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Managing Addiction How Access Bars Helps Chris Ryan January 06, 2014 Image not found Alcohol, Managing Addiction How Access Bars Helps

Access Bars Day is January 4

food, sex, money, and drugs – all of these addictions give us one thing, instant gratification. Instant gratification is the pleasure we get from the

acquisition of these things. ( -- January 6, 2014) Los Angeles, CA -Alcohol, food, sex, money, and drugs – all of these give us one thing, instant gratification. Instant gratification is the pleasure we get from the acquisition of these things. Oftentimes, we get a taste of what is delightful and remain glued to it like it can erase every single problem for the mean time. The world is tough and for some, too tough to handle, so we look to lessen these daily hurdles by small things that grant us even a little joy. Primal Addiction I recalled an experiment on money wherein a few people were asked if they would choose to get a hundred dollars at the time of the interview, or a hundred and one dollars a few months from now. The answers were unanimous and everyone chose to get the money instantly. This illustrates perfectly that most people can't delay instant gratification. The money experiment was a simulation of interest. In finance, an interest is a percentage of your money added to your balance every month for letting the bank hold it. It means someone is giving you money for free. The percent of what they gave you is so small, it's negligible to some. A few people capitalize to delay their pleasure by saving their money in the bank to get compounding interest or simply just to save for a rainy day. Most of us are guilty of buying flashy things and gadgets. As soon as the monthly paycheck arrives, people tend to go on a shopping spree, boring a hole through their pockets while some even swipe their credit cards to the maximum. Companies around the world count on this human instinct because this is how we are built naturally– to seek our primary needs. Undoubtedly, an addiction to shopping gets people into a tight spot. Difficulty Finding 'The Cause' If there's addiction, there are underlying causes. One of these causes might be depression. This is what we try to dissolve by treating ourselves with the aforementioned pleasures. Some causes of depression can be let go, and others are impossible to get rid of. That's because you might not know that you are carrying dull thoughts that hinder your well-being. For example, empathy and sympathy are different emotions. It is good to sympathize and support a friend through problems. Empathy is destructive because you are carrying bad emotions that are not even your own. Being 'happy for you' is good but being 'sad for you' is not. Sometimes, we forget our mental boundaries and become concerned about others too much. Depression is a looming feeling. Sometimes you cannot even pinpoint its origin. To cure it, you need to be aware and admit that you are stuck in a depressive state because of a specific issue. When you can't identify the causes of your depression, you are in trouble. Your mind can be burdened to the point that it affects your mood and your productivity. Finding the Simplest Solution A new type of therapy currently exists that claims to change lives simply through human touch. It is known as Access Bars, a way wherein you can take away all mental limitations, leading to a better

and happier you. Now the “Bar” does not literally mean an object or a product that will be used during therapy, but a term to describe the different energies that run through your head that are related and connected to different aspects of your life. These certain points, called Bars, will be the main focus throughout the session. All in all, there are 32 bars. Each one influences a different part of your life, such as healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money. Touching these Bars will help erase all your previous ideas, thoughts and issues about that specific aspect. Wait, why would erasing your previous inner perceptions about something be beneficial? That’s because whether we are aware of it or not, the fear and limitations that we have attached to that subject are deeply embedded within our thought process, leading to resistance to change as well as hesitation. If we eliminate that road block found within ourselves, we are able to change our lives for the better without that feeling of dread, leading to a refreshing new you who is capable of expanding your own horizon. To access your consciousness is to access your true potential. In this world, everything has to be paid for, not exactly through money, but things like time, effort and even mere thoughts. Doing and giving is exhausting, especially if you don’t have much left for yourself. Access Bars help to open the concept of receiving and learning. When you receive, you end up with the building blocks you need to help improve yourself and also share this gift to loved ones and everyone else that matter most. Access has been around since 1990 and “The Bars” was the only class that was offered. Today, Access Consciousness still uses Access Bars as the foundation – and it allows people to overcome the difficulties and the aspects that do not work for them. Why should you struggle with each and every thing that you do in life when there is a solution? Access bars is a course that you can take to learn the pressure points and begin receiving a better energy. You can manage the points on your own or ask others to do it. Once you know how to tap into the bars, you can begin to show others how they can benefit as well. Changing the energy levels that you have and learning how to receive better energy is important to your success in life. You don’t have to do as much as you think – you simply have to learn how to receive – and this is what Access Bars is all about.

The Bars have been used in prisons, schools and businesses as well as for individuals seeking personal help and addiction management. A Bars session usually lasts for 60 – 90 minutes and it's a process you can undertake as a one off, a monthly or weekly experience of even every day. For more information on how to get involved check out for your nearest event or practitioner. For media interviews please contact - +61 415 144 407

Los Angeles, CA

Managing Addiction How Access Bars Helps  

Alcohol, food, sex, money, and drugs – all of these addictions give us one thing, instant gratification. Instant gratification is the pleasu...