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NOV. 2011 VOL.7 NO 7

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Madre de Dios Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estés

Writes A Letter To Your Heart:

Remembering The Holy Mother Nineteen years ago the book Women Who Run with the Wolves burst upon the scene and changed the lives of a generation of women. The books’s author, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D., affectionately known as “Dr. E.,” has provided even more inspiration through her gifted storytelling, teachings, and blessings in audio programs produced by Sounds True. And now her much-anticipated new book, Untie the Strong Woman, Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul, is a tribute to the unconditional love, wisdom, compassion, and strength that the Blessed Mother embodies. Dr. E. generously has written a letter especially to the readers of New Spirit Journal, talking about her new book, and why all of this matters. Here is the letter she wrote to you.

Letter to Your Heart Regarding Memorare, Remembering Holy Mother Dear Brave Souls: Why does the Holy Mother matter? Personally and in an empirical sense, I have been for most of my life since a young child, a first witness regarding our Holy Mother. And I know she matters to many of us because we carry archetypal and personal memory of her, in our time but also beyond time. Something in us resonates when we hear her many names – Mar, Mer, Mir, Maria, Mary, Miryam – and the literally billions of names more given her by people across the worlds, ancient and modern. I know that many are strengthened by remembering her mercy and her love, for somehow, somewhere in our lives, if even for a moment, something of her immaculate love, her sudden rush of bravery, her down-to-earth endurance in impossible situations, has touched us, whether we ever beheld her literally or sensed her, whether we ever knew any of her many holy names. Think of times you have been touched almost beyond endurance and in a good way; for instance, during the birth of a child. This is the sensation one can feel when she is present. Think of a time a perfect stranger stepped out from the side of the road to say a kind word, to assist you in your travail for mere moments, before vanishing into the crowd. That sensation of relief and being near tears at another’s kindness is a signal to many that Holy Mother was there. Think of a time when you had no time to spare, not even a moment, but saw someone – a creature, a person, a being in distress – and you inexplicably stopped to help. Blessed Mother and her immaculate love and compassion were present. Think of longing for the sanctification of so many matters. She is there. Think of what I call “the ¡relampago! effect,” that is, the lightning strike of holy inspiration that makes you leap for your paper and pen, your drawing tools, your dancing shoes, for you must record what you were just given. You must. Blessed Mother is right there. Thus, in our actual down-to-earth lives, she can be understood as a series of urges and prompts to us, helping us to bend with compassion and care and

This statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was created by Georgina Farias de Arellano in Mexico and brought to Sante Fe, New Mexico via the Camino Real, an old trade route from Mexico into the United States. Twelve feet tall and weighing two tons, the statue was confiscated at the border crossing, x-rayed for contraband, and was then “lost.” Dr. E. tells the story of how the statue was found in a warehouse and eventually moved to its rightful location in front of the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Sante Fe where it remains today. (Photo by Rhonda Dicksion)

inspired ways, toward self and toward others. She shows herself to us daily, I witness, through others she infuses with loving messages for us, through our experiences of visitations from her in broad daylight, in our dedicated contemplation, in a sudden knowing, and in night dreams, during times of great duress and also times of happiness.

But also, I cannot say it often enough, and most compellingly by my sights, she is also here with us right now, today, with us, for us, and within us. For those who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, she is here. When I’m asked how a soul might come to know Blessed Mother, that is Continued on Page 4





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With the holidays coming up, the following books are reviewed with an eye to what sort of person might like to receive them as a gift (including yourself). The Bhagavad-Gita

A New Translation By George Feuerstein with Brenda Feuerstein Shambhala This copy of the Gita is for those who not only love this ancient scripture but who also want to know more about the mechanics and history of it. Side-by-side with this new translation is the text in Sanskrit and in the back of the book, there’s a word-by-word translation. Filled with historical explanations, notes and essays, we’re given understanding of the setting of the Gita, and a great deal of information about Hindu thought and culture. On one hand I would say this is not a beginner’s version of the Gita. However, that is not true if the person approaching this sacred text is looking for an in-depth explanation of the history, culture, and linguistic meaning of the Gita. This is a well-researched book, one that will be pondered and treasured by many.

Great gift for a person who loves the Gita and would enjoy learning more about its history or anyone studying Vedic or Hindu teachings.

What a fabulous companion this will make for the New Year. Each month offers ways to bring the energy of gratitude into one’s life through questions, practices, readings, and reflections. Angeles Arrien is a cultural anthropologist who is able to offer a varied perspective on the practice of deep appreciation for life. There’s lots to challenge a person here and lots of support to help the user make the next year the best ever. Some of the 12 topics are: The Mystic Heart, Cultivating Peace, Embracing Nature and Grateful Seeing. The book can be started at any time so no need to wait for January! Super gift for someone who would like to work on the attitude of gratitude and who enjoys some structured journaling throughout the year.


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This CD walks you through the process of activating your original DNA where information about your true self is stored. The first part of the program describes what will happen followed by a 21-minute process where each strand is activated with light and the tones of the sacred Solfeggio scale. The process is quite relaxing and results are said to occur over a period of days and weeks. This is being written a short time after using the CD so I can’t attest to long-term effects yet. The process was very relaxing and enjoyable. The website contains testimonials from quite a few people who found the experience to be healing as well

Home • Office • Life as uplifting. The author says, “The 12 Strand DNA Activation activates the oneness that connects your body, mind, and spirit as a single unit and empowers you to obtain your own higher wisdom. Your intuition, clairvoyance, and clairaudience will be enhanced so that your ability to connect with your higher self and your spirit guides will be easier and more effective. It strengthens intracellular communication, enhancing your body’s ability to heal itself.” More information can be found at http:// Perfect Gift for people interested in multidimensional realities, toning, and developing their psychic gifts. Continued on Page 5



Is It Supposed To Be Easy? Lately I’ve noticed more teachers beginning to admit that life isn’t necessarily going to be easy once a person begins to walk the spiritual path. In fact, they are beginning to say, sometimes life gets more difficult. I’m glad this is happening because it’s the truth. In her new CD program, that I reviewed in the October issue, Caroline Myss says how dare we think we are the only ones on the planet who are supposed to live a carefree life, never to have any troubles, always to have plenty of money, be totally loved and in the state of constant bliss. When you hear her say this, it is almost laughable. Yet much of what we DOUBLE DORJEE

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hear in metaphysical circles is about how we can have it all, be rich beyond our wildest dreams, have the perfect mate living in the perfect house, drive our dream car, and do our dream work. Of course, to do this we have to buy a particular program from someone or go to their $10,000 five-day retreat or become their affiliate or in some other way enable them to make their dreams come true from the inside of our pocketbooks. What if we’re here to learn and grow and experience life with all its ups and downs? What if being totally financially rich isn’t in our best soul-interest? And who determines what financially rich is? What if we are to learn something by having a particular disease or stress in our life?

Madeline Eyer’s

Living The Good Life by Krysta Gibson What if being fired from our job was exactly what had to happen so we could and would move forward to our next place in this world where we would excel in ways we didn’t think possible? Interesting questions, no? I would never venture to say I have all of life figured out because I don’t. However, I have lived enough and observed enough to be able to share some of what seems to be true for me and works for me most of the time. First of all, we’re not all the same and we’re not all here to have the same experiences. When people try to hold out promises that our lives can be just like their lives if only we do the things they have done, this may or may not be true for us. The only way to find out is to get in tune with our own life purpose, try the things that seem to make

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sense and adjust accordingly. Having said this, the second point I want to make is that we also share a lot of similarities with other people. So, even though we might not be meant to have the same life experience someone else is having, it doesn’t hurt to listen to and watch other people because some of what they have to share might be true for us and could save us a lot of time and effort. Why reinvent the wheel? Third, just because we’re walking a spiritual path doesn’t mean our lives will be light and love and rose petals all the time. Not having a rose petal moment doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong or bad. It just means we’re being given a chance to learn something new. The sooner we embrace such times as opportunities, the sooner we can take the learning and move on. Fourth, the more effort we make toward living our lives in alignment with our soul purpose for being here, the easier (not necessarily easy) it will be to live our lives. When we are making such efforts, grace reaches out to us and pours blessings into our lives. Then our job is to be on the lookout for the grace, accept it, and live with it. One of my favorite wishes for people is



that they live a life of grace and ease. What I mean by that is when we’re living from the soul level, we court grace that flows into our lives making everything move much more easily. Again, not easy but easier. During this month when we traditionally celebrate the attitude of gratitude, spend some time being grateful for everything in your life, even the moments when you have stinkweed instead of rose petals. Most of the people reading this have much to be thankful for but tend to focus on places of lack and not-enoughness. If you aren’t expressing gratitude on a regular basis, the practice of keeping a gratitude journal would help you do this. Write down everything you are grateful for on an ongoing basis. Be sure to include your challenges. They love to be loved. Be grateful for air, lungs that can breathe the air, your legs and feet, hands and arms, flowers and birds... your list doesn’t have to include only the outstanding moments in your life. In fact, the more you can be grateful for what most people call the mundane, the more the extraordinary moments will come looking for you. I don’t know why it works this way, it just does. Instead of looking at your life as something to be conquered so you can sit atop a mountain in your castle and watch the rest of the world struggle, look on life as an adventure, a journey to be savored. There really aren’t good times and bad times; there are just times to be experienced. When life is viewed that way, ups and downs become simply that: ups and downs. Then the struggles ease up and simply become events in our lives, neither bad nor good. Just times that are. Then life gets really interesting! Krysta is publisher of New Spirit Journal and the author of several books and CD programs. She is leading a retreat Dec. 3 in Woodinville. Learn more about her work and classes at

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Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estés writes a Letter To Your Heart: Remembering The Holy Mother Continued from Page 1 to weave himself or herself into authentic relationship with Our Mother rather than being only fascinated and thereby set a bit apart... as I wrote in Untie the Strong Woman, I teach whoever asks one of the most beautiful ‘calling prayers’ in the world which is entitled The Memorare, which in Latin, means “Remember!” The Memorare is a prayer that is more than 700 years old. This crei de couer, this ancient cry from our hearts, begins with these words that stand outside of time and yet in our own time: Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help, or sought Thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto Thee, O Virgin of Virgins, my Mother...

Most people know Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D. as author of the wildly successful book Women Who Run With the Wolves and have eagerly awaited another book from her. In addition to several audio programs, Sounds True has now released her newest book Untie the Strong Woman.

One could collect all the prayers in the world, and wear them like necklaces and be heavy laden. One could sample and practice all the practices in the world, and be knowledgeable, but also being without understanding. But this beautiful and truthful prayer, to my heart’s hearing, is the golden key that unlocks and opens our

Robyn M Fritz MA MBA and Fallon, the citrine Lemurian quartz

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consciousness more and more toward and with Holy Mother. Is there more to this ritual of calling out to Holy Mother to come and quickly? Only a tiny bit more, and she will come with all her veils flying. She will come, in one way or another, to aid each soul. Thus, I would gently suggest a soul unshutter and unarmor his or her heart for as long as can be borne, and to pray this beautiful ancient prayer, The Memorare, and then next, return to their mundane life. Proceed as usual in one’s days and nights, but with one difference at least: remain awake to the world of spirit, the world of the many-eyed soul. This means take care to observe anomalies in one’s life, see who and what appears, and how that is just enough out of the ordinary that one’s soul, one’s spirit, recognizes that person, that oddity, that synchronicity, that phrase in a book, that sound of far-off song, that

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Sue Neufeld-Ellis, LMHC, CSAT, RN

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bird call, that sudden voice saying a radiant or warning thing, that laughter suddenly in the air, that sudden change in weather... and more. Consider that these may be Holy Mother’s reply, for she has heard and she is responding with greatest love for her earthly daughter, her earthly son, and she as the great woman of all that is, uses many means under her command to answer, comfort, and direct the souls of earth. I wish you so well on your strivings with the holy in all things. And, I would close for now by saying: If you have been hurt by people claiming to be religious, do not throw the heart of Holy Mother out with the prevaricators. Remember the word “sin” doesn’t mean a person is a &*%^#. Peccatum, sin, means “separation or lapse of relationship with Creator.” So, build strong your fence lines about predators and demeaners, but also consider leaning in close to Holy Mother, keeping her close as she keeps you close in loving ways. I sense she knows you dear soul, and notices if ever you have gone missing from her. I cannot think of more perfect words of immaculate love from Nuestra Madre, Our Mother, than hers to the conquered Nahua Indian, Santo Don Diego. After the Spanish

invasion of Mexico, after all the torture, murder, and destructions Don Diego had witnessed and been through, when Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to him on a hill where the temple of Tonanzin had been destroyed by the conquerors, at first Don Diego did not trust. And Holy Mother so gently and lovingly said to him: “Have you forgotten? I am your mother. You are under my protection.” This meant she had not forgotten us, will not ever forget us, for she is the personification of being faithful to the soul. And, at any moment, if and when you are so inclined, any day is a good day to reply to her too, as ever you choose: Mi Madre, My Mother, I have never forgotten you either. So may it be for you dear brave soul. So may it be for me. So may it be for us all. aymen, aymen, aymen, and a little woman... and with love, from Dr. E.

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On The Bookshelf

BOOK, MEDIA, & PRODUCT REVIEWS Continued from Page 2

A Life On Purpose Wisdom at Work By Joan C. King Word Keepers, Inc.

Do you feel like you are at a crossroads in your life? Have you recently lost your job or are you underemployed? Do you have a career itch that can’t be scratched? This book could hold the key to help you find your true life purpose, that special way of being in the world that will make you feel fulfilled while enriching the lives of others. This book is full of stories about others who have done this as well as practical exercises that can lead you in the direction of finding your true life purpose. Joan King knows what she writes about and openly shares her own journey. As a Dominican nun turned neuroscientist turned professor turned life coach and author, she used her own teachings to find her true place. This is an invaluable book to support people in navigating today’s changing currents without falling out of the boat. Give this one to the person who is underemployed, recently fired, or who is trying to find their life’s work.

Who Are You in the Tarot?

Discover Your Birth and Year Cards and Uncover Your Destiny By Mary K. Greer Weiser Books This is an extensive revision of the book Tarot Constellations that was published in 1987. It will be welcomed with open arms by those who used the earlier version as well as by people new to the concepts it teaches. We all love learning more about ourselves, our purpose here, and our lessons. Using the tarot in conjunction with one’s date of birth, you can learn about your soul purpose, personality, and life lessons. The book gives instructions on how

to calculate your lifetime card and what constellation you belong to with information to help learn more about how you approach the world and life. The book teaches a lot about the tarot, meanings of the cards, and ways to apply the information to your life. This is not only an enlightening book, but it is entertaining and filled with positive wisdom that can be applied in a practical manner. Those who read tarot for others will find it invaluable in giving more indepth readings. This book is for lovers of tarot as well as those who are newly learning about themselves, their reason for being here, and questioning their direction in life.

The Golden Motorcycle Gang A Story of Transformation By Jack Canfield and William Gladstone Hay House

This little book offers a bit of a different take on the upcoming 2012 event. Written as an autobiography, Jack Canfield, co-inventor of the Chicken Soup series, tells the story of his life and how it is evolving based on a vision he had. It was during a meditation and he saw himself as part of a golden motorcycle gang who travels the earth helping to assist during these times of crisis. The story develops to the point where he meets some of the other members of his “gang” who then decide they must be involved in helping humanity use the 2012 energies as successfully as possible. Barbara Marx Hubbard and others enter the story which then shifts to offering encouragement and many resources to those who feel drawn to participate. This is a fun read and will definitely put wind under the sails of those who are feeling drawn to do something to help the planet evolve to her next stage of consciousness in 2012.

How can you find peace in this life? The empowering book,

Doing The Thing

will guide you to the peaceful power inside you. This book also makes a thoughtful gift. Order now at

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Ideal gift for anyone who has enjoyed the Chicken Soup books and those who want to get more involved in changing the planetary consciousness.

Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

A Journey of Discovery, Snow, and Jazz in the Soul By Robert K.C. Forman, Ph.D. O Books Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to like this book. I judged the title as too cute and wondered if the author expected me to believe he is enlightened enough to write about it. And I don’t usually like memoirs which it felt this book was going to be. And I was wrong. I truly enjoyed this book. It’s one of the most honest and clear books I have read where the author shares the story of his spiritual path and process. From his early years studying and teaching TM (Transcendental Meditation), through his tenure in academia, marriage, fatherhood, psychotherapy, writing books, founding a non-profit, the undertone of the entire book is his spiritual process. It is Forman’s finding the silence within, experiencing the unity-consciousness, and then discovering that the many teachings don’t truly address what it’s like to live today, in this world and time and still be involved in a conscious spiritual process. No matter what spiritual path you’re walking, this is a book you need to read. It could save you years of disillusionment and help you come to terms with that which you are truly seeking.




Here are a few of the lies: “I’m too ____(fat, thin, ugly, tall).” “I can control others.” “I need another to complete me.” “It’s more important to be polite than to be authentic.” “I have to suffer in order to grow.” Written with great humor, tolerance, honesty, and wisdom, this book is sort of like having your own personal cheerleader with you 24/7. The work given is excellent, well-thought out, and obviously based on experience. There’s also some supportive information available at a website given in the book. If you’re feeling you really want to cut that inner “mean girl” down to size once and for all, this is the book to help you do it. Great gift for any woman. Also good for men who want to understand the issues women face. As the next generation of New Age publishing and a company with good karma, we will raise the vibrational energy of the planet by publishing 60 trailblazing books over the next three years.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts and queries. Learn more about us at

Excellent gift for meditators, followers of any of the Eastern traditions, and therapists or others who work with people on the spiritual path. Also great for the partners and spouses of these folks!

Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves By Amy Ahlers New World Library

If you’re ready to finally confront that darn inner critic who likes to chat away negativity at you all the time, this would be the book to get. Fifty nine of the most common esteem-busting lies are revealed and each is countered with a truth, a challenge, an affirmation, and an inspiring quotation.

Vision Quest

Bookstore and Wellness Center 3602 Colby Ave., Everett, WA 98201 • (425) 252-1591 • 10-6 Mon-Fri, 10-5 Sat

❖ Readers and Wellness Practitioners Available Daily ❖ Crystals, Jewelry, Books, Candles, Incense, Music, Cards, Gifts and more





Advance Preparation for 2012: It’s Time To Do A Check-In With Your Ambition By Mark F. Dodich

The final two months of 2011 give you a preview of coming attractions in early 2012. Ambitious Mars provides one of its rare retrograde cycles next January through April. It is important to know about this rare cycle now that 2011 is winding down because the aggressive, masculine energy begins the process on Nov. 10, 2011. When any planet turns retrograde, it gives you the illusion that it is moving backwards in the sky. During this cycle, you

retreat from your world to review and revise your needs and ambitions. See a picture of Mars Retrograde at:

apod/ap100613.html. Mars normally travels through a sign every six weeks. Think of a warrior going to battle, then quickly moving on to the next battle as soon as the current one is complete. Because Mars moves retrograde, it will take over seven months to go through Virgo. So, the big part of the cycle is from Nov. 10 through July 3, 2012, and the intense retrograde period is from Jan. 23 through April 13. Mars charges you to take action to manifest your

11/11/11: A Date of Planetary Oneness By Jessica Baird and Walter Pullen

Nov. 11, 2011 is an exciting time both numerologically and spiritually. There are many prophecies out there related to 2011 and 2012, and most point to a pivotal moment in our evolutionary path. We will describe how 11:11 is a time of completion, when duality exits our planet. Each person can choose to live differently through embodying love, trueness, integrity, courage and cooperation. “11:11” is the bridge between duality and oneness. It is a wakeup call for each of us to release the old, embrace the new, and live real and true lives. Many people are drawn to see 11:11 when it appears on digital clocks and in other serendipitous environments, feeling a triggering within and knowing that it means something important. Even children when seeing 11:11 frequently know to “make a wish.” The 11:11 emphasizes love and the one being we all form together. We are not separate from each other, but rather each of us are cells in the body of a larger being, petals of a vast flower, and pieces of a beautiful puzzle. Events related to 11:11 involve our unified presence, where we

come together and align as one. The glamour of duality has been a controlling power on this planet for eons, but it is rapidly losing influence. Duality is an emphasis upon polarity, where people split reality into two or more pieces, choosing one side and disliking the other. Polarities involve halves such as me/you, male/female, day/night, yin/yang, democrat/ republican, and even duality/oneness itself. Oneness is a level of love, respect, and compassion that encompasses and moves to an expanded level beyond polarities. Oneness isn’t just compromise, and doesn’t mean one can’t have opinions, but it does mean one is able to see where others are

needs and desires. It is assertive, ambitious, masculine and sexual. Virgo represents cleansing, purifying, simplifying your life, and clearing your physical or emotional closet of clutter. When Mars is moving forwards, it wants something and it takes it. When Mars moves backwards, you are either cleaning up old messes, or preparing the behind the scenes battle plan for future conquests. In Virgo, Mars is telling you to become more efficient and productive. The warrior god tells you to let go of that which is no longer yours; separate the wheat from the chaff. Virgo also rules natural healing and improving your relationship with the environment. Between November 2011 and January 2012, Mars is in the shadow before turning retrograde. This time period gives you prophetic hints of that which is coming in early 2012. You can begin to prepare for coming changes so that it will be easier to make those changes. If you will be clearing your home of clutter, you can start saving boxes. If you will be upgrading your technology to be more efficient, you can start watching ads and product reviews to learn about costs and different product advantages. An abundance of people will start a diet under this purifying energy, so you can start to research the best diet for you as 2011 comes to a close. During the actual retrograde cycle, Jan. 23-April 13, you will be implementing the plans that you are just flirting with right now. Sometimes you have to tear certain aspects of your life apart to renovate them. Think of the example of painting the walls in your home. You must pull bookcases and other obstacles away from the walls, which then requires you to decide which items will be kept and/or released when the painting is complete. After the retrograde cycle (April 13-July 3), you will put the final touches on the projects you chose. By July, you are ready to show the world the results of your hard work. Although it is not the most fun example to share with you, the 9-1-1 event demonstrates this cycle very graphically. Mars was retrograde for six months prior to 9-1-1 in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules religions

and foreign cultures. This is when the planning of the attack was being prepared, including learning to fly. After Mars ended its retrograde period, Mars moved into Capricorn (structure, grounding). The attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon took place after Mars left its retrograde shadow. Mars rules war and Capricorn rules buildings and government. So the 91-1 attack shows very clearly the astrology leading up to the event (and there was a whole lot more to this event, but that is another topic). The key for you is to consider the ambitions you would like to bring into the world, and then take the preparatory steps to bring that about. Virgo advises you to make the process simple, efficient and productive. Virgo does not like to waste time. If you spend hours surfing the Internet or your Facebook page, then you will not have as much productive time to actually produce. Mars in Virgo wants to see results, so look at where you are spending your time and if it is helping you to manifest your needs and desires. Begin by doing research and making space in your life as 2011 comes to a close. From January to April 2012, it is time to start working on your plan, but do keep some wiggle room for shifting energies. This will help you readjust your plan as it is projected into the world from April-July. And after July... that is the time to yell “Geronimo” and kick your plans into high gear. Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. He specializes in relocation astrology to help you find your power places on planet earth. Mark also specializes in Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology to help people who are consciously focused on spiritual service in this incarnation. Check out his free newsletter and free pdf downloads at www., or call him at his home base in Oregon at (503) 252-1558.

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Signs of Sexuality in the Face A big part of my work with face reading is about helping people establish healthy, loving relationships of all kinds. With romantic connections, a big factor can be how compatible a couple might be sexually. If you know what to look for, there are signs in someone’s face that tell you about how strong their sex drive is, and even what their sexual “style” is likely to be.

larger the chin, the more testosterone, and thus a stronger sex drive. A Western scientific study even validated what Chinese face reading has said for centuries: It found that women with strong chins not only had a higher sex drive but were more likely to be unfaithful in a relationship, because just one partner couldn’t satisfy them. Of course this doesn’t mean everyone with a big chin cheats. But if your partner has a prominent chin, this may give you a new understanding about your sex life together, and these insights can enhance your relationship overall. Brow bone: The size of the brow bone is also affected by testosterone (this is why men tend to have larger brow bones than women). The message the brow bone conveys is the intensity of that person’s desire to dominate ; the more prominent the brow bone, the more that person wants to be in charge sexually, and

These kinds of insights can help you understand so much about your romantic partner, and create a more spacious place for each of you to be within the relationship. Chin: For instance, a prominent chin indicates a strong sex drive. The size of the chin directly correlates to the level of the male sex hormone testosterone in the body. In other words, the


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Awaken to your ‘subtle body’, the essences of your soul. And experience who you really are. Now cherish this beauty.

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Kim Lincoln, Midwife of the Soul.

Certified Ortho-Bionomy, Touch Trauma Resolution, Terrain Of Essence Founder. 40 years experience awakening & integrating mind/body/spirit energies.

(360) 866-9234, Olympia

that can lend itself to problems if their partner isn’t willing to be submissive. As for sexual “style,” there are five general types.



The Wisdom Of Your Face

Don’t Go! The Cuddler: You recognize this type when your attention is most drawn to their full lips or large mouth, plump lower cheeks and/or fleshy nose. Here we have someone whose favorite part of sex may well be the cuddling afterwards. They can be very giving lovers, putting their partner’s needs ahead of their own, and they form a deep bond and sense of closeness with their beloved. But if their partner doesn’t like to “spoon” all night, there may have to be some negotiations.

I Can’t Resist You! The Obsessed: If you’re gazing at a face with a domed forehead, large earlobes, big chin, and/or shadowed under-eyes, don’t be surprised to discover a trapeze in their bedroom. This is an adventurous lover, who likes to explore unusual sexual techniques and positions. Sometimes they struggle with monogamy because they have such a strong need for freedom in life. But conversely, they can get so swept away in sexual feelings

by Jean Haner

they become obsessed with you, so if the relationship ends, they may have a very hard time letting go. At the extreme, this type has the most potential to turn into a stalker.

Let’s Do It! The Sex Machine: When you see a face with a big jaw and full eyebrows, you may also notice indented temples and a rectangular face shape – and if that’s what you’re looking at, brace yourself –you’ve got a sex machine. This is someone with a powerful drive and for whom sex is a very important part of (everyday) life. They look at it as a healthy and necessary outlet, and whenever they’re stressed, they find that sex is the relief they want. If their partner doesn’t have the same level of need, this can be a big source of frustration for them both.

Love Me, Love Me, Love Me! The Flirt: You can see this type in a face that has an extra twinkle in their eyes, dimples, sharp points to their features (for example, Continued on Page 9





Mole Recipe Alert, Deer Whistles, Pets and Kids Recently I received an e-mail from a reader who was very concerned about the home remedy, mole repellent recipe that I had included in this column two months ago. She was concerned because the recipe calls for mothballs, which together with the rest of the ingredients are to be put into a blender. When I read what she sent me, I now also share her concern. Mothballs are extremely toxic to humans and putting them into a blender is simply a very bad idea. It takes very little exposure, even touching them, to cause a problem. So, having them around at all seems like a bad idea to me now. So, if you saved that recipe, please do not use mothballs. I am pretty sure that the recipe will work just fine without them. And, I now have a better and easier suggestion. Another reader shared with me how he got rid of his moles. Whenever a mound showed up, he would use a trowel to find the hole down to the underground track. Then he would put one or two garlic cloves down the hole. It worked and he has been mole-free for some time now. This is a simple and cheap way to approach this problem so I have been doing the same

Our Animal Friends by Martha Norwalk

thing. It has worked for me too. Last month I told you about deer whistles. They can be purchased for about $6 at most auto parts stores. They attach easily to your front car bumper and are supposed to make enough noise to startle wild life to keep them from running in front of your car. I bought a pair, wondering if they would really work. Well, I recently had an experience that gave me that answer. I was driving down a country road on my way home in the later part of the day a couple of weeks ago. As I was driving through pasture land on both sides of the road, quite a ways ahead of me, I noticed fast movement in the field off to the right of the road. Something low to the ground was running through the grass toward the road. As I approached, eventually I could see that it was a rabbit and when it got about 10 to 20 feet from the road it stopped abruptly, turned and ran like sixty back in the direction it had come from. Had it not done that, it would have run right under my car! Those deer whistles really do work! Okay then, seems like I have now exhausted those subjects so it must be time for a new one. And, wouldn’t you know, just last week, an important subject involving most commonly, my favorite topic, cats and dogs, was brought to my attention. It also turns out that even after all of these years, I don’t believe I have ever written about it. The general subject is about people that have cat and dog kids and then they get Continued on Page 9


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Is there a way to make sure that the human and animal children will get along well together? The answer is yes.

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Signs of Sexuality in the Face Continued from Page 7 pointed nose), and/or red or very curly hair in either gender, or for men, balding from the forehead back. Here you’ve got a romantic lover, someone who’ll write you poetry, bring you flowers and love to have spontaneous mad, passionate sex, though they may be a bit selfish in lovemaking. But the biggest problem is that they’re hopeless flirts and yet can be very jealous if you even glance at someone else.

I Need My Space! The Sensitive: If your sexual partner has a large boney nose, prominent upper cheeks, and/or concave lower cheeks you may have someone who

Pets and Kids Continued from Page 8 pregnant or adopt human babies. Is there a way to make sure that the human and animal children will get along well together? The answer is yes. What if we already know the cat or dog does not like children? Is there still a way? The answer is yes. What if we are after the fact, have the kids and the cat or dog has already been snapping at, biting, or scratching the kids? Is there still a way to work it out? The answer is in most cases, yes. I intend to answer all of those questions and more. Let’s start at the beginning. Just because you already know your animal friend is afraid of, is uncomfortable around or has snapped at or bitten other people’s children, does not mean they cannot learn to love your kids. Even if you have older animals and they have no experience with children, they can still learn to be okay with and love new additions to the family. You just need to know what to do and how to do it to make this happen. I want to begin with the case of animal owners that are pregnant for the first time. Setting the stage for cats involves less work than for dogs. But the first step is the same for both or any animal companions you might have, for that matter. It is important to know at this stage that animals are intelligent creatures. They do think and have feelings just like we do. They are also great communicators if you know how to go about it. I have written about this subject often. If you are in this situation, you must assume this about your animal friends and learn how to talk to them so you can explain what is going to happen. If you have animals and know you are planning to get pregnant start explaining at that point. Here are the basics and they apply to all animals: Speak to your animal friend out loud as if you are speaking to another human. As you speak, imagine in your mind what you are talking about and speak slowly to begin with. The animals get the pictures in your mind and feel what you are feeling. More to come next month. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

wants to roll over and sleep on their side of the bed after sex. They may tolerate your touching them as you sleep but they’d much prefer to have their own personal space. And frankly, their true desire is probably to have separate bedrooms altogether. It’s not that they don’t love your touch, it’s that they’re actually very sensitive to others’ energy and may be stressed by too much closeness for too long. But these are also highly sensual lovers and very sensitive to


your needs, so it’s well worth your giving them their space later on. Any combination of sexual styles can work; success depends on each partner’s awareness of who the other person really is and why they are that way. As always, the less we can be lost in judgment and the more we can move into acceptance, the more easily we can give and receive love, in many ways. Jean Haner is the author of The Wisdom of Your Face, and The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face. With her 25-year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance



and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves and look with love at everyone they encounter. If you have questions for Jean about your own face or those in your life, please send them to or mail them to New Spirit Journal, 14911 Chain Lake Rd., #431, Monroe, WA 98272. Please visit for information on workshops, consultations and Jean’s free newsletter.




Finding Deep Beauty By Rouillie Wilkerson


At 39, I took myself on one of those all-girl learn to surf holidays in the least ideal of places one thinks about surfing, in the chilly waters of the Pacific Northwest. The water was cold, the wetsuits a must and so thickly constricting I was wondering how this was going to work. But I learned a lot that day, albeit not how to surf, but that I could adapt to seemingly impossible amounts of constriction; that I could handle the cold under the right conditions and that if I ever learned to stand on the board, I’d be on my way for one amazing ride. I also saw the sun, sand, and ocean from a fresh new perspective. All were familiar things that were experienced in new ways with the result

amounting to an invigorating weekend that left me utterly relaxed and looking forward to the work week instead of dreading it; life was beautiful again. But before getting to this point, I was in the same boat as so many others that have lived long enough to mark the midpoint of life. I was feeling jaded and at a loss for things that added a profound sense of beauty in my life. In hindsight, most of us start out finding deep beauty in our early years, with a preference for the positive, as we continue to roam towards maturity. Then somewhere along the line we become convinced by bad experiences, nasty attitudes, rejection, images of or active engagement in war, strife, brutality, violence, the bare bones ugliness of decaying, overcrowded cities, abandoned buildings, foaming refuse-filled streams suffering industrial runoff (do feel free to add to this list), that perhaps we’d imagined that it ever touched our lives at all. Subsequently, our health may begin to suffer as we adapt to food we can’t recognize buried in sweet, hot, sour and salt. We resign ourselves to living a diminished quality of life, all the while affixing our experiences with coping mechanisms that

adopt shallow explanations as we do our best to lodge them into our psyche; affirmations that we needn’t look beyond the surface. We begin to entertain thoughts that tell us that we’ve been “had;” deep beauty must be an ideal, a figment of our imaginations, not a reality. Then something comes along and challenges this belief system – something that is read; an instant of clarity springing from a moment spent with nature; a familiar arrangement of earth, air, sound and memory; the refreshing shock of honesty such as that offered by children – that is clearly a call to action, deep beauty is needed. It becomes important to put all resources into full utility to best reintegrate our environment and our ecology into ourselves. This can be accomplished by making a concerted effort to expound upon the familiar. Feel, see, and listen in ways not considered or experienced before. Take a moment to examine how you feel and what you are hearing. Does it thump, thud, or roll? Is it smooth, heavy, lightweight? How does it affect you? Does it make you want to dance, remember something funny, move you to tears? Then once you’ve become thoroughly involved in it, draw from it and use it to revive or relax.

Revisiting childhood can also bring you back to that enrichment and is among the better ways to bring beauty into your life. Children are another awesome resource as they are naturals at this and there is much they can re-teach you, if you stop guiding them from time to time and let them lead the way. When you head out of doors for a walk, to the park, or even a trip to the mall or grocery store, you can find an opportunity to recharge by looking at things again for the first time. Bringing the kids along and really listening to what they are trying to tell you and seeing from their point of view is a sure way to maximize this experience and cultivate beauty in the most unexpected ways and places. And soon, like a child, where the world is new, taking it in in small chunks and exploring each moment to the fullest, you too can recreate this Eden and find that moments of deep, affecting beauty are to be found in the everyday, where ordinary experiences give way to extraordinary ones with the power to rejuvenate. And this is where you begin, again and again, from day to day, or whenever you feel called Continued on Page 12

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Making the Shift To Effortless Living! Step 1: Releasing Expectations By Jessica Anne Agnew

So many of us, it seems, have been going through rapid change and transformation right now, both internally and externally. These changes may show up as a job ending, relationships changing, picking up and moving to a new location, or a deep inner change taking place that can’t necessarily be explained. It’s like the universe has taken a stick and is “stirring the pot,” so to speak, within us and in our lives. Old emotions seem to be surfacing left and right, and there’s a feeling of being unsettled or unglued. If you’ve been feeling this way, don’t despair, because you are not alone. You are simply feeling the shift. We’ve all been feeling it in one way

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or another. It’s clear that things are changing on all levels, socially, politically, environmentally, as well as personally and interpersonally. But what does that mean? There are many spiritual teachings that talk about the shift in consciousness taking place leading up to the Mayan 2012 date and beyond, but what it really boils down to is that we are shifting from a consciousness based on the egocentric idea of ourselves as singular entities trying to survive, to a consciousness centered in the heart; the point at which our humanity and divinity collide in a beautiful integration that benefits the whole. I’m speaking to what many of us are feeling, now more then ever. We are longing to be free, we are longing to experience the oneness of all life, and to express the bridled passion and expansive love in our hearts, yet we still struggle with the daily challenge of living. How do we make the shift and open to what is truly in our hearts? In my practice, I do something that I call heart integration coaching to facilitate this very shift. The first principle that I work with clears the way for the heart to open and it is a crucial step: Letting go of expectations. Expectations are the bricks that form the foundation of the mind. The more expectations we have about how we should be, how others should be, and how life should be, the higher the wall is between our awareness and the direct experience of our true self. Even spiritual expectations, like “I shouldn’t be angry, I should try to be more loving towards people” get in the way of actually experiencing the love that we already inherently are. The shift in consciousness is not

something that can be manufactured by the mind. The mind can only mimic what it thinks an “awakened state of consciousness” should look like by imposing its expectations on reality, trying to bend it to meet its desire. But these attempts of the mind are ultimately doomed to fail, and many of us may experience the pain and confusion that the mind can go through, as it realizes all its attempts to stay in control have failed, and the wall begins to disassemble. If this is what you are experiencing, know that it’s a good sign. It means the shift is taking place on a deep level within you, awakening your heart, and calling you to a deeper, more natural expression of yourself. Here’s the process I use to identify when I’m caught in expectations and how to let them go: 1. Notice how you are feeling in the body. The body communicates what the heart feels. So if the heart feels closed because an expectation is being placed on it, then the body responds in various ways to get our attention. You may notice a tightening of the stomach, a clenching of the jaw, or something more pronounced like an illness. This is the body telling us that we are somehow not living in alignment with our true nature, the root of which is most likely an expectation. 2. Notice what emotions you are feeling, and allow yourself to feel them fully. 3. Trace the feeling back to the thought or expectation that created it, and compassionately listen to what it has to say. Do your best to not judge the thought as good or bad, just hear it, like you are listening to a child that just needs to get something off its chest. 4. Place your hand on your heart, and




without trying to change the thought/ feeling, simply say “Thank you. I love you.” For as many times as it takes for the feeling associated with that thought to release, pausing and listening if there’s more that it needs to say, and then inviting that part of you back into the heart. 5. If judgment comes up, turn towards it and look at the expectation fueling it, and repeat step 4. What the energy of this shift is telling us is that we shouldn’t have to work to be who we already are. The truth of our divine nature, when unimpeded, flows naturally and effortlessly, without us having to “try” to be any certain way at all. We simply are what we are, and every emotion or thought that shows up inside of that is perfectly okay, because it is seen clearly as simply a passing cloud in the heart’s awareness, and not assigned any more significance than that. This level of awareness, of effortless living as I call it, isn’t something that can be contrived or produced in any way. It’s something that happens naturally, as we create the space for it to appear by first and foremost, letting go of our expectations, and just allowing ourselves to be exactly what and how we are. Jessica Anne Agnew is a Heart Integration coach and angel medium, offering personal sessions to facilitate the shift in consciousness with people around the world. All sessions offered by sliding scale. To schedule call (360) 516-8411 and visit

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Cures for Spiritual Snobbism By Patricia L. Herlevi

No matter which religion or spiritual path we follow, we fall prey to spiritual snobbism at times. Some of us fall prey in more situations than others and we often don’t recognize when we spiritually snub another seeker wobbling on his or her path. So to clue us all in, I’ll present signs to watch out for and practices to delete this bad habit from our lives. If we act like spiritual snobs we only end up turning off spiritual seekers, which I find counterproductive. Signs of Spiritual Snobbism Stay alert to the following: The know-itall who not only forcefully interjects her spiritual beliefs into a conversation on religion or spiritual practices, but closes her ears to other alternatives. The lecturer gives unsolicited sermons to friends, colleagues, family members, and strangers on the bus. On recent trips I’ve had to deal with fundamentalist Christians preaching doomsday prophesies in the back of public buses. Their “us vs. them” messages came through loud and clear, also sabotaging any of efforts to recruit people to their church. Watch out for spiritual circles, even drum circles where one person not only takes on the leadership role, but chastises any member of the group in disagreement with her spiritual beliefs. I’ve seen this with alternative spiritual and pagan groups. Newcomers to these groups might believe that their humiliation is part of some kind of initiation,

Video Reveals Playful Vitality Secret

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but who wants to join a group in which the leader wears the attitude, “It’s my way or the highway”? Watch out for spiritual seekers who sum up complex concepts into bumper sticker mottos such as,“You create your own reality” to a woman enduring domestic violence or an unemployed person who just lost their home. Personally, I don’t think we create our own reality, though positive thinking and actions leads to better results. The world is more complex than any of us would like to believe.

Cures for Spiritual Snobbism The first step is to develop an awareness of our own spiritual behavior and attitudes. Do we preach the gospel, pagan or religious? How often do we interject our own beliefs into a conversation out of fear or the need to control another person who doesn’t share our beliefs? Do we spout off mottos to people enduring challenges? Do we think we are doing them a favor by simplifying complex spiritual concepts into confusing phrases? The second step is to listen to others and get a sense about their beliefs. Instead of feeling threatened by those beliefs, find commonality between them. Instead of shaming the other person for not practicing the same religion, build a bridge and exchange spiritual concepts. Remember the adage that we were given two ears and one mouth? We can expand our spirituality by joining in open-minded conversations and thoughtful religious debates. The third step is to remember that all roads eventually lead to God. And that if we actually do create our own reality as so many spiritualists suggest, then perhaps we create our own afterlife experiences too. And who’s to say that our personal experiences and tribulations don’t lead us to God or to enlightenment. Finally, never try to fix someone’s life.


Kim Miller

“Why do my colleagues call me a Magician?”


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Yes, give support, encouragement, and a leg-up to the person, but don’t tell someone how to think, what to believe, or shame them for their challenges. It’s true that some people give the impression that they enjoy victimhood, but these people are also mirrors of ourselves and light that peers into the darkest parts of our souls and part of us we deny.

Conclusion I think in the end we all prefer to practice compassion and spread peace in the world, but each of us has our own way of achieving these aims. Spiritual snobbism

in its many guises divides and conquers. This type of behavior humiliates others, causes unnecessary suffering, and spreads self-righteousness. And self-righteousness can be found in any religious or spiritual practice. Spiritual snobbism promotes insecurity because anyone who feels secure with their beliefs doesn’t force-feed them to others. Let’s not spend time worrying about others passing through the pearly gates and instead focus on our own spiritual paths, which include deleting spiritual snobbism in the here and now. Then I think we will finally enjoy peace on this earth.

11/11/11: A Date of Planetary Oneness Continued from Page 6 coming from, and look larger to the evolutionary purpose of our world. In numerology, double numbers such as 11, 22, and 33 are master numbers, and have energies of a higher octave beyond those of the standard digits. For example, the number 11 is about anchoring the new, while 22 is building upon the new. 11:11 is a double instance of a master number, and anchors in the new energies coming to the planet in these significant times. The energies of 11:11 are being embodied on our planet through a set of planetary activations called the doorway of the 11:11. We are near the conclusion of a 20-year journey through this doorway. The 11:11 doorway was originally opened on Jan. 11, 1992. There are 11 unique gates within this doorway. Each gate has its own keynote, and a master cylinder held at a sacred location somewhere in the world. In addition to the master cylinder, people hold anchor groups around the globe. Most recently, the

10th gate was activated on Sept. 11, 2011. Its keynote is “Living True Lives as True Ones,” with the master cylinder held in Chiapas, Mexico. There is only one 11:11 gate left, for the 11th and final gate. The doorway of the 11:11 was originally visualized and facilitated by Solara, author of books including The Star-Borne and How to Live Large on a Small Planet. Solara doesn’t like to be treated as a “leader” of the 11:11 movement, as it really is about and for everyone, but she has dedicated significant time over the years in serving to make the energies available widely. Master cylinders and anchor groups involve unified movements and practices, sacred dances that are simple yet very deep, and spontaneous activities to anchor the new energies. Between the dates of gate activations, there are sometimes 11:11 workshops in various locations around the world to bring forth energies of oneness in our lives. Nov. 11, 2011 (11/11/11) is a special date for the 11:11 doorway. It isn’t one of the

Finding Deep Beauty Continued from Page 10 to take an active role in self-nurturance. You find your breath and learn how to breathe naturally again from deep down within the belly. Infants and children breathe this way until they begin to develop anxieties that move them away from a deep nurturing breath as they mature into “welladjusted adults.” It starts with an awareness of the breath, then a drawing of air deep down into the lower abdomen, a letting go. Young children haven’t developed self-protective

mechanisms that keep them in a state conducive to tension. They move immediately from pain, and find a happier state, a new “something” to occupy their time and senses and they just breathe. Which is why it is important to remember we had this understanding long ago, even before our brain imagined it reached its full synaptic capacity as we transitioned from wide eyed, adaptive adolescents into squinty-eyed, less compromising adults. Without exception, this gentle reminder of finding

11 standard gates, but it is just as significant, and will have its own worldwide anchor groups. For 11/11/11, the focus is on being silent watchers, with everybody around the world doing the practice at the same time spanning 11:11 a.m. GMT. Silent watchers embody vastness, reassurance, pure heart love, and trueness. For more about 11:11 and the once in a lifetime date 11/11/11, Jessica (Alanah) Baird is a licensed mental health counselor practicing in Seattle. She is founder of Alanah’s Counseling. For more about her work see www.alanahscounseling. com. Walter Pullen is a writer and astrologer, author of Evolution of the Spirit: Our Journey Through the Universe and the freeware astrology software program Astrolog. For more about his work see They are both “11:11 Workshop Facilitators.” On 11/11/11 Jessica and Walter are holding a public ceremony spanning 11:11 GMT from 2:22 a.m. to 3:33 a.m. at Emerald Spiral, 5910 California Ave. S.W., Seattle. This is an incredible opportunity to align with others around the planet as silent watchers.

deep beauty is fully within the grasp and capacity of anyone. Just remember to stop, recognize, breathe, listen, and see again for the first time, and deep beauty will gravitate back into your life. Rouillie Wilkerson is a writer and poet that never feels more at home than when she is learning from another being. Visit her at: wrouillie.tumblr. com; darkbranchcandy. and take a peek at her portfolio, wrouillie.wordpress. com. She’s also on twitter (@Rouillie).





Who Is The Quarterback of Your Health Care Team? I think of a primary care provider as the quarterback of your healthcare team, the healthcare practitioner who really gets to know you and who is a partner with you in planning for your optimal health. Today’s healthcare system is focused on illness rather than wellness. We are fortunate here in Washington to have available naturopathic physicians to be primary care providers. Naturopathic doctors are dedicated to wellness. One of the principles of naturopathic medicine is that prevention is the best cure. Most naturopaths spend from an hour to an hour and a half at the first visit and bring an openness to understanding you, the whole person. I understand wholeness as the interaction of physiological systems

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in the body, the effect of the imbalance or illness on the individual, the stresses affecting the individual, the spiritual path and the health goals of the person. There is a deep respect for the individual, his/her body, vulnerabilities, desires, and learning, be it from other practitioners, the internet, or self-study about their condition.

Who pays for wellness? The same insurance

All’ s Well Health for Body, Mind, Spirit

by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND companies who pay conventional doctors also pay naturopathic doctors. All of the codes are based upon disease. Naturopathic and integrative medical doctors, plus some enlightened specialists, bring a passion for wellness and care to the meeting. While we are working within a system that is chaotic and cost-driven, we can take time to focus on what really matters and I would suggest that it is comprehensive, safe, and quality care. When I think about the cost savings of prevention, I wonder why there are not

Personalized Care for Routine & Complex Vision Problems Eye Examinations – Glasses & Contact Lens Prescriptions Trusted Eye & Vision Care for Over 17 Years

codes for wellness. Perhaps there will be a grassroots organization of enlightened consumers and practitioners who will bring forth the importance of the right to comprehensive health care for all people. As I reflect back on my own values and the values of my mentors, I embrace that a certain percentage of my practice is set aside for those who cannot afford either insurance or payment. What would happen if every physician gave away 10% of their practice? Then the issue becomes “is healthcare a business or a public service?” I would venture to say that it is both. For me medicine is being of service to

Lani Nicholls

humanity, while integrating the magnificent advances in technology and research. Each practitioner must find their own creative way to connect and express an attitude of caring and compassion within the limits of their comfort and their need to make a living.

What to look for in a Primary Care Provider: • The philosophy of your practitioner is that you are a partner in your healthcare. We are on this journey together. We both bring knowledge, wisdom, intuition, and good intentions to the space of healing. • A practitioner who welcomes your online input and self-education to your condition. • A practitioner who will answer your questions. • A clinic or office that provides a healing space for you. • Office staff who are welcoming, caring, and provide the information that you need to handle the administrative and financial aspects of your visit. • A practitioner who educates and inspires you to make changes in nutrition,

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Who Is The Quarterback of Your Health Care Team? Continued from Page 13

many ideas and a variety of opinions and it is time to take action. I would suggest that integration of care that includes wellness is an essential part of healthcare. A primary care practitioner is the quarterback who participates with you in your care, and creates a team where wellness and your highest good are the priority. As we enter this month of Thanksgiving, I am grateful to all of my patients who have shared their healing journeys with me. Moira Fitzpatrick is a naturopathic physician and licensed clinical psychologist who practices in the Northgate area of Seattle. She practices functional medicine, is a primary care provider, and specializes in the unique health concerns of women. Support is available for lifestyle changes. Dr. Fitzpatrick can be reached at (206) 525-5576, www.

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ASTROLOGY by Mark Dodich

Since 1980

exercise, self-care, and supports your spiritual path. • A practitioner, who is passionate, satisfied, and fulfilled by his/her work. • A practitioner who will refer you to the resources that you need to help you heal and will maintain contact with the entire healthcare team as needed. • A practitioner who will honor your resistance and support you in getting through obstacles. • Recognize that illness may be the gateway to healing. Have you had the experience that illness causes you to stop the frenzy in your active life? When confronted with cancer, cardiovascular disease, or some other serious illness, you are at a time to reflect on what is important. You may need to process fears or worst case scenarios. It may be a time to pray or meditate. What if your practitioner prayed with you? Let us remember that illness can teach. A soulful practitioner will support you on this journey.

• Your practitioner is open to learning medicine and will engage in psychological, spiritual, self-analysis. • Your practitioner is comfortable with talking about aging and death. Choosing how we want to die is as important as choosing how we want to live. • Choose a practitioner who is open-minded to conventional medicine, naturopathic medicine, and other types of alternative healing that are important to you. You want someone who remains open to new ideas. • Many of my patients ask me what I would do in a certain situation. Look for that practitioner who will engage honestly with you. We are on the cusp of many changes in this society. Healthcare is a major economic issue and its quality depends upon what we as consumers and practitioners are willing to demand and offer. Are you willing for the practice of medicine to become more dehumanized and depersonalized? There are



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And put the ad in the massage, bodywork, and wellness classification Why does your face show please. Thank you. frustration, even depression? It could be bright with joy, if you willBlessings, do what you should. YOU CAN BE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! William

It is not what happens to you, it is how you will respond. You are not alone! Our Triune God offers to be our Helper, Counselor, Teacher. He sent the Holy Spirit as our Comforter who wants to stick closer to you than a brother. Receiving His wisdom will lead you to success (Zech. 4:6) To get a free copy of our booklet presenting Holy Spirit revelation for your concerns in life, just mail a check for $5.00 to cover processing and shipping to: IGO, Inc., PO Box 1396 Tacoma, WA 98401.


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Practical Quantum Physics Dr. Katie Garnett

We are filled with a quantum soup of chemicals generated by our very own thoughts. Those thoughts cause the release of chemicals that then cross the barrier of the membrane of the cell and from there, affect the transformation or creation of new DNA programs.What you think is what you get. If you think negative thoughts, you release neuropeptides. If you think positive thoughts, you release endorphins and those chemicals change your internal environment.

themselves. They live in integrity with their own joy and take the chance to step out into the new. Courage becomes their mantra. That may beg the question then, if the skills and techniques of using the practical

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Dr. Katie Garnett says, “To become a new person, Once you have released these you must think yourself there. If you think as you chemicals and changed your DNA, have always thought, you will continue to be who you strengthen those programs you have always been. As human beings we have by continuously “feeding” them. the ability to reinvent ourselves. So decide what You think a thought, you release you want to be from today on.” chemicals, you create programs and those programs are reinforced and forms of quantum physics for life change, supported by your continuous thoughts such as going to the theta brain wave along those same paths. and changing the messages sent down to So what have you created with your the cells through the chemicals created thoughts? by the thoughts you have chosen, are so Do you like what you have? immediate, then why doesn’t your whole life Would you like more of what you have? change instantly? Would you like to continue along the How many programs would you guess same path that you are walking now? you are running in your DNA? Well consider Or would you like to make changes and this, if you could unravel the DNA from all transform your experience? the cells of your body and stretch it out – it If you would rather change what you have would reach to the sun and back again – not created and walk new expanded paths, it is just once, but 150 times! On top of that, you entirely your choice. No one else can truly have 100,000 chemical responses in your 100 create new paths for you, and no one else trillion cells every single second. can transform your thinking but you. You Do you believe in miracles? Read that prior can choose who and what influences you, sentence again: you have 100,000 chemical but you alone create your experience in this responses in your 100 trillion cells every life. single second. Our bodys work in perfect There are innumerable books available to harmony (even with the things we don’t show you where to go with your thinking, like), and we are alive! We breathe, we how to change you DNA, and how to smile, we cry, we feel, we dream. We are a create anew. Books by such luminaries as miracle with every breath we take. Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Penny To improve on that miracle, make new Peirce, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, choices. Release new chemicals into Dr. Candace Pert, Asara Lovejoy... the your body, letting your body send those options go on and on. The most important messages down into your DNA to change part of bringing these books into your life your programming. No one is “stuck” with is to apply what they teach. And to not old programming. Each one of us has the only apply the information that they teach capacity to change our programming, for your life, but to respect yourself in the as long as we commit to the process of process allowing the expansion of your life transformation. beyond what you have ever before believed possible. Dr. Katie Lynne Garnett is the coTransforming your DNA, changing your founder of The Brave Woman Seminars, affect on the unified field and on yourself educational psychologist, personal coach, in particular, requires a commitment. My international corporate consultant for coaching clients commit to their own Fortune 500 companies, university personal growth, and they change because professor, Certified One Command they have truly dedicated themselves to seminar leader/practitioner, co-founder of

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Programs for Awakening, and founder of Unfolding Your Spiritual DNA. Dr. Katie co-hosts the radio-show Living in the Quantum Field with Asara Lovejoy on Contact Talk Radio. She also offers the fourth Wednesday teleconference each month focusing on the significance of quantum physics and transformation. You can read her articles in Evolution Ezine and Self-Growth and on her blogs at www. and

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NOVEMBER 15 GOOD COMPANY NETWORKING LUNCH! Join us for lunch and networking. Cost is the price of your lunch. 11:301:00, NEW LOCATION: GOLDEN CITY BUFFET, 1407 West Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272. Chinese buffett and lunch specials. You don’t have to eat to join us but if you don’t eat, please do not bring in any outside food or drinks with you. No reservations required. More infomation can be found at www. 425-356-7237. NOVEMBER 11 FREE WORLD UNIFICATION CEREMONY on 11/11/11 from 2:22 am to 3:33 am (spanning 11:11 am GMT). Join others around the globe as Silent Watchers (see www.nvisible. com/1111/11-11-11.html). Location: Emerald Spiral, 5910 California Ave SW, West Seattle. Contact: NOVEMBER 12-13 LEVEL I/II SEMINAR: RECONNECTIVE HEALING NOVEMBER 14 & 15 LEVEL III SEMINAR: THE RECONNECTION taught by Christine Upchurch, Find out what’s baffling the medical community. Discover why hospitals, universities and researchers around the world are investing time and money researching Reconnective Healing in an attempt to explain these unprecedented healings and how you too, can master this extraordinary work! Venue & Hotel: Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre, 711 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y2, Canada, 1-604-879-0511. For more information about upcoming Reconnective Healing Events in Vancouver, visit 1-323-960-0012. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19 HEALING POWER OF ANGELS free class in North Seattle- 2pm-call Nina at 206-364-1454.

NOVEMBER 27, 1-5. INTUITIVE COMMUNICATIONS WORKSHOP. Discover your strongest intuitive skill as we talk with animals, cars, plants, crystals, guides, homes, businesses, weather, dragons, and Mount St. Helens. Fun, practical, inspiring. Led by Robyn M Fritz and Fallon, the citrine Lemurian quartz. $75/includes gift, private follow-up. East West Bookshop. Sign up: 1-800-587-6002. More info: SATURDAY DEC 3, 11-4 OPEN HOUSE. Sample free readings, learn more about our religion, or just visit, coffee cookies and conversation www.firstspiritualist 253-845-4444 341 Second St SE, Puyallup WA 98372. Just behind City Hall.

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