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Welcome to Issue 2! Thanks again!

NewSugar needs you!

Another awesome response from you creatives this month.

As the magazine develops both in readership, style and content we would like to start getting some more features in the mag and (when we finally get it up) on the new website and with this in mind we are currently on the hunt for contributors.

Thanks to all of you who submitted, thought about it or simply took a look at the mag! Things are most definitely getting exciting here at NewSugar HQ and, with too many artists to fit in this month the next edition is already in production. You can expect to see that towards the end of December so keep your eyes on the NewSugar site for more info.

This month... We have some great work to show you in this edition... Best let the artists and their work do the talking though!

Are you a writer, reporter, blogger or creative opinionist? Then New sugar would definitely like to hear from you. Do you have a great idea on how we could get even better and tick more of your boxes then let us know, this magazine is all about giving you what you want.

You can get in touch with us at: oi@newsugar.co.uk We are looking forward to making your acquaintance!

Oh, one last thing!! Check out our next issues brief, ‘Believe Nothing’ at the back of the mag and send us your subs... The first mag has already had thousands of people viewing it from over 60 countries and offers you an opportunity to create a portfolio piece like no other! ^_^

Lastly do you have a creative project that you would like to tell us about... Then we are all ears! 4








Hombre Mono

Format Forbidden


My reaction to the issues theme. I’m not sure what this says about my thought process? I started at ‘YES’ and ended up with an old Spanish man with monkeys on his head and trees on his shoulders!

Music plays a very important part in my life. I listen to music of some sort all the time and particularly when I’m designing or illustrating.

I’ve just started a Koodoo Magazine group on Concrete Hermit. The community on there is awesome! I’ve found so many talented people through the site! It seemed like the perfect place to start a group.

The typeface is handdrawn and I enjoyed doodling it...

DJ This was the first illustration I did after completing Koodoo Magazine. After limiting myself to a couple of colours and a simplistic illustrative style I wanted to do something with a splash of colour. Created purely for fun I held it back ‘till I found a suitable place to show it off.

I’m also old enough to remember a time when cassette was king and love incorporating audio related imagery in my work. As for the monkeys... your guess is as good as mine!

Icecream Girl This was originally part of a larger illustration. I really like the expression on the girls face with the icecream melting down her hand. I cropped and re sized this part of the illustration for NewSugar and changed the colours to really make the icecream standout.

For those that don’t know, Koodoo Mag is a personal project. A small, free & printed illustration magazine containing my work (and a button badge if you’re lucky). Members of the group will be the first to know when a new issue is released and can get their requests in early. Find it here: www. concretehermitnetwork. com/group/ koodoomagazine

Website Check out my website: www.koodoolounge.co.uk 8



Interview Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Playful Vector Graphics

My answer to this could easily be pages long!

What is your favourite project to date? Koodoo Magazine has been a whole lot of fun. It’s great to be able to create something that I can put out there and say ‘here’s my work, what do you think?’. The project has let me connect with a wide variety of talented people from all corners of the world.

What’s in your future? I would love to set up my own studio.

Where’s your head at? Normally not too far from a monitor.

I seem to discover inspirational new work by designers, illustrators and typographers on a daily basis. I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my favourites. • Spin – faultless design

employed with skilled restraint • Vault49 – Beautiful work and they are currently expanding their silk-screen based output • Rinzen – I like the idea of a cross-continent collective • Attik – Multilayered brilliance

Favourite biscuit? My favourites are Fox’s Chocolate Rounds! They used to only be available in those large Christmas biscuit selections but were so popular they brought out individual packets. Going old school I’d have to go for Burton’s Toffeepops. Don’t think you can get them in the UK anymore? I did recently find them online but with a minimum order level of 30 packs! Tempting…

I value most... Top of the list has to be my girlfriend, cat, family and friends. But that’s a bit obvious so… Books! My collection continues to grow and is particularly focused on design, illustration, architecture and photography. The texture, weight, print finishes & smell can never be equalled by modern alternatives.

Describe the sea. ;) Giant fishy toilet!


Before I die... Travel. Probably one of the most worthwhile things you can do in your life! My dad moved to Australia a while back so that’s my next destination. I hope to combine it with stops in Cambodia & Vietnam. My main worry is that there isn’t enough time to visit most of my wish list.

Happy? Very! Thanks for asking.

What adorned your bedroom walls as a child? I had Thundercats wallpaper! It didn’t stop there though. I also had the matching curtains, bed-set and pyjamas!

I would resolve the looming banana crisis by... This one really scares me. I have a banana every morning. It diverts my stomach’s thoughts away from chocolate or crisps. And what about banoffee pie??? Maybe we can get all the monkeys and chimps to switch to celery or something?

Meat? Yes please! My other half is a veggie but I like all kinds of meaty goodness. Weirdest meat I’ve had so far was Llama steak in Peru. Not really sure how it tasted as it was covered in a sickly strawberry sauce.

This is fun, but it might kill you... Base Jumping

Cup of tea? No thanks. I’m not too keen on hot drinks. I like hot chocolate in the winter, that’s about it…





Mr Bowlegs www.mrbowlegs.co.uk

Images All roads lead to no! I wanted to experiment with a technique that I thought I couldn’t do, but on every road to ‘no’ there is a point where ‘Yes’ stands on the path, the joy is finding the ‘Yes’ from the ‘No’s’ on the path of doubt.

Crim vs.Wood Manchester based shop Wood recently opened a shop in Huddersfield and they asked the Crim Collective ( A collective based in Huddersfield that I co-founded) to create illustrations for the opening event. This is my A1 poster based on the theme of Wood.

The Mooncats - Poster Run

News Ministry of Sound Student pack Illustration, design and concept for this year Ministry of Sound student pack, it consists of A2 poster, Oyster Card wallet and student card. Everyone in London keep your eyes peeled for this tasty treat. The concept is the ‘house of ministry’ where all sorts of debauchery, dancing, music and darkness takes place.

Zine The Wizards Hat issue 02 is released on the 10th of November 2008, featuring Mike Perry, Damien Correll, Jon Burgerman, Alex Bec, Gemma Correll, Holly Wales, Matthew Barnes, Matthew Dent, Joel Evey, Andrew Ainger, Andrew J.Miller and Jeffrey Bowman.

Web www.thewizardshat.co.uk

Illustration - Untitled Illustration for zine I run with Andrew J. Miller called The Wizard’s Hat (www.thewizardshat. co.uk).

A series of 4 posters that I collaborated on with Andy J.Miller (www.komadesign. co.uk), we created a series of illustrated planets that The Mooncats explore.




Interview What is your favourite project to date? The Wizard’s Hat zine that I run with Andrew J. Miller, the response has been incredible, its also allowed me to collaborate with some of todays most prolific illustrators and give opportunity to the fresh faces of our world. Its a project that we have played the role of client, art director, publisher, project manager, contributor and money counter.

Who would be your perfect client? Zoo York, and pretty much any skateboard company, the chance to do a series of decks makes me weep with excitement. There is something about skateboard art that I think everyone wants to do, but it would be perfect to do some work for them.

I value most... The opinion of close friends and family.

My number one tip is...

Favourite biscuit?

Learn how to let it go and ride it out, more things come from just doing good work and cracking on than pouring energy into thinking and turning everything into the be all and end all.

If its chocolate I’m all over it.

The future of design? Exciting, trends move on so quickly and come back even faster, fresher and stronger its inspiring to see what’s coming next and how its been moved on. Definitely design is now creating more superstars who are infiltrating more than just the design world and I think the superstar culture is going to be a big part of the future.

Inspiration and motivation? Just knowing I exist in the world of design/illustration and which it survives, been able to produce work, and being exposed to a wealth of visual imagery on a daily basis, and to check my email obsessively.

Three things you wanted as a child but never got. Monkey. Shin-pads (glad I never, I got roller blades instead) and to be older. Last time you made a total fool of yourself. Very often. But can’t remember, good old alcohol. Happy? Yes?

What adorned your bedroom walls as a child? An Otter on his back in some water.

Stupidest thing I ever bought... A pair of white skinny jeans.

I would resolve the looming banana crisis by... I wouldn’t, I’m allergic to bananas...So I guess id get monkeys on the case. 19







Images YES Exhibition Print. A typographic answer to the brief. Y, E and S multiplied with my favourite slab-serif font ‘Clarendon’. This will be available through my site as a Silk Screen print.

Ed MeMe & The Forms 12” Record Sleeve / CD cover This six-fold symmetry pattern was created for Brighton funk band Ed MeMe & The Forms. I wanted to create a shape / form to represent the bands tightness and vibrance on-stage.

News + / Entra Mi Clippa / Geo Skateboard Decks Pattern skateboard decks. I’ve grown a strong love for patterns, Geometric shapes and work by M.C Escher over the years. Available to buy from www.deckpeck.com.

Balance In a World of Chaos Print for the “Nicely Done” exhibition as part of YCN Live. I wanted to create something with impact and as much detail as possible. I started to draw in Illustrator and just let the objects organically grow around the type.

Web www.foedesign.co.uk is finally online!

Exhibtions ...coming up in Brighton and San Francisco.

Music DJing when possible. Come to Deviate @ Digital, Brighton with Audio Bullys, The Nextmen and Man Like Me. November 27th!

More Record covers, logo’s, skateboards and Tee’s.

YoYoYo Street Art paste-up. One of my Brighton street paste-up’s, illustrating my favourite greeting. I took different angle shots of a Yo Yo and drew around them in Illustrator.




Interview Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Colour, vector, pattern.

What’s in your future?

/ artists around at the moment though! Extraverage, Matt Moore, Nikki Farquharson, Sean Freeman… the list goes on.

Loads more exhibitions, working alongside some great designers and developing my street art skills!

Favourite biscuit?

My most effective method of getting new work is...

Favourite Pantone colour?

Having a strong web presence, networking like a dog, and being nice.

Inspiration and motivation? Inspiration can come from anywhere. Just having the eye for it is the main problem. My Motivation comes from the people I work with and wanting to push myself as a designer.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Alan Aldridge or Milton Glaser would be amazing. So many great designers

There’s a time and a place for any biscuit. But the Chocolate Rich-Tea reigns supreme at the moment.

All of them!

I value most... Friendship and my record collection. Three things you wanted as a child but never got. Urmm a Tommy Gun. One of those electronic jeeps and a Tommy Gun.

Happy? Yes, very happy! This year has been mental, started exhibiting work in some amazing locations like London, New York and Brazil. I’ve been to Germany and the US for some top holiday fun times and I’m an Uncle for the first time as well!

What adorned your bedroom walls as a child? West Ham titans Julian Dicks and Ludiek Miklosko. Just posters of them though. Not the real thing.

Create your own question? Are you available for freelance design?? Yes I most certainly am. Check www.foedesign. co.uk for all your print design needs.

Stupidest thing I ever bought... A £60 Brain May wig.

The first single I bought was... Dream Warriors – My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style. Booom Bann Boooom Bannn Booom Bannn Bannn Bannnn…

The position of your underground bunker please... Up Kerry Kantona’s fat arse.






Paul Kreitmann Images

Additional Info

NewSugar discovered these images of Paul’s through a link that a friend sent us (back to work David!!)...


They have to be the wittiest and most awesome examples of why vector graphics rock that we have seen this year.

Art Director:

Alka Seltzer

Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO, Paris, France

Paul Kreitmann

Illustrator: Paul Kreitmann

• Bear

Page 31 • Mafia

Page 33 • Paparazzi

Page 34 • Magician

Page 36




Interview Who would be your perfect client?

Personal hygiene. Discuss.

My mum. Even if she can be quite tough to convince.

Brush your teeth everyday, for Christ’s sake.

I value most... What’s in your future? Advertising & design.

My number one tip is... Always trust the little voice in your head. If it gets too loud, see a shrink.

Life (I’m kidding, of course it’s money)

Three things you wanted as a child but never got.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Geniuses from Pixar.

Favourite biscuit? One fat baguette and Nutella. (It’s a french thing)

A chalet.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? My youth (that sounds tragic…)

The first single I bought was... Ace of Base – All That she wants. Classic.

Ability to fly, talking dog, See-trough glasses.

Cup of tea?

Before I die...

If its one cup and you have two girls…

The future of design? Cheap. Times are tough.

My dream house is...

Go up Chugach Mountains (Alaska) with a helicopter. Go down on skis.

What adorned your bedroom walls as a child? Skateboard heroes (Andrew Reynolds, Rodney Mullen…)





Mister Millerchip

mistermillerchip.blogspot. com/

Images DingDong

Wrong arm of the law

A Character design based on the lovable swine’s of black and white comedy Terry Thomas and Leslie Phillips, and the way a simple” yes” can conjure up mischief and debauchery in a purely British style that has been lost through the generations.

This is a T-shirt design based on the text “the wrong arm of the law”.

Surrogate Surrogate is a print design for a unnamed collective project. This image was based on a old documentary about humans becoming surrogate parents to disowned animals.

Blahblahblah ...was a personnel piece based on one sided phone calls

I remember being taken to the bookies with my granddad as a nipper, and as I was only tiny I remember seeing all these shovel like hands covered with hair and tattoos dangling down from what I could only call “giant Phil Mitchell”. One of these monstrous hands had a little bird tattoo which when I asked my granddad he told me it was a swallow also known as a jail bird.

Review 1 This was an editorial piece for a review section for IP1 magazine based round a person doing multireviews.


News Collective


I’m helping to run an unnamed collective to produce a project in Ipswich called Switch. We are raising funds to produce an illustration journal by selling prints based on the theme nocturnal.

I’m also producing a wee zine called Fishbowl.

I will have four designs for sale all Limited Edition short run Litho prints printed on 200gsm and my designs are called Walrus Hug, Lost at sea, Surrogate and my favourite Night Fishing With Crispin.

Dogface is a late 70’s onehit rocker who is scared of leaving the house due to an incident in 1982 involving two 35 stone female twins in Tesco’s that led to the death of his best friend and manager Scotty Murphy.

There will be updates on where you can get them and art fairs I will be attending, so keep your eyes peeled :)!

With only the Internet and an obscene amount of money from his 1979 hit ”Sock it to em Cletus”, he lives a lonely, material life, until he finds an item of interest on eBay...

Fishbowl is a black and white (maybe cream) comic based on a two minute conversation between Dogface and his talking goldfish Murph.

...A talking gold fish with the same facial markings as Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley. He calls him Murph after his dead manager, and now lives his life chatting, discussing but mainly arguing about philosophical issues with the forgetful fish.

Blog http://mistermillerchip. blogspot.com




Interview Who would be your perfect client? Cross between Oxfam, Seasick Steve and Faber and Faber

What’s in your future? Black pens and severe hand cramps from too much drawing, but in the not so distance future,I will be selling prints, organising an exhibition and teaching illustration in Suffolk!!!

The future of design? Is pineapple shaped and is being produced in Japan?

Inspiration and motivation? Dark humour, music and social misfits with curly hair, actually I found out the other day the name Crispin means “the one with curly hair” so people with the name Crispin as well!

Who would you most like to collaborate with? It would have to be a three way collaboration with Andrew Rae, Dave Kinsey and Jeremy Fish.

Favourite biscuit?

My dream house is. Del boys flat from ‘Only Fools and Horses’. Just imagine the wonders you would find lurking behind the bar and what is in that plastic pineapple and was it produced in Japan?

Fox’s Viennese Melts.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...

I value most

Was a peace pipe for my friend, two weeks after he gave up smoking!

My wife’s laughter

Describe the sea. ;) Swirling liquid obis that makes your eyes sore when swam in!!

Three things you wanted as a child but never got. A moustache (I still can’t grow one). A Sinclair C5. To be able to turn in to a werewolf like Michael J Fox in teen wolf.

Before I die I would like to... Make everyone I meet laugh at least once.

The first single I bought... Was Zig and Zag “Them Girls”, I wish it wasn’t but unfortunately it was. I must point out this was a very dark point in my life which I wish to forget!

This is fun, but it might kill you? Eating more than 12 grapes if your diabetic(scientific fact)

Cup of tea? Earl grey please my Good man!!!






Karen Brotherton

karenbrotherton.blogspot. com

Images Yes

Selling Yourself

Your Face

This is a little piece about beat bop!

Self Promotional illustration based on the idea of self promotion... Ironic.

Pretty self explanatory this, I’m Sure everyone could think of someone to relate it to.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of beat bop, but the caption for the illustration just came into my head, so I started drawing. My inspirations for the piece came from crazy neon show lights and glitter.

So I created this piece, as of now I feel that I’ve captured the intensity of my dream with these two pieces.

Not Much The epitome of a doodle, lots of mangled conflicting objects blended together. This is actually my favourite piece of work because I like images to be crowded and colourful, and this so happens to be exactly that.




Interview What’s in your future? I have absolutely no idea, earlier in the year I had enquired about looking after hippos in a zoo, so who knows. Hopefully the future holds happy times of being able to draw my way through life.

My number one tip is... Enjoy your work, I always find I produce my best work when I have enjoyed making it. It really works.

My most effective method of getting new work is... Being innovative.

Inspiration and motivation?

Last time you made a total fool of yourself.

My inspiration comes from too many places for me to tie it down. But, my motivation comes from wanting to add to the already great work about.

Probably in this magazine with my answers to these questions, as I am both nonsensical and dyslexic. A true artist one might say!

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Anyone that is

Describe the sea. ;)

fun, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Illustration is an exciting profession to be in, so the process of making it should be exciting too.

Choppy... Which would also answer the question ‘Name a great word’.

Favourite biscuit? A chunky shortbread (2cm in thickness or more).


Three things you wanted as a child but never got. A Pony, a pig, and a tutu. As a replacement I got tap dancing shoes, which I obviously just wore as regular shoes. Which coincidentally added more jazz to my days as a child.

Before I die... I want to climb to the top of one of the great pyramids, and own a pig, pony and a tutu.

What do you want for Christmas ...?

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

The first single I bought was...

My first car Scrapey Joe

Fire starter by the prodigy, the case was leopard print with a framed photo of an old granny holding a petrol bomb.

Stupidest thing I ever bought... Lots of things, I’m very impulsive and it doesn’t always work for the better. I would certainly be one pointless collection of ‘Rare shells’ better off, and a nameless trophy with a bronze pigeon on the top.

I remember it so well, I was only 10 at the time. I insisted on it being played in the car all the way down to Cornwall on our family holiday.

Meat? Yes please, I would like one sausage, one steak and a pork chop.

Lots of different sized presents in different coloured boxes. Preferably with some glitter having been used.





Carolyn Alexander






Winner or loser?

Polar Bear Mer de nuage

Claudette A Book of Haughty Bitches sample spread

Diana A Book of Haughty Bitches sample spread

My website is here, www. carolynalexander.co.uk

Book I have a new little book printed called Haughty Bitches, its available in some real life shops in the UK as well as online at: www.carolynalexander. co.uk/shop

Clara A Book of Haughty Bitches sample spread




Interview What is your favourite project to date? Family Portrait for Third Drawer Down- nice things were happening while I was drawing.

What’s in your future? More drawing I hope.

My number one tip is... Be good.

My most effective method of getting new work is... Working on something else.

Where’s your head at? Under my hair.

Favourite biscuit?

My dream house is...

Rich tea, yes yes.

In a tree, up a hill, with a wifi connection and an Aga.

Last time you made a total fool of yourself. I live in France so this happens daily.

Favourite Pantone colour? PANTONE 807, though I’m quite partial to a little Pro. Cyan

I value most... My macbook pro, I will cry when it dies.

Three things you wanted as a child but never got.

I would resolve the looming banana crisis by... Keeping them all for my greedy little self.

The first single I bought was... Chesney Hawkes - I am the one and only. I was young and impressionable and loved that mole; how terribly embarrassing.

Cup of tea? Always.

A puppy, a kitten, and a bear.

What adorned your bedroom walls as a child? Half naked boys.






Adam Murray johnnyappleseed.co.uk


Images Yes


Positively yes, swallow, value, enjoy, delicious yes yes!


Yes socks speak and they sound like Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

The new Johnny Appleseed zine is out soon; check out the website for more info.

Guns ands Knifes

Dog Shit

You heard Dave got put away, yeah he was a knife mad savage who used to go round stabbing grannies and sharpening his knife on pat’s fat arse from the silver fish. Really I thought he just used it to open his shed door?

A beautiful varied journey through the blissful Shropshire hills and countryside i.e. Dog shit tours.





American Indians would pray to Patrick wishing for rain, more buffalo, extra gears on their BMX, somewhere to hang a f**king picture and to grow up their man banana.

All of Adam Murray’s images apart from ‘Yes’ are taken from the forth coming Johnny Appleseed zine.

The new Johnny Appleseed website will be up and running by the end of the year (add us on myspace/concrete hermit until then) where you will be able to purchase Issue One.

Once issue one is here we will be looking to showcase some of the work. We fancy marking some walls or mucking in with some collaborations. So if your interested or have an idea where we could get Johhny seen please contact us.




Interview Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Filthy Cheeky Vandals.

I value most... Things; except dried fruit and queues for the toilet.

Before I die...

A rough reputation and red sauce sandwiches.

I wanna see Pete Doherty body popping in front of a firing squad wearing a J.A pin badge!

Inspiration and motivation?

Your best lie ever.

What’s in your future?

Road painters and girly laughs.

Where’s your head at? Today it’s in a top hat yesterday it was in a box of Lego.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Beck, Stevenson and Islington Council..

Last time you made a total fool of yourself. Dave! Oi Dave! Dave! Dave over here! Dave you deaf or wha?, DAVVVEEEEE! Oh sorry mate thought you were Dave.

I have a twin sister that’s Chinese who’s a mute, who grew from the knees up and sells jam funk out of a fiat in south end.

Happy? Course I am Johnny Appleseed has smashed and grabbed itself into NewSugar…Huzzah!

What adorned your bedroom walls as a child?

Favourite overheard comment in a pub...? Right you got your good shit and then there’s your bad shit and then just normal shit. That’s a lot of shit (nodding his head).

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? A silver E-Type Jag toy replica with a brick on Christmas day!

The first single I bought was... MC Hammer ‘You can’t touch this!’

This is fun, but it might kill you... Sticking pencils up your nose.

Durham miners, Joe strummer and ink stains.






Megan Herbert

meganherbert.blogspot. com

Images Yes My friend Maylynn - a feline charmeuse of considerable talents, smarts and style – is possessed of a come hither look that embodies the word YES. Star sign: Aries. Favourite food: dumplings. Hobbies: making desserts and accumulating rare soul grooves. Ohhhh yeahhhh.

TY Ty is a master lyricist with an unbeatable weapon in his arsenal: a GSOH. This is a piece I did for him to say thank you for a project we collaborated on. Bless his cotton hip hop socks.

Stripey Boy Men are wonderful, contradictory pastiches of immense power and endearing fragility.

News Perfect subjects for mixed media, n’est-ce pas? Damn them and their addictive, delicious incongruity. My weakness, my frustration, my chief fascination. Sigh.




Telegrams used to convey the most important news imaginable. These days they don’t even exist. Now what’s important is when the latest iClone comes out and what sized handbag we’re all supposed to be carrying. Weird.

Some of my written and illustrated musings can be found on my blog www.meganherbert. blogspot.com

I am currently working on a collaborative project with tops Manchester artist Starvin’ Artist; details for the exhibition will appear as if by magic on my blog in the not too distant future.

Roman Noses One of my favourite things to do is visit the sculpture hall at the V&A and just draw and draw and draw. The models are awfully good sitters. And more roman noses than you can poke a stick at.




Interview Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Thoughtful hand-made whimsy.

What’s in your future? What is the future but the present plus a couple of seconds? With that in mind, I am busy making sure today (and therefore tomorrow) is filled with everything I like most. Namely drawing, writing, travelling, loving, stretching, sweating, and licking the beaters of this marvellous sticky mess called life.

Inspiration and motivation? I am inspired by ambition and motivated by looming deadlines.

Where’s your head at? My head likes to get around. Some days it pays a visit to my heart.

They sit around for hours swilling brandy and talking about boys. Other times it flirts with danger, takes a wrong turn and ends up in a darkened cul-desac called self-doubt. But mostly it sits squarely on my shoulders.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Illustratively: Musicians in need of album covers. Textually: Lenore Rays. Comprehensively: Sruli Recht.

Favourite biscuit? The Byron Bay Cookie Company’s Sticky Date and Ginger cookie. Closely followed by their Triple Choc Fudge number. I am also rather fond of the Jaffa Cake although according to Wiki, it’s a “biscuit-like cake” which I think means ultimate disqualification. Bad luck, JC.

Last time you made a total fool of yourself. There was this one time… oh, hang on. That wasn’t me.

Describe the sea. ;) The sea is a vast angry expanse that keeps my paramour and me apart. Its depth terrifies me and the things that lurk there have haunted my dreams since childhood.

Before I die... … I want to experience the joy of having my granddaughters around for afternoon tea. They will pour out their darkest secrets and I will impart my gnarled wisdom and tell them stories of my youth to make their toes curl. We will drink Amaretto and laugh ‘till wee comes out.


Happy? Deliriously. I love my life. Dorky, but true.

What adorned your bedroom walls as a child? Posters of the Beastie Boys, Faith No More, the Doors and INXS. Confused little button, wasn’t I?

My dream house is... Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Filled with family and friends. Furnished with things made by all the clever people I know and love. Its shelves stocked with books I have written. Surrounded by trees. Able to simultaneously exist in several parts of the world at once. Dinner parties at least once a week. Oh, and there would be a mirror-lined dance studio in the basement so I could don a spangly leotard from time to time and relive my glory days.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...

The first single I bought was...

Having eaten something questionable at a Barcelona train station the previous day, I was struck down with a violent stomach bug for the duration of a London to Melbourne flight.

A cassingle. This was something people bought in the olden days before CDs had been invented. A little gem by the Bangles if I recall correctly.

By the time I reached Hong Kong, I was so weak and confused that frenzied duty-free shopping was the only thing that made sense. I arrived home in Melbourne some nine hours later with an icecream maker and an electric pore cleaner. I used the former about three times. The latter remained in its box. I got 4 bucks for it in a garage sale. Bonus.

Cup of tea? Yes please. White with honey. Tea is my religion. It is the best roborant I know. I drink my own blend, poured from a pot, unstrained, several times daily. My grandmother taught my mother and aunties to read tea leaves and they in turn taught their daughters. This tongue-in-cheek ritual is the glue that binds generations of women in my family together.






Sarah Ray www.sarahray.co.uk

Images Yes! This is my taking on this issue’s theme. I’m not sure where the idea came from as with a lot of my work! The part of the brain that most people don’t use maybe?

Man, I feel faint One of a series of 3 screenprints I did for an exhibition.

News Just smile and wave Dave One of a series of 4 greetings cards I designed for The Artgroup. My aim for most of my images is to have the character interacting with whoever is looking at my work. I find lots of fun in doing this.

Collaboration I’m in a collaboration called ‘Girls Who Draw’. Check us out at our blog: http://www.girlswhodraw. wordpress.com We’ve just done a postcard book on the theme of ‘Misfits’.

I like putting unlikely things together and also giving everyday things a voice.

Bad back bananas Another greetings card design. It’s what it isbananas with bad backs.




Interview Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Silly, quirky and lighthearted – oh no that’s 3 syllables…..hearted?

And I’m also going to open a tea shop/bar/ gallery/cake shop all in one….well, maybe get as far as making tea for my friends in my living room…

What is your favourite project to date?

Inspiration and motivation?

I think that’s got to be doing greetings card designs for The Artgroup because it was so free- I could do exactly what I wanted to do and that was cool.

Ahhh so much to list but I’d say mainly snippets of conversation, embarrassing or awkward situations, family and friends and tea (for motivation!).

It’s good and healthy to be creatively free!

Where’s your head at?

What’s in your future? It’s going to involve lots more creativity and also I’d like to do some children’s books of my own one day and I’d like to get some plush toys made although they’re everywhere at the moment. Other than commissioned work, I really like objects that can be held and examined rather than just looked at – if that makes sense?!

What you mean like Basement Jaxx? Sometimes I don’t know but I’m happy not knowing because I might scare myself!

Favourite biscuit? A favourite of mine are custard creams! But I don’t like this question because now I’m thinking of custard creams and I don’t have any! Sigh.

Last time you made a total fool of yourself. Ha ha! I’m good at that! The last time I probably made a TOTAL fool of myself was when I decided to get off a bus in a traffic jam because I saw my mum a couple of cars away in the queue but ended up having to run to catch up and the bus kept going past me... Plus I had flip flops on which aren’t the best footwear for pelting it down a road trying to look normal. I eventually caught up with the car but the door was locked and I had to bash on the window in a somewhat crazy way (I think my mum thought I was someone trying to hijack the car). I’ve never had such burning feet….or indeed a burning face but the main thing is- I got my lift home! That was a while ago now but it always sticks in my mind so I thought I’d tell you. 84

Personal hygiene. Discuss.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...

Well there are extremes but I’d say if you don’t cut your toes nails then you should and if you get your toe nails painted in an over the top way that’s too much. (I’m not saying it’s all about the toes nails it’s just an example)

A remote control car when I was about 11. It broke after a week and it cost me £15. £15 I tell you!!

I value most... Family, friends and my boyfriend. I really value smiles as well. It doesn’t take much to smile and they can do a lot of good. Happy? Yes! Happy happy happy.

What adorned your bedroom walls as a child? Sadly enough I had animals! I wanted to be a veterinary nurse when I was little (didn’t have the brains for a vet)! But actually I do like drawing animals and I take a lot of inspiration from them.

Meat? Yep. I was brought up on a small holding and we often had ‘George’ or ‘Jasper’ for tea. Well, we’ve got canine teeth haven’t we? But that doesn’t mean I agree with the way some animals are treated and slaughtered. Buy the happier meat!

The first single I bought was... That’s embarrassing because I think it was Celine Dion – who I absolutely hate!! I can’t remember why I bought that.

Cup of tea? Lots please! But no sugar. You makin’?





Lauren Broderick


Images Yes! Well you wouldn’t say no.

News Oi! Love

It’s all in the title! This piece is just for fun really, if you had two animals growling in your face you would never say no to them. Even if they did want to eat your leg!

This image was created for the D&AD illustration brief 2008. The people in the image are just a couple of guys I met whilst working at the airport who had missed their flight and wanted to buy new tickets.


My Tube Is Green

This image was created for the Don’t Panic Brief ‘Fate’ that ran in conjunction with Freerange 2008. The charging horses were to show that we are all running towards our fate, it is uncontrollable!

Web My website is www. laurenbroderick.com

Book My book titled ‘My Tube Is Green’ is available online at: www.laurenbroderick. com

This image is taken from my new book ‘My Tube Is Green’. The book was created for my final major project at uni. It is about the emotional journey that we face when diagnosed with a serious illness.




Interview Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Colourful, Messy and Abstract.

What is your favourite project to date? My favourite project to date was my final major project at university. I designed, illustrated and published my own book called “My Tube Is Green”. You can see some images from my book in New Sugar. I still have some copies left so if you would like a book visit the shop section of my website.

What’s in your future? I want to carry on as a freelance illustrator for now but would like to become more involved with bigger projects that involve other aspects of design to, such as animation.

Inspiration and motivation? I mainly get the inspiration for my work from everyday life. Either people I have met or new situations I find myself in. Most of my work is very personal in that respect. I am quite a driven person and really want to make my freelance career work so I think motivation is just part of me really.

Where’s your head at? At the moment I’m still finding my feet in the world of illustration! I have just graduated so am still enjoying experimenting with new drawing styles and trying new things out

Favourite biscuit? Malted milks with chocolate on top.

I value most... My family and my health. And obviously my pens!

Three things you wanted as a child but never got. Mr. Frosty (who didn’t want this!), Operation and Stretch Armstrong.

Before I die... I really want to become a world famous illustrator and run a marathon.

I didn’t get the chance to do whilst I was studying. Like I really want to learn about screen printing next as this is something I have never done.


Happy? Yes! I’m feeling very happy at the moment. I am a keen runner and have just completed my first 10k race along Brighton seafront.

Who would you most like to meet...? I would love to meet Tracy Emin, I think her work is amazing. She is my all time favourite artist ever since I first saw her work when I was seventeen.

It was the best feeling ever when I crossed the finish line.


My dream house is...

Its not that great for you or the environment.

A really cool eco house, the ones with grass on the roof.

Yes but only small amounts!

The first single I bought was... Love Fool by the Cardigans.

Cup of tea? Yes please, pineapple green tea is my favourite!





Shawn Stucky


Images Hope This piece was a study of how I could create textures. I extracted the figure from one of my earlier designs and experimented with the process of mixed media.

The music was out of tune, but we still moved slowly with the marching band The three “Extraction” studies lead me to create this piece. This piece was inspired by a dream I had while vacationing in Stockholm, Sweden.

I Awoke to Find My Dreams were Nightmares In September 2008, I had a dream and very vivid intense dream that eventually transitioned into a nightmare. In this dream I saw an evil figure and felt its presence. When I awoke from this nightmare, I was disturbed and could see and feel elements of that dream. I then over the course of a few weeks created that figure I saw in my dream.

A Folded Dream Becomes a Nightmare This piece is also a recreation of the dream I had in September 2008. The dream was very intense and trying to recreate your dreams is a very exciting and interesting process. After I finished the piece titled “I Awoke to Find My Dreams were Nightmares” I knew I wasn’t finished. So I created this piece, as of now I feel that I’ve captured the intensity of my dream with these two pieces.

The majority of my inspiration comes from my dreams and my unconscious mind. I feel that I’m able to translate my vivid dreams into visual works while allowing my unconscious mind to influence and guide the direction of the piece.




Interview What is your favourite project to date?

Inspiration and motivation?

I always tend to like the piece I’m working on at the moment or the piece I just finished.

I find inspiration in music, emotions and the unconscious influences of my mind.

My number one tip is...

When I began creating art a few years ago, I relied on my emotions and unconscious mind to guide and create my work.

Never eat the whole can of cashews.

My most effective method of getting new work is... Letting my unconscious mind take hold and direct my work. I find that once I’m able to open that area of my mind I can create on a deep personal level.

Depending on my mood I will create a piece in regards to a situation that has directly influenced my life or create work by letting my unconscious take the wheel. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to completely focus on creating work from my dreams. There’s something to be said about finding yourself through your dreams.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Damien James and/or Joel Peter Witkin

Favourite biscuit? Yours!

Last time you made a total fool of yourself. A co-worker got annoyed by me and threw a big red marker at me. It hit me and fell on the floor. Then I proceeded to stomp on the marker until it broke and there was a puddle of red ink on the carpet. Unknowingly, I smeared ink all over the bottom of my shoe and I tracked red ink all over the floor in my office. I spent a good amount of time cleaning the carpet today at work.


Personal hygiene. Discuss. I don’t shower as often as I should, but I do brush my teeth a lot!

Favourite Pantone colour? Since I’m partially colour blind… I enjoy all the colours that I can actually see.

Before I die... I would like to be in a New Sugar magazine

My dream house is... A loft space in a large city. Something big enough where I could create my work and live in comfortably. I would definitely like to live in Reykjavik for a few years. Iceland has the most beautiful countryside I’ve ever seen. It’s like being awake during a dream.

Meat? I’ll eat it but I won’t buy it or cook it… I hate the way raw meat looks and feels. So I’m practically a vegetarian.

The position of your underground bunker please... My momma’s house!! I love my momma!!

This is fun, but it might kill you... Drinking booze everyday.

Cup of tea? Yes please, do you have green? Hey that’s not loose leaf!!







Images Perforator As a parting gift we thought we would let you all have a look at some more work by the awesome (and creatively insane) French artist Pit. Despite featuring in Issue 1 - and providing a whole series of subs! - Pit has kindly put together another wicked submission for us for this issues ‘Yes!’ brief.




Issue 3 Brief ‘Believe Nothing’ Want to submit? If you would like to submit your work for issue 3 this is the place to find out more! Each chosen artist will get to show their submission piece for the issue’s theme. In addition to that we show a further 2 – 4 of your favourite pieces to show off a bit more of you and your style. Send as many pieces of work as you like and we will pick our favourites.

What we need from you: • This month’s brief piece

needs to be supplied 740 x 740 pixels (as either JPGs or PNGs no PDFs please) • All images must be 72dpi or higher • It’s for screen output so there are no colour restrictions • A maximum of 50 words about each picture you send us i.e. name/brief/thoughts/ inspiration etc. If you get picked we will send you 30 questions chosen by both the NewSugar crew and some of your fellow artists. You will need to choose 15 of these and send us your answers (sadly not on a postcard!) to make up part of your feature.

Finally If you have any events, websites, blogs or happenings you want us to mention send us details on those too. If all this seems like a lot to send... Just remember the more we get from you, the more we have to give you the best exposure possible.

After all NewSugar is about just that... Exposing you! Once you have all your stuff ready send us an email with all your images etc. attached to:

subs@newsugar.co.uk More info on the NewSugar site...



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NewSugar Issue 2  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

NewSugar Issue 2  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

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