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New Book by Obamacare Strategist, Kaya Bromley, Gives U.S. Companies Hope John K Arnold May 24, 2014 Kaya Bromley a prominent attorney, author, speaker, and celebrity authority on Obamacare strategies will be releasing her new book. It is an insight look and practical information on making the legislation work for you not against. ( -- May 24, 2014) Incline Village, Nevada -- What could possibly be more fun than reading a book on Obamacare written by an attorney? The law itself is a 1,000 page legal document with thousands of pages of written interpretations. Who could possibly sort this out and have it make sense to business owners and insurance professionals like Kaya Bromley

myself. I have over 30 years in the insurance business and this legislation is beyond mind boggling.

What I found is that Kaya asks a really interesting question. “What is most important for a business owner to know?” In her speaking engagements she takes this complex subject and because she knows it so well can communicate what matters in English rather than legalese or political speak. She does not need jargon nor does she takes sides for or against the legislation. She takes the side of her business owners. She teaches business owners the basics of the law then helps them to create strategies. These strategies transform the law from being a drain on time, money and energy into a new profit centers and opportunities. When Kaya Bromley said to me, “My large employer clients see the ACA as a new profit center” My first thought was that she was crazy, misinformed or uninformed. Everyone knows Obamacare will cost everyone more, especially businesses. I have decades in the insurance business and money for healthcare has to come from somewhere. How can anyone say that Obamacare will be a profit center for their business? This has nothing to do with politics or feeling it is good or bad legislation. It is simple math (or so I thought).

Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act is probably the most impactful legislation most businesses have ever had to deal with and could be the most impactful ever. It is confusing, emotional and scary. In the course of learning more about Kaya and how she sees and approaches life and business I have changed. I have moved from “She is crazy to

she is brilliant, She is inspirational. She is a strategist.” She has already implemented strategies that have saved her clients money. One client alone has saved $500,000. Kaya Bromley is an attorney, speaker, author, entrepreneur and celebrity authority business strategist. She is an advisor to large companies, business owners, insurance agents and other professionals on Obamacare strategies. Her second book on the ACA transformed how I see the ACA. Kaya and her book have made me a believer that this has the potential to be an opportunity for businesses and professionals alike. Just like millionaires were made in the depression, millionaires will be made because of healthcare reform. Kaya has an extensive biography. Kaya Bromley is an attorney, speaker, author and recognized celebrity authority business strategist. She founded Your Obamacare Advisors and is the CEO. FreedomCare Benefits that she created and developed is a state of the art program compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It is a strategy for large employers. Her clients and positions include - Trustee of California’s largest restaurant worker’s self-insured group - CEO of Your Obamacare Advisors - Contributing developer of FreedomCare Benefits, - FreedomCare Benefits is a state of the art, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant program for large employers. - Trustee of California’s largest restaurant workers comp self-insured group - Owner of two Tropical Smoothie Cafés located in Michigan - General Counsel for the Marco’s Pizza Franchise - Executive Director of the National Jack-in-the-Box Franchisee Association Businesses Kaya has advised on the ACA include: - insurance companies - brokers - farm labor contractors - payroll companies Franchises she advises include: - McDonald’s - Burger King - El Pollo Loco - Five Guys - Carl’s Jr Kaya has a gift for simplifying complex concepts. She sorts out what is important for the business to know and to handle it. As a second generation business owner she has a personal understanding of what it takes to run a successful business. She knows that no one knows their business better than the owner of the business. Her unique talents, experience, education, attitude and insight are placing her at the forefront of a new era not only in healthcare but in business in the US. She can be reached for consultations and speaking engagements at Kaya Bromley, JD, MSW CEO and Founder, Your Obamacare Advisors, LLC Phone: 775-624-5655 Email: YourObamacareAdvisors

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New Book by Obamacare Strategist, Kaya Bromley, Gives U.S. Companies Hope