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MAY 2009

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Lori Aletha, Nancy Macdonald, and Libby Kresky share insights from their journeys By Kwami E. Nyamidie This article is dedicated to mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers - Happy Mother’s Day! “I don’t play the guitar anymore,” Libby said to Lori and Nancy, two friends she hasn’t seen for more than 25 years. “I gave my guitar to my musical son,” Libby added. “I now sing with the senior choral group here on the island.” This spring, Libby Kresky, 86, Nancy Macdonald, 84, and Lori Aletha, 81, met for lunch at the Real Foods Market and Café on Bainbridge Island. The last time they met was in the early 1980s. Lori Aletha directed the Academy of Yoga in the Queen Anne area of Seattle for two years. It was there she became friends with Nancy, a social worker who had moved with her husband from British Columbia to the Pacific Northwest in the 1950s. They met Libby at a retreat organized for the academy, where she had been invited to sing and play. “I still remember Libby singing and the beautiful tunes she played on her guitar that day,” Lori said. “I remember taping her songs,” Nancy said. No surprise. Libby was an accomplished musician then. She had recorded folk songs from Czechoslovakia and songs of the suffragettes under the name Elizabeth Knight. The Smithsonian Folkways Recordings now holds rights to these musical productions and still distributes them. Libby had left her job as a professor of Russian in the Midwest and had come me back to Washington State where she grew up.

After that retreat Lori regression and still does intuitive and Nancy traveled counseling after many years with the Academy of working for Boeing as a It’s been more of Yoga group technical illustrator. She than 25 years since to Egypt and still organizes the Psychic India. On Fairs in King and Snothe last meeting of their return, homish Counties she Lori started in the 1970s. Northwest matriarchs left the She skydived for the Lori Aletha, Nancy Macdonald, academy. first time six years ago when she turned 75. When and Libby Kresky. Last month, they “Life is an advenacademy reconnected on Bainbridge Island founders ture,” Lori said. Nancy Macdonald Ralph and to share some of their wisdom continues her private Lois Mitchpractice of counseling ell died, the with New Spirit Journal three women and supervision, and is readers. lost touch with adjunct faculty of Antioch each other, and University/Seattle. There she didn’t meet again teaches Virginia Satir’s model until St. Patrick’s Day, of “becoming more fully human.” Nancy, a charter member of the Virginia 2009. Satir Global Network, is the current president The three women talked about their of the Northwest Satir Institute and is in the children, grandchildren and great grandchilprocess of setting up a web site. She is also dren. Lori now has 12 grandchildren, and 13 an active member of the Shoreline Unitarian great-grandkids. Libby has two children, two Universalist Congregation. grandchildren, and a great grandchild. Nancy After the check-in, the topic of the economy has three children, six grandchildren, and a great grandchild. came up. They also talked about acquaintances who Libby spoke about her grandparents in have died and those battling cancer or other Kansas. Her grandfather was a Methodist diseases. Then they shared what they are dominister and together with his wife, with “no money,” they raised six children. Ministers ing these days. in those days were not paid but received aid Besides singing, Libby teaches a weekly barrels of clothing and food from church astrology class at the Bainbridge Commons. members. She continues to practice astrology, counsel“With faith that God will provide, my granding and past life regression. Lori, who began remembering her past lives parents raised two doctors, an opera singer, at three, remains passionate about past life a professor, a social climber and my mother,”

Libby said. “I realized a while ago that I have always had what I need,” Nancy said. As for Lori, she finds inspiration in life’s touchstone moments, ah-ha instances when we gain greater insight into spiritual truths and feel in our hearts what we know intellectually. Lori told an inspiring story. She had stopped working for Boeing and started designing architectural plans on contract for a real estate developer in King County several years ago. Normally, as a contractor, she was paid every two weeks for the work she did. On this special project, she worked for almost two months. But the contractor did not pay her. It was Friday evening. Rent was due the following Monday. She had run out of money and decided to see the contractor in his Duvall house. At the door, the contractor’s wife, who had a black eye, let her in. The man and his wife had been fighting and he had taken off to Mexico, leaving no money for his family. He had left nothing for Lori’s pay. In Lori’s own words: “I drove back home to Issaquah at around eight that evening. ‘What am I going to do?’ I asked myself over and over again. Then I found myself reciting The Lord’s Prayer. At the third time, the words, ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ struck me. The prayer didn’t say ‘Give us our bread for tomorrow.’ I realized that I still had some food in the fridge. The lights were on. I still had a roof over my head. “A feeling of gratitude for everything I had gripped me: the children, the car, the artwork and pictures on the wall, and the furniture in the apartment. Continued on Page 4




MAY 2009

Secrets to Living in Synchronicity By Dena Marie Lately I have been asked, “How do you get so many synchronicities?” I had to ask myself the same question and this is what I came up with for an answer: I feel there are four steps that lead to flow.

1. Be true to you. When I finally found “me” and knew what I wanted for myself, life’s frustration and confusion suddenly dissipated. The universe is always loving and supporting us, if only we could do the same for ourselves. A good example would be asking the waitress for a salad but you hate veggies... and you only asked because your husband says you have gained some weight, so you have a salad to please him. Inside, you want a toasted cheese sandwich with tomato soup because it makes you feel warm inside. Your grandmother made it

for you when you didn’t feel well on a cold and rainy day. You look outside and think to your self “I really need to be nurtured today.” Instead of following your heart, you give yourself away. You get the salad, eat it and when asked what you want to do today you say “it doesn’t matter.” Inside your head you say “I just want to go home curl up in bed and read a good book.” Instead you end up at the mall with your husband shopping for a big screen TV. Then you go home and spend hours sitting around mesmerized by fast food commercials, and in a month, end up going up a size.

2. Ask for what you want. Synchronicity comes when you know what you want. Your intention was to nurture yourself. Let’s redo that last scenario: You order what you want and after eating it you feel so good that you go home

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find a good book and read it on a blustery day. As you read the book you get an “ah-ha” moment. You remember that your grandmother used to love gardening and she always seemed so fit. The next day you buy a book on gardening, and decide to plant one of your own. Months go by and you find yourself outside enjoying your newfound passion all summer long. Fall comes and not only have you lost weight and feel healthier, but you also love eating your own veggies because they taste better.

3. Take notice. Books that open to the right page, songs that truly speak to you and people who talk about subjects that mirror what you were just thinking are all very meaningful. These phenomena usually come in threes.

4. Act when the light is green. Don’t second guess your gut feelings or intuitions. When the synchronicities occur in threes and you hear the small still voice that says, “Do it,” use your power chakra and make a move in the right direction. Patience is also a virtue, so remember that when you feel like you want something but your inner voice is silent, and there are no

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quirky coincidences, wait it out. Spend some time with yourself and ask, “What do I want for me?” After you place your order with the universe, sit back and relax, and know that you have been heard. Would you ever follow a waitress into the kitchen to make sure your food was being prepared? Go about your business but be conscious and take notice. Wait for the coincidences to start speaking to you again. When you get the “three strikes you’re in,” act without hesitation. Here is one of my examples: I really disliked my job and it was breaking my back and spirit. I asked the universe to help me find a job that I loved and that would help other people. At the time, I was dating a man who said I would be a great hypnotherapist, but I had no clue what that entailed. I said, “If I get a synchronicity I will look into it.” The next day I received a newsletter from my favorite bookstore, and in the event section it said there was a meeting for hypnotherapists for $5, everyone welcome. I thought for a second and said, “It is only $5, why not?” I went alone, and when I walked in, I recognized the first person I saw, a woman with whom I had taught aerobics years ago. She had become a hypnotherapist since then and immediately introduced me to the man that would be my teacher for the next year. The irony of this synchronicity is that six years later she officiated our wedding. All of these events and coincidences were stepping stones leading me in the direction I wanted to go. I allowed the universe lead the way and then acted on the information I was given. Dena Marie is the author of, “Our Energy Matters,” and the owner of Lift Your Spirits in Snohomish. Using crystal readings, reiki, and object imagery she aids her clients in reopening blocked chakras for maximum flow and health. Visit, or call (425) 350-5448.

MAY 2009

Seeing Others With Eyes of Compassion This past weekend, I had an interesting experience I would like to share with you. I am sharing it because I know this has happened to others as well as to myself. I am by Krysta Gibson hoping that by sharing it, we will all be were shocked that this particular teacher had reminded that offering relationship issues and were saying they didn’t unsolicited help and judgments want to study with him any more. can be hurtful to others rather Two things came to mind for me. First, teachers are not perfect. Personally, I don’t than helpful. want a perfect teacher. Why? Because I was attending a seminar and it someone who has not dealt with their own issues doesn’t have any sort of depth to help was break time so I was walking me deal with mine. Second, who am I to down the hallway to go outside judge someone else? I have no idea what this for a few minutes. I was limping person has gone through or is going through. Maybe instead of judging this person so because sitting for a few hours harshly, I could extend some compassion and had aggravated a knee injury I love his direction. In my case, I am sure the woman only wanthad. A woman came up to me and ed to be helpful. Unfortunately, it didn’t come asked if I knew about a certain across that way. I felt judged and I felt like I technique. I said I did. needed to try to hide my limp so no one else

Living The Good Life

“Because,” she said, “it just isn’t right that someone like you with this light-filled, wonderful publication, should be limping. As long as it is just a temporary thing, that’s okay.” My, oh, my. Suddenly I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Because of my work, someone felt I should not have a physical malady. Yes, we could say that she was mirroring my own self-judgment and I will freely admit I do not like having physical (or any other kind of) issues to deal with. But, hey, I am here to learn just like everyone else. I remember reading a blog awhile back where some students were tearing into a very well known teacher because they learned he was going through a divorce. Suddenly, nothing he said had value any more. They

symptom you saw them exhibit. Third, give up your vision of a perfect world or universe. There are no perfect people. There is no perfect situation. I will qualify that by saying that whoever we are and however we are is perfect for us. Quit aiming for the sort of perfection where not even a hair is out of place. This puts you into a very stressful place of aiming for something you can’t find. Fourth, don’t offer unsolicited help. How do you know what the person wants or needs? Simply be there for people if they want what you have to offer. If you just can’t help yourself, refer to number two above. Most of us are our own worst critics and we really don’t need someone else telling us about our shortcomings. Give me a few minutes and I can tell you everything that is wrong with me. It would take me longer to



tell you everything that is right about me, but I am working on being able to do that more quickly. One of the most important things I have learned over the years is to look out at the world and at other people with eyes of compassion rather than with eyes of judgment. I know that everyone has their story. Everyone has their own set of challenges and I can’t begin to think that anyone has all the answers to anyone else’s problems. Certainly, I don’t. That is one of the reasons I publish this newspaper. I know there are many different teachings and techniques available. I also know that not all of them are for everyone. We each have to find our own way in our own time. Remain open to finding your answers and teachers and they will come to you in their own marvelous ways. I know mine always do. Krysta is publisher of New Spirit Journal and the author of books and CDs. She has free podcasts available through her website

would know I had a boo-boo and was in pain. There is no way I would have any interest in the technique she wanted to tell me about. All I wanted to do was get away from her. What do we do, then, if we think someone could use the information or technique we know about? First, trust that the person is on his or her own path and is being guided to the help they need, with or without you. Allow yourself to feel a firm confidence that the person will find any answers they might be seeking. Second, if you have some information you feel could help someone you can hand the person a flyer or Internet address and simply say this is something that might interest them. It is not necessary to comment on whatever

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MAY 2009

Abundance: More than Money By Cathleen L. Balfour When we think of abundance from a place of spiritual consciousness we become aware that abundance is more than money, then we can begin to see abundance all around us. If we see the energy of our richness is in terms of peace, joy, harmony, inner guidance, an awareness of and connection to spirit, higher self, and the universal source, we cannot help but open ourselves up to the universal flow of infinite creation and we begin to create in all areas of our lives. In this moment there is an innate power within you to manifest anything your heart desires. So, how does one create Are you the river forced to flow around the rock or... are you the rock forcing the river to flow around you? Call for your free consultation today!

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to the higher vibrational frequency that will help you experience true spiritual abundance. The higher you rise in frequency, the closer to source you are vibrationally, and the more you experience divine knowingness and true power of source. Your frequency is correlated with the amount of life force you have flowing freely through you. Maintaining alignment with the universal source and connecting to that flow of life force is vital to experiencing the sublime realm of higher frequency to attracting your dreams into your reality faster and easier than you can imagine. When we trust our inner knowing and our own instincts we create from a feeling of true clarity, from source. As we begin on our inner journey of creating from spiritual consciousness we can project out into the world what we want to create. Money, like every-

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thing, consists of energy as does every thought, intention or vibration. The energy projected out into the world is exactly what we will receive. By setting our intention each moment of each day, we bring ourselves closer to our desires. We don’t worry about how our dreams will manifest into creation. We relax and let go and allow the universe to fulfill our dreams. Life becomes easier and more abundance flows into our life. With each positive choice we make we begin to create from a more loving and peaceful place within, until one day, we realize we have created a life of joy and abundance. Cathleen L. Balfour is a published writer, a holistic health practitioner, spiritual teacher and sacred site guide. Visit www.Cathleen for more information.

Daily affirmations I affirm: I honor all things, especially myself as being sacred. I wholeheartedly trust. I create an abundant life. I affirm: I choose to live only in this moment. The past is gone and the future lies before me. I am filled with gratitude for receiving that which is divinely provided for me. I affirm: I now choose to manifest all I desire by truly imagining and feeling that I am already experiencing all that I want. I affirm: I am open and receptive to allowing the universe to create it for me in the perfect moment. I am open and trusting. All I desire though love and light is being manifested right now. I affirm: I attract abundance into my daily life and trust that a higher power is creating for me now. Deep in the core of my being, I have the power to create all that I desire. I affirm: I can become anything and I am confident all my needs are provided. The more gifts I receive the more I can share with others. All I need is within me. I affirm: I am a perfect creation of spirit and I am guided by the abundant universe. I am completely and unconditionally loved. I have more than enough, for the divine supply is infinite. There is no limit to the abundance I can create. All is well in my world.

The Wisdom of The Crones Continued from Page 1 “At about 9:30 p.m., I received a phone call. A real estate developer needed a set of building plans by Monday as the one working on the project had had an accident. The man brought the work that night. By Sunday evening, it was done. He came, paid me, and I was able to pay my rent. “The miracle that came from this encounter was that the developer never knew how he even got my name and number. Yet through prayer, somehow he connected with me. “This was an unforgettable touchstone moment for me.” Lori said. “I still ran into financial difficulties after this event. But when I remember it, I trust that the universe can do it again.” “I can top this story,” Libby said, laughing. “A lady I had done a chart for called and said, ‘Libby, I’ve got to see you again. I consulted you eight years ago and three nights in a row I saw your ad in a dream while I was on vacation. I told my friends, ‘I’ve got to see this woman.’ My friends asked me: ‘How much does it cost to pay her?’ And I said, ‘I don’t care, I’ve got a message in my dream, and I’m going.’” “I don’t think I am running this show,” Libby said a glimmer in her eyes. ‘You can relax and do more when you realize, ‘Of myself I can do nothing.’”

“Oh, yes,” Nancy said. “I forget sometimes and I’m so busy trying to figure it out,” Lori said. “At times, when I can’t figure things out, I say. ‘I give up, God. I’m going to watch a movie.’ And then it works. And I let go. Isn’t it nice to have somebody else at the wheel?” “It’s scary at times.” Libby said. “But I’ve never felt I have to know the outcome of what I’m going to do. I left Seattle with $300 to attend graduate school at Cornell University. And then one thing led to the other and I got my Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literature from Charles University in Prague. “I met Carol Parrish, Dean of Sancta Sophia Seminary in Oklahoma, on a boat in Russia and began attending the seminary. Last year I taught there in the graduate school. Carol used to say we need to learn to think with the heart and feel with the mind,” Libby said. “The message I’ve been trying to get out these days when everybody is worried about their condos, their cars, and all the material things boils down to this,” Libby said. “Life is not about money. The theme of the Aquarian Age is people.” It was sunny on the day and at the café where the three friends reconnected. There was no rain or snow that day, when it had been pouring or snowing for several days in a row. The three wise women exchanged

birthday cards for Lori and Nancy. Libby had to attend a rehearsal that afternoon. Nancy was getting ready for her grandson’s wedding. Lori was going to speak in West Seattle that evening. And so the wise women went their own ways, hoping that they will meet again soon, maybe in August to celebrate Libby’s 87th birthday. When asked for closing remarks from the wise women to the younger generation, here is what they shared. From Libby Kresky: “Base your decisions on what feels right to you, not on ‘shoulds’.” Nancy Macdonald: “We are each a link in each other’s chain.” Lori Aletha: “Be flexible. When your choice didn’t take you where you wanted to go or didn’t give you your results, it’s okay to choose again.” Libby Kresky, Ph.D., can be reached at (206) 201-3125 for astrological readings and past life regressions. Nancy Macdonald can be reached at (206) 362-2531 or for counseling and licensing supervision. Lori Aletha can be reached at: (425) 562-4777 or her website www.nw Lori is available for past life regression and intuitive counseling. Kwami E. Nyamidie is a spiritual director and can be reached at (206) 407-8980 or

MAY 2009




Gestalt of The Dialogue By David Sparenberg We cannot talk about greening without talking about peace We cannot talk about peace without talking about justice We cannot talk about justice without addressing injustice We cannot speak of injustice with integrity without talking about the problems of injustice such as race and poverty, exploitation and so on. We cannot talk about the problems without talking about indifference to suffering We cannot talk about indifference to suffering without examining the labyrinth of violence We cannot speak of violence without talking about hatred We cannot talk about hatred without talking about fear We cannot talk about fear without addressing the mutuality of vulnerability and the given condition of relatedness. We cannot talk about greening of the planet without talking about egocentricity and greed We cannot speak honestly of this awareness without acknowledging the bitter fruit of arrogance without recognizing the healing significance of humility and compassion. No talking of self without talking with otherness No speaking of where we should be without embracing where we are No words about the play upon the world stage without coming to terms with the global village players No emotional exchange with our players without an emotional attachment to the playing field No meeting here with our masks on no falling into the fatality of silence For it is paramount that we speak of greening and short of extinction that we talk of peace.

Emotional Transformation Therapy is a form of energy medicine using light, color and peripheral eye stimulation to change old stuck emotions, thoughts, behaviors or states of pain to a healthier, desirable, more empowered experience. ETT was developed by Steven Vazquez, PhD, who practices in Dallas, Texas and teaches throughout the world. The system of ETT is based upon developmental neurobiology, whereby visual experience plays a significant role in bonding and development. As humans develop, light and color continue to have an influential role in modulating the brain and body. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is an example of how variation in light affects mood. ETT attempts to modulate light for therapeutic purposes. ETT utilizes several tools to make use of color and light therapeutically, including a spectral chart, colored wands, a light emitting device and 360-degree peripheral glasses. Dr. Vazquez discovered that different colors of light resonate with specific emotional states. The resonance activates the emotional state, which can then be processed and transformed. Affect regulation is thought to be the primary source of integration in many brain functions related to the development of a sense of self and in coping with stress. A light emitting device puts out a dim light of specific wavelengths of color which are emitted directly into the eyes of a client. An interactive therapeutic process accompanies the light stimulation. Color serves as a catalyst to draw forth both emotional and physical responses. I have used color with clients who are depressed and the use of certain colors and brightness will often support them in experiencing emotion, pleasure and motivation. One of the most important aspects of emotional transformation therapy is the selection of the color that matches the moment-to-moment state of mind of the client. When this match occurs, there is a profound emotional shift and numerous transformations occur physiologically, behaviorally, cognitively and spiritually. One client who was working with issues of betrayal and anger experienced a profound shift as the anger and grief released, her neck spontaneously adjusted and she experienced what she described as an integrative spiritual experience. One of the most exciting aspects of emotional transformation therapy is the use of brainwave entrainment. Entrainment means that when light is strobbing at a specific rate, for example, 10 cycles per second, the individual’s brainwave pattern will change to align with the light This means that certain states of consciousness can be evoked using certain strobe rates and specific colors to match the emotional state or physical state. This allows for a rapid access and a process to relieve distress and heal the root of the problem. Peripheral eye stimulation (PES) is used to reduce overwhelming emotion, uncontrolled


Health for Body, Mind, Spirit by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND

thoughts, severe and chronic pain, facilitate boundaries, access positive resources and other states. It is generally accepted that human experience is perceived to be separated into parts, be it id, ego, superego, parentadult-child, subpersonalities, etc. The greater the quantity and intensity of unresolved emotions, the more likely the individual will create parts and compartmentalization. PES is a technique that enables the individual to access whatever natural parts she experiences. It utilizes fixed eye viewing to retrieve long-term memories and extinguish undesirable affect and memory. The Peripheral 360-degree goggles were developed by Steven Vazquez and Joe Mueller in 2005. The goggles reduce the light entering the client’s eyes. The facilitator, using a disc on the

front of the goggles, can regulate different angles of light stimulation. An example of the power of this technique occurred when a patient came into my office, very angry, frightened, tangential, and she had difficulty focusing. When she placed the goggles on, she immediately calmed down. There was light entering only at the 3:00 position. When I changed the angle of entering light to 9:00, she became calmer.

Once the affective flooding was contained, she was able to process what was occurring in her present situation. There are significant parallels between affective flooding and pain syndromes. Through the use of the goggles, pain can be contained into components. One peripheral stimulation position may decrease the pain and thoughts accompanying that condition. Another position may exacerbate the pain and be associated with affect and thoughts about what the client cannot do, while another position may reflect long-term thoughts and feelings about the pain. When the position of least pain is accessed, then this experience can be superimposed on the other positions. Continued on Page 6



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What is ETT? Continued from Page 5 There are other times when an experience of decreased pain will diminish the general experience through a process of interrupting the pervasive experience of pain. Goggles have been useful for patients struggling with attention deficit disorder. When a client is flooded with thoughts, unfocused and overwhelmed, simply putting on the goggles is calming. There is an immediate reduction in stimulation. Then a process occurs whereby certain peripheral positions support greater focus than others. Additionally, there are often self-deprecating thoughts associated with not being able to focus and feelings about self in relationship to others. Different peripheral positions, plus the use of color, can support the patient in clearing the undesired thoughts and feelings, plus allow greater focus. Once the state of clearest thinking and focus is attained, it is superimposed on the other peripheral positions. The result in a relatively short period of time is a long-term change in the client’s ability to focus and change his perception of himself. Emotional Transformation Therapy is an innovative holistic model to help individuals work through the cause of a problem and heal on a mind, body and soul level. It is a way to access deeper levels of consciousness. This spring let us dig deeper and plant seeds to manifest the life we intend to live. Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND is certified in ETT. Dr. Fitzpatrick is a licensed naturopathic physician and clinical psychologist. She can be reached at (206) 52-5576, drfitznd@comcast. net or www.theemeraldcenter. com. Other ETT practitioners in Seattle are Bart Paff, PhD., PhD., (206) 283-2776. Training in ETT is available through Steven Vazquez, PhD, (817) 268-7050.

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Karelian Bear Dogs: Keeping Wildlife Management Humane Several months ago I promised you a column about Washington State’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and their pioneering use of Karelian Bear Dogs (KBD) helping to make wildlife management more humane and affective. I had to postpone that piece because it took longer than expected to get all the ducks in order at the state level and the fundraising website campaign was not ready. Well, all those ducks are lined up properly now so I can proceed. First, a little background. The first time I did my radio show on this subject was more than five years ago, after local wildlife biologist and trumpeter swan expert, Martha Jordan, told me about these dogs and what was going on with them in our state. She introduced me to WDFW officer/wildlife biologist, Rocky Spencer. You may be familiar with his story and/or you may have seen him doing local TV news interviews regarding wildlife incidents up until his untimely and tragic death in a helicopter accident in 2007. Rocky loved his work because he loved the animals he was serving. As a carnivore specialist, he was researching mountain lions living on the fringe of the Cascades. At some point he learned about KBDs and how they can be used in wildlife management. He wanted them to be a part of our WDFW’s work and he succeeded when he became

Our Animal Friends by Martha Norwalk

the handler of our state’s first wildlife service dog, KBD, Mishka. As a young pup, Mishka, along with Rocky and Martha joined me in the studio for our first educational and fundraising program. Funds needed to be generated to pay for Mishka, his training and upkeep. A fund was also begun at that time to buy another KBD for a WDFW officer in Wenatchee. Eventually, that did happen and officer Rich Beausoleil and our second KBD, Cash, made the trip across the mountains to join us in the studio. I have been “blown away” impressed with these dogs and their personalities and abilities. The Karelians belong to the spitz family and take their name from a region on the Russia-Finland border. They are medium-size, weigh 44 to 49 pounds, usually black and white and are friendly to humans but fearless around big game. The breed originated in Finland, where they are used to hunt large animals.

Our state’s KBDs have been purchased from the Wind River Bear Institute, founded in 1996, by Montana wildlife biologist, Carrie Hunt. Carrie “got tired of seeing bears die” and began her program of “bear shepherding” using these dogs. For lots more information and photos of these dogs, check out her website at Typically, nuisance bears are shot by wildlife officers after they loose their natural fear of humans and begin lurking around human environments in search of an easy meal. If they are Mishka, the first Karelian Bear Dog in the Washington State not killed, they are wilfdlife management program, trees a cougar. Photo by Rocky Spencer trapped, tranquilized and moved to a difthe need for relocation or extermination. Acferent location. This cording to Hunt, KBDs are an essential part has proved unsuccessful as these bears either of this process. return to their original territory or they die or So far, our state’s two dogs have been wildly are killed because they are not welcome in or successful. Rich and Cash have saved countcannot adapt to the new location. less animal lives in Eastern Washington and Carrie uses aversive conditioning techhave proven how valuable these dogs are for niques to show bears that there really is no large game and humans. such thing as a free lunch. By associating people with discomfort and noise, bears are Continued on Page 11 educated to avoid human contact, eliminating

To The Editor Dear Editor: While I appreciated Martha Norwalk bringing up the puppy mill issue I thought her personal experience was a bit discouraging to anyone wishing to help out needy rescues. Because she had a difficult puppy, which she called her “current dog” does not mean that all rescue dogs and puppies are like that. She wrote she would like to “buy” her next dog without any problems. Sentient beings sometimes come with problems and all the “pure”

breeding and “good” parents in the world do not guarantee that. Why use the word “buy” when getting a dog. At an animal shelter one also pays money for the transaction but we do not use the word “buy” we use “adopt.” When we get a dog from a breeder we can also use the word “adopt.” These terms are important to make the animal more of a family member to say “adopt” rather than “buy.” Our own full-grown dog, which we found on the streets, was an absolute joy

from the minute she came into our house; rescue dogs are not always a trial. These sweeties know the difficult life you have saved them from and usually give you back the best love that exists on earth in return. Eileen Weintraub Seattle, Wash. Editor’s note: Because a response to this letter would be very long, Martha Norwalk will talk about it on one of her upcoming programs. For details, go to

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MAY 2009

Putting Peace Into Practice in Daily Life By Tony Samara Many people have asked me for the meaning of peace and how peace can be put into practice in daily life. I would like to share with you that peace is often thought of as a state of non-violence. That it can only be reached through political means or by changing what seems to be the source of conflict outside of ourselves. I highly commend the wonderful people in the world that have made a difference in bringing peace to the conflicts of the world, but I believe that peace comes from inside. When we understand that peace is a state of mind then we understand true peace. A good starting point for our state of mind to understand peace – a state of mind that is often used to the turmoil and chaos that we are faced with, through the infliction of pain and suffering that we perceive as agitating the serenity of our essence – is to remember to nourish the body by not inflicting this turmoil and chaos onto it. When we are conscious of what we do to our body,

when we are conscious that every action that we take creates a momentum that moves through the body, then we understand that simple actions such as eating, drinking, walking, working, what we read, what we listen to, what we entertain ourselves with, creates a momentum that affects the body and hence the mind. If we inflict pain onto our body by unconscious actions that violate the harmony of the body, that violate the temple that is our body, then we move away from the serenity that is our essence, the serenity that is peace, into a state of turbulence. This then becomes apparent and manifest in the world as a state of non-peace. In this way, each individual has a great capacity to be mindful of every action that they are part of. Be aware that what is not healthy for your body is not healthy for your mind. Be aware that if you are addicted to watching conflict outside of yourself such as the negativities that the media, films, radio and other entertainments often thrill the mind with, then it takes a lot for

Tony Samara says it is our quest to honor our beings by nourishing body, mind and spirit with the purest nourishment, so that we can cultivate — and not only talk about — peace from within. the mind to remember the serenity that is its essence as it spends time digesting through the many layers of forgetfulness that is caused by such actions. It is our quest to honor our beings by nourishing body, mind and spirit with the purest nourishment, so that we can cultivate — and not only talk about — peace from

within. Now there is a new, amazing paradigm shift happening whereby the old sense of treating the temple (meaning ourselves) harshly and with a lack of consciousness, that our ancestors and culture in the past condoned as necessary, is shifting and shifting rapidly. This means that what we

bring to ourselves and to our consciousness such as foods and drinks, television programs, magazines, books, films, conversations and other such things no longer need to contain intoxicants that keep us separate from pure consciousness. Please be aware that if these intoxicating aspects are used in a way that poison or damage your body or consciousness that you harm not only yourself but also future generations. Interestingly, you also negate your possibility to understand that fear, anger and confusion are not eradicated through numbing oneself and that by nourishing yourself purely from a conscious space you help yourself to become more alive and create an alive sense of peace deep inside. It is time now to let go of any diet or other nourishment that brings fear, anger, confusion or violence into our body, mind or emotions by consuming only those things which bring peace to ourselves and other living beings rather than continuing to cultivate the old paradigm within our bodies, minds and emotions. I believe that peace is generosity. It is learning to cultivate a loving kindness that

brings well-being to our body, mind and emotions as well as to people, animals, plants, the earth, the universe; everything that shares this beautiful world with us. When we consciously share our time, our energy, our money, our resources, in a way that is conscious then we respect others and ourselves and this respect prevents what feeds disharmony and conflict. All these conscious actions accumulate so many beneficial and beautiful manifestations. Embrace conscious actions. Be generous to yourself and others. Live a simpler, healthier, more compassionate and peaceful lifestyle for the benefit of all. Allow yourself to share this peace with humanity. Tony Samara lived and studied among a community of Huachuma Shamans in the jungles of South America for many years. He was initiated into their sacred healing ways and now teaches people all over the world who are seeking spiritual guidance. He is the author of Shaman’s Wisdom.

Staying in Shape A few months ago, I had the honor of being a guest on the Gary Mantz radio talk show, Mastery and Mystery. During the interview, Gary asked me why I meditate every day. Why don’t I save meditation for stressful times when I needed to calm down? I immediately explained that meditation provides me with a slice of quiet time each day when I can withdraw from all the “havetos” and focus inward. Later, when I had time to reflect on his question, I realized the answer is more complex. In many ways daily meditation is similar to working out in a gym. For both activities to

Everyday Spirituality by Colleen Foye Bollen

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A big reason to exercise regularly is to retain strength and agility, two attributes that need to be built-up and maintained over time. Meditation imparts different, yet equally important qualities: stillness of mind, and a sense of peace with the world around you.

have an optimal effect on my health and wellbeing, I need to do them regularly. A big reason I exercise regularly is to retain my strength and agility, two attributes that need to be built up and maintained over time. If I want to put out the extra physical effort required to lift a 40-pound bag of cat litter into my shopping cart or to dance past midnight, I need to exercise regularly. Meditation imparts different, yet equally important qualities. Since I began meditating

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MAY 2009

10 years ago, I have found a place of stillness inside myself. Now, when I notice I am in a stressful situation, whether it a conflict with a person or dealing with a computer problem, I can tap into that source of stillness and in a short time feel more at peace with the world around me and with myself. Meditation also clears my mind and allows me to work more efficiently. But, there is one requisite: I have to meditate regularly in order to draw on these benefits at a moment’s notice. I remember years ago, when, just out of college I found myself looking for a new job in a new town. With each passing week, my savings shrank while my sense of hopelessness rose. Looking back on that time, I can see that my despondency worked against me. Instead of presenting myself as a self-assured professional, my legitimate, yet overt fear of not being hired, give me an air of neediness and desperation. The exact opposite of what an employer wants in an employee. If I had meditated during that period of my life, I could have drawn on my ability to stay calm in times of stress. A regular mediation routine would have allowed me to take several deep breaths and recreate the sense of peace, before I entered my interviews. Awareness of the wonderful outcomes I gain from regular exercise and meditation doesn’t make it any easier to maintain these habits. Being disciplined remains challenging. Some days I would rather do anything – clean the toilet or pick splinters out of my finger – than trudge to the gym. Those days require a set of mental calisthenics to prod me into

going to the gym. The same holds true for meditation. I frequently experience internal battles with myself about time spent sitting still when I “should be” doing other things. I blame these struggles on an inner gremlin that regularly urges me skip a day or two or three. It has taken many years for me to realize that my inner gremlin does not have my best interests at heart. When I recognize her voice, I patiently listen to her suggestions that I skip the gym or meditation. I do not argue with her or disagree with her opinions. That would be an exercise in futility. She always wants the last word. Instead, I thank her for her viewpoint, then pack up my gym bag and head out the door or sit down and meditate. Because it is impossible to know in advance when I am going to need to draw on the physical strength I gain from regular workouts at the gym or the inner sense of tranquility I develop through daily meditation, I maintain my regular routines. Then, when unexpected situations arise, I am ready. Read more about this topic at Colleen Foye Bollen is a healing arts practitioner offering Jin Shin Jyutsu and other healing modalities. For information visit www. or call (206) 367-0491. In May 2009 Colleen is teaching two classes at the University of Washington Women’s center: a workshop on everyday spirituality and an introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu. See for details.




MAY 2009

Practice Seeing the Truth

Start your day in a powerful way and experience the difference from the inside out!

with your hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears

By Karen Mehringer “Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all.” – A Course in Miracles

Weekday mornings on Seattle’s Alternative Talk Station KKNW 1150 AM KWJZ 98.9 FM Digital HD KSBN 1230 AM in Spokane Free daily podcast Streaming live to 152 countries, 7 to 8 a.m. PST on

Changing the world, one listener at a time! Listen to hundreds of archived shows, including: Marianne Williamson, Richard Bach, Gary Zukov, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Arjuna Ardagh, Neale Donald Walsch, Ariella Ford, Dr. Wayne Dyer, plus the editor-in-chief of Utne Reader and Natural Home, and the publisher of Mother Earth News

Featured interviews for May include: Gay Hendricks

Best-selling author of “The Big Leap” discusses shifting the consciousness around our old fears and patterns. MAY 7, 7-8 am

Raymond Francis

Bio-scientist and author of “Never Be Sick Again” talks about the importance of alkalizing the body. MAY 8, 7-8 am

Mada Dalian

Internationally famous healer and author of “In Search of the Miraculous” talks about surrender, fear, death, and how to prepare for 2012. MAY 11, 7-8 am

Duane Elgin

Visionary author of “The Living Universe” discusses: Where We Are, Who We Are, and Where We’re Going! MAY 27, 7-8 am

Many wisdom traditions teach that to be enlightened, we must recognize our own true nature as divine and see it in our brothers and sisters. Therefore, enlightenment is not something to be attained, but a state of remembering who we already are as divine love and light, as one with God and each other.

The most direct path to enlightenment is to see all beings, including ourselves, as pure and innocent. When we see the God essence in another, it reinforces it within ourselves and the love and light within us expands. Many of us have had moments of such revelation, seeing the divine beauty in another and in the perfection of life. These moments are blissful, but often fleeting because the ego is strong. It does not want us to remember the truth of who we are. It wants us to believe we are separate and therefore “special.” Thus, it takes practice to see beyond the illusion of separation to the truth of oneness. As we practice seeing the truth, amazing and miraculous things begin to happen. For example, the other day, as my car was stopped at a light, I noticed a homeless man on the street corner holding up a sign asking for financial assistance. I decided to give him a few dollars and thought, “This is a good opportunity for me to practice seeing the divine in this stranger.” When he came up to my car, I gave him the money, a huge smile and said, “God bless you.” Smiling, he replied, “Aren’t you beautiful.” An incredible sensation of love washed over me. In an instant, this man was no longer a stranger, but became God. I felt the unity of our connection and drove away in awe and bliss. Every moment, we have a choice. We can buy into and feed our egoic fears which stem from our belief in separation, or we can feed the truth which is our oneness with God and all of life. As we see beyond the illusion to the truth of who we really are, we are freed from our fears and can experience infinite and everlasting peace. Here is a simple prayer you

can say every day to assist with this process: “Spirit, assist me to forgive all judgments towards myself and others. Help me to see beyond the illusion of separation to the truth of love and oneness. Amen.” As we choose to see the truth in our oneness and connection with all of life, it is reflected back to us. Instead of judging the person who cut you off on the freeway, say “Hello, God” and smile. At the core, that person is no different than you and me. And, the love and forgiveness that you extend will return back to you multiplied. “As the ego would limit your perception of your brothers to the body, so would the Holy Spirit release your vision and let you see the great rays shining from them, so unlimited that they reach to God.” – A Course in Miracles Karen is an author, inspirational speaker, psychotherapist and life transformation coach. For more information go to:

MAY 2009

Relationship Transitions By Boston Carter I’ve noticed a huge trend in relationships lately as I’ve worked with clients. People are really moving around in relationships, changing partners or choosing to remain alone. In the March issue of New Spirit Journal, I wrote an article called “What is love?” In that article I talked about love from the perspective of fear. I said that what most people call love is actually a mutually agreed upon soothing of fear. I may not have said it just like that, but to be succinct, that’s what I meant. Now as we move into a new energy system on our planet and therefore within our psyches, many are changing their perspective of love. What I’m hearing from people is, “My partner just doesn’t have a sense of spirituality like I do.” What I used to hear from people is “I want someone who makes me laugh, who can bring in a decent income, who can be a good parent, etc.” Now I’m hearing statements like, “I walked away from everything that mattered to me so I can be with my new priorities.” You may give up a nice house, a business, fancy cars

and so forth, but you gain your sense of connection to spirit, whether through being alone or being with a new love who reflects your same values. You just want to be happy and that may or may not include some of the old values such as a big house and big screen TVs. I think this trend is a huge statement about what love really is: an individuation of self from other while remaining connected to other to the greatest and highest good of all. Love based in fear takes energy from other while real love is based in giving, allowing and letting go. I know someone close to me who is going through a relationship transition. She is married to a wonderful man, has two great kids and has been happy for the most part. After meeting a soul level partner, she has come to realize that she’s really in love and wants to be with the new love exclusively. For her, the doubt and fear of changing her entire life and affecting the lives of several that she loves is in conflict with what her heart and intuition tell her. She is a very spiritual person and knows that spirit speaks to her through her

heart and to follow her heart is essential for the happiness of everyone. She also understands that spirit has a plan for her husband too. She is scared and even at times terrified of the choices before her, but she knows that in the end, she will do what is best for herself because that is the only way to ensure that the best is done for everyone else too. As you face new choices, please know that spirit talks to you through your heart. Any decision you make based on a fear of losing something or hurting someone will, in the end, cause more pain and anger than if you had followed your heart in the first place. Love is love. In our new energy system, there is no room for fear. Fear will not be allowed to play a part in our world much longer. Love does not live in your head with rational thought. Rational thought has its place too, but when it comes to deciding how to spend your life force energies, please listen to spirit, your heart. If you stay with someone out of fear of hurting them or fear of losing material possessions, you are spending your life force energy in a wasteful

Kim Miller

Gifted Medium ~ Animal Intuitive Grief Counselor For an appointment call

(206) 353-5600 or visit

way and you will feel drained and can become ill. Not to mention that after all you went through to make your choice, if it’s fear based, the choice will be presented again and again until you choose differently. That is a universal law. Relationship transitions are not easy, but they may be necessary for the continued spiritual evolution of our times. It might be that the person you are with can’t awaken to their



spiritual purpose as long as they are with you. You don’t have the right to stand in the way of other’s growth nor your own by assuming that you know enough of spirit’s plan to make a choice on other’s behalf. The only way you can serve spirit is to serve your own heart because you simply don’t know enough of the plan to stand in the way of that plan. You will know what is right for you and everyone around

Karelian Bear Dogs Continued from Page 7 In 2007 when Rocky Spencer was killed, we were concerned that our state’s KBD program might end. Fortunately, that did not happen. WDFW officer Bruce Richards became Mishka’s new handler and while working enforcement they have proven that Mishka has even more talents than just bear shepherding. When a husband and wife reported being attacked by a cougar, they were called to investigate as both humans were badly wounded, needing medical attention. Without Mishka, a very expensive search would have happened in an attempt to locate and kill the cougar. That didn’t happen because Mishka was able to communicate that there were no cougars in the

area and he tracked back to the couple’s home backyard, finding their pet pit bull covered in blood. Turns out they were attacked by their own dog and did not want anyone to know so they blamed it on a cougar. These dogs are incredible and truly make wildlife management more humane, effective and less costly. We now have a third KBD puppy, Colter, and I had the pleasure of doing a show with him and his WDFW handler, Nicholas Jorg in March. I am very pleased to be able to tell you that recently our state has recognized the value and approved the KBD program to continue but there is no money in the state budget to pay for it. Mass fundraising is necessary to buy more dogs to cover the state and to pay for their training and upkeep.


you if you listen to your own heart. Take care of you and spirit will take care of the rest. You can trust that. Boston Carter is a karma specialist, medical intuitive and general psychic. She offers personal readings and karma clearing classes. She can be reached at (206) 799-6153, Nowageknowledge@, or visit Martha Jordan is spearheading the effort through her Tucker’s KBD Fund, www. Please contribute if you can or if you know someone who might want to donate products or services to care for these dogs, have them contact Martha Jordan to make arrangements. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (206) 525-2016 or For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

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MAY 2009

How can I prevent signs of aging on my face? The Wisdom of Your Face is based on the same ancient principles as traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese believed that your face is a reflection of your true inner spirit, the blueprint of your original design. The wisdom written there explains why you think, feel, and behave as you do, and can help you find the life path that brings you joy, relationships that nurture you, and most of all, gain a way to feel true compassion for yourself and everyone you encounter. Please join author Jean Haner to learn the wisdom you can find in the curve of your cheek, the slant of your nose, even the style of your hair. If you have questions for Jean about your own face or those in your life, please send them to or mail them to New Spirit Journal, 14911 Chain Lake Rd., #431, Monroe, WA 98272. Dear Jean, How can I prevent signs of aging on my face? Jean’s reply: Most of us tend to look in the mirror and cringe when we see wrinkles developing or changes to our faces as we grow older. This isn’t surprising since our culture has such a limited definition of beauty, and with enormous pressure to fit into narrow parameters of what’s considered attractive. And as we see signs of our aging, we’re also reminded that

ences integrated, and wisdom gained. Now, there are signs of aging that develop on our faces when our energy becomes out of balance, due to our falling into patterns of negative emotions, such as pessimism, anger or sadness. Our faces are just reflections of who we are inside, the history of our reactions to our life experiences, our choices about how we feel, and our expectations about the future. For instance, by middle age, it’s not uncommon for a person’s mouth to be turned down, or with their lips held very tightly. This can be a reflection of how stressed they are overall, and frequently it also shows they’re holding on to the disappointment in their lives, and carrying a more negative attitude as a result. They may have had a truly difficult time, had important hopes and expectations go unfulfilled. But by falling into a pattern of negativity, they’re almost ensuring these experiences will continue. One of the many things our mouths represent is how well satisfied we feel and how receptive we are to other people and life in general. A turned-down mouth or tight lips basically gives the message, “I’ve been disappointed so many times in the past, and I’m sure I’ll be disappointed again.” And the universe will certainly comply.

The Wisdom Of Your Face by Jean Haner

we’re coming closer to the end of our lives here, which can contribute to our viewing getting older with fear and resistance. But I still find it fascinating that our culture’s reaction to aging is so extreme. What if we approached other stages of life with this mindset? What if we felt our 10-12 year old children, on the brink of adolescence, should delay puberty? What if there were drugs and procedures, creams and potions to stop their bodies and faces from developing into this next natural stage of life? What if we tried to prevent our babies from learning to walk, and churned out books for parents about how not to let your children look their age? How ridiculous and horrifying that sounds. And yet we look at the later phases of life with their associated changes as bad, to be delayed and resisted for as long as possible. But Chinese face reading reveals that many of the wrinkles and other changes to our faces at this stage are actually powerfully positive signs of the lessons we’ve learned, experi-

This certainly is a sign of the kind of aging that we want to avoid. One thing I suggest is to occasionally tune in to how you’re holding your mouth as you go through the day, much like you check your rearview mirror as you drive. If you become aware of tension there, or feel your mouth turning down, consciously relax your lips, and create a small smile. You’ll be amazed at the impact a simple practice like this can have on changing subtle but longstanding patterns of emotion, thought and even behavior. Another sign of aging that we might want to transform is a change that happens to some people’s eyes. This change is not the usual sagging eyelids or wrinkles around the eyes. Those have meanings as well, but not negative ones. Instead, it’s the people who hold their eyes in a more and more narrowed fashion as they grow older that are of concern. One of the things the eyes represent is how we feel about letting others into our hearts. People who hold their eyes in a more squinting fashion are not so open to others. This can be a helpful tendency; they are not easily taken advantage of, and they evaluate situations carefully, looking at things realistically. But if someone’s eyes become more and more narrowed as they age, it’s a sign they’re growing more closed to others, less open-hearted, and probably more negative and unnecessarily distrustful. If this is you, you could experiment with consciously relaxing your eyes, holding them wider open, to see how that feels and how it impacts your life. There was a recent study of women identical twins’ faces, to see how environmental and Continued on Page 14


Shop of iL ttle Lig ht





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Embrace Your Day, Love Your Life CD Program

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Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are suprisingly affordable and in most cases she will only need to see you once.

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JUNGIAN PSYCHOTHERAPY • Life in transition • Spiritual deepening • Bereavement • Depression • Trauma • Relationship conflicts • Adults, children, couples According to Carl Jung, the divine essence of one’s being is the primary healing and transformative agent of the psyche, which is expressed in your nightly dreams, fantasies, and creative expressions. To help you engage with these images of the Self and resolve your struggles, Geri’s specialties include dreamwork, sandplay therapy, guided imagery and meditation.

Geri Grubbs, Ph.D., LICSW Jungian analyst Retreat setting by Cottage Lake Woodinville For more information see:





I have built a successful 25-year psychotherapy practice out of helping people resolve a wide range of issues: • Spiritual awakening and crisis Sue Neufeld-Ellis • Balancing emotion due to accidents and illnesses • Anxiety • Depression • Anger • Guilt • Childhood trauma and abuse

Let me help you open to your spiritual aspirations. I employ a variety of techniques, such as: • EMDR (eye movement therapy) • Lifespan Integration and Rebirthing • Meditation Instruction (CD samples on website) • Clinical Hypnotherapy Sue Neufeld-Ellis, LMHC, CSAT, RN

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Holistic Nurse Consultant & Healer

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ENERGY THERAPIES: SomaTones Syzygy • Reiki • Psych K Reconnective Healing • Kinesiology

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UNIVERSAL WHITE TIME HEALING UWTH is used for healing humanity on every level, and healing of Mother Earth, animals, plants and all life situations. UWTH can be facilitated in person or remotely, and at higher levels may be used for large numbers of people, or entire regions. UWTH Gemstone Healing is also available. NEW EARTH TEACHINGS are given in ten chapters focusing on tools for preparing ourselves and Mother Earth for Ascension to the NEW EARTH. Learn to open portals, clear karmic threads, work with the NEW chakras, expand your total brain capacity with protection of the New Inner Light, raising your frequency with vibrational symbols, NEW EARTH meditations & more. Purchase NET Chapters 5-9, and receive chapters 1-4 free. MATANYA UWTH Level 4 Practitioner UWTH Level 1 & 2 Teacher NET Level 2 Teacher and Lecturer Advanced Tachyon Practitioner/Distributor



We will build the new world now. It’s time now. It’s safe now.

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Fuel Yourself with Hope By Shobhna Hendry, MS, LMHC As a concept, positive thinking has become popular. There are many books on how we need to think positive and be optimistic in life. Very simply put, positive thinking attracts a higher vibration of energy and this energy is the key to attracting what we desire in life. Can one maintain positive thinking when worry and fear cloud the mind? Worry and fear consume the energy necessary for positive thoughts. Where there is fear there is limited hope and optimism. Without hope and optimism positive thinking is scarce. In order to maintain positive thoughts, one needs to harness the energy of hope and optimism. Truly optimism and hope go hand in hand. Hope is the energy that offers us courage to confront our circumstances and the capacity to overcome them. The dictionary defines optimism as “an inclination to anticipate the best possible outcome.” Where optimism lives in the mind, hope lives within our spirit. When fueled with optimism we are led to set goals and achieve them. We are motivated to do what it takes to reach the goals. Optimism is a lifestyle, we focus our mind on the desired goal and through positive

thoughts and an optimistic outlook we set out to accomplish the goal. Some people find that being optimistic is a lot of work. Since optimism resides in the mind there can be many distractions along the way of making optimism a lifestyle or a habit. You are probably already aware of how distracted a mind can be. When we practice being positive, it becomes a training of the mind to be focused. When fueled with hope we are led to feelings of compassion, peace and authenticity. Hope lives within our spirit. Hope allows us to be resilient and enduring in the face of serious setbacks. Hope encourages us to move forward and be open to possibilities as they unfold with no attachment to the perfect outcome. When worry and fear become a distraction, that can become a clue, it is time to leave the mind and move attention to the breath or to the pulsation of the heart. The breath becomes the focus of attention. Through the breath, calmness can enter the body. Through the breath you are giving energy to hope. By taking away attention from your mind you are taking energy away from the worries. Your worrying mind is also calmed. Optimism can grow. To remain optimistic, one needs to also

Beyond Mind and Body: The Power of Soul Continued from Page 13 “Dear soul of the finances of mother earth: in every country and in every city, in every organization, and every family, we love you. We give you our love. We are delighted for you. We ask the divine, the saints, the Buddha, the healing angels, the ancestors, fathers and mothers, Mother Earth to heal the financial soul. We love all humanity. We send love, peace, and harmony to transform the world’s financial blockage.” This is the wisdom I want

to share with the public. If we send the light, change takes place. But one person is not enough. We need millions of people to give love to heal the financial soul first. If you have a small company of 50 or 100 people, call all employees and the board members to connect with and give love and harmony to the financial soul 15 minutes regularly. Kwami: What is your most important message to your readers? Dr. Sha: After you have

read this article, after you read all my books, I want you to come away with the realization that you have the power to heal yourself. You can transform every aspect of your life by applying the power of the soul. Learn more about Dr. Sha at Kwami E Nyamidie is a spiritual director and can be reached at

A Monthly Gathering of People Of Positive Influence

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This is a relaxed networking lunch where we gather to share great food and even greater company. We visit, network, and make referrals. Find out why some people say this is their favorite networking group! First Tuesday: May 5, June 2, July 7, August 4 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. No reservations required. • No prepayment required Cost is the price of your lunch - the buffet costs $7.50! (Vegetarian available.) Chef Chen’s, 15704 Mill Creek Blvd. #9 Mill Creek, WA 425-338-3300 (for directions only) For information about Good Company, call 425-356-7237 or 206-799-7753

People of Positive Influence (PPIs) are those who are living their lives in such a way as to be a positive influence on the world around them. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do or where you do it. If you are helping to make the world a better place, if you are reading New Spirit Journal,you are a PPI! Join us for a monthly network gathering. Sponsored by Krysta Gibson and Rhonda Dicksion of New Spirit Journal

Practicing Mindfulness Cultivating mindfulness in critical times is challenging. Critical times are however an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness. Some points to help you practice mindfulness: • The practice of mindfulness is welcoming and forgiving. It is less tempting to be mindful when unpleasant feelings are on the horizon. When a day has passed and you realize you have not been in touch even once with your breath and within yourself then that moment becomes the perfect opportunity to practice being present. No judgement rendered. • Since your breath is always with you, mindfulness is easily practiced with attention to the breath. Experience the air as you breathe in. Experience the air as you breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. You can breathe in to the count of four, hold your breath for the count of four train the mind. Cultivating mindfulness allows the mind to stay in the present and provides optimism a fertile place to flourish. Mindful behavior and actions bring us to a level of awareness where hope can be renewed. With hope being kept alive optimism continues to grow. Our current times have shown us that now more than ever we need to respond with hope and optimism. Respond with determination, enthusiasm, and collaboratively. These factors are dependent on the promise of hope. Hope

and breathe out to the count of four. As you continue to do this slowly and gently let go of the counting and just breathe in and breathe out. Naturally and with ease. Notice the sensations. Welcome the sensations. Watch your thoughts. • Thoughts are not facts. Surrender your thoughts. Allow your thoughts to flow in and out. As your mind drifts away with a thought gently urge your attention back to your breath. • It is with this gentleness that compassion grows. Compassion towards ourselves. Time and time again. Practicing mindfulness at any given time creates space essential to practice a life of optimism. Cultivating mindfulness allows us to compassionately and courageously face the very fears that threaten optimism and hope in difficult and challenging times. that by responding in this optimistic manner we will surely bring simplicity to chaos, economic security to our neighbors, peaceful communities and a brighter future to our youth and old alike. Shobhna Hendry is a licensed mental health counselor and helps people cultivate joy in their life. You can call her at (425) 443-5896 or e-mail her at

How can I prevent signs of aging? Continued from Page 12 lifestyle factors affected aging. Since twins are genetically programmed to age the same way, then any differences in how they aged could be attributed to external factors. They found that things like smoking and sun exposure did age people faster. But they also discovered that the twins who’d experienced more emotional stress aged faster, and those who had struggled with depression did so as well. And as I gazed at these photographs, I saw so much more information presented on their faces. In many cases, the twin who had aged faster had a face that showed she was holding on to anger or hurt, was seeing life through a negative filter,

so stuck in her belief system, she seemed barely still open to give or receive love. So, how to avoid signs of aging on your face? Many of the signs that develop are wonderful indications of the depth of your own personal growth, and heroic journey through life, and no one should want to avoid those. And just because our culture hasn’t yet embraced aging in this way, we’re poised for change. One of the last legacies of transformation that the baby-boomers may leave for the world could well be a shift from viewing aging as bad to celebrating it as another powerful stage of being. And how to avoid signs on your face that aging is causing your heart to close? Become aware of tension

anywhere in your face and allow it to shift. Soften your mouth, relax your lips, open your eyes, look at someone and smile. And most importantly, look in the mirror every day and say, “I love you.” Jean Haner is the author of “The Wisdom of Your Face.” With her 25year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves. Please visit www.wisdomof for information on workshops, consultations and Jean’s free newsletter.

Are you ready to take the next step with your life or business? Do you want some support to unravel some issues in your life? A life or business consultation with Krysta Gibson helps you to access your own wisdom while being able to share in hers. Krysta supports her business and personal clients with compassion and full acceptance for who they are and for where they are in their journey. Explore what she has to offer with books, DVDs, CD, classes by visiting her website:

MAY 2009

On The Bookshelf

Book and Media Reviews by Krysta Gibson Crafting a Magical Life Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire through Creative Projects

By Carol Holaday Findhorn Press When is the last time you read a spirituallyoriented book and could actually say it was a fun read? This is exactly what Crafting a Magical Life is: a fun read. The reason it is so much fun is that the author gives various projects the reader can use to enhance their manifestation skills. She walks us through making our own pendulum, manifesting map, power prayer beads, traveling altar, dream pillow and so much more. The author gives specific instructions as well as explaining how to use the various items and techniques. Crafting a Magical Life gets you out of your head and into your heart and soul. By using some of these projects and making them your own, you will enhance your own clarity while increasing the power of attraction in your energy field. Both of these can only support you in manifesting the life you are destined to live.

Finding Heaven Here

By John C. Robinson O Books More of a workbook than one to simply read, Finding Heaven Here leads the reader through the journey of experiencing true soul-living. This is, of course, the experience of heaven on earth. Throughout the book, the author shares much of his own journey and process which helps us find his words believable and worthy of action in our own lives. Exercises such as “exploring heaven’s compass” helps us walk through what the author calls the four realms: the world of man, heaven on earth, darkness, and divinity. This one exercise is used as a base for us to explore other aspects of our daily life and attitudes. The author’s journey has taken him into many different religions and traditions and the entire book is sprinkled with various quotes from a wide variety of teachers. The value in this is that the information can appeal to a broad range of people from many different backgrounds. If you want to explore the idea of self-realization in a bit of a different light, this book would be a great guide for you.

Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism

By Rose DeDan Author House Reviewed by Cat Saunders, Ph.D. Tails of a Healer is jampacked with animal stories that delight the senses, tickle the imagination, and transcend the mundane into the realm of mystery. Author Rose De Dan is not only a gifted healer, shamanic practitioner, and Reiki master; she is also a master storyteller. The true-life tales in

her book will make you laugh and sometimes cry. They’ll make you think and they’ll fill you with wonder. Most of all, De Dan’s stories will teach you about the fine art of bridging worlds; between animals and humans, between heart and mind, between body and soul, and between consensus reality and the deeper levels of reality that nurture and sustain us all. Tails of Healer is a gem.

Choose Them Wisely Thoughts Become Things!

By Mike Dooley Beyond Words Publishing Most people are now familiar with Mike Dooley after he was featured in the movie, The Secret. Prior to that, however, Dooley had quite a following because of his audio courses and his daily e-mail program, Notes From the Universe. The latter eventually became several books. What people seem to most enjoy about this author is that he shares his own processes and he gives practical information that is inspirational at the same time. This book is no exception. Written in short chapters, each of them is filled with inspiration, compassion and love. No matter what issue life might be throwing at you, there is a chapter here that can support you in choosing better thoughts that will help you enjoy a happier, more satisfying life.

365 Prescriptions for the Soul Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope and Love

By Dr. Bernie S. Siegel New World Library Dr. Bernie Siegel is known worldwide for his fabulous work in the medical profession where he did groundbreaking healing work in aligning body, mind, and spirit. This book could be seen as a mini-course for daily use. At the end of a year, you would have covered just about every issue imaginable. Try these: Prescription #129 - Get Comfortable (quit worrying about what others think of you) Prescription #42 - Argue or Love? (You get to choose and the results will show.) Prescription #315 - Sense of Humor (Get one!) Grab a copy of this book and put it where you have breakfast every day. Enjoy one of these prescriptions and see if your life isn’t better very soon; you might not know yourself in a year’s time!

Waves of Awakening Cleansing Your Spirit

Meditation CD By Cathleen Balfour Cathleen Balfour is a spiritual teacher, holistic health practitioner, and sacred site guide who uses guided meditations as one tool to assist people along their paths. On this CD, she begins with a healing prayer that is followed by about 10 minutes of imagery. The listener

is taken to a beach and led to an experience of great relaxation to the sounds of the ocean and birds. There is guidance about living one’s life through divine grace, and honoring one’s divine self. There is a good use of one’s senses and of light. Following the guided section, there is about 30 minutes of relaxing music and nature sounds with theta frequencies. Theta frequency is said to promote health, meditation, intuition and memory. If you need more relaxation and deepening of your spiritual practice, this would be a good addition to your tool box.

Best Tarot Practices Everything You Need to Know to Learn the Tarot By Marcia Masino, Weiser Books Anyone interested in the tarot will want to get this book. The author is a certified Grandmaster of Tarot as awarded by the American Tarot Association and is the author of the classic Easy Tarot Guide. The book is a comprehensive guide to tarot and can be used by beginners as well as more seasoned readers. I love the way that this method encourages you to have your own relationship with the cards, their symbols, and the characters on the cards. This enables a person to really know their own personal meaning for each card as opposed to simply memorizing details from books. Whether you want to read for yourself or others, this book has it all. It even covers what to do with difficult clients and how to have a meaningful reading. If you are looking for ways to integrate the teachings of the tarot into your life, this book offers a great deal of information and insight into doing that as well. I have recommended this book to every tarot reader I know and feel confident it will deliver




great insights to anyone who decides to use its wisdom.

Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days: An Alternative Way for the Advanced Soul

By Stuart Wilde, Hay House This book will not be for everyone as it takes the reader on a journey far beyond that explored in the usual studies of metaphysics. It is about something Wilde is calling the “end of days,” even though he is not saying the world is actually ending; instead, he is saying it is ending as we know it. According to Wilde, there are battles being waged in the spiritual worlds, battles being waged by the forces of light against dark entities in order to free the planet. The book explains the various entities and events that are going on in these other worlds and what each person can do to work with the various energies. He talks about inviting grace into our lives and how we can allow divine grace to heal us and the planet. Some of this information can seem to be way “out there” and is impossible to describe in the space allotted for a book review. I was involved in a group telephone interview with Stuart whom I had met and interviewed many years ago. I can say that his energy has changed substantially and he is much more mellow and compassionate. If you are interested in some of the more challenging explanations of time and space and the planet, this book will certainly intrigue you and offer a lot of material for thought.




MAY 2009

An Interview with Dr. Zhi Gang Sha By Kwami E. Nyamidie Today, many scientists believe that the mind influences the body. Olympic champions train with elaborate visualization exercises. Now we know the inner game our athletes play in their minds affects their performance on the field. Mind over matter has become a cliché in the medical world. Jerry Epstein, Bernie Siegel, Larry Dorsey, Carolyn Myss, Judith Orloff, and countless others have written to show that the mind does influence the body in the healing process. Now a tai-chi and chi gong master trained in ancient Chinese and Western medicine, and featured in the movie Soul Masters, is challenging the scientific community and the general public to go beyond the influence of mind and embrace the extraordinary power of the soul. Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, the author of The Power of Soul, spoke to us about his Chinese heritage as well as his crusade to integrate 5,000year-old Chinese healing ideas with modern medicine. Kwami: In the DVD Soul Masters, featuring you and Dr. Guo, your mentor, he said to you: “Don’t forget your mother. Don’t forget your country.” How did your mother and China influence you? Dr Sha: In Soul Masters I told the story of how I met Master Guo. In 1986 I received a book from my birth father about how positive thinking can heal by visualizing the light. The author told many heart touching stories. I called the author, Master Dr. Ji Chen Guo. I said: “I love your book. I want to become your disciple.” In Chinese culture, if you are just a student, it will take you 20, 30 years or whole life, to learn the secrets. But if you are a disciple you learn all the secrets in a short time. Then Dr. Guo said, “Just be a student.” I didn’t take no for an answer. I called him up many more times. Then I received Master Guo’s letter addressed to me as his Chi-Gong disciple in which he wrote, “Do not forget your mother; do not forget your country.” So when he said I shouldn’t forget my mother, he meant that I shouldn’t forget my parents. They gave me life, raised me, loved me, and educated me. Most people love their

mother. He also said that I shouldn’t forget my country, meaning that China has a history and a spirituality which includes chi-gong, tai-chi, I-Ching and other ancient arts. I started tai-chi at six, chi gong at 10. Later I studied feng shui and I-Ching. I also studied Western medicine, acupuncture, and herbs. I have been able to integrate 5,000 years of traditional Chinese medicine and wisdom with modern Western medicine in my Soul Power series of books, of which The Power of Soul is the latest and the fourth. Kwami: What is the relationship between what you do and falun gong? Do you have problems with the government of China? [Editor’s note: Falun gong is another form of spiritual and metaphysical practice from China that the Chinese government persecutes.] Dr. Sha: We have no relationship with falun gong. chi gong is a very ancient spiritual practice to boost energy, vitality and stamina, to heal, rejuvenate and prolonging life. The essence of Chi Gong is to use the mind to visualize and to make a spiritual connection. And I do not have any problem with the Chinese government. Kwami: What is the reason for what you are doing? Dr. Sha: I am sharing the knowledge of the soul. Over the past decades, we have done research and studies. We have organized seminars and written books to show mind over matter, which means mind can heal the body. I admire mind over matter. And I admit the power of mind. The ancient masters use soul in their healing more than we are doing today. People forget to use the soul. I am offering to teach soul over matter but it does not mean that I created the concept. People have forgotten about the power of the soul. Kwami: You are reminding humanity that soul resides in the body. Dr. Sha: Yes. The soul is the golden light of being used mostly in Asian countries. In North America, people use the word spirit. Soul and

spirit are the same. In science we talk about cellular communication but we do not talk about soul. But the cells, DNA and RNA send messages. I am proposing that it is the soul that makes cellular communication possible. Kwami: You said in the book that if you want healing, you must heal the soul first. If you want financial success, you must communicate with the financial soul. The whole earth is going through a transition and a perceived economic recession. You said that everything has a soul. Can soul

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha says that the ancient masters used soul in their healing more than we do today. People have forgotten about the power of the soul. power solve our current financial problems? Dr. Sha: The key to solving the financial condition is to communicate with the financial soul of mother earth, and the financial soul of every country. We can say for example: Continued on Page 14

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