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Window Bird Feeder Producer To Pay Profits to Charity Janco Bronkhorst November 30, 2016 Kanaryware window bird feeder manufacturer vows to pay percentage of every product sold to their favorite charity, Hands Free ( -- November 30, 2016) Woodbridge, Virginia --Kanaryware, a producer of window bird feeder and other outdoor products, announced today their promise to pay $1 for every product sold to Hands Free, a charity that uses 3D printers and public hand designs to print and donate prosthetic hands to veterans and children across America. Kanaryware Window Bird Feeder Amanda Condry, owner of Kanaryware, on why Hands Free is the perfect fit for the company: “Hands Free is an organization that is truly making a difference in children’s - and veterans’ - lives. Not only are they donating prosthetic hands, but they are teaching high school students how to use 3D printers to create prosthetic hands for others. Teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish; I’m a firm believer in this philosophy.” A high tech prosthetic hand can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. However, to print, assemble and ship a 3D printed prosthetic hand costs less than $50.00. Although a 3D printed prosthetic hand is inherently not as functional as a hand that costs $100,000, for children who will quickly grow, or for people who cannot afford an expensive prosthetic, these hands can and do have a profound impacts on the user's life. If a child outgrows the hand, a new one can easily be printed and many of the materials can be reused from the old hand. These modular designs make 3D printed prosthetics feasible for all users. Not only do Hands Free donate prosthetic hands, they also donate 3D printers to high schools in low-income areas and teach the students how to use these printers to make prosthetic hands.

Max Sondland, founder and president of Hands Free on their long term goal and mission: “We aim to provide cost-free high quality prosthetic limbs to veterans and children by offering funding to build, and proper channels for distribution to recipients, to high schools around the nation.� Kanaryware has always been a proud supporter of charity, and beginning December 1 st 2016, the company will be directly involved with a smaller charity where they can make a significant difference. Hands Free is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They are currently raising the capital necessary to maintain this status and help schools around the country. To donate or to receive more information, please visit their website at For more information about the Kanaryware and their window bird feeders visit their website at or their products page on Amazon at Source: Source:

About Kanaryware Kanaryware is focused on sharing a passion for wildlife and birds. Bird watching is now a comfortable, educational and fun activity. Customers receive 5-star service and know they are investing in quality. Kanaryware also gives back to their favorite charity, is a company with a conscience and is a Proud Supporter ofcalled Hands Free, a charity providing 3D printed prosthetics to children and veterans alike.

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Window Bird Feeder Producer To Pay Profits to Charity  

Kanaryware window bird feeder manufacturer vows to pay percentage of every product sold to their favorite charity, Hands Free