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Welcome TO ISSUE 7



Welcome to Issue 7! Peek into the minds of this months creatives...

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Issue 7 features a spiffing bunch of arty folk once again. Peruse, enjoy and share... friend points available.

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Cover The cover this month was created by the Legwork guys from the good ol’ US of A. Find out more about who where and what they are all about in their interview on page 10.

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legwork www.legworkstudio.com


11 11


??? Who, where and what is Legwork?

What’s new?

July was one of our busiest months to date! We launched Legwork is a small design the new Vision Street Wear shop based in Denver (visionstreetwear.com) Colorado operated by Aaron, website for one. The new Sean and Joey. We are a site is a hybrid of Javascript, multi-disciplined studio working in interactive, motion XHTML, and Flash and includes some great features graphics, illustration and like an on going series of print design. We lend a hand mini-documentaries, and the to businesses and brands history section which is a by creating consistent, showcase of historical board comprehensive design direction across all necessary graphics, ads, and videos. mediums. Another big project was for Airwalk. We toured the US for two weeks filming 10 different bands for Airwalk’s Unsigned Hero contest. From the footage, we created 10 documentary style band profiles that are being used on the Airwalk contest site. Fans can visit and view the videos and vote for their favorite band. The videos can be viewed at www.youtube. com/airwalkonline .

13 13

What was the deciding factor in starting Legwork? We all come from a DIY thought process, which was probably spawned from our involvement with independent music and skateboarding. We wanted to create our own culture and work by our own rules, and we thought that freedom would come across in our work and would also appeal to clients who are tired of the same old B.S. It can be a risk, but unless you try you’ll never know.

Legworks favourite kind of project is... Anything from an industry that we are personally involved in; music, action sports (we hate this term), cartoons, fashion, booze etc. Also, anything that involves working on the whole package. We love to start from the ground up creating everything from the brand identity to the website.

What are the best and worst things about where you are right now? The best thing is working with great friends. Coming in to the office and listening to music, wearing tshirts and shorts, bringing the dogs in, walking to grab lunch, drinking from the keg whenever we feel like it. Alternatively, it can be pretty stressful owning a small shop. We’re making enough to live, but we’re really busy. Ideally we would like to hire more people but we don’t have the money to do it yet. So it’s a fine line between going broke vs. working yourself to death.


What’s in your future? As we said above, hopefully bringing another person or two on to the staff. It’s a big decision not only from a financial and business perspective, but from a cultural perspective. We’re all good friends and have a long history together so finding someone that fits in here is key. One long term goal of ours is to get a space where we can run the business in the back and open a retail store in the front. We’d love to be able to produce posters and shirts that have our harebrained ideas all over them. Too bad everything takes so much money to get rolling.

Have you any tips for new creative minds starting out? This quote from Thomas Edison I read recently really resonated with me: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” —Thomas Edison

What have you been listening to lately? Frank Turner, Throw Me The Statue, The Rentals, Max Indian, Coalesce, P.O.S, Marnie Stern, Glorytellers.

15 15


17 17



Galal www.ahmedgalal.com

19 19


21 21

??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

That I was human.

My time.

Before I die...


I want to Fix anything that I did wrong.

For any fly get too close to my nose or ear.

Your favourite flaw.

Procrastination is...

Being human that makes million mistakes to learn hundred lessons out of them.

a word that`s really hard to pronounce.

Funny Conceptual Simple.

What’s in your near future? Freelancing.

My number one tip is... have a mind of your own.

Style. Discuss My style is based on the concept that vegetables, real food and artwork are equal to candy or special treats. Everyone gets excited for candy and treats but in the end, vegetables and real foods are what sustain us. My mission is to provide people with vegetables and real food and have them savour candy and treats simultaneously!

I wish I could dislike... “Hadr Mot” & technology.


My dream is... Peace of Mind here and Paradise after life.

Driving force? I`ll be judged one day.

I am reading... Quran.

Personal Quote Too much of nothing, still nothing.

23 23


Badger www.badgertracks.net

25 25


27 27


29 29


Smith www.beargami.eu


31 31


??? What is your favourite method to date?

Most under worn item of clothing?

Social drawing, drawing at house parties, drawings in clubs and pubs, gigs and drawing in the rain

A watch

The future of design?

Before I die...

Is outside the bedroom Topolski and David Choe style, recording time as it speeds past me.

Driving force? Leaving the house breaking the way from inside thought to outdoor action

33 33

I wish I could dislike... Sugar!

I want to dance over gunfire!

My dream is... Visiting a garden with iguanas bathing in the sun, shaded by turtle shells,At one side the iguanas are zygotes ,embros and get slowly older till the oldest ones tell the younger ones “ you are ignorant”

Favourite Quote? BladeRunner “Its too bad she wont live..... then again who does!”

You would be mad not to... listen to Pharoe Sanders amazing jazz! And, Soil and Pimp Sessions for the young ones!


35 35


Arran www.visualsnacking.com


37 37


??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Painted, vibrant, busy.

What is your favourite method to date? How hard do you really work? To hard! I was working to a deadline and sending artwork of to a client as my wedding guests were arriving the evening before the big day. I also worked on a painting on Christmas day a few years ago. needless to say in both cases my wife was not impressed.

What’s in your near future?

My number one tip is...

Starting my post as an associate lecturer in Illustration at Southampton Solent University Which is very exiting because its is one of the most exiting illustration BA courses around. I have an Exhibition coming up at the end of next month and I need to do more collaboration with fellow artists and when I get the chance more experimentation with moving image.

Be true to yourself and constantly look for ways to evolve your artwork so it always stays relevant. Make sure illustration is the first thing you think of in the morning. Look at a wide variety of media for your inspiration,movies graphic novels, fine art, animation, sculpture, music, radio, try to step outside the usual visual resources illustrators might use.

Procrastination is... Watching Holby City

Most under worn item of clothing? Dicky Bow (There gonna come back into fashion ya know)

39 39

Last time you gagged inappropriately.

I wish I could dislike... You would be mad not to... Jonathan Ross

Seeing how much crap on-line stock illustration is sold under Incorrect things you believed as a child. cutting everybody. I recently had to fish out a bloated dead That people lived in the telly. frog from a watering can What is the best thing but this was not nearly as you’ve ever destroyed? repellent as the former. My two pet goldfish, Dobbin Style. Discuss. & Orange. I spilt a cup of For some illustration degrees cuppa soup into their bowl. the word style is a dirty (Chicken Flavour) word. I think its important Worst thing I ever to explore as many ways to forgot... create artwork as possible was to never put a cup of thus enabling you to be cuppa soup near a goldfish versatile throughout your bowl. I still feel guilty years career. It might be that one later. day you wake up and say I don’t want to work in this Scary? Plastic surgery for “style” any more and if you the immensely vain have not built up a great range of skills and different ways of looking and interpret to what you see then you can find yourself in big trouble. So experiment and enjoy....


give that smug Scottish bloke from the TV show “Coast” a dead leg if you were to meet him

Most visited on-line hideout? You tube for experimental animation & illustration and the old MTV Europe “ Jukka Brothers” short movie idents. Take a look if you want to see what real life in Finland is like.

41 41



Waterhouse www.elisewaterhouse.com

43 43


45 45

??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Somewhat fugly portraits

What is your favourite method to date?

Where’s your head at?


Honestly, can anyone read that question without singing it?

No. No one needs to know that “Elise is struggling to fill out a questionnaire for NewSugar.” Really, they don’t.

Driving force? Comes in a small bag.

Wacom touching Illustrator.

What’s in your near future? Paste up Melbourne. Finish school.

My number one tip is... LOVE

Most under worn item of clothing? Skivvy.

Incorrect things you believed as a child. That ‘elle-em-en-o-pee’ (L,M,N,O,P) was one letter of the alphabet.

The future of design?

Your favourite flaw.

Is filled with bad fonts.

Kitchen floor.

Format? JPG was my first love. We are seeing other formats at the moment.

Favourite colours? I like Bluegrass and green grass. Not necessarily in that order.

Scary? No.

Most visited online hideout? Blood Sweat Vector.


47 47


49 49


Vural madamcoffee.livejournal.com


51 51


53 53



Blake www.isobelblake.blogspot.com

55 55


??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Most under worn item of clothing?

Your favourite waste of time?


Looking out of the window.

Detailed, Humour, Magic

What is your favourite method to date? Drawing with pencil.

How hard do you really work?


Incorrect things you believed as a child. Before I die...

What’s in your near future?

Your favourite flaw.

Procrastination is... Never very far away.

Who On Earth Is Tom Baker? by Tom Baker and No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July, very slowly.

I believed in leprechauns.

I work pretty hard, but I am very easily distracted.

Drinking tea whilst working on a new zine project called Patchwork.

57 57

I wish I could dislike... I am reading...

I will learn to play the piano.

You would be mad not to... Read the books mentioned above.

Collecting things, despite having no where to put them.

Most visited online hideout?

My dream is...

Flickr, I have found many wonderful artists and photographers there.

to be an illustrator full time, own a gallery/shop and live by the sea.


59 59



Bradley www.jessbradley.com

61 61


63 63

??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Quirky, cutesy, funny.

How hard do you really work? I’m pretty productive and do a lot of work on average but don’t work as hard as I think I could. My friends are always incredulous of this when they see how much I do.

The future of design? I would personally love the future of design to be filled with characters. Characters on everything like they are in Japan. Buses, food packages, sewer covers and buildings all need more characters on them.


Procrastination is...

I wish I could dislike...

Much needed if ideas are a bit slow in coming and bad if it involves playing videogames when there’s work to be done.

Bad films for £1 at the DVD shop near my house. It’s not big or clever. A case in point being a “sci-fi thriller” called The Brain. It can only be described as special.

Driving force? The need to force my headcheese onto other people. So far it’s working out and I haven’t been run out of town with flaming sticks and pitchforks. Guilt is also a big driving force too as I tend be very hard on myself if I don’t get enough done.

Uncontrollable gestures? When I get excited about something my arms flail dangerously and videogame playing usually involves lifting and turning of the joy pad as if that would make any difference at all to the game play.

Give or take. A bit of both.

Your favourite waste of time?

I am reading… Lots of H.P Lovecraft, The Secret History of the World, Let The Right One In, Midnight’s Children and The Sounds of Fear by Harlan Ellison.

Probably playing videogames. Your favourite Flaw. I can quite happily play We I can be a bit too sarcastic Heart Katamari for hours maybe. And I pick my nose. followed by a bit of Silent Hill 3. I try not to play too Incorrect things you much, though otherwise I’d What things do you believed as a child. never get anything done. My wish you had created? That slugs instantly dissolved Nintendo DS constantly calls upon application of salt and out to me when I’m drawing... Oddworld, We Love Katamari, Rex the Runt, my toys came alive at night. anything by San-X and Scary? Panda-Z. What is the best thing The clown from Poltergeist, you’ve ever destroyed? Threads and I’ve got a bit A really horrible doll I was of a thing about pennies. once given as a present. I *Shudder!* set fire to the hideous thing. How anyone can find a doll loveable is beyond me. With their cold dead eyes...

65 65


67 67


Akpokiere www.seekproject.com


69 69


??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Intense, playful, diverse.

My number one tip is... Daily sketching. Sketching helps improve my ability to think visually and affords me the opportunity to represents things in ways that are personal to me.

The future of design? I believe there will be an increase in entrepreneurial activity amongst designers and as a result of this, more control and influence over design will be in the hands of the designer.

71 71

Procrastination is...

Style. Discuss.

Taking more unnecessary photographs instead of editing the useful ones already taken.

My style is a rich and constantly evolving eclectic mix of influences. It is presently inspired by geometry, pattern design, cartoons and the graffiti aesthetic.

Driving force? My desire to live a fulfilled and purposeful life drives me.

I wish I could dislike... Advertising. Give or take? Give. “He that scattereth, increaseth.�

Before I die... I will live my dream and inspire others to live theirs in the process.

Twitter? Tech busybody

My dream is... to make products out of my ability to draw and to help other artists do the same.


Create your own question...

Most visited online hideout?

How are you doing Julian James? (Lol, well thanks! Ed)

Presently Thehundreds.com. Everyday.

I am reading... Understanding the power and purpose of man by Myles Munroe. You would be mad not to... Love me.

73 73



Fischer www.luciddream.com.au

75 75


77 77

??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Hazy, dreamlike, urban

My number one tip is... Never stop dreaming

Uncontrollable gestures? I drum on my desk ALL the time

I’m hyperactive; I can’t sit still and need to do three things at once!

Give or take?

My dream is...

Give, art is meant to be a gift to the world

To take over the world!

my worst enemy

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

Where’s your head at?

That the postman lived inside the post-box

Procrastination is...

Creativity. I love to create and contribute to the world of art

Your favourite waste of time? Daydreaming :)

Scary? My worst fear is time


Driving force?

Your favourite flaw.

Before I die...

I want to ride my BMX around I am reading... Australia Ann Rice - the vampire chronicles

Most visited online hideout? ffffound.com


79 79


81 81

PYKY www.pykystudio.com


83 83


??? What is your favourite method to date?

Uncontrollable gestures?

Worst thing I ever forgot...

I don’t have a favourite method

All the time

I can’t remember

How hard do you really work? I don’t have time to answer that… I’m too busy

My number one tip is... Do it now

I wish I could dislike... Your favourite waste Myself more but I can’t I’m of time? really nice


Give or take?


Give, give or take

Horror films

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

I am reading... nothing

That chickens are crocodiles

Procrastination is... A brilliant film by Johnny Kelly… http://tinyurl. com/6x6qmx

Nature or nurture?

Before I die...

You would be mad not to...

I’d like to read a good book

I agree

Your favourite flaw.

Most visited online hideout?

My fuckin’ Tourette’s



Where’s your head at?

Twitter? of course…

Earn lots of money


Driving force?


I can’t drive


Most under worn item of clothing?

My dream is...


85 85

over long ago


87 87


Cummins www.rheannoncummins.com


89 89


??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Diverse, Tactile, Goodest

What is your favourite method to date? Collage and digital.

I try not to ‘pigeon-hole’ myself - but to keep my style flexible and diverse.

I wish I could dislike... Fruit Beers/ Cheese...moment on the lips.. .

How hard do you really work?

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

I work very hard, I wish that there were more hours in the day!

That Kevin Costner and Bryan Adams were the same person. Distraught when found out otherwise.

What’s in your near future? Internships with, Jon Burgerman, Sky creative, Hallmark and Twelve Stars.

My number one tip is... Always try harder!

Most under worn item of clothing? My Nike 6.0’s, they look lovely in there box though!

91 91

Style. Discuss.

Proudest moment of your design career so far... Winning the Sky creative award at the London Newdesigners Exhibition 2009.

I am reading... Cheese Monkeys by the genius Chip Kidd - a very good read.

You would be mad not to... Have a look at my website...

Twitter? Yes, yes I do - ‘Loveannon’ , Tweet me!

My dream is... To work for a exciting and innovative studio with like minded, hard working creatives.

Most visited online hideouts? Behance/ Observer design/ Creative review/ Computer arts/ Rheannoncummins.com of corse... and Twitter!


93 93



Pollard www.designjump.co.uk

95 95


97 97

??? What is your favourite method to date? Pads and pens of varying variety. It is so easy nowadays to boot up illustrator and draw away but my true love is having fun with doodles!

How hard do you really work? I work in a studio from 8:30 ’til 5:30 and then I do a couple of hours at home on personal work so I tend to work very hard.

My number one tip is... Be very proactive and allow design to become your lifestyle and not just a job!

Where’s your head at? I’m currently working on getting my brand out there and making my illustrative style consistent and true to me.


Nature or nurture?

Your favourite flaw.

I have been very creative since I was a kid led on my grans floor drawing pictures for her to frame and put on the wall so it as always been something natural to me. I love when people who think they are not creative, pick up a pen and doodle on a wall with me. Anyone can be creative in my eyes.

Not taking things to serious. Things like life.

Twitter? I love the concept of twitter. It helps my work and process be communicated out to a wide audience!

Your favourite waste of time? Sleeping, it is such a beautiful thing.

Most under worn item of clothing


T shirts and my Addidas shell toe trainers (I have to keep them as white as possible). I have far to many T shirts that I have either made or bought.

Roller coasters, I hate them. Must be the lack of control or something.

Give or take?

Be creative everyday and have a pad and pen with you at all times.

I have always like giving gifts and I feel strange when recieving them. Before I die... I want to have no regrets and leave a nice thought of me behind.

You would be mad not to...

Most visited online hideout? Twitter, Behance, Design Blogs and my webmail

99 99



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NewSugar Issue 7  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

NewSugar Issue 7  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

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