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Will you listen to your religious leader if he asks you not to marry the man/woman you love? It depends

I will not listen

If it's based on God’s voice

I will not What on earth will be the reason for him stopping me not to marry a man I love? I will not. – Rita Samuel, student

No, I will not No, I will not, we are talking about love and you know what it means to be in love. – Fadipe Seyi, student

– Nike Busari, NYSC member

No, I won’t

I will not

My obeying him or not will be based on his reasons and if it is convincing enough I will obey. But if not then I will go on with my wish. – Adeniyi Odigie Oluwarotimi, entrepreneur

It is a bit tricky, but he has to prove his points to me and if it's reasonable I might listen to him.

– Eyo Faith, student

– Princess Blessing, civil servant

If his reasons are sound enough

If the reasons are good enough

I am not trying to disrespect God but I will definitely not listen to my pastor. It is only if Jesus Christ comes down before I will agree not to get married to the man.

Well, to my own perspective, if he has a genuine reason for saying that, I think I will listen to him because I will want to believe he is speaking from the voice of God.

Why will I listen to the man of God in the first place? He is neither my dad nor my mum. I will definitely go on and marry her and if the pastor feels like he doesn't want to join us then we can go to another church. – Wanapere Akpos, student

I will marry the man I love because my pastor can neither dictate who I will marry nor tell me who to fall in love with. – Adeoye Esther, student

– Shafaru Kafayat, student

No, if I really love and I feel the person is who I am ready to spend the rest of my life with I will not listen to the religious leader. – Stanley Omax Ikwue, student

Only my parents can do that

I will marry the man of my choice

There will be a reason for saying that to me; first I will ask him why he asks me not to marry the man I love. If the reason is good, I will step back but if the reason is nothing to me, I will marry him.

No reason will convince me except he proves the reason and if it’s worth forgiven, I will forgive.

– Oladosu Rufus, student

Reason must be compelling He should have a reason for that, but that may not necessarily convince me.

I will have to consider the genuineness of his words I will not marry her but he has to give me genuine reasons. He has to tell me what the Holy Spirit reveals to him concerning the woman. Also at the same time too I will reason with what he says and use it to monitor the woman for some time. I cannot just walk out from someone I love; that is unfair to her on my part. –Udoh Emmanuel, banker

– Dairo Ayokanmi, student

I won't go ahead I would not go ahead because he might have seen some things about the marriage in the spiritual realm why praying. – Toyin Ajibade, works in a

I will if he has a good reason If he has a good reason for saying such, then I will oblige and obey him. – Sanni Ademola, student

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I must have loved the man for the wrong reasons I won't obey him As for me, all what he says is for him and that cannot convince me not to marry her. – Baale Joshua, student

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That is a big question. I must have loved him for the wrong reasons then because I can't love someone that my pastor won't accept. – Temilola Adebiyi, works in a telecoms firm