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Low Testosterone Book Reveals How to Fight Andropause and Feel Young Again Marv Dean April 10, 2014 Brady Howard’s low testosterone book was officially launched today revealing how men can fight Andropause symptoms and feel young again without prescription drugs or testosterone replacement therapy.

Brady Howard, Author hypogonadism.”

( -- April 10, 2014) Phoenix, Arizona -- Studies reported by researchers at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago estimate that approximately five (5) million men in the United States alone are affected by Andropause, often referred to as “male menopause, man-o-pause or male

Testosterone levels play a vital function on multiple metabolic activities within the body, including producing healthy blood cells through your bone marrow, healthy function of the liver, growth of the prostate gland, metabolizing of fat and carbohydrates, as well as modulating the body’s immune system to help combat illness and disease.

According to the author of Andropause: The Complete Male Menopause Guide and retired medical practitioner Brady Howard, many men are now beginning to experience andropause symptoms in their early 40s, but mistakenly ignore them as just being a part of the aging process. Unfortunately, the symptoms gradually worsen over time if left unchecked.

They know something is going awry in their bodies, but don’t know what is the root cause behind the physical and mental changes occurring in their bodies, such as weight gain, mood swings, memory loss, feelings of depression, decreased energy level, and even lack of libido.

"What's clear is that the medical industry needs to do a better job at recognizing that women are not the only ones going through a midlife-hormonal shift. Male menopause is a very real medical condition that should be taken seriously because low testosterone levels can trigger other health risks in men, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, insulin resistance, or even Alzheimer’s disease" says Brady.

Brady believes that most men could safely boost their testosterone levels by following his revolutionary treatment plan, which doesn’t require costly testosterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or having to take prescription drugs/injections, or use topical gels; all of which can lead to some dangerous side effects.

“Some guys want an instant fix for their Low T levels, and are willing to subject themselves to unnecessary health risks simply because they're frustrated, and aren’t aware of alternative treatment options” in Brady's words.

“Thanks to cutting-edge testosterone supplements and effective diet regimes…. most men should be able to boost testosterone levels on their own, naturally” says Brady. "There are approximately twenty-five (25) million men who currently have low testosterone levels in the United States alone. Sadly, only about five percent (5%) of these men will ever seek medical treatment for their condition."

Validity of research supports his claim that men having lower than normal T-levels, had a much higher mortality rate than men with T-levels that were in the normal range, and Brady knows that this relationship is not only prevalent.… but certain for anyone who reads his book.

In 'Andropause: The Complete Male Menopause Guide' Brady helps his readers discover for themselves how to identify the signs and symptoms of Andropause. He also exposes how to improve strength and muscle tone, increase libido and erection quality, boost confidence, ease depression, get rid of abdominal fat, and counter many other debilitating health effects caused from having Low T levels.

"I believe in the thought of self-responsibility…. that a person’s (good) health, should ultimately rest with them after they’ve done their due diligence on the matter at hand.” It represents knowing what to do at the right time for your body, Brady writes in the book, a potential paradigm shift in the way some people think about male menopause.

"Here's what I've learned over the years; you can combat health conditions such as Low T relatively easily… however, you must first have a clear understanding of what you’re dealing with before deciding on a treatment option(s). Arm yourself with correct information from credible sources, confer with your doctor, and then take appropriate action… the quality of your health depends on it" the author says.

Mr. Howard currently offers 'Andropause: The Complete Male Menopause Guide' on which can be purchased by clicking here. A paperback version of the book is also available on Amazon.

However, he makes no claims of any magic wand or miracle testosterone supplements that can instantly turn a seasoned geriatric patient into a fit, professional athlete-calibre man overnight. Instead he offers a balanced, well-researched book that’s easy to read while detailing everything a person should know about Andropause and low testosterone related issues and treatments.

For more information please visit

Brady Howard has authored and published several books, and enjoys helping others gain insights on a range of interesting and complex subjects.

Mr. Howard lives with his wife Nikki, and has three children.


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Low Testosterone Book Reveals How to Fight Andropause and Feel Young Again  

Brady Howard’s low testosterone book was officially launched today revealing how men can fight Andropause symptoms and feel young again with...

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