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Independent Insurance Agents Network with Iroquois Group in Arizona? Patrick Zerarka January 11, 2014 Independent Insurance Agents Network? The Iroquois Group® started more than 36 years ago, and today we stand with over 2250 Members. Find out how to access to profitabMarkets, Max Commissions and Profit Sharing. -- April, 17th, 2014) Mesa, AZ --

Becoming an Independent Insurance Agent in today's P&C environment is simply the BEST decision an insurance agent can make, especially for current Captive Insurance Agents. independent insurance agents

Why Join an Independent Insurance Agents Network Group like Iroquois Group?

***Important*** NO SIGN UP FEES to Join the Iroquois Group Program.

The 2014 outlook of the Property and Casualty CARRIERS Industry never looked better. According to A.M. BesT, P&C Industry Net Income went up by 54.9% from 2013 to 2012. Therefore, the future promises a much better Combined Loss Ratio, and Less Rate Increases. This outlook was by design!!! Insurance Carriers took a significant rate increase from 2010- 2013. Also, they restricted Underwriting Guidelines, and TERMINATED many LOW producers with High Loss Ratio.

However, the Insurance Agent's Outlook does NOT look as great as the Carriers. Starting 2014 and going forward, it’s going to be more and more difficult for Agents to obtain Direct Appointments . If Agents are able to secure a direct appointment, they will have to write a HIGHER premium volume than ever, and kept their Loss Ration low.

How can Iroquois Help Independent Insurance Agents? Iroquois can help in two different ways:

:For Existing Independent Insurance Agents 1) If you want to keep your INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENCY - 100% 2) If you are struggling getting Direct Appointments with Top Carriers to write New Business because of the size premium of your agency - Iroquois Group can Help You obtain the TOP Tier & Competitive Insurance Companies in your market. 3) If you are NOT maximizing Profit Share, and NOT getting paid Higher and Supplemental commissions - With Iroquois Group, you qualify for Profit-Share after ONLY $50K premium requirement... that's right! 4) If you are getting paid LOW commissions, and NO overrides - You can get paid HIGHER Commissions when you join the Iroquois Group. 5) If you are looking to Grow your Income year-after-year - Iroquois Group can support your growth strategy with Access to Markets, and take your business to the nest level 6) If you are tiered of being threatened to lose your direct appointment because of low production Iroquois Group can help you keep those current appointments :For Captive Insurance Agents 1) If you are looking at grow your agency - YOU MUST CONSIDER Iroquois Group! 2) If you want to be a 100% INDEPENDENT INS AGENT, and OWN your Agency 3) If your Close Ratio is less than 15% - Iroquois agents average between 45 - 55 % Close Ratio with Higher Retention 4) If you average less than 10% average commission - Iroqois Group Agents average more than 15% New Business Commission 5) If you never made Profit-Share - Iroqouis Group offers Profit Share and Bonus Program! 6) If you are looking to TRANSITION into becoming an Independent Insurance Agent - Iroquois Group Is the First Independent Insurance Agents Network in the Country with over 36 years of experience and more than 2250 signed Agents. 7) If you need assistance with your Agency Automation - Iroquois consult with Captive Agents on the BEST technology to support an Insurance Agency 8) If you want to accelerate the Learning Curve - Iroquois offer On-Going Training to guide agents transition into the Independent Insurance Agents World

***Important*** NO SIGN UP FEES to Join We recognize the value of a TRUE Independent Insurance Agent, and we Partner with Successful business owners to grow Agencies. Iroquois Group Business Model has been around for over 36 years, and we are now the largest and most profitable network in the country. Iroquois Group offer a business Partnership Opportunity, and we focus on market optimization to support agency growth in revenue and profit.

We have over 2250 signed successful Independent Insurance Agents, and continue to grow. Find out if Iroquois Group is the right partner for you.

We support the Independent Insurance Agents Network, and we are the PREMIER Independent Insurance Agents Network group in the US.

Contact us today and don't waiting another day!!!

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Independent Insurance Agents Network with Iroquois Group in Arizona?  
Independent Insurance Agents Network with Iroquois Group in Arizona?  

Independent Insurance Agents Network? The Iroquois Group® started more than 36 years ago, and today we stand with over 2250 Members. Find ou...