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Quantum Energetic Structural Therapist Elizabeth Tomboulian in NYC Catherine Castle January 05, 2014 Quantum Energetic Structural Therapist Elizabeth Tomboulian Opens Practice in NYC and Ringwood, NJ. Complementary Care For Many Health Issues with No Drugs, No Harmful Side Effects. QE is Safe, Effective and On The Cutting Edge of Energy Medicine ( -- January 5, 2014) -- New York, NY

QEST™* is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that is well-suited for those with acute conditions, pain and inflammation and those with chronic conditions who have not been successfully treated by conventional medicine. Elderly Elizabeth Tomboulian patients who are not good candidates for surgery or anesthesia and those who suffer from brain fog, lethargy, feeling stuck or loss of energy also benefit greatly from this new (30 years in the making) system.

Elizabeth Tomboulian has studied anatomy and physiology in the course of learning QEST™ and CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger). She has been practicing since 2006. She opened the QE Therapy office in the Zuelke Building (Appleton, Wisconsin) in 2009 and is now practicing in NYC and Ringwood, NJ to serve people in these communities to foster education and exposure of QE therapy to a wider audience. At present she is working on a new book soon to be published.

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ (QESTTM) also called QE, is a relatively new energy therapy developed by chiropractors and applied kinesiologists with specific corrections for the energy body that relate to all systems of the physical body. The initial consult takes an hour or so as the client answers a health question history so the therapist can determine areas to concentrate on. Then the hands on work begins. Clients wear loose, comfy clothing, rest comfortably on a soft table and follow the gentle instructions of the therapist for focused breathing and relaxation. There is no massage, no manipulation and no chiropractic adjustments, everything is done with the breath and the practitioners hands placed on specific areas of the body, with an extremely gentle touch.

You may wonder what the "energy body" exactly is. A debate does rage between strictly science based research and spirit based research about that very hot topic. At this point, so I'm told, there are some science based people who are doing work that "proves" the body has an electrical current that connects to the organs and may determine the health of those organs based on the free flowing "energy" or "chi" or "Qi" or "prana" as it is known in many cultures.

The people whose see life as a "spiritual" reality are convinced of the reality of the "energy body". Some of those people see aura's, see different kinds of light emanating from humans and animals and are genuinely convinced that this energy enervates living matter and cellular structure. Science based and spirit based people do seem to be coming together as far as welcoming complementary forms of health care, trying different healing systems and receiving excellent results with the new methods. One of these new methods is "Quantum Energetic Structural Therapy".

It’s the quantum field that infuses the physical body. Quantum physics recognizes that all matter is energy. The energy body forms a type of blueprint for wellness in the body. Energy disruptions can be caused by birth trauma, physical injuries, stress, diet, illness and other imbalances, resulting in a reduced flow of energy through the physical body. If the disruption is great, it shows up as disease or impaired function.

QEST™ uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to obtain information about what needs to be done. The practitioner directs energy through the body to establish the energetic pattern of wellness. The body map is based on the meridians present in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture. QEST™ is a system that relates to each aspect of the physical body to trigger healing from within.

We live in such fast paced times with new healing modalities being brought to the mainstream in greater numbers. As our country changes and is shaped by the health of it's citizens, as Obamacare kicks in and the population is encouraged to change eating and exercise habits, perhaps these new modalities will keep the people in a healthier state. Time will tell if QE will become the go to for many people who are not finding solutions by other means.


For more information on Elizabeth Tomboulian please go to: 920 268 2224

For appointments in NYC:

META CENTER NEW YORK 214 W. 29TH ST. 16TH FLOOR 920 268 2224


For appointments in New Jersey:

Essence Of Self Ringwood, NJ 52 Skyline Drive Ringwood, NJ 07456 973 962 7688

For info on this Press Release: White Diamond Media and Marketing Catherine Castle 201 723 4762

Quantum Energetic Structural Therapist Elizabeth Tomboulian in NYC  

Quantum Energetic Structural Therapist Elizabeth Tomboulian Opens Practice in NYC and Ringwood, NJ. Complementary Care For Many Health Issue...

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