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The Secret to Attracting Money into Your Life

The 11 Forgotten Laws - Where "The Secret" Came Up Empty Handed How to Force the Universe to Manifest Your Dream Life Many who have struggled with trying to improve their lives have often turned to books and pamphlets on self-help, even documentaries. Those that have forayed into areas where they've sought alternative means to balancing their lives have more than likely stumbled across and watched a film from producer Rhonda Byrne called The Secret. The premise behind the film came through a series of interviews that covered optimistic thought process. The overall statement of belief is that everyone who wants or needs something accomplished simply needs to wish (or pray), envision the outcome and begin living as if the outcome has already manifested. The film centered on the Law of Attraction, and as described in the film the principle of the "Law of Attraction" takes the position that human emotion, feelings and thoughts have a way of attracting and influencing events both on the cosmic level as well on the more physical, emotional and even professional level. The Secret to Attracting Money Into Your Life

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To summarize the concept behind what the films positions as the universal solution: ask and you should receive. The concept is that the world and universe, as an intelligence whole, will respond to our desires. The problem with the concept is that it falls very well short of considering the major 11 universal laws (The law of attraction is just one of these laws) that dominate and govern our lives. There are other laws outside of the law of attraction that specifically deal with the balance in our lives and play a part in determining how we heal from within. Wishing for something is not quite enough and these 11 laws, as noted in the 11 Forgotten Laws program, are required as a whole in order to obtain complete holistic wellness and a balance in life. The Law of Attraction is merely a step in the process - it’s not a destination. Click Here to Discover these Secrets

Here's just a taste of what each of the laws represent: 1. The Law of Thinking - Our treasure is where our heart rests, and this law teaches us that we are and we become what we think about most. 2. The Law of Supply - It is only natural for us as humans to want more, and it is perfectly OK for us to wish, desire and aim for greater things. 3. The Law of Attraction - We tend to attract to ourselves those things that we put into the world through our thoughts, actions, feeling and emotions whether by conscious measure or not. 4. The Law of Receiving - This focuses on the importance of fostering and cultivating our abilities to allow something to come to us and accept it when it arrives. 5. The Law of Increase - By giving more, we're capable of receiving more. 6. The Law of Compensation - Like the Law of Increase, we get what we give thereby when we give value we get value. 7. The Law of Non-Resistance - Everything that happens to us is about learning and growth, not about punishment or reward. We have to

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allow ourselves to accept the present moment. We are who we are today because of what occurred yesterday. 8. The Law of Forgiveness: Proof of how it essential for us to free our vital energies that become locked up in negative emotions such as blame, regret, remorse and resentment 9. The Law of Sacrifice: Everything comes at a price and a willingness to pay that price is the only way that we can achieve our goals. The focus here is on our priorities and on the ability to create a capacity to receive. 10. The Law of Obedience: The universe thrives on obedience. When we work with the laws they work with us. If we resist them, they work against us like forcing two magnets of like polarity together. Opposition breeds opposition. 11. The Law of Success: Those who do positive in their lives are met with success and positive outcomes. Overall, these laws show us that we have to take responsibility for our lives and for the experiences we have. We create our reality, and if we want to achieve true holistic wellness then we have to start the healing process within ourselves. The Manifestation Miracle: Breath by breath we determine who we are. Every thought, action, emotion, feeling and minute of existence we are defining who we are like a master sculptor working on his most prized piece. It may take a lifetime to finish, but at some point the piece will be complete, and there will be something very beautiful to be proud of. If we can see the validity of these laws as a whole and the importance of using them to establish balance in our lives then we can change our lives for the better. By improving our own balance and wellness, we will finally achieve what it is that we're looking for. This secret will literally force the universe to give you all the tools that you need to create financial, emotional and spiritual abundance... ...Without hard work or struggle. ** Force the Universe to Manifest Your Dreams Now!

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The Secret to Attracting Money into your Life  

The 11 Forgotten Laws - Where "The Secret" Came Up Empty Handed. Learn How to Force the Universe to Manifest Your Dream Life Many who have...