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3 Jazz Singers "Three After Dark" 3.22.14 NYC Catherine Castle March 15, 2014 Jazz Patron and Producer, Nobuko Cobi Narita Presents Her Jazz Vocal Show "Three After Dark" featuring Kumiko Yamakado, Jo Marchese and Ron Saltus at Zebs on West 28th street in NYC, also known as Zebulon Sound and Light 3/22/14 at 7pm ( -- March 15, 2014) --

Jazz patron and producer, Nobuko Cobi Narita presents an evening of joazz with Kumiko Yamakado, Jo Marchese and Ron Saltus at the 2nd floor walk up and cozy performance space of Zebs on West 28th street in NYC, also known as Zebulon Sound and Light. Concert starts at 7pm. Kumiko Yamakado Zebs is owned and managed by Mr. Saul Rubin, guitarist, recording engineer and music producer. It's a very unusual performance space in NYC in that it caters to jazz vocalists. Every Wednesday evening, every month except February and August, you can go there and enjoy some of the famous, not famous yet and the not so famous jazz singers in NYC.

It is a walk up and not wheelchair accessible, admission is $10.00 which is payable at the door. Since it isn't a bar, no alcohol can be "purchased," but you can donate a few dollars to the tip jar and enjoy a glass of wine. The acoustics are excellent and since it is a listening room, when the music is playing, there is no talking and everyone is attentive.

Kumiko Yamakado, Jo Marchese and Ron Saltus are three singers being featured by Cobi Narita and her Jazz Center of New York organization at Zebs on West 28th street in NYC. Each will sing selections from the jazz repertoire in their unique style and forthright manner.

Ms. Yamakado sings in both English and Japanese with a reedy, clear voice and a bright style. Favoring swing and up-tempo material, Yamakado brings an airy lightness to the stage. Youthful in demeanor and presence she wins her audience over with fresh interpretations of any song she sings. Working in New York City as a singer, dancer and actor Yamakado also translates Japanese stories into English.

In her native Japan, Kumiko performs traditional dramatic readings with a wooden stage called Kamishibai and traditional entertainment in Kodan. A student of Amy Coleman, Ms. Yamakado cites Cobi Narita as a wonderful supporter of jazz and praises Narita's open mice for giving her the opportunity to hone her craft. Yamakado says "Thank You Cobi for providing us with a beautiful

warm place to sing. I will sing with all my heart!."

Jo Marchese has a deep, resonant voice and a gentle, soft presentation. A ballad singer with depth and emotional commitment, she brings to the stage a soothing presence, a world weary wisdom and a been there, done that, kind of moodiness.

Originally from Astoria Queens, Marchese grew up in a neighborhood filled with musical personalities and musicians. Famous ones include Tony Bennett, Ephram Zimbalist the violinist and Ethel Marman. Although Ms. Marchese had all this music around she says it wasn't until 4 or 5 years ago she started to be interested in singing in public.

She says with a wink "I'm in my 8th decade on this earth and I'm having fun!." Plan on hearing jazz chestnuts like You Stepped Out Of A Dream, The More I See You, The Nearness Of You, What A Difference A Day Makes and more songs from the Great American Songbook.

Ron Saltus was born in Manhattan, and raised in Baltimore, MD. He now calls the NYC's West Side his home and says "I'm only 20 minutes away from all the action anywhere in New York." He cites Joe Williams as his main influence and states it was listening to Joe Wlliams that inspired him to sing and he was thrilled to be able to sing in all of Mr. Williams vocal keys.

Saltus has been singing for about 10 years and credits Ted Museo's and Cobi Narita's open mics for encouraging and teaching the art of jazz, while also providing opportunities to sing for an audience.

He says that "Cobi Narita is the most dedicated person I've ever met. She is so involved with the music, a force in the music industry and I love her. She understands that once you start sing, it becomes an obsession, and you do everything you can to work with great musicians. It's absolutely amazing that the best musicians seem to work for the love of music. I am so looking forward to this concert."

Narita is producing an upcoming CD of Saltus entitled "All About Ronnie‌ and Guess Who."

"Three After Dark" Show 7:00pm Admission: $15.00 223 West 28th st. NYC 2nd floor walk up

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3 Jazz Singers "Three After Dark" 3.22.14 NYC  

Jazz Patron and Producer, Nobuko Cobi Narita Presents Her Jazz Vocal Show "Three After Dark" featuring Kumiko Yamakado, Jo Marchese and Ron...

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