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Cover This months cover images was provided by the lovely Fernanda Cohen www.fernandacohen.com

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Szary www.adamszary.com






James www.distilennui.com




??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Driving force?

Give or take?

The images that keep popping

Give. For the past fifteen

into my head – driving me crazy

years I have done a lot of


until I shoot them….

voluntary work, it has been

How hard do you really work?

It’s an inner thing, you don’t

voluntary projects working with

OBSESIVELY, I hate sleeping

need a budget to ‘got-it’.

underprivileged children, the

have been community based

when there are ideas in my

homeless, on environmental


and civil liberty projects. I have

The future of design? Less sparkle, more reason. 16

Style. Discuss.

an inspiration to me – these

Procrastination is... A word I have never heard of, what is that, some kind of Udon Noodle ????

met the most amazing, strong and beautiful people.

Incorrect things you believed as a child. STICKY ONE THIS... but it would

Your favourite flaw. Laughing inappropriately.

in, then I found out that there

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

were in fact loads – then I

My Own Work In Frustration.

have to be I was taught that there is only one god to believe

realised just how many stars many planets were spinning

Your favourite waste of time?

around them – we are the only

Walking barefoot on grass,

ones - PLEASE….

sounds daft but it always makes

there are out there and how

Before I die... I want to finish my work.

You would be mad not to... Stop, breath slowly, take a look around and wonder.

Most visited online hideout? The back end of my own website uploading new work – scary!

me smile.

I am reading... Craig Horsfield – RELATION, heavy but heavenly – after 23 years working as an artist, my brain still has difficulty coping with the theory of why I do it.






Zinonos www.anthonyzinonos.com




??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Most under worn item Twitter? of clothing? I’ve got an account but still not I bought some amazing beige

too sure about the whole thing,

Minimal, colourful collage

Italian shoes a few month ago

besides I only get porn people

from a car boot, think I’ve only

following me, the scumbags!

What is your favourite method to date? Scissors, UHU stick and hands.

What’s in your near future? I’m in the process of transforming my friends 24

worn them once, might go put them on now.

I wish I could dislike... Hoarding so much other people’s old stuff.

Worst thing I ever forgot... Peoples names, that part of my brain only works 50% of the time.

Your favourite waste of time?

shed into a screen-printing

Give or take?

facility, fingers crossed it all

You have to do both if not you’ll

goes according to plan.

use up all your karma points

Also preparations for winter

and something really bad will


hibernation and getting loads

happen to you.

Our chav neighbours when they

of work done

My number one tip is... Persistence….

Incorrect things you believed as a child. That shitting in my toy box and

Coffee, car boot sales and buying dead peoples stuff.


I am reading... Bukowski, he is a legend!

using the poo to redecorate the hall was totally acceptable, oh

Staying sane and chasing

Most visited online hideout?

the dream of a quiet place

Flickr, so many images so little

somewhere in the desert with


Driving force?

my girlfriend and our future dogs.

the shame.






Vielma carlosvielma.blogspot.com



??? What is your favourite Driving force? Twitter? I don’t know. I’ve thought about I haven’t been dragged into method to date? Working at night, listening to

it in the past but couldn’t find

music, creating some art.

an answer… I just like it!

How hard do you really work?

Uncontrollable gestures?

When I work at night and

I bite my nails

nobody is bothering me I can work for hours, usually 3 or 4

I wish I could dislike...

days a week…I need to be

Junk food

inspired though, otherwise I just make a mess.

What’s in your near future?

Incorrect things you believed as a child. I thought that tiny singers lived

that yet]

My dream is... To make a living out of art.

Favorite song? ‘A Day in the Life’ by the Beatles

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? My first guitar

inside our stereo. Once I tried


I am planning to exhibit in

to feed them by putting some

Flying on a plane

London soon. Then I planning

jelly inside, well, stereos were big

on exhibiting a collection of

enough back then!

urban London landscapes in Mexico next year.

Nature or nurture? Both. Developing your skill is necessary if you have a gift.

Before I die...

I am reading... McCarthy’s ‘No Country for Old Men’…. I haven’t seen the

I want to be absolutely happy …

movie yet… it’s more interesting

doesn’t everyone?

that way.





Espeluzland www.espeluzland.com





From the Espeluzland biography...

His brothers made sure to wipe

Very few traces remain of his

each and every piece of work

artistic legacy, and all that

Axtor Disney was an american

that could credit his existence,

prevails is the legend. Not many

cartoonist, illustrator, musician,

burning all his sketches and

years ago it was known that

and magician. Elder brother of

his macabre collection of

there was a secret organization

Walter E. and Roy O. Disney, he

deformed animals.

whose only purpose was to find the missing work of Axtor

along with his brothers founded


The Walt Disney Company in

Secluded in the darkness

Majesto, to preserve it and show


and mentally supressed, Axtor

it to the world through their

decides to give birth to a new


After many heated and

company named “Espeluzland”

sometimes violent discussions,

in order to compete with the

mostly due to his very peculiar

overly friendly and fantastic

and strange work methods,

world of his new enemies, the

It is because of this organization

and especially because of his

Disney brothers. The failure

that part of the work of this

children illustrations which can

was resounding. Deprived

deeply perturbed but brilliant

only be described as ‘queer’, he

of any trace of honor, and

artist reaches our hands, and

was fired from his own company

overwhelmed by debt and the

yet it is nothing but a small

and expelled from the core of

constant harassment by the

part of the vast and unknown

the Disney family itself, situation

right-minded organizations of

universe that resided in sick

that made him change his very

the time, he withdrew himself


own last name from Disney to

again into his ancient and now

“Majesto” (paying tribute to a

abandoned castle, to which

bum from his neighborhood).

he referred to as his great unfulfilled dream “Espeluzland”, where he dwelt until his mysterious disappearance.





Szpillman www.euniceproductions.com



??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

What’s in your near future?

Where’s your head at?

I’m going to start a

I guess I could say I’m into Todd

Nerdy, clumsy, teenage

collaboration on a digital

Solondz way of life. Also I’ve

magazine for children; based

been recently researching on

on comics and illustration,

morphopsychology and trying

where I’ll have my own section

to find a way to illustrate human

about child superheroes.

stereotypes by associating

How hard do you really work? Not as much as I would like to. I work in digital arts, mostly

common facial features with

newspaper and magazines

Nature or nurture?

design, spending all day on

Nurture, of course! Thinking

that. Sadly I’m interested in

that only nature is important,

almost everything related to

serves only to frustrate oneself. It

Uncontrollable gestures?

plastic arts, so I would like

makes you believe you couldn’t

My eyebrows always betray me

to have 120h per day to do

do things that you would like

exposing my real feelings about

everything comes across and

instead of working hard to

something. That makes a lot of

not always having this feeling

achieve your own goals.

trouble for me.

that I’m out of time.

certain types of people.

I wish I could dislike... Cheerleader and teenage movies. I just love them, although, in general, they are against my principles.


Incorrect things you believed as a child. I used to believe that bird-

Sure! @eunicinha

that they were wearing extra

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

small white coats and doctor

It would be nice to say it was

stuff hanging on their ‘necks’.

someone’s heart but I think it

And yes: the same thing with

was a washing machine...

doctors (aka vets) were other birds instead of humans, and

dogs, cats and fishes...



Your favourite waste of time? Watching reality shows, and looking people’s pictures in Facebook: that’s almost the same kind of P.P. (personal pornography).

Scary? A lot. I’m afraid to everything

Your favourite flaw.

Worst thing I ever forgot...

I always get upset thinking

“Worst thing I’ve ever

someone has stolen my purse

remembered” would be the

or cellphone, knowing that I

right question, since I NEVER

I am reading...

ALWAYS find it in my bag three

remember anything. I’m like that

Obras Incompletas by Gloria

seconds before I yell out and

little Dory fish in Finding Nemo.


loud ‘someone has stolen my purse!’ or ‘Crap! I’ve lost my phone!’

that cannot be seen. Like spirits, dead peoples’ souls, blah, bleh, blih.




Rodríguez www.pobrelavaca.com




??? What is your favourite What’s in your near future? method to date? I love working in collage,

I have an exhibition coming up

directly, without thinking very

in which I´m really focussed,

much, only with a few basic

with new works in big format.

Give or take?

guidelines about the idea and

Also in the coming months I’m

I believe that in the life it is

format... always using original

giving a workshop on collage,

necessary to give. The person

images, to give more value to

so my near future is very busy.

who only thinks about receiving

the piece.

How hard do you really work?


Most under worn item of clothing?

The future of design? The future of design is specialisation, the commitment

My Vans. Old but confortable.

is an idiot. We have to try to give everything possible of us ourselves.

Fortunately I work many hours

for being better and for not

Before I die...

a day. I am the founder of

losing the values that we have.

Before dying, I would like to

a study of creativity called

The future is the solidarity,

be reconciled with those with

PobrelaVaca, and my work is

the development, and the

whom I’ve got angry. I would not

hard but entertaining and very

collaboration between all. So,

like to die without reconciling.

comforting. When I finish my

with the force that has our

Your favourite flaw.

work on the studio, I arrive home

message, to create a better

My best shortcoming is

and make all my collages and


continuing to behave as a child.

illustrations, so I´m working all day!!

Where’s your head at? Right now I am doing some works in big format, making stencil on collage. A very meticulous but nice work, so my head is now in it.

I suppose it’s this spirit of Peter Pan that evades all of once we see that we already are 30 years old.

I am reading...

see my friends, drink a beer and

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

talk. Twitter is against all that.

I use old (very old) magazines

one of my favourites.

Twitter is just another way to

for my collages. The first time a

take the control of our life.

cut one, I was one hour with the

Twitter? No thanks, It´s horrible. I like to

“The legend of Mother Sarah” by Katshuhiro Otomo. It´s really

scissors on my hands thinking

You would be mad not to...

about if it was right or wrong.

I would be mad if I was not

My dreams are very current, I’m

Then I cut it!!! It was a magazine

trying to be riskier and riskier, if

not ambitious but I’m a hard-

from 1936 about the Spanish

I was not trying to give myself

working person, so I put myself

Civil War.

more and more difficult goals.

My dream is...

on goals that, in the short or long term, I will be able to realize.

Your favourite waste of time? When I have free time, which is rare, I like being with the people that I love, with my wife, my dog, my friends... Those that deserve my free time, not the television or similar weapons of mass destruction.

If I was content with the easy thing or with what comes to us given, I would be mad. 51





Osborne behance.net/arcadiacreative


??? How hard do you really work?

My number one tip is...

Last time you gagged inappropriately.

I definitely fluctuate haha,

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it

Few days ago, listening to

sometimes I’ll be psyched to

gives you something to do, but

a novice middle aged lady

work and am very industrious

it doesn’t get you anywhere.

and wise 20 year old guy talk

and other times I’ll have no motivation and just want to be

The future of design?

lazy and chill.

Is always influenced by the past. the train. They spoke with such

What’s in your near future?


about Warcraft with their official Warcraft handbooks in tow on

The past is always my first port

excitement and fervour that the

of call for inspiration.

jargon filled conversation kept

Hopefully, dreams and plans

Driving force?

come to fruition and I release

I’ll give you two, Gravity and

my own tee/fashion label, so


me captivated for 40 minutes and I hate video games haha.

Style. Discuss.

keep your eyes and ears open

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “In

for that one and am about to

matters of grave importance,

start long overdue work on an

style, not sincerity, is the vital

official portfolio site for myself.


Before I die... I want to look back and say ‘I lived it’.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

too blinded by my hate for it.

Create your own question... In the name of shameless self promotion, if someone wished to view more of your work or contact you?

Too much pointless babble.

They could check out my

end and after two collisions, the

Predicting the fad will blow over

portfolio at

blue bullet finally died.

in approximately 8 months.


Your favourite flaw. Always having to win an argument/debate.

Twitter? Could be a useful tool but I’m

My dream is... To live the dream


My reputation haha no I would say my first car, it was simple and effective, loved it but all good things must come to an

Your favourite waste of time? Movies, I deserve VIP status at my local video store and cinema.

I am reading... Latest issue of ‘T – The Journal of T-Shirt Culture’ magazine that I received in the mail today.











??? What is your favourite Last time you gagged Twitter? inappropriately. Why yes, thank you. method to date? Acrylic on Masonite. The paint

A few days ago when my cat


just blends so nicely.

left me a gooey treasure on

How hard do you really

my flip-flops (but that could be

My dream is...


considered an appropriate &

to keep my loved ones (two-

There’s 27 hours in a day, right?

justified gag)

legged & four-legged) forever

Procrastination is...

Style. Discuss.

Sitting around and twiddling

Stripy knee socks, and a bit of

ones thumbs? Time waits for no

vintage goodness.

Nature or nurture?

Addams family meets Amelie.

one folks. 64

and ever. And a second home

I wish I could dislike...

in a little French village, like in the movie Chocolat =)

Your favourite waste of time? People watching. They come in so many curious shapes and

Don’t they kind of mean the

music from the 20s-40s. it makes

same thing? If we nurture

me feel really old. I mean, what

nature, doesn’t nature nurture

am I going to listen to when I



am 80?

When the dog stares into a


room like it sees something you

Firmly planted, but that doesn’t

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

mean it isn’t in the clouds.

Well you see, I had this army

the composer is dead!

of tiny toy soldiers who lived in

You would be mad not to...

my closet, and if i tried to leave

Make the most of your life =) I

my bedroom in the dark, they

don’t understand why some just

would always grab me by the

opt to “exist”!

Where’s your head at?

ankles & pull me back in. i still have to turn the light on in the hallway occasionally, because, well...you just never know!

don’t. Terrifying.

I am reading...









??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Cutting, sticking, drawing.

What is your favourite method to date?

The future of design?

Style. Discuss.

Like the past of design, but with

Style is skinny jeans, big sunnies,

more flying cars.

a ring on every finger and

Procrastination is...

hands covered in glue.

A problem which exists only

I wish I could dislike...

during daylight hours. I’m

Paper! I’m like some kind of

Cutting and sticking is my

always super motivated in the

magpie - I hoard anything that

favourite. I like to create images

middle of the night.

could be used in my work; I

using a collage and mixed media approach, mixing hand-

Nature or nurture?

drawn elements with all kinds of

Where’s your head at?

papers and fabrics.

How hard do you really work? Harder than a very hard rock.

Driving force? Most under worn item of clothing?

can’t bear to throw a single piece away. My collection is threatening to take over the whole house. 71

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

Your favourite flaw? My tendency to exaggerate

Worst thing I ever forgot...

That power plants with smoky

everything – it makes for some

was how to remember.

chimneys were cloud factories,

pretty interesting stories - and

and that clouds were made of

perfectionism. It’s a love/

candyfloss; I used to want to

hate relationship. Oh, and my

Your favourite waste of time?

climb out of aeroplanes to eat

double-jointed thumbs. They

Feeding the ducks. It’s not

them. That when people died in freak people out.

my most common time-

films, they died in real life. That

waster, but it’s definitely my

if I dug a hole deep enough,


I’d end up in Australia. That my

Yep! @madiillustrates Follow

mum would live forever.


My dream is... 72

To be a successful illustrator.

favourite. Collaging monsters is becoming a bit of a habit too.

Scary? Dogs. Even the tiny ones.

published. To travel to Australia.

You would be mad not to...

New Zealand. Canada. Japan.

Wear odd socks.

To have a children’s book

Ireland. To save up enough money to buy a tortoise. To build a treehouse. To inspire someone.




Hammermeister www.markdraws.com




??? What is your favourite Style. Discuss. Style is simply the distilled method to date? Digital caricatures painted with

accumulation of all your


various inspirations and bad

Way too much (follow me @ markdraws).

habits. If you’re smart, you’ll


figure out how to turn this into

Until they invent a paintbrush

something unique and original.

with an undo key, I’m sticking

As hard as I need to. When I

I know some artists will hunt out

with all-digital.

begin a project, I like to see it

whatever the latest hot trend is

through to completion, even if

and try to copy it. The problem

it doesn’t look good. At least in

with working this way is there

that case, I know what not to do

a thousand other artists doing

Create your own question... Why caricatures?

next time.

the exact same thing. It’s far

A long time ago, I used to

better to be a trend-setter than

draw quick-sketch caricatures

a trend-follower.

at street art fairs and private

How hard do you really work?



My number one tip is...

parties in order make a few

then figure out how to do it

Uncontrollable gestures?


I tap my foot a lot when sitting

design and illustration work, but


it’s always been drawing goofy

Figure out what you do best,

Procrastination is... The death of inspiration.

Where’s your head at? I’ve been accused in the past of

I wish I could dislike... G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but God help me, I liked it.

bucks. In the years that have followed I’ve done all manner of

pictures of people that has interested me most.

I am reading... Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem.

and unmentionable, but really,

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

most of the time it’s thinking

There was a church near

Most visited online hideout?

about drawing.

my home that resembled

It’s a toss-up between Flickr and

Cinderella’s castle. I was


having it stuck somewhere dark

convinced that it was the gateway to DisneyWorld.






Doona www.rorydoona.com




??? How hard do you really work?

Before I die... Falling through a cloud might

Worst thing I ever forgot...

Not very but that’s still

be cool?

It’s all bullshit

Your favourite flaw.

Your favourite waste of time?

shockingly more than most artists

What’s in your near future? An animated short

The future of design?


Honesty… Honestly!

Twitter? Just filling in your twitter question @newsugar

More technical skill and less


abstract crap I hope.


Procrastination is...

Create your own question... Can we rename New Sugar Magazine to “The Great Rory Doona and Friends Art Extravaganza”?

Never completely avoidable but maybe we can learn to control it?

Driving force? The next level

Uncontrollable gestures?

I’m snowed under at the

Laughing at people when they

moment guys I will have to get

express their hate for stuff

back to you on this

Incorrect things you believed as a child. Life was fair!

Looking at clouds

You would be mad not to... Build something beautiful with your life









??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Incorrect things you believed as a child. Adults had conversations

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

Upbeat, pin-up, colour.

according to a pre-written

A bad habit: not being able to


let things go

Before I die...

What’s in your near future? Wendyland, my amusement

I want to have a big travelling

Your favourite waste of time?

park full of fun and whimsical

party with my friends across the

Surfing the internet,

rides, shows and attractions!



My number one tip is... perseverance 92

Procrastination is... A best friend who won’t leave me alone at times

Your favourite flaw. Thinking too much

Twitter? Twitter.com/wendyding

Scary? Not doing the things I love

I am reading... Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, Women’s Health magazine, LOLcats

Nature or nurture?

You would be mad not to...


Be able to laugh

I wish I could dislike... Staying up really late for no good reason

Give or take? Gotta give first






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NewSugar Issue 8  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

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