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Be The Phoenix

Isha Judd on loving your life and the joy of self-discovery BY KRYSTA GIBSON

Calling herself a modern-day Doctor Doolittle, she lives with horses, dogs, hawks, and 30 people she has trained as teachers. Originally from Australia, spiritual teacher and author Isha Judd is now based in Uruguay. She’s known internationally for her social outreach programs in highsecurity prisons, hospitals, and children’s homes, as well as her work with ex-guerilla soldiers. Named Ambassador for Peace by the Argentinian Senate and Citizen of the World by the International University in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Isha teaches around the world. In her newest book, Love Has Wings: Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs and Fall in Love with Life (New World Library), Isha presents powerful tools for dealing with four aspects of life that people often find challenging: the daily grind, insecurity, loneliness, and the uncertainty of a world in crisis.

Krysta Gibson: In your book you say that you’re here to share with the readers how you came to realize that “things really aren’t that bad at all, that actually things are more fantastically wonderful than we have ever dreamed of.” I can hear many people saying, “What?” Isha: We never see reality. We see through our window of perception which is often clouded by past regrets, all the things we resent, all the things we perceive going wrong in our lives. We have so much stress, fear of criticism and of not being good enough, that when people speak to us, we hear something completely different. When we start to heal and perceive what I call love consciousness, we begin to perceive reality. When we learn to focus on love, grace, and gratitude, life is really quite lovely. Krysta: What about someone who says, “I just lost my house or my job, things are not okay! How can you say everything is okay!” Isha: You know, I lost everything. When I was 28 years old, I lost my home, my job, my partner. I had many people die in my life. I felt like a total victim. When I look back now, I see how it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. By losing my external things, I found myself. I found something very powerful, very permanent, that I could have with me all the time. Initially when our foundations are rocked, when we lose our external security, we feel very fragile. In that moment, we have a choice. Am I the Phoenix and rise from the ashes or do I just keep wallowing in the ashes? What happens is that eventually we become more mature, more responsible, and we start to find something much more permanent because the illusion changes. It will constantly change. We’ll have months when everything seems to be flowing spectacularly and then we’ll have months where it appears the whole world is against us. This is when we need to realize that the universe is calling for change and evolution. And we have to start searching for that. Krysta: How does a person do this? Isha: What I teach is how to go inside and reach that place I call “love consciousness.” This is a place of peace and joy that is within all humans. When we were children we had this

all the time, the present moment awareness, and our perception was without judgment. When we begin to cultivate this again by focusing inwards, all the limiting beliefs and fears start to come to the surface. Once we see them, they can transform into a higher vibration of love. Continued on Inside Back Page

By focusing on love and cultivating an internal security, Isha says we can start to take steps in our lives to create profound change. “Often we don’t change because we’re afraid of what might happen. We cling to what we recognize, even if we are steeped in suffering. There’s a part of us that is addicted to suffering, that equates love with suffering. It is exactly the opposite. Love is very light, very joyful, very simple and innocent,” she explains.

Contemplation on “There is not enough” In what area or areas of your life are you always wanting more? It could be food, alcohol or drugs, fashionable clothing, fancy cars, money, love, or more recognition or achievement at work. By becoming aware of these areas, you can start to deactivate their power: when you feel the outward pull that takes your attention away from yourself and fixes it on the object of your desire, reverse that energetic movement by taking your attention deep within. Close your eyes, center your awareness in your heart, and ask yourself, “What am I feeling in this moment?” When your cravings are activated, the feeling of lack, anxiety, or internal emptiness that drives them will be more evident than ever, if you take the time to go inward and listen. Allow yourself to feel this charge, and bit by bit, it will dissipate. If you do this every time you feel the need for something external, you will soon be free of the root of your craving. Reprinted from Love Has Wings by Isha Judd. With permission of New World Library




JUNE 2012

The Natural High: Learning to Enjoy The Outdoors By Dr. Penny Lloyd

Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia Canada

Ever gone for a nature hike and been bored in 15 minutes? As you labor up the trail, do you only see one more tree like the thousand you have just seen? Are you sweaty and irritated by bugs in no time, longing for the easy entertainment of a movie in air-conditioned comfort? Are you starting to think that you will never understand those freaks out there that bounce around gleefully after their nature experience?

Don’t give up. You too can join the world of the natural high. Animals and nature provide a guide to a healthy and spirited lifestyle. Many of the qualities that humans strive to master, are brilliantly modeled by various species. But unlike flashing neon signs and wailing sirens, nature speaks more subtly. If you don’t look carefully, chances are you will miss the best gifts entirely. It takes a different mode to access some of the gems of nature. Most of the skills used in climbing a corporate ladder do not apply. It is a matter of joining the rhythm of nature, not conquering it. The following pointers will help you learn how to have deeper and more meaningful interactions. Create a vacation mindset. Be curious. Investigate. Explore. Look for fun, mystery, adventure, and unexpected delights. Open your mind to possibilities. Use all of your senses. Be like a child, full of curiosity and wonder. Play. Adopt the attitude of a kitten or puppy. Become a party animal. Lose the superior attitude. You cannot learn anything if you already think you know everything. Brilliant thinking is not what animals teach. Their perceptions and journey is different from yours. That is precisely why they have gems to teach. An attitude of gratitude is the realm where magic can happen. Take the time to appreciate everything that shows up. Consider everything that crosses your path to hold significance. Appreciation is the fastest way to enter a sacred flow where anything is possible. Just relax, observe, and feel. Stay heart centered. Pay attention to what you feel inside as you notice different things. Resist the urge to think, analyze, categorize,

dissect, judge, teach a lesson to, strategize, or plan. It is a gateway to a world way bigger than your thinking mind. Focus on the present. Do not play reruns of your past. Do not worry about the future. This practice will reduce uninspired patterns of thinking. It is like a walking meditation. You will notice more. Life feels better. Animals and children are great role models. Destination driving, multi-tasking and rushing waste time. They are the opposite of being in the moment. Recognize that you are not fully enjoying, and slow it down. Everything that you choose to do deserves your entire focus. This practice raises the quality of your life. Listen deeply with all of your senses. It is an art form that goes beyond listening to words and sounds. Discover the feeling behind the sound. Then you will hear the truth behind the words. This is how animals listen. Cultivate the receptive state. Extend it to all your senses. Observe what makes you feel well inside. Become like a highly trained cop. Notice every detail. Practice listening to sensations and tensions that arise and where in your body they are located. This level of observation is a key to keeping your body healthy. Look at life as a big game full of clues to unlock mysteries. Become a detective. Notice recurring patterns or themes. Study the behaviors of animals that enter your life to uncover fascinating insights into life circumstances. Laugh, learn, and grow from what you see. Continued on Page 6Robbie Holz wore a

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JUNE 2012

Are You Trying? My mother’s voice still rings in my ears. “I know you’re trying, very trying!” This would be in response to my whining about something I hadn’t accomplished. I was explaining to her that I was trying to do whatever it was. There was no sympathy coming from her. I guess this is one of the reasons I resonate with the saying, “Do something or don’t do something, but never try.” In the years that have passed since my childhood, I realize what wisdom there is in this. When we say we’ll try to do something, we aren’t putting enough energy behind our intention or our actions to reach the desired results. When we only try to do something, our attempts are half-hearted and it’s easy to give up.

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On the other hand, when we say we will do something we put our entire self behind the actions we take. What about when we’re not sure of a particular course of action? Shouldn’t we just try and see what happens? No. We make a commitment to accomplish whatever it is and put ourselves into it 100%. It might work or it might not work. If it doesn’t work, it won’t be because we didn’t put ourselves wholly into it. By putting ourselves into the project 100%, even if the outcome isn’t what we had hoped it would be, there will be many gains for us along the way. Let’s use the example of starting a business. When I started my first newspaper, I had been shown in my mind’s eye what the publication would be like. Even though I didn’t have the financial resources to publish a newspaper, I began to plan for it. I wrote down what sort of articles it would have, the columns I would run, and names of businesses that might be interested in advertising. I did this for about five months. I held back because I didn’t have the money. I didn’t commit to the project. How could I? How can you start a business without money?


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Living The Good Life by Krysta Gibson

Then one day, I opened my mail and found the following quote: “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. “A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” (This quote is usually attributed to Goethe but some people say parts of it were written by William Hutchinson Murray. No matter who wrote it, there is a lot of inspirational truth in it.) I felt like someone had slapped me across the face. I realized I was trying to start a newspaper. I had not committed. I picked up the phone and called my boss and gave him a month’s notice. When I hung up the phone, I was terrified. What had I just done? Now, not only did I not have the financing to start a business, I also didn’t have a job. What I did have, however, was a commitment. No, money didn’t magically fall out of the sky into my lap. The road to success didn’t suddenly beckon me to stroll down it with no challenges. But as I stepped forward, another piece of the puzzle revealed itself. The job of building a business from nothing without resources was not easy. Many times the only thing that made it happen was the fact that I was committed.


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Krysta is the publisher of New Spirit Journal and is the author of several books and CD programs. She is a guest speaker at the open house for the Ananda Community’s 20th anniversary celebration on June 16. Learn more about her at She is a guest on the Conscious Talk radio show the third Thursday of each month. Listen live or to the archives at www. Join her email list at

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I was not going to stop unless God reached down from Her heaven and flattened me, clearly saying, “Go no further.” Although it came very close to this a few times, I kept going and eventually the path became less strewn with boulders and more and more gravel showed up. How do we make such a commitment? It’s easy to do when we feel assured of the outcome. And this is what most people want before they commit to something. It’s like the banks wanting you to prove you don’t need a loan before they will give you one. They want a sure thing. First of all, you must decide if you really want to do whatever it is. How badly do you want it? On a scale of one to 10 – with one being a little bit to 10 being I must have or do this – how badly do you want it? If you score below a nine, find something else you really want to do or be. You need to score a nine or more; the closer to a 10 you are, the better. Then ask yourself, what am I willing to do, not do, be or not be? What am I willing to give up in order to have this happen? Write it down. If your list is short or if what you write down seems really easy, you are probably not ready to commit. Write down how far you are willing to go before giving up. How bad would it have to get before you would stop? If your goal relates to a job or business, am I willing to take some sort of low-income job to support myself while building my dream? Am I willing to fail? One thing I would always tell myself and others was, “Well, if this doesn’t work, I can always get a job at a fast food joint.” This was very motivating for me because the last thing I wanted to do was flip burgers! Lastly, make a date when you will begin. Write it down. Then do it, no matter what. There’s a rough edge that comes with commitment that many people don’t like. But it takes that level of commitment or you’re only trying. And we know what my mother said about trying. Don’t try. Do.

Mychael Shane

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JUNE 2012

A Small Word Goes A Long Way By Suhas Patwardhan

Of all the words in the English dictionary one word which all of us must know how to make use of as frequently as possible in our day-to-day communications is thanks. However, we do not make use of this very simple word as frequently as we ought to, for no apparent reason. This is a word which cannot be turned into passive voice like, “You are thanked,” nor can it be replaced with an exact synonym.

Thanks, apparently a single syllable, does not stand alone but always forms part of an exchange, a conversational gambit, opening channels of communication smoothly. Let’s therefore be not too economical or conservative in our usage. Why not go beyond mere thanks? It pays rich dividends if we intensify it by means of lengthening, such as, “Thank you very much!” or still a greater lengthening like, “Thank you very much indeed!” or, artistically speaking, “Thanks adinfinitum,” or, “Many, many thanks,” or just, “Thanks a lot!” Those interested in giving it a literary touch may say, “Thanks, thanks, and thanks!” In formal communication we may write “I wish to sincerely thank you.” Certain compliments or exclamations of delight or both surprise and delight can be expressed like, “Oh,wow! Thank you!” or, “What a marvelous idea! Thanks.” Thanks as an expression is a spontaneous

Been there, done that... Now what? Consider:

Counseling for Life Transitions With

overflow of feelings of gratitude. The words should be uttered so politely and pleasantly as to reflect both the spontaneity and the attitude of gratitude. It is interesting to recall a story in Jesus’ life. Ten lepers were healed by Jesus. Only one of them, however, remembered to whom he owes his amazing, miraculous recovery. This man threw himself down at Jesus’ feet and profusely thanked him. “Were not all the 10 cleansed? Where are the other nine?” asks Jesus. Not as a reproach for ingratitude to himself. That was an expression of concern for the spiritual infirmity that afflicted the other nine. Jubilant over their regained and restored health, in their thanklessness and thoughtlessness they are all lost. But the man who remembered Jesus was not only cured, but was saved too. We do not know what happened to the other nine afterwards. They might not have lived a healthy life, that much we can safely conjecture. It was saintly Jesus who could forgive and forget. What about the lesser mortals like us in his place? We would have vowed not to be good to anybody under any circumstances,th ereafter. A contrast to this comes across in an incident in a film, The Man Without a Past (2003) by the Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki. The man in the film was so badly injured in a beating that he loses his memory. The film recounts his recovery and eventual salvation; a new and finer identity will be his. His redemption, however, is implicit from the beginning. For when he regains consciousness, but not his memory, in the house of people who, he realizes, have taken him in and looked after him without knowing who he is any more than he knows himself, the first words he utters – and they are his first words in the film – are, “Thank you!” Dr. Joseph Murphy, an American philosopher says, “A grateful heart is always close to the creative forces of the universe causing countless blessings to flow towards it by the law of reciprocal relationship based on the cosmic law of action and reaction.” People want to be “paid,” recompensed,

recognized, rewarded, for their benediction, howsoever small it may be. And if they fail to receive the compliments they exclaim disdainfully, “So that’s all the thanks I get.” Some, reluctant to say thanks, defend their action (or inaction) saying that the other person simply did it as a part of his official duty. Do all the working people do their job sincerely? Why not thank them, even if what they have done happens to be their duty. Give thanks and the recipient will do his job more efficiently, more cheerfully. Man is a social animal. How social are we really? Let’s count our thanks to judge ourselves. And what does social work really mean? Is it not doing something to boost up the morale of others or encouraging them to do things better and better? And to bring out the best in them? Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality too. Thanks are the highest form of thoughts. In the world of www we use shortcuts in communication. Let us not be sparing in our expression of gratitude. In a global village, one word that can bring distant people closer is thanks. So, whenever you forget to say thanks just ask yourself, “I have bought with my money as many things I can and am taking due care of all possessions. However, in the process have I not lost something which money cannot buy?” Thanksgiving at the harvest time is a widespread custom. Why can’t every day be a Thanksgiving Day? Dear readers, I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. Prof. (Mr.) Suhas Patwardhan, 60, an MA in English literature from Bombay University, is associated with Jeevan Vidya Mission, a spiritual NGO of India, founded by spiritual thinker, Sri Wamanrao Pai. The author can be reached at me.suhaspatwardhan@rediffmail. com. Contact him at (425) 956-3768, 3620,146th Pl. N.E., Apt. D-15,Bellevue, WA 98007. For more information about Jeevanvidya mission log on to www.

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Love: The Key Aspect of The Heart Chakra By Ruth Stender

The fourth of the seven chakras is called the heart chakra, located in the chest and area around the thoracic spine. The heart chakra’s key quality is love and it’s associated with the air element. To love openly and unconditionally is like merging love and air. Air is expansive, soft, gentle. It’s invisible, and yet we know when it’s there. Same with love. You just know it when you feel it, in your heart. Sharing love’s tenderness is like a soft wind. The positive qualities of the heart – compassion, understanding, forgiveness – become like wildflowers, blossoming in the most unlikely places. Having a closed heart, on the other hand, allows the weeds of negativity to take root and smother the seeds of love. The heart chakra is a bridge between the lower, physically oriented chakras, and the higher, spiritually centered chakras. Only through embracing the meaning of unconditional love may we ascend into higher states of consciousness.

What Blocks Energy in The Heart Chakra Energy in the heart center is primarily blocked for three reasons: 1) resentment or bitterness with an unwillingness to forgive past grievances; 2) loving others with conditions or attachment to outcome; or 3) being overly empathetic, meaning you take on another person’s pain and suffering.

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” — Nelson Mandela The heart chakra is associated with the heart, lungs, breasts, circulatory system, ribs, arms, thoracic spine, and thymus gland. The thymus gland is the master gland of the immune system. Because autoimmune disease involves the body attacking itself, working with the heart chakra (self-love), along with the lumbar chakra (located in the navel/solar plexus area and related to how you tend to your own personal needs) is both logical and necessary for healing autoimmune-related issues. See May issue for more on the third (lumbar) chakra (archived at

How to Balance the Heart Chakra Love is the answer to all suffering. Especially self-love. Loving yourself is not selfish. In fact, loving yourself without condition is fundamental in developing unconditional loving relationships with others. Here are some actions that promote unconditional love: • Hugging: When hugging someone, place your hands at the back of their heart center, right between the shoulder blades. Imagine love flowing from your heart – through your hands – into the heart of another. Hold for seven seconds. • Integrated Self-Love: To love yourself

Chakra Talk by Ruth Stender

simply means to take good care of your body, mind, and spirit, equally. Consume things to help your body thrive. Have a positive and loving attitude. Explore and nurture what has meaning in your life. Total integration of mind-body-spirit equals balanced emotions, and a happy heart. • Random Acts of Kindness: Doing nice things for others refuels the heart. Not telling anyone (especially the recipient) about the act is even better. Keeping it a secret will make your heart swell with love every time you see that person. • Letting Go: To let go means to surrender. Surrendering past grievances is to forgive. Nelson Mandela said, “Resentment


is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” Forgiving heals the heart and releases resentment, allowing space for love anew. • Just For Today: In the practice of reiki there are five principles practitioners are expected to honor and teach. Each principle begins with, “Just for today...” Try applying a “just for today” mentality to shift your attitude or change a habit. For example, “Just for today, I will practice nonjudgment,” or “Just for today, I will honor my body.” • Laughing: A good hearty laugh is so good for our health that we now have professional “laugh therapists” to induce laughing. Laughing reduces stress, depression, and anxiety and benefits the immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. Seek out a laugh therapy class, rent some funny movies, or go to a comedy club with friends. And be sure to laugh out loud. • Heart-Opening Yoga Postures: Backbends and forward bends are perfect for opening the front as well as back of the heart chakra. “Lead with the heart” is a common instruction used to guide students into these poses. Try “leading with your heart” outside of yoga class. Keep loving thoughts at the center of all your interactions. • Tapping on Your Heart Center: Tapping on the chest awakens energy to support cardiovascular and immune system function. Tapping is also a quick remedy to encourage deep breathing in stressful situations. Find an EFT (Emotional Continued on Page 6

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Heart Chakra Continued from Page 5 Freedom Technique) practitioner to learn specifics. Or connect with the Tarzan within and beat to your own rhythm. • Neutrality: In yoga we work to achieve a “neutral” spine so energy can freely move up “the river of life” (the spine) with minimal effort. Taking a neutral position with others is the same because it develops objectivity. Through understanding we find compassion. Listening without judgment protects your heart while being fully present for others. • Karma Yoga: Devoting oneself in service to others without expectation of reward is karma yoga; it is to volunteer eagerly and happily with the best intentions. Ah, but there is a reward. It isn’t possible to help someone and not feel genuine love in your heart. • Breathing: Science has proven that proper breathing improves overall health and wellness. Take a meditation or yoga

JUNE 2012 class and learn the ujjayi breath. Utilizing the full capacity of the lungs, is very oxygenating, circulating prana throughout your whole being and benefiting the entire cardio-respiratory system. Ujjayi is both meditative and rejuvenating.

What Does Unconditional Love Feel Like? To know true love is to know God. To know God is to know yourself. The ultimate devotional act to God is self-love. To know thyself completely, tenderly accepting all of what you see, then sharing that which you know by being that which you are, this is unconditional love. Ruth Stender is a certified meditation and yoga teacher offering private and group classes. She is completing her first book which teaches how to balance mind, body, and spirit using the chakras, breath work, and easy-to-use self-healing techniques. Ruth offers services at The Pujari Center, East West Bookshop and Swedish Medical Center. www.seattle, (206) 708-3277.

Outdoors:The Natural High Continued from Page 2 Use your imagination as a child would. Become the eagle. Pretend you can fly. Feel the flutter of a butterfly inside you. Access an entirely new dimension to your encounters with plants and animals. It will surprise you how real a playful stream of imagination can be. Venture outside and practice regularly. Indoor plants and pets are fun, but a wider scope of adventure lay outside your door. Preserve the variety of creatures in your playground. Future generations will thank you.

Experience the essence of another creature, by what resonates in you. You will feel the power, joy, and peace that emanate from nature. Connect to a quality whose potential is waiting to be expressed within you. There is nothing to compare with the natural high. Dr. Penny Lloyd is a veterinarian and nature guide who enjoys teaching skills and games to connect deeper with animals and nature for mutual healing benefits. Visit ConnectionTheBest for free games to play.


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Ding Dong, the Moles are Gone... The moles are gone, the moles are gone, ding dong, those stubborn moles are gone! Whoopee, yeehaw, yahoo! And the best part is, I did not have to kill them. They just packed up and left, on their own. Well, with a little help from yours truly. Okay then, for you new readers, so why am I singing an altered version of song from The Wizard of Oz and for those of you who have been following the saga, what did I do? To answer those questions I need to back up a bit. Just so you all know, I have been writing this column in New Spirit Journal every month since the first issue which came out way back in May of 2005. Not being one to blow my own horn, I do believe I have written some really great articles and series here. That being said, I have never received as much feedback, comments, and thankyous about any of them as I have about the ones I wrote about the moles. Go figure. It seems I am not the only one who has had an ongoing problem with them. In fact, the problem is more widespread than I ever imagined. I have heard from people all over the place, city dwellers as well as country folks. In my travels around this area, I see more and more evidence of them and in places where I have never seen them before. There just must be more of them than ever before and maybe that explains why this subject is

Our Animal Friends by Martha Norwalk so popular. Now, I am not going to repeat all the details about moles that I covered in the series I wrote about them last year, but I will give you an overview to bring you up to date. Fortunately, for those of you who did not read that series or want some of the details again, New Spirit Journal has a great archive of back issues on their website at I began that series in August 2011 if you want to find all the articles. My first serious experience with these critters began at my farm back in the early 1990s. It was ongoing until I sold the place in 2003. In that earlier series, I did talk about that time, explained the problems and detailed my attempts to stop and then control the moles. I was never completely successful at either. I got a break from these creatures when I moved back into the city for several years. In 2009 I moved back to the country and was shortly reminded of what it was like to Continued on Page 13

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In The Spirit of Play By Geri Grubbs, Ph.D., LICSW

Play can be a bridge to the unconscious where it facilitates the recovery of lost memories and unconscious fantasies; a safe acting-out of inner impulses, pain, and desires, where the possibility of a reconciliation can occur. This conscious expression of inner conflict and complexes seems to bring forth change as if something moves and loosens the psychological logjam of suffering. The I Ching states, “Once a situation is mastered from within the heart, the success of our exterior actions will come about all by itself.” In most cases, play comes easy for children. I recall obsessively delving into fantasy play in elementary school as a way of coping with my family and life in general that was not easy for me in those days. But instead of an imaginative friend, as is often the case, I invented an imaginary life of two brothers, whom I called “Georgie and Jimmy,” who engaged in what can be called “the hero’s journey.” At times, my younger brother became one of the players as we encountered hardship and struggle in forests, deserts, mountains and what not. Always, we came out ahead of the

Sandplay provides a direct link to the world of play and the unconscious.

difficulties, and I became the protector and hero of the day. I ended with a renewed sense of strength and dignity in facing obstacles that would come my way. Carl Jung discovered the power of play through his own personal struggle and search for meaning shortly after his traumatic parting from friend and collaborator, Sigmund Freud. In his personal account in “Memories, Dreams, and Reflections,” he described how he was driven to play in the dirt and sand daily for months, molding canals and villages as a child would on the shores of Lake Zurich

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near his retreat home in Bollingen. He states that “this moment was a turning point in my fate... in the course of this activity my thoughts clarified, and I was able to grasp the fantasies whose presence in myself I dimly felt... I had... only the inner certainty that I was on the way to discovering my own myth.” Everyone has an innate ability to heal, especially when guided by one’s higher self that directs the world of play, creativity, and dreams. But special conditions need to apply in order to make this happen. First of all, a protective space is needed; a personal and quiet room in one’s home or a retreat setting. Then there’s the medium. Any form of play or creativity in the protective space will work. It can be freeform painting, collaging, journal writing,



imaginative engagement with symbols that come from the unconscious in your dreams and fantasies, and even contemplative play in the dirt or sand as did Carl Jung. This form of play effectively activates the natural healing process through the projection of the symbol that often comes forth. It may be a major archetypal image unique to you, such as the great mother, a wizard, healer, or an image of wholeness in the form of a circular garden or mandala. Such images are powerful healing agents that reconcile the opposites of our nature that may be in disharmony. From this then comes renewed ego-strength and a greater balance in the outer world. In my therapy room, there are two sandtrays and a collection of miniature figures that are available to whomever wants to use it, particularly when they are at a place in which words alone cannot help. Called sandplay, it is considered one of the techniques of active imagination that provides a direct link to the world of play and the unconscious. Many people find sandplay exciting, challenging, and more comfortable to work with than verbal forms of therapy. It is a play process, and like all play, it can vastly enrich one’s life. Geri Grubbs, Ph.D., LICSW, is a doctor of marriage, family and child therapy and Jungian psychotherapist with a private practice in Woodinville, WA. Her specialties include dream processing and sandplay therapy for depression, bereavement, anxiety, sexual abuse, relationship conflicts, and spiritual deepening. See




JUNE 2012

Dreamtime: Our Access to Healing By Robbie Holz

In the remote Australian Outback, amid the mulga trees and the ukiri grasses, and within the song lines emanating from the soaring sandstone monolith called Uluru, live a tribe of Aborigines with astounding healing abilities. For many years they chose to remain isolated from western civilization. Now they have received instructions from “The Big Guy” to share the secrets of their 50,000-year-old healing system.

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lodged in your body, Aborigines view disease as we might • Stretches or exercise most conducive to view an unwanted dandelion: we want to be rid of it, but if we merely cut off the top of your healing, the plant, it keeps returning in one form or • The foods, supplements, vitamins most another. Unless the root is pulled out, the needed, • How patterns of sleep, eating, and weed will just keep coming back. To get at the roots of an illness, the working need to change aboriginal healers use the one-ness of mind, body, and spirit, and their connection to the universal consciousness present in all creation, who they good-naturedly call The Big Guy. Everyone is moving within this universal field of creation throughout the day. All the power we need to heal is always around and within us. We have more help than we can possibly imagine. It’s a matter of becoming quiet enough to hear the guidance around us and then trusting it. From earliest childhood, aboriginal people spend a lot of time in a meditative state, what is sometimes called dreamtime. It’s a natural state for them that can last most of Robbie Holz wore a coolamon, a bowl used for food preparation, the day. In dreamtime on her head while she was with an aboriginal Outback tribe perthey have direct forming healing ceremonies. communication with The Big Guy, nature, themselves, and each other. In fact, within • How to find any additional help you dreamtime, these things are not separate. need. It’s all a vast, unchanging network of Have you ever had an answer that relationship. And in this web of relationship appeared for a problem out of nowhere? healing flows freely. You have probably been tapping into the Connecting with the dreamtime can dreamtime, or universal consciousness, for help you get specific wisdom to assist you answers whether you are aware of it or not. in your healing, wisdom directed at the Here are some suggestions for developing underlying patterns of illness. You may this ability intentionally: Practice Connection: Aborigines feel receive direction about: • Reprogramming beliefs or conditioning a deep love for nature. Revel in this established by your past, Continued on Page 9 • Flushing emotions or energy that has

JUNE 2012



Start your day in a powerful way and experience the difference from the inside out!

Dreamtime: Our Access to Healing Continued from page 8 here to show me? When you don’t need connection. Seek out beautiful and natural the message, the messenger is no longer settings wherever and whenever you can. Slow down your busy mind and become needed. fully engaged in the present moment. Visualize and create what you want. Completely focus on your surroundings and Picture yourself totally well. Make it as specific as you can. See the end result and engage all of your senses. feel the emotions associated with it. Become aware of your connectedness, Use your breath. Breathe in whatever you your part in it all. Picture yourself as a need. Peace? Clarity? Self-love? Vitality? strand in the web of life and play with Breathe out unhealthy cells and emotions listening to the trees, the birds and the and let them be absorbed and transformed waters for what they are trying to tell you. into love by mother earth. The voids will be Indulge in gratitude. Continually thank the earth for everything it does for you: filled with love and light. a cooling breeze, soothing green color, End with deep gratitude and gently return the scent of flowers, birdsong, or comical from the dreamtime. crowing. Thanking the source of life is the It gets easier. Opening to a deeper easiest path to connecting with it. connection and communication in dreamtime – with The Big Guy, nature, Listen for Guidance All Day: It may sound simple, but it is a step we sometimes forget. Because Aborigines are aware of their connection to the web of life, they know that what they need is always present. Intend that guidance will come to you, expect it, open to it. Sit with a pen and paper. Ask out loud, “What am I to do for healing, right now?” Then write without looking or editing. The mountain of Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a very sacred site Use muscle for the Aborigines in the Australian Outback where Robbie Holz was testing. An easy healed of her illnesses and learned techniques she shared with others. form of this is to rub a thumb and finger together. Picture the word “Yes” in and each other – is a skill that gets easier your mind and see how smooth and easy with practice. You are strengthening that the rubbing feels. Now picture the word connection muscle every time you become “No” and see if there isn’t a faint catching. aware of the source of life, are open to Whenever you want guidance, start with healing and are listening for guidance. yes or no questions, use your muscle testing Before long, you’ll be receiving and and see if the answers you get resonate with understanding healing messages daily. By entering into the dreamtime often, you will your inner wisdom. be joining with the aboriginal people in an Take a walk around your grocery store easier, more joyful life, full of community, and listen to your inner guidance. Which foods appear to have life or healing in them? gratitude, spirituality, simplicity, and love. How should they be prepared? Use Your Meditation Time: The dreamtime Robbie Holz is an international speaker, is the underlying source of creation. When consultant and co-author of the book, you quiet the chatty, story-telling, fearful Journey to the Heart: Secrets of Aboriginal mind, you connect to your heart and access Healing. Visit to this source. So use your meditation time to arrange a speaking engagement, attend classes or request one-on-one counseling access healing. for body/mind/spirit wellness. She will be Receive the message. When you have teaching a class on Aboriginal Healing problems in your body, it’s actually your Techniques at East West Bookshop in body sending you a message to change. Ask the illness or challenge, What are you Seattle on June 28.

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JUNE 2012

Who Laid The Egg? By Sharon Riegie Maynard

We live in an unprecedented time of intelligence sharing, of creative collaboration, diverse challenges and opportunities. The idea that men are divinely chosen and women are lesser members of the great web of human life is seen as ridiculous by many. And yet, that foundational concept, unchanged, will continue to determine outcomes. Recently, a congress for women was sponsored by Weaving the World online radio, with 40 womens’ organizations as partners. An invitation went out for women to come to a decision-making table. The goal was to create a list of values that would support and encourage the kind of life each women envisioned. For many years women have struggled, have been considered objects; too emotional, less capable, and needing to be taken care of by men. In the early 1980s the ERA would have made male and females equal. It was defeated. Much opposition came from women who adhered to the concept of obedience to males. The United Nations’ resolution for the rights of women remains unsigned by the United States. As we point fingers at Afghanistan and the burkas their women are forced to wear, women in the United States live invisibly in bondage with their own acceptance. The founding fathers laid the foundation of freedom for themselves: freedom from taxes, and the right to continue growing their wealth at the expense of those they considered theirs: wives, children and slaves. They did not set the agenda of freedom for all. As good and high-minded as they may have been, the documents they wrote reflected the view of the time: men rule and women obey. Their foundation set a goal and the results are all around you today. Knowing this, the assignment given to the women in the recent congress was to

intelligently discuss the question, “What values are essential in creating a world that is thriving, sustainable, adaptable, and just?” With great dedication, intention and integrity, they dropped off such external identities as Caucasian, Black, mother, student, abused spouse, executive, homeowner, struggling artist, activist, old, young, and went to the common space of heart and belly wisdom. As Rumi wrote, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” After hours of small breakout circles, with “Conversation Café” questions and openspace discussions, 12 large sheets of papers were hanging on the walls. Each sheet of paper listed qualities the women felt would cause social structures of sustainability, adaptability, and thriving to emerge. Once compiled, the list was long. In a proposal to condense it, the women became silent, the room still. And then three women indicated that they wanted to be heard. Each, in her own way, declared powerfully and clearly that the words she used had to be in the final list. Nothing else would be considered. For some it was the first time that they realized how often their voices had been overridden in the power-down model. At the close of the day on Saturday, with each voice heard, and respected, all values remained in the final list. The list was put into the Wordle, a computer program for creating word clouds, and the result amazed everyone. It was in the shape of an egg! A new life. Words without actions are hollow, so creating the list was only a portion of the women’s work. Anchoring the values with statements of clarity and commitment became their next task. The greater circle self-organized into smaller working groups. With the same degree of wisdom, three statements emerged; a vision statement, a mission statement and a living declaration, all in support of The Egg. All work the women did in smaller groups was brought into a general assembly for group consideration. Agreement meant 90% consensus. After the conscious hearing, listening, clarifying, and

amending that the general assembly afforded, the value list and the three statements were voted on and agreed to unanimously. No one who was there that weekend remained unchanged. What does that mean for your life and our country? Imagine men and women around the country receiving a copy of this egg to stimulate new thinking. What would the impact be? What if The Egg were included in political outreach such as: “We, the men and women of the United States of America, are submitting these basic values. We hold that they are critical for our future. These are the values we ask that you take into consideration when making decisions and creating policy for this country. We further request that those in positions of power, especially the men who dominate decisions, take the time to gather their women constituents and political associates to listen quietly and respectfully as they speak of these values. “We will stand firmly for The Egg values in our own lives; “We will watch for those who actively engage women, their ideas, concerns and needs; “We will factor these values into all of our political decisions;

We will support and vote for those who honestly and actively include women of diverse background into their campaigns; Furthermore, we will identify those who ignore this request.” Women have taken their place as the founding mothers to bring balance to our country and to birth a new agenda based on the values that women and men of good heart hold sacred. With the power of a totally new Egg foundation, you can remove your energy, unplug from the patriarchal model, and align yourself to this new foundation. Plug into the vibrancy of the founding mothers’ living declaration. Stand with and act from the values of the Egg. The community of this new intentional world is growing and holding hands with others who are lifting our world from entrapment and survival into thriving, respect, unity and peace. There is no end to what the Egg might do. Sharon Riegie Maynard is the founder and host at Weaving the World, online radio. A radical mystic, her spiritual teachers pointed to women as those to lead on this planet. Her teachers encouraged her to sponsoring the Women’s Grassroots Congress in March 2012. More information at ★ Classes ★ Events ★ Workshops ★ Kriya Yoga ★ Sunday Spirit Talk ★ Psychic Development ★ Cosmic Cafe MeetUp ★ Intuition Fairs ★ ★ Available for Space Rentals

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The Importance of Spiritual Relationships By Saha Nathan

If somebody gets into this addiction, then he/she will definitely suffer from the following: • He/she cannot be a truthful person. • He/she never gives importance to true love or a person who truly loves him/her. Instead, they give a lot importance to newer guys or girls because they would like to get intimate with them. • He/she never grows spiritually since spirituality needs a disciplined life. • He/she cheats themselves and cheats others. • He/she does not know how much energy he/she wastes looking for newer partners. • He/she will not get any satisfaction in multiple intimate relationships except getting physical weakness and diseases. • He/she cannot focus on anything as they are caught in this strong lust. • They have to tell many lies to sustain in the situation. The root cause of the whole problem is strong emotions, and that they have never experienced a true love or spiritual relationship with another person. If true love happens, the thought of experiencing different people will not arise. This is the serious issue with most

Those in physically-based (bodybased) relationships are always looking for a new person to see if they can get something extra from the object of their attraction. It is basically an addiction, and they never experienced true love. When true love happens there is no need to look further. When I was working in Chennai, India, I used to meet some friends who were doing marketing for timeshare resorts. The people in this group of friends were always on the lookout for new relationships, saying anything to attract the other person in order to get intimate. Once they had fulfilled their desires, they would move on to others. I am not talking about people who have genuine problems with their partners. But those who are using this as an excuse to jump from one person to another. In reality, they want to experience new bodies.

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youngsters in modern society. The only possible way to solve this issue is to understand the root cause of this mental pattern and emotions. Dear friends, understand that: • Your body is a temple; this is God’s precious gift. If something happens to our body, that is it, everything is gone. • If a person wants to grow spiritually, touching a body itself means sharing/ exchanging the emotions. • Eventually you will lose all your energy if you roam around continuously. How to avoid this happening? If you find one genuine guy or girl who loves you wholeheartedly, then never leave him or her for the sake of lust or changing people. Instead, try to relate to him or her again and again. Every moment is a new beginning and everything is new with a person. Relating is real meditation; once you start relating to your partner every time then you will see him or her as a new person all the time. There should not be any shyness. There should not be any ego clash. If you experience true love with one person then your whole being will get changed into spiritual. Only then will your real life start. Final truth: • True love is eternal and that love will continue throughout your life. He or she will stand with you in all the circumstances.


Decide what you want in your life: selfish people or selfless people. • Love for lust is nothing but pure animal behavior, and you will attract only those kinds of animal behavior people in your life. Decide whether you want an elevated person in your life or an animal nature person. My sincere gratitude to my spiritual master Paramahamsa Nithyananda who gave me this knowledge through inner awakening. Saha Nathan has done 15 years of research on human emotions with a blend of technology (B.E and MBA) with inner sciences. He has published seven books, four of which are bestsellers in India. His CRM book, Customer Relationship Management – A Step by Step Approach – by Sagadevan. A, has been used in more than 20 universities in India. His core writings are based on emotions and sensible handling of one’s emotions. Saha works and lives in Seattle, Washington.

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by Valeria Vata Rae


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JUNE 2012

Peri-Menopause:The“Spring” of the Second Half of Life Most recently I have had the opportunity to support many women as they enter and move through this transition into menopause. Perimenopause is a journey that typically spans the mid to late 40s to the early 50s. The transition is characterized by changes in the menstrual cycle and ends 12 months after the final menstrual period. This is also a time of emotional-spiritual change as a woman has the opportunity to reevaluate how she wants to create the second half of her life. It is a time to look at where we have been, acknowledge our success, lessons learned, and look at what we want to complete as well as preparing for the next stage of life. The physiological changes will often initiate the inner process.

What are the physiological changes associated with peri-menopause? The length of the menstrual cycle will often shorten from one menses to the next. The first hormone to decrease is progesterone and there is a change in the estrogen to progesterone ratio. Toward the end of peri-menopause the lower levels

Live your dreams! June BlueSpruce, MPH

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All’ s Well Health for Body, Mind, Spirit

by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND

of estrogen are not adequate to build up the uterine lining and menses cease. Testosterone and DHEA decline and if we have lived a stressful first half of life, our cortisol may be depleted. Fatigue accompanies a decrease in cortisol. As the hormones during this time fluctuate it is not uncommon for women to experience irregular bleeding, headaches, stormy emotions, problems with sleep, irritability and other symptoms unique to each woman. Irregular bleeding is often a concern that brings women into the office. Irregularity in the cycle is typically due to decreased ovulation and unpredictable hormone changes. While some women experience lighter bleeding, others experience heavier bleeding and for more days than was typical during their reproductive years. Progesterone insufficiency often results in heavy menses. Heavy bleeding requires that you see your healthcare provider to determine the cause. Heavy bleeding is longer than seven days or a cycle shorter than 21 days or bleeding between menses. Other reasons to see a healthcare practitioner include anemia or heavy bleeding with blood clots. Later in the peri-menopause transition, often six months prior to menopause, women experience hot flashes. Hot flashes can range from mild to severe. A hot flash is a sudden sensation of warmth that may become intense heat over the face, scalp and chest and may be accompanied by perspiration. Often you will feel chilled after the flush. Hot flashes are caused by low estrogen. Anxiety, coffee, sugar and alcohol can exacerbate the flushing. Sleep problems typically accompany perimenopause. Some women have difficulty falling asleep, others wake up throughout

Restore Vibrational Alignment For Personal Transformation and Well-Being Cutting Edge Approaches to:

What can I do to support myself during the peri-menopausal transition? Make yourself your number one priority and commit to vibrant health. Choose a healthcare provider who will partner with you and support you through this process. Get a complete physical and lab work to see how your body is functioning. I recommend you see a healthcare provider who looks at labs from a functional perspective. Nourish yourself through organic, high quality vegetables and fruits, beans, nuts, legumes, fresh fish, and moderate amounts of free range, grass-fed, hormone free meats. Take time each day to slow down, breathe, and listen to what you want. This

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the night. Insomnia often leads to fatigue and fatigue may result in irritability, relying on caffeine and sugar to get through the day and subsequently not being able to get to sleep at night. This vicious cycle can lead to foggy thinking, increased problems with memory, depression, weight gain or hypoglycemia. Hormonal fluctuations plus cortisol dysregulation can often affect the thyroid gland. During peri-menopause some women develop Hashimoto’s as the result of fluctuations in estrogen. As you can see there are significant endocrine connections. During peri-menopause, especially when stress is a significant factor or you enter the perimenopausal transition from a place of being depleted, many systems may need to be supported to help you remain healthy during this time.

is an optimal time to release old emotions and eliminate unwanted beliefs. Exercise by discovering an activity that you love to do. I recommend walking one hour a day six days a week. Nutritional supplements that will support you through the transition and beyond include the following. Omega-3-fatty acids in the form of fish oil or Krill oil. Evening primrose oil will help to relieve breast pain, 2000mg per day. Make sure you get your vitamin D levels checked and supplement to maintain a serum level of 52ng/ml. If you are fatigued and experience stress in your life, do a functional adrenal test and then your healthcare practitioner can support you with an adrenal restoration program. I recommend maca (lepidium peruvianum) to help stabilize menses. Lepidium peruvianum is an adaptogen that works to balance the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian and adrenal axis. It may also restore balance and decrease irritability, depression, hot flushes and fatigue. Chaste tree may help to regulate the menstrual cycle in early peri-menopause. Phytoestrogens such as licorice root, dong quai, and wild yam help to balance hormones. I have found rhapontic rhubarb to be the most effective herb for reducing hot flashes and night sweats. If you and your health care provider decide that hormones are the choice of treatment for you, I recommend individualized bio-identical hormone prescriptions. Let this transition be a time of transformation and create the life you want.

4 weeks/$48 or $15/class drop-in. Please sign up at the front desk.

Hooping is a cardio & strength training workout that tones the abdominal and core muscles while developing balance and coordination. Training methods include aerobic, muscular, and interval training. There is also a mind/body connection with hooping similar to yoga, which includes breath work, meditation, and energyflow.

JUNE 2012

Ding Dong, the Moles are Gone... Continued from Page 6 live with moles. Now, any of you that know me or have read my columns for long, know that I really do love all of God’s creatures and do my very best to live with all of life in harmony. Unfortunately, I failed at that effort with the moles. In the beginning, I tried all of my metaphysical approaches. I talked to them, visualized and explained. I asked nicely and really did do my best to love them away. I called on Mother Nature and prayed about it. I meditated with them. I even tried negotiating with them so they could continue to live on my property but in a way that we could all be happy. Unfortunately, that was not possible. Everything that had always worked for me in other cases with various critters, failed with the moles. Then I tried and tested many practical

approaches. I tried several different repellants, both commercial and homemade. Many of them worked but the moles would get used to them and you had to rotate their use and it was a ton of work. And, they did not leave, they just moved away from the deterrent. I did find that fertilizing the lawn was the best deterrent but it had to be chemical, not organic and it must be done several times during the year and even in winter. I did not want to put that stuff into the environment. It seemed to come down to me or the moles and I decided, albeit with sadness, that if the only way to get rid of them was to kill them, I was then willing to do that. Well, let me tell ya, moles are smart little buggars, they just ignore most mole poisons. The ones that claim to be the best are of course, the most expensive and they are very hard to use correctly. Once again, they require lots of time as well. Maybe because my


heart was not into it, even the best poisons did not work for me. Eventually, I went back to a cheap home remedy of putting a garlic clove down each molehill. I spent a fortune on garlic, which is hard to do, with only temporary success. I had no idea that garlic likes to grow in a colder, wet climate. I now have a huge garlic grove all over my property. I no longer inhale the lovely smell of fresh cut grass when I mow my yard. I smell garlic! Anybody want some garlic? Then I received a Whatever Works mail order catalog ( or 1-800499-6757). In it I found a Riddex Sonic Mole Repeller (they also have a solar powered model but I have not tested that one as I do not get enough sun). Very similar to something that had worked on my farm years ago. It has a green plastic compartment on top of a plastic stake that is



put in the ground and it is battery operated. Once installed, it makes a sound every 30 seconds that sends a vibration underground. Moles hate it. I ordered several units. Once I had them placed appropriately, distance wise, on my property, the moles left immediately and have remained gone, gone, gone, completely gone! Woo-hoo and yippee skippy, doin’ a happy dance... Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or www.marthanorwalk. com. For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

“Feel Joy, Strength, and Balance in Community” 9 weekly classes will move you! First Class Free!

Moving Into Presence

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Astrology TRANSVERSE ASTROLOGY. Harnessing the Timewave at the Pulse Horizon. Natals, Progressions, Life Purpose, Uranian. e-mail to Since 1980

ASTROLOGY by Mark Dodich

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Churches and Spiritual Homes THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY encourages open-minded inquiry into world religions, philosophy, science, and the arts in order to understand the wisdom of the ages, respect the unity of all life, and help people explore spiritual self-transformation. Offerings includes classes, workshops, and bookstores named Quest Bookshop. www. 630-668-1571. “AMPLIFYING DIVINE LIGHT IN ALL” CHURCH, Kirkland,WA. Independent “micro-church.” Eclectic and open. Co-creating our ideal lives and world, peacefully. E.T.’s welcome. Rev. Alia Aurami, 425-466-4001. WE WELCOME ALL TO OUR MEDITATIONS held at Bellevue Unity the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month 1:00-2:00 P.M. We use music- tones to strengthen our spiritual awareness. Free. 16330 Northeast 4th Street, Bellevue. Call 425-898-7861 for more information. CHURCH OF DIVINE MAN is a nonprofit organization focused on spiritual freedom. The emphasis is on teaching spiritual techniques to allow spirit to awaken and create consciously in the physical world. These techniques and teachings are based upon ancient wisdom and presented in a modern-day format. Take charge of your spiritual creativity by meditating with purpose. or call 425-258-1449.

UNITED CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Offers classes, workshops, services, and fellowship focused on positive living within a spiritual framework . 720-496-1370. CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TRUTH. Sunday Services 11:00 a.m. CAMP EDGEWOOD NSAC - 1228 26th Avenue Ct., Milton, WA 98354. Everyone welcome. 253-927-2050. WICCA: Aquarian Tabernacle Church, open to all. Free monthly Lunar celebrations, classes, other events. For more information call 360-793-1945. UNITY is an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. A positive alternative to negative religion, Unity seeks to apply the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual masters. 800-248-6489. CENTERS OF LIGHT teaches Christian mysticism and finding truth through experiences, not dogma. One-on-one teacher/student relationships offer the personal counseling and love that is rarely found elsewhere. Spiritual communities support each other with integrity, honesty and joy. FIRST SPIRITUALIST CHURCH OF PUYALLUP Sunday Service 11am , 314 second ST SE Puyallup WA 98372 253-845-4444 All are Welcome, A Spiritual Pick me up every Sunday. Come as you Are. Just Behind City Hall in Downtown Puyallup www.first or on facebook at puyallup spiritualist church ANANDA CHURCH OF SELFREALIZATION founded by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda ia a movement based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda that helps you bring God into your life through meditation and spiritual living. Offers classes, services, Living Wisdom Schools, and spiritual communities in the United States, India, and Italy. Call 530-478-7560. SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP founded by Paramahansa Yogananda and based on the teachings he brought to the West from India in the early 20th century. Centers offer services, classes, and fellowship teaching that the purpose of life is the evolution, through self-effort, of man’s limited mortal consciousness into God Consciousness. www.yogananda-srf-org. 323-225-2471.

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Events, Classes, and Workshops JUNE 23, 11-6 MYSTICAL CHOICES METAPHYSICAL SHOP & ALTERNATIVE HEALING CENTER is hosting a Psychic Faire & Trunk Show as part of its Solstice Celebration! This Catered event will take place on June 23, from 11 AM to 6 PM. All Psychic Readings & Local Artists’ Jewelry will be offered at 10% Off. Mystical Choices is located at 19020 Front Street, NE Poulsbo, WA 98370. You may also follow us on Facebook. For more informantion please call 360-779-0066. JULY 7 AND 8, AUGUST 25 AND 26 WANDERER’S PATH REIKI CLASSES, Usui Reiki I, II, III, wandererspathcenter. com/reiki/, wandererspathereiki@gmail. com, 360-610-0150. JULY 31, 7:00-8:30 P.M. TRAVELING THE MAZE WITH KRYSTA GIBSON. When you step foot onto the path of spirituality and metaphysics you can feel like you’re at the entrance to a maze. There are many paths to walk down and so much to explore that it can feel daunting. It can feel this way after you’ve been on the path for awhile. As publisher of New Spirit Journal, Krysta has delved into many different paths, read hundreds of books, and interviewed many teachers. In this class she gives the keys to walking the maze without getting lost and talks about some of the various schools of thought, practices, and techniques available. East West Bookshop, Seattle. $10. 206-523-3726.

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Psychic Fair PSYCHIC FAIR SATURDAY JUNE16, 10AM-5PM - all readers $1 per minute, raffle baskets, refreshments and healings. First Spiritualist Church of Puyallup Behind city hall in downtown Puyallup 253-845-4444, www.

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HEALING CHILDREN THROUGH CREATIVITY: Art Therapy Training Workshops - Seattle July 26 and 27, 2012 and Portland July 30 and 31, 2012. An introduction to the basic principles and practice of art therapy with emotionally, behaviorally, developmentally and medically challenged children and adolescents. 14 CEUs or One Grad. Credit. More info:

USE YOUR INTUITION TO know and heal yourself. Learn a conscious active form of meditation you can do anywhere. Take the Level 1 class or continue to take all 8.

JULY 7 AND 8, AUGUST 25 AND 26 WANDERER’S PATH REIKI CLASSES, Usui Reiki I, II, III, wandererspathcenter. com/reiki/, wandererspathereiki@gmail. com, 360-610-0150 BodyTherapy & Life Coaching William Wittmann, LMP

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JUNE 2012

Be The Phoenix

Isha Judd on loving your life and the joy of self-discovery Continued from Page 1

nal with something external. We’re trying to fill something real with something illusionary. No matter what we get or how much external love we have, it is never enough to fill this void. Once we do fill the void and experience the expansion in consciousness, we realize there is enough and has always been enough. We’ve always had exactly what we’ve needed in every moment. Most people ultimately realize that they can acquire things, change their partner or other things, consume more

By focusing on love and cultivating an internal security, we can start to take the steps in our lives to create profound change. Often we don’t change because we’re afraid of what might happen. We cling to what we recognize, even if we are steeped in suffering. There’s a part of us that is addicted to suffering, that equates love with suffering. It is exactly the opposite. Love is very light, very joyful, very simple and innocent. Krysta: In your book you talk about nine illusions. The world is really embroiled in one of them right now: “There’s not enough.” Isha: We’re trying to fill something inter-

Kim Miller

Gifted Medium ~ Animal Intuitive Grief Counselor For an appointment with Kim call

(206) 353-5600 or visit kimmiller

Our clients say it best: “I’m so thrilled with the associates at other companies are freaking at the professionalism that is displayed! always, thank you... it’s FABULOUS!” “The content is spot on and relevant, and the pictures are stunning throughout the site. I could spend a month going from website to website of similar companies and am confident none will come close to what you’ve done.” “We are really pleased with our new website — this is better than anything we imagined!” Let us help you put your best paw forward with fetching web design or graphics, at prices that will have you doing dog-circles! Visit our website for a free estimate on your project.

and still it doesn’t work. I’m not criticizing any of this. We’re like little puppies chasing our tails. We realize we’re never getting what we want and then realize we need to do something a bit more profound. I got to that point. I was a very focused and determined woman and I always got what I wanted. But once I had it, there was another future moment when I had to attain something else. These internal yearnings keep happiness in a future moment. Happiness is a choice I am making now. Once we understand that and find love consciousness, we learn that this place of internal plenitude needs nothing. You can have all the external experiences but you have to be the love first. When we focus on the external things first, we are moving away from it instead of towards it. We have to stop and do the exact opposite. We have to go within. Listen to the entire interview in the audio section at To learn about Isha’s classes, books, videos, and her CD, called Guru Cool, visit her website,




On The Bookshelf Continued from Back Page the way it is organized to be used over a 28-day period of time as well as the abundance of links to videos which give further explanations of the concepts being covered. This is a fun book that can open the door to bliss. Go ahead: walk on through.

Closer Than You Think

The Easy Guide to Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side by Deborah Heneghan Hampton Roads Publishing Company More people are wanting to talk with their loved ones who have passed away. There are very talented people who can help you do this. Now, this book helps you learn how to do it yourself. After the death of her sister when they were both teenagers, Deborah Heneghan was able to get in touch with her sister. This book tells the story of how this happened and it also tells the stories of other people who have accomplished the same thing. Practical advice is given so you can recognize signs, dreams, and messages from your loved ones; how to open a dialogue of communication; how to transform your anger or grief about the person who left you; and how to tune into healing guidance from the other side. This book will reassure many people that we do survive death. It will also help people make contact with their loved ones on their own without having to use an intermediary.

Just starting your journey and confused about all the choices? When you �rst step foot onto the path of spirituality and metaphysics you can feel like you’re at the entrance to a maze. �ere are many paths to walk down and so much to explore that it can feel daunting. In her roles as spiritual traveler, teacher, consultant, and publisher of New Spirit Journal, Krysta has delved into many different paths, read hundreds of books, and interviewed many teachers. In this class she gives the keys to walking the maze without ge�ing lost and talks about some of the various schools of thought practices, and techniques available. A�er a�ending this classs you will actually enjoy your stroll through the maze.

Traveling the Maze with Krysta Gibson Tues, July 31, 7-8:30 p.m. East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way N.E., Sea�le, WA 98115 To register, call 206-523-3726 or go to $10

Understand your animal friends Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are surprisingly affordable so call now for a free/no obligation telephone evaluation.

Martha’s Canine, Feline and All CreatureCounseling (360) 217-7258




JUNE 2012


On The Bookshelf


Creating Time

Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life by Marney K. Makridakis New World Library Really? Create time? Who wouldn’t love to do that! Marney Makridakis asks, “Is time a dimension of the universe presenting itself as a thing or quality? Or is time a product of our consciousness that is merely a sensation or illusion?” She says we can redefine time and make it what we want it to be by using our creativity. This is not only a fun, colorful, inspiring book; it is also a practical one full of ideas and concepts that can be applied to the real world of daily living. The book helps you get in touch with your own sense of time to discover what is holding you back from doing and being all you want. The book uses 14 concepts for creating time through creativity. Some of these are flow, gratitude, ritual and metaphor. There are plenty of personal stories from the author and others who have used these concepts and this helps to ground them. Each chapter gives an ARTsignment, a project based on the information that helps to incorporate the ideas and help you apply them to your life. The end of the book provides tools to bring it all together. If you enjoy creativity, color, and new ideas and would like to create more time in your life, play with the ideas in this book.

The True Story of a Quadriplegic Scientist’s Healing Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe by Dr. Gary Holz with Robbie Holz iUniverse

This is the true story of a man’s healing journey when he was diagnosed with chronic, progressive, multiple sclerosis. Eventually his disease turned him into a quadriplegic. One night when he had gone to a bar to drown his misery, he met a woman who told him to go to the Australian Outback where he would be healed. She gave him the name of a man to contact. Dr. Holz got in touch with the person he was to see in Australia, and boarded a plane by himself. Upon landing, he was taken to the tribal home of some Aborigines. There he worked with two healers and was introduced to healing ideas and practices that eventually allowed him to feel and to walk again. Anyone who is working with some sort of healing would enjoy this book. Many healing principles are introduced and explained in a personal way. The co-author of the book, Robbie Holz, also traveled to the Outback and was healed of Hepatitis C and other illnesses. The book is a 2012 Nautilus Silver Award Winner in Health & Healing/Wellness/ Prevention/Vitality and is also a finalist in the Foreward Review Book Award in the Mind/ Body/Spirit Section.

Based on the Psychology of the Mystics, Unflappable’s amazingly clear 6 steps provide precise and proven guidance to help you navigate the confusing dilemmas of everyday life. Visit Watch the Welcome video and pick up your gift: the 3-Part Video Series The Beggar’s Secret.

To chat in person, call 425-462-4369 or E-mail

6 Steps to Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What by Ragini Elizabeth Michaels Conari Press “Being unflappable doesn’t mean emotionally flat-lining, disengaging or letting life pass you by while contemplating your navel. Being unflappable means not losing your cool.” In other words, the author says, being human while also experiencing the calm of being divine; embracing paradox. Michaels has been working with the concepts in this book for over 20 years. As a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP), she has worked with thousands of corporate executives and other individuals struggling with behavioral change. In this book, she explains the concept of living with paradox and gives a sixstep process that can lead the reader to moving with the ebb and flow of life while embracing polar opposites. This she says, is what will sustain excellence, freshness, motivation and a sense of aliveness and satisfaction. The book is thorough and will require more than a read-through in order to actually work with the steps. To teach the system, Michaels uses the examples of two people we follow throughout the book. This is an excellent way to actually see how these steps work. There’s a lot of wisdom in Unflappable and it is definitely a book I would suggest for your must-read list.

Awakening the Brain

The Neuropsychology 0f Grace by Charlotte Tomaino, PhD Beyond Words Charlotte Tomaino is a clinical neuropsychologist with 30 years experience and has worked with

numerous patients to help them develop practical solutions for the traumatic loss of brain function. Along the way, she’s learned a lot that she shares in this book. Learn how the brain approaches and works with change as well as how our emotions and knowledge and beliefs work with our brains. Learn how to work with and awaken your brain so that you can make changes and shift your state when you want to do so. Filled with personal stories and examples, this book makes a fascinating addition to the information about neuroplasticity and how we can engage this consciously to help us grow to our full potential. Meditation and other such practices are encouraged and shown to be ground level practices in the neuropsychology of grace.

The Bliss Experiment

28 Days to Personal Transformation by Sean Meshorer Atria Books Would you be willing to devote 28 days of your life to find bliss? Sean Meshorer would like to take you on a journey that takes you beyond happiness. He explains that happiness by itself is a temporary state while bliss is constant and complete. Bliss is a spiritual state and it is one we can all attain. Each chapter in this book offers an illustrative true story, the science and philosophy behind it, and an experiment to apply to your life. It is a clever way to present the information. Every part of life is covered, from relationships to work, emotions to thinking, meditation to working with energetic vibrations. This is a very honest book with the author openly sharing much of his journey as a spiritual seeker, teacher, and New Thought minister based in Los Angeles. One of the greatest values to this book is Continued on Page 15

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Authors are invited to submit manuscripts and queries. Learn more about us at



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