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Being in Harmony

Seven Features of a Cancer-Prevention Diet

Nutrition for Body & Soul by Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, RYT

Deanna Minich with her grandmother.

Anyone who is into health has a story of how they got there. For me, it was more than three decades ago that I witnessed, as a 10-yearold, my grandmother battling breast and bone cancer. I remember the days she would return from treatments, weak, fragile, and nauseous, with only enough strength to crawl into bed. One of those days, while standing at her side, I found myself withdrawn from the external bustle of family and lost in an internal quiet of reflection. This trio of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery only made her sicker, wearing her down, ultimately leaving her feeling defeated, quite the opposite of who she was most of her lifetime: a wonder woman mother of six who had been able to “do it all.” For the next two years as she made this arduous journey, I secretly promised to myself that I would eventually do something throughout my life to help others with cancer. Years from that point in time, during my graduate school days studying nutrition, I had the privilege of doing some parttime research for a Continued on Page 4

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