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Issue_5 Welcome



Welcome to Issue 5!

Get involved!

Did I just feel the sun? NewSugar STILL needs you! Just in time for the Easter comedown... NewSugar brings you it’s latest issue containing some of it’s favourite artists of the moment including the amazing Gemma Correll and Betony May. Surely something to take away those post bank holiday blues.

This month... No point us telling you much more when the proof of the pudding is a mere couple of pages away. But, before you head on through a big NewSugar thanks to all the artists who submitted, to Mercy for taking the time-out from their busy schedule to be this months guest interviewees and, last but certainly not least, to Foe for the awesome cover image. Peas.

As the magazine continues to develop both in readership, style and content we are keen to hook up with other like minded individuals who feel that they might have something to offer...

Are you a writer, reporter, blogger or creative opinionist? Then New sugar would definitely like to hear from you.

You can get in touch with us at: oi@newsugar.co.uk We are looking forward to making your acquaintance!


Do it!

Check out our next issues brief ‘Experiment’ on our lovely shiny website and getting sending us those subs...


Do you have a great idea on how we could get even better and tick more of your boxes then let us know, this magazine is all about giving you what you want.



An interview with



Mercy www.mercyonline.co.uk


Who, where and what is Mercy? Mercy is an eminently adaptable and dependable Liverpool / London creative agency, and we do cutting edge commissions for top-end clients all over the shop: in galleries, on album sleeves, online ... In the office is a small core team of multi-skilled designers and writers, and whenever necessary we use the pages of our amazing Filofax of illustrators, photographers, poets, performers, writers and whizzkids to tailor specific teams for specific projects. By doing so, we get to keep our levels of creativity and our points of artistic and cultural reference constantly on the boil - which means our output is always impulsive and vital.


What’s new? Our London base in Hoxton Square, headed up by Doug. If you’re in the area pop round for cups of sugar and romantic near-misses over Nescafe. We’ve also just launched a blog. We’ve recruited Nicholas Holloway, who wrote for commuter freesheet Metro for the last couple of years, to help us put it together, and it features new writing, ponderings and general titbits from all kinds of artists and writers that we love: mercyrecommends. blogspot.com

What was the deciding factor in starting Mercy? It all started in 2002 when we graduated from Liverpool Art School, and got quickly bored of our new lives collecting glasses and selling mobile phones. Mercy was a random photocopied fanzine that we started knocking together with a handful of fellow disillusioned creative types.

It was all super lo-fi, and really not very good, but it had an audience and a target - Liverpool’s bid for Capital of Culture. By 2006 - with 30odd issues, our first events and a Biennial exhibition Recent commissions include under our belts - we felt producing design for we had a strong enough Universal, Sony, A-Foundation reputation to tell our bosses and Warner Music; where to stick it and set up copywriting and journalism full time. We’ve never looked for Diesel and Urban Splash; back. and innovative arts events and projects at The Bluecoat, Tate and FACT in Liverpool.


Have you any tips for new creative minds starting out? The path that we followed isn’t really the norm, and we invested huge sums of time, effort and money into those first 4 years. But in the long run it was so worth it as we now have our own show, set up exactly as we want it. Whether someone was to follow our path or not though, we always just say that patience and keeping busy is the key. We both set ourselves a target of being in the job we really wanted within 5 years of graduating, not 5 weeks, and via the fanzine and various little flyer jobs we just made sure we kept a creative outlet in our lives no matter how dull our day jobs were. To quote the letter we once had printed in Creative Review: ‘you don’t have to be employed to be a designer’.


Mercy’s favourite kind What are the best and of project is... worst things about where you are right Working on music industry now? projects is always a lot of fun, especially when we get to look after an entire album and single print / press campaign. We’ve also just begun working with publishers on book covers and we’re loving the format. Our favourite kind of project, like most people, would have to be the sort where we get to flex our muscles and exercise some control over an entire campaign. It’s so much neater than offering bits of work in dribs and drabs, and way more satisfying at the end. Really though, we like people, and we enjoy any commission if we find ourselves engaged with a client who feels a part of the process.

It really is the job of our dreams. A quick scan at our current job list: a couple of record sleeves on the go, Doug is writing a book, initial preparations for the two London shows we have planned for later this year are underway, some re-brand work, and we’re just about to begin our second year of music writing for Diesel. That’s just this week’s list. And tonight we’re off to see a commission of our poet-inresidence and fellow director Nathan at the London Word Festival.


There’s not much wrong with it at all, but with no bosses above us it can sometimes grate when you lose a week of creativity because you’ve spent the whole time chasing bad debts, sorting out your accounting or just trying to schmooze potential new clients. We’ve certainly noticed a slight downturn in payment times and the type of commissions available since Le Crunch came in, but we’ll be ok.


What’s in your future? From June 2009, we will be embarking on an intensive 18-month period that will feature the launch of an E-zine, four brand new live shows (two in London) and the release of our first book. We’re very excited.







Jacqueline Bos www.jacquelinekari.com



Ice Age vs. Modern Age

Nothing Says Cool like Web Sunglasses www.jacquelinekari.com

Piece done for this month’s theme. What defines our Modern Age?

Drawing of girls with bangs wearing cool sunglasses

Absence 1 This piece is the start of Part 2 of the “Imaginary Family” series, where the family is absent

Cake is Sweet Personal piece, I was hoping to incorporate more whimsey into my illustrations, hence the cake

Marsha Marsha Marsha This piece is part of my “Imaginary Family” Illustration series, created from other people’s family photographs.

bos.jacqueline@gmail.com I’m currently working on several self-initiated series to keep myself busy, I’d like to further explore the relationship of pattern with texture and am delighted as always with discoveries of new myths, secrets, and traditions from other cultures.




Questions What is your favourite method to date? I still stand by the classic pen and ink, there’s something so nice about working on paper and getting messy

How hard do you really work? Really Really Hard, but it’s fun.

What’s in your near future? I just relocated to New York so I hope new illustration opportunities pop up, I’m itching to be busy with new projects.


Where’s your head at?


Out on adventures

Are terrifying, what if Mars Attacks really could happen… shiver

Tickles. Discuss. Giggle Giggle Giggle Snort

My dream is... always in Technicolor

Your most overly used phrase? “I know , right?!”

If you were a sandwich which sandwich would you be? Grilled Cheese

Your favourite flaw.

Scary? Scary Movies and Law & Order give me the willies

I am reading... Things from the travel section, as they make me feel like I know something about the world

being impulsive about MAJOR life decisions

You would be mad not to...

Nature or nurture?


try new things just because it’s scary

Combo, you have to work hard for what you want, but also know what you’re good at

Yes! Fun! @jacquiebos



Button Dan



Dan Button www.heroofswitzerland.com


Theme Piece

Peep Show

Currently working on a series of Friendly Ghost images whereby you find out that they’re not so friendly as a result of their human past. This one was extremely naughty and didn’t abide by modern life’s rules.

Another biro portrait. Just a gag on how Peep Show is filmed and showing their characters a little bit.

News Web

More of Dan’s work here: www.heroofswitzerland.com

Choices Choices Death

Some buttons and switches don’t need any explanation such as the light switch but I Paul McCartney liked the idea of some button Portrait of everone’s second being completely useless favourite Beatle in my and their label confirms as favourite ink, biro. I like to capture the character as well much as well as other buttons whereby our choice doesn’t as the likeness. Paul always seems concerned to me, “why quite fit into our needs. aren’t I everyone’s favourite?






Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Tickles. Discuss. I think if you’re not ticklish you’re a bit weird.

Dark. Funny. Simple.

What is your favourite method to date?

Your most overly used phrase? Fucking hell.

Biro rules ok.

How hard do you really work?

I wish I could dislike... I dislike everything so no need to wish.

I make it look effortless.

My number one tip is... Get jealous. Makes you want to be better.

Where’s your head at? In between my ears.

Last time you accidentally made someone laugh. I’m a bit more calculated in my comedy.


Aliens? Alien 3.

My dream is... always weird and rarely remembered.

Worst thing I ever lost... Confidence.

Favourite member of NWA? That Dre fella as he came out of the hood with a trade. Good on him.

I am reading... nothing. I look at the pictures.

You would be mad not to... try everything once. Except maybe the bad stuff, like rape an’ that.




4 Deac 31




Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Messy, Bizarre and Thoughtful

What is your favourite method to date? with pencil, pen and a moleskine sketchbook.

How hard do you really work? Not enough.

What’s in your near future? I’m not sure; as long as it is always possible for me to draw and create then I’m happy.

My number one tip is... Never lose your sense of self! Your artwork is about self-expression, so express yourself.


Most over worn item of clothing? Room shoes, also known as slippers to you mere peasants

Last time you accidentally made someone laugh. May 14th 1985

Tickles. Discuss. After extensive research we have come to the agreement that tickling is good, but in light doses.

Your most overly used phrase? More tea please…

I wish I could dislike... The Internet


My dream is... To one day have an army made up of Guinea pigs and Degu… ride my pretties!

How much wood, could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well, I would say, he’d chuck as much wood, as a woodchuck could, if a woodchuck could chuck wood… metaphorically speaking of course.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? Civilization… it’s a work in progress.

Favourite member of NWA? Ice Cube… Fo’ sho


Scary? Children



Cassidy 37


Aine Cassidy www.ainecassidy.com


Rules for modern living This image is about demolition of older, more industrial parts of the city and their redevelopment as new, gentrified and oftentimes anonymous modern apartments. I’ve used collage techniques to build depth and texture.


Birds in the city Concept: This is a scene from an animation I’m currently working on for my MA Illustration at Camberwell College, University of the Arts, London.

Lets make everywhere the same The piece has to do with the loss of cultural identity which occurs in the redevelopment of cities and traditional urban areas.

These 4 images are from a limited edition handmade book I’m currently making ‘The book of Pogonology’ (A-Z Home Sweet Home This image is about how our of Beards) memories and experiences of a place colour our perception and opinion of it.


News Web

www.ainecassidy.com and

Blog www.ainecassidy.blogspot. com

Exhibits and prints I have recently sold prints and hand made books at ‘BABE 2009 Bristol Artists Book Event and was exhibiting at the Dreamspace Gallery. More info about that on my blog.



Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Textured, quirky, expressive

What is your favourite method to date?

Nature or nurture?

My dream is...


To be able to make a living doing only what I love

Most over worn item of clothing? My brown boots I bought in Australia, I just keep on getting them resoled

I’m really into screen printing right now. I enjoy the physical Tickles. Discuss. process of layering different A form of torture transparencies and textures, like photoshop only a lot Your most overly used messier! phrase? claaaaaasss

How hard do you really work?

Pretty hard, but it’s often in a quite meandering way, I’m always experimenting so I’m often not quite sure how a piece is going to turn out.

What’s in your near future? Lots of exciting new commissions (I hope!) plus some more exhibiting. I’m currently involved in the ‘Play Room’ show which is taking place until March 24 at the Dreamspace Gallery in East London.

Incorrect things you believed as a child. That clouds were made of cotton wool and that there was a McDonalds on the moon.

Worst thing I ever lost... I had a ‘Bobby and Kate’ purse which way my favourite possession when I was about 7. Don’t know how I lost it, it just vanished. It was all very traumatic.

I am reading... ‘The Road’ by Cormack McCarthy

Most visited online hideout? I’m slightly addicted to lastfm.com at the moment

Before I die... I’d like to run a marathon

Aliens? Why not




Correll Gemma



Gemma Correll www.gemmacorrell.com


Rules for modern living

Bear and Girl Meet In the Sea

Inspiration- One of the very first rules that I was ever taught but, I think, one of the most valuable.

This was for a postcard book by the “Girls Who Draw” collective that I am a part of.


We recently had an exhibition at the Exposure gallery, London.

This was for the Argentinian magazine Atypica. It’s about nosy neighbours. My neighbours aren’t nosy but they shout at each other a lot. Last night they had a fight because Steve has been doing some internet dating behind Michelle’s back.

girlswhodraw. wordpress.com/

My work has been described as “quirky characters in strange situations”... I think this is a good example.

You make me Wanna dance

And now that’s over

This was for Jess Gonacha’s ‘Pecanoot’ project, designed to “lift our spirits... through pictures”. Dancing cats definitely lift my spirits.

Part of Zara Arshad’s 60 years project


I think I’ll probably be one of those women when I’m old; an interfering, nosy old bag.

I love typography, especially hand drawn type. I was just experimenting with combining type and image, just got to do GHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ now. 47


Representation Gemma is represented in the UK by NB Illustration Agency For more about Gemma check out her website:

www.gemmacorrell. com



Questions How hard do you really work? Probably too hard, I don’t do much else. Although the amount of “working” time that is actually spent chatting on twitter and looking at ceramic kittens on ebay is quite considerable.

What’s in your near future? In the next ten minutes, I plan to answer some e-mails and attempt to draw something half decent. I’m also planning on tidying my studio a bit, but that probably won’t happen.

My number one tip is... When using the self service machines at Tesco, press the “Crusty bread roll” button when you’re buying more expensive bakery items, and then you’ll only have to pay 21p. Actually, don’t do that, it’s naughty.

Stealing is... Wrong (see my number one tip).

Where’s your head at? My head is thinking of answers to these questions while simultaneously spinning slightly from too much coffee.

I wish I could dislike... chocolate, and instead spent all day healthily nibbling on goji berries and sunflower seeds.

If you were a sandwich which sandwich would you be? That is the kind of question that you get asked at a job interview. So I’m going to say Peanut butter and jam, because I work really well in a team. That’s a lie though.

Incorrect things you believed as a child. That haggises were real, furry animals that lived in the caves of Scotland (I blame my parents for that. They told me that people threw rocks at them to kill them, and then eat them.) I even had a cuddly haggis, which- when you think about it- is pretty gross.

Before I die... I’d like to have visited at least 87% of the world.

Twitter? Why, yes, I do… I’m “gemmacorrell”.

My dream is... To live somewhere warmer and own at least three pugs.


Favourite member of NWA? NWA? North West Airlines? The air stewardesses were all really rude when I flew with them. No favourites there.

Scary? I am really scared of The Cat in The Hat. There is something about him that I can’t put my finger on… let’s call it an aura of evil.

I am reading... I just finished reading Russell Brand’s autobiography. I also read a bit of Vice magazine at lunchtime. That makes me sound like I’m into drugs and debauchery but I actually mostly like flavoured cappuccinos and staying in to watch the IT Crowd.

Most visited online hideout? I really enjoy flickr, I go on there several times a day to admire other people’s work and photos of pugs.





Dreamer Crayon



Crayon Dreamer www.crayondreamer.co.uk


Rules for modern living The image is a response to me now being old enough to reflect and comment how things where better back in my day!

But, above, wisdom and bark Two images from a personal illustration created for experimentation between image, subject and type.

T-Shirt Print A preview of a T-shirt set I will be screen-printing in the not to distant future for the new crayondreamer shop! Coming soon!


Wheel An illustration presenting my new invention the wheel mark 2.

Young at heart A still from a video illustrating a well known phrase. See the full animation on the Crayon Dreamer site

News Web

More Crayon Dreamer work here: www.crayondreamer.co.uk







May 63


Betony may www.betonymay.co.uk


Rule number 2012.

Geometric mountain. Description: Hand cut relief printing and pencil about Anthony Crane, a pornographic actor born in Hartford, Connecticut.*

Description: Hand cut relief prints and pencil. My submission for the new sugar brief was originally about peoples supposed collective heightened awareness Geometric Rainbow. predicted for the year Description: Relief print 2012, but when I started researching the theory it gave inspired by ‘Stewart’s Department Store’ in me a headache.* Baltimore, Maryland.*

The Arboretum in the Beginning. Description: Layered relief printing and pencil. This image is about forensic electrical engineering.*

Birdhouses. Description: Relief printing and pencil, inspired by Alex Ibbs, a heavyweight boxer from Stoke on Trent.*


Winter Blues. Description: Relief prints and pencil. Inspired by The Pedruco Sisters, who is a family of 4 record braking sisters who competed at the Miss Chinese and Miss world pageants.* *Statement may, or may not actually be true.

News Web

You can see more of Betony’s amazing work at

www.betonymay.co.uk Jewellery A new range of Betony May illustrated jewellery will be launched in April at the Institute of Contemporary arts (ICA) shop, London.



Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Printed, Detailed, Bizarre.

What is your favourite method to date? Rubber carving blocks, combined with pencil.

How hard do you really work? Depends on how enjoyable it is! The good jobs feel easy.

What’s in your near future? Another cuppa. Stealing is... becoming more common due to the recession.

Most over worn item of clothing?

Incorrect things you believed as a child.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

That my dad found me in a skip.

A garden gnome. He broke very satisfyingly!

Your favourite flaw.

I am reading...

Collecting junk.

Donovan’s autobiography, again.

Twitter? Tried to get into it, but not for me.

You would be mad not to... be mad.

Aliens? Are better at design than me, those crop circles are impressive!

My dream is... to become successful enough as an illustrator that I can move out into the sticks again and work from a custom built tree house.


Tickles. Discuss. Ruined when overdone.





Mario Sughi


Nerosunero 72


Mario Sughi www.nerosunero.org

Rules For Modern Living Rule 1

Always find a bit of time for reading a nice very absorbing interesting book. You will never feel alone.

Rule 2 When you have some visitors around, never let yourself being taken and left completely naked, make sure you will be in the position to provide some form of nice, alternative entertainment.

Rule 4 Your apartment must be just beside the local laundrette. It can be extremely handy and you will maintain all your friendships always perfectly clear.

Rule 5


Associations Mario Sughi is a member of Associazione Illustratori-

associazioneillustratori.it and is also a member of the DonQuichotte’s Cartoons


Keep in mind that a young child requires an extremely young grandmother!


Rule 6


And have that sky hovering your imaginative head completely blue!

His work is represented by Linda de Moreta Represents

Web www.nerosunero.org

Rule 3 In our times a light armchair is the real dream!




Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Which pirate are you likely related to?

Unseriously colourful!

Pantani! The pirate of the mountains!

How hard do you really work?

Most over worn item of clothing?

Sunglasses I certainly work very hard but I don’t care it too much since I enjoy my time drawing Your most overly used phrase? really a lot! I am only a bit May I say only one thing? worry about my eyes! (big worry indeed)

What’s in your near future? A nice drawing where the hair of a very colourful girl will mix (on the background) with the colours of all the fields of an imaginative landscape.

My number one tip is... To find the meaning of what we do (of what we draw).


Incorrect things you believed as a child.

My dream is... To live in a nice little place, in Dublin, on a road that is a cul de sac, only few meters away by the sea!

Worst thing I ever lost... My temperament!

Scary? Stupidity and Religion are the two things that scare me most.


I am reading...

Before I die...

Milan Kundera ( I love his books, his irony, his love for the art of the novel)

I want to go back to the pub with all my friends for a very last drink (the one for the road)

You would be mad not to... go to a pub if you come to Dublin!





Movie 81


Vietnamthemovie www.vietnamthemovie.co.uk


Rules for modern living Brief interpretation.

Budgie Tophat This is my favorite piece from 2008. I did it in December and it was an image that showed how far I had come over the year...you should have seen the stuff I was doing 12 months before!

Coat of Arms Did this piece as a bit of self-promotion to act as a watermark on letters etc. Not as random as it looks. It includes my religious beliefs, where I live, favorite colors and what I like to illustrate.


Orange Jumpsuit The inspiration for this was seeing the prisoners in Guantånamo Bay on TV. Wanted to do something with an orange jumpsuit in it. As you can see, things didn’t turn out that way...they never do!

Kermit Like Budgie Tophat, another favourite. I cannot help but use playing cards as backgrounds. I love it!

News Web

Find out more about the awesomly named Vietnamthemovie at:

vietnamthemovie. co.uk


Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Gravy Pop-Art Colour

How hard do you really work? Bloody hard…and for what?

I wish I could dislike... I am reading... Subway. I just love ‘em. My family and town folk hate me for it.

If you were a sandwich which sandwich would you be?

What’s in your near future?

A subway one of course! (Vegetarian option.)

World domination one day at a time. Believe it or not I am getting there.

Your favourite flaw.

My number one tip is... Take a year to define your style before approaching anyone.

Stealing is...

Probably my insane swearing at times.

My dream is... Boring answer but to be a successful/paid illustrator/ artist….and have lots of sunglasses, an I-Phone and one of those fold up bikes.


Most over worn item of clothing? My Climacool trainers…they stink!

Your most overly used phrase? Yeah-Yeah.


What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? Threw my £100 tennis racquet at a wall in a hissy fit. I no longer play tennis or Xbox Live and feel much better.

No books. I love magazines and illustration stuff but I really wish I could read paperbacks…lose myself between their pages etc. Cheap portable entertainment…bit like an old Gameboy.

You would be mad not to... Visit my website…www. vietnamthemovie.co.uk… shameless plug!

Most visited online hideout? I am addicted to Flickr and Gametrailers.Com.




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NewSugar Issue 5  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

NewSugar Issue 5  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

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