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New Reputation Management Service helps Avondale AZ Companies E-Rock Christopher March 21, 2014 A complimentary reputation management tool is now being offered to Avondale AZ companies for a limited time, due to reputation management firm, Local Business Rockstar. Entrepreneurs can now see their online reputation management score for no cost at all.

Reputation Management Is Critical

( -- March 21, 2014) Avondale, AZ -- Most business owners know that developing a brand consumers can trust is needed in order to succeed. With the expansion of numerous online marketing strategies becoming more cost-effective, there are many options for businesses to choose from.

However, this also means an increase in competition, since more businesses are utilizing online marketing more effectively. This can cause difficulty for you to differentiate your business from your rivals since everyone has access to the same marketing tools at lower prices. Small business owners understand reputation is important, but may not fully understand just how much of its online reputation can influence its success.

That's why an online reputation marketing firm called Local Business Rockstar recently launched a new reputation management tool, called Rockstar Reputation Report. The service is now publicly available and free to use as a part of their beta testing process. Once perfected, Local Business Rockstar will be removing it from public access and will be charging for their reputation reports.

With all the hats a business owner is forced to wear to run their business, it can be easy to neglect exactly what their customers are saying about them. A lot of business owners put a lot of effort into obtaining new clients, instead of counting on their existing consumer base to help them advertise their company through "word of mouth" advertising.

One effective method to be able to promote your company online and to separate yourself from your competitors, is what is typically called reputation management. According to Wikipedia, " Reputation management is the practice of monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand, addressing contents which are damaging to it, and using customer feedback solutions to get feedback or early warning signals to reputation problems."

However, the CEO and founder of Local Business Rockstar, Eric Christopher, shares that reputation management is actually a wild-goose chase. Instead, he suggests that you concentrate on reputation marketing. The distinction between the two is simply this: reputation management is mainly responsive, implying that you are attempting to react to possible bad reviews about your company. Reputation marketing, on the other hand, concentrates on being proactive by planting a culture of positive client experience, then promoting that favorable customer experience in as numerous locations as possible. The result is that if you do get the periodic bad review, if you have been working on your reputation positively online, then those one or bad reviews won't hurt your business.

The big problem for lots of small to medium-sized companies is that they don't know where to start and aren't even aware of what their actual online reputation looks like. That's why Local Business Rockstar is launching their complimentary software which can help a business owner instantaneously see any reviews, favorable or unfavorable, about their company. This is a fast and simple way to reveal to a business owner what their customers truly think about them.

In addition, for those clever individuals who make use of the free tool, Business Rockstar is providing cost-free training on ... ways to be able to remove bad online reviews. how to quickly market your business online successfully. ways to create a 5-star online reputation.

When asked about their free reputation software being provided to the general public, Eric only had this to state, "We're only going to make this offering for a very limited time, free of charge. I highly urge small businesses to make the most of this opportunity as soon as possible. Once we finish our beta stage, we'll start charging people to use it. We just included a new feature to show a business owner if their business is showing up on the most important websites online. So we can't keep it free for long, as it is really popular‌"

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New Reputation Management Service helps Avondale AZ Companies  

A complimentary reputation management tool is now being offered to Avondale AZ companies for a limited time, due to reputation management fi...