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–DG, Chambers of Commerce ent. Those of us who were coming from the village and the grammar school environment - the kind of clothes we wore didn’t fit into that environment. It took us time to gain confidence. And that is one of the benefits of education. After some time we now gained confidence, we were among people of varying backgrounds. Which higher institution? Kwara Polytechnic. It was a school of basic studies in Kwara. There is this popular saying that growing up as a man, there are three different aspects, it’s either you are into women, into drinking or into smoking. So, which one did you pick? I won’t pick anyone. It’s just that occasionally, you know peer group pressure can be very strong. Occasionally you are tempted to get into some of these things. But if you are not cut out for it, even if you try to do it, you will find it very awkward to remain in it. You know, when we were in school, of course there is always this pressure then in higher institution. People going around with girlfriends, into the girls’ hostel and you know some of us were not confident enough. We came from a background that teaches you to be careful about certain things and sometimes to a fault. So it was very difficult for one to fall fully into it, but occasionally, you got tempted and you also wanted to try. You try it and you find out the thing wasn’t working for you. You get out of it and just follow your normal acts. That is just it. Smoking, I told you, the moment I tried it once and I started coughing, I knew this was not for me. And drinking, because you see people around you drinking you want to even taste it, it wasn’t for me. Even if you find yourself in the group of people that want to push you to it, and you even try to do it and the thing wasn’t good, it just goes to validate the fact that this thing is actually not the best for you. So it’s not true that everybody has to pick one of those perversions.

of nothing to do, just attending parties. As a form of relaxation, do you take time to go out with your family? Occasionally, Yes. But I don’t do it much. And my wife too is a very busy person. She’s a business person. So, from Monday to Saturday she is talking about her customers, her party, there is a lot of things she has to deliver. Even to get her to go out sometimes can be very hard. I can also be quite busy myself. There are always issues to conclude, there are always analyses to do, so I must confess, I am not doing much when it comes to that. Do you have any favourite meal particularly at weekends? No, I don’t. Whatever she gives me I take. I don’t sit down and say go and do this. If she feels like doing something special, good. If she’s happy, she’s the one that dictates what she will serve. Sometimes, she will just come up with something fantastic and you will be wondering what is happening today? Apart from tennis, do you have any other favourite sport? No, no. My favourite sport is tennis. Do you watch football? No, it gives me stress, especially when I have a stake in it. I only watch replays. You do not support any club? No, I don’t. I am not a fan of any. I just watch them. I enjoy

What’s your social life like? Well, I visit friends occasionally, I am a member of Ikoyi Club, I visit there occasionally. I play tennis. Sometimes, I go there with my laptop and listen to different kinds of developments around the world, listen to some moral, inspirational discussions or teachings. Occasionally when I am tired, I just switch on to some things like that. And if there are social outings to attend, I do, if it is compulsory for me, if it is somebody close to me. Do you go to Owambe parties? You see, for somebody like me, first I don’t drink. And if you don’t drink there are some environments you cannot really flow with easily. Then if you don’t womanise, although for many people of my age, you don’t do much of that. For most of the parties I attend they are always mandatory that I attend. Not that it’s for want

watching them. Not that I am a fan of any particular club. Being a fan gives me stress. I feel tensed up, as if something big is at stake. Especially when you are watching a live match. You understand what I mean.

...with a friend at a party

What is your favourite colour? I like white.

We had another room where the goats slept while we slept in another room

Is there any particular challenge of life that you wish did not occur in your life? Yes, there is one experience. And it had to do with when I was getting married. There is this genotype thing. I am AS. So I know that I should not marry somebody that is AS. A couple of people I met because of genotype thing, it didn’t work for me. When I met my wife, the test she did presented her as AA. I said okay, of course I was there when she did the test. So we got married. We had our first daughter and when she was five, she started to develop some funny symptoms. I said, “What is wrong with this girl?” Pains in the night, she will be crying about her legs and so on. I thought it was an orthopaedic matter so I took her to an orthopaedic person. So the woman looked at her severely and asked us to go and conduct a test. By the time we did a test, we discovered she was SS. My first though was “how did this happen?” So I took my wife and the other two children to the hospital and they confirmed that my wife was AS. And we already had three children. So it was a terrible time.

Did you feel your wife tricked you into it? No. I feel it was an error on the part of those that conducted the test. That is why even for some of this very important tests, it is better to validate whatever test someone has done for you. And you should do it in a very standard hospital. So it was very devastating. Of course, about two years after I lost the child. She died. And luckily, the other two are not. But because of that experience I did not bother to have any child again. But the risk was too much. So that is one terrible thing that happened. And the lesson for people is that for such things they have to get the check done. It was a terrible experience. Before the girl died, every day was like a bonus. You get my point? You get home, you meet her and she is still there. Because anything could happen. Because the crisis could just develop like that. So that is perhaps the most devastating experience. Which is your happiest moment? I have a lot of happy moments. Waking up and seeing that you are healthy is great. It’s true, because we take a lot of things for granted. Even getting out of bed, driving out, going out and coming back is a lot of things we don’t normally appreciate. It’s only when something goes wrong that we now know the value of many blessings. So every day is a happy day. What will I say? When I had my school certificate result, I discovered that I made division one. They used to call it division one, two, three at that time.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

New telegraph saturday, september 19, 2015 binder1  

Saturday, September 19, 2015