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Newstyle Magazine focuses on some new talents in fields of such as fashion, beauty, fitness and healthy lifestyle. February is also the month of love. Four beautiful couples share their stories with our readers. Jaw-dropping pictures illustrate each article. please subscribe our magazine Director / Photographer Saachin Sagar Design Lucas Cunee


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Romance Burning

All creations by Lucy Gold Berlin Photography Sachin Sagar Creative Direction Jasmina Ruben Beauty by Haus Of Davin Models Anael Bussac & Teena Masson L o c a t i o n : S h a n g r i - L a L e To u e s s r o k 11

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Lucy Gold is a visionary creative designer from Berlin, Germany. We have been lucky to collaborate with her on this editorial fashion story “Burning Romance”. Meet the alternative designer behind these magical costumes. What inspires you to design eccentric and unconventional costumes for festival goers? In 2014 I took off to the biggest adventure so far in my life - I moved to Australia. While I was living there I went to many festivals, which were completely different from those I had experienced in Germany. Everyone there would get so creative and make their costumes which translate their own fantasy world. After my first festival “ Subsonic” I knew that I wanted to explore this fascinating state of creating my own costumes and be in this magic world of creativity, as it was making me unleash my new art; costume designing. This was the key trigger for me to create my own goddesses of fantasy. To play with the allures of a woman, combined with the strength and confidence to build my new identity and that made me launch, Lucy Gold Berlin. Who are your customers and what do you think they look for? All of my customers love the extravagance, playing with the silhouettes and of course love the stages of the festivals. My creations give them the freedom to unfold and release their energy and fantasy. I precisely create a look, which reflects your inner goddess and gives you self confidence and boldness. Every goddess needs her space to play and they can do that in a wonderful way in the Berlin party scene. Some of my pieces you can combine in a classic casual way as you can remove the feathers or the braids. You can also combine the body pieces with jeans, which is perfect for a night out.


In fashion, it’s all about trends, although me as a stylist I do not follow trends to create the fashion stories i work on, how do you proceed to achievea “New Style”? I don’t like trends. For me it is only something predetermined. That means that my mind does no longer decide independently, as it gets dominated by the external environment. I work based on a personality and of course out of the fantasy. As in most cases I advise my customers exclusively, this works out in a wonderful way. I want to create a secret club of the goddesses of fantasy, who are powerful, strong and wander through the world with their heads high. You don’t create this club, if you open up the Magazine and follow others. You only find that within yourself and my costumes help woman to express themselves and empower their lives. You stay in Berlin, which is the über melting pot for fashion, arts & underground you get inspired by the things happening and people living there? Berlin is a true source of inspiration. Who knows this city, knows that truly everything is allowed. You get surprised each day in a new way by street art and street style. Berlin has a huge spectrum to offer. Especially the subculture of the electronic music is very freeing. From fetish to pop diva. There are no boundaries, which is very inspiring. Do you take international orders and how could we order from you? The brand Lucy Gold Berlin is currently on sell online at Etsy. I am also on Instagram if people would like to view more of my pieces and I create customized costumes. In general the customers just reach out to me and then the creative process starts.

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“Women feel sexy when they feel strong and confident” Olivia Cooney has been leading a “Pop-Up Fitness Retreats” at Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort, Belle Mare, in January last. The young Personal Trainer will be coming back at the hotel for another bootcamp between 8 and 14th September. Olivia Cooney, 26 years old, has been to nearly ten different countries with Pop-Up Fitness, “Mauritius, thanks to Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort, is definitely my favourite destination”. For Olivia Cooney, Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort is the most forward thinking hotel in the world right now. “Health and fitness are nowadays a priority for many and Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort has understood that need. It is offering fitness retreats to its clients during their stay in Mauritius. Besides, the island is known to be the most luxurious holiday destination. With Pop-Up Fitness Retreats at Long Beach, Mauritius has now more to offer other than its cultural diversity and beautiful sceneries” says the Personal Trainer. She finds the team at Long Beach Mauritius absolutely phenomenal. The first time she was invited was in September 2017. She came back in January this year. “The team is truly the reason why I enjoy working at the hotel so much.Benito, Fitness Instructor,works along side with me to create the workouts on site for the guests. Jennifer Glannes Executive Assistant Manager and Rubenare always joining in as many workouts as possible to support the activation. I am very lucky to be able to work with them” she adds. Olivia comes from a small Island near France called Guernsey in the Channel Islands. She did the early part of her schooling in the Channel Islands before heading to Millfield - a sporting excellence school in England. After her studies, she did an internship with Jimmy Choo PR department. She progressed on to working within the PR and events at some of the most well known restaurants and clubs in London. “After a wonderful time attending fantastic parties and fashion events I decided to make the change into becoming a personal trainer. I have not looked back since” she remembers. It has been six years now since Olivia Cooney is in the fitness field, “I didn’t feel as energised and healthy as I would like to have been whilst I was in my other job. I decided to get my health and fitness on track and once that task was completed I wasn’t going to give it up”. She was looking for a retreat that she would be pleased to go on with her parter or even by herself. She just couldn’t find it. “I wanted a holiday at the same time as getting super fit and healthy. I didn’t want a military style fitness camp for accommodation even though I do like that style of training. There wasn’t a luxury but intense retreat available so I decided to create it myself for my clients. It became my career and I help others to make the same journey. I love working with people and helping them to feel great even if it is for a couple of hours per day” she remembers. Olivia and her fiance, Bart, who is a full time international model, created Pop-Up Fitness together. “Retreats are our main focus and we pop up in different locations. But I have also been a model agency and celebrity personal trainer and concept designer for gyms” says Olivia. They are due to be married in July after a five year relationship.

Photography by Sachin Sagar Location: Long Beach Hotel , Sun Resorts, Mauritius

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She explains that all of her clients are in complete control of how much or little they do from her fitness schedules. “Our main focus is also not about weight loss. It is about starting a new healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable. By no means are you locked in at our retreats, we encourage you to go out and explore whatever location we are at, especially somewhere as beautiful as Mauritius” she says. Amongst her clients, there are also some celebrities namely : Katherine Jenkins, Little Mix and Millie Macintosh. Olivia Cooney says there is absolutely no difference between working with celebrities and common people. “Everyone who I have worked with treats each other with respect and kindness. You would never know they were so talented and world wide known if you didn’t know otherwise. Everybody has the same goals which is to be happy and healthy and I enjoy working with these kinds of people” she says. 33

Fitness is an essential part of everyday life!“You only have one life and one body. So we must look after it and make the most of it! As long as you are healthy and fit you can enjoy life to the full with enough energy to do the important things! It is incredibly important to enjoy the fitness that you do though, if you enjoy your workouts and can look forward to them then you are doing a brilliant thing for yourself and the results will come fast” she explains. If you are encorperating fitness into your daily routine you will feel strong and confident. “I love to work out with women who can beat the boys. I think it is more difficult for the boys to work in the fitness field as the women are not afraid to speak out and they also know what women want better. Women feel sexy when they feel strong and confident and this is empowering. Posture is improved with fitness so the way women may learn to carry themselves better may well be a bit contributor to the sexy powerful feeling they show. I think there is massive positivity to this and is shouldn’t be seen in a negative way. Saying fit and healthy is the best thing anyone can do for themselves” concludes Olivia Cooney.

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Jennifer & Arnaud Glannes


ALWAYS REMINDS US OF OUR FIRST-BORN” Jennifer and Arnaud Glannes are amongst the rare couples who have overcome cultural differences. They will be celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary next month. But before that, the fifth birthday of their son. It will on the 15 February making Valentine’s Day special for the parents each year. “Love is patient, love is kind and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love never fail”… Love is when you are willing to put aside the “I” and think more about “we”. Jennifer and Arnaud Glannes have been holding onto this saying for a little more than a decade now. “There is no perfect love or partner. It is all about choosing the person that you are ready to do compromise for. Antoine de Saint-Exupery said that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. And that is what we do” explains Jennifer. The couple adds that they have been through ups and downs like it is the case in every relationship. “We have different origins and grew up in different cultures and backgrounds. We had to adapt to each other’s personality and strived to understand each other” says Jennifer. They remember having met in 2004. They both worked for the opening of the Hilton Arc de Triomphe hotel in Paris, France. It was it love at first sight. Arnaud is French and Jennifer Mauritian. They exchanged vows in March 2008, “Marriage is a bond you have to build and work on every day. Never take it for granted. Communication is the key”. Arnaud describes his wife as a “strong woman with goods values namely respect and integrity. She cares a lot for her family”. “Arnaud is the best father I could choose for my kids. He is a hardworker, humble, discreet and loyal” replies Jennifer.

Photography by Sachin Sagar Make-Up Zehreen Sumtally Russooly Location: Long Beach Hotel , Sun Resorts, Mauritius


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Ten years later, they are both proud of each other’s achievements. Jennifer and Arnaud work in the hospitality sector (Jennifer is Executive Assistant Manager of the Longbeach Mauritius and Arnaud is the Resort Manager of Azuri) and they admit spending long hours at work. “The day ends while taking care of our two kids. So, it is extremely important for us to take the time out and plan things together for example a romantic getaway like a day package at a hotel, couple massage in a spa or even simple thing like working out together at the gym. This requires a great deal of organisation to be able to escape our work routine” say the couple. They also like travelling. Though, they want to keep it secret on how they will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, the couple says that love should not only be celebrated on the 14th February. “However, five years ago, we both the best Valentine’s gift ever- the birth of our son Alecsander. The labour pains started on the evening of Valentine’sDay and he was born on the 15th February very early morning. So now Valentine’s Day always reminds us of that special evening and our first-born” recalls Jennifer and Arnaud Glannes. They also have a daughter Elisa who will turn three years old on the 9th of April.


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Bonded by the

laws of love! S A N J E E V & N A M R ATA T E E L U C K D H A R RY

They first met as lecturer and student. Then, their friendship blossomed into lasting romance in the course of their work. And, they will be celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary this year. He is Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, the Defence Counsel and the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, and she is Namrata Gaya-Teeluckdharry, the gorgeous Attorney-at-Law. “Love is like friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As Love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becores as coals, deep burning and unquenchable” said Bruce Lee. That is how Namrata Gaya-Teeluckdharry and Sanjeev Teeluckdharry describe their love. They refer to their love as a crescent moon which keeps growing with time. If Sanjeev finds his wife dangerously beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, Namrata likes the rugged and rebellious nature of her better-half. “He is intelligent and nurtures a pragmatic approach to life. He is always saying that I inspire him. I am his muse” says Namrata coyly. She adds that their relationship is based on a strong bond of love and trust, “Still, I am quite possessive about him. I do feel jealous at times even more when ladies smile at him”. On the other hand, Sanjeev never gets jealous. He strongly believes in the power of his love and the heat of his passion for his beloved wife. “He appears to have transcended all fears and jealousy. Sanjeev always re-assures me that my love represents the radiance of the sun for him, and same is unequalled and unrivalled by the lights of twinkling stars” says Namrata. The couple confides that they are always striving to spend more time with each other. They are always dwelling on each other’s thoughts. Being a successful lawyer and a well-known politician, Sanjeev shares most of his time responding to his professional and political obligations even during week-ends and public holidays. “He is always devoting time to his clients and constituents. Moreover, his phone keeps ringing throughout the day and even at odd hours at night. As a result of which we spend very little time together” explains the Attorney-at-Law. Despite their age difference, the couple lives in harmony. “Sanjeev


is nine years older than me. Inspite of that, we are always on the same wavelength. We have the same likes and dislikes. On top of that, we share the same hobbies” says Namrata. As the Dalai Lama puts it, every year the couple travels to some place where they have never been before, “Nearly every weekend, we go out to watch a movie. We go for morning walks at Mont Choisy beach with our dog, Fluffy, which is pretty much the centre of our lives these days. Finally, we simply love chilling over a steaming coffee for me and a hot chocolate for him, whilst eating a chocolate muffin at our favourite coffee shop”. In fact, age difference is a blessing for them. Namrata always wished for a mature life partner under whose care, affection and experience, she would be shielded from all worldly worries and difficulties. Besides, the couple can count on the blessings of their parents. There is also mutual understanding and strong intellectual and professional connection that they share. “We are both in the legal profession and this has further strengthened our love. At the end of the day, we feel that there are many more things which bind us and very little which can divide us” feels Namrata. same wavelength. We have the same likes and dislikes. On top of that, we share the same hobbies” says Namrata. As the Dalai Lama puts it, every year the couple travels to some place where they have never been before, “Nearly every weekend, we go out to watch a movie. We go for morning walks at Mont Choisy beach with our dog, Fluffy, which is pretty much the centre of our lives these days. Finally, we simply love chilling over a steaming coffee for me and a hot chocolate for him, whilst eating a chocolate muffin at our favourite coffee shop”. In fact, age difference is a blessing for them. Namrata always wished for a mature life partner under whose care, affection and experience, she would be shielded from all worldly worries and difficulties. Besides, the couple can count on the blessings of their parents. There is also mutual understanding and strong intellectual and professional connection that they share. “We are both in the legal profession and this has further strengthened our love. At the end of the day, we feel that there are many more things which bind us and very little which can divide us” feels Namrata.

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Sanjeev and Namrata Teeluckdharry will be celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary on the 11thof August, 2018. But they have known each other for quite a long time. They met at the University of Mauritius in or about 2004. Sanjeev was Namrata’s lecturer in Constitutional Law. “He liked me but he never told me about his feelings with respect to the ethics of his work. “Now that I look back, I think that Sanjeev did try to tell me about his feelings on a couple of occasions but quite clumsily, so I just didn’t get the message right at that time, most probably because I was so much engrossed in my studies”. Sadly enough, Sanjeev opted to bury his feelings in the profound penumbra of his heart. “We lived our lives and we both had ups and downs each on our side” relates Namrata. Years went by. Their paths crossed again five years later, in 2010. She was attorney on some cases where he was Counsel. “He was delighted to see me thus reigniting his passion for me. He combined his advocacy skills with his poetical talents to seduce me. Well, he is a scholar in literature. He used to write me love letters in prose. He showered me with flowers and expensive gifts. And I got carried in the whirpool of his love and passion” remembers Namrata. Today, they are proud to be part of each other’s achivements. They are happy when people compliment them on their qualities instead of being jealous of each other. Valentine’s Day ranks amongst the few days of the year when Sanjeev strives hard to spend some romantic and quality time with his wife. He usually offers her, her favourite flowers. They then go out for a candle light dinner. “This year, we shall spend Valentine’s day at the Chinese Culture House in Tombeau Bay where Sanjeev has been invited as the Member of Parliament for his constituency. A banquet will be given by the federation of Chinese Societies on the occasion of the Chinese New Year” concludes Namrata.


Photography by Sachin Sagar Make-Up Zehreen Sumtally Russooly Location: At their residence in Grand Bay w w w.newst yle .m u




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“Live and let live” Z O U B E R R A N D S H A H E E N J O O M AY E Like every year, this year also Shaheen Jaulim-Joomaye and Zouberr Joomaye will celebrate Valentine’s Day at La Clef des Champs in Floreal. They will book the same table for dinner. “Valentine’s Day is another occasion to spend time together” says the couple who has celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary last month. They remember having met at a common friend’s birthday party in Grand Baie. They were introduced vaguely and didn’t know that they would be in touch again. Then, they had their parents’ blessings to move ahead and get married. Trust, respect, sharing, communication and some compromises are the ingredients of their successful long lasting relationship. “I admire his intelligence, his determination at work and unconditional fight for justice and his philanthropist side. He is also generous” says Shaheen Jaulim-Joomaye. Zouberr Joomaye adds that he likes Shaheen’s warm-heartedness, her excellent organisational skills, her good taste in fashion and her strong belief in family values. He admits that he tends to get jealous when his wife is complimented for her beauty. “But I am proud of her when she is complimented on her work” says Zouberr. Shaheen, on the other side, says that her husband keeps encouraging her, “Zouberr is the best choice I made in my life”. The couple says that they spend a lot of time together. They socialise a lot. Besides, Zouberr Joomaye does not like to go out alone. “We enjoy each other’s company a lot. We live our couple life in the most simple and affectionate way. So giving space to the other one, is not that important in our relationship” says Shaheen. They are parents to two lovely boys : Souhel who is 10 years old and Saif is four. “Our love is unconditional. Our bond is based on respect, affection, admiration and trust. Love for our kids is to protect them always” says the Joomaye. Zouberr and Shaheen Joomaye advise the young couples to never give up and go with the flow, “Don’t try to force the natural course of events. Don’t be afraid to commit yourself. Live and let live”.

Photography by Sachin Sagar Make-Up Zehreen Sumtally Russooly Location: At their residence in Floreal


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Sébastien Noat and Giya Yakova are deeply in love. They have known each other for more than three years but it has been only six months since they are happily married. They have already thought about having twins or a boy and a girl. Love at first sight is not a myth! Sébastien and Giya are living proofs! They met in Monaco three and half years ago. “I fell in love at first sight. Truth be told, I knew one of her friend and asked her to organise a blind date as I was recently single. Giya surprised me in more ways than one. She is natural, spontaneous and has a “happy go lucky” attitude. I fell for her instantly” remembers Sébastien Noat. Their love grew day by day with a deeper understanding of each other. They decided to tie the knot six months back. The love birds are extremely similar. “We love and want the same things. We have the same taste for music, food, drinks, movies and travelling. We love to talk and we love life!” says the couple. For Sébastien Noah, the foundation for a strong and successful mariage lies in being able to accept each other fully, for better or worse, each and every time. He confides that there will be and there are, many occasions when they will not agree as they may share different opinions or have different desires and wants. “But being married is to learn to focus on what we share in common and agree to move past our differences daily, yet deeply accepting them” continues Sébastien. Their favorite part is to travel together, to discover new cultures, new stories, new restaurants, new bars, new parks and new malls. “Discovering a new world through each other’s eyes is our favorite thing” says the couple. Sometimes their social life takes a toll on their personal life. Sébastien runs a lot of events and the couple is also invited to many other events. “Keeping a balance in our couple was essential in view of our marriage. Actually Sebastien did organize everything in view of the wedding. That’s one of his forte. I only came back from vacation 3 days before the wedding not knowing what had been planned. I literally only had to invite my friends, that was my role. And create my dresses of course” says Giya coyly.

Photography by Sachin Sagar Clothing by Giya Fashion Location: Shangri - La’s (villas), Le Touessrok Resort & Spa


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Their relationship needs no space. “We are very exclusive and we want to be together all the time. The few times that we are apart, we can’t stand it and end up regretting to be away from each other. Giya just came back from Dominican Republic where she attended a wedding and decided to cut short her trip by one week to come back to me. It was so sweet. Her trip lasted over 40 hours. It was the nicest surprise” remembers Sébastien. For them, love is the ability to share a common vision of life in everything, “To think about him or her before yourself in everything”. Sébastien is head over heals for Giya! He loves most things about her for example her creativity, her passion, her fantastic dry sense of humor. “Sebastien loves it when I receive compliments. The great thing about being an exclusive couple is that you don’t need to be jealous because your are so happy together. We know what we give each other and how much we mean for one another” says Giya. They now want to build their happy family. “We are working on that daily though. We ideally would like to have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, or even better, twins” says Sébastien with a smile. Valentin’s Day is a special day for the couple. “It must be a time for all to celebrate their love. In our case, it is slightly different because I do celebrate our anniversary that is the dateon which we met on the 3rd of every month. I do send a lot of flowers spontaneously and i pride myself in taking Giya on a lot of dates. I try to maintain a lot of romance in our couple. Hence Valentine’s Day is kind of a state of mind in our couple” says Sébastien. This year Sébastien has a surprise for Giya. “We are going to celebrate at the One & Only Le Saint Géran at their new Asian restaurant, Tapasake. The Chef Marc de Passorio will organize something very unique for us” confides the husband. Sébastien and Giya have a message for the young couples : “Be true to yourselves, discover the world. Discover life prior to entering into a wedding and a permanent relationship. It is essential to have no regrets whatsoever when you make the decision to get married. It is a very important decision. Don’t take it lightly. We often see too many couples who don’t have the sparkle anymore, who don’t go out together on dates, who don’t speak to each other. You must keep the flame burning, always. It’s a lot of work but that’s the game”.


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Photography by Sachin Sagar

Model Salome DARUTY & Jennifer GLANNES Make-Up Sandrine Joseph & Zehreen Sumtally Russooly Location Henessy Park Hotel & Long Beach Hotel


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Sanjiv Ramdanee, CEO Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa & Hugh Grant, Actor & film producer

Los Angeles, 7th January 2018 – Mr. Sanjiv Ramdanee, CEO of Maradiva, was present at the Golden Globes for the eighth time. Mr. Bobby Ramasawmy, Director of Sales of Maradiva, was also present at this year’s after parties. Mr. Ramdanee met with the Hollywood set in view of promoting Mauritius and Maradiva both as a holiday destination and for film shooting opportunities.

Isabelle Huppert Mariah Carey

Zac Efron

Édgar Ramírez

Margot Robbie Miss Universe 2017, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Bobby Ramasawmy & Christian Slater Timothee Chalamet & Pauline Chalamet

w w w.newst yle .m u

Ron Howard, Filmmaker left to Sanjiv Ramdanee

Copyright pictures by: Laurent Campus Media Enquiries Please contact the Marketing Department on

Press Release | Jan 2018



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Profile for NewStyle Magazine

Newstyle Issue 12  

Issue 12 of Newstyle magazine - your premier styling, fashion and talent discovery online magazine in Mauritius and Indian Ocean.

Newstyle Issue 12  

Issue 12 of Newstyle magazine - your premier styling, fashion and talent discovery online magazine in Mauritius and Indian Ocean.