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Director / Photographer Saachin Sagar Made possible with the inspired work and deeply creative talent of our make-up artists, fashion & hair stylists, models and fitness models.


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Laetitia Begue - Miss Eco Universe Darrielle Laviolette - Miss Eco Tourism Gyanisha Ramah - Miss Eco Top Model Designer Clothes : Sinequanone MakeUp : Samuel Alex David & Hans Dax Shoes and Accessories : Aldo Location : Backstage Hennessy Park Hotel


“We can easily combine fitness and fashion ” 12

Laetitia Begue Laetitia Begue needs no introduction! This young woman has participated in some beauty pageants and won a few titles. On the 4th of March this year, she won the Miss Eco International Mauritius crown. Alongside with modelling, Laetitia Begue is also health conscious. Laetitia Begue is living a fairy tale. The 19 year-old is our new Miss Eco International Mauritius. “Miss Eco International Mauritius has changed my life! Jerry Nayna and Manav Heerooa who are the organisers, taught me a lot on ecology, green initiatives and how to save our planet. This beauty pageant was the best experience I have ever had till now. I thank the organisers for trusting me and my capabilities to represent our island on the international level. I hope to make my country proud” she says. The Miss is working hard to achieve her objective. Miss Eco International Mauritius is much more than a beauty contest for Laetitia Begue, “It is Beauty At The Service of Nature. We work for a noble cause - protecting our environment. It is really important to preserve and protect Mother Earth. If we do not respect it, we will have no where to live. I want to make a difference. That is why I took part in the pageant. A crown will help me to sensitize people and talk about the importance of the environment”. Laetitia Begue has always wanted to be a model and a beauty queen. She was seven when she first saw models on TV. She was stunned by their grace, feminity, confidence and the ease with which they carry themselves. Since then, she made up her mind to be part of the fashion industry. At 14, she made her first step. In 2014, she won Miss Pin Up. One year later, she won the Face of Bella Donna. In 2016 she was the first runner-up of MGW. In 2017, she won the title of Miss Mauritius International. For Miss Eco International Mauritius, she won two categories : Miss Personnality and Face of W. Being a model and a beauty queen, Laetitia Begue has to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She does it happily, “We can easily combine fitness and fashion. As a model, we need to be healthy and exercises contribute to keep the body in good shape”. Laetitia Begue also loves music, dancing and singing.




“We can be fashionable while exercising ” 16

Darrielle Laviolette Marie Anais Darrielle Laviolette was crowned Miss Eco International Tourism Mauritius 2018 on the 4th of March. She was at her first attempt at a beauty pageant and left a deep impression on the jury. “I felt so happy and honored. I was also proud of all the finalists as everyone worked so hard for to make this competition a success. Thanks to this title I will be able to raise awareness about Eco Tourism and its importance” says the 19 year-old. She is currently doing her Bachelor in Business Administration at Charles Telfair Institute (CTI) in Moka. Her love for ecology encouraged her to participate in Miss Eco International Mauritius. She always wanted to be positive and impactful model for the young generations. “This competition is so much more than just a beauty pageant. It is also about leaving my own positive environmental footprint for my beloved planet Earth. Miss Eco International made me more aware of what are happening at world and to our ecosystem. It made me realize that an individual can make a huge impact to our environment and that we need to act fast to save our ecosystem” she says. Darrielle Laviolette admits she is new to the fashion industry. But she is loving every bit of it! “I love both fitness and fashion and I personally thinks it makes a great combination. I believe that fitness has to be part of our daily lives and that we can be fashionable while exercising and even bring sportswear into the fashion world” she concludes.




“Fashion is all about simplicity ” 20

Gyanisha Ramah Second runner-up Miss Eco International Mauritius 2018, Miss Eco Top Model, Miss Eco People’s Choice Award and Face of Vestirama… Gyanisha Ramah bagged four titles for her beauty contest. She is on cloud nine! “In the beginning, I was quite disappointed because I was confident to win the crown. But then it was my first participation in a beauty pageant and I have to continue learning. I am now so grateful to have made it to the Top 6” confides the 21 year-old. Gyanisha Ramah adds that Miss Eco International Mauritius is different from other beauty pageant, “Miss Eco International Mauritius creates awareness on an important cause which is close to my heart. It is preserving and protecting Mother Nature. This actually encouraged me to participate. I have to thank the organisers, Jerry Nayna and Manav Heerooa, for giving me this golden opportunity. Since my first day in the Miss Eco journey, my life changed. I am now more confident about myself. My communication skills especially my public speaking skills have been improved. My friends’s circle grew. More than before, I am getting a lot of offers for featuring in a magazine, promotional videos and photo shoots to name a few opportunities”. The student of Law and Criminal Justice at University of Mauritius, who also holds a Diploma in International Air Transport Association, has been modelling for more than two years now. Gyanisha first participated in Gold Face 2017 organised by Gold Model Agency, “I was one among the Top 10 finalists. Since then, my world has changed completely”. Despite being a model, Gyanisha believes in simplicity, “Fashion is all about simplicity. I wear what I can afford and I can make inexpensive clothes look glamourous. But as a Miss or model, one needs to be fit and eat healthy food to maintain a perfect body. I am so glad that I came across one of the best coach, Claudia Morris, She taught us how to work for a perfect body shape” she concludes.






Gyanisha Ramah - Miss Eco Top Model Laeticia Begue - Miss Eco Universe Darrielle Laviolette - Miss Eco Tourism



Model Stephan Casu Clothes / Shoes / Accessories Tommy Hilfiger Bagatelle Photography Saachin Sagar Location Tommy Hilfiger Bagatelle


Stephan Casu Stephan Casu is at the head of Externalisation RH Ltd, an outsourced payroll company. The Frenchman has also been a boxer. Nowadays, he spends most of his time with his loved ones, travelling and above all, keeping fit. Sports has always been an important part of Stephan Casu’s life. He was born in Marseille, France though his parents are from Malta and Sardinia. He discovered boxing in 1990. “I used to be a rebellious teenager. Boxing was a means to help me to let off steam and be disciplined. I have done around ten fights in the 90s. Competitions are very demanding and seek a lot of your time which I did not always have back then. Besides, I started working and I just became a father. I also chose to study along with my new responsibilities. Boxing is tough and one has to be fully prepared. Injuries can sometimes be life threatening. That is why I used to do sparring and that, on champions” remembers Stephan Casu, 45 years old. He continued his training till 2016. Also this year, he decided to enter the ring as a veteran. But he was injured numerous times during his preparation for championships, “I have some friends who are today professionnal boxers. Boxing is one of the toughest sports”. If boxing is his favourite sport, Stephan Casu also practices cycling, trail running, crossfit et swimming, “In the beginning, sports helped me to keep healthy. On the 23rd of February 2012, an incident made me realise that keeping fit is vital. Being fit helped me to recovermade me realise that keeping fit is vital”.


Besides sports, Stephan Casu loves travelling and spend time with his family. He is also a connoisseur of good things in life. He makes the most out of every moment. In the meanwhile, he travels a lot between La Réunion and Mauritius. He did his Master of Private Law in Reunionl Island, “The character Tom Hagen, played by Robert Duvall, in the The Godfather inspired me to study law. Besides, it is really important to know one’s rights”. He then launched Externalisation RH Ltd, an outsourced payroll company. “Some years back, I spent a few days in Mauritius and I happened to meet with a friend. He is Mauritian and we studied together in La Réuion. He kept telling me the numerous advantages of investing in Mauritius and the good standard of living here. I dwelled on the idea in 2013 and I launched the company in 2014 ” says Stephan Casu. He has also been at the head of night club, Le Klub at La Réunion for seven years. He sold it in 2014, “I used to work in Le Klub when I was studying”. Travelling has also helped me develop his own sense of style. The Frenchman is comfortable in casual but elegant clothing. “No free publicity intended but the GQ’s style suits me better” he says. Stephan Casu wants to keep progressing, stays healthy and see his two daughters growing up, “Time flies by and it does not have to be wasted”.



“Keeping fit is vital”








Wheat flour

...its incredible benefits!

A healthy diet is not only made up of fruits, vegetables and less refined foods. Wheat flour is one such basic food which is rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals. The dietitian Nirusha Pahladi explains the benefits of wheat flour. Wholemeal , brown and white flour are among the most common types of flour. Nirusha Pahladi explains that wholemeal is made from the whole wheat grain with nothing added or taken away. Brown flour usually contains about 85% of the original grain. Some bran and germ have been removed. Whereas white flour contains around 75% of the wheat grain. Most of the bran and wheatgerm have been removed during the milling process.

Nirusha Pahladi holds a bachelor degree with Honours in Nutrition from the United-Kingdom. She is now a Registered Associate Nutritionist who is accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) in the UK. Her aims, professionalisms and experiences are to help people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, managing diseases and achieve their life goals in Mauritius. Nirusha’s work combines her commitment to continuous scientific evidence-based research to deliver the most updated nutrition services with her belief that every individual can succeed, be healthy and feel inspired about oneself. Recent years ago, she also gained experience within an international exposure in her expertise in Singapore and now she is a nutrition consultant in Mauritius.

According to research, one of the primary nutritional differences between whole-wheat and white flour is the fibre content. “Dietary fibre has a number of health benefits that is, prevents constipation, lowers blood cholesterol and might even help you lose weight” says Nirusha Pahladi. Whole-wheat flour also contains several vitamins, including folate, riboflavin and vitamins B1, B3 and B5, “Wholewheat flour provides a nutritional advantage over some white flours due to its vitamin content. Some types of white flour contain lower levels of these vitamins, since the processing involved in making white flour destroys the grains’ vitamin content”. Nirusha Pahladi advises to check the nutrition label to determine if a bag of white flour has added vitamins, and to compare different brands of flour so as to maximize your vitamin intake. The wholewheat as the white flour contain carbohydrates. Thus, it has an effect on your blood sugar. “After you eat a meal, your body breaks the carbohydrates from your food into glucose, a simple sugar. This glucose then enters your bloodstream, so it can circulate throughout your body and provide fuel to your cells. The glycemic index, or GI, of a food serves as a measure of how quickly this process occurs” she explains. According to studies, bread made with 100 % whole-wheat flour has a lower GI than white wheat flour. Therefore, low-GI foods absorb more slowly to prevent blood sugar spikes, so it improves satiety for longer and prevent the process of overeating rather than high-GI foods lead to rapid blood sugar spikes that leave you hungry and irritable shortly after eating. 38

T : 57 71 63 77 Consultation at Quatre-Bornes ‘Pharmacy St-Jean’ building Upon appointment only

Rolled tofu, green peas and mushroom crepes Duration: 5-10 min • 100 g whole wheat flour • 150 ml milk (skimmed) • 2 egg whites • 1 tbsp mashed avocado • A pinch of salt and sugar • 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms • 1/4 cup grated tofu • 3 tbsp thinly sliced onions • 1 tbsp fresh green peas, steamed • 1 tsp finely chopped green chillies • 1 tbsp olive oil • Salt and pepper to taste Sift whole wheat flour and salt into a bowl. Mix well. In a separate bowl, mix the eggs, milk, avocado and sugar. Fold the flour mixture into the egg mixture. Pour a ladleful of the mixture on to a pre-heated non-stick pan to make thin pancakes. Keep them aside. Heat olive oil and add the onion and tofu, fry for 1 min, then add mushroom, green peas and green chillies. Fry for 2 mins. Add salt and pepper and fry for another 2 min. Let cool. Spread the filling on the pancakes. Roll them, then place each one on a heated pan and cook it on both sides for 1 min. Serve with tomato salsa.


Manz la farine di blé, reste en bonne santé!

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Terry Lamarque Kite Surfer Model Terry Lamarque - Mr Eco participant / Gold Model Agency Clothes Terry Lamarque Photography Saachin Sagar Location Flic en Flac Beach



Terry Lamarque’s life has been a coaster ride. He is now reaping the fruits of his labours. The 30 year old is more than happy with his first runner-up title of Mr Eco International Mauritius and wants to see his kitesurf school reach new heights.


Terry Lamarque: “I love my parents more than anything �



Terry Lamarque completes his International Baccalaureate in 2006 at Le Bocage International School (LBIS). He wants to pursue his studies in the architecture or engineering field. But the courses are not available. So he opts for a law degree at Law Tutors in Quatre Bornes. He fails his first year, after which “Some second-year students gave us some tips on how to pass the examinations. My friends did the year again but I did not like Law. So I decided to take a few months break to think about what I really wanted to do. I am all excited and proud sharing what followed this choice, it was the most enjoyable or fulfilling choice of my life.” He remembers that his father used to work as a “Gentil Organisateur” (G.O) for Club Med Mauritius and he was the most promising waterskier before he met with an accident. Terry decided to work at a boathouse and he was offered a job at the Indian Resort in Le Morne. “I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps but I never really took to waterskiing. Upon arriving for my interview at the boathouse, I saw some clients praticing kitesurfing near the hotel. This sport was fascinating. When I was 13, I often dreamt of waterskiing by the means of a big kite. Later on, I learnt it was called kitesurfing” he says smiling. Terry, then found out that one of his cousins, Fernando Labonne, was a kitsurf instructor. He asked his cousin to train him


during his days’ off. After the first lesson, Terry bought his equipment and tried standing on the kitesurf board in vain. On his next day off while trying, he met with another instructor, Nicholas Motet, “He gave me two tips to stand up on the board. I did as he said and I was more than happy to have managed! I started kitesurfing during my lunch breaks as well as my days’ off”. Friday 13th is considered an unlucky day by many, but Terry still does not believe in superstitions although he lived quite an episode on such a day. It is a date he will never forget. In 2010, 13th of August was a red flag day. It meant nobody was allowed to be in the water. But still there were kite surfers at sea. “All of a sudden, one of them crashed in the waves. Without second thought, I jumped onto a boat and went to rescue him. As I was not yet an instructor, I did not know that we should always be two for a rescue. Well, I was overconfident” he admits. The kite lines tangled with the propeller and the boat could not be manoeuvred. A wave rushed in and the boat capsized. Two riders came to Terry’s rescue, in vain. “I started praying with all my might. Setting my ego aside, I screamed. A third kitesurfer heard me and hauled me into the lagoon. Mario Verloppe then took me in his boat back ashore”.


Following that incident, Terry was asked to resign from his job. He soon signed a contract with Club Mistral, a windsurf/kitesurf club, “They needed me as a beach helper. I had my skipper license, Matthew Buzza thought I had the ideal profile for the job as he knew what I had been through and it was also helpful that I was a fluent speaker at both english and french.” Afterwards, Terry helped in starting up the Ocean Vagabond Bar/Restaurant owned by Cub Mistral. He worked as barman, waiter and sometimes he would make pizzas. He preferred being at the windsurf club. In 2013, Terry was made an assistant kitesurf instructor by the 2016 IFKO girls’ World Champion, Varvara Kazbanova, then kitesurf instructor and became a part-time instructor with Club Mistral. In April 2014, he left the club for Nomad Kite School. Nomad Kite School closed down towards the end of 2014. Terry then became a freelance instructor for the Pryde Club. In January 2015, Terry had the opportunity to visit Russia with his girlfriend of the time. For two months, he spent most of his time snowboarding there. When he returned to Mauritius, he learnt that he had been replaced at Pryde Club. He was jobless.


But that did not dishearten Terry. Instead, he decided to start his own business, “I had students who were keen to learn kitesurfing. I set up the company, bought some second-hand kite surf equipment and started giving lessons. Gradually, I bought new materials”. Everything was going well until he had a car accident. He injured his spine. He still did not lose his willpower, “For every hour I was on my feet, I had to take a rest of two hours. This pushed me to hire a freelance instructor while I was recovering with the help of one of the best chiropractors. I need to thank two instructors Jonathan Daby and Kevin Pana for being there for me when I needed it”. Little by little, Terry was recovering. In 2016, he continued to participate in kite surfing competitions, “In 2013, I started taking part in competitions, freestyle and twintip race. In 2014 and 2015 I was sponsored by FONE kites Mauritius and from 2016 onwards i have been sponsored by North Kiteboarding Mauritius. I won the first place in Mauritius in Kite Twintip race in 2017. It was organised by the Mauritius Yatch Association”. He was also working parttime in the Marketing and Public Relations fields for Enso Restaurant and Bar Lounge while running his kite school.



In 2017, he learnt about Mr Eco International Mauritius beauty pageant. The franchise of Miss and Mr Eco International Mauritius is represented by Jerry Nayna and Manav Heerooa in Mauritius. “It was the first time that Mr Eco International Mauritius was being held in Mauritius. I was intrigued by this beauty pageant as I have always been interested in ecological alternatives and green initiatives. I studied them during my geography classes and I remember doing my Design and Technology project on photovoltaic cells which were not yet available on the island. I wanted to learn more about Beauty At The Service of Nature as the beauty pageant puts it” Terry relates. He was selected to be among the ten finalists after the auditions. “I have had a wonderful and unforgettable experience with Miss and Mr Eco International Mauritius. I met with new people and made friends. The contest coincided with the ‘’no wind” season so I could juggle between my work and my new found passion. We were 20 contestants including the ten girls to meet every week for workshops and rehearsals. We learnt about understanding each other, how to speak, grooming, dieting, how to do make up and exercise. The pageant was fun most of the time” he confides. The final took place on the 4th of March 2018 and Terry Lamarque won the first runner-up title, “I am happy of what I have achieved till now. There is still room for improvement”. The beauty pageant was not the first step of Terry Lamarque into the modelling and fashion world! The young man shares that he has been chosen as a junior artist in the 2013 for the chinese movie, “Break-Up Guru”. He then appeared in an advert for one of the british brands Hunter’s Brewery. He also did a shoot for Hotel Tamarin in 2016. Afterwards, Terry took part in the competitioin “Gold Face” by Gold Models. This is how he was spotted by Jerry

Nayna. The latter offered Terry the chance to be one of his models for the event “Bridal & Wedding Show” at InterContinental Mauritius, Balaclava, “I was glad to make new acquaintances and to learn cat-walking. Jerry Nayna then told me about the Mr Eco International Mauritius’s auditions”. Mr Eco International Mauritius and modelling helped Terry Lamarque develop his style. It changed from casual to casual smart, “I worked hard and tried to respect the tips that Jerry and Manav gave me. I wanted to grab attention and leave the best impression wherever I go. I can use what I wear to influence my attitude and personality”. Modelling is one of Terry’s hobbies. He enjoys it but prefers to not rely on it as a living. He loves sports besides kite surfing, “I began exercising at home since I was 13 years old. Later on I was part of the LBIS basketball team, I represented my school for inter-college and interregional events in the javelin discipline and other throws. Then, I discovered kite surfing and the joy of going to gym. Exercise helps me sleep well, maintain my metabolism and endurance”. Terry also plays guitare and sings. He enjoys get-togethers with his friends and family members. He loves watching movies. He adds, “Once in a while, I go Stand-Up Paddling to Île-aux-Bénitiers at sunset. It is one of the simple pleasures of life that nothing compares to, just like riding a bicycle.” When Terry is asked about his dreams, he says his parents are his priority, “I love my parents more than anything. I have a few projects that will enable me to give a comfortable life to my parents. I also want my kite school to be able to operate on its own”.







Art of the lips Make Up Ashish Rughoobur Model Natasha Rughoobur Photography Saachin Sagar













Make-up School

Siddiquah Rujak


It has been more than a decade since Siddiquah Rujak makes a living as a make-up artist. She has establised herself as a successful make-up artist through hard work, perseverance and innovation as well as diverse techniques. “I was born an artist. One does not decide to become an artist overnight. Creativity oozes out anytime and anywhere” she says. She does not have a particular style. The young woman masters various techniques so as to cater for photoshoots’ concepts, “But if there is one thing which a lot of other makeup artists do not have, is cleanliness of the work”. Siddiquah makes it her priority to listen to her client’s requirements. “Most of the time, the client does not know what he or she wants exactly. We listen to what the individual or the company is looking for, then we do the necessary adjustments to meet, if not, exceed their expectations” she says. This being said, Sidiquah Rujak adds that there are no rules in applying make-up, “One’s make-up depends entirely on the taste of the person”. She says that make-up is used for an array of reasons. “In Mauritius, women love doing make-up. As a make-up artist, I feel we do have the right platforms to develop and promote our skills and to earn a living. My job is my hobby. I am lucky to be able to live my hobby every day. I am surrounded by people who believe in me and my capabilities” concludes Siddiquah. 68


Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak - Colors Makeup School Clothes Colors Makeup School Model Colors Makeup School Photography Saachin Sagar 70


Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak - Colors Makeup School Clothes Colors Makeup School Model Colors Makeup School Photography Saachin Sagar



“ My job is my hobby ” Siddiquah Rujak

Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak - Colors Makeup School Clothes Colors Makeup School Model Colors Makeup School Photography Saachin Sagar 74


Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak - Colors Makeup School Clothes Colors Makeup School Model Colors Makeup School Photography Saachin Sagar


Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak - Colors Makeup School Clothes Colors Makeup School Model Colors Makeup School Photography Saachin Sagar 77

Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak - Colors Makeup School Clothes Colors Makeup School Model Colors Makeup School Photography Saachin Sagar


Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak - Colors Makeup School Clothes Colors Makeup School Model Colors Makeup School Photography Saachin Sagar


Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak - Colors Makeup School Styling Kensley Suddoo Photography Saachin Sagar 80


Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak Styling Kensley Suddoo Photography Saachin Sagar 82

Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak Styling Kensley Suddoo Photography Saachin Sagar


Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak Styling Kensley Suddoo Photography Saachin Sagar 84

Make Up and Hair Siddiquah Rujak Styling Kensley Suddoo Photography Saachin Sagar 85


Towel Series


It masters the art of hide and seek. It reveals not more than it covers. The white towel has the power to evoke sensuality as well as modesty. Saachin Sagar captures the essence of the soft towel drapped around pretty women. Their confidence steals the show.

Hair and Make-Up Sandrine Joseph Model Gyanisha Ramah - Miss Eco Top Model Darrielle Laviolette - Miss Eco Tourism Photography Saachin Sagar Location Henessy Park Hotel 87


























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