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Your wishes are our command! On our 6th issue, following our readers’ interests, we are proposing more in depth exposition on the Whys’ and Hows’, Do’s and Don’ts in mainly the Fitness, Diet, Beauty and Lifestyle themes. Saachin Sagar invites you to discover his Photographic artwork on our chosen issues. In summary, you will find the original way Cedric Lanappe, the most influential young male Make-up Artist, found to share his knowledge to make-up amateurs. Dr Baptiste Henry Bernard, one of the rare Sports Doctor, pours his heart out and talks about his past, realizations and set future plans. You will also discover all about the preparation needed in the making of Male Models, proposed by the only provider of strictly Male Models, Look Men Agency. And the lifestyle of our chosen, Doris Mason, the so gorgeous and so fit 50 years old Model, who is a real competition for even those 15 years younger women. Saachin Sagar in collaboration with Hans Telvave show you a revisited version of Sir Mario Testino’s “Towel Series”. We are on our 6th issue and we are refining and tuning up to our readers expectations. Yet we have so many creative art works in photography, graphics and editorials to propose in our coming Editions. Stay tuned… Get ready to face an exposition of some serious wonders. Enjoy the reading!

Javed Sobah Director / Photographer Saachin Sagar Editor Javed Sobah Design

Made possible with the inspired work and deeply creative talent of our make-up artists, fashion & hair stylists and models.

©2017 Newstyle

In this issue The Muscular Athlete And Doctor 50 Is The New 40 Only The Best! -



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Live Challenge By The Make-up Guru Shooting With The Huawei P10 Plus -


Sir Mario Testino’s “Towel Series” Inspires Saachin Sagar Smokeyes -


Coolest Things Blending Life And Style -




THE MUSCULAR ATHLETE AND DOCTOR He is an athlete who has participated and has been gold medallist in Shot Put Competitions in many national and International championships. He has brought so many medals, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals to our country. And many more are to come. But our athlete is also a Sports Doctor specialised in Preventive Sports Medicine, a field where there is a lack of Specialists. Let us venture on Dr Baptiste Henry Bernard’s path and important fitness tips for a healthier life. Photography: Saachin Sagar Text: Javed Sobah

Who is he? The Muscular Doctor measures 1m85 and weights 118kgs. Dr Baptiste Henry Bernard can be seen training at the Maryse Justin Stadium in Réduit under his coach Jacques Ratanon. And works out and works at his Clinic at the Moving Gym at Trianon. His present Classifications are: Intercontinental- 3rd, Continental9th and Regional- 1st. His best personal record in the event: 17m62 (7.26 kg). The 28 years old Doctor has the nature of this winner who pushes forward to succeed over his adversaries, may it be in sports or studies. Study hard, work hard Sports and studies, the two poles of his youth. Originated from Rodrigues Islands, he came to Mauritius, having got a scholarship at the SSR Medical College in 2008. Baptiste Henri Bernard completed and was graduated in 2014. “Holder of a bachelor in medicine and bachelor in Surgery MBBS, I did my internship at the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose Belle for two years. Fully Registered Medical Practitioner in December 2016, I then flew to Pretoria for a specialization on a two months course in Preventive Sport Medicine” he reminds. 8

On his return, he started working with the Mauritius Sport Council (MSC). He has been working on the development of special sport medicine programs for schools and for communities. “Having my Clinic in the Moving Gym at Trianon, I provide counselling and individualised exercise prescriptions” says Dr Bernard. Social Life So far, the Sport Medicine field is not that well developed but slowly its importance is growing. “But definitely there is a lack of Sport Doctors in Mauritius especially if we want our athletes to succeed at the highest level. My main concern apart from the medical aspect is that at certain level there is a lack of preparedness which impedes on our performance. This part is also to be put as a priority in our future developments” advises the Doctor in Sports. He is involved in the sport medicine program of the MSC and, “also we have our ‘i am campaign’ with the Trust Fund For Excellence in Sport where we, the high level athletes try to be role model for the youths and also show them that it is hard but reachable!” attests Baptiste Henry Bernard.



“Nowadays, the Mauritian Government is doing a very good job. Every citizen now knows that it is important to do exercises. But now we are seeing new morbidities like low backache in young adults and knee problems. I would tell the population to please seek proper advises and get a training plan adapted to their own needs. Also please do warm up and stretch. Hydrate well” advises the Doctor. Fitness & Diet As per the specialist, there is no specific tips for men or women. “I will advise them DON’T MISS BREAKFAST! There is no valid excuse what so ever to miss this important meal of the day”. For active men and women it’s better to go whole wheat. It brings vitamins B1, B6, B12, Folic Acid and Iron. “For women it is the most important they renew the blood they lose each month and to prevent any cases of anaemia” warns the Doctor. Compulsory In his consultation, Dr Bernard insist on making a compulsory full medical check-up, “before starting in a gym a fitness evaluation test is important. To know fitness level but also to know your weakness and set up objectives. It is not advisable to avoid taking fitness program from internet, it might not be suitable for you” says Dr Baptiste. He concludes on Stretching, “Your gym session must consist of warm up stretching then what ever workout. There are so many point of explanation to be fit with a proper body. It will take a whole day to explain. Best is to book an appointment with a professional” concludes Dr Baptiste Henry Bernard.



Past and upcoming challenges Since January 2015 to July 2017, he has been winning in various championship. Naming all his achievements will demand writing a full book… but let’s expose all his gold medals since 2015: Boland Province Championship Stellenbosch South Africa February 21, 2015, 1st, Gold Medal, counting 15m47. Mauritius international Meet Réduit April 2015, 1st with 16m06. Vital national championship Réduit Mauritius July 5 2015 1st with 16m47, Indian Ocean Island Games Reunion Island August 2015, 16m 39 1st. Mauritius International Meet Réduit, 3rd April 2015, 16m83 1st, 2016 Interclubs Nord-Est 1er tour National Dijon, France - BOU – 021, 16m83 1st. 2ème tour Interclub, Thaon-Les-Vosges, Lorraine, France, May 23 2016, 17m19, 1st. Vital national championship Réduit, Mauritius 12 June 2016, 17m23, 1st. Only for 2017, chronologically, Dr Bernard has come out First in the following competitions: Championat Thaons des Vosges, Thaons, France, 1st counting 17m52, Premier Tour Interclub, Sarregumine, France, 1st with 17M62, his best record ever. He also came first at the Deuxième Tour Interclub, Valence, France and the Vital National championship respectively counting 17m46 & 16m90. The recent Jeux de la Francphonie in Cote D’Ivoire 2017 was less lucky for him, he came out third and won a Bronze Medal. The main target of our athlete for Year 2018 to 2020: The Commonwealth Game which will be held on the Gold Coast in 2018, the Senior African Championship 2018, the Jeux des Iles 2019 which will be held here in Mauritius, The All African Games 2019 which Willke place in the Equatorial Guinea, the Senior African Championship 2020 and the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. Let’s wish him best of luck…



is the new The secret lies in discipline She hasn’t found any Fountain of Youth, nor a genie, nor any medicinal plant. Simple minded would just say that ‘oh, it is genes…’ But, Doris Mason, Former Model and Brand Ambassador for Bois Cheri & St Aubin, says it clearly “It is having a discipline and healthy lifestyle”. At 50 years old, her physique allows her to be ranked to women 10 to 15 years younger than her. Let’s discover her secret… if she really has! Photography: Saachin Sagar Model: Doris Mason Make-Up: Siddiquah Rujak Text: Javed Sobah

Discipline in everything Always very serious about her plastic. Doris does not play when it is question of her healthy lifestyle. What to eat, how to eat, what sitting or standing or walking position is best to keep a good balance and seem stronger and more attractive, best work outs, best beauty products… You would have understood by now that, the former Model remains a figure conscious woman after all.



Eat responsibly, not starve! Her way of life starts with her eating habits. “The words Fast-Food do not figure in my vocabulary and eating out is really a very rare thing. I always make sure to have vegetables and fruits everyday by eating small portions of good and healthy food, may it be raw or cooked”. Her day starts with glass of skimmed milk and occasionally, grilled toasts with low fat butter and cheese. Then its water till Lunch where generally she eats salads with some grated low fat cheese or another lean protein. Dinner time, always before 7 p.m, its mostly brown bread or pastas or brown faratas with meat, chicken or fish again with loads of cooked or raw vegetables depending of the menu and of course vegetable salad. “I am not a very foodie person, I don’t eat rice or white bread and neither too much oil or sugar or salt. In fact too rich food do not attract me. I am almost every day visiting hotels and restaurant” she relates. She makes it a must to have one Detox per week where she goes for lemon infusions. She also advises to have mint flavored chewing gum “it cuts the cravings for snacks”. Figure consciousness She doesn’t work out in gym as many do. Instead she goes jogging three times per week either at the Candos Hill or Trou aux Cerfs, near her place. She does sessions of basic work out at home as press up, sit up, abs and loads of various stretching. First and foremost, “women in general should see themselves in the mirror and notice each and every transformation or ‘evolution’ and question themselves. One should act as soon as the first kilo is visible on the scale. This is the simplest way to lose rapidly and maintain the ideal weight!”






Skin Care without obsession Doris takes care of her skin without becoming a total obsessed. “I have a simple day & night body and face lotion. I do not over expose my skin to the scorching sun” she says. She reveals being a Make-up lover, “I am currently at the end of my courses in Professional make-up with Siddiquah Rujak. My intention being become an accomplished Make-up Artist shortly and make it my new profession”. Taking care of each and every bit of the body is more a second nature for her since her very young age, back then when she was a successful Model. If she doesn’t do it this way “I will not get that feel good effect about myself…” concludes Doris.

Ladies here is a life-style to be adopted…



y l On thE best! Diet & Fitness first. Offering the best and most finely cut male models in Mauritius… To do so, Anastasia Duval, Founder, Director & Image Consultant and Ted Onno Fashion Coordinator say “considerable work, special programs and constant follow up are necessary”.

Photography: Saachin Sagar Models: Jeremie Lamoutarde, Yash Gopalsing Text: Javed Sobah


Models: Jeremie Lamoutarde


In not even 1 year existence, Look Men Agency has become a little family of 30, 25 models and 5 managing body. The models are really ‘Taken Care Of ’ by a bunch of professionals. As Anastasia Duval says: “we have been on the market for not so long but still we want to give a large panel of models where clients who come with different types of concepts can find what they want”. This exigency of the Model Agency has a price and it is the care given to each guy. Proper diet, proper looks! To start with, the diet. This part is undertaken by the dieticians of the Nature House. The Models have right to a Full Body checkup. Then the dieticians take individually the models to know their actual eating habits and as per the results awaited by the Model and the Agency, a special diet plan is made for each of them. “We believe in the fact that a Model performs best when in good health and not starving ones…” says Anastasia. Their results are then sent to the Agency who send them to MYGYM.

Beauty and Wellness Look Men Agency works close with Essential Spa. They provide all services concerning hairdressing, barber, manicure, pedicure, waxing and most important Physio Therapy, as know it, after a fashion show a model really needs such a care so that he can perform better on the next without any past pain. Workshops Very often Look Men Agency has recourse to professionals in Photographers, Choreographers, Communication Professionals and Image Consultants so that these guys improve themselves at best, continuously. Modelling has taken a new dimension. They are to be followed.


To the nearest centimeter The Gym and Fitness part. All the boys forming part of the Agency is automatically subscribed to the MYGYM. They are evaluated from head to toe and arte followed by coaches who make the work out as per the morphology awaited as per their height and cuts pre-defined. “We are trying to eliminate this misconception that to become a model one should be an extreme bodybuilder. On the contrary in our want to broaden the male models types offered we see to it that the model who approach us does not feel any complex face to other existing models on the market. Each model gets a tailor made program which he has to follow since we don’t want to get disproportionate models either!” she says. Prior to this, says Anastasia “among the boys there are many who already work as personal trainer and as they are close, they motivate and give each other advices, even in their diet. All we need is that they look in real, to the nearest centimeter as they look in their book”.

Warrior Queen concept Clothing - Kiran Tolaram Gidwani Jacket / Accessories - Kensley Suddoo 27



Indian Bride concept Clothing - Kiran Tolaram Gidwani Crop top - Sewing Studio Accessories - Kensley Suddoo



Warrior Bride concept Pant / Accessories - Kiran Tolaram Gidwani Accessories - Kensley Suddoo



Models: Yash Gopalsing


Indian Bride concept Accessories - Kensley Suddoo Earrings - Kiran Tolaram Gidwani




MAKE-UP GURU Photography: Saachin Sagar Text: Javed Sobah Shot at Henessy Park Hotel

Carleen Chan Yam, Annielle Landgraf-Meltzer and Ashish Rughoobur. They are the most deserving three of this first edition of the ‘Live Makeup Challenge’ by Cedric Lanappe, posted on Facebook the 11th July. They have ‘literally’ respected the step by step tutorial of the most renowned male Mauritian Make-up Artist. They are now going to get a good visibility in the Mauritian Fashion World. Here is how they have won. 38



Imagined in Paris, realised in Mauritius. This Live Make-up Challenge is one of the dream projects of Cedric. This idea came to him following requests of advice on make-up techniques on Instagram and Facebook. “They sent me in inbox their videos and I replied to them. Then I said to myself why not make a competition among make up amateurs. I thus made a video and asked them to make an exact reproduction. I also wanted to test is they are disciplined. It is also a quality that a Make–up artist should have!” says Cedric. They had 5 days to reproduce the Make-up on themselves in a video and post back. 3 winners out of 127 participants Out of this sum, 97 live videos were posted, and only three have respected the rules fully. In the initial tutorial, Cedric Lanappe made it clear that all the steps had to be covered and also gave tips and application techniques on the types of products, colour combination and do’s and don’ts’. He made, in the video, the make-up performance on himself. “The steps to be followed were on the type of Foundation, the Contouring, the Highlight, the application of the Blush, the light and metallic eyes, the eyeliner, the coats of Mascara and Lips where I insisted on a Red Matt Lipstick” says Cedric. More to come This first Edition was a success. Cedric plans to come with such themed competition each two or three months. “I have got such a good response that it motivates to come with new live challenges concepts. Not only for the fun but foremost to push forward those who really deserve it. It is also a way for me to share my knowledge in the art of Make-up and see how Make-up amateurs and professionals work” he says. Make-up lovers, stay tuned on his Instagram and Facebook pages for new tutos! For now Cedric is in between Mauritius and Paris, helping in his way the evolution of the Fashion and Beauty Industry with his original concepts. “I make it a must to innovate continuously in my concepts. I want to take the risk by coming with concepts and themes never brought forward here in the Mauritian Fashion Industry” concludes Cedric.




For Annielle Murrielle Landgraf-Meltzer, she is a Fashion lover and has Make-up as a hobby. 24 years old, she is a happy mother of two kids. She plans to work in the wellness and beauty field soon.






Ashish Rughoobur, 18 years old, is a freelance Make-up Artist. His only ambition to progress nonstop in the Fashion Industry.






The 20 years old Carleen Chan Yam is, since long, fascinated by this Fashion and Make-up World. She is currently doing her last year in Marketing and Management having in mind to work in the Fashion and Make-up Industry.






Nu fiertĂŠ


S H O OT I N G WITH THE NEW H U AW E I P 1 0 P L U S Photography: Saachin Sagar Make-up: Zehreen Sumtally Russooly Model: Keshinee



























Your Dream Wedding Desination 84





Photography: Saachin Sagar Model: Stacy Février

Foundation: MAC fix fluid Eyes: Cheeky MAC Outer Corner: Jet Black Tarte Cosmetics Mascara: MAYBELLINE Highlight: Shimmer It Cheekbones: Peach Gorgeous Lips: Cotton Candy Gorgeous Cosmetics 87


Foundation: MAC fix fluid Outer Corner Eyes: Taupe MAC Middle Eyelid: Gold Zoeva Mascara: MAYBELLINE Highlight: Shimmer It Cheekbones: Peach Gorgeous Lip liner: Deep Red Sephora Lipstick: Gorgeous Red Gorgeous Cosmetics



Lip liner: Purple MAC Cosmetics Lipstick: Smoked Purple MAC Cosmetics Glitter: Pinkie Gorgeous Cosmetics 91


Foundation: MAC fix fluid Eyes: Ben NYE Purple Inner corner: Gold Zoeva Mascara: MAYBELLINE Highlight: Shimmer It Cheekbones: Peach Gorgeous Cosmetics Lips: Smoked Purple MAC 93




Life &

Style Photography: Saachin Sagar Text: Kevin Beesoondoyal Shot at Schmidt Beau-Bassin


My very first intro in NEWSTYLE is like imagining myself invited to a party where I don’t know anyone… should I grab a drink and stand there feeling like a 5 legged horse?... ok so this scenario isn’t much fun :) let’s restart … “Just one idea. One big idea, and we can change the world.” We’ve all been in that kind of phase …sharing to whom will listen about our big ideas and the way we see life. Media, Travel, interaction and experience shape up our mind-set for us all to adopt a way of life. This new page in New Style will be dedicated to coolest things blending life & style that I will gladly share with you. Am Kevin btw, 38, xennial interacting in a multigenerational working environment every day.

what is a xennial?

- a micro generation born during the cusp years of Gen Xers and Millenials - i.e. between 1977-1983 (or when the original Star Wars was released) - Xennials experienced an analogue childhood and a digital adulthood - Possess Gen X cynicism and Millenials optimism and drive 96

For the this edition I would like to share with you easy ways to create the coolest work place … your signature place where your productivity will be at its peak or your sanctuary where you’ll need to fuel up with the best vibes. - Rule 1 # It is not about cost or if the office will pay for it or you or not. SIMPLE THINGS will make the difference! It is about your well-being. - Rule 2 # office staging ...just like home staging.. Definition: Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers…. So play neutral for pleasing to the largest number by optimising what you have in the work place without super extra cost - Rule 3 # maybe it should be placed numero uno in the sequence… make sure that your moves for creating the best working environment is in line with the rules and regulation prevailing in your office. Simple things can make the difference, some of my Danish friends shared with me their hygge concept. As simple as it can be, I must admit that it creates instantly the feel good factor. How To Hygge Your Office Hygge [hoo-gah] is the latest lifestyle trend to sweep the nation. This concept originated from Denmark and is all about connecting with your surroundings, from what is around you, to who you are with. Notepad over iPad We’re all so consumed in technology when working in an office job. There are simple steps you can make to relax your eyes and get away from it for just a moment. Switch up using an iPad or a digital notebook to take notes and instead revert back to the good ol’ paper notebook…. Opt for old fashioned scholar type of your tender age. It’s even known that you’re more likely to remember these notes, as more thought is gone into writing notes than typing notes.




Bring The Outdoors Indoors Plants have many health benefits and should be included as part of the office furniture. If you have plenty of windows, then plant life should thrive and provide fresher air within the office. If you don’t have the luxury of many windows, then even having sturdy succulents within the office space can trigger more relaxed emotions and brighten up the office. “Funny though that is am in a better mood on the day on which I water my 5 plants in my office!” Create A Cosy Corner It’s important to take a proper break every once in a while, during the working day, rather than drinking a cuppa whilst working at your desk. Create a cosy corner within your office with a few sofas and a hot drinks machine. Spend this time truly away from your desk and work. It’ll help freshen your mind and help to create better work. “Try the best set window of the office with the splendid view!”


Hot-Desk A change of scenery and a change in those you’re working next to is a great way of implementing hygge into your office. Hygge is about connecting with your surroundings and the people within them. Getting into a conversation with someone different to normal can encourage fresh, new ideas and potentially increase productivity. Stimulate Your Senses Lighting and smell can really make a difference to the way you feel. Many offices have harsh white lights in them that can often give people headaches. Installing a dimmer switch or changing up the light bulbs to a more yellow tone will help reduce the strain often brought by the white light. Scent diffusers are a refreshing way to improve the mood in the office. They release a constant fresh smell of your choosing that can help enlighten the mood. Personalise Your Space Making your space your own is a great way to find comfort in your surroundings. Don’t feel embarrassed about having photos of family and friends in frames on your desk if that’s what comforts you. Even just adding a splash of colour through stationary holders and other desk organisers is a nice addition. Don’t let it become too cluttered though! Your goodies Jar food is the new trend,. No chia seeds in there, neither with the latest new craze from the eat-healthy –bunch...just fill it up with your favourite goodies it will act as a magnet for you to be the best office pal in the office. Drawback: you won’t be able to have secured with a padlock.






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Newstyle Issue 06  

Issue 6 of Newstyle Fashion magazine In this issue: - The Muscular Athlete And Doctor - 50 Is The New 40 - Only The Best! - Live Challenge...

Newstyle Issue 06  

Issue 6 of Newstyle Fashion magazine In this issue: - The Muscular Athlete And Doctor - 50 Is The New 40 - Only The Best! - Live Challenge...