing for required materials.

A107–P17 $199 8 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7–9pm April 5–May 31 No class April 19


Sculpting Paul Angiolillo, Instructor Learn sculpting basics and make original and engaging one-of-a-kind sculptures. Bring your own materials—wood, stones, found objects, curiosities in your attic—and design and assemble them into works of art. A set of old bowls might become a dramatic or whimsical sculpture for a living room or foyer; your discovered objects might turn into an eye-catching floor piece, wall relief, mobile, or even a garden sculpture. Our instructor will provide tools and other equipment, and demonstrate basic techniques for joining and mounting sculptures. Come prepared to be creative because anything is possible with sculpture! All levels are welcome. Note: Along with your own materials, you can bring any favorite tools or equipment, such as clippers, shears, a sanding block, or wire.

A159–P17 $105 3 Tuesdays @ Newton North 6:30 –9pm April 25–May 9

Intro to Marketing Your Art Jenn Sherr, Instructor Learn all the skills you need to market your own art, from getting accepted to juried exhibits, to building your confidence as you’re growing your art as a business. We’ll discuss serving the client, gallery, and needs of the marketplace, and we’ll focus on creating marketing plans and distribution structures as you set long term goals. Through class discussions, exercises, and worksheets, you’ll build a strong foundation to become a successful artist and businessperson. Note: This is a beginners class.

A678–P17 $49 2 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7:30 –9pm April 26–May 3

Take Better Pictures with your Digital Camera Steve McGrath, Instructor If you’re just getting to know your digital camera and its features, take this opportunity to learn from an expert. Learn how and when to use your camera’s special settings such as program and manual modes, aperture, and shutter priority. We’ll also discuss basic composition and how to best use light for different situations, such as shooting plants, people, extreme close-ups, and landscapes. Handouts provided. Note: Bring your fully-charged camera and one or two of your prints to share with the class.

A671–P17 $69 2 Wednesdays @ Newton North 6–8pm April 5–April 12

Digital Photography: Beyond Beginner Steve McGrath, Instructor Learn to operate your camera in semi-automatic and manual modes, and create sharp, high-quality images with the appropriate depth of field. We’ll discuss techniques like choosing the right combination of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO; using light in challenging situations to create interesting photos; and working with exposure compensation, light metering, and autofocus. We’ll also discuss how to best compose images for maximum artistic effect. The emphasis will be on outdoor photography; there will be plenty of opportunity to present your photography for group critique and analysis. Prerequisite: A beginner digital photography class or comparable experience. Note: Bring your fully-charged digital SLR camera with its manual.

A216–P17 $156 6 Wednesdays @ Newton North 6–8pm April 26–May 31


art & photography / business & career

Outdoor Photography Steve McGrath, Instructor Explore the basics of outdoor nature photography in this hands-on workshop. We’ll work on taking photos that shine and tell a story. Combining indoor and outdoor lectures, we’ll explore shooting techniques—use of angles, light, shadow, subject—and then use these skills in the field to produce photos that you love. Be prepared to do some extensive walking around. During our final classroom session, we’ll have a slideshow and review our work as a group. All levels welcome. Note: Bring your camera to class; the type of camera does not matter.

A143–P17 $69 2 Tuesdays @ Newton South 6–8pm May 16–May 23

Digital Photography with your Smartphone or Tablet Jason Rich, Instructor Learn to take professional-quality, eye-catching photos using the camera built into your smartphone or tablet. Get tips for taking better photos in any situation. Then, learn to edit, enhance, print, share, and organize your photos using your device, as well as third-party photography apps and services. This class is designed for amateur level, nontech-savvy people who want to take better photos using a mobile device.

A138–P17 $40 Thursday April 27 @ Newton North 7–9pm

Business & Career Start Your Own Online Business Jason Rich, Instructor Join the bestselling author of The Unofficial Guide to Starting A Business Online and Click Starts: Design and Launch Your eCommerce Business in a Week for an intro to what makes successful online business. Learn to sell virtually any product or service to a


617 559-6999

niche market using the Web and your own eCommerce website. While not a “get-richquick” scheme, an online business offers excellent part-time income potential, and the initial investment is minimal compared to the cost of launching a traditional business. Note: No programming knowledge is required.

B239–P17 $46 Wednesday May 31 @ Newton South 6:30 –9:30pm

Voice-Overs... Now is Your Time! Dan Levine, Instructor In what could be the one of most enlightening two hours you’ve ever spent, we’ll show you how you could actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, videos and more. You’ll learn about a unique, outside-of-the-box way to cash in on one of the most lucrative full or part-time careers out there. This is a business you can handle on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with practically no overhead. And now is the best time to make this happen as new companies are looking for new voices like never before!

B291–P17 $44 Monday May 1 @ Newton North 6:30 –8:30pm

Publish Your Book… Guaranteed! David Ewen, Instructor What’s the point of being a writer if nobody ever gets to read what you’ve written? Get a publishing professional’s inside perspective on how to publish your manuscript and get it onto bookstore shelves, ebook form, and in audiobook. You’ll learn everything you need to know, from designing your book and getting it reviewed, to online marketing, and to arranging your own promotional signing tours.

W132–P17 $49 Wednesday May 24 @ Newton North 6–9pm

Using YouTube for Business Jason Rich, Instructor YouTube videos are a valuable part of any company’s overall online marketing and advertising strategy. Learn various ways to use them to promote yourself, attract customers, sell products, enhance your customer service efforts, and cater to the wants and needs of your target audience. Discover strategies for producing low-cost, professional-quality videos that get attention, get useful tips for branding a YouTube channel, and learn how to develop and grow a following for your videos. We’ll cover the pitfalls to avoid, and you’ll learn why your videos do not have to go viral to be successful. This is a non-technical course for entrepreneurs and business people who want to enhance their marketing effort without spending a fortune.

B307–P17 $42 Wednesday April 26 @ Newton North 7–9pm

Grantwriting 101 Hillel Bromberg, Instructor You need funds for your nonprofit organization and foundations have money to give away. The link between them is called a “grant proposal,” and this lecture, taught by an experienced grant writer, provides a basic but complete tour of its parts and how to approach them. We’ll start with some broad concepts: what is a proposal, what are its elements, what is the writing process, and how best to use your team. Then we will get down to specifics, exploring each of the major sections of a typical proposal. We’ll also discuss other elements of the submission package like the letter of intent, budget, and supplementary materials. You’ll come away with ideas about how to approach funders via grant proposals, what makes a proposal readable and effective, what pitfalls to avoid, and what it takes to be noticed by foundations. There will be time at the end of the lecture for Q&A.

B310–P17 $34 Wednesday May 17 @ Newton North 7–8:30pm

computers & technology

Cloud Computing: What’s Up with That? John Walsh, Instructor

Computer & Software Tutoring John Walsh & Howard Loewinger, Tutors

It seems like we hear about “cloud computing” every day on the news and radio. With the Cloud, you can connect to your data and applications at any time, through any device that is connected to the Internet. But how can your data be secure if it’s not anywhere you can get your hands on it? Find out how it all works, what sites are reliable, and what to be aware of when using the Cloud. This is a lecture and demo-only class; you won’t actually be up in the Cloud!

Get one-on-one tutoring sessions to help you with whatever computer or software applications are trying your patients. Our instructors will meet with you in one of our computer labs to answer your particular questions about MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, and Powerpoint); communications (email, Facebook, Skype, and Twitter); how to simply organize your desktop; and more. Bring your laptop or use the computers in our lab. Sessions are two hours long and are scheduled in advance with the instructor. Upon registering, you’ll be asked whether you’re using a Macintosh or PC, and what you want help with. Bring your questions to make the best use of your time!

C297–P17 $42 Tuesday May 2 @ Newton North 6:30 –8:30pm

Getting the Most From Your iPhone Howard Loewinger, Instructor Did you know your iPhone can do virtually all the things your computer can do? Plus, of course, make calls. We’ll start with the basics: calling options and the different ways to touch the screen. Then we’ll talk about apps, how to get new ones, how to see what’s open, and how to delete ones you no longer use. We’ll go over settings and voice commands, and you’ll get tips and tricks for using that pesky keyboard. You’ll practice using the camera for still pictures and videos, and learn to sync your contacts, calendar, reminders and other data to your iPad and Mac. The focus is on iOS 9 but most topics apply to all versions of iOS and older iPhones. Bring your questions and iPhone!

C298–P17–1 $78 2 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7–9pm April 5–April 12 C298–P17–2 $78 2 Wednesdays @ NewTV Studios 10:30am–12:30pm June 7–June 14

Note: The price below is for a single two-hour session held at Newton North. These sessions are very flexible; additional sessions and days are available. House visits are possible for an extra fee.

C316–P17 $150 1 two–hour session Mondays–Thursdays @ Newton North By appointment only

Managing Photos on Apple Devices Howard Loewinger, Instructor If you’re like the rest of us, you have digital photos saved on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer but you don’t have a strategy for managing them. Learn how the iPhone and iPad organize photos for you and how you can organize photos for yourself and share them in a variety of ways. We’ll go over storage locations—whether on your device or in the “cloud” and we’ll look at the various editing tools. You’ll import photos onto a Mac and use the Photos app on that computer to see what further options are available including making books, calendars, cards, and ordering prints from Apple. Note: Bring your mobile device (iPhone or iPad), cables, and a MacBook if you have one. If you don’t, we may be able to arrange for a loaner; please inquire when you register.

C320–P17 $78 2 Wednesdays @ NewTV Studios 10:30am–12:30pm 10

617 559-6999


Instagram for Beginners: Get Your Hashtags Ready! John Walsh, Instructor Instagram appeared in 2010 and now has over 100 million users ranging from individuals who use it for fun, to local businesses and major corporations who use it for marketing. But why would you use this app and what would you use it for? Learn to create an account, follow others and gain followers, create hashtags, and post photos. Whether you’re an individual user, own a small business, or have a non-profit group you want to help out, you’ll get tips to get you started! Note: Before class, download Instagram onto your smartphone. Bring your phone and power cable to class.

C327–P17 $42 Tuesday May 9 @ Newton North 6:30 –8:30pm

Selling on eBay & Amazon Tracy Marks, Instructor Learn to buy and sell effectively on eBay, the world’s largest online auction. Our instructor, a former eBay Powerseller, will teach you about searching for and buying items, researching sold items and item prices, and bidding. The focus will be selling—how to create and submit listings and photos, determine auction timing, handle payments, deal with non-responsive buyers, maintain secure transactions, give feedback, and build your reputation as a reliable seller. Class will consist of lecture, demonstration, and discussion. Selling through Amazon Marketplace will also be covered. Note: Basic computer experience and Internet skills required.

C122–P17 $119 3 Thursdays @ Newton North 6:45–9:15pm May 17–May 31

crafts & needlework


Your Jewelry Revamped Bonnie Lerner, Instructor If you have broken necklaces, bracelets that are missing parts, or single earrings from a once-favorite pair, join us and turn those pieces into something new. With extra jewelry findings provided by the instructor, you’ll learn to remake your old or broken jewelry into a unique creation or design. Expect to leave class with original pieces you will love wearing once again! Note: A $10 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class.

N329–P17 $39 Wednesday April 26 @ Newton North 7–9pm

Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry Linda Linebaugh, Instructor Get ready to turn your inspirations into designs as you learn the basics of beading and create your own unique jewelry. We’ll review fundamentals including types of beads, stringing materials, clasps, and techniques for several closures. Then, you’ll fashion a necklace or bracelet with the materials you bring to class including, beads, beading wire, crimps and a clasp. In the second class, you’ll make earrings. We’ll review different earring patterns and you’ll style your own pair with earwires, headpins, and beads that you supply. A detailed supply list will be emailed to registered students. No experience necessary. Note: Bring materials and jewelry tools to class: Minimally Round Nose and Chain Nose pliers. Materials can be purchased at Michael’s on Needham Street.

N213–P17 $62 2 Thursdays @ Newton North 7–9pm May 4–May 11

Machine Sewing 101 Celeste Janey, Instructor

Quilting by Machine Susan Rae Downs, Instructor

The art of sewing is alive and well and you’re never too old—or too young—to learn. Come explore the fundamentals. There are different weights of threads for different effects, modern materials to make sewing upside down or right side up easy, and special tricks for winding a clean bobbin. We’ll review the purposes of various needles and the different types of stitches you can make with them. You’ll learn the basic features of your machine and we’ll demonstrate how to clean it for optimal use. With instructor guidance, you’ll cut and stitch fabrics to create a reversible pillowcase, and develop the confidence to take on more complex sewing projects. Open to all beginners.

Quilting by machine allows you to show off beautiful patterns and intricate compositions much faster than sewing by hand. With instructor guidance and in-class exercises, you’ll learn to sew traditional block patterns as well as modern simplistic designs. You’ll also get tips on different techniques and styles for blending and matching colors and fabrics of various patterns. Choose a project supplied by the instructor, or bring your own ideas: baby quilts, table runners, or place mats for less-experienced quilters, and larger projects if you’re more experienced. Rulers, cutting mats, and rolling blades provided. This class is for experienced sewers. New and returning students welcome.

Note: Bring your machine and its instruction manual to the first class, along with a $10 materials fee.

Note: Bring your own sewing machine, with its manual and accessories to class, including a seam ripper, small scissors, good cotton thread, bobbins that fit your machine, and machine needles (sizes 11 and 14).

N120–P17 $109 3 Wednesdays @ Newton South 6:45 –9:15pm April 5–April 26 No class April 19

Sewing: Bags, Tops, & More Celeste Janey, Instructor This beginner class is for students who can thread a sewing machine and now want to sew something. With instructor guidance, you will complete a project of your choice or one provided by our instructor. You’ll learn to measure, pin, and cut a pattern. You’ll also learn tricks and shortcuts for sewing successfully by machine. Elastic encasements, closures, and different hemming techniques will be demonstrated. Prerequisite: Our Machine Sewing 101 class or comparable experience. You must already know how to load, spin, and thread your bobbin—and know how to sew a straight 1/2 inch seam on your machine. Note: Bring your machine and its instruction manual to class, and sewing supplies including fabric scissors, thread, a seam ripper, and machine needles (sizes 10, 12, and 14).

N106–P17 $145 5 Wednesdays @ Newton South 6:45 –9:15pm May 3–May 31


617 559-6999

N593–P17 $155 7 Mondays @ Newton South 6:45 –8:45pm April 24–June 12 No class May 29

dance & fitness

Boxing Fitness Brian Scagliola & Nonantum Boxing Club staff, Instructors Pound for pound, boxers are the fittest of all athletes. Their exercise regimen—a combination of strength-training, agility drills, and ring-work—is suitable not just for boxers, but for anyone wanting to get into tip-top shape. Whether you’re hoping to learn the basics of boxing, or just get into the best shape of your life, this is the way to start. This class is not intended for first-time exercisers. Note: Bring hand wraps (available at sporting supply stores), a water bottle, and towel to each class. The facility will provide gloves if you don’t have them, but our instructor recommends that you buy your own for sanitary reasons. Since this is non-contact, no protective gear is needed.

D102–P17 $177 8 Mondays @ Nonantum Boxing Club 7:30 –9pm March 27–June 5 No class April 10 & 17; May 29

Zumba! Janelle Conway & Virna Pepe, Instructors Discover Zumba, an exciting dance-fitness program that’s more like a party than a workout! Enjoy the pulsating rhythms of Latin-inspired music as you pump your legs, swing your hips, clap your hands— and achieve a uniquely blended balance of cardio- and muscle-toning benefits in the process. Alternating between fast and slow rhythms, Zumba combines the basic principles of aerobics with interval and resistance training to maximize your caloric output, cardiovascular benefits, and total body toning. Best of all, you can enjoy the Zumba experience even if you don’t know how to dance. Get fit. Have fun. Zumba! Note: Bring a water bottle and your athletic shoes; no street shoes, please.

D242–P17–M $114 (Conway) 7 Mondays @ Newton South 7–8pm April 24–June 12 No class May 29 D242–P17–T $127 (Pepe) 8 Tuesdays @ Newton North 6:30–7:30pm April 25–June 13

BollyX: The Bollywood Workout Shamila Khetarpal, Instructor BollyX is a dance-fitness program for both men and women, inspired by Bollywood, the film industry of India. It combines dynamic choreography and intensive workouts with the hottest music from around the world in a cardio workout. Its high- and low-intensity dance sequences get you moving, sweating, and, most importantly, motivated. This unique workout not only tones your entire body but also burns serious calories. No prior dance experience is required—just bring a positive attitude and the desire to unleash your inner swagger. Note: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can move in; bring a water bottle and clean shoes to change into.

D243–P17 $127 8 Wednesdays @ Newton South 7–8pm April 5–May 31 No class April 19 New

BollyX LIT: low Impact Training Lakshmi Karthick , Instructor Don’t be fooled thinking BollyX LIT won’t give you a workout just because there are no high impact dance moves. Your heart rate will soar and you will sweat, all while dancing and singing to the top hits from Bollywood. The adrenaline rush you feel as you perform and pose in a BollyX LIT class is like no other. Come join us on the “movie set” as you unleash your inner rockstar LIT-style. BollyX LIT has all the same energy and swag as the original BollyX format but without any high-impact dance movements. This format was designed for those who love to dance but prefer (or need) low-impact choreography.

Just Dance! Andrea Steenstrup, Dance Mix DJ Come out and shake your booty! Whether you’re looking for some exercise or just a fun hour of getting your groove on, join us. We’ll turn down the lights, play some awesome music, and dance! Music will be classic dance tunes including disco, pop, and eighties. No leaders, no pressure, just a lot of music and dancing for fun. Note: Wear clothing you can dance in and bring a water bottle and clean shoes to change into. We’ll have plenty of tunes cued up to play, but if you have favorites, let us know by responding to the link in your registration email.

D279–P17 $9 Monday May 15 @ Newton North 7:45–8:45pm

Belly Dancing Amanda “Hanan” Leone, Instructor Belly dance is a beautiful dance form that celebrates the captivating music of the Middle East. This class is perfect for those seeking to improve posture and flexibility while having fun and listening to great music. Absolute beginners are welcome, as are those with belly dance experience who would like to review and build upon foundation technique. Class exercises include basic posture; Middle Eastern rhythms; and movements including hip circles and figure 8’s, shimmies, undulations, and arm movements. We’ll also introduce the art of dancing with a veil. All ages and body types are welcome to come loosen up, stretch out, shake, strut, and shimmy! Note: Wear a fitted top and leggings or loose pants in which you can move comfortably. Bare feet or ballet slippers are fine for this class.

D203–P17 $127 6 Tuesdays @ Newton North 7:45–8:45pm April 25–May 30

Note: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can move in; bring a water bottle and clean shoes to change into.

D280–P17 $127 8 Tuesdays @ Newton South 7–8pm April 25–June 13


food & drink

Make Tofu Taste Great: Plant-Powered Proteins Diana Goldman, Instructor It’s time to demystify the cooking of three popular plant-based proteins: tofu, seitan, and tempeh. Learn how they’re made, what makes them nutritional powerhouses, and ways to cook them so you love them. Possible dishes may include sweet and sour seitan stir fry, fresh fig and maple glazed tempeh salad, crispy baked tofu, and silky and decadent chocolate mousse. Note: A $20 food fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class. Bring a cutting board, a chef ’s knife, and a few containers for leftovers.

F183–P17 $45 Tuesday May 16 @ Newton South 6:30 –9pm

Essential Japanese Sauces Yoko Bryden, Instructor Many typical Japanese meals are prepared with standard sauces. These sauces are easy to make, delicious, and convenient to have in your refrigerator, so you can whip up meals quickly using your own homemade sauce. In this hands-on class, you’ll learn to cook with three basic sauces: negi dare (scallion sauce), ponzu (citrus sauce), and a yakiniku dare (BBQ sauce). We’ll use each sauce to prepare Japanese dishes including soba noodle salad, yakiniku (grilled beef), daikon stake, and other small dishes.

Get Curried Away Shruti Mehta, Instructor

Fast & Fresh Asian Cuisine Lei Reilley, Instructor

Indian food aficionados—forget the takeout and get ready to cook! Curries come in many varieties and have exotic, unique flavors, but they’re not too complicated for you to make on your own. We will prepare three different kinds of savory and spicy curries such as vegetable tikka masala, chhole (chickpeas stewed in ginger, tomato, and onion gravy), and a quick mushroom and peas curry. We’ll serve all these dishes with aromatic rice flavored with saffron, spices, and nuts.

Join us to make some quick and flavorful healthy Asian dishes that you can whip up in no time. Most of the foods we’ll prepare are naturally gluten-free and light on fat. You’ll learn Asian cooking techniques, such as stir frying, oil velveting, use of herbs and seasonings, ingredient selection, and prepping, so you can make them on your own at home. We will make a five-item meal with main ingredients of mixed vegetables, meat, and seafood including a soup (either egg drop or hot and sour), an appetizer, two stir-fry dishes, and fried or steamed rice or pan fried noodles.

Note: A $15 food fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class.

F238–P17 $50 Thursday May 4 @ Newton South 6:30 –9pm

An Evening of Indian Delight Shruti Mehta, Instructor Join us for a night of cooking and culture as we prepare an authentic Indian vegetarian dinner. We’ll sauté, stir, and fry a variety of locally grown vegetables, aromatic spices, and grains to create a scrumptious dinner. Come prepared for hands-on participation and be transported to another world. Possible dishes may include vegetable tikka masala, aromatic pulao (rice with nuts and whole spices), quick garlic naan, zucchini fritters, and mango lassi.

Note: A $20 food fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Note: A $15 food fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class.

F761–P17 $45 Wednesday May 17 @ Newton South 7–9:30pm

F108–P17 $50 Thursday April 6 @ Newton South 6:30 –9pm

Note: A $20 food fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of the class.

F250–P17 $42 Wednesday May 3 @ Newton South 7–9pm

Asian Lettuce Wraps Lei Reilley, Instructor Asian lettuce wraps are great for entertaining or for a family meal. They’re bursting with delicious flavor and can be individualized as each person builds their own fresh wrap. Join us to learn the Asian-fusion recipe for making this flavorful and versatile dish. By varying the ingredients, your wraps can be light and summery, or can be filled with heartier salads including ingredients like grilled chicken or beef, pan-seared shrimp, tofu, or avocado. There are easy gluten-free and vegetarian versions too. We’ll make a variety of fillings in class, and you can choose from among them to make your own wrap. You’ll also learn to make a refreshing light dressing of vinegar, sugar, ginger, garlic, and other authentic ingredients. Note: Bring a container for leftovers. A $15 food fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Nothing cancels a good class quicker than everyone waiting until the last minute to register! Please register at least one week prior to the class start date.

F277–P17 $42 Tuesday May 30 @ Newton South 7–9pm


home & garden / languages

Your Yard: Landscaping & Planting David Gordon, Instructor How do you prune a tree, prepare your yard and garden for the season, or find the best reasonably priced workers to help with your clean-up? We’ll address these issues, plus learn how to use recycled leaves as mulch in your vegetable and flower beds, and do some optional warm weather plant seeding. A good cleaning can help property look fabulous year round. Join us and learn some tricks to make the process go more smoothly. Note: A $10 optional fee for seeds and starter kits will be available.

G212–P17 $39 Wednesday April 12 @ Newton South 7–9pm

Organic Lawn & Garden David Gordon, Instructor Learn to use natural methods to grow the freshest food in your garden and have a healthy lawn that’s safer for pets, children, and the environment. We’ll discuss basic landscape designs and review how to test soil, seed, fertilize, add compost, and fix problem areas. You’ll get tips on how to produce the most from your vegetable garden and learn about companion planting, irrigation, and how to locate a good spot to grow your veggies. We’ll also address weeding— how to identify weeds and their likely causes—plus how to pull them easily. Start now to have a beautiful organic yard year round!

G111–P17 $39 Thursday May 4 @ Newton North 7–9pm

The Garden Coach Brian Karlsson-Barnes, Instructor Create the perfect garden for your home. Our instructor is a professional landscape designer and master gardener; he will discuss soil, moisture, sun exposure, shade, and drainage. He will also use tailored approaches for each student to help you design a garden that meets your needs and style, and he’ll sketch individual outdoor plans for your site. Bring dimensions and pictures of your outside space. Handouts provided.

G173–P17 $119 3 Thursdays @ Newton South 6–9pm April 27–May 11

Home Maintenance & Improvement Brad Gove, Instructor Save time and money by learning to maintain your own home. We’ll review basics such as the systems in your house and the tools needed to keep them in good working order. We’ll discuss the essentials for small maintenance and repair projects like hanging objects, patching walls, fixing leaky faucets, and painting. We’ll also help you determine which jobs you can do yourself and when to seek professional help. All are welcome, home owners and renters alike.

G101–P17 $62 2 Tuesdays @ Newton North 7–9pm May 9–May 16

Languages Not sure what level language class to take? We’re here to help. Email us at or call us at 617-559-6999!

American Sign Language for Beginners Martha O’Brien, Instructor American Sign Language is a standardized language for people who are deaf. Learn to understand and use conversational sign language, and discuss current issues in Deaf culture in this relaxed, fun-filled environment. If you want to communicate with friends or family members who are deaf, are fascinated by the native language of deaf people, or just want to learn how to sign, join us.

L599–P17 $129 7 Mondays @ Newton North 7–8:30pm April 24–June 12 No class May 29

American Sign Language: Beyond Beginner Martha O’Brien, Instructor Build on your basic knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL). Learn additional vocabulary, grammar, classifiers, and information about Deaf culture in a relaxed environment. We’ll work in small and large groups to improve language learning. Prerequisite: Our American Sign Language for Beginners class, or comparable experience.

L600–P17 $141 8 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7–8:30pm April 5–May 31 No class April 19


617 559-6999


French: Intermediate Phil Kaplan, Instructor

Italian: Beginner Massimo Laurora, Instructor

If you have some basic knowledge of French—salutations, present tense verbs, and descriptive adjectives­—continue to develop your skills. Through conversations and written exercises, you’ll learn more about French culture and pronunciation, vocabulary, basic grammar, and verb tenses. Emphasis will be placed on review and expansion of useful, everyday phrases. Prerequisite: Our French: Beyond Beginner class, or comparable experience.

Whether you’re going to Italy or just want to understand some delightful phrases, come study this lively and expressive language. You’ll learn basic grammar concepts and idiomatic expressions while developing your vocabulary and writing skills. Participation is a must, so be ready to have some fun.

Note: Required text is Point par Point exercices de grammaire Française ed. Diderot; Cahier Intermédiaire. Bring books to class. Books can be purchased online or at Schoenhof ’s Foreign Books in Cambridge. Call first to order, 617-547-8855.

L109–P17 $141 8 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7:30 –9pm April 5–May 31 No class April 19

French: Advanced Conversation Lionel Claris, Instructor This course is for those interested in becoming more fluent. If you already have a decent knowledge of French and want to communicate your love of France and the language with others, come share your thoughts and observations with us as we discuss politics and the media. Conducted entirely in French, this class will include articles, impassioned discussions, and exercises to help build your vocabulary and strengthen your understanding of grammar. Conversations will center around class interests and we’ll tackle themes such as current events, politics, food, work, travel, family, and more. Handouts provided.

L129–P17 $132 7 Mondays @ Newton North 7:30–9pm April 24–June 12 No class May 29

Note: Required books are Italian Made Simple, by Cristina Mazzoni, and an Italian dictionary.

L103–P17 $119 6 Wednesdays @ Newton North 6:30–8pm April 5–May 17 No class April 19

Italian: Beyond Beginner Romina Crociani, Instructor Let’s continue to have fun with Italian! This elementary class is for students with some basic knowledge of Italian who wish to further develop their skills. Using a communicative and inductive approach, you’ll be exposed to Italian through reading small paragraphs, listening to conversations, and watching short videos.

L110–P17 $141 6 Thursdays @ Newton North 5:30–7:30pm April 13–May 25 No class April 20

Italian: Intermediate Conversation Massimo Laurora, Instructor Improve your conversational skills in a stimulating and supportive environment. If you understand the basics of Italian grammar, and have developed reading comprehension abilities at an intermediate level, this class will help you increase your knowledge of the language. We’ll read short texts that will expose you to Italian society and culture, and will function as the basis for fun conversational activities. Note: Required books: Read and Think Italian by McGraw Hill and an Italian dictionary.

L108–P17 $119 6 Wednesdays @ Newton North 8–9:30pm April 5–May 17 No class April 19 24

617 559-6999

Italian: Advanced Conversation Romina Crociani, Instructor Join us for this stimulating discussion-based round table, conducted entirely in Italiano. Our native Italian instructor will discuss current events, literature, culture, travel, art, music, cooking, and much more. For this class, you should have a strong working knowledge of Italian basic conversation and grammar (verb tenses, pronouns, and a strong vocabulary) and the ability to read the language well, so we can focus strictly on your speaking skills. Note: Bring an Italian dictionary.

L101–P17 $141 6 Thursdays @ Newton North 7:30–9:30pm April 13–May 25 No class April 20

Latin: Beginner Linda Levitan, Instructor Though the ancient city of Rome fell into ruin, Latin, the language of her empire, lived on as the mother tongue in most European countries, and significantly shaped the English language. Learn the fundamentals of Latin—its moods, tenses, and how cases are used in communicating. From the first words, you’ll see English grammar demystified, improve your vocabulary, and be immersed in the elegance of ancient Roman civilization. Emphasis will be on learning forms by speaking them. Note: Required text: Wheelock’s Latin (most recent edition). Bring the book to the first class.

L106–P17 $119 7 Tuesdays @ Newton South 7–8:15pm April 25–June 6

mind, body, & soul

Mind-Body Healing & Overcoming Fears Judith Swack, Instructor

Finding Love Through Online Dating Susan Trotter, Instructor

Mind-Body Healing (also known as MindBody Therapy) starts from the idea that the mind and body form one unit in the healing process. It uses specific techniques to quiet the mind, release negative emotions, and facilitate healing. In this fascinating seminar, participants will learn powerful, yet easy to use, methods for communicating directly with their unconscious minds, bodies, and souls. You will also learn a way to overcome your fears with the Natural Bio-Destressing technique, (EFT) the amazingly effective and natural way to quickly and reliably release irrational fears, phobias, and traumas and other self-sabotaging behaviors.

You can find love through online dating, if you know the best ways to approach it. This dynamic class is about how to have more fun and experience greater success with online dating. In the process, you’ll learn to create a fabulous online profile, better assess other people’s profiles, write enticing emails to get the responses you want from the people you want, and prepare for a fantastic first date and beyond. You’ll walk away more optimistic, confident, and open to possibilities, in your search for love.

P279–P17 $65 2 Thursdays @ Newton South 7–9pm May 4–May 11

Managing Stress with Hypnosis Olga Fishman, Instructor Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are great tools to help you manage problems related to stress. Headaches, stomach problems, anxiety, poor focus, high blood pressure, and depression are some of the stress-related symptoms many of us experience. Learn to counter your stress so it doesn’t become harmful to your well-being. Come clear thoughts from your mind and create a sense of peace, so you can focus on what is really important to you. In this class, you’ll learn self-hypnosis techniques to manage stress when you feel it rising in your body, and how to determine what’s causing it so you can react positively. We’ll also engage in group hypnosis and you’ll learn about removing emotional clutter to build confidence and self-esteem.

P378–P17 $90 4 Mondays @ Newton North 7:30 –9pm May 8–June 5 No class May 29


617 559-6999

P890–P17 $39 Thursday May 18 @ Newton North 7–9pm New

The Art of FriendShip Tracy Marks, Instructor What qualities do you seek in a friend and what do you avoid in a friendship? And just as importantly—what kind of friend are you? We’ll explore how past hurts, resentments, misunderstandings, and bad endings influence our friendship patterns. We’ll cover issues in same-sex and opposite sex friendships and how to expand your friendship network, deepen existing friendships, deal with conflict, and cope with past and present loss of friends. We’ll discuss key issues of friendship and guide you in your own exploration of friendship in your lives.

Y239–P17 $126 4 Thursdays @ Newton North 6:45–9:15pm April 6–May 4 No class April 20

DEEPEN YOUR MEDITATION PRACTICE: A Two–Session Exploration with Narayan Helen Liebenson Thursday, April 27 & Sunday, April 30 see page 33 for details


Coping with Divorce Susan Trotter, Instructor The end of any relationship, particularly by divorce, brings about many changes and emotional reactions. Join us to discuss the common emotional issues associated with divorce, and learn effective strategies to manage them. Whether you are just contemplating divorce, already divorced, or are going through the process, this class will help you understand your emotions better, make more positive (and less costly) decisions in the process, and increase your chances of achieving greater peace of mind through it all.

P315–P17 $39 Thursday April 27 @ Newton South 7–9pm

Tarot Cards & Psychic Readings Jeanne Mayell, Instructor One of the most powerful and ancient psychic tools is the Tarot. A variation of today’s playing cards, it stimulates your imagination and psychic power. When you learn this skill, you unearth an extraordinary knowing that you never thought possible. But the Tarot is not only for reading other people, it can give you profound insights about yourself and your own life’s direction. In this class you’ll learn the Tarot basics, give and receive readings from each other with instructor guidance, and leave with an experience never to forget. Note: Bring the Thoth Tarot Deck or purchase one from the instructor for $27 (large size).

P174–P17 $49 Wednesday May 31 @ Newton North 6–9pm

mind, body, & soul


Forgive Yourself: Healing the Inner Critic Judith Swack, Instructor Nobody likes to make mistakes, but many people have difficulty forgiving themselves when they do. It can sometimes be hard not to be hypercritical with yourself and others. We all know people who compulsively magnify and criticize real and imagined flaws. Being hypercritical is counterproductive, and makes any upsetting situation just that much more painful. Our instructor will lead you in an activity that will instantly quiet your inner critic. Take a major step with us toward self-acceptance, compassion, and inner peace.

P154–P17 $39 Thursday April 13 @ Newton South 7–9pm

Creativity & Moon Cycles Hilary Spector, Instructor So you think you are not creative? Think again! Learn how to better express yourself and unleash your creative potential. Moon placement in your astrological chart indicates how you can develop, ideas and projects into full bloom. We’ll locate and identify this vital source of your creativity, and you’ll learn to effectively access it to enjoy a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Note: Wear comfortable clothes. Bring paper, a pen, and a pillow to sit on. To get the most from this class, email your birth data (date, location and exact time of birth) to after you register.

P127–P17 $49 Thursday April 27 @ Newton South 6:30–9:30pm

WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AN INSTRUCTOR? Intructor bios appear with their class listings on our website.

Personal Transformation with Self-Hypnosis Olga Fishman, Instructor Are you ready to end a bad cycle of behavior or change an unwanted feeling? Hypnosis is a safe, effective, and great way to make personal changes. It can empower you to solve problems, and gain strength, confidence, focus, and control. Famous physicians such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung used hypnotherapy to create a subconscious turn in thoughts, responses, or attitudes. Learn self-hypnosis techniques proven to help activate inner healing powers. You’ll experience this natural state of being through group hypnosis, and take the first step towards finding more contentment.

P124–P17 $39 Monday May 1 @ Newton South 7–9pm

Herbal Remedies for Digestion Katherine Gekas, Instructor Learn about traditional herbs and foods used to improve your digestion. We’ll sample some simple teas you can make at home, and discuss herbs you can find in grocery stores to improve digestion: thyme, cinnamon, chamomile, peppermint, and more. We’ll also discuss probiotics, gut bacteria, the gut/ brain connection, and alternative ways to better your health. Note: A $5 material fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class.

P101–P17 $35 Wednesday May 17 @ Newton South 7:30–9pm

Alexander Technique: Improve Posture & Relieve Pain Jill Geiger, Instructor Interested in improving your posture, moving with ease, and relieving stiffness, pain, and tension? Poor posture, stress, and neck/ back/shoulder pains are often caused by unrecognized habits of tension. By teaching you how to recognize and unlearn these common habits, the Alexander Technique provides the means to restore your innate good posture, balance and poise. For over 120 years, performers, athletes, and individuals of all ages have used this educational method to reduce tension and stress and experience lasting relief from chronic pain. You’ll be introduced to the technique—its history, principles, and application to everyday activities. Tuition includes one private lesson outside of class.

Y103–P17 $49 2 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7:30–9pm May 17–May 24

Kripalu Yoga Ben Cohen, Instructor Yoga is a wonderful way to nourish your body and calm your mind. In this class you’ll increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, improve balance, and experience deep relaxation. The Kripalu method encourages you to honor your limitations and adapt postures accordingly. In addition to a variety of yoga postures each week, you’ll learn yoga breathing techniques, meditation, and stress reduction tools you can use in daily life. This class is suitable for beginning and experienced students. Note: Wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, and avoid wearing perfumes or strong scents.

Y104–P17 $149 8 Tuesdays @ Newton South 5–6:15pm April 25–June 13 27

money & real estate

Estate Planning, Probate, & Estate Litigation Lisa Cukier & Clifford R. Cohen, Instructors You can’t take it with you... but you can plan ahead to make things easier for your family, friends, and loved ones. Get an overview of estate planning and probate administration in Massachusetts, including how to avoid probate, and strategies to make sure your assets go to your loved ones without court involvement. Learn about various estate-planning vehicles such as health care proxies, durable powers of attorney, wills, living wills, revocable trusts, pour-over wills, irrevocable life insurance trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, and charitable remainder trusts. This course will also include a discussion about estate litigation, family disputes, and financial exploitation by caregivers relating to the assets of individuals with diminished mental capacity who may be subject to undue influence.

S219-P17 $49; $68/Pair 2 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7–8:30pm May 17–May 24

Downsizing Made Easy Marie Presti, Instructor Thinking of downsizing but don’t know all the options? When you’re at the point when you’re all alone in a house, or the costs or effort to maintain your home are more than you can handle, you may want to consider downsizing. But how to do you do it? Where should you go? A condo, smaller home, or retirement community? Sell first and then buy a smaller home? Or vice versa? Stay in town, or move south? Listen to our expert talk about the options, the process, and the financial considerations to downsizing, so when you’re ready, you can make a more informed decision. This is a daytime class held at the Russian School of Math, 200 Wells Ave., Newton.

S262–P17 $46; $64/Pair Thursday April 27 @ Russian School of Math 10am–12:30pm


617 559-6999

Play the Stock Market Game Peter Yaffe, Instructor Imagine you’re handed $100K to invest in the stock market but you have no idea how Wall Street works. That scenario may happen to you, so you’d best be prepared! Join us and learn to grow a virtual $100,000 into a top-performing financial portfolio. First you’ll learn how investing actually works, starting by examining markets, types of investments, and the impact of global events. Then you’ll learn about risk, speculating, and borrowing on margin. Working individually and in teams, you’ll compete against your fellow classmates and other groups across the state in this SIFMA Foundationsponsored game. Warning: the Stockmarket Game™ is played each fall by budding investors as young as 4th grade. Can you do better than an elementary schooler in making savvy financial decisions? Come find out.

S319–P17 $130; $200/Pair 7 Tuesdays @ Newton North 7–8:30pm April 25–June 6

A First-Timer’s Guide to Home or Condo Buying Marie A. Presti & David Miller, Instructors In today’s real estate market, it’s more important than ever to be knowledgeable before purchasing a home or condo. Get an overview of the entire process, from finding the perfect neighborhood and selecting a real estate broker, to obtaining favorable financing and hiring an attorney to protect your investment. We’ll teach you how the rights and responsibilities of condo owners differ from those of home owners, and review the primary legal documents related to each. This course’s unbiased, comprehensive approach can help you avoid disastrous situations, from the loss of your hard-earned deposit, to buying a property with latent defects such as termites, lead paint, or water damage.

S100–P17 $66; $95/Pair 2 Tuesdays @ Newton North 6–9pm May 9–May 16


Beyond Your First Home: Advanced Real Estate David Miller, Instructor Learn about buying and selling complex residential real estate properties. We’ll cover locating and selling multi-family properties; short, foreclosure, bank-owned, and “real estate-owned” sales; and financing the acquisition of those properties. We’ll discuss investment strategies of quick fix-up and resale, or extensive renovation and holding property for management or end use. You’ll get an intro to condominium conversions and the creation of realty trusts and limited liability companies for holding real estate. And last, but not least, you’ll learn about the landlord-tenant laws for dealing leasing, plus the risks and rewards of leasing.

S320–P17 $46; $60/Pair Thursday April 6 @ Newton North 6:30–9:30pm

Sell Your House for More in Today’s Market Marie Presti, Instructor Are you thinking about selling your house? Learn the steps to take before putting your home on the market. Get an insider’s advice on real estate trends, the best times of year to sell a house, and inexpensive ways to spruce up your home so it looks its best to potential buyers. You’ll even get tips on how to prepare for open houses and to negotiate the best price.

S218–P17 $46; $60/Pair Tuesday May 2 @ Newton North 6–9pm

music & theatre arts

Music & Theatre Arts Piano for Beginners Izabella Sahakian, Instructor It’s never too late to learn the piano. Unlike the complicated and lengthy traditional instruction methods, our instructor has a method with quick results. You’ll be able to play basic songs after just a few lessons. We’ll teach piano fundamentals: keyboard, music notation, note reading, time signature and rhythm, and treble and bass clefs, while helping you build a simple repertoire. You’ll discover that piano is not only fun to play, but also intellectually and socially rewarding. Note: Keyboards, printed hand-outs, and music scores provided.

M152–P17 $139 8 Thursdays @ Newton South 5:30–6:30pm April 6–June 1 No class April 20

Piano: Beyond Beginner Izabella Sahakian, Instructor Have more fun with your piano playing and learn tricks to improve your sound. You’ll increase your repertoire, and learn special techniques to add embellishments to your melodies and beauty to your performance. Plus, you’ll learn about dynamics to add color and texture to your playing. We will also review basic improvisation skills to apply as you play. In addition, we’ll teach you a set of simple music exercises to make your fingers stronger and more flexible for fluent piano playing. Prerequisite: Basic piano skills (keyboard, music notation, note reading), or our Piano for Beginners class. Note: Keyboards, printed hand-outs, and music scores provided.

M127–P17 $139 8 Thursdays @ Newton South 6:30–7:30pm April 6–June 1 No class April 20

Learn to Read Music Phil Kaplan, Instructor For music lovers with no musical training, this course provides the essential tools for understanding and reading music. We’ll cover basic vocabulary including clefs and note names, and you’ll see how these are used in written music. We’ll also introduce elements of music theory, and review key signatures, scales, and common chords. You’ll even try some ear-training exercises to aid your growing musical understanding. This class is great for those who want to sing in a choir, pick up an instrument, or simply better appreciate music.

M456–P17 $95 6 Mondays @ Newton North 6:45–7:45pm April 24–June 5 No class May 29

Intro to Guitar Arnold Rosen, Instructor Gain a strong foundation in the basics of this versatile instrument by learning to play songs. Building from week to week, we’ll cover the fundamentals of holding, tuning, and strumming. You’ll develop finger strength, dexterity, and muscle memory while learning chords, melodies, and rhythms. Whether you’re just learning or returning after a break, this course will help you build the skills for playing on your own or with others. The music we play will be determined by students’ interests. Note: Bring a guitar along with a folder and a pen or a pencil.

M106–P17 $119 7 Tuesdays @ Newton North 7:15–8:15pm April 25–June 6


Guitar: Beyond Fundamentals Phil Kaplan, Instructor If you’d like to continue working on your guitar skills, come improve your technique with us. With just a basic introduction to guitar, you can play and sing your favorite songs. In this class you’ll work on chords, riffs, arpeggios, and strumming/hand-picking techniques, as well as rhythm and harmony. Note: Bring your acoustic guitar, blank guitar manuscript paper (preferably with tablature lines), pencil(s), guitar picks, decent nails on your strumming hand (your right hand, unless you have a leftie’s guitar), and close-trimmed nails on your other hand.

M128–P17 $95 6 Mondays @ Newton North 8–9pm April 24–June 5 No class May 29

Play the Ukulele Arnold Rosen, Instructor A cross between the guitar and banjo, this little instrument has been around since the late 1800’s. We’ll cover ukulele basics, including chord progressions, single-note playing, and right hand strumming techniques. We’ll also demonstrate and teach you numerous playing styles. Whether you’re a fan of Don Ho or Tiny Tim, you can entertain friends with a favorite tune as you learn to play this fun instrument. No experience necessary. Note: Bring your ukulele to class.

M470–P17 $119 7 Tuesdays @ Newton North 6–7pm April 25–June 6

Music & Theatre Arts continue on page 34


music & theatre arts Music & Theatre Arts continued from page 31

Harmonica: Basics & Blues Phil Kaplan, Instructor

Hand Drumming The DrumConnection staff, Instructors

Voice for Beginners James Zimmardi, Instructor

Learn to play your favorite tunes and blues riffs on this simple, take-anywhere virtual organ that requires no effects, extras, or power—other than what you have in your lungs! We will introduce basic skills including positioning the harmonica properly in your mouth, and hand techniques to create nuance in your playing. We’ll also work on breath control and provide tips on music fundamentals such as chords and rhythm. There will be in-class exercises, plus homework if you’d like extra practice to improve your sound.

Explore the rhythms of West Africa, Cuba, and Brazil on the drums. We’ll play indigenous rhythms on the conga, ashiko, and djembe drums; you’ll learn how hand drumming is used to express and communicate. New and returning students welcome.

If you love to sing and want to improve your methods, now is the time to learn! We’ll review basic breathing, alignment, resonance, relaxation, and centering techniques essential for developing your voice and gaining confidence in singing. You don’t have to know how to read music, but humor, patience, and a sense of adventure are helpful. Master the fundamentals and find your singing voice.

Note: Bring a diatonic (not chromatic) Charmonica, a.k.a. “blues harp,” plus a notebook and pencil. Recommended books: Instant Harmonica by McKelvy, or Play Harmonica Today by Hal Leonard.

M162–P17 $95 6 Mondays @ Newton North 5:30–6:30pm April 24–June 5 No class May 29

Jazz Music Ensemble Arnold Rosen, Instructor Improve your jazz-playing understanding and ability through learning to play songs from The Real Book—the standards played by all jazz musicians. You’ll learn the history behind The Real Book, and we’ll work on improvisational tools such as scale choices, arpeggios, and guide tones. We’ll also discuss music theory, and work on developing your listening and interactive skills to make you a better ensemble musician. Open to musicians of all instruments—sax, trumpet, flute, bass, (electric or upright), keyboard, guitar, and any unusual instruments as well. Note: Bring your instrument to class.

M466–P17 $95 6 Tuesdays @ Newton North 8:30–9:30pm April 25–May 30


617 559-6999

Note: Bring a hand drum of your choice to the first lesson, or you can rent from The DrumConnection (call first: 781-316-8068). A $5 materials fee, for The DrumConnection Hand Drumming for Beginners Book, is payable to the instructor.

M109–P17 $134 6 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7–8:30pm April 5–May 17 No class April 19

Klezmer Music Ensemble Barry Shapiro, Instructor Fun fact: Baseball’s favorite song, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, has roots in klezmer music. Join us for this class to learn other fun melodies from this musical tradition and discover its distinct sound. Literally klay zemer, klezmer means instruments of song and is the traditional music of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews. It’s mostly played for dancing at happy occasions such as weddings or bar mitzvahs. Working from the Kammen Brothers book of music along with some added supplements, we’ll make our own klezmer ensemble. From the first moment of class we’ll be playing and singing, so bring your instrument and prepare to let loose and have fun. All levels and all instruments welcome.

M346–P17 $156 8 Thursdays @ Newton North 8–9:30pm April 6–June 1 No class April 20

M174–P17 $199 7 Mondays @ Newton South 6:15–9:15pm April 24–June 12 No class May 29

Actors Workshop Kelly Fey, Instructor If you’re new to the art of acting or want to brush up on your skills, study with us. You’ll master basic theater methods through physical and vocal warm-ups, role playing, monologues, and short scenes. Using various exercises, you’ll discover how to approach and build a character while learning what it means to work within the context of an ensemble. Come take center stage, explore the breadth of your imagination, and see what acting can do for you!

M185–P17 $90 3 Wednesdays @ Newton North 7–9pm April 5–April 26 No class April 19

music & theatre arts / online learning & career training

Improvisational Acting Judith Kalaora, Instructor Come explore this special art form that can sharpen your ability to think on your feet and build your confidence in public speaking. Improvisational performance takes shape with little or no advance planning. Learn the fundamental principles of improv, as you ease into a variety of theater games and exercises to develop and enhance your skills. You’ll use your instincts to create unique characters with strong objectives. You’ll also explore Playback, a form of improv, where group members tell stories from their lives and we perform them on the spot. You’ll be surprised by the scenes you develop as your creativity grows and your fears on stage vanish. Come ready to laugh. You’ll look forward to this evening all week! New and returning students welcome.

M570–P17 $120 5 Tuesdays @ Newton North 7:30–9pm April 25–June 6 No class May 9 & 23 New

Get Hip to Jive John Clark, Instructor Jive spans the jazz spectrum and the music surrounding it can include nonsense lyrics and offbeat styles. Come listen with us as we chronicle its long and storied history. We’ll begin with the rip-roaring 1920s, and learn about famous musicians like Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, and Cab Calloway. Then, we’ll move to the Golden Era and check out bebopper Dizzy Gillespie, scat man Leo Watson, and band leaders Louis Jordan and Louis Prima. We’ll also listen to female jazz singers Ella Fitzgerald and the Andrews Sisters, plus more current retro/revivalists like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Dan Hicks, Brian Setzer, and the Squirrel Nut Zippers. There will be lots of discussions and readings, so put on your zoot suit and get ready to jive!

M221–P17 $115 4 Wednesdays @ Newton South 7–9pm April 5–May 3 No class April 19


Franz Schubert — his Life and Legacy Richard Knisely, Instructor Austrian composer Franz Schubert died before his 32nd birthday, but he left us an outpouring of inspired music. Destined to remain largely unknown during his life, Schubert composed because he felt he had to. He left a trail of masterpieces behind, many of which he dropped mid-way through and then forget to finish. He wrote music in every style—from song to symphony; singers in particular love his luscious song cycles, or lieder. Schubert’s ability to unlock the most intimate depths of feeling continues to awe musicians and music lovers alike. Join us for a survey of his life, times, and. especially, his music. Note: No knowledge of Schubert or classical music is required.

M163–P17 $145 7 Tuesdays @ Newton North 7:45–9:15pm April 25–June 6

More Bach Richard Knisely, Instructor Johann Sebastian Bach created hundreds of masterpieces in a variety of genres—from solo instrumental to large choral-orchestral works. In this course we will take an indepth look at a few of his largest and most celebrated works: The St. Matthew Passion, The Mass in B minor, the Well Tempered Clavier, the Goldberg Variations, the Art of Fugue and the Musical Offering. We’ll discuss the circumstances that gave rise to these masterpieces, and listen to particular aspects of the music that demonstrate Bach’s supreme genius.

Online Learning & Career Training There’s learning beyond the NCE catalog! Sign up for an online class and take classes from the comfort of your home—or anywhere else you choose. We’ve partnered with online education organizations ed2go and UGotClass to offer online courses as well as career-training and certificate programs. All you need to participate is an email account and Internet access. Check the Online Learning category on our website for details. ed2go Online Courses We offer courses in categories such as Business Administration, Healthcare & Medical, Law & Legal, Technology, Writing & Publishing, and more. Register for your course on the ed2go website; lessons are posted twice a week over six weeks, for a total of 12 lessons. ed2go Career Training programs These programs provide in-depth preparation for professional-level positions in many fields. Our qualified instructors play an active role in your online learning experience, responding to your questions or concerns while motivating you to succeed. UGotClass Certificate Programs UGotClass, brought to you by the Learning Resources Network (LERN), offers a wide range of certificate classes. Some of these offer optional graduate credit, and many focus on Skills for the 21st Century©. LERN’s online courses are taught by leading practitioners and teachers; they include audio presentations and interaction with other participants and the teacher. Upon successful completion of your required work, you’ll receive the appropriate certificate for your course.

Note: Although this is the second part of a twopart class, newcomers are welcome to join us.

M219–P17 $145 7 Tuesdays @ Newton North 6–7:30pm April 25–June 6 35


Car Maintenance 101 Arthur Kadehjian, Instructor Do you know how to change your car’s oil, check tire pressure, replace your windshield wipers, or install a new battery? It isn’t as hard as you may think. Join us in auto shop and learn how to buy a used car, inspect brakes, check the cooling system, align wheels, plus more. It’s time to get a feel for your car and learn simple maintenance tips that can save you hundreds of dollars. Don’t wait to get stuck on the side of the road before you open the hood and learn how to care for your car.

Z105–P17 $62 4 Tuesdays @ Newton North 6:30–7:30pm May 9–May 30

Bicycle Repair & Maintenance Farina’s Bicycle staff, Instructors Don’t get stranded with a flat tire, broken chain, or loose nut! Learn basic maintenance and roadside repairs in a fun, non-intimidating environment. You’ll get hands-on practice in changing a flat, removing a wheel, adjusting brakes, tightening the chain, and more. Handouts show diagrams and list the most commonly used tools. Note: Don’t bring your bicycle to class; in-store bikes will be used for practice. (You’ll receive a coupon worth 10% off accessories purchased on the day of class.) Location: Farina’s Bicycle Center, 61 Galen St., Watertown, near Watertown Square.

R100-P17-1 $39 Saturday April 8 @ Watertown 9:15–11:15am R100-P17-2 $39 Saturday May 13 @ Watertown 9:15–11:15am

HAM Radio: Your Passport to Everywhere Clay Center Observatory staff, Instructors This exciting course introduces you to the hobby of amateur radio communications and teaches everything you need to get your “ham” radio license. We’ll cover topics ranging from the science of radio electronics to the FCC rules governing the radio spectrum. For a detailed course syllabus, go to cc-arc. org. See class listing online for more info. Note: Adults and adult/child pairs (ages 10 and up) are welcome. The FCC Technician test is given at the final class (test fee of $15 is payable to the instructor).

R292–P17 $44 Solo adult or adult/child pair 6 Wednesdays @ Brookline 6:30–8:45pm March 29–May 10; class on April 19 is optional


Poker: when to hold ‘em/ when to fold ‘EM Jody Kessler, Instructor Most people think poker is all about gambling, but it’s not. It’s a game of skill and strategy that takes practice. Learn to play the most popular style of poker found at casinos and played at home: Texas Hold ‘Em. First you’ll learn the rules; then, the etiquette, lingo, strategies, and how to analyze your hand. You’ll get plenty of practice playing in class, so make sure you bring your poker face! Note: Cards and chips for in-class games and handouts for practice at home will be provided.

R294–P17 $119 6 Thursdays @ Newton North 7–8:30pm April 27–June 1

Learn to Juggle Joel Herskowitz, Instructor Got too many balls in the air? No problem! In just one class, you will learn the basics of three-ball juggling. Don’t worry about your previous attempts, failures, or partial successes. You, too, can learn this nifty skill to challenge yourself, or to impress family and friends. Note: Bring three beanbags the size of lacrosse balls, about 8” in circumference. Make your own out of socks using popcorn kernels or dried beans. Or go online to order a set (our instructor recommends Schylling Classic Juggling Balls).

R248–P17 $37 Monday May 1 @ Newton North 7–8:30pm 37


Ham Radio See page 37. for details. Ages 10 & up with an adult.

Intro to Debate Lumos Debate staff, Instructors If you like to win every argument, join us to perfect your debating skills. If you’re a more quiet kid, prepare to come out of your shell. Debate is an engaging activity that helps you find your voice. Learn the basics of debate, including how to construct an argument, give a speech, and participate in an official debate round. Through fun games and activities, you’ll develop your skills while having a blast in a high-encouragement, low-pressure environment. This is not an academic class! All levels welcome. Grades 6-8.

Self Defense Combat Sambo Michael Galperin & Combat Sambo staff, Instructors

Soccer for Moms* Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors

Combat SAMBO, a Russian style of self-defense, incorporates techniques from Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Aikido, Kung-Fu, Krav Maga, and other martial arts. Learn practical self-defense techniques to handle any situation, and increase your coordination, concentration, self-discipline, and fitness.

Back by popular demand! Soccer is great exercise, lots of fun, and not just for kids. This class is for moms who have been watching their kids play soccer and want in on the action themselves, or for any other grown-up girl who wants to play the game. Thundercat Sports coaches will provide the equipment, officiate the games, and give pointers to help improve your skills. Players at all levels are welcome (even if you’re not a soccer mom); our goal is to give you a good workout, plus some soccer inside scoop so you can maximize your enjoyment while cheering from those sidelines. Warning: It’s not as easy as it looks!

Note: This class is for ages four through eleven, but kids ages six and up are also welcome to register for our Family class (D800); see page 16 for details. Classes are ongoing, and students may register at any time.

KE108–P17–M $180 8 Mondays @ Franklin 6:30 –7:30pm April 3–June 12 No class April 10 & 17; May 29

4 sessions $85 Tuesdays March 28–April 25 2:30–4:30pm KM38-P17-BR Brown

KE108–P17–W $216 10 Wednesdays @ Franklin 6:30 –7:30pm April 5–June 14 No class April 19

Pediatric First Aid & CPR Century Health Systems staff, Instructors

KE108–P17–MW $286 8 Mondays & 10 Wednesdays @ Franklin 6:30 –7:30pm April 3–June 14 No class April 10, 17, & 19; May 29

If you’re caring for kids, you need to know how to respond in case of a first-aid emergency. In this class, you’ll learn to handle injuries and manage illness for the first few minutes until help arrives. We’ll cover first aid basics; medical, injury, and environmental emergencies; and pediatric CPR. This American Heart Association course meets the requirements for camp counselors, child care providers, babysitters, and more. You will receive a CPR certification after completion of the class. Ages 11 & up. Note: Sign up for this class with Babysitting and Safety Training (KM19), and receive a $10 discount. Discount will appear at checkout.

1 session $75 Friday March 31 3:15–6:15pm KM20-W17-2 Newton North Wednesday April 19 12:30–3:30pm KM20-P17 Newton North Wednesday June 28 1–4pm KM20-S17-1 Newton South Monday August 28 1–4pm KM20-S17-2 Newton South


617 559-6999

Soccer* Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors In these action-packed sessions, you’ll learn the basics of soccer through a series of fun games in a noncompetitive setting. We’ll work on shooting, passing, dribbling, and trapping, and enjoy exciting scrimmages. Players will be grouped by age and ability. Ages 4-6. Note: Wear shin guards and bring a soccer ball and water bottle.

6 sessions $135 Saturdays April 22–June 3 10–11am KW05-P17-1 Mason Rice Field Saturdays April 22–June 3 12–1pm KW05-P17-2 Mason Rice Field

*In case of questionable or bad weather, please call 617-499-4820 to find out if the class is running.

Note: Wear shin guards and bring a soccer ball and water bottle to every session; cleats are a good idea too.

6 sessions $135 Tuesdays April 25–May 30 6–7pm KW27-P17 Mason Rice Field

Soccer Tykes* Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors Why should big kids have all the fun? Toddlers, accompanied by an adult, can learn the basics of soccer in this fun, noncompetitive setting. Players will increase their sense of balance, improve their coordination and physical movement, and have a leg up when they join the big leagues! Ages 2-3 with an adult (one child per adult please). Note: Shin guards and soccer balls are optional, but please bring a water bottle.

6 sessions $135 Saturdays April 22–June 3 9–10am KW01-P17-1 Mason Rice Field 6 sessions $135 Saturdays April 22–June 3 11am–12pm KW01-P17-2 Mason Rice Field


Spring Classes for High Schoolers See page 59 for Summer Classes for High Schoolers, including NCE Summer School.

Navigating the StudentAthlete College Search and Recruiting Process Nick Michael, Instructor The college selection and recruiting process starts much earlier for student-athletes and can be complex and time-consuming. Join us for an overview of the college search and recruiting process and learn to successfully navigate the maze of issues facing the student-athlete. You’ll learn about the differences between Divisions I, II, and III; the NCAA Clearinghouse and national Letter of Intent; and the benefits of playing a sport in college. Find out what college coaches and admissions directors are looking for and how to get their attention, and leave with action steps for each year of high school. For kids and adults. This is a two-session class.

KH24–P17 $75 Student/Adult pair; $45 Individual (Student or Adult) Tuesday May 9 & Thursday May 11 @ Newton North 7–9pm

SAT Biology Review Jordan Kraus, Instructor Prepare for the SAT Biology subject test. We will distill the major themes taught in the year-long high school class into these four two-hour review sessions. This class is an overview, and is appropriate for students who are currently enrolled in, or have already completed a biology course. We will cover the following topics: basic biochemistry, cell structure and function, cellular transport, energy in living systems, cell reproduction, genetics, evolution, ecology, and major groups of living organisms,

including plants and human systems. We’ll discuss test-taking strategies, give practice exams, and provide written review materials (no workbook required).

4 sessions $195 Tuesdays May 2–May 23 7–9pm KH02-P17 Newton South

SAT Chemistry Review Tatyana Osipenko, Instructor In this four-session class, we will review the major topics covered on the SAT Chemistry subject test, including thermodynamics, electrochemistry, kinetics, equilibrium, and nuclear and organic chemistry, which students may not have encountered in class. Calculators are not permitted for this test, so we will incorporate estimation into our test-taking strategies. The recommended textbook is Cracking the SAT Chemistry Subject Test, Princeton Review.

4 sessions $195 Tuesdays May 2–May 23 7–9pm KH03-P17 Newton North

SAT Math Review Neil Hatem & Tuen Wing (Erin) Fan, Instructors Tackle the math section of the SAT Reasoning Test with confidence. We’ll practice problems from the College Board’s sections: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math and Additional Topics in Math. We’ll examine the structure of the exam, discuss test-taking strategies, and practice under timed conditions to build your skills and self-assurance.

5 sessions $210 (Hatem) Mondays March 20–April 24 7–9pm KH16-P17 Newton North 4 sessions $195 (Fan) Monday –Thursday August 21–August 24 10am –12pm KH16-S17 Newton South

Parents/guardians See p. 25 for Is Your High School Grad Ready for College?


617 559-6999

SAT Verbal Review Jacqueline Clark, Instructor Master the verbal section of the SAT Reasoning test. We’ll review the structure of the exam, sentence completion, critical reading, and the writing component of the test. You’ll practice under simulated test-taking conditions to build your skills and confidence, so you’ll be ready for any question test-makers throw your way.

5 sessions $210 Wednesdays March 22–April 26 7–9pm KH17-P17 Newton North 4 sessions $195 Monday–Thursday August 21–August 24 12:30–2:30pm KH17-S17 Newton South

Driver’s Ed Newton Driving School staff, Instructors Complete a course in Driver’s Education and you can get your license before the age of 18. The course has a state-mandated curriculum that is outlined in full on our website. Per state requirements, you must be 15 years and 9 months to enroll. Call us or check our website for more information.

15 sessions $640 Mondays & Wednesdays April 3–May 31 3:30–5:30pm KH18-P17-1 Newton South Tuesdays & Thursdays April 4–June 1 3:30–5:30pm KH18-P17-2 Newton North 5 sessions $640 Monday–Friday April 17–April 21 10am–4:45pm KH18-P17-3 Newton North

Driver’s Ed Parent Training In this required course, parents will learn about the Driver’s Ed curriculum, the junior operator’s law, and the driving skills and behaviors that their children will be taught. The fee is included in the Driver’s Ed class tuition.

Wednesday April 26 6–8pm KH09-P17-1 Newton South Wednesday May 4 6–8pm KH09-P17-2 Newton North


Cardboard Cities Danielle Larosee, Instructor

Clay Workshop Lisa Walker, Instructor

Create an entire city or neighborhood out of recycled cardboard boxes, small jars, and plastic containers. Build gardens, fences, animals, and pipe cleaner and pom pom people to inhabit your town; then paint siding, windows, roofs, walkways, and streets. Learn how trash and recycled materials can create new toys and worlds. Your cities will be glued to large, flat pieces of cardboard that can be transported home at the end of the week. Grades K-3.

From the functional to the whimsical, make just about anything you want from clay. Join us and learn handbuilding fundamentals and techniques for creating pinch pots, slabs, coils, and sculptures. You’ll get lots of one-on-one expert guidance as you perfect your pieces, and you’ll select your favorites to glaze with the colors and patterns of your choice.

Note: Wear old clothes or a smock. Bring lots of cardboard—flat sheets, and boxes of all sizes except extra large.

KS125–S17 $245 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–12pm

KS182–S17–1 $265 (Grades 4–7) July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS182–S17–2 $265 (Grades 1–4) July 24–28 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS182–S17–3 $265 (Grades 1–4) July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS182–S17–4 $265 (Grades 4–7) July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 1–4pm


Classic Camp Crafts Susan Paquette, Instructor If your favorite thing about summer camp is art, you’ve come to the right place! Here are all the best camp crafts in one week-long class. Make apple sculptures, beaded bracelets, tea bag hand-warmers, paper balloons, egg cup tarantulas, braid art, votive candle holders, tissue paper flowers, watercolor murals, and even slime. The list goes on and on and is sure to include crafts you’ve not yet encountered. Grades K-3.

KS163–S17–1 $155 July 5–7 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS163–S17–2 $255 July 17–21 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS163–S17–3 $255 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 1–4pm

Summer Babysitting & cpr Classes See pages 41-42.


617 559-6999


Cookies & Cupcakes & Cake Pops—Oh My! Marissa Smajlaj, Instructor It’s party time! Join us for a creative and funfilled week and learn to make edible party favors and decorations. Learn professional techniques and secret tips for making great cake pops, mini cupcakes, and 3-D decorated cookies that can be used as centerpieces, place settings, or favors at your next gathering. Better yet, make this the central activity for your party: with you as Pastry Chef, you can teach your guests cupcake or cookie decorating! In our class, you’ll make the cake, cookies, and frostings from scratch, and apply basic decorating techniques. Grades 2 & up. Note: Bring a container to take home your finished product (if there’s any left). No snack needed.

KS171–S17–1 $285 July 10–14 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS171–S17–2 $285 July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–12pm


Cooking Around the World Jennifer Tomenang, Instructor Travel with us as we explore native cuisines from across the globe. During the week, we’ll create menus with foods unique to different countries, and learn about the history and origins of the foods we prepare. We’ll make everything from scratch: you’ll read the recipes; measure, cut, and prepare all the ingredients; and of course, sample the finished products. We’ll make stops in Spain, Israel, the Phillipines, Italy, and more. Please let us know of any food allergies before registering for this class. There’s no need to bring a lunch; we’ll eat as we go! Grades 5-9.

KS172–S17–1 $285 July 17–21 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS172–S17–2 $285 July 24–28 @ Newton South 1–4pm New

Crazy Crafts & Jewelry Kimberly Meredith, Instructor Create crafts and wearables from unconventional materials. Discover Ductivities and make assorted cool and colorful wallets, pencil pouches, bracelets, and flowers out of duct tape. Mess around with modeling clay and mix colors to make animal figurines, beads, and charms, and then use some of these creations to make your own bracelets and/or necklaces. To finish the week, you’ll paint a jewelry box to hold your new treasures. Grades 3-5.

KS177–S17–1 $255 July 24–28 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS177–S17–2 $255 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–12pm


Glass Class Michel L’Huillier, Instructor If you admire stained glass, or glass jewelry, dishware, and more, join us to master various glass-art techniques and make your own artwork. With fusing, you’ll create a plate, necklace, and decorative tiles. With mosaic, you’ll make a trivet, name plate, or decorated mirror. With jewelry-mosaic, you’ll place glass beads and pieces in a deep pendant to create a unique necklace. And with etching, you’ll apply a resist to a glass piece and cut out a design. Learn to work safely with glass as you explore the creativity this medium allows. Notes: Due to the high cost of materials for this class, there is a materials fee. Please bring a check for $85 made out to the instructor, to the first class. Safety glasses will be provided; wear closed-toe shoes.

KS195–S17–1 $255 (Grades 5–9) June 26–30 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS195–S17–2 $255 (Grades 2–5) June 26–30 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS195–S17–3 $255 (Grades 2–5) July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS195–S17–4 $255 (Grades 5–9) July 24–28 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS195–S17–5 $255 (Grades 2–5) August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS195–S17–6 $255 (Grades 5–9) August 21–25 @ Newton North 1–4pm

Knitting Deanna Mustachio, Instructor Once just for grannies, knitting is now universally cool. You can say “I made it myself!” when friends admire your stylish scarf, and you’ll never be bored again—you can take your yarn and needles anywhere. We’ll work on basics such as knit and purl stitches, and how to cast on, bind off, increase, decrease, make stripes, and read a simple knitting pattern. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can really have fun. We’ll have a variety of patterns to choose from, including some more challenging ones like monsters and flowers, which use double-pointed needles for a really cool result. Grades 2 & up.


617 559-6999

Note: Bring a set of size 8 single-pointed knitting needles no longer than 10 inches.

KS212–S17–1 $245 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS212–S17–2 $245 August 21–25 @ Newton North 1–4pm

Making the Musical Jaime Alberts, Instructor Have you ever wondered how to write a musical? There’s only one way to find out! Join other musical theatre lovers for an in-depth exploration: we’ll study music and lyrics, talk to the composers and playwrights who write them, and finally, create an original musical. Last year, we talked to composer Gaby Alter (Band Geeks), playwright/actor Susan Blackwell (Title of Show), lyricist Daniel Lazour (We Live in Cairo), and others. Prior experience in playwriting or composing is not required, but a general familiarity with musical theatre and comfort playing an instrument or singing is strongly recommended. Grades 9-12.

KS184–S17 $655 August 14–25 @ Newton South 10am–3:30pm

Outdoor Art Dana Lanciloti, Instructor Use nature as inspiration to create ephemeral and permanent works of art! We’ll make nature mandalas, stick weavings, Zen gardens, meditation jars, sky paintings, land art, and paper nests with eggs. Coolest of all, we’ll work outdoors to create a giant group nest, a labyrinth, and a large-scale weaving (weather permitting). Bring your own collected materials to add to our “nature buffet,” and don’t leave your imagination at home—you’ll need it for this class! Grades 3-6.

KS144–S17 $255 July 10–14 @ Newton North 9am–12pm

Public Speaking Boot Camp Kim Vanaman, Instructor Conquer your inner fears or unleash your inner ham. Get the skills and confidence you need to successfully speak in public, whether it’s in class, at a meeting, or as a future speech competitor. Through a variety of exercises, games, and activities (as well as a lot of practice speaking in front of this group), we’ll explore the many aspects of public speaking, work on a variety of presentation styles, learn how to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for speaking, and have fun in a relaxed and entertaining environment. The skills you learn here will last a lifetime. Our final class will include an informal performance for family and friends. New and returning students welcome. Grades 5–9. Note: Bring a spiral notebook, 3x5 cards, pens, pencils, and a favorite book.

KS024–S17–1 $245 July 10–14 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS024–S17–2 $245 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–12pm

Sew... What’s New? Liz Fitzpatrick Griffin, Instructor Master this practical craft and show off your design skills. First, learn to use a pattern, cut and pin fabric, and safely operate a sewing machine, while making a beach bag. Then, take measurements and try your hand at garment construction by making a pair of shorts, using fabric and embellishments from our stash of new and recycled materials. Then you’ll choose your own project(s) and make one-of-a-kind clothing or objects from our selection of patterns and materials. First-time stitchers welcome. Grades 4–9.

KS225–S17–1 $265 June 26–30 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS225–S17–2 $265 July 24–28 @ Newton South 1–4pm



Sew... What’s New 2 Liz Fitzpatrick Griffin, Instructor This is a continuing class for kids who have completed our Sew... What’s New? class or have at least advanced beginner sewing skills. We’ll build on what you learned at NCE or at home, and we’ll create a skirt, a sleeveless shirt, and more. Grades 4-9.

KS166–S17 $265 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 1–4pm

Specialty Cooks Julia Corrou, Instructor It’s all in the sauce! So let’s learn to make some great ones. We’ll master common and unique sauces like chocolate gravy, salted caramel, and supreme strawberry sauce. Moving beyond sauces, you’ll crank out homemade pasta with creative colors and shapes and yummy homemade fillings; on the sweeter side, you’ll put on your confectioner’s hat and learn the art of candy making. Each day we’ll explore a different cooking specialty to broaden your culinary horizons and entrance your taste buds. We’ll snack as we go, so there’s no need to bring one. Grades 2 & up.

KS132–S17 $265 July 10–14 @ Newton South 9am–12pm

Trash Art Ginelle McKenzie, Instructor Don’t throw it away! You can recycle your trash and use it to make really cool crafts. In this class we’ll create great projects such as paper-towel-roll rainsticks, egg carton caterpillars, and recycled treasure boxes. We’ll also melt old crayons and put them in molds to create new fun-colored ones. For inspiration we’ll read books like Harold and The Purple Crayon, Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug, and Willow. It’s not just about art—it’s about saving the planet too. Ages 4–7.

KS106–S17–1 $255 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS106–S17–2 $255 August 21–25 @ Newton North 1–4pm

Vive la France: French Pastry Marissa Smajlaj, Instructor July 14th is Bastille Day—French National Day! Celebrate with us in this Frenchinspired baking class that celebrates traditional French desserts including macarons, croissants, éclairs, pastry swans, and the pièce de résistance: the traditional wedding-inspired Croquembouche, which translates to “Crunches in the Mouth.” Learn basic French baking skills and create delicious sweets to bring home daily (if they make it home, that is). Grades 2 & up. Note: Some desserts may contain nuts.

KS145–S17–1 $285 July 17–21 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS145–S17–2 $285 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–12pm


Upcycled Outfits Danielle Larosee, Instructor Do your part for the environment and look fabulous too: discover your inner fashionista as we learn to design great new clothes from old discarded ones. We’ll rescue your unwanted garments and give them new life— cutting them up and machine sewing them together into fabulous tops and bottoms of your own design, adding embellishments at your whim. You’ll end up with at least one unique outfit to wear around town and show off to family and friends. Our last class will include a fashion show where you can model your new creations. No former fashion experience required, but students should have basic machine sewing skills. Grades 4–9. Note: Bring your discarded clothes, and fabric from old bedding and curtains too.

KS119–S17–1 $245 July 17–21 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS119–S17–2 $245 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–12pm

Young Broadway Liz Orlando, Instructor Take the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning! Enter the world where kids never grow up. Join us for our production of Peter Pan, and fly, fight pirates, befriend Native American Tribes, and outsmart a captain with a ticking crocodile. Everyone will participate in acting out different scenes of the story, creating costumes and sets, and learning a song or two with choreography. Take risks, work together as a team, and get creative in these two weeks filled with movement, singing, playing, and having fun. We will perform our show for family and friends on our last day. Ages 4-8.

KS169–S17–1 $395 July 5–14 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS169–S17–2 $450 July 17–28 @ Newton South 9am–12pm 49



Coding with Computercraft Einstein’s Workshop staff, Instructors It’s programming and Minecraft in one! Learn to code using your favorite game. You’ll program Minecraft “turtles” to build structures and automate various tasks. With a language called “lua,” you’ll learn basic programming concepts including functions, nested functions, and loops and variables, as you create your Minecraft structures. Grades 3-5. Note: No Minecraft or programming experience necessary; all levels welcome (Minecraft novices included).

KS178–S17–1 $265 July 10–14 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS178–S17–2 $265 July 17–21 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS178–S17–3 $265 August 21–25 @ Newton North 1–4pm

Domino Physics Peter Bloom, Instructor These are not your grandmother’s dominos! This class is for kids who love nothing more than to build, create, and find practical applications for scientific discovery. You’ll construct enormous chain reactions using thousands of building-type dominos (think Jenga blocks), vast numbers of marbles and tracks, mechanical toys, electronic devices, and numerous other props. Learn tricks of the trade for stunning and effective domino chaining; work solo and as part of a team to refine and expand your master creations. Each day is a mix of self-directed discovery and expert instruction. Grades 2 & up.

KS010–S17 $375 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–3:30pm

Creative Computing Circuit Lab staff, Instructors Get connected as we explore the realm where electronic circuitry meets computer programming. You’ll use the latest tools: Arduino (for building interactive devices) and Raspberry Pi (for learning about computers and coding) to take an idea and make it a real thing. Starting with the basics and building up to complex, interactive devices, we’ll create everything from LED light shows to touchless musical instruments to wearable computers, using a comprehensive library of parts and equipment. Learn not just how to use computers, but also how to make them work for you, through our series of fun, hands-on projects led by skilled instructors from Circuit Lab. New and returning students welcome, as this year’s class will include new projects. Grades 6-8.

KS154–S17–1 $255 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS154–S17–2 $255 August 14–18 @ Newton North 1–4pm

design a hands-on project under the guidance of skilled Circuit Lab instructors. New and returning students welcome, as this year’s class will include new projects. Grades 3-5.

KS153–S17–1 $255 August 7–11 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS153–S17–2 $255 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm

Intro to Programming: Scratch Grant Osborn, Instructor Get with the program and learn Scratch, a popular, free programming tool created at MIT. Learn the fundamentals of writing code through fun yet challenging tasks, and express your imagination with inventive game designs. You’ll create thematic animations, interactive stories, and short video games, while mastering different skills and concepts daily. We’ll end the week with a super showand-tell of your individual creations. The world runs on code, and it’s never too early to start learning how! Grades 3-5. Note: Please come to the first class with an email address and password that you can use to sign up for a Scratch account.

Hands-on Electronics Circuit Lab staff, Instructors Tinker with electronics while learning the basics of computer programming. Beginning with experiments that explore the fundamentals of electronics and circuit building, you’ll move on to design your own interactive and programmable devices. Working both independently and in teams, you’ll use the latest tools including Arduino (for building interactive devices) and Raspberry Pi (for learning about computers and coding) to experiment with LEDs, resistors, motors, and programming. You’ll create interactive flashlights, digital musical instruments, homemade computer games, and more. Each day you’ll

KS214–S17–1 $255 June 26–30 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS214–S17–2 $255 July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS214–S17–3 $255 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS214–S17–4 $255 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS214–S17–5 $255 August 14–18 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS214–S17–6 $255 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm





Lego Robotics WeDo 2.0 Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors

Maker-Shaker Workshop Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors

See what more your Lego™ robots can do! With the newly-designed Lego WeDo software and building kits, we’ll use iPads and Bluetooth technology to send programming instructions to a wireless module so your robots can roam untethered. Your free-roaming robots will be capable of completing structured as well as open-ended tasks. Build bots that use sensors to know when to stop, or create a shake table to test houses designed to withstand an earthquake. Explore fun new programming options, and as a special bonus, take home your own new mini-figure. Grades 2-5.

Get shakin’ with the maker movement. Enjoy a combination of open-ended design challenges and specific building projects. Repurpose assorted materials collected from Wicked Cool’s vast inventory, and use the engineering and design process to dream up and build something new, useful, and fabulous—or just plain fun. Create a motorized squiggly pen, toothbrush robot, and flying helicopter, and make a marble maze. Think outside the box and be an expert maker in this DIY-based class. Grades 1-4.

KS161–S17–1 $395 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–4pm KS161–S17–2 $395 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–4pm

KS156–S17–1 $255 July 10–14 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS156–S17–2 $255 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS156–S17–3 $255 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm

Mad Science Junior Mad Science staff, Instructors

MathemAddicts Steve Dubin, Instructor

Join us for hands-on science fun. We’ll have a blast exploring science and how it affects the world around us. Become an honorary Junior Mad Scientist and see some of the awesome stuff from the Mad Science laboratory. Each day we’ll have a different science theme with exciting activities, experiments, and related games and stories. We’ll make oobleck, learn about the human body and our senses, discover the properties of water, explore the wonders of light and color, and much more. Ages 4-6.

KS227–S17–1 $255 June 26–30 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS227–S17–2 $255 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS227–S17–3 $255 August 14–18 @ Newton North 1–4pm


617 559-6999

Is your attitude towards math “I want more”? Does the prospect of playing with spheres, cones, cylinders, cubes, and their cousins make your heart go pit-a-pat? Do you think that math is cool? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, this class is for you! We’ll assemble classic three-dimensional figures, learn about some cool relationships among them, and work together to build a geodesic dome. We’ll do a bunch of numbers puzzles, and you’ll probably hear some math jokes along the way. Great for future programmers or math geeks who want to have fun. Grades 5-9.

KS120–S17–1 $245 July 10–14 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS120–S17–2 $245 July 24–28 @ Newton South 1–4pm

Minecraft Mania* Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors We’re wicked excited to bring you Minecraft Mania—a blend of virtual learning with hands-on activities that explore science and engineering using Minecraft. Working in teams, you’ll use an interactive avatar to investigate a virtual educational environment with lessons in geology, engineering, physics, and biology. Learn about the properties of rocks and minerals, and take home your own rock collections. Build skyscrapers and simple machines, plant your own crops, and learn about electricity in enjoyable experiential challenges. Minecraft Maniacs, join us for a week of fascination in our mobile virtual classroom. Grades 2–5.

KS109–S17–1 $395 July 10–14 @ Newton North 9am–4pm KS109–S17–2 $395 July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–4pm KS109–S17–3 $395 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–4pm KS109–S17–4 $395 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–4pm

Minecraft Mastercrafters* Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors Hone your Minecraft skills in this controlled platform where you’ll work in teams to learn and interact virtually. Explore, manipulate, problem-solve, and build in worlds that have been customized for Wicked Cool learning activities. Become master crafters as you focus on energy, powering mechanisms, and using redstone to build and design your way through the tricky labyrinth of the “Mastercrafter Island.” Minecraft experience preferred. Grades 4–7.

KS081–S17–1 $395 June 26–30 @ Newton South 9am–4pm KS081–S17–2 $395 July 17–21 @ Newton South 9am–4pm KS081–S17–3 $395 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–4pm KS081–S17–4 $395 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–4pm


Need Help Planning your Summer? Use the “Summer At a Glance” chart on our website for weekby-week scheduling. Or call us.

Power Programmers Jesse Klimov, Instructor (except as noted below) Bill Gates had to start somewhere, and here’s your chance. Learn basic computer programming through Scratch, a project of the MIT Media Lab, creating your own characters, stories, and interactive adventures with drop-and-drag programming blocks. Next you’ll move on to Java, a more advanced language, to better understand how languages like Scratch work behind the scenes. Through these simple, straightforward, and fun approaches to programming, you’ll begin to grasp coding concepts and be well on your way to tech savvy-ness. No programming experience necessary. Grades 5–9. Note: Come to class with your own email address and password.

KS215–S17–1 $245 June 26–30 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS215–S17–2 $245 July 10–14 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS215–S17–3 $245 July 17–21 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS215–S17–4 $245 July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS215–S17–5 $245 August 7–11 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS215–S17–6 $245 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm (Grant Osborn, Instructor) KS215–S17–7 $245 August 21–25 @ Newton North 1–4pm

Rocket Science 2017 Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors It’s an all-new rocket science this summer, featuring the Viking research rocket. This customizable model rocket has 48 different fin configurations! As the aerospace engineer, you choose its design, as we journey to the moon. Keep a captain’s log as you investigate what’s inside the rocky planets and gas giants; map distant constellations, create glittering moon rocks, and make galaxy slime as part of your out-of-this-world lunar journey. Blast off with a solid fuel high-flying launch at the end of the week (weather permitting). Grades 1-4.

KS199–S17–1 $235 July 5–7 @ Newton North 9am–4pm KS199–S17–2 $385 July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–4pm KS199–S17–3 $385 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–4pm KS199–S17–4 $385 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–4pm

Science Lab Maire Anne Diamond, Instructor Can you make a rainbow from white light? How do seeds grow? What lives in soil? How heavy is a cow’s skull? How light is a bird bone? Can you make a solid if you mix two liquids together? Come ready to observe, investigate, and find answers to your science questions. Through projects, crafts, games, and experiments, we’ll explore magnetism, invisible matter, living things, and the science of color. Mix up some super solutions and watch your curiosity bubble up when you join us at our science lab. Ages 4-6.

KS122–S17 $255 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm


Virtual Space Missions Einstein’s Workshop staff, Instructors Design your own space mission using the education version of Kerbal Space Program (KSP). Learn about space flight and the challenges that rocket scientists face on a daily basis. You’ll design a craft, making sure the fins are sized right and the engine is powerful enough; control the ‘pitch’ and ‘yaw’ of the craft, making decisions and calculations for a successful launch; and manipulate its speed, direction, and trajectory as it orbits. Then, make sure it has a safe landing too. Grades 6-8.

KS174–S17–1 $160 July 5–7 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS174–S17–2 $265 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS174–S17–3 $265 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm

Wicked Cool Vet School Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors Animal lovers, grab a lab coat as we learn about our favorite furry, flying, and fishy friends. Make amazing animal models, build big bones, and investigate animal intestines from our favorite vertebrates: birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. A special live animal visit ends the week. Grades 1-4.

KS158–S17–1 $155 July 5–7 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS158–S17–2 $255 July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS158–S17–3 $255 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS158–S17–4 $255 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm 53


Wicked Wacky Lab Week Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors Spend a wild week at the Wicked Cool Lab. Grow enormous polymer cubes and create your own super stretchy formulas from chemical concoctions. Analyze mysterious liquids with kitchen chemistry and make all kinds of slime. Cultivate colorful crystals, and go out with a bang as you experiment with chemical reactions. Grades 1–4.

KS159–S17–1 $255 June 26–30 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS159–S17–2 $255 July 17–21 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS159–S17–3 $255 August 14–18 @ Newton North 1–4pm

All programs the week of June 26 will start the day after Newton Public Schools ends. There are no classes on Monday, July 3 and Tuesday, July 4.

Best of Both Worlds Computer Art: Photoshop Elisa Ng & Sophia Ng, Instructors Apply your creativity and technical knowledge and get proficient with the world’s most popular image manipulation program. In our week together, you’ll learn to use Photoshop for practical and creative projects, working on a surrealist collage, an expressive self-portrait, a reinvented masterpiece or movie poster, and more. See how Photoshop and image manipulation have been used to do things like modify body appearances and alter “real” photographs, and become an expert in creating and recognizing altered images. All levels welcome. Grades 5-9.

KS025–S17 $255 July 10–14 @ Newton North 1–4pm

Create a TV Show Amanda Mazzola & Kimberly Meredith, Instructors Lights—camera—action! Make your own TV production based on your ideas and imagination. Roll the cameras, write the script, create your program’s content, and star in the show, if you so choose. You’ll learn all the basics of TV production, including camerawork, lighting, and scriptwriting, and get expert coaching on your acting as well. We’ll work together to create our masterpiece, and the finished show will be broadcast on NewTV. It’s a new show each week, so new and returning students are welcome. Grades 6-9.

KS170–S17–1 $375 July 17–21 @ Newton North 9am–3pm KS170–S17–2 $375 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–3pm


617 559-6999

Digital Art & Animation Jack Neylan, Instructor Think it’s easy making one of those dancing bears or blinking eyes you see online? You’re right! Join us to get all the tools you need. Start by making a simple drawing in Photoshop, then add coloring, layering, and other effects to create dazzling art. Then invent a cast of characters, draw/paint a background for them to inhabit, and transition them into a simple four-panel digital comic. You’ll create a concept for your own short animation, and learn frame animation in Photoshop to complete your film, adding sound too, if you’d like. For artists and techies alike; no experience necessary. Note: Bring a USB flash drive to class.

KS146–S17–01 $255 (Grades 6–9) July 10–14 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS146–S17–1 $255 (Grades 3–5) July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS146–S17–2 $255 (Grades 3–5) August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS146–S17–3 $255 (Grades 3–5) August 21–25 @ Newton North 1–4pm

DIY Scents & Suds Beth Denman, Instructor Indulge yourself with homemade products for you and your home. You can use these crafts to pamper yourself or a friend, and they can replace boring, chemical-filled, store-bought products. You’ll learn to make all-natural, custom-scented beauty products like bath salts, soap, and lip gloss, as well as homey things like fizz balls and beeswax candles. You’ll enjoy a craft or two per day, and finish the week with a recipe book so you can repeat these activities at home. Grades 2–5.

KS205–S17–1 $265 July 10–14 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS205–S17–2 $265 August 7–11 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS205–S17–3 $265 August 14–18 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS205–S17–4 $265 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm


Game Creators Rachel Zakuta, Instructor

Draw & Build— Architecture Studio Chip Piatti, Instructor

Join other wannabe fiction writers and would-be computer programmers and write your own interactive online game. Using a specialized program called Choicescript, you’ll learn the computer code you need to design action-packed adventure games. You’ll work as a team to craft the story, create the characters, write the code, and of course sample the finished product. You’ll also analyze the personality type associated with your game-playing choices. No problem if you’re new to computer programming; this is a great place to start. But you must love to be creative and write. Your final games will be hosted on the Choice of Games website for friends and family to play.

Design your dream house and learn tricks of the trade used by real architects. You’ll draw floor plans and build models of your house, presenting your creative ideas for review by classmates. You’ll make drawings on graph paper with a variety of architectural pencils, and build models from cardboard, paper, and additional materials you’ll bring from home. We’ll provide the drawing materials: pencils, paper, erasers, squares, and scales. At the end of the week, you’ll have drawings and models of your creation to take home, and will share these in a presentation for family and friends on the last day. Grades 5-9.

KS198–S17–1 $245 (Grades 4–6) June 26–30 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS198–S17–2 $245 (Grades 6–8) July 10–14 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS198–S17–3 $245 (Grades 6–8) July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS198–S17–4 $245 (Grades 6–8) August 7–11 @ Newton North 1–4pm

KS118–S17 $255 July 24–28 @ Newton South 9am–12pm

Move mountains! Change the course of mighty rivers. Build from sea to shining sea. Find out how landscape architects change the face of the earth. We’ll begin with land forms and contours, then add rivers, and roads and rails for homes; we’ll finish the project with other buildings and vehicles. We’ll provide the building materials and instructions; you bring the creativity. On the last day you’ll share a presentation with family and friends, and you’ll leave with a piece of the “land” to take home. Grades 2–5.


Landscape Architecture Chip Piatti, Instructor


Lotions, Lip Balm, & More Katherine Gekas, Instructor Have an herbal education and make homemade, all-natural body products. Each day we’ll go on an “herb walk” to see what’s growing right here in Newton, and then you’ll make hand or body lotion, bath melts, herbal oils, and even bug spray. Use your creations as gifts for yourself or a friend, and replace those less healthy store-bought products. You’ll leave with a handout including recipes, and tips for where you can get the materials to have a product-making party at home! Grades 5-9.

KS164–S17–1 $270 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS164–S17–2 $220 August 21–24 @ Newton North 1–4pm No class Friday, August 25 New

Minecraft Unplugged Danielle Larosee, Instructor Ever wish Minecraft were real? Here is your chance to craft your favorite blocks, tools, and creatures to create the ultimate Minecraft adventure. We will work as a group without computers to create all of the mods you could ever imagine, moving them from the digital into the physical world. We’ll use cardboard to create life blocks to build with, and perler beads for smaller tools to create our mini items. Grades 2-5. Note: Bring lots of cardboard—flat sheets, and boxes of all sizes except extra large.

KS173–S17–1 $155 July 5–7 @ Newton North 9am–12pm

KS167–S17–1 $255 June 26–30 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS167–S17–2 $255 July 10–14 @ Newton North 1–4pm 55


Picture Perfect: Digital Photography & Editing Danielle Larosee, Instructor Merge your artistic and technical talents in this hands-on class. We’ll start by going out into the field to take our own photos— discussing good composition for different genres such as nature, portraiture, and stilllife. Then we’ll learn how to use Photoshop to edit our photos and create stunning graphics. Throughout the process we’ll review each other’s photos as a group, discussing how they can be edited to achieve desired effects. You’ll finish the week with digital files of your work. All levels welcome. Grades 5-9. Note: Bring your own digital camera and its cord.

KS203–S17 $245 July 31–August 4 @ Newton South 1–4pm New

Picture Projects Danielle Larosee, Instructor With a creative eye and the tricks of technology, you can be a master photographer. You’ll choose a theme each day to photograph—perhaps portraits, nature, or even other NCE classes. Then you’ll make your photos into magnificent works of art, with the magic of Apple’s Photos program and the guidance of our experienced instructor and fellow classmates. We’ll utilize Photos’ editing tools to enhance your photographs, and you’ll turn them into thematic slideshows. You’ll finish the week with digital files of your work. Grades 2-5. Note: Bring a digital camera (or your phone or iPad) and its cord.

KS202–S17–1 $155 July 5–7 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS202–S17–2 $245 August 7–11 @ Newton North 1–4pm

Smart Streets Alicia Bowman & Nathan Phillips, Instructors

Web Design Jesse Klimov, Instructor

Calling all engineers, entrepreneurs, and activists. Design the streets of the future. Imagine a zero-pollution mix of bikes, electric vehicles, and buses, all sharing the road safely with state-of-the-art lane markings and bike protections. Learn the skills you need to make your imagined streets a reality. Working as a team, we’ll assess hazards, then create and advocate for safe and comfortable ways to get to Newton’s middle and high schools. You’ll collect and map data on origins, destinations, and obstacles, using GIS, Google Maps and GoPro. You’ll design persuasive posters and materials to sway public opinion. As bonus attractions, we’ll have visits by some of Boston’s leading transportation experts to walk our streets with us and offer planning tips; plus we’ll do a trial bike ride on our current streets, imagining our future ones. Grades 5-9.

Stretch your creative and technical talents and build your own website from the ground up. Learn to create great web pages that include pictures, sound, and video. You’ll explore languages like HTML and CSS that are “under the hood” of all websites, and you’ll consider ways to organize colors, layouts, and content to make your pages stand out. You’ll use the Web as your primary source for images, but you can bring other materials that you’d like on your site too. We’ll put your website online (either privately or publicly) and also provide a link you can take home. All levels welcome; experienced students can work on more indepth projects. Grades 5–9.

Note: You must have a bike to join us for our trial ride.

KS131–S17 $375 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–4pm

Songwriting with GarageBand Deanna Mustachio, Instructor Learn to write a song and record it for posterity. You’ll coax out your most meaningful lyrics; create a catchy melody; and learn to structure a song, add instruments to the melody line, and record your song using GarageBand. If songwriting isn’t your thing, you can use GarageBand’s existing loops and incorporate jam packs or other sound effects to make an original music masterpiece. You’ll leave the class with a recorded copy of your work. Grades 5-9. Note: Bring your instrument if you have one, but don’t worry if you’re not a musician; no musical or GarageBand experience is necessary.

KS209–S17–1 $245 August 7–11 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS209–S17–2 $245 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm


617 559-6999

Note: Come to class with your own email address.

KS216–S17–1 $245 June 26–30 @ Newton South 1–4pm KS216–S17–2 $245 July 17–21 @ Newton South 9am–12pm KS216–S17–3 $245 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS216–S17–4 $245 August 14–18 @ Newton North 1–4pm KS216–S17–5 $245 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm


Sports Archery BayState Archery staff, Instructors Archery is a great option if you prefer a non-competitive individual sport to team sports. Certified instructors will determine your dominant eye, explain the rules, and get you started, providing individualized instruction throughout the class. You’ll learn technique, form, and accuracy. Equipment is provided. Grades 3 & up.

KS924–S17–1 $135 July 5–7 @ Newton South 9–10:55am KS924–S17–2 $210 August 21–25 @ Bigelow 9–10:55am

Basketball Jr. Kids Hoops staff, Instructors Learn the basics of basketball and enjoy playground play, contests, and a smattering of other sports and games too. Ages 4-8.

KS925–S17–1 $195 August 14–18 @ Mason Rice 9am–12pm KS925–S17–2 $195 August 21–25 @ Mason Rice 9am–12pm

Flag Football Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors Learn fundamental football skills from our enthusiastic coaches. We’ll work on passing, catching, running, and offensive/defensive strategies. Apply your new skills in a scrimmage each day, using flags only, no tackling. Grades 3-6.

KS918–S17–1 $195 June 26–June 30 @ Countryside 9am–12pm KS918–S17–2 $195 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS918–S17–3 $195 August 28–September 1 @ Mason Rice 9am–12pm

Soccer & Multi-Sports Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors

Sports & Games Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors

Enjoy a variety of sports in this camp. Soccer will be our core sport, but unique games and activities will also be part of the mix. You’ll learn proper skills, rules, and tips for each sport. A final-day tournament ends each week. Campers will be grouped by age and skill level. Ages 4-8.

Join us for afternoons filled with sports and games. For morning sports campers, we’ll start with lunch and free play, then enjoy your favorite sports, as well as familiar and unusual games. Afternoon-only kids, join us at lunch time or later. Our focus in on play, rather than learning new skills; expect only friendly competition in a relaxed and supportive environment. Bring your own lunch. Ages 4-10.

KS919–S17–1 $195 June 26–30 @ Countryside 9am–12pm KS919–S17–2 $120 July 5–July 7 @ Countryside 9am–12pm KS919–S17–3 $195 July 10–14 @ Countryside 9am–12pm KS919–S17–4 $195 July 17–21 @ Countryside 9am–12pm KS919–S17–5 $195 July 24–28 @ Countryside 9am–12pm KS919–S17–6 $195 July 31–August 4 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS919–S17–7 $195 August 7–11 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS919–S17–8 $195 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS919–S17–9 $195 August 21–25 @ Newton North 9am–12pm KS919–S17–10 $195 August 28–September 1 @ Mason Rice 9am–12pm New

Soccer & Multi-Sports Sr. Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors More Soccer. More other sports and games. Grades 3-6.

KS922–S17 $195 August 14–18 @ Newton North 9am–12pm

KS923–S17 $175 August 28–September 1 @ Mason Rice 12–3pm

Soccer for Moms* Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors Soccer is not just for kids! Join us to get in on the action. Our coaches will provide the equipment, officiate the games, and give pointers to help improve your skills. Players at all levels are welcome (even if you’re not a soccer mom). Note: Wear shin guards and bring a soccer ball and water bottle to every session; cleats are a good idea too.

KS920–S17 $95 (7–8pm) 5 Tuesdays @ Mason Rice

June 20–July 25 No class July 4

Soccer Tykes* Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors Toddlers, with your adult partner, learn the basics of soccer in this fun, noncompetitive environment. Ages 2-3 with an adult (one child per adult please). Note: Shin guards and soccer balls are optional, but please bring a water bottle.

KS921–S17–1 $105 (5–6pm) KS921–S17–2 $105 (6–7pm) 5 Tuesdays @ Mason Rice June 20–July 25 No class July 4

In case of questionable or bad weather, please call 617-499-4820 to find out if your class is running. 57


NCE Summer School Newton Summer school is now part of NCE. We offer elective classes for credit, academic classes that you can take in place of their school-year equivalents, and review classes that you can take to make up classes you did not successfully complete during the year. Check our website for more details about our elective and academic offerings.

Marine Biology Thomas Eldridge, Instructor Join us to investigate the amazing biology of marine organisms and explore the ecology of their environment through experiential, hands-on learning. To supplement our classroom and lab work, we’ll go on four field trips. See our website for details of each trip.

Academic Classes We offer full-credit classes in biology, chemistry, and U.S. History. We offer make-up review classes in English and Math, and a one-credit Personal Fitness class. Newton students: You may not repeat a class for which you received a final grade of “N.” Classes meet Monday through Friday, with the exception of July 3 & 4. See our website for details.

Note: There are no summer school classes on Monday, July 3 or Tuesday, July 4.

Note: Upon completion you will receive 2.5 credits. These credits count towards your general graduation requirements, but do not satisfy your science department credit requirements. Grades 9-12.

Elective Classes

KS803–S17 $695 June 29–July 28 @ Newton North 8:30–11am

June 29–August 11 @ Newton North 8am–12pm

Pre-Calculus Vu Ha, Instructor

June 29–August 11 @ Newton North 8am–12pm

Critical Writing Amanda Legare, Instructor If you often feel that your ideas are better than your papers, join us and improve your academic writing in all subjects. In this class, we’ll help you define a clear thesis and organize evidence to support it. You’ll practice structuring logical paragraphs, drawing convincing connections between them, and building up to a strong, emphatic conclusion. You’ll also learn to avoid common word use and grammatical errors that can detract from your arguments. You’ll finish this class with increased confidence to tackle your future writing assignments. Note: Upon completion you will receive 1.5 credits. These credits count towards your general graduation requirements, but do not satisfy your English department credit requirements. Grades 9-12.

KS802–S17 $450 June 29–July 21 @ Newton North 8am–12pm


617 559-6999

If you’re a rising senior and you’ve successfully completed 513 or 613 Math, you may take this class to qualify for senior year calculus. We’ll cover the prerequisite topics you’ll need to understand before you move on to calculus.

Biology KS800-S17 $575 Chemistry KS801-S17 $575 US History KS807-S17 $575 June 29–August 11 @ Newton North 8am–12pm

Math Review KS804-S17 $450 June 29–August 11@ Newton North 8–10am

Note: There is no credit awarded for this class. Grade 12 only.

English Review KS805-S17 $450

KS806–S17 $325 June 29–July 21 @ Newton North 8–10am

June 29–August 11 @ Newton North 8–10am

Personal Fitness KS808-S17 $150 June 29–July 14 @ Newton North 8am–12pm

general info & policies



Our classes are open to everyone. Please let us know if you have any special concerns or need special assistance.

For our adult, and school-year Kids classes, you must withdraw at least seven days before the class start date printed in our catalog to receive either a refund minus a $10 processing fee, or a credit-on-account minus a $5 fee. The $6 registration fee is non-refundable. No other refunds or credits will be given, unless we cancel your class, in which case you’ll receive a full refund. To withdraw from a class, call us during office hours; we do not process withdrawals by email. There are no partial refunds for student absences, scheduling conflicts, or weather-related closings.

AGE REQUIREMENTS Adult classes are open to students 18 years of age and older. Age requirements for Kids classes are listed per class.

CHANGES NCE reserves the right to cancel classes that are under-enrolled, and to change times, locations, and instructors when necessary.

DISCOUNTS We offer a 15% discount to seniors (age 65+), veterans, and employees of the City of Newton. The discount is available on most of our classes, but only if you register by phone and let us know at the time of registration. ELL, one-session, couples’ rate classes, and other select classes are excluded. Discounts do not apply to materials, food fees, or our Kids classes, and can not be combined.

GIFT CERTIFICATES Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be used for any class we offer.

PARKING FOR EVENING CLASSES Free parking is available in lots at both high schools. There is additional parking on neighborhood streets; please pay attention to all official street signs, as parking laws are enforced.

Permissions We may occasionally post your work to our website or take pictures of students in our classes to use in promotional materials. Your enrollment in a class indicates your approval for this.

SCHOLARSHIPS Partial scholarships are available on a limited basis for Newton residents. Please call 617559-6999 for more information.


Additional Info & Policies for Kids School-Year Programs BEHAVIOR POLICY It is our expectation that students in our classes will follow their teacher’s instructions. Students are expected to be respectful of their teachers and peers. Students must use only materials designated for their NCE class and use them appropriately. If your child does not meet these expectations, we will communicate with you to discuss his or her behavior. If after two such communications your child’s behavior has not improved, we will ask you to withdraw your child from the class and no refund will be given. If your child exhibits threatening physical behavior towards others in the class, he or she will be withdrawn immediately and no refund will be given.

Sorry, we do not offer trial classes.



Classes meet at their regular times on early-release days.

If Newton public schools are closed due to inclement weather, our classes that run in school buildings are cancelled. Decisions about off-site classes are made individually; please check your class listing on our website. Classes cancelled due to weather will be made up at the end of the term; there will be no refunds for weather-related closings.

We are inclusive NCE does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status, or any other category protected by federal or state law.

GETTING TO CLASS Kids at each school typically walk themselves to our classes, but younger kids are sometimes escorted by their classroom teachers; please check with your child’s school and/ or teacher. NCE teachers arrive when school ends (12:30 on Tuesdays, and 3:00 on all other days). On Tuesdays, kids eat lunch between 12:30 and 12:45, and on other days they usually have a snack (you must provide your own lunches and snacks). Kids from all schools are welcome at all our classes. School secretaries are at their desks until 3:30 each day and can buzz in kids arriving for NCE classes from other schools.

LATE FEES Please respect our staff and pick up your child on time. There is a $10 fee for every 10 minutes you’re late. At the fourth occurrence, these fees will double.


general info & policies




We post room locations to our website as soon as we have that information.

We do not offer sibling or other discounts on our Kids programs. Partial scholarships are available on a limited basis for Newton residents. Call 617-559-6999 for more information.

Choose the morning and afternoon programs you want (making sure they’re running at the same location) and sign up for lunch too. Our staff will take your child from the morning class to lunch and from lunch to the afternoon class, and you can pick up from there. There is no need to sign up for lunch if your child is enrolled in a class that runs from 9–2:30 or later, as they will have lunch as a class. Lunch is not offered for kids who are enrolled in a single half-day program. Bring your own snack and lunch.

PICK-UP AFTER CLASS At the end of class, our teachers will bring all kids to the main entrance of the school to be picked up by parents, guardians, or after-school staff. Kids in grades K-2 must be signed out by an adult; kids in grades 3-5 can dismiss themselves with written permission from a parent or guardian. To give your permission, send an email to staff@ stating your child’s name, grade, NCE class, and school.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES Please contact us to discuss any medical conditions, allergies, learning styles, or other special circumstances that could impact your child’s experience in our program.

Additional Info & Policies for Kids Summer Programs Afternoon Extended Day We offer Extended Day until 5:30pm each day. Our staff will bring Extended Day students to our designated location and you can pick up there. Late fees apply for all late pick-ups, so please be prompt! We will not pro-rate our fee for Extended Day, but you are welcome to send your child for fewer than five days. (Please let us know if you plan to do this.) There is no early-morning program (except with Camp Invention); please do not bring your child early as there is no supervision prior to the start of our classes.


617 559-6999

DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP PROCEDURES Please bring your child to his or her class each day and pick up from there (or from our Extended Day location). Kids in grades 3-5 can dismiss themselves with written permission from a parent or guardian. To give your permission, send an email to staff@ stating your child’s name and NCE class. For summer sports campers, drop-off and pick-up are at the main entrance of the school.

GRADES/AGES Make sure you enroll your child in the appropriate class for his or her grade. Use your child’s age/grade as of Fall 2017 and make sure that it is accurate in your child’s profile when signing up online.

LATE FEES Please respect our staff and pick up your child on time. Late pick-ups will be charged as follows: 1st time: $25 for each 10 minutes you’re late. 2nd time: $50 for each 10 minutes you’re late. If you’re late three times over the summer, you will be asked to withdraw your child from our program and no refund will be given.

LOCATIONS To find your class, come to the main entrance of the school and you’ll have help from there. We’ll have color-coded signs and friendly staff to guide you, and in some cases we may send you specific directions by email too.

REFUNDS/WITHDRAWALS If you would like to withdraw from a class before June 1, you can have a refund minus a $25 processing fee. After June 1, no refunds or credits will be given. Transfers may be possible, space permitting. There is a $50 fee for each transfer. Refund and transfer requests must be made by phone.

SNACKS AND LUNCH Kids should bring their own snacks for half-day programs, and lunch as well for full-day ones.

SUMMER SPORTS Registration for all sports camps is through NCE. Payment must be made in full for your registration to be complete, and the above refund policy applies. For Sports Extended Day, check our website.

WAITLIST STATUS If the class you want is full, sign up for the waitlist! It’s free, and we often get last-minute changes. You can always turn down a spot if it’s offered to you.

NCE Spring 2017 Catalog  

NCE Spring 2017 Catalog

NCE Spring 2017 Catalog  

NCE Spring 2017 Catalog