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n the couch is Spice Tv’s unique chat show that presents a candid group of people to discuss and debate on love, intimacy and relationships. Last week’s edition focused on the deceptive nature of social media profile picture. So many issues were raised during the discussion and the guest speakers (Demi, Moi and DJ Sose) gave their personal opinions and experiences about online dating. Shade Ladipo anchored the show. Demi, a guest on the programme and a photographer, did not see anything wrong with online dating. He narrated his experience: “Funny enough, we met face to face in a public place after we dated online for a while. It lasted for years and it was such a good relationship. I remembered one of our dates, I got home and she embraced me with a kiss. I was in secondary school and it was a very nice relationship.” Moi, an actress, who was also a guest at the show, was a bit stylish with the way she responded to questions. “I have met different guys on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and dinner. When you meet people to discuss business and they are saying something else, you have no choice than to just try them out. So, I give them the attention while I move on with my life, the decision as to whether to date them or not is all to me”, adding that whatever happens online is the reflection of what happen in real life. “There are so many fake profiles online. I upload things I do daily on Facebook and there is nothing fake about my profile. As for expectations, I have learnt not to expect much so as not to feel disappointed”. Moi however associated her online dating experiences to loneliness. “I have dated online once, we did not get to meet each other face-toface but we do everything online. I was his girlfriend online because there was nobody else. The fact is

that I really liked him so I felt that one day I would see him because he was in the US. I eventually broke it up but the time it lasted was good”. Ladipo, the hostess, stated her position as: “These things are happening because it is an era where everybody is on social media, I can sit down today and create a random profile, ask a guy out and makes sure he falls for me thinking I am a girl. If you check my social media, the majority of my pictures there are real, social media is just like a market where people own the best of your pictures, you can duplicate, create or fake anything there. But you just have to make a choice of yes or no. Social media brings out the best of you. So, it depends on what you are using social media for. However, DJ Sose who was also

a guest never supported the idea of dating on line. “In African society, it is more of face-to-face relationship/dating but now, online dating is what technology has brought to us and that involves exchanging of pictures and videos. We have single men and single ladies everywhere so, I don’t see any reason you should go on social media to date. I feel that when you go dating online, it means you are not social and cannot meet people out there; it is just not a normal thing to me.” At the end of the programme, suggestions were made on how to meet online partner. It was advised that you meet the online partner in an open place and that it is even better you get someone to wait behind to ensure your safety.

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Woman Tori EKO FM (Saturday @4:02pm)

It is a programme that features element of science and fiction in a very light mood.

Just like the name implies, it is a programme that features activities of Nigerian women.

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Top Radio FM’s Tosyn

osyn Bucknor is one of Nigeria’s most popular on-air personalities. She is a writer, presenter, MC, an entrepreneur and runs a sickle cell project known as These Gene. She is the second of four children from the family of Segun Bucknor. The Top Radio 90.9 presenter handles a morning show and has won some awards including “Executive Lady of the Year Award”, “Female Radio Presenter of the Year”, “Future Award Radio Presenter,” and “Dynamic Award Radio Presenter.” She said what kept her going was hard work and hours spent perfecting what she did until she eventually became successful.” Bucknor, with her These Genes plat-



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form, has put a smile on the faces of some carriers of sickle cell. She began the project in December 2007, with the aim of getting Nigerians to talk freely about sickle cell as well as offering support to families and people with “these genes”.

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New telegraph saturday, september 19, 2015 binder1  

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