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Made possible with the inspired work and deeply creative talent of our make-up artists, fashion & hair stylists and models.

In this issue The return of the muse by Jasmina Ruben Dazzle - Make-up show by Cedic Lanappe Kristen Botha by Saachin Sagar -


FDI student showcase Monochrome beauty The Sublime You -



Portrait: Sandrine Joseph Oceano -



Only Hard Work Pays Scarlett De La Torre -

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Return of the Photography: Saachin Sagar Styling: Jasmina Ruben Model: Apeksha Boodhoo Make-up & Hair: Sandrine Joseph Clothing: Jennyfer


Clothing- Jennyfer Choker- Saskia


Clothing- Jennyfer


Clothing- Jennyfer 11

Clothing- Jennyfer 12

Clothing- Jennyfer


Clothing- Jennyfer 14

Clothing- Jennyfer 15

Clothing- Jennyfer


Clothing- Jennyfer 17


CEDRIC LANAPPE Photography: Saachin Sagar Styling: Kensley Suddoo Models: Gold Models & HSN Model Management Hair: Katty Depaul Location: Backstage, Hennessy Park Hotel


Model: Delphine Dholah



Model: Katia Moochooram


Model: Yoan Monien


Model: Aurelie L’enfle


Model: Anne-Sophie Lutchmana


Model: Shanone Savatheama


Model: Kelly Webb


Model: Lauriana Geraldine



Photography: Saachin Sagar Styling: Martine Labour Make-up: Cedric Lanappe Model: Kristen Botha, Heat Agency


Foundation: MAC - Studio fix foundation Powder: MAC - Studio fix Inner corner: Gold Glitters Eyes: MAKE UP FOREVER - Reddish Glitters Eyeliner: INGLOT - Gel liner Blush: BOURJOIS Paris - Tomette Mascara: L’OREAL Paris Lips: MAC - Nude lipstick



Photography: Saachin Sagar Hair: Samuel Alex David Make-up: Sandrine Joseph Model: Mikayla Å indlerova - Gold Models 34












Maison sasha curepipe

Tel.674.70.14 sasha

salon de coiffure de port-louis

Tel.213.20.88 salon de coiffure de trianon


® Le Sasha spa rompt avec les traditions et joue superbement la carte du centre ville. Au cœur de l’hiver, la nouvelle signature du groupe Sasha prend naissance et distille une certaine douceur de vivre. L’élégance tranquille empreinte des fragrances du monde, L’ambiance feutrée et intimiste, Font les belles heures de ce prestigieux Spa. Laissez-vous séduire par l’espace cosy de la journée et les lumières féériques du soir. Parfaitement situé, le Sasha spa offre le repos et le plaisir de prendre soin de soi. Lundi et mercredi 8h/17h. mardi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi 8h/20h. 28 B ste therese street curepipe, mauritius teL : 230 674 70 14 / 230 670 22 61



Photography: Saachin Sagar Styling: Martine Labour Make-up: Cedric Lanappe Model: Lauriana Geraldine, HSN Model Management


Coat and leather skirt - Zara Bodysuit - Jennyfer


Roller shirt, skirt and blazer - Mango Pearl Slippers - Zara


Roller shirt, skirt and blazer - Mango Pearl Slippers - Zara


Oversize sweater & backpack - Mango Pumps - Aldo

Sleeveless coat, black & white long sleeve blouse and shades - Mango


Striped long sleeve dress - Mango


Velvet top & Shorts - Mango Sandals - Aldo 55


the sublime you Photography: Saachin Sagar Make-up: Hans Telvave Text: Javed Sobah

Her life’s aim is to bring out the beauty of each individual who will come to her, may it be through sessions of MakeUp, Nail Art, Full Body Care or Training. Dominique Raya is such a passionate and so serious about healthy and trustworthy Make-Up products that she has taken the challenge to create her own Cosmetic brand from a Haute Couture Make Up manufacturer, her own MakeUp Studio and Institute. She is set to bring sublimation to Mauritian women and men with her France made products and her French touch. She is living her dream, but to reach here Dominique had to learn, work and invest for years. Debuts Dominique, since her adolescence, is attracted to the beauty, sophistication and Make-Up world. But she attests “I sought in vain in my little country, to satisfy these desires of beauty and sophistication. So, as working in the tourism field opens to loads of traveling opportunities, my choice was made up.” After studies at the l’École Hôtelière Sir Gaëtan Duval, she started 56

her professional life working in the biggest palaces of the country before going to discover her favourite Latin America and Europe, where she finally got inspired to get back to her first love which is Make-Up. “I finally found in Paris the most adequate training in artistic Make-Up that I had always dreamed of. I improved my skills there”. Improving her hidden skills Joining the SLA Académie de Paris, in 2011, was the best choice she made. She enrolled for a full year course. Under close guidance of the trainers, she was exposed to the A to Z techniques in Make-Up. “It was a complete training that started from the simplest ways of Make-Up techniques, passing by art courses, body painting to end up in special effect Make-Up techniques for Cinema. I then engaged myself into numerous internships where I got the chance to work in the Make-Up Team on sets like Studio Photo Shootings, fashion shows, television sets, cabarets and theatre companies”. After that, it was natural that she continues courses in new techniques for


Facial Make Up and skin care, full body care, nail art techniques… She was finally an accomplished Make-Up Artist. She was rather known then and doors opened for her in another make-up school in Paris where she even intervened on certain modules, and also formed part of the jury during the final exams. She worked for some years, alternatively in Paris and London. By then she wanted to have her own stuffs! Raya – The cosmetic brand The best tag for Dominque will ‘Ambitious’. She dares, with or without support. She approached a well-known company and ‘tailor made’ the, what for her means the best, skin friendly, cosmetic products. “Each product is accompanied by its sanitary certificate which guarantees the quality of the ingredients used. They are guaranteed phthalate free and paraben free. The products are 90% made of vegetal raw materials and have not been tested on animals” guarantees Dominique. She has specially selected foundations, dry make-up and greasy make-up, sequins, lipsticks and many other items and pallets that are perfect to the harshness of the climate and the complexities of Mauritian women and men. “They are excellent quality products that ensure a very good cover even if very little amount is used. They allow the skin to breathe while guarantying a perfect hold despite the heat and the humidity and highlights to the best our different skin colours” she attests. Raya Hair, Make Up and Full Body Care Studio Her studio in Trou-aux-Biches, right in front of the Beachcomber Training Academy, offers a complete, Head to Toe care for women and men. The other innovation is especially for women, a more than one hundred colours of CND Shellac semi-permanent nail polish, traditional colours with more acid tones, hands and feet will be beautiful all year round ”. This is new in Mauritius: we are launching an unlimited nail polish package! Change colour as many times as you like, depending on your moods, depending on your outfit, depending on the weather, for a fixed monthly fee. Because we are versatile, because we are conquered, because we are women” she announces. The space offers 15 fully equipped individual workstations and a photo corner to capture each of the realisations. 58

Raya Institute- School: Strictly for the passionate “The institute is a way for me to share what life has taught me. But I want to teach only to passionate people”. She wants to teach and give the opportunity to passionate people to succeed perfect make up, perfect hair styling and perfect full body care. Her courses are open, not only for those who want to do Hair, Make Up and Full Body Care professionally but for themselves. Explaining her intentions, “we offer individual or collective short training courses of 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours or 4 hours, to learn or improve their personal techniques for daily make-up, or a Saturday evening outing make up. But for those who want a more thorough professional training, we have just put On-the-job training that lasts 6 months. The program is very comprehensive and agreements have been signed for courses shared with Paris make-up schools (videoconference) and also to bring in specialist speakers from abroad. The courses are given both in French and in English”. She also divulgates that some serious partnership with Make-Up Institutes where her students will have the opportunity to pursue their studies in Paris. She is as well working to organize workshops where French former Disney Special Effects Make-Up Artists will participate. “In the end, my ambition for my students is to make them fully functional and certified Make- Up artists and Hair Stylists” says Dominique. She is a real passionate for sure but also a fierce Business woman. “I want to bring out the beauty of Mauritians women and men, further develop Mauritian professionals in Hair, Make Up and Full Body Care and position my Brand, Studio and Institute as a reference in this specific field and the Mauritian Fashion Industry” concludes Dominique Raya.






Sandrine Joseph: The will to go beyond her dreams Three years back, she didn’t even dreamt of becoming a Make-Up artist. But now, having been discovered and pushed by her young mentor Hans Dax and driven by ambition, Sandrine Joseph is now permitting herself to think big. Photography: Saachin Sagar | Text: Javed Sobah

She didn’t know that she had it in her. She is a married young woman and a mother of two kids who used to be a receptionist. Autodidact, she has always enjoyed doing Make Up for herself and her close friends. Always complimented on her talents, she took them humbly, till the day where her closest friend called upon her for a Glamour Chic Make Up. The latter was attending a cocktail party. The compliments from professionals and Fashion People she received on her Make-Up made her motivate Sandrine to follow a course in artistic MakeUp. That same friend contacted Hans Dax to ask him if he was training aspiring Make-Up artist. As Hans doesn’t do in private courses, he invited Sandrine in one of his open Workshop. This is where her great adventure began and finally she became the known assistant of Hans Dax. Far from being a novice, Sandrine showed Hans the extents of her talents. “The first time Hans asked me to assist him is on the Lion King Play set at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Moka. From then we developed a great friendship and thanks to him I am who I am today” reveals the thankful Sandrine.


She has been actively assisting Hans since June 2016. She has gained popularity after participating in Hans Dax’s three shows namely ‘Strike a Poz’, ‘Illumination’ and ‘Quintessence’. “I have to admit that being in the light since one year has given much more self-confidence and new dreams” says Sandrine. She is now contacted by Photographers, Model Agencies, Fashion Magazines and other key people in the Mauritian Fashion Industry to be the main Make-Up Artist. She has also positioned herself as a Bridal Make Up artist working with several Wedding Planners. The former receptionist has become a fully operating and valued Make-Up Artist. Despite having made quite a good name, Sandrine still wants to learn more. “I have the ambition to professionalise myself furthermore and be a degree holder in Make Up. I wish to be good enough to operate on any set and do any type of Make-Up” she says. She also has the intention of making her own Make-Up Show, Body Painting Show and other themed MakeUp events. She plans to associate her name to a cosmetic brand and also participate in local and international Make-Up Artists’ Competitions.



OCEANO by Harriet Patrizi di Rasina

She is simply an Artist with a big A. Sculpture, Restoration of Antic Paintings, Decoration, Design of Logos, Marketing of Crocodile-skin Handbags, and now Designing Pearl Jewelry Oceano Pearls, she has the strong need to do her art.

Photography: Saachin Sagar Make-up: Hans Dax Text: Javed Sobah

To understand her, it is important to know her background. Harriet had an exotic upbringing on her family’s sugar plantation in the South of Mauritius immersed in nature, she had a passion for the sea and she spent hours exploring the cliffs along the open ocean with extraordinary crashing waves. A place full of energy and passion and where she draws inspiration for her work, even today. Harriet studied in Paris, majoring in art history at l’École du Louvre which accentuated her passion for history, beauty and art, she would walk around the Louvre after hours and was lucky enough to watch the work of restorers in the museum’s reserves. This inspired her to become an art restorer and she proceeded to do a Masters in Florence. Here she met her husband, an Italian aristocrat and lived in his Tuscan castle. After 10 years in Tuscany and Umbria they moved to Rome with their 3 children and she worked in Trastevere in a restoration workshop. There, she worked on were many old masterpieces and had the satisfaction of bringing them back to life and unveiling their original beauty. All these details are reflected in Oceano. Harriet designs and creates each piece herself, making sure each one is as original and special as can be. Oceano is a brand 100% made in Mauritius and is an exquisite range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, with pearls from farms across the world, stunning semi-precious stones from 66

Madagascar and basalt from the volcanic mountains of Mauritius. Oceano exists because of her strong desire to have a business that would bring together her Mauritian open air -nature - natural- roots with her passion for art and beauty, all accentuated from living in Italy for 20 years. Furthermore, she wanted to bring novelty to the classic pearl jewelry giving the pieces a contemporary twist, making pearls trendy and wearable for all ages. Each piece of jewelry is named after places in Mauritius that she loves. For example, the ‘Bel Air’, it is her home in the South of the Island along the black lava cliffs. She travels regularly to Madagascar for her stones and the silver comes from Italy. Whether worn casually or paired with something more formal, her pieces have an unparalleled sophistication. She and her creations can be followed on Instagram on @oceanopearls













Only Hard Work Pays Photography: Saachin Sagar Text: Javed Sobah

She keeps on perfectioning her body, skills and mind in order to be more apt to train others. Sabrina Rabot, 37 and mother of two, devotes her every day to sports and training. National athlete since she is 10, winner of numerous medals for the country, she intends to participate in coming Commonwealth Games in 2018 and Jeux des Iles 2019. For her, only Hard Work pays. Specific Fat burning techniques Sabrina works nonstop. On a full time basis she is the Administrative Secretary of Moka Rangers and Coach for mainly Spinning and Tabatha (Open Air Cross Fit) techniques at the Synergy Gym at the Allées d’Helvétia. She also teaches Zumba at the MYGYM in Floréal, Killer Abs techniques at the I-motion Gym in Ébène. All her teachings are concentrated on rapid fat burning may they be professionals going on competition or any other categories. Special cases trainer Being also a personal trainer, she takes under her responsibility people willing to get a healthy life. She 78

takes charge of special cases like people who have to lose weight quickly, suffering of high diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, overweight pregnant women and people attacked by temporary paralysis. She also teaches new way of living to people suffering from psychiatric diseases. Goals in life She has two set goals, first one, leave no stone unturned to win more medals in the coming National competitions and second, become an accomplished Gym Coach for the future Gym she wants to own. “I am an athlete since I was 10 years old. I started by winning the cross country organized by my school. Since them I developed the need to always be in competition” reveals Sabrina. She kept on winning Inter Clubs and Inter Colleges competition. She also joined the Athletes Training Centre in Réduit. In 1998 she participated in the Jeux des Iles and won a bronze medal for relay 4X4. For Jeux des Iles 2003 she won 3 silver medals for respective competitions relay 4X4, relay 4X100 and 400 meters Sprint.





Between 2003 and 201o she stopped competing to found her family and look after her two kids. The then took back where she stopped. Hard training after hard work outs, in 2011 she participated in the Jeux des Iles and won a silver medal for the 4X4 relay competition. Sabrina has the firm intention to win some medals in the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and Jeux des Iles 2019. “I am training gradually to gain endurance and speed. I will be competing against other national athletes in June to be selected for the coming competitions” she says. So the week ends she consecrates herself to her own training at the Maryse Justin Stadium at Réduit, together with other national athletes.

However, the biggest dream of Sabrina remains owning her own Gym and be the main coach. “I have been aspiring to this dream since I was a mere part timer in the towel cabana service. It will be somewhere a retire plan. I need to have a backup plan. After all, I won’t remain a national athlete or a coach for various gyms” concludes Sabrina Rabot.



Scarlett De La Torre A unique combination

Dj, pianist, guitarist & singer, model, content creator, travel influencer, fashion and social media consultant and humanitarian… All these titles fits Scarlett de la Torre, the young global nomad who has rocked over 50 countries. She was lately in Mauritius where she showed a glimpse of her multiple talents on Cedric Lanappe’s Dazzle Show by being the official Dj of the event and the Show Stopper. Humanitarian causes of the island have also called her and with the participation of local NGOs, she intends to offer refuge to the poor and underprivileged society in the West coast through Musical Projects and CSR projects of Paolita brand, supported by her live performances at the LUX* Resorts. Being so multi-functional, she is living each of her choices to the fullest. Half-Filipina, half-German-American born in Hong Kong, adopting diversity in her music, mixes, interests and countries was just natural. “I have a passion for culture, music, adventure, rocking big parties around the world but also for humanitarian causes” she says. The reason why she has to live a global nomad’s life. The World Class Dj With over a decade performance, Scarlett is known as a World Class Dj. Her music being a blend of varieties, she is invited to bring more life to big parties worldwide and together with ‘legends’. Among the biggest, she has performed with legendary Nile Rodgers and Johnny 84

Marr at Montreux Jazz Festival, orchestrated music for Matthew Williamson from the sound box of the Royal Opera House London. She gave a euphoric time to people of the London Fashion Week revelers at the Tate Modern Museum, and made the dancefloor shake at the crack of dawn on a yacht on the Hudson for the internationally acclaimed Day breaker party. She is also called to rock celebrities’ weddings and various theme parties. Musical adventure Pianist, guitarist and singer, Scarlett is invited to master parties in luxury resorts such as LUX* resorts and W Maldives. For New Year’s Eve 2016 she was invited by LUX* resorts& Hotels, Belle Mare, Mauritius to make the residents and guest discover her definition of joy. Behind the hotel’s White Piano she performed a repertoire of Beyoncé, Adèle and her own songs. She has been in Mauritius for five consecutive months and reveals that it was like a music pilgrimage and a great discovery for her. “I got attached very easily with the multi-cultural way of living where there is this amazing mix of Indian, Hindu, Muslim, African, French, British and Creole cultures. I am myself multicultural, father is a German-American and mother a Filipino. I feel so inspired to write the lyrics of my imagined music for my next album” she reveals. She met Cedric Lanappe through Jasmina Ruben, Fashion Stylist and there was a natural connection “I


then said, let’s make some magic together”. This is how she became the Dj, model and Show Stopper of the Dazzle Show. Influencer She is always travelling and actively followed on Social Media. Having various passions, she thus positioned herself as a Social Media Strategist and Travel Influencer. Her publications and photos can also be found in travel publications such as A Hotel Life. She also create content for Five Star Luxury Resorts such as Lux* South Ari Atoll Maldives, W Retreat and Spa Maldives and Bali, Long Beach Golf and Spa Mauritius, and Coke’s Surf Shack Maldives. Very much supported by highly engaged Social Media followers and activists, she uses social Media to bring awareness to her humanitarian causes. The big hearted woman As a matter of fact, Scarlett is fully engaged in the antihuman trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom. In 2016 she embarked on a mission in Kolkata to donate instruments and teach music to survivors of human trafficking. “It is a way to transmute their experiences into something positive through music” says Scarlett. Currently she has engaged into another humanitarian mission, using music to support war refugees of war at Elpida Home in Thessaloniki in Greece. For this mission she is getting the full support of the brand Paolita by Anna Paola, London based designer from Athens. Paolita has showed their extreme generosity by giving 20% of all sales to a special CSR fund for this mission to go towards supplies and instruments. LUX Hotels will also place Scarlett’s capsule collection she designed for Paolita in its boutiques - a collection of swimwear and resort wear inspired by the colors of Cap Malheureux’s Flamboyant trees against green sparkling sea and blue sky. Having been in Mauritius for six months, Scarlett has felt the urge to help poor and underprivileged society in the West coast by using the same music formulae. This mission is under conception but will surely have the participation of local NGOs and the support of a five star luxury resort behind the cause. Follow the passionate Scarlett De la Torre is to be discovered. @scarlett.delatorre 86






An exceptional experience in the Rolls Royce Phantom

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Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa | Wolmar | Flic en Flac | Mauritius | T: +230 403 1500 |

Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa Wolmar | Flic en Flac | Mauritius T: +230 403 1500 |

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Newstyle Issue 04  

Issue 4 of Newstyle Fashion Magazine. In this issue: - The return of the muse by Jasmina Ruben - Dazzle - Make-up show by Cedic Lanappe - K...

Newstyle Issue 04  

Issue 4 of Newstyle Fashion Magazine. In this issue: - The return of the muse by Jasmina Ruben - Dazzle - Make-up show by Cedic Lanappe - K...