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25 December 2013 Volume 8, Issue 7

Turkey corruption inquiry: Ministers' sons charged The sons of two Turkish government ministers and the head of the state bank have been charged in connection with a huge corruption investigation.

The suspects are accused of abusing their power by taking or facilitating bribes. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denounced the investigation as a "dirty operation" against his government. The controversial arrests began on Tuesday when police launched a series of dawn raids in Istanbul and Ankara. On Thursday the head of Istanbul's police was forced from his position, and more than 30 senior po-

lice officers have reportedly been Continue to Page 10‌ sacked. The corruption investigation has targeted people close to Mr Erdogan's administration. Baris Guler, the son of Interior Minister Muammer Guler and Kaan Caglayan, son of Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan was among those detained, as is the chief executive of the state-owned Halkbank, Suleyman Aslan. They were put under formal arrest on Saturday morning.

Putin frees jailed rival Former tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been released from jail following a pardon from Russian President Vladimir Putin, his lawyers say.

Mr Putin signed a decree earlier pardoning Khodorkovsky on the basis of "the principles of humanity". The president said on Thursday that the former oil magnate had asked him for clemency because his mother was ill. Khodorkovsky - in custody for a decade - was jailed for tax evasion and theft after funding opposition

parties. The pardon comes after Russian MPs backed a wideranging amnesty for at least 20,000 prisoners. Analysts say Mr Putin may be trying to ease international criticism of Russia's human rights record ahead of February's Winter Olympics in Sochi. Continue to page 6...











EUROPE Thousands protest against new legislations in Spain Spain is dealing with the protests against new legislations proposed by the ruling conservative People’s Party (PP). First protest is against the government that wants to change the law back to what it was in 1985, allow abortion only in the case of rape or if the pregnancy poses a serious physical or mental health risk to the mother. The PP has an absolute majority in parliament, where the bill is expected to pass easily, and when the bill passes, it will make Spain one of the most restrictive European countries on abortion. Secondly, thousands took to the streets of Madrid Saturday to protest against a proposed law that would impose stiff fines on illegal demonstrations. Under the proposed law, unauthorized demonstrations in front of the Parliament building carry a fine of up to 30,000 euros, but the measure is likely to pass as conservatives hold the majority in the government. Reuters & CNN/December 15&20, 2013

France’s Hollande decided to cut labor costs and Swedish police detained 28 people Sunday after a group of neo-Nazis attacked an anti-Nazism demonstration in a Stockholm suburb by hurling bottles, torches and firecrackers. ABC News/ December 15, 2013

skip Sochi Olympics The Socialist leader, President Hollande announced his decisions about decreasing unemployment and attaining Sochi Games. Hollande is struggling to live up to a promise to get unemployment on a downward trend by the end of the year in the face of limp economic growth. He said that France needed to cut the high cost of labor to bring down stubbornly high unemployment in the euro zone's second-biggest economy. The president said for unemployment to keep falling over time France needed "a structural policy to ease the cost of labor and improve professional training". Also, Hollande announced that he will not be attending the Winter Olympics in Russia because of

The European Commission threatened Italy with legal action on Wednesday in reaction to images of young Africans being sprayed for scabies in a detention centre in Lampedusa. Euronews/ December 18, 2013

Russia’s political attitudes towards human rights violations, harassment of opposition political figures, and banning "gay propaganda." Reuters & CNN/ December 15&20, 2013

EU summit begins with defence and banking union set to dominate agenda

The last European summit of the year has got underway in Brussels, with the agenda dominated by defence and moves towards a banking union. David Cameron has blocked plans for European Union owned military forces and told a summit of Europe's leaders that NATO is the "bedrock" of defence in Europe. The Prime Minister has told a Brussels summit that there can be no question of British support for proposals from Baroness Ashton and the The European Union set a European Commission for the EU to run its own military. Germany wants to date of January 21 for the entrench system of legally binding contracts obliging Eurozone members to start of accession talks implement structural reforms. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and other with Serbia on Tuesday, rewarding Belgrade for leaders are expected to approve a banking deal democratic reforms and its struck by Eurozone finance ministers. Critics efforts to normalize question whether it will do enough to protect relations with its former taxpayers. The Telegraph & Euronews/ Deprovince, Kosovo. Reuters/ cember 19, 2013 December 17, 2013


AMERICAS America's new Irish immigrants Ireland may no longer need bailout money as its economy emerges from recession, but a wave of emigration that began in 2008 is continuing. As immigration controls have gradually tightened it has become harder to make the journey. But unemployment, falling salaries, and poor career prospects have been prompting more Irish people to cross the Atlantic, some of them drawn to this Irish community. "It was kind of a surprise to me," says Megan, 20, who followed her boyfriend over three months ago from Dublin and found work in an Irish cafe in Yonkers." When I'm around this area on nights out it doesn't even feel like I'm in America. It literally feels like I'm back home because there are just so many Irish people." Irish immigration to the US peaked in the mid-19th Century, around the time of the famine. By 1855 there were 200,000 Irish living in New York, and they remained the largest foreign-born community in the city for 30 years. BBC/ December 18, 2013

Stealth Surprises in NSA Report Take on Non-NSA Spying

The two-star general in charge of the Air Force’s intercontinental ballistic The White House's expert NSA panel may have made headlines for telling missile fleet was repeatedly President Barack Obama to knock off the collection of Americans' metadata, but the panel also took to task some non-NSA-related spy tactics too. drunk and exhibited boorish behaviour during NSLs were "initially used sparingly" for the first two decades after a 1978 law an official visit to Russia enabled it, but last year the FBI issued an eye-popping 21,000 National Security this past summer, an Air Letters, the White House's independent experts disclosed in their report. They Force investigation has urged the system be overhauled to require a judge or magistrate -- a position concluded. ABC News/ which does not currently exist -- from the small Foreign Intelligence SurveilDecember 19, 2013 lance Court approve each NSL. "We are not suggesting that the change must be undertaken immediately and without careful consideration. But it should take place as soon as reasonably possible," the Review Group stated. ABC News/ DeThe mother of missing New cember 20, 2013 Hampshire teenager Abigail Hernandez, encouraged by "promising developments," has written an open letter to her daughter pleading Relatives of people killed when hijacked airplanes crashed into the World with her to "come home for Trade Center, Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field can now resume lawsuit Christmas." ABC News/ against the Arabian kingdom. December 20, 2013

9/11 families get another shot at suing Saudi Arabia over terror

Twelve years after Sept. 11, and eight years after a federal judge ruled Saudi Arabia has immunity from prosecution, families of 9/11 victims will get their day in court after all. The relatives can revive their claims against the kingdom and a charity affiliated with the Saudi government, a federal appeals court in Manhattan ruled Thursday. The ruling overturned a 2005 Manhattan Federal Court judge’s decision that Saudi Arabia was immune from prosecution in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The lawsuit was brought by 9/11 families and insurers that covered losses suffered by building and business owners. Fifteen of the 19 terrorists were Saudi nationals who flew hijacked planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and, when passengers revolted, a Pennsylvania field. Nearly 3,000 innocent people died in the attacks. NY Daily News/ December 19, 2013

Nearly three months after its launch and as millions of Americans log on to shop for health plans, has still had serious security vulnerabilities. ABC News/ December 20, 2013


OPINIONS ASIA South Korea to Repatriate China’s Korean War Soldiers According to BBC World News South Korea will repatriate the remains of 425 Chinese soldiers killed in the Korean War 60 years ago. As we know The Korean War was one of the most significant wars in the history in terms of its causalities and sufferings. However, the war is also known as ‘The Forgotten War’ or ‘The Unknown War’ because of the lack of public attention in the international arena. China was on the communist side of the war with the Soviet Union and with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The China side of the costs along with Korean causalities consisted of battle deaths and non-battle deaths, and the current news state that with the offer of President Park Geun Hye, South Korea has sent a few dozen Chinese soldiers through North Korea. Because of the remaining South-North conflict in the Korean peninsula, repatriating North Korean soldiers’ bodies is still an imminent issue. This approach of the President Park Geun Hye is an efficient strategy towards the peace-making process. After such destructive war, the repatriation of the soldiers would endorse negotiable relations between the countries. Ezgi KAHRAMAN

ASIA The Xinjiang Problem Minority problems are the essential issues of Chinese politics. Even though situation of Tibet seems to have more attention in global politics, situation of Uyghur People in Xinjiang has started to become very important day by day. There are 53 different groups of minorities in China. Some of them are separated by their ethnicity, some of them by their religion and some of them by their language. Among those, Uyghur people are separated by all of these aspects from the majority: Han people. They are ethnically Turkish and also members of Islam. They are using Arabic letters. In spite of this separation, the tension between Beijing and Xinjiang has a relatively shorter history than the situation in Tibet. Situation in these two regions are important for China because it gets their hands weaker on the international area. Therefore, Chinese government has always deeply cared about those regions. In the Cold War era, Beijing was afraid that Xinjiang was forming alliances with Central Asians. Moreover, they were afraid of that Uyghurs might get influenced by U.S.S.R and demand independence or even worse, join the Soviet Union. Thus, China changed the alphabet in use in the region to the Arabic. They aimed to make Uyghurs become closer to their Islamic roots and separate them from Central Asians. As a matter of fact, they achieved their aim. However, what China did not take into account is that, in this case Uyghurs started to get highly engaged with Islamic countries. Some of the radicals went to Afghanistan and Pakistan and trained as Islamic guerillas since 1990’s on. After this event, the tension between two sides increased. As a consequence of these events in Xinjiang is a prejudiced approach towards Uyghur people in the Eastern part of Europe.


OPINIONS For instance, in Shanghai, a girl got raped, and everybody blamed an Uyghur worker who was living in near the crime scene. Moreover, a few of them gathered and beat him. However, it turned out it was a Han Chinese who raped the girl. Nowadays, the news about the region is getting worse. Uyghur people are fighting for independence without a proper institution, so it makes them seem like only terrorists. And it worsens their image in the eyes of other citizens of China. Thus, I believe it is soon to have a radical decision from Beijing about area for solving the problems because there is no sign of getting better. Okan İDUĞ

AMERICAS Geneva II You will remember the Geneva Peace Conferences which was arranged to deal with one of the major problems that undermined the stability in the Middle East; Syrian Civil War. Its primary aim was to end the war in the country before causing a bigger catastrophe for the world. In the first conference, nations agreed on the need for a “transitional government body with full executive powers” which will include the members from the both sides. Actually this wasn’t an effective solution for the cease-fire in the region. The upcoming conference on January 22, 2014 will cover the same issue as end the Syrian Civil War by bringing together Syrian regime and the opposition to discuss.

Actually, I don’t believe that these peace talks are beneficial for the peace; I find these kinds of attempts insufficient, especially for this issue because of the lack of the possible solutions. The mediating role of the USA and Russia is valuable in terms of cooperation although they don’t share common interests; however, it is not enough. The conflicts will continue as soon as the participants try to take the advantage of these conflicts. Remember, the possible military intervention was discussed in the UN Security Council against Syrian government. If permanent members of the council hadn’t have veto power, today we could’ve been discussing other things instead of peace attempts.

What I’m trying to say is that, I don’t think that Geneva Peace Talks would be successful to end the violence and suffering in the region and be able to maintain peace, at least stability. First of all, it is a civil war relies on the core ideas coming from the Arab Spring. Since these ideas, governing styles are unfamiliar to the region; it takes time to concede. And the intervention of the third parties just sabotages this process. Under the name of humanitarian aid, some countries are trying to intervene in the domestic affairs of the others. I believe the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the region must be respected. I understand that these peace talk attempts are just “putting each side and the issue on the table and help to solve the problem”; however it couldn’t work under these conditions. Secondly, states sit on the table with a decision; Syrian government has to be changed. I really wonder how will Assad go and who will be his alternative? And also, is it the only way ending the civil war? When considering the Libyan case and the current chaotic situation, I don’t think so. Ayça ŞEN



ASIA Russia frees Khodorkovsky after Putin signs pardon Continues from page 1‌ The amnesty, to mark the anniversary of the adoption in 1993 of Russia's post-Communist constitution, will be applied to thousands of Russian prisoners, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported. It comes at a time when Russia's human rights record is in the spotlight, as the country prepares to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi in February. Russia has faced international criticism for its treatment of Khodorkovsky, once Russia's richest man, with countries including the United States accusing it of selective prosecution and abuse of the legal system. He has said his prosecution was part of a Kremlin campaign to destroy him and take control of the company he built from privatization deals of the 1990s. . Russia’s former richest man reportedly flying to Berlin after leaving prison camp. BBC/ December 20, 2013

Pakistani officials say security forces have killed at least 33 Islamist insurgents during clashes in the North Waziristan tribal region bordering Afghanistan, while residents say many civilians were among the dead. VOA/ December 19, 2013

Protest over Indian diplomat arrested in US A protest has taken place outside the US embassy in New Delhi after an Indian diplomat was arrested in New York last week. Devyani Khobragade, deputy consul general, was handcuffed upon arrest last week and later strip-searched. She denies visa fraud and making false statements over allegations that she underpaid her Indian maid.

A short while ago, US Secretary of State J. Kerry called a top Indian official to express his "regret". "In his conversation with National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon, [Mr Kerry] expressed his regret, as well as his concern that we not allow this unfortunate public issue to hurt our close and vital A gunman attacked a relationship with India," state department spokeswoman Marie Harf said. A Philippine mayor as he left the country's main airport on protest has taken place outside the US embassy in New Delhi after an Indian diplomat was arrested in New York last week. Barricades have been Friday along with crowds of removed from outside the US embassy in retaliation on Tuesday and a rally Christmas travellers, killing was staged outside the embassy on Wednesday. BBC/ December 18,2013 him, his wife, a child and another man, authorities and witnesses said. The New York Times/ December 20,2013 Inose was under pressure to step down after receiving nearly $500,000 from Japanese hospital chain prior to election. North Korea sent a fax to Facing mounting pressure to quit, Governor Inose, who helped Tokyo seSouth Korea on Thursday, cure the 2020 Olympic Games just a few months ago, formalised his resigthreatening to "strike mercilessly without notice" nation on Thursday. "I have decided to resign from the post of Tokyo goverafter protests against the nor," Inose told reporters. "I intended to fulfil my duty of explaining to the secretive regime this week in city assembly, people of Tokyo and people of the nation, Seoul. The message warned but regrettably I could not clear doubts over me. It's that North Korea would solely because of my lack of virtue." Inose has admitted strike if "the provocation to receiving the money from the family behind the masagainst our highest dignity is sive Tokushukai hospital chain ahead of the election, to be repeated in the but claimed it was an interest-free personal loan. He did downtown of Seoul." CNN/ not declare the sum in his gubernatorial campaign ac20 December, 2013 counts. Al Jazeera/ 19 December, 2013

Tokyo governor resigns amid financial scandal


MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Violence spreads over South Sudan Violence that ignited in South Sudan after months of rising political tensions have left at least 75 people dead, the South Sudanese interior minister said Tuesday, although a wire service report put the death toll far higher. The minister, Michael Makuei Lueth, said that thousands of people had fled the capital, Juba. The United Nations said Tuesday that at least 13,000 people had fled to a United Nations base in Juba. Citing United Nations estimates, on Tuesday night at least 400 people had been killed and up to 800 had been wounded. Fighting between military factions has spread from the capital to the rural state of Jonglei in South Sudan, raising fears of a slide into civil war. Violence erupted on Sunday in the capital moments before President Salva Kiir announced that security forces had put down an attempted coup by supporters of his former deputy. Reuters / December 19, 2013

Syria rebels accused of torturing detainees

Egypt's deposed President Mohamed Morsi will stand trial on charges of Amnesty International says rights abuses widespread in secret prisons run "conspiring with foreign by al-Qaeda-linked group. groups" to commit The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has "ruthlessly flouted the rights of "terrorist acts". Aljazeera/ local people", the rights group said in a report released on Thursday. The re- December 18, 2013 port described individuals being seized by masked men, held for weeks on end in solitary confinement at unknown locations and tried by self-styled Sharia courts that mete out death or floggings with little if any due process. It cited former detainees describing how they were flogged with rubber generator belts or cables, tortured with electric shocks or forced to adopt a painful stress position known as the scorpion, in which a detainee’s wrists are bound over one shoulder. The UN General Assembly approved a resolution demands an end to all human-rights abuses, the immediate release of all detainees and immediate steps by the Syrian government to expand humanitarian relief operations. Aljazeera/ December 19, 2013

Group: Nearly 1,000 killed over 2 days in Central African Republic Former rebels in the Central African Republic killed almost 1,000 in a two-day rampage earlier this month, Amnesty International said, as together with Human Rights Watch it warned of a surge in sectarian violence. The country has seen violence and chaos since the Muslim-backed Seleka militia and other rebel groups from the marginalized northeast seized the capital Bangui in March. President Francios Bozize fled to Cameroon, and Michel Djotodia made himself President. De facto government forces retaliated against Christians, killing nearly 1,000 men over a two-day period, according to the rights group. Muslim groups retaliated, setting fire to Christian homes and killing their occupants with the apparent approval of commanders present. CNN / December 19, 2013

Suicide bombings in Iraq have killed at least 36 people in attacks targeting Shia pilgrims ahead of a major holy day next week, police said. Aljazeera/ December 19, 2013

France will deploy its first U.S.-made unarmed surveillance drones to West Africa by the end of the year, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Thursday, as it seeks to "eliminate all traces of al Qaeda". Reuters/ December 19, 2013


OPINIONS AMERICAS The Gender Gap It is quite intriguing, and rather worrying, to evaluate the incredible gap between genders in various parts of the world. Countries like Sweden are acting as examples to the rest of the world in gender equality with changes in their education system, their new rating system to test for sexist films and even changes in their language with the inclusion of a gender neutral pronoun hen in addition to he and she (han and hon). Conversely, in many Arab countries women’s rights are appalling. In Egypt, for example, 99.3% of women and girls are said to be subjected to sexual harassment (according to a UN report) and there are dire restrictions on women’s rights in countries like Yemen where, by law, women cannot leave the house without their husbands’ permission. What is more concerning is that Turkey is seemingly gravitating towards defining the distinction between genders rather than striving to eliminate differences between them. A recent example of this is Prime Minister Erdoğan’s objection to mixed-sex student accommodation. I feel that this is an attempt to alienate the two genders and it is an implication that male and female students cannot maintain relations that are not ‘immoral’. According to Simone de Beauvoir ‘one is not born, but becomes a woman’ meaning, in a more general sense, that gender is a socially constructed aspect of identity. In other words it is up to us to treat men and women with regards to either their fundamental similarities or their minimal differences and I believe we should be pursuing measures of gender neutrality rather than of gender inequality. Merve Hannah O’KEEFE

TURKEY History Repeats Itself Turkey had been sloshed with corruption operation. It is so shameful for any country’s citizens to hear about what is going on at political area. This operation made citizens indispose and increased their despair. Such incidents do not affect only social and political life, but also economic conditions. I mean that after this operation, foreign exchange rates like dollar and euro dramatically increased. In addition to that, gold prices started to decrease sharply, and more importantly, the authorities say that this decline is the largest decline of the last three decades. As a result of these circumstances, Central Bank of Turkey decides to intervene in economy and it will apply some policies in order to overcome this bad course of events in the economy. I think that this intervention may be stopped this course of events for shortterm, but our economy will explicitly collapse in the long-term, of course if this corruption operation cannot be solved. We know that history repeats itself, so older governments betided such circumstances. We also know that if government does not or cannot find any solutions to these issues; they will cause the collapse of the government, as we have seen earlier in the history. Of course this cannot be the only reason about government’s collapse, but it can constitute big part of ruin.


OPINIONS All governments are impermanent and the only permanent thing is the state. At the end of the day governments that cannot fulfill their duty should gave their place to another government. I hope that history would not repeat itself this time and our country would not get dragged into an economic crisis. If something happens like this, the bad days will be waiting for us. Ömer Faruk AYKUT

EUROPE The Path of Serbia Serbia has been one of the candidate countries in European Union since March 2012. In the recent days, EU announced that negotiations between Belgrade and Brussels will be started on January 21. However, Serbian Government should mend problems between its former provinces like Kosovo. 28 members of EU agree on that Belgrade should establish bridges with Pristine in peaceful ways. Serbian government has to carry out the peaceful negotiations as soon as possible in order to join EU in the next decade.

On the other hand, there is a huge obstacle for Serbia to join EU: Russia. After the death of Tito, many nationalist conflicts emerged between Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia countries. The nationalist conflict led to the declaration of independence in some countries. Unfortunately, independency had meant heavy costs for some countries; many people were slaughtered for the process of conflicts in the early 1990’s. Also, Balkan people experienced harsh times in economic, social and political areas in that process. People met capitalism and American imperialism, and they tried to orient the new conditions after communism. Unfortunately, capitalism brought bad things to people and the region. Balkans became center of drug trafficking, mafias and sex tourism. In this process, Europe just watched what happened in the Balkans; they did not intervene nor try to fix the problems. However, Russia has become the strong alliance with Balkan countries, especially with Serbia. They are belonging to same ethnicity and religion, also both of them experienced communism. Because of these reasons, Russia has sympathy to Balkan countries, providing aid for them, supporting them in every worldwide area. If Serbia would be a member of EU, it requires many sanctions to Russia and probably Russia would draw its support from Serbia. For example; since Russian citizens would have to get a Schengen Visa for entering Serbia, they would not prefer Serbia, and this process will end up with many economic losses for Serbian people.

In short, lack of Russia’s support would lead to many conflicts in Serbia. In my opinion, majority of Serbian people would not like the situation even they would not want to join EU and start to protest in the capital city and their big cities similar to Ukraine’s situation in nowadays, but people would not want the European support in this time. Meriç YAŞAR


TURKEY Turkey corruption inquiry: Ministers' sons charged Continues from page 1… Commentators in Turkey report that the arrests and firings reflect a feud within Turkey's ruling AK Party between those who back Mr Erdogan and supporters of Fethullah Gulen, an Islamic scholar living in exile in the US. Members of Mr Gulen's Hizmet movement are said to hold influential positions in institutions such as the police, the judiciary and the AK Party itself. Opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu has accused Mr Erdogan and his government of trying to cover up the scandal. Mr Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the Republican People's Party, called for ministers implicated in the investigation to be sacked. The European Union has urged Turkey - which hopes to join the EU - to ensure the impartiality of its judicial process. These developments have naturally raised our attention and we follow them closely," said Stefan Fule, the EU commissioner for enlargement. BBC/ December 21,2013

Turkey left behind a successful period of 10 years, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Tuesday speaking at the opening ceremony of the Balassi Institute Hungarian Culture Center and Istanbul Hungarian Trade House held on December 17, in Istanbul. Anadolu Agency/ December 17, 2013

Turkish and Mexican Presidents Abdullah Gul and Enrique Pena Nieto sign mutual agreements concerning mutual tax exemptions, encouraging investments and air transportation agreements. conference. Anadolu Agency/ 17 December, 2013

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu spoke with the ambassadors of several European Union countries at a lunch hosted by the Embassy of Lithuania, which currently holds the EU presidency, in Ankara on Friday. Today’s Zaman/ December 20, 2013


Prime Feb. 28 suspect requests his acquittal in historic trial Former Chief of General Staff Gen. İsmail Hakkı Karadayı, the prime suspect in the ongoing trial of those involved in the Feb. 28, 1997 military coup, completed his testimony in the trial on Tuesday and requested his acquittal. The 50th hearing of the Feb. 28 trial was held at the Ankara 13th High Criminal Court where Karadayı's lawyer, Erol Aras, made a written defense. A coalition government led by a now-defunct conservative party, the Welfare Party (RP), was forced by the military to step down on Feb. 28, 1997. Not only were fatal blows dealt to fundamental rights and freedoms after the coup, but democracy and the rule of law were also effectively suspended. The coup introduced a series of harsh restrictions on religious life, with an unofficial but widely practiced ban on the use of the Islamic headscarf at public institutions and universities. Today’s Zaman/ December 17, 2013

Turkey to boost border security for visa deal with EU Turkey will increase the security at its borders and take precautions against illegal arrivals as part of the European Union deal to be signed today. A long-awaited agreement that would allow Turkish citizens to access visa-free travel to European countries in around three years will be signed today. Egemen Bağış denied that Turkey would become a “heaven of illegal migrants.” “The Readmission Agreement will first have to be ratified by Parliament. Its implementation will begin three years after its ratification. In the meantime, we will also increase our border security and establish a civilian border protection body. We will have to take substantial steps before we can fully implement the Readmission Agreement, and this will take time,” Bağış said. Hurriyet Daily News/ December 16, 2013

EVENT CALENDAR 23 December 2013 Töre (Opera – Ballet Show) Opera Sahnesi/ 20.00 Arie Antiche Akşamı (Concert) 24 December 2013 9. Düşler Tiyatrosu (Theatre) Cüneyt Gökçer Sahnesi/ 20.00 Fantastik (Opera- Ballet Show)

100. Yıl Resim Heykel Müzesi (Operet Sahnesi)/ 20.00 25 December 2013

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Benimle Delirir misin? (Theatre) Sanatolia Ankara Komedi Sahnesi/ 20.00 Can Bonomo (Concert) IF Performance Hall/ 21.00 26 December 2013 Zakkum (Concert) IF Performance Hall/ 22.00 Çıkmaz Sokak Çocukları (Theatre) Bilkent Tiyatro& Konser Salonu/ 20.00 27 December 2013 Uzaktaki Müzik- Aşkın Izdırabı (Concert) ODTÜ Kültür Kongre Merkezi/ 20.00



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