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YouTube Marketing Master Wows Local Video Marketing Leaders Robert Stone February 14, 2014

Tony Hayes Local Marketing Software

Secrets of local video marketing by master software developer Anthony Hayes with Robert Stone discussing the subtleties of successful local video advertising in a live training via Google Hangouts conducted for future leaders of the field. ( -- February 14, 2014) --

Anthony Hayes a leading video marketing expert asserts that local video marketers are at the beginning of a modern day gold rush like no other. He says It is predicted YouTube will lead search queries online over the biggest search engine Google far into the future and being more interesting to the viewer will convert into leads for local video marketers better than any other methods available to them today.

Spit testing with search queries between the two most used search engines online have shown people just enjoy videos! The ordinary person on the street would rather watch a video than read if videos entertain, educate, and inform. YouTube, brings in about 40 million viewers each month, and Local business are just beginning to catch on to the potential.

To take advantage of the boom Tony has developed a set of strategies for the local video marketer that have proven to get the results local businesses desire. Tonight's Google Hangout will go into quite some depth covering the topics listed below.

•Video Advertising •Video Creation •Channel Set Up & Optimization •Local Video Directory Channels •Rent Channels Out •Social SEO •Video SEO •SEO Training •Local Service Hangouts & Webinars

Tony explains the reasons why his strategies work

People Like Watching Video.

Your target audience will respond far better by watching a video about anything compared to reading about it..

Boosts Branding & Reputation.

Even the smallest companies look larger and more qualified by using professional videos.

Videos bring High quality backlinks to your websites.

If videos are uploaded to video sharing web sites including good titles, descriptions, keyword phrases and tags, and then pointed to your website by including a link, your video will create a great source oft backlinks, which then increases rankings.

To get complete in depth instruction here is a link for our Google Hangout.

Please stop by Commando Tube Tools where Tony has provided free SEO tools and training which will be very valuable for online video marketers.

Article by: Robert Stone on G+

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YouTube Marketing Master Wows Local Video Marketing Leaders