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Tim Haywood Chicago Real Estate Supports Real Estate Home Buyers John K Arnold February 04, 2014 What do you want from your real estate agent when you are buying a home? This could be the biggest purchase of your life and where you and your family will be for years. What do you lose by not finding the right agent and gain with the right agent?

Tim Haywood Realty

( -- February 4, 2014) Chicago, Illinois -- As you stand in your new home looking around the living room you can see your furniture there. You see the fun you will be having with your family and friends. It is no longer a house but now your home.

This is not your first home. You were hesitant to go back out and start looking. You know your current house. It is familiar, maybe too familiar. You have been talking and feeling maybe this would be a good time to get that big house you wish you had. At the moment you could qualify but if prices keep inching up it will soon be out of reach. The time to act is now.

Getting the last home was not the easiest thing you have ever done.

The agent was new and enthusiastic but lacked the experience you wanted. He did not know the area that well. He should have known and told us that the area across the street sometimes flooded. There were problems that came up later that a more experienced agent would have seen and caught. These things made us wonder if he was being honest with us as we really value that or simply did not know the area.

We told him we were interested in a specific school and near stores. He took us to a house that when we checked was in a different school district. You want an agent that hears you and listens to you. If you want to live in certain school district or near stores or easy access to transit then the agent should hear and acknowledge that.

It is so frustrating to work with a person that does not do what he or she says and when he or she says. Nothing builds confidence like honesty combined with keeping his or her word.

As we were working our way through we had a meeting and not only was the agent late but then

the paperwork was not in order. Buying a home is often the biggest purchase a person makes and it has to be in order. You don't want that experience again.

Then you meet another agent.

He comes up. Looks like a nice guy. Instead of rushing to show you some property he wants to sell you he suggests you talk, give him a chance to get to know you. What a surprise. Someone is focused on and listening to you. He looks right at you acknowledges what you are saying and asks for clarification. The agent/broker is Tim Haywood. That is a name that is easy to remember, Tim Haywood, Haywood Realty Chicago.

Many agents have one thing in mind, how can they get you to buy their listing. Tim starts by saying "I have a lot of listings but after talking with you I feel that some other properties would fit you better. I have picked some out I would like to show them to you based on our conversation."

Is he serious? He is putting your interests first. He is supporting your choices.

Tim tells you he has made some notes about what he heard was important to you and wants to go over this to be sure he heard you correctly. He also tells you that there is some development planned here. It looks like it will improve the neighborhood but may cause some traffic delay during construction. He must know this area well.

He tells you that he has been over your credit and it looks mostly OK but that you have an issue that needs to be addressed. If you get on it now then that should take care of it so you can get a better mortgage. You feel you have a professional supporting you in the journey to your new home. So far he has shown you he has

- Experience - Listens to you - Honesty and Integrity - Supportive - Makes you feel at ease - Does what and when he/she says - Knowledgeable on all things needed to complete your purchase

- Places your interests first

Completing the journey is complex.

Every one of these steps has to work out or you won't be standing in your new home looking out your window anxiously waiting for the movers to come.

These are the steps that most people hear about but they have gone by so smoothly they are hardly noticed..

- Knowing the Credit Report & Score - Figuring out How Much You Can Afford - Finding the Right Lender and Real Estate Agent (You found that in Tim) - Looking for the Right Home (There is lots of room here) - Making an Offer on the Home - Getting the Right Mortgage for Your Situation - Closing on Your Home

So here you are, in your new home looking out the window and thinking about how right your decision was to buy and move now and how happy you are that Tim was there to guide you along. A friend had asked you how things were going. It feels like it is time to introduce them to Tim.

Home buyer, sellers, renter, investors and agents give Tim a call or email him don't miss out here just call.

Timothy Haywood GRI, e-PRO Broker Manager Haywood Realty & Investments Ph:

(773) 842-6101

Fax: (888) 371-6102 Email: LinkedIn


Tim Haywood Chicago Real Estate Supports Real Estate Home Buyers  

What do you want from your real estate agent when you are buying a home? This could be the biggest purchase of your life and where you and y...

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