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Issue 2 Brief Our Friends

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Welcome to the first edition of NewSugar! Thank You!

We would be rude, first and foremost, not to say a flippin’ massive thank you to all the people who submitted work for our lovely first edition. It’s been awesome fun checking our mailbox everyday and finding a bunch of awesome artists work to look at!

What is in this edition?

We’ve got work from some of the best up-and-coming talent to show you - with an insight into their mostly warped minds - in the form of our NewSugar (mostly) pointless questions section.

Coming soon!

Our new site is under construction and will have a load more features (hopefully!), including, a showcase area for some of the artists that we are tipping for the future, interviews with some of our heroes and a shop to buy loads of NewSugary stuff from! Keep an eye on the site for updates.

Enough chat

Anyway, almost time to get on with the show... Before we go, please check out our next editions brief (either on our site or at the back of this magazine) and send us your work for next edition! If you want to get in touch or even tell us what or who you want in the coming months email us at:

oi@newsugar.co.uk We are looking forward to hearing from you... ^_^

There is also an interview with the mighty Concrete Hermit one of the key factors in getting this magazine off the ground. The Concrete Hermit artist network is one of NewSugar’s favourites and definitely one of the best out there.. If you haven’t joined yet... why not? 5

Concrete Hermit




Concrete Hermit... NewSugar spoke to the people behind the mighty Concrete Hermit community...

Who, where and what is Concrete Hermit? Concrete Hermit is a multiheaded beast. We make graphic T-shirts in collaboration with artists. We publish books. We have a shop where we sell stuff and a gallery where we show stuff.

I haven’t found a succinct way to describe what we do as its always changing and developing. Our gallery is in London but our outlook is definitely international.

What’s new?

There’s a lot going on at the moment. I’ve just got back from showing our T-shirts at a show in Paris. We have an exhibition by Juju’s Delivery on in the gallery and a new show opening in November by Fons Schiedon for which we’re publishing a fancy catalogue that we’re in the process of designing. We’re re-printing books by Jon Burgerman and Ian Stevenson and have a new book coming out that we’ve done with Anthony Burrill. We’re doing some more Artist Series T’s and a couple of top-secret collaborations that are going to be dropping early next year. On top of all this I’m in the process of expanding the stuff we have on our website.

What made you decide to open a shop/gallery? Britain is a nation of shopkeepers.

You recently started up the Concrete Hermit social network site for creative’s (which we have to say definitely our favourite), what was the motivation behind it and where do you see it going next?

The network gives people a way to interact with each other and what we’re doing a bit more. That’s the beauty of the Internet, it allows for a two–way conversation so people don’t just have to be passive consumers but can put there own images, work and news out there.


What are your favourite artists at the moment? Crawshaw, (http://www. alwyncrawshaw.co.uk/), Ross, (http://www.bobross. com/), Harris, (http://www. rolfharris.com/), Mallet, (http://www.brillianttv. co.uk/timmymallett/ interests-painting.html)

Have you discovered any new talent through the Concrete Hermit social network?

Yes lots. There are some really great people on there!

Have you any tips for new artists starting out?

Learn how to build your own website and build it, it is an essential skill and it will save you hundreds of pounds. Myspace is not a good way to show off your portfolio and be taken seriously.

What are the best and worst things about where you are right now? Freedom and Stress.

What’s in your future? Freedom and Stress.

Cup of tea? No thanks.

Organise your own projects/ exhibitions. Always aim to be as professional as possible. Try to have at least three projects on the go at once; One in planning, one in progress and one just finishing. Don’t call people you’ve not met ‘mate’. Don’t send group emails asking for work/ exhibitions. Be personal, be enthusiastic, be nice to people, be original.



Pay Concrete Hermit a visit... Gallery/Shop/ Studio

5a Club Road London E1 6JX +44 (0) 207 729 26 46

On the web...


The Community...

concretehermitnetwork .com







Images Feed Madonna (Pg. 14) Madonna gets fed by the strange little waitress in a “french style” restaurant. On the menu: all sorts of snails, shellfish and other sticky slugs. Madonna whispers a little “no”.

Pussy Contest (Pg. 16)

Three girls fight to earn pole position in the Pussy Grand Prix. The situation evokes feelings of greed and jealousy.

News Wrenched (Pg. 17)

A girl holds two others by the neck. The situation evokes feelings of greed and jealousy which turns into a big fight.


Keep an eye out on the myspace address and you can also catch my work on the Concrete Hermit artist network: concretehermitnetwork. com/profile/pit

Monkeyfart (Pg. 19-20) This shows the moment when you realize you’re addicted. Nooo!




Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Fleshy Mecca Circuit. Who would be your perfect client? My two children. Inspiration and motivation? The dark side of humanity. It’s what people are doing that scares me. Who would you most like collaborate with? Madonna. Favourite disease? Hemorrhoid, because it’s kind of a thing that hardly manages to get out of ourselves. A meat ghost.

What was written on your school pencil case? Adam and the Ants, David Bowie and the Stooges. Which half of a mermaid? Left half, if you imagine the mermaid cut vertically so you can see what a mermaid is made of. What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? My own body. This is fun, but it might kill you... Wrestling.




Julian James



Julian James www.whyisbox.com

Images Dusty Frazzle (Pg. 22)

Dusty Frazzle was done for the NO! brief and is a homage to those lovely town dwelling night creatures... we all know at least one and have probably encountered either an insult, a come on, a massive lie, or a threat at least once.

Artificial (Pg. 24)

This image is all about the narrative although it’s up to the person looking at it to decide what that narrative might be... a friend of mine reckons it’s a cheeky 1950s robot leaning against a wall having a crafty ‘snout’.

News The Tide (Pg. 25)

Now finished ‘The Tide’ is all about the pollution of our lovely beaches and the human race mutation/ adaptation question. However, it started out as a picture of my friends nice bald head. Thank god for reverse engineering!

Lol Lolly (Pg. 27)

This picture was part of a set that I did for Freeq Magazine. The theme for the month was ‘The Great British Summer’

Odd Couple (Pg. 28)

An unlikely relationship...


The whyisbox.com shop will be open soon where you will find posters, canvases, badges and other sweet stuff. Also we are setting up a NewSugar shop soon too that will feature some of the artwork from featured artists and friends. More info soon.


My new blog at whyisbox. com/blog is now online.


The Whyisbox exhibition roadshow continues throughout the coming months). With events coming up in London, Brighton and Nottingham to date.


More pieces being done for several mag’s plus NewSugar of course! 23



Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Silly happy pictures...

What is your favourite project to date?

NewSugar... especially the getting to make new friends part!

What’s in your future? Mmm... Loads of awards and fame and powers and crime fighting and good times and bad times and emotionally difficult times (depicted in a montage with an awesome rock ballad) and cool weapons and genius evil crime lord enemies and an island (with a volcano that has a spaceship that comes out of it) and a henchman and maybe a lovely puppy!

My number one tip is...

Do it! (An ongoing narrative with my very lazy inner me)

Where’s your head at?

Favourite biscuit?

The controversial Jaffa Cake. Lol! I know it’s not a biscuit really but I also know at least half a dozen people who are going to loose it when they read this!

Last time you made a total fool of yourself. Approximately every 13 seconds as a rule!

Favourite disease?

Not sure if it is a disease but doggie narcolepsy is awesome.

I value most...

My sense of direction... I would be lost without it!! Eh!!

Your best lie ever.

That I was a champion boxer and helicopter pilot when I was a 6½ stone twelve year old. No one believed me but the beating proved the importance of being a much better liar!

What was written on your school pencil case?

Nik Kershaw; because noone who wears a snood could ever be un-cool!

At what point does card become board?

When it is about two thirds of the way through answering these questions

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

That was probably an antique shotgun that I lovingly sawed the barrel off. I took it to school to freak a teacher out with. My dad was less than happy as, I can comfortably say, was the teacher.

Favourite cough medicine?

BENYLIN® rules OK!

This is fun, but it might kill you... War

Up my own arse?




Shane Jones



Shane Jones horrorbusiness.co.uk

Images Darth (Pg. 30)

My homage to one of the most cringe worthy moments in series of movie cheese.. The birth of Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode 3... and the rather pathetic ‘NOOOOO’ finale. As soon as I happened onto the NewSugar brief... this was the first thing I thought of.. awful moment... damn near destroyed my childhood!

Hero or Villain (Pg. 32)

I love the idea of subverting peoples perceptions about monsters... Monsters are our friends! Maybe when people see this illustration their first thoughts of the characters are that the big green fella is obviously the villain... In the words of the Darth Vader - ‘NOOOOOOO’! This was inspired (loosely) by the movie - This Island Earth.

News Surf (Pg. 33)

More Classic Horror character action, mixed with a song by the ‘Dead Elvis’ entitled - ‘The Creature Stole my Surfboard’... I can just imagine some surfer dude shouting ‘NOOOO’ like Darth Vader after having sand kicked in his face and his board stolen by the Gill Man.

Love (Pg. 35)

Another horror themed pic, it’s clear from The Bride’s face what she thinks of The Monster’s declaration of undying love... EEWWW, NO!!

Solo (Pg. 36)

Han shot first... end of story!!


In 2005 I won the International Greetings Award at the New Designers Exhibition in old London Town and I’m the only Award Winning Artist you’ve never heard of!


I am a featured designer on www.moo.com (Horror Business).


I have a book of self published Character designs available on blurb.com (called Heroes & Villains, but mainly villains) which is really cool!

I can be raised from the dead athttp://thisishorrorbusiness. blogspot.com & www.horrorbusiness.co.uk




Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Simple, Unique, Fun… Damn that last one was only one syllable!

Who would be your perfect client?

Anyone who likes what I do and wants to pay me a little money to do it is good.

What’s in your future?

Favourite biscuit?

All of ‘em.. that’s why I’m such a fatty!

Banana hammocks. Discuss. S&M for the over 60’s!

Never rub another man’s rhubarb!

Where’s your head at? About 5’8” off the ground floor.

When it watches sport on the television.

Which half of a mermaid? Top…. Mmmm.. Boobies!

Favourite disease?

Leprosy… It’s like being a Zombie… for real!

Before I die... I want to live.


My number one tip is...

At what point does card become board?

Your best lie ever.

I don’t tell lies… Actually, that’s a lie… maybe that’s the best lie I tell… that I don’t tell lies!

Favourite cough medicine? Alcohol.

Can penguins fly it’s just that they can’t be arsed?

I don’t think they can reach the controls… I’ll say no!

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

When I was 8 I destroyed the Death Star a few times… that was pretty cool!




Steve Rack



Steve Rack www.steverack.com

Images No! (Pg. 38)

All images: Coloured pencil, black ink on fine grain cartridge paper. The princess was out of breath. Snuggletuff was moments away from opening the scroll of secrets.

Maggy Bubble is Eavesdropping (Pg. 40)

The haphap had a lot say, but Snuggletuff could only guess what the little yellow ball of flickering light was so excited about. Maggy Bubble understood the tiny haphap but she remained silent.

News Journey South of the Kingdom of King Soso (Pg. 41)

Zun will soon fall to sleep and then Blue Moon shall light the secret trail to the Caverns of Candles.

Snuggletuff, Haphaps and Hope Trees (Pg. 43)

Well beyond the Kingdom of King Soso and valley of Palace of Yu, the Forest of Hope basked in the glory of a new day under the warm rays of Zun. Snuggletuff watched on as haphaps hovered over hope trees, and he pondered the thought of exploring the nearby valley.


A picture book that I am creating based on Snuggletuff and the world that he resides in. Snuggletuff is a fluffy, friendly creature that lives in the centre of the mysterious and magical Forest of Hope. While searching for the secrets of his past, Snuggletuff finds more than he could ever have imagined. The story of Snuggletuff is a story about self-discovery and the unexpectedness of life. The book will feature many of the characters that appear in my artwork, including Snuggletuff’s best friend, Maggy Bubble, and the mysterious Twilight Charmer, along with King Soso, Dibbo, Cloopy and Haphaps. I’ll be keeping my site (www.steverack.com) updated regarding this. 39



Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Never ending story. My number one tip is... Stay true to yourself. Inspiration and motivation? Epic Movies. Travelling to new places. Old story books. Who would you most like collaborate with? Hayao Miyazaki

Favourite biscuit? Chocolate Digestive Banana hammocks. Discuss. If you got it, flaunt it. Describe the sea. ;) Throughout his restless night the sea roars like a wounded lion and its waves relentlessly pound. But in the morning, all is still. The morning birds celebrate a new day. Before I die... I want to see as much of the world as possible.

At what point does card become board? The point of no return. What was written on your school pencil case? Nothing but doodles. And my name. Can penguins fly it’s just that they can’t be arsed? Penguins can fly, but only when no one is looking. If you made a new global holiday what would it be? Stay In Bed Day Favourite cough medicine? Flaming Sambuca

Happy? Life is too short not to be.



Richard Starbuck



Richard Starbuck


Images Gave up on Toaster Idea (Pg. 45)

This is a drawing that is part of the “A Theme Park Full of Lemmings” series, in this drawing you can see this person has topped himself with an overdose. He found the whole toaster in a bath idea too much of a fiddle.

Oven Sale (Pg. 47)

This is a close up detail of a huge drawing I did called (A Theme Park Full of Lemmings). Were I drew thousands of people queuing up to jump off a cliff, but through the little people’s boredom they commit suicide, this drawing is one of many ways the people queuing commit suicide, by jumping off the air balloon. The aim of this idea was to capture the feeling of being in a queue for hours, patiently waiting, but inside your head you are screaming “No I cant take it anymore”.

News K.I.A. II (Pg. 48)

This is simply soldiers in amongst a battle were a bolder, launched from a catapult, has landed on them.

The Fall of The Cytoma Tower (Pg. 50) This is a drawing of a huge tower that is slowly being destroyed like the retro computer game “Brick”, knocking out brick by brick until the whole tower disappears.


I would like to plug my website www. richardstarbuck.com


Also... I’m hard at work at the studio at the moment but have my first solo show at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in Feb. 2009.




Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Favourite biscuit? Chocolate Digestive.

What was written on your school pencil case?

Detailed (or is that three syllables?) Obsessed, Battle.

I value most...

I’m in love with a girl who doesn’t even know I exist.

What’s in your future?

Animals are...

At what point does card become board?

Who knows, but I do have a nuclear bunker near where I live so I should be OK.

My number one tip is... Just keep going.

Inspiration and motivation.

Politics, war, computer games, reality, the virtual, my family and the fight to live like a human being.

Where’s your head at?

Sometimes I know where it is but other times I do not.

My family.

Bloody great.

Your best lie ever? I never lie.


I am at the moment, which is good.

While watching Big Brother 9.

Which half of a mermaid?

Top, because I don’t fancy talking to a fish tale.

Luke or Darth for president?

Darth, so we could all wear those Storm Trooper outfits.

This is fun, but it might kill you. Drinking a lot.



Kate Copeland



Kate Copeland katecopeland.co.uk

Images No! (Pg. 52)

This piece was inspired by an article by Andrew Tonry, The Beginning of the End for Plastique Magazine. It comments on how America’s last hope lies with Barack Obama, not with John McCain.

World Leaders (Pg. 54)

Submission from an Editorial Project, in response to The Universitas Leadership Sanctuary.

News Top Bombing (Pg. 55)

This piece also makes comment on the proposed Las Vegas sanctuary for Political Leaders.

Animation Still (Picture) (Pg. 57) The animation is produced in response to the proposal Vassar have put forward to build a political sanctuary in Nevada. The animation also makes reference to the sour relationship between the USA and Cuba. It makes comment on the Cuban Missile Crisis by using visual metaphor, yet still upholding playful ridicule.


My website is: www.katecopeland.co.uk


I’m currently taking part in an online exhibition by photographer Paul Paper, called Could Be Me. The exhibition can be seen here: www.couldbe.me

Zine & Other

I’m also working with the guys over at Ivans Retreat to produce a promotional zine and some other upcoming projects.

Raul Castro jumps or ‘bombs’ into the sanctuary’s swimming pool, where George Bush is relaxing in his rubber ring.




Questions What is your favourite project to date?

It has to be my Unravel animation, it was pretty fun taking my boyfriend down to a cold beach and slowly striping away his jumper on camera.

What’s in your future?

Favourite biscuit? Cookies.

Last time you made a total fool of yourself.

I can’t actually think of a recent time. The only thing that comes to mind is when I said Durex instead of Duracell, but I was about 8.

I’m hoping my future will involve lots of travelling, lots of exhibitions and lots of exciting clients and projects.

Describe the sea. ;)

My number one tip is...

Before I die...

Have determination and a hell of a lot of passion.

The future of design?

I hope it involves a lot of illustration work; else I’m out of a job! I’d like to see design continue to return to hand rendered aesthetics.

Who would you most like collaborate with?

I think I’d like to work with someone with a faux-naïve style, like Luke Best. It would be a challenge and I’d have to push my style in a new direction.

Expansive. This scares me a little.

I’d really love to travel the world.


At the moment I’m extremely happy, everything is slotting perfectly into place.

What was written on your school pencil case?

It was mainly little drawings of the people who sat opposite me in class, oh … and the initials of whom I liked at the time … Obviously.

Which half of a mermaid?

The human half, I’m not really into fish…

Luke or Darth for president? Yoda.

Can penguins fly it’s just that they can’t be arsed?

I think they’re too fat to fly? The wings are definitely not in proportion to the body.

Favourite cough medicine?

The purple Calpol, the orange one doesn’t compare.








Images No Means Yes (Pg. 59)

I was literally playing around with the letters of the word ‘NO’ and seeing if an image could be formed. I like the idea of when someone says no, it immediately makes me want to do the opposite! Attracts me to it, like a magnetic force.

Foxy (Pg. 61)

Er, just a drawing of stuff goin’ on in my head I guess! Shopping bag in there, little crab playing the trumpet. I love crabs, they are hilarious side stepping everywhere... nice!

Read All About Nothing (Pg. 62) It was Sunday when I started drawing for the New Sugar brief and well there were lots of newspapers lying about, and I thought wouldn’t it be funny if one day there was ‘NO’ news and what would that look like and err yup this is what I came up with?! I put in some strange colour combo there, red/fawn/ violet and yellow because I like odd colours. I love ‘The Financial Times’ because of that, kinda strange salmon pink mouse colour, similar to what you find in photographs of 70’s cook books.

Flying The Nest (Pg. 65)

I got a bit of a crush on a boy. I only realized it the other day after drawing this. I’m rubbish with boys but I always know when I got a fancy on someone ‘cos they creep into my drawings!! The boy I like is Japanese and a chef and I seemed to have drawn this subconsciously by drawing Japanese crane birds, my take on them. . bits of lemon grass and slices of bits, chopped up. I like watching chefs slice stuff real fast... looks cool! I also would like to visit Mexico so gradients and Aztec touches keep popping up in my work everywhere at the moment.




Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.

Charming/Clever/Ganton! (Charming like a child, Clever like an adult, Ganton like me!)

What is your favourite project to date? lol! this one, its my first ‘official’ one! I’m just starting out!

My favourite method of getting new work is...

Who would you most like collaborate with? Great question... Gantons wish list is....!

SIXPACK (ahh I love these guys, sixpack.fr) to do them some tees, group exhibitions. a while I think! STONES THROW RECORDS (stonesthrow.com) to do music, record sleeve designs, video animation.

to trust good people find good people

CAMPER (camper.com) to do children’s shoe collection.

Where’s your head at?

STAF. Magazine (stafmagazine.com) for a bit of editorial.

In the clouds but never cloudy!

Favourite biscuit? GINGER!

I value most... Kendal mint cake.

Describe the sea. ;) Blue you idiot! Animals are...

Hilarious! Magic! Bizarre, good for us humans.


Drawing makes me happy.

SCRAWL COLLECTIVE (scrawlcollective.co.uk) to do murals/interiors. that would keep me goin for a while I think!


At what point does card become board? Can I phone a friend?

Which half of a mermaid?

Top! Being on the pancake size! I could see what it would be like to have boobs for a while!!

If you made a new global holiday what would it be? Mash potato holiday.

Favourite cough medicine?

Calpol (is that how you spell it?) For those paint lovers out there Montana Paints (www.mtncolors.com ) do a lovely pink Calpol colour marker!

This is fun, but it might kill you...

Are we talking about throwing javelins here? I remember we did javelin throwing in sport at school once... it was funnnnny! Like, really random,

One day we went to sport and there where loads of javelins there and we threw em... I was like where did all these javelins appear from? I was shit but loved it, hee hee! Thought I was like a cave woman hunting to kill my supper... anyway, that was that, one lesson and we never saw the javelins again... loco. Its always baffled me now I come to think about it. Maybe, right, Britain needs a new star javelin thrower, and well not being your typical sport, (you know what I mean, like there is always a football knocking about you could pick up, or tennis racket but you don’t find many javelins lying around do you, to pick up and have a go) so maybe they, they being the javelin association, gave javelins to schools for a while to test if there where any secret star javelin throwers to be discovered. Ummm... just a thought eh!



Mister Brown



Mister Brown paulbrown.html

Images No! (Pg. 67)

How do you depict the negative ? For me, I almost always look for a way into some suggestion of a narrative. Invariably, this usually comes in a roundabout organic development of either a certain phrase or words entering my thoughts, or a particular image suggesting itself. Then it’s about a development and editing of the words or narrative with the image through sketchbook drawings and rough layouts, and scraps of reworked text, to a hopefully reasonably succinct conclusion. Although I’m not looking for a conclusion particularly in the piece itself. I prefer the idea of an unresolved narrative that suggests a possibility of existing beyond the depicted image and prose, a space the viewer/reader may feel able to inhabit, or invent a further possibility.

A Remembrance (Pg. 69) Have recently gone back to playing around with acrylic paint, something I haven’t done since my Illustration Degree.

In all those times (Pg. 70) More acrylic/Graphite- on -Gessoed -Cardboardbased Shenanigans as mentioned above.

Browner-Knowle Issue 2 Cover (Picture) (Pg. 73) Browner-Knowle is my ongoing zine collecting my various small narrative based observations and drawn fictions. Issue 3 will hopefully be out around October-November 2008, and is available from me, Concrete Hermit, and shortly, Needles & Pens in San Francisco. (E-Mail me for more info) £3 per issue.




Questions What is your favourite project to date? My self-published zine “Browner-Knowle”. Two issues so far, issue number 3 should be out in October/November.

What’s in your future?

Death, at some point, it is the only definite!

The future of design?

Ideally, a move back towards being able to do things with real craft and skill, and a move away from a culture obsessed with youth, fashion, and a certain nauseous arrested development, and lack of actually having something to say about life lived.

My favourite method of getting new work is...

Favourite biscuit?

I was always partial to a Huntley and Palmers’ Butter Osbourne, sadly no longer with us. A Choco-Liebniz is very tempting though... frankly, any biscuit will do really.

Favourite disease?

I was diagnosed with ImmuneThrombocetopaeic Purpura in December 2006, which resulted in numerous drip-fed bottles of Immunoglobin, a Splenectomy, followed by a bloodclot on the lung, followed by a relapse, followed by a drug called Rituximab. Followed finally by Penicillin for life, and recovery. Which makes for a good answer to this question at least!

Describe the sea. ;)

To quote John Berriman: “The Sky Flashes, the Great Sea Yearns, we ourselves Flash and Yearn”. I’ve always quite loved that.

Before I die...

I’d be quite happy to continue breathing. Your best lie ever. “I’m actually a really brilliant Artist”

Observing the world around me, and translating that through an imagination. And a pencil.

Where’s your head at? Usually on my neck,

somewhat above my shoulders.


At what point does card become board?

Favourite cough medicine?

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

This is fun, but it might kill you.

When it’s had enough of being card.

Any reputation I may have remotely had of being any kind of artist.

The one that stops the coffin.

Being even vaguely involved in making any kind of Art.

Luke or Darth for president?

Um, can’t we have the band CRASS instead?








Images 5-A-Day (Pg. 75)

This painting started life as a little sketch I had done on a piece of paper whilst away from my sketchbook. I was thinking about how we’re always being encouraged to get our fruit and veg on these days, and live a healthy lifestyle. I thought the best way to get my message across was to depict a creature that loves to have a piece of fruit in their mouth on a regular basis, all be it as a gagging implement. I am a big fan of Francis Bacon, and I think this some how leaked out when doing this painting. Maybe it was the subject matter, after all he was a sadomasochist, just like the gimp. I’m not sure if he liked oranges though.

Midnight Bloom (Pg. 77) This was a tattoo design that was commissioned by a friend of mine, I decided as an added touch I would create it as a painting for her.

She requested something that had a floral theme. I did a lot of brain storming, and I settled on the idea that because she is a bit of a night owl and quite unique, I wanted to use the midnight bloom, otherwise known as Epiphyllum Oxypetalum. This is a flower that is the rarest of all, and it only blooms in the dead of night. The padlock was a reference to her being a closed person, hoping that one day she will find the right person to unlock it and get to know the real her.

Why can’t be work be this interesting? (Pg. 79

I worked in an office to make ends meet in a financial services company. I would day dream about a million other things I could be doing, and occasionally fall asleep. This painting is about the characters, and worlds I would construct to take me away from the day to day. Thank god I’m not doing that job anymore that’s all I can say.

If music is the food of love… Rock on! (Pg. 81)

This was a painting which was done for, and inspired by my wonderful girlfriend. The idea came from her love of Shakespeare, it was a spin on the famous quote ‘if music be the food of love, play on’. I like to use symbolism in my work where possible, the apple and harp have been used for many hundreds of years as a symbol of love. The clouds are actually her initials. I didn’t want it to be too obvious though, so I blended two colours.




Questions What’s in your future?

It’s filled to the brim with goings on. In the immediate future I’m working on my website www.inkzplace.com. Next year I’m becoming a father for the first time, I’m looking forward to having an excuse for being a bigger kid than I already am. Add to that the last year of university and some possible group exhibitions, it’s going to be packed out. Oh and I’m working on a colab idea that people will be able to participate in via my website.

My number one tip is...

Just outside of the Marina in Brighton. It’s open 6 days a week, and they don’t care how much rubbish you take along.

The future of design?

A shift towards more traditional techniques and media, particularly using bags of flour and ketchup to make a giant replica of the Mona Lisa down your local football pitch, Art Attack style!!!!!

Inspiration and motivation? Absolutely

everything!!! People, places, food, art, music, seagulls, left feet, puddles, arm chairs, rain, sun, beef jerky.... Motivation comes from the enjoyment of creating and getting better, the more you do something the better you get.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Jeremyville, John Burgerman, and Greg Simkins. I’m a big fan of all, please don’t make me choose.

Favourite biscuit?

Jammy Dodgers. Ironically I’m not a fan of short bread on it’s own, but mix it with jam and a hot drink, and you have something pretty special my friend.

Favourite disease?

Chickenpox; because I believe the mortality rate is relatively low. There’s no chicken involved though, a bit disappointing that.

I value most...

My ipod. I love listening to choons whilst on the move with my skull candy buds. Sometimes people freak out though when I start throwing shapes right next to the bread section in Sainsburys.

Animals are...

Not to be trusted. I had an altercation yesterday, it involved a seagull and a pasty. I won the fight, but the pasty didn’t survive :’(

Before I die...

I will complete the original version of pac man, all 256 levels.


What was written on your school pencil case?

Favourite cough medicine? Olbas Oil it

No words, just doodles and rude pictures.

gets right on down to the bronchial tubes. A must in a chesty cough situation.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?

This is fun, but it might kill you...

2 eggs, 2 bacon, tomato, a sausage, beans and 2 toast this morning all for ÂŁ3.75... Bargain.

Blind-fold free running. It works best at night time, or during a solar eclipse just incase the blind-fold is that of poor quality.

If you made a new global holiday what would it be?

Give inkz a fiver day. I think it could work with any currency, with the exception of Scottish sterling that is. No one can tell if the notes are real.



Cale Ajioka



Cale Ajioka tastyhills.blogspot.com


Images No! (Pg. 83)

Piece done for this months NewSugar brief.

T-Shirt (Pg. 85)

A T-shirt design for Design by Humans. It changed a lot as I went along, which can be fun sometimes, not knowing what the end result will be.

Page (Pg. 86)

A page of a short comic based on “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin.

Boonfink (Pg. 88)

Inspired by Ratfink. I felt like drawing something lewd, and crude. I submitted it to Design by Humans, it didn’t win.

Darth Vader (Pg. 89)

Darth Vader, pretty self explanatory. I like Star Wars.


I haven’t gotten around to making my website, but here is my blog. is http://tastyhills.blogspot. com/


If you all could support me at Design by Humans that would be swell. http://www. designbyhumans.com/ humans/profile/10992


I’m going to be in France in November and don’t speak a lick of French! so if any of you are around and feel like showing me around let me know!




Questions Who would be your perfect client?

Anybody! I’m jobless! For now at least… Once I have a choice I would want to be working with someone who likes to change things up. Doing the same thing day in and day out gets stagnant. When that happens, you stop putting your heart into it, which shows in the end. Your work will not have authenticity.

What’s in your future?

Comics are a huge influence and a love of mine, so maybe some comic work. I would like to do illustration, storyboarding, sculpture… I don’t really know though, I’m kind of in limbo right now.

My number one tip is... Keep your sword sharp.

The future of design?

It’s been getting very digital. I think there will be a rebound toward more hand done ascetics. At least I wouldn’t mind if there was.

Inspiration and motivation?

Comics are a big influence like I said. Some particular favourites: Sergio Toppi, Jorge Zaffino, Mike Mignola, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Woodring, Tommy Lee Edwards… on and on. I’ve been looking at James Jean a lot lately, deep sea creatures and other weird phenomenon of nature. Large Hardon Collider and the end of the world. The Olympics were also very inspiring. Most of my motivation these days I find in proving to others and myself that I can make it as an artist.

Banana hammocks. Discuss.

I love them, especially on old fat wrinkled men and my self.

Favourite disease?

I’ve always had an affection for the Ebola virus. Also Trench-mouth.

Describe the sea. ;)

Wet, salty and mysterious. Were you aware that we know more about the moon than the bottom of our oceans?

Animals are...

Going extinct all over the damn place and it makes me furious.

Before I die...

I want my soul downloaded to a computer and put into a nanotech body so I can live to see how we save/destroy the world.


What was written on your school pencil case? My name, duh.

Which half of a mermaid?

Top. Then the bottom, then the top again.

If you made a new global holiday what would it be?

“Everyone in the world gives Cale a dollar” day. In effect tomorrow.

This is fun, but it might kill you... Life.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? Lots and lots of G.I.. Joe’s.

Luke or Darth for president? Darth! Sith or prez!

Your best lie ever. I am lying.




Luke Tribe



Luke Tribe

concretehermitnetwork. com/profile/LukeTribe

Images My Way (Pg. 92)

I associate (with the word ‘no’) the harshness that people can perceive. I wanted to illustrate how people are often frightened and scared by the reaction that ‘no’ brings.

News Oodles ‘O’ Poodles (Pg. 95) Illustration.

Mighty Morphine... (Pg. 97) Spray paint and acrylic on canvas.


I’m currently studying a BA in Computer Animation, as I want to take my illustrations and design to the next level (whatever that’s supposed to mean).

Circa Circus (Pg. 94)

Spray paint and acrylic on canvas.




Questions Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. Coloured, Pop Art, Shiny.

What’s in your future? A lot of work that takes me to places all around the world. Working with inspiring and creative people.

Favourite biscuit?

Iced Vo Vo (they’re Australian and delicious).

Last time you made a total fool of yourself. Just now. Saying that my favourite biscuit was an Iced Vo Vo.

I think design is going back to basics. More tactile/ getting your hands dirty kind of approach.

My favourite method of getting new work is...

Contacting magazines and entering design competitions. Showing work to friends.

Where’s your head at?

I ask myself the same question daily. I’d sooner not know as I think this gives me my inspiration.

It rarely varied from year to year, but always included: Luke’s property: Keep out! With a few ‘true luv 4 eva’s on there.

Favourite disease?

Luv was definitely much sought after!

Animals are...

Which half of a mermaid?


The future of design?

What was written on your school pencil case?

Better stuffed.

Definitely the fishy end ;-)


What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?



Luke or Darth for president?

Luke (I didn’t endure being called Luke Skywalker in school for nothing!)

This is fun, but it might kill you... Masturbating.



Sarah Gardner



Sarah Gardner


Images No! “On my way home” (Pg. 99) ‘On my way home’ was created in response to New Sugar’s brief. I made a mental note of the “No” signs which I walk past on my daily travels which I then translated into hand lettering. Surprisingly, there aren’t many “Yes” signs.

Half Full (Pg. 101)

Half Full is a part of a “Power of Positive Thinking” series I’ve been working on and is one of my limited edition prints for the Pikkaland Project. www.pikkaland.com

News Seaside Type Vernacular (Pg. 102)

This was inspired by the signs which surround me in my seaside town. It was a limited edition print in Black Lark Gallery’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ show featuring work celebrating the great British Seaside. www.blacklarkgallery.co.uk

Blush (Pg. 103)

Blush is one of a current series of drawings which will be translated into limited edition prints. I have a thing about drawing people with glasses and with their eyes closed. It repeats in a lot of my work.


I’m exactly one fifth of the artist and designer run Black Lark Gallery based in St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex. www.blacklarkgallery.co.uk


My own website can be found at: www.sarah-gardner.co.uk where there are links to an etsy shop and my flickr site.


I’m contributing to the October edition of Pikkaland Project. www.pikkaland.com




Questions Who would be your perfect client?

I’m still trying to find them, but Chronicle Books definitely look pretty good to me.

My number one tip is... Trust your instincts.

My favourite method of getting new work is... Online networking. Have I mentioned how much I love flickr…

Where’s your head at?

Focussing on keeping enough time to do personal projects and finding work that inspires me.

Who would you most like collaborate with?

Ray Fenwick, If You Could, Gemma Correll , Michael Perry… The list goes on and on. Basically anyone whose work I find interesting.

Favourite biscuit?

Chocolate covered ginger biscuits from M&S.

Last time you made a total fool of yourself.

Probably about ten minutes before you’re reading this.

I value most...

Quiet time to daydream.

Describe the sea. ;) Just around the corner from my office :)


Most definitely.

At what point does card become board?

When what you thought was cut is only a score.

Which half of a mermaid?

The tail. Far more exotic.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed? A sofa. (I had to cut it into pieces to fit it through the door when moving out of a New York apartment.)

If you made a new global holiday what would it be? Computer-free day.

This is fun, but it might kill you... Modern life…



Issue 2 Brief



This Issue’s theme is... you guessed it... “YES!” Submissions due by November 3rd 2008

What we need from you:

Each artist will get to show their submission piece for that issue’s theme.

• The brief piece must be supplied at 740 x 740 pixels • A maximum of 50 words about each picture you send • i.e. title/brief/thoughts/ inspiration etc. • It’s for screen output so there are no colour restrictions • All images must be at 72dpi or higher • Finally if you have any events, web sites, blogs or happenings you want us to mention send us details on those too

In addition to that we show several other pieces of your work to best represent you and your style. Send as many pieces of work as you like and we will pick 2-4 our favourites.

If you get picked...

we will send you 30 questions chosen by both the NewSugar crew and some of your fellow artists. You will need to choose 15 of these and send us your answers (sadly not on a postcard) to make up part of your feature. If all this seems like a lot to send... just remember the more we get from you, the more we have to give you the best exposure possible.

After all NewSugar is about just that... exposing you! ^_^ Keep an eye on the newsugar.co.uk site for news and information.


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Here are some of our new friends for you to visit...

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NewSugar Issue 1  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

NewSugar Issue 1  

A submissions based magazine showcasing up and coming artists and creatives from around the world.

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