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Welcome to Issue 6! Now with added brightness... With the sun here arriving like a proverbial bus - i.e. sporadically at best and then in clumps (the correct term for a group of busses) NewSugar HQ this month has been kept warm and happy by the amazing submissions hitting our inbox. Not only has issue 7 already got a bumper selection lined up for you, this issue has some of our favourite work in the magazine to date!

This month... Some small changes to content this month based on lots of positive feedback from our lovely readers.

We are looking forward to making your acquaintance!


More creative goodness was a no brainer so we have plenty Do it! more pieces to enjoy. Check out our next issues brief “What we’ve learned” We have also excluded the on our lovely shiny website image descriptions and and getting sending us those moved straight into the subs... interviews which have been a firm favourite with everyone it seems.


We want to keep making this magazine better so if you have any ideas or requests... let us know. Peas.


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Houzenga www.BrentHouzenga.com


15 15


??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Modern retro goodness

How hard do you really work? I’m busting my ass

What’s in your near future? 2009 is going to be great.

September 2009 - Me And My Army @ Instinct Gallery, Des Moines, IA – This will be my largest solo show to date. I’m hoping to have 300+ pieces included, installations, and an exhibit of vehicles w/ custom paint jobs by yours truly. September/October – Portland, OR @ The GoodFoot (http://thegoodfoot.com/ gallery/) – two huge group shows

May 2009, I’m in a show called - MayDay - Global Politics @ Art Whino, National November 09 or next year sometime –Naples, Italy – Harbor, MD (huge group http://www.andersarte.com/ show) Also, May 2009 I’m having a show called Colloquial @ Iowa State University - Ames, IA (Solo Showing) I’m working on lining up a show this June in Denver w/ Michelle Holley (www. michelleholley.com) and Max Kaufman who was also in the show w/ me at Art Whino

17 17

December 2009 – curating the Crossroads for the third year in a row. This year’s show is going to be called Fanatic – showcasing artists who are music lovers and show it in their work. It’s going to be off the charts – submissions are open internationally. Deadline is June 30 (www. crossroadsiowa.com)

Most over worn item of clothing? I never take off the ring that my Uncle Alvin made (RIP) and my beaded hawk bracelet Then again, both of those things are jewellery – clothing = my dc comics – showdown of the century T shirt that I’ve had since 6th grade (I’m now 25) featuring Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Lobo, and Batman

Last time you laughed inappropriately. This morning I was out for coffee with some friends and was asked to move my multi- coloured “hippie” van, because it was too close to the car next to me. When I realized the guy who needed to get into it was kind of overweight… I snickered a bit.

I wish I could dislike... Cigarettes

Twitter? @brenthouzenga

Conspiracy? A group of three or more people planning and plotting some course of action? Yes

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? When I was in sixth grade I threw this sweet vintage hair brush that was shaped like Superman across the room. It shattered.


Worst thing I ever forgot... When I was 18 a bunch of us piled into my van and embarked on a road trip to go see the Queers in Iowa City. On the way we broke a belt and got stranded on the side of the interstate. My sister picked us up and we went way out of the way to stay at her house and then all over hell looking for an auto parts store to buy a new belt. When we got back to the van the next day we realized that there was a belt sitting on the dash the whole time, the exact belt that we needed. We missed the Queers but ended up having a pretty good time anyway.

Your favourite magazine called NewSugar? Gee, this is kinda awkward.

I am reading... Bill Mauldin’s auto biography and a play called The 12th Labor

You would be mad not to... love one inch buttons

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??? What is your favourite method to date?

What’s in your near future?

Most over worn item of clothing?

Working with, and exploring, textures.


An old pair of cargo pants. I can’t live without them. I have had the zipper replaced, and now am going to have to look at creative patchwork to be able to still wear them in public.

The entire process of painting and pushing the limits of each medium fascinates me. From stretching the canvas to applying textures, along with traditional paint and mixed media. Connecting all of this to higher thinking and thought processes at each step is what I’m currently exploring and working into new methods of attacking my canvas.

How hard do you really work? Hard enough to feel exhausted and know it is still not enough.


My number one tip is... to paint for yourself first. The hell with anybody else… unless of course they are paying for it or buying it… well, that is just different.

Where’s your head at? In the clouds in an absent minded professor kind of way. Trying to keep up with and wrangle my thoughts is like herding cats.

Style. Discuss. I am constantly exploring and trying new things… techniques, textures, paint, and process, on and on. I am always on the look out for the right thing to do or use in that moment to portray an emotion or a thought or an opinion.

Incorrect things you believed as a child. That people are good. That a unicorn ranch is possible in the Midwest. That the boogieman lives in the closet and not under my bed. Dogs won’t bite if you love them.

Twitter? Yep! @cagneyartist

Conspiracy? Yes. It’s everywhere; from the top down…always beware. Put everything in a petri dish and examine it thoroughly before proceeding to decision mode.

My dream is... to have someone walk into my studio and want to represent me as an artist and rescue me from my Midwest conservative cage. I keep working hard in the hopes that one day my art story will be like the great artist fairytale. You know the one the one about how the poor, struggling artist rocking on the edge of insanity is toiling away in her studio day after day, when one day a handsome person comes to see her work, and decides that she should be rescued. From that day on they pay her to paint, pimp out her work and buy her beer. Everyone lives happily ever after. That…would be cool!

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? My artwork. Toward the end of college I took everything, sketchbooks, paintings, drawings…all of it…and in a drunken rage set fire to it all in the backyard. I didn’t paint for three years. Now I look back on that as a cleansing…I think I knew on some level that I was going in the wrong direction with my art, a direction that others were pushing me in. Plus, I didn’t want anyone to ever see it again…at the time I didn’t think that anyone other than myself deserved to see it.

I am reading... Ayn Rand – The Fountainhead…again…

Worst thing I ever forgot... To be brave.

25 25


27 27


Brett www.ChrisBrett.ca


29 29



What is your favourite method to date?

How hard do you really work?

Painting my backgrounds is my favourite part of my process I think. Splatter, glaze, rip, burn, buff, then rinse and repeat. A sort of planned accident method.

Id like to say I bust my ass, but a lot of my time is used staring at blank canvass’s and smoking cigarettes.. I’ll sometimes use any excuse I can to do busy work, tidy my desk, go for a coffee, watch some “planet earth” documentaries. Once I get down to business though, ill spend entire weekends in front of 3 paintings and not deviate very far from my lil work space. What’s in your near future? A bunch of gallery shows and exhibitions here in Canada, then, who knows.

Stealing is... way cheaper than buying.

Where’s your head at? Just above my shoulders underneath my hat.

Most over worn item of clothing? My hat(s). I’m always wearing a hat, always. I rarely leave the house without a hat on. I’m at the point where id feel naked without wearing one.

Last time you laughed inappropriately. A month ago at the dog park I saw a lady get trampled by a bunch of Labs playing and chasing each other. She ended up right on her butt, feet in the air. I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. I’m not a complete dick though, I helped her up and she was fine.


I am reading...

Ya @ChrisBrett, but I am still unsure if I’m really into the whole tweeting thing... Its useful for some things and useless for many others.... The jury is still out on that.

lots of books on tape.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? A golf cart and someone’s fence, at the same time.

I wish I could dislike... Worst thing I ever greasy food & youtube... but forgot... they are both just so good.

Before I die... I’d like to eat a sandwich in every country that makes real good sandwiches.

31 31

a card on Mother’s Day.

You would be mad not to... be able to laugh at yourself.

Most visited online hideout? www.Woostercollective.com, every single day


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35 35


[studio blup ] TM



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41 41



Cohen www.fernandacohen.com

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45 45

??? How hard do you really work?

Most over worn item of clothing?

Monday to Monday; late night, early mornings, and afternoons; on trips, weddings and in taxis.

A white and yellow mini skirt from Free People.

Style. Discuss.


You either get it or you don’t. Your most overly used gesture?

Nature or nurture?

Before I die...

They go hand in hand.

I want to live many lives.

Where’s your head at?

Your favourite flaw.

Stealing is...

Only in the family.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? My bedroom’s steal garbage bin when I found out I had to stay back home for another 6 months before I went to college..

Worst thing I ever forgot... my passport on

the plane in Lima. It turned Being permanently distracted. up in Chile!

The next big project, especially in animation, Twitter? advertising and product Nope. design. My head belongs to GAP right now. Hats required for your job? Business woman, networker, organizer, producer, politician, moderator, plumber and artist.



Scary? Love it!

I am reading...The New York Times

47 47


49 49


Kimmings www.kimmings.co.uk


51 51

??? What is your favourite method to date?

What’s in your near future?

Everything... I can’t help but use anything I can get my hands on. I’d like to start introducing screen printing or mono printing into my artwork.

I have just taken part in UPFEST in Bristol which was a great few days and I have some artwork in The Weapon Of Choice Gallery in Bristol in the next few weeks. Immediately I need to get a body of work together and plan a show somewhere a bit closer to home

How hard do you really work? Extremely hard – I hold down a full time job, have a family and still manage to spend time in the studio each evening. I’m also pretty hard on myself and won’t let myself quit if things start to get difficult.


Stealing is... an artform

Nature or nurture? Six of one... half a dozen of the other. Everyone has the potential to be an artist from birth, how you nurture that talent makes a big difference. I’ve realised this from watching my own children who have no concept of failure... to them everything they do is a success. From a small age we’re all told that “you can’t do this” or “that will never work”... we’re almost programmed to expect failure. If you repeat something enough times and learn from the things that don’t work so well, anyone can succeed. Those that have a natural talent may float to the top or get an easier ride, but that’s not always the case... talent isn’t everything, hard work counts more.

53 53

Most over worn item of clothing? My old 507’s... I can’t wear them now for fear of being arrested for indecency - I’ve had them for about 9 years and they’re all but turning to dust. I love the way they feel, soft and familiar. (Plus they’re a little ‘snug’ now).


Is great but on a whole misused (isn’t everything) – without Twitter/facebook/ flickr I’d still be stumbling about in the dark. It has opened up a whole new network of contacts... it’s a great medium for news on the fly.

Life, commitment, responsibility, failure. People who expect too much

I am reading... The World Of The Celts Simon James and The Sigma Protocol – Robert Ludlum

Most visited online hideout?

Style. Discuss.

My dream is...

Style is not concerning yourself with how others perceive you. Getting on with your thing and doing it well.

To earn a crust from painting/ Flickr – on the whole I have drawing/illustration... to be met some very nice people on able to enjoy watching my there family grow up and to ensure their happiness and security Hopefully very soon

I wish I could dislike... Chocolate or beer... middle age spread is chasing me down the street with a big stick right now

Preferred dance? Dad at the disco (my wife says I dance like this)



Worst thing I ever forgot... I have THE worst memory... the list is long and includes, wedding anniversary & children’s birthdays – I have a very understanding wife.

55 55



Hunt khunt14@hotmail.com

57 57


??? What is your favourite method to date? To take my pen for a walk on the page and see what my hand and mind create

How hard do you really work?

Preferred dance?

Where theirs music summer sun paper and a massive selection of art supplies

Breakdancing popping locking breaking and shaking

Most over worn item of clothing? Bapesta trainers (yellow)

Not as hard as I will be from this September onwards!!!

I wish I could dislike...

What’s in your near future?

Spending my hard earned cash on stuff I really don’t need but want

University moving house passing my driving test learning Japanese

My number one tip is... Don’t stop whatever it is your doing because if you do its much harder to start all over again

59 59

Where’s your head at?

Incorrect things you believed as a child. I thought crabs from the sea liked ketchup due to a misunderstanding about sardines in tins


61 61

Before I die...

My dream is...

I am reading...

I want to meet as many different people as I can and experience as much as I can fit into the short spit of time that I’ve got on this planet. Travel the world eat hundreds of different types of food, laugh ‘till I cry, drink till I throw up, bounce off the walls, relax on the park in the hot summer sun reading a good book, swim in the sea, go to more festivals, draw more, paint more, print more, make more, build my own house... I could keep on going.

I dream of being my own boss and working all over the world doing something new every day.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time series truly epic in every sense.

Favourite quote?

You would be mad not to...

Rome wasn’t built in a day but I wasn’t on that particular job (Brian Clough).

Want to learn everything... if only there was enough time in the day.

Scary? Snakes, just don’t like them.





63 63


??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Nature or nurture?

Preferred dance?

Nature- It’s the only thing that’s constant.

The Chicken.

Elegant. Natural. REAL.

How hard do you really work? I’m the hardest working person I know – this is what I love to do!

What’s in your near future? I am starting an Organic Art Sharing Portal called Paint the Paint, dedicated to painting the world beautiful through “organic” or recycled art. Find out more about the philosophy, join the Paint the Paint Network and collaborate with fellow organic artists around the world! Www.paintthepaint. com My number one tip is... Work hard and don’t be afraid of Love.

65 65

Most over worn item of clothing? Hair. Definitely the hair.

Style. Discuss. OK! Let’s play Jeopardy... “What is natural and unique and should never be compromised?” (Aha!)

Your most overly used gesture? Hmm... I guess I’d have to say, “talking loudly”- I’ll consider it a gesture in my case. PEOPLE GOTTA HEAR YOU!

Before I die... I will have lived forever!

Conspiracy? Is a hidden agenda that each individual in a society must ultimately accept in order for it to function. Let’s look a little deeper and do what we know is Right!

My dream is... To share my art with the world!

What is the best thing You would be mad not you’ve ever destroyed? to... The darkness that once covered my Mind from seeing Reality.

Worst thing I ever got... a bad hangover. Ain’t no kind o’ good...


Events? Upcoming Exhibitions: The first is a Jumble Fresh Premiere at the Old shop (Luton, UK) from June 25th – 27th. I’ll be doing a Live Paint Show on the 27th accompanied by some live bands. Bring the kiddies and let’s have some fun! (http:// jumblefresh.webs.com). I’ll also be at the Urban Art outdoor art festival in Brixton, UK on the 18th & 19th of July. Come and see me at Stands #23Hf & #23Hg!!! (www. urbanart.co.uk) You can also find more information on upcoming events on my website at www.meeshle.com.


67 67



Maitland www.michaelmaitland.com

69 69


71 71

??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Flowing, creepy, twisted.

I’m always wearing my beanie hat.

What is your favourite method to date?

Last time I laughed inappropriately...

I love working with bright inks, mapping/black pens and collage materials.

When my best friends sister told me that she had just been dumped.

How hard do you really work? I go through stages- when I’m inspired I work really hard and get a lot done, and sometimes I get stuck and need to do research/ get inspired by looking at art, watching films and reading.

I wish I could dislike... Fizzy because my teeth are going to fall out!

Preferred dance?

Conspiracy? No ones been on the moon!

Top 10 favourite things? Rachel (my girlfriend), family, friends, cereal, drawing, pick and mix, films, music, my flat and Starbucks.

Scary? I get scared a lot because I’m a very anxious personbut most of all I’m scared of spiders.

Booty shake

I am reading...

Before I die...

Russell Brand, Articles of faith.

I want to visit lots of different interesting countries.

My number one tip...

You would be mad to not love...

Be inspired by the everyday.


Stealing is.... only okay when it comes to pick ‘n’ mix!


Most over worn item of clothing?

73 73


75 75


Harud www.dertylaundry.com


77 77


79 79


??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Sexy, sharp, graphic

What is your favourite method to date? Drawing, it has always been my main love, the beauty of good draftsmanship.

How hard do you really work? Not hard enough, 9 to 5 five days a week

What’s in your near future? I am in a group show running from 1st to the 10th of May, Spectrum, St Marys Old Church, Church St, N16 9ES, www.theothers.uk.com

subjective, you cant help but be influenced by good art, that’s what it is there for, and if you have to steel, well, then your not that good.

Nature or nurture? I am producing another illustrated fashion shoot titled London Calling for the magazine Chic Today that should run in a month or so, a few images from which I have here, and I am producing the art for a club night hosted by the record label Fierce Panda, and trying to push my new t-shirt label www. dertylaundry.com

My number one tip is... Keep working and finish what you start

The future of design? Exiting, there are so many new places that you can stick your art.

81 81

Stealing is...

30% 70%

Where’s your head at? My next project, what I could have done better on my last project, and fantasy long term ideas.

Hats required for your job? Well I am always surprised how much time I spend not drawing, as a freelancer you have to spend so much time creating business, chasing clients, invoices etc.

Last time you laughed inappropriately.

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

Worst thing I ever forgot...

The death of a dog

That if you were an actor in Star Wars you got to fly the space ships and shoot the blasters at Storm Troopers.

If I could remember I’m sure I would be mortified. Your

Style. Discuss. You need it but you should control it not it control you. Your most overly used gesture? Winking

I wish I could dislike... I don’t really have a problem in that area, I’m pretty petty and can fester a grudge for a long time, probable a better question is “I wish I could like.......... lost of people.........”

The ballad of the salt sea.

My dream is... To fly the space ships in Star Wars

You would be mad not to...

What Fad are you looking forward to seeing the back off?

Vote, if you don’t you have no rite to complain about anything that happens to you.

The celebrity of the enthusiastic doodler that is what people seem to think good illustration is at the moment. What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? A digital camera


I am reading...

Most visited online hideout? Well, apart from porn and BBC I-player, anything to do with James Jean

83 83





85 85


87 87


89 89

??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Bold. Loose. Flowing

What’s in your near future? Stranger, bigger, better illustrations

Take to give

Your favourite waste of time?

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

Sitting at work doodling while drinking a good cup of Yorkshire tea

I thought I was always right

Before I die...

I am reading...

Nature or nurture?

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

Nature then nurture

My dignity

Well, I usually have about 5 books on the go at once, not because I read so much but because it takes me so long to finish them. Currently reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, Hells Angels by Hunter Thompson, and Naked Lunch by William Burroughs....

Driving force?

Worst thing I ever forgot...

Most visited online hideout?

My dignity


My number one tip is... to draw on anything, anywhere, anytime you can

Knowing I can be so much better Uncontrollable gestures? Gesticulating uncontrollably


Give or take?

Someone will pay me for my work

Your favourite flaw. I swear too much

91 91





93 93


95 95

??? Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Random Scribbly Noodles

What is your favourite method to date? Object based noodling is the best fun because it throws up unusual problems with different angles and viewpoints.

My number one tip is... Turn off the television…I’m a big fan of Malota, who just churns out tons of quality work and she told a good friend of mine (Andy Gosling) that her secret was not having a television – since then I’ve made a concerted effort to never ‘mindlessly’ sit in front of shit TV and my output has improved dramatically…plus I’ve rediscovered the joys of radio.

The future of design? The past, cleverly repackaged

Hats required for your job? Fez for coding, Panama for web design and KKK hood for creative


Style. Discuss. Should you stick to just one? I get bored if I do the same style all of the time – I only really get something out of it if I’m challenging myself. Preferred dance? Has to be morris dancing. There’s something tangibly sinister about that whole culture…I find it creepier than the Wicker Man or Blair Witch, there’s something more instinctive and animal about it.

Incorrect things you believed as a child. That a digit was a type of hoe and not a finger or toe. Dig it.

97 97

Your favourite flaw.

My dream is...


Be a full time illustrator/artist and give up the code

Twitter? I’ve found it amazingly inspiring – I’ve found some amazing illustrators and creatives I’d never have known about…It’s brilliant for that. Obviously I don’t give two shits about what the latest web-celeb is picking out of their arse, or Smashing Magazines latest top ten inane things to do with a paperclip but there are genuinely helpful snippets of news and information that filter through and get me through the day.


Who’s work are you into at the moment? Audrey Kawasaki, James Jean, Malota, <TOSCO>, Matte Stephens, Alberto Cerriteno, Ugandalebra, Jerome Castro, Dee Beale, Junko Mizuno…too many!

Scary? There are only 24 hours in a day. Just 24. It’s not enough

You would be mad not to... Pick up a pen. Just do stuff all the time…Doodle, noodle, cut out and colour in – remember how much fun it is…anything you do is great!

Most visited online hideout? Flickr – How much truly amazing talent is out there??! It’s astonishing. I love taking little journeys through other peoples contact lists and finding hidden gems….

99 99


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A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

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