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Internal Communications How Newsweaver can help


How to drive adoption and traffic to your Intranet

Drive the effectiveness of your intranet For an intranet to be successful, you need employees across your entire organization using it.

Newsweaver can help you capture your audience’s attention and drive measurable action and engagement. Email remains an extremely effective communication channel, and a dedicated employee email newsletter can be a highly effective way of driving adoption (even amongst laggards) of your intranet. With Newsweaver you’ll be able to increase measurable traffic to your intranet.

Here’s how our customers are using employee newsletters to signpost to content on their intranets.

Design a high-impact email template Our Internal Communication design team will custom build unique templates that your audience and your brand team will love.

Your template can include: • Consistent branding to that of your intranet • ‘Read More’ buttons that link to specific pages on your intranet

Wrap up and deliver the week’s top stories Tap into colleague interest by highlighting the most popular stories from the intranet that week. Include a teaser image, headline and summary to capture attention – then direct employees straight to the intranet to read more.

Use Newsweaver’s time-saving SharePoint integration to pull articles straight from your intranet to populate your newsletter.

Integrate your existing social media Newsweaver is packed with social features you can use. Or, easily integrate enterprise social networks you are already using, such as Yammer and Chatter. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to drive the sharing of ideas by keeping the conversation on your intranet.

Add impact with rich media Grab attention by embedding videos, images, surveys, polls and other rich media from your intranet.

Encourage employees to update their profile Employee areas such as SharePoint’s My Sites are only as effective and engaging as the information we put in them. Encourage employees to update their own profiles by including personalized links that bring them directly to their own profile page on the intranet.

Tap into up-to-date employee data Upload the latest subscriber data using our quick and simple manual upload. Or securely integrate with your HR systems (such as Active Directory) to ensure communications are always sent to the most up-to-date list of employees.

Take the hassle out of approval Quickly gather feedback and internal sign-off using our ‘Send and Review’ feature – allowing anyone you need to track changes and approval.

Push your communication out Once you’re happy, use our simple send process and watch your communications land in inboxes across your organization.

Measure activity You can start measuring the results of your communications immediately. Track how your audience responds, and where they go from your email. Demonstrate ROI to stakeholders and better understand intranet usage by measuring intranet visits, page and section popularity, social media or other destinations in your organization. You’ll also get access to a huge range of metrics developed specifically for Internal Communications, including; top destinations, content popularity, engagement, social interaction, device and technology types – giving you insight across the entire organization.

Use your results to increase intranet traffic See what content and signposts your audience responds to, and use this insight to shape future communications.

Share your results with stakeholders The metrics dashboard gives you the ability to attractively present your successes with real data and business insight.

Communications Software for Internal Communicators Newsweaver Internal Connect is a dedicated internal communications platform that allows you to create and deliver employee newsletters, flyers, surveys and event invitations directly into employee’s inboxes. Plus you’ll get real-time insight and measurement that demonstrates the value of the communications being sent throughout the organization.

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How to drive adption and traffic to your intranet  

With Newsweaver you’ll be able to increase measurable traffic to your intranet.

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