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The Performance Group Offers the Ultimate Gift for Your Leading Man. Wendy Cornwall December 13, 2013 Image not found The Performance The Peformance Group Logo

The Peformance Group - Joel Landi

Group has created the ultimate gift that few have been privileged to experience. This gift is for the man who lives passionately, has achieved unprecedented success and deserves a gift that gives

him boardroom bragging rights. ( -- December 13, 2013) -- Beverly Hills, CA The Performance Group offers the ultimate gift for your leading man. Finally, a present he will love. This gift is one that will be the talk of the Club, shared in the boardroom and relived every time he looks at you. It is compelling and life changing. This is a gift he has never heard of, because, few have been privileged to experience it.

Your man is on the cutting edge. He devotes his life to family, success and pushing himself to the limits. He makes sacrifices he never speaks of and lives with a few things he still would like to change. His to do list is so daunting that most would be intimidated by the sheer magnitude of it. Yet, you know through all his successes, and his devoted life – he needs something more. He has something he needs to fine tune. This gift is the solution.

A Performance Driven Life Coaching session is the answer to confronting limiting beliefs, conquering regrets, or clarifying values. It is an opportunity to experience transformation, and breakthrough patterns that have limiting effects.

The Performance Group delivers results-oriented, data-driven coaching and adventure based expeditions that drive innovation and growth. Led by Master Performance Life Coach Joel Landi, it shifts personal and professional performance into high gear with trainings designed to help find one’s edge and achieve a personal best where you will connect, change, and thrive.

Like a precision tooled race car, the smallest adjustment can be the difference to win the checkered flag. However, the car alone is not enough to win; the driver must be fine tuned to be mentally and physically prepared. Strategies to win start long before the car and driver hit the track. Landi’s experiential program utilizes adventure expeditions and racing strategies and at the core of Landi’s coaching is his SPARTAN Paradigm which has 7 key elements that bring out one’s personal and professional best.

The Gift: The Perfect Gift for Your Leading Man - 2 Unique Opportunities

Personal Performance Coaching 3 Session Block $499 (actual cost: $1000) - 1 hour of Value Clarification - 1 hour of Assessment - 1 hour to Map a Goal for 2014 Adventure-Based Expedition 1 Block of Coaching + 1 Session in a Formula 1 Race Car $799 (actual cost: $1500) - 1 hour of Value Clarification - 1 hour of Assessment - 20 laps in a Formula 1 Race Car at High Speed with Data Acquisition to Measure Performance - 1 hour to Map an Action Plan based on Performance Outcome The Performance Group special holiday gift package undoubtedly will be a high caliber gift that will resonate long after the glitter of the season is gone. Space is limited. Call NOW to take advantage of these exclusive limited time offers.

The Performance Group Joel Landi, Performance Life Coach & CEO 9107 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 450 Beverly Hills, CA 902101 Phone: (310)272-7974

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The Performance Group Offers the Ultimate Gift for Your Leading Man.