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January 2013

Beautiful Rebel 7 Ways to fulfill your PURPOSE

A Day in the Life of a Business Gal Featured Interview with Andi Mans

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A Personal Note from LaDawn Townsend Coach, Writer, Adventure Seeker, Editor

“Beautiful Rebel”


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Zumba Motivation by LaDawn Townsend I’ve become a satisfied victim to the nations latest workout dance craze. ZUMBA Zumba and I have been loving companions for over a year although we have had our disagreements . Stretch more; breathe right and moves that I thought were just ergonomically impossible. I have to say it has been an exciting adventure and I’m reaping the rewards. One of the benefits for me was realizing that I have a natural rhythm, but in less instructed environments and the freedom in knowing that while others are so exasperated during the class they don’t really care what I look like. It is a true judgment free zone because we collectively resemble quivering ostriches and are welcomed to be there. During my latest sweat session I thought about the contrast of how my goal for that hour is to just keep moving and the same is true in business. My moves don’t have to look exactly like the instructors; after all she is the professional and I am not. The goal is to get through the hour, loose the weight and enjoy the fun of buying a new wardrobe, among other things. It doesn’t have to look pretty it just has to get done! In some regards my business is the same way. There are times when I doubt myself because I don’t always have an answer for everything. I allow that doubt to change the game plan for my business which is really self sabotage.


Just like Zumba there is a core move that is interwoven into all of the dances. So when I’m in doubt or overwhelmed by the “latest” craze in life I come back to my core by reminding myself of the things I’m good at and how to offer those skills to my clients. This is also known as “know what is true for you & stick to your foundation." In order to get over this increase in anxiety which was ushered in by self doubt I get into my ZUMBA frame of mind. Just keep moving! Here are some ZUMBA inspired tips to get you unstuck in your business:

#1 -I don’t have an answer to what my client is asking? We will never know everything all of the time. But if you’re like me some of your talent can be a keen eye for research followed by the knack to successfully network. My corporate career was mainly researching tough situations and providing solutions to increase the experience the customer receives. This increases sales, helps to retain customers while driving down customer dissatisfaction all while keeping your brand solid and if you get some referrals that is icing on the cake. So with this in mind give yourself a break and simply reply with “I don’t know the answer to that but I will find out”, make sure you keep your commitment and get back to your client in a prompt amount of time.


#2- Some days I don’t feel motivated to do the work? These days will come and that is why it is very important to have an evolving goal for your life. Whether this is to provide a better life for your family or improve your own surroundings, if you don’t already know what this is you need to find out what you want to create for yourself as a result of a successful business. Now, don’t get me wrong there is a genuine fulfillment we receive from helping others but on the days that you don’t want to send one more email or go to another brainstorming coffee session just remember what you want your life rewards to be. If that doesn’t work then you must think back on the reasons why you made a decision to be an entrepreneur. What was it that triggered you to take the leap into being a business owner? Still need motivation? Try driving by a local unemployment office and seeing the long lines of those who might not have a plan B and would give anything to be in the position of someone that can create income for themselves. That is motivation enough for me.

Until next time.... Manténgase en movimiento o salir del camino (That is Spanish for “Keep moving or get out the way”)

Zumba girl out!


A Day in the Life of a Business

Gal Featured Interview with Andi Mans Meet Andi Mans Andi is a Wedding + Lifestyle photographer and designer. Her work has been featured in several wedding blogs and magazines such as; Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, Wedding Chicks and more! She is based in Orlando, Florida but available for travel nationally + destination weddings. “I love making people laugh and living a life dedicated to my love for Jesus and family.�- Andi Mans Andi Mans Photography


LaDawn: It seems that being creative isn’t just your job but it is also what you love. When did you know you wanted to become a photographer? Was there any specific event that triggered you to make the leap from “9 to 5” to “your own time”? Andi: Photography was always something I was exposed to, younger I was in the entertainment music industry and actually was a singer, I had to be in front of the camera for shoots and not only modeling myself but being able to watch behind the scenes on how the professionals worked. It looked like so much fun but I knew it had to be more than that, actual work! I dabbled into it more and more and fell in love with the wedding industry, I’m a huge artist/creative person and all the little details and moments that you can capture in a wedding made me jump right into the industry. Doing your “own thing” is a lot of work, but at the same time it’s the best job I have ever had, I love working for myself, being in control of what I want to do daily for my business and constantly thinking of what I can do next, it’s really exciting. LaDawn: One common fear that I hear from women business owners is that “there is already someone providing the same product or service that they want to do”. What have you done to add your personality into the service you provide?


Andi: I completely have heard that before as well. You have to be yourself. I think many gals starting out may do their research online to see who is doing what locally and if they are successful, may try to reflect the same treatment, but I believe in being unique and offering what is different about you is key. It will show, potential clients will notice the difference and the professionalism that you offer. Focus on your goals and ideas, don’t get distracted with what everyone else is doing, because at the end of the day, “they” aren’t going to help you, you have to put the work in and build your business, because wasn’t it YOUR dream in the first place?

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LaDawn: Can you give us an example of what a typical work day is like for you? A lot of entrepreneurs that make the shift away from a full time job struggle with what their schedule should be. Andi: Well I wake up like anyone else; my computer is constantly on as well as the phone. That’s one thing that was a big change, 9-5 jobs your phone is shut off and you can just go along your weekend and afternoons without clients bothering you. As an entrepreneur you are always “on”, you may get requests, email inquiries or even rush jobs while you’re out or at anytime, since you’re the boss, you must be available. I didn’t mind though, because again, I love what I do and I want my clients to be happy. You have to have a schedule and watch your time wisely. I keep a planner that I write absolutely everything in, if I didn’t, I really don’t know how I would remember everything I had to do! It will take some time to get the groove of your routine in, but it eventually unfolds to a nice fit to your new lifestyle. LaDawn: Okay now a fun question. What do you do to relax? Have you set up any guidelines for yourself when it is time to recharge and step away from the work? Andi: Oh absolutely! It’s nice to step outside and just grab coffee, lunch with a friend or shopping. I love to go thrift and vintage window browsing, going for a run or believe it or 11 | P a g e

not designing for my Etsy shop, it’s pretty relaxing. When you are feeling a bit burnt out, it’s time to put the phone on silent, shut down the computer and just do something fun, coming back recharged will feel so much better. LaDawn: What has been your greatest failure or best lesson learned? Andi: My best lesson learned is to always be open to new ideas. In the beginning I might have been more hesitant to try new ventures with my business, scared of it not working, etc. But I learned that if you believe in yourself, your product or service, do it, let it out there and give it all you got. You really have nothing to lose when you already won in my eyes by showcasing it. Point is, don’t be scared to be different.

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Beautiful Rebel 7 Ways to fulfill your PURPOSE By LaDawn Townsend

Webster’s definition of PURPOSE {Purpose a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution} Don’t under estimate the power of having purpose in your life. The word is at times not used with its full potential. Purpose is what drives you when all looks dim in your business. When the phone isn’t ringing and webinar attendees are low remembering your purpose will keep you afloat. In October I taught a three part series on having a vision for your business & how to implement that successfully. The following is a sneak peek into the 7 key principles that are a special bonus only included in that Vision training. Ready to work with purpose? Let’s do it…

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Know that you know that you know who you are

Yes that’s what I just said and no it wasn’t a typo. To work with what I like to call “laser focused action” only comes after you know for yourself who you are and what you stand for. 2.

You must have a vision for your future

What is the one thing that drives you when all else isn’t going the way you thought it would. What is going to keep you moving? 3.

Stop talking about it and get into action

Now that you know who you are & your vision is set, it’s time to start moving. Good old fashion networking in your local community can serve you just as well as Social Media. 4.

Is everything in sync?

Make sure that your profile, website and blog profiles sync up. You’re your message and branding should tell the same story about you.

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Don’t doubt yourself!

Doubt is a direct result of FEAR & fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. The same queasy feeling in your stomach, sweaty palms & racing thoughts occur when you’re excited about something enjoyable. So don’t believe the false message of FEAR turn it around and use it to light your fire. 6.

Not everyone will buy into your vision

Two simple words. That’s Okay! Continue to network and look for people that are in movement towards making their own goals happen & offer to be a success accountability partner. Share the experiences of your challenges and successes. For anyone else just love them where there at & move on. 7. Reward yourself When it’s time to unwind you should really let your hair down. Go on a cruise; take a long weekend trip or camp. Whatever it is do something that recharges your battery.

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