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Gehr Plastics Produces High Quality Plastic Sheets and Rod Made In USA Hayden Hess January 27, 2014 Gehr Plastics has lead the way in high quality plastic sheet and rod. From small diameter to 14" diameter, Gehr produces a vast range of sizes and types of plastic materials. From ABS and Acetal to PEEK and Ultem engineering grades of plastic are norma. ( -- January 27, 2014) Anaheim, CA -- There is this little Plastic Manufacturing company called Gehr Plastics you should know about. Alright, so they might not be so little, but you still need to know who these amazing people are. The folks over at Gehr are some of the best at what they do. Gehr Plastics are at the top of the game when it comes to manufacturing plastic. Gehr Plastic Sheet and Rod Gehr Plastic Has History

Gehr has built a high quality legacy in plastic. Gehr Plastics started in Mannheim, Germany in 1932. They were originally named Eduard Gehr Celluloidwarenfabrikation. This was a mouthful, so they eventually settled on the shortened name GEHR GmbH in 2012, after multiple name changes. You can refer to them as Gehr Plastics though. Gehr is one of the largest plastic manufacturers in Europe. They also have a large plant here in the USA. They have been operating in the U.S. since 1982, and have been at the same location in Philadelphia, PA since 1984.

Gehr started out making punched door protectors, spatulas and water stream regulators from celluloid, but soon after started producing PVC tubes and hand rails. Now their products range from biodegradable plastic to the high tech PEEK, all of which available in sheet, rod, and tube. With 80 years in the industry, it is not surprising that they are able to produce so many different plastics, and each of these plastics is of the highest quality. Do you require your plastic manufacturers to be ISO compliant? Then you have found your company. Gehr is ISO 14001 and 9001 compliant.

Gehr Plastics Produces Quality Materials

As mentioned before, Gehr makes multiple plastics. They have been manufacturing PEEK since 1993, and they have been manufacturing PVC as early as 1954. Gehr is also one of the few companies that specialize in large rod stock. If you are looking for a 14� Polypropylene rod, they

are one of the only companies that can do this for you. Since they have been in the a leader in the plastic industry for so long, they have the experience and expertise to do jobs that others can’t, like extrude 10� thickness sheet. Gehr produces some of the largest and stress free plastic rod in the marketplace.

Some of the many plastic rod materials produced are: ABS Rod Acetal Rod Delrin Rod ECTFE (Halar) Rod Kynar (PVDF) Rod PEEK Rod Polypropylene Rod Polysulfone PVC Rod Ultem Rod

Along with the massive rods and sheets that Gehr can produce, they are also leading the way in biodegradable plastic. In 2006, Gehr began producing a raw material plastic, known as ECOGEHR. ECOGEHR is made from Polylactid acid, which comes from sugar or starch. Since it comes from sugar or starch, it is acquired easily, and breaks down easily as well. This reduces their need for fossil fuels and reduces their overall carbon footprint. They are so dedicated to conserving resources and sustainability; they received their ISO 14001 rating.

Whether looking for small or huge rod, or just looking for a company that has been around the block a few times, you can put your trust in Gehr. Besides an outstanding history in plastics, they can do some things that no other companies can do, and they are always looking for new ways to do more with plastic.

When you think large plastic rod, think Gehr Plastics.


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Gehr Plastics Produces High Quality Plastic Sheets and Rod Made In USA