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JUNE 2014



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withNature By Tina Welling

Ralph Metzner, in his book Green Psychology, Transforming Our Relationship to the Earth, discovered that tuning into the four different elements of nature – air, earth, fire, water – produces an experience of consciousness that is associated with the qualities of each element. The author didn’t exactly have writers in mind when he put forth his idea, but being a writer that’s how I translated his work. For writers, this is a valuable tool. When we align ourselves with the element of nature that meets our writing needs, we dip into a vast inventory of inspiration and insight.


For example, if we offer our attention to the element of air, we align our body rhythms to the wind or breezes, breathing deeply if the winds are strong, quietly if the breezes are soft. We follow cloud movement across the sky, offer our full attention to the birds, butterflies, airborne seeds. As writers we may be especially comfortable here. We enjoy soaring through the skies of our imagination, darting quickly from thought to thought, winging it. When we need such qualities in our writing as lightness, humor, change, we align with the element of air. This also works well for fast lists, witty dialogue, and overviews. Experiment with solving these writing problems using the qualities of air: • Need surprise? Offer a sudden shift in direction that follows the dive of an osprey, which is a brief, almost imperceptible halt, before the abrupt change. Continued on Page 6

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Mantras andChants 2


JUNE 2014

Continued from Back

By Alanna Kaivalya

Many years ago when I start-

ed a yoga practice, I had no idea what it would reveal to me. I was just hoping for a little extra strength and flexibility, and I did what I could to avoid all the spiritual trappings of the practice. But, somehow, as it does, the yoga did its job. Over the years it brought me through physical, psychological, and emotional revelations that I can’t imagine would have taken place otherwise.

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the day-to-day mind in order to reach a transcendent state of awareness and self-realization that is, quite frankly, indescribable. Every yogic practice provides the means for us to do this – such as äsana (postures), meditation, and präëäyäma (breath work) – but mantra practice and näda yoga are uniquely simple and universal. If you can form a thought, you can do a man One of the most powerful tra practice. The simple act of thinkinsights has come through the ing a mantra is a start to a genuine use of sound and mantra as a practice. The silent repetition of the basis for the practice. I was sound oà while driving, for example, born with a hearing impairment can be a starting point. that gave me a unique rela Eventually, our practice tionship to sound. As a child, might grow to include chanting I would feel sound, vibration, while meditating, attending lively tone, and intonation in order mantra-based musical performances to more fully access my world. (kirtan, or kértana), or perhaps even This was second nature to me, chanting a longer mantra 108 times but through my studies of yoga aloud to celebrate the New Year. As (and physics), I suddenly found I’ve said, there is no wrong way to use a reason behind my special a mantra. relationship to sound. Just In the United States, mantra as important, through yoga’s has gained popularity largely through rich mythology, I also gained the musical kirtan (kértana) tradition. context and meaning to better Popular kirtan musicians such as understand how the inner and Krishna Das, Deva Premal, and Dave outer practices of yoga work. Stringer have brought these Eastern It is from this perspective that chants to life by giving them some I have always practiced and Alanna Kaivalya explains, “A mantra, as it relates to the yogic good old American rock-and-roll flair. taught, fueled by the belief that and Vedic traditions of India, is a Sanskrit phrase that While the kirtan tradition in India sound has the power to harmoencapsulates some higher idea or ideal within the cadence, began around the ninth century, its nize us and myth brings forth vibration, and essence of its sound.” look and feel hasn’t changed much what is alive within us. It is in even as it has evolved to incorporate Don’t miss the vibrations. this spirit that I always end my Western musical proclivities. It has always had A mantra, as it relates to the yogic and lectures and workshops with these words: (and still has) a fairly simplistic call-and-reVedic traditions of India, is a Sanskrit sponse-type format, where the leader will chant phrase that encapsulates some higher a phrase that is repeated by the audience. This idea or ideal within the cadence, vibraWith the loving help of typically becomes more lively and fast as the tion, and essence of its sound. A mantra Angels, I channel those chant continues. can be as simple as a single sound – In India, various instruments are used: typiwho have passed on, & such as chanting the well-known sound cally the harmonium (similar to an accordion help with every day oà – or as complicated as chanting a in a box), the tabla (classical Indian drum set), issues. Call Trisha at poem that tells a grand story or gives instruction. Whatever mantra is chanted, and the cartals (tiny cymbals). Those instru808-938-2887, or ments are still present in many kirtan settings no matter how long or short, the purvisit my website. today, yet the music is often Westernized pose is the same: it is14911 meantChain to actLake like Road, #431,the incorporation of all sorts of instruthrough a skeleton key to help you bypass the I Hear Angels Monroe, WA 98272 ments, like the guitar, bass, and even a proper mundane matters and mental chatter of (425) 356-723 Western drum kit (like how Chris Grosso and I

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See Yourself with Kind Eyes Do you compare yourself to others? This is a very dangerous thing to do and it can lead to a place of great unhappiness or pride. Each of us is here for particular reasons. When we compare ourselves to someone else, it is frequently a case of comparing apples and oranges. Both are fruits. Beyond that, they don’t have much in common.

Living The Good Life by Krysta Gibson

When working with a client recently, he said he didn’t understand why some people could start their business and be overnight successes, making tons of money, while he was plodding along not making the money he wants to make. I said, “Maybe you aren’t here to make that sort of money. Maybe you have a different purpose.” It is tempting to compare ourselves to others. They seem to have more and better spiritual experiences or seem to be more successful or enjoy better health. They might even seem to be happier than we are. The truth is, we can’t know what’s in another’s heart or life plan. The metaphysical community seems to have grabbed onto the idea that we’re all supposed to be rich, gorgeous or handsome according to today’s standards, incredibly successful in the material world, and always in perfect health; oh, yes, and live forever in our current bodies. This just isn’t true. If you don’t believe me, look around you. We’re all different sizes and shapes and colors. We have different backgrounds and education. We come from different parts of the country or world. Our interests and talents are different. Our family histories are varied as are our education and life experiences. Some of us have more than

others. This little exercise shows we’re all different and we’re here to have different experiences. When we compare ourselves to others – either as seeing ourselves as better or worse – we do ourselves and the other people a huge disservice. What to do instead? Focus on your life purpose. Do everything in your power to be and do what is yours to be and do. Don’t compare yourself or your life to anyone else. You are not them. Be uniquely and happily yourself, that is what matters. How do you look at others and yourself?

Krishna Das

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One of my favorite sayings comes from the plastic surgeon turned motivational speaker and teacher Maxwell Maltz. He is the author of PsychoCybernetics and so much of what he taught has a solid spiritual base. He was all about helping people see themselves and others in a more positive light. What he saw was that, even though he did plastic surgery on people who thought they would be happier with a better nose or eyes or neck, after the sur-

gery many of them were no happier. The reason? They had not changed their inner self-portrait. It was only when people made the inner change of how they saw themselves that they could become happy. Here’s the saying he shared: “I see myself and others with kind eyes.” There is something so gracious and open and freeing about that statement. When you start to look at someone in a judgmen-

tal way, change it, look at them with kind eyes. Think kindness. Let your eyes soften. And when you start to criticize yourself, stop; look at yourself with kind eyes. Feel your heart soften and melt. Everyone is doing the best with what he or she has to work with, even the worst among us. Looking at someone with kind eyes doesn’t mean we condone Continued on Page 4

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Instructions for Living Life the Easy Way By Kathy Wilson

Kryon, as channeled by Lee Carroll, has often said that we humans are so linear that we always need someone to give us steps or instructions before we move into action. Well, he’s right. We are human and we do need stepby-step instructions to help us learn new things. Otherwise we flounder around wasting time and energy, making needless mistakes. Those who have gone before, walking on the leading edge of life, have learned the hard way. They’ve made all the mistakes for you. Many of them have become teachers. What they teach is what they know. They share what they’ve learned the hard way, so you can also do what they’ve done… only easier, faster, and more simply. For you disbelievers, go ahead and do it your way. After you’ve run into dead ends, circled back again to start over, only to run into detours and potholes the size of school buses, maybe eventually you’ll arrive at your

goal. When you do, you’ll find others waiting for you. Those would be the humans who followed the instructions and used the knowledge from the ones who have gone before them. Or maybe not. These smartie-pants who

See Yourself with Kind Eyes Continued from Page 3 what they are doing. Looking at ourselves with kind eyes doesn’t mean we don’t try to better ourselves. It means we stop being mean to ourselves and others and start being kind.

International presenter/author “Ritual Dance with Nature” B.C. Shamanic Conf. May 5-9 Intensives June & Sept 2014. Individual programs.

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is the one of self-acceptance. We are who we are. We are not our neighbor. It is when we can celebrate our uniqueness and that of others that we can step into the world of unconditional love, of ourselves and everyone else. Now that’s something we can all aim for and achieve. Krysta is publisher of New Spirit Journal and an author and teacher. Learn about her classes, books, guided meditation journeys, and more at Hear her on Conscious Talk Radio the third Thursday of each month, KKNW 1150 AM, streaming live and archived at

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heeded the wisdom shared by others who went before them may have gotten tired of waiting for you. In their excitement to move on to the next level of this game we all chose to play here on planet earth, they’ll be excited to keep progressing. Especially when it’s so easy. They’ve learned that all they have to do is borrow the knowledge and wisdom of those who have pioneered the way for them to speed them on their journey. Being one of those who chose to walk the leading edge and be in the forefront of this magical, mystical movement we call “spirituality,” I’ve learned how valuable it is to others that I leave instructions behind on my path. It keeps them from making all the mistakes I and others like me have made. Of course, making mistakes is part of learning. But there’s no reason why you have to make every single mistake that’s possible to make. Just a few will do nicely to help you remember the learning. Here’s the #1 rule for simple, fast, and easy learning: Read the instructions. Before you make one move, read the instructions. All of them. Before you step into action, read the next step in the instructions again. When you’ve completed that step, read the next one before moving into action on it. Repeat until you’re complete with the process. For those of you who are with me on the leading edge, before you jump into yet another brand new experience, take a few moments to create instructions for those who are following in your footsteps. Let them know which footsteps will gain them the most ground and the greatest value in knowledge. Warn them about those steps you found that slowed you down, stopped your progress, or even forced you to turn around and find another path. Make it as simple as possible for those behind you to quickly catch up with your progress. Be linear and create simple, num-

Kathy Wilson explains that making mistakes is part of life and learning. However, there is no reason why we have to make every possible mistake. bered instructions. You’ll find that when others whom you’ve helped catch up to you, they’ll be there to help and support you in turn as, once again, you trundle off into a new adventure of learning. And you’ll see that they, like you, will be helping those who are following them. Here’s one of my favorite instructions for making challenging life choices, gleaned from my years of experiences and tons of mistakes: 1. Make a list of every option you can think of. Even those that may not seem very attractive. Leave a couple of lines between each item. 2. When you’re complete with your list, close your eyes and envision yourself doing Continued on Page 7

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The Productive Soul Proprietor

Soul Proprietors

Soul proprietors can be so generous, spending their time helping people and being of service – often without getting paid for it – that when they lay their head on their pillow at night, they often wonder, where did the day go? And why did I, once again, not get very much done? As a soul proprietor, you may have found this happens to you frequently. Here are a few tips that will help you take control of your week and your day; not so you can get more done, but so you can get done what you want to get done. Every day we find ourselves hanging out in one (or more) of four dimensions of activity: The Need Dimension = Stress The Should Dimension = Distress The Want Dimension = Success or the Love Dimension = Significance. The need dimension always equals stress, but it can often be positive stress because there will always be things you need to do, and those things are usually beneficial. Like your financial work or dealing with taxes or with clients. But you rarely want to find yourself doing something you think you should be doing because that is the quickest way to lose time, energy, money, and creativity; and put you into a very distressful situation. Ideally, you always want to be asking yourself, “What do I want to do?” Follow your heart and do those things. If you’re doing what you want to do, you’ll find that success always follows in that dimension. Take a look around and see what it is that you want to do. And when you find yourself doing something that you love to do, that’s when you become significant, and have the kind of impact and influence you really want to have with the people you serve best. The power is in the knowing which dimension you are in, so if you find yourself lacking energy or something shows up on your “to do” list for more than a few days, you might want to park that activity for awhile and see if it continues to have importance for you. Especially if it’s on your list because you think you need to or should do. Take a few minutes to write down at least 10 things you know you want to do. Get them out of your head and your heart and onto paper so you can read them every day. This way you’ll always know if what you are doing is what you want to do, but also, if it is an activity moving you toward something you want. One of the best ways to always have the time to do what

by Marty Marsh

You do not have to be on-call 24/7/365. You do not need to be tethered to your mobile devices responding to people within seconds of when they reach out to you. you want is to create the profile of your ideal week. Look at your calendar and decide what you want to be doing – ideally – every day of every week. If you could have your week go just the way you want it, what would that look like to you? I have my ideal week set up so that I know what times I’m available to do client work, regular meetings that I have with my assistants, the times that I will engage in marketing activities, when I can have meaningful conversations with people, and when I’m available to teach classes. All things I not only want to DOUBLE DORJEE

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do, but love to do. Then, keeping in mind the context of my ideal week, I can easily plan out my ideal day, which is usually a mix of client work, marketing, writing, and doing my daily high value activities. These high value activities – or HVAs – are business development activities I do that are connected

to the execution of a marketing strategy related to my primary profit center, which is directly related to achieving my optimistic sales number every 30 days. If you find yourself being resistant to planning out your ideal week, and being so tightly in control of it, then at the least, establish start and stop times for each day. Remember, too, that you do not have to be on-call 24/7/365. You do not need to be tethered to your mobile devices responding to people within seconds of when they reach out to you. Of course, you want to be responsive, but far better to be truly present

at any moment than to be responding to someone else’s demands. Most things can wait a few hours or a day. If you’re always in response mode, you are not in control of your time or your day. You won’t be able to do the things you want to do and you’ll always be in that high-stress dimension. If you find that you go to work and you’re just drifting from one thing to the next as you think of things that you need or want to do, create a “will do” list instead of a to-do list. This is a written list of all the things you will do – not things you intend to do – for Continued on Page 7

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A COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FOR SOULFUL LIVING with the element of water when addressing these writing situations: • Reflections of a character or narrator. • Amplify tempo and pace using water’s vast spectrum, which ranges from seeping to surging, dripping to flowing. • Emotion involves water in our bodies – tears, saliva, phlegm, gall, sweat, blood. The rhythms and moods of the four elements support our personal energy and expand the field of choices in our creative work. And one more benefit: Partnering with the natural world offers us language that holds universal resonance. Everyone on the planet can identify with our writing, because we all experience the same four elements.



Continued from front page

• Looking for patterns in plot or character? Get some distance on the problem with a “bird’s eye view” which allows us to note only the most prominent aspects. • Does the pace plod? Storms are preceded by mounting energy that gathers toward resolution. Quicken the winds of your writing.


The element of earth is considered the practical realm. This element creates a mood almost the opposite of air. When our writing needs foundation, when a character needs to be strong-willed we go outside and sit on the ground and become conscious of how each thing including ourselves is rooted to the earth, that this is the source of sustenance for the trees around us, the animals passing nearby. These smells and textures and sounds need to be found in our language. The element of earth is helpful when we consider: • Storylines that depict slow-moving,

stuck, immoveable, or stubborn qualities. Those grounded in history or culture. • Conveying simple, basic moods and emotions, such as long-suffering, generosity, attachment, fear, envy. • The foundations of life: food, shelter, mates, heritage, religion, family, organizational structure.


The element of fire is the realm of energy, that often unseen activator of actions. Creative energy itself belongs to the fire element. We notice fire itself immediately. It excites us. In our writing when we want to set the scene for conflict, anger or passion we may have someone light a cigarette or a candle or fondle a gun. To create tension we may use the fire element emotionally as well as environmentally to underline the mood, foreshadow a plot, define a character. The element of fire is helpful when writing about: • Flashy personalities. • Abrupt resolution in story or character.

Stellar Reflections and

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Writers can partner with nature and use this inspiration to make their work more vibrant, alive, and relatable to readers, explains Tina Welling. • Mounting tension, disaster, conflict, passion.


The element of water can douse fire or it can be churned to its own peak images of crashing water-

falls, stormy seas, beating rain and hail, as well as soothing pools and cups of tea. Water carries the symbolism of emotion, ranging from sorrow to joy, tears to moist lips. It is the realm of sensitivity and spirituality. Try aligning

Based on the book Writing Wild, 2014, by Tina Welling. Reprinted with permission from New World Library, Tina Welling is the author of Writing Wild: Forming a Creative Partnership with Nature and three novels including Cowboys Never Cry. Her nonfiction has appeared in The Sun, Body & Soul, and a variety of anthologies. She lives in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Her website is




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JUNE 2014

Accept Yourself as You Are By Samantha Werme

As human beings we are comprised of some unique balance of light and dark. At any moment we have full freedom to utilize our light and emit joy into the world or spread our darkness in the form of hatred, fear, or negativity. And sometimes it feels as if we have no choice. We feel agitated, angry, resentful, or worried and therefore we blame everything and everyone around us for our inability to be kind, patient, and compassionate, falling into the never-ending pit of “if-and-when” scenarios. But the day must come when we reach the gut-wrenching and painful reality that this does nothing for ourselves. It’s not working and therefore we must find another way. One of the biggest lessons that we will learn on this earth is that we only have control of ourselves. As much as we try to control situations, opportunities, our loved ones, or our surroundings, we only have control over our own minds, bodies, and spirits. We then must take our discomfort, insecurities, our feelings of discontent or even desperation and bring them inward. There, we can process them, evaluate them and make the hard decisions to take steps to a place of inner peace. This happens when we alter our perspective and rather than seeing these inconveniences as bumps in our path, see them as lessons and oppor-

tunities to transcend to the next level in our own personal evolution. There comes a point where our negative feelings towards the circumstances around us must end. Where we must, at all costs, break through whatever barrier is holding us back and transcend. Through the pain, suffering, and discomfort comes wisdom, understanding, and peace. And in those moments where you feel trapped, unable to even see some light, you must be patient, realizing that the moment will come and not only that it will come but that it has to. The first step of this type of transcendence is the most important one. The step that if not fully acquired will disable you from fully breaking through to the next level. It seems simple enough, but it can be one of the most grueling and uncomfortable processes to face. You must, must, must accept yourself as you are. Accept yourself as a flawed, damaged, and imperfect human being. One who will never be perfect as hard as you strive, will always have some fraction of darkness within your being… and that is okay. Because until we boldly and fiercely face the demons within ourselves, without self-judgment, criticism, and worry, we are crippled and unable to evolve. We all too easily trick ourselves into identifying the attributes about ourselves that are easy to identify: the ones that others will look at and relate to and help us justify. But this is not enough and will not sustain a lasting transcendence. You must courageously face the ugliest contributors to your being. With the knowledge that we all have them. And that there is nothing to hide. It is when we fully and without shame accept our flawed selves with compassion, our world opens up and we then are suddenly capable of viewing others in a similar light, with a deep love and compassion for who they are at their best and also their worst. Likewise, the situations in your life will be much easier to accept and therefore you will be able to lead your path more

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rageously move onto the next. All with the hope that as we learn and grow, we become more graceful, more at peace within and outside of ourselves, and that we let the light – that our individual destiny can only reveal – shine without fear and worry, but with light and love.

gracefully and with a settled sense of ease. Our goal needs to not be a goal of perfection. Because that is something that we will never obtain. Our goal needs to be that we learn from each lesson placed before us, that we transcend that lesson and cou-

Samantha Werme lives in Rwanda, Africa. Read her blog at

Soul Proprietor Continued from Page 5 the next 30-days, the next 90-days, the next one year, and the next five years. For things that you want to do but just aren’t sure when, create a column or a page as your “parking lot” or your “later” list. If you don’t know what you’re doing over the next 30-days, you’re simply adrift. So your 30-day activities are the most important things you can be doing. Each day, you can move something from your 30-day list to your daily list. (But only put it on your daily list

accomplish everything you want. Marty Marsh believes that your successful business is the catalyst for creating massive positive change in the world. To that end, he specializes in helping you, the entrepreneurial changeagent, to attract your perfect clients and to grow your business quickly and with ease so you have the resources to truly make a difference in the lives of the people you serve. For more business development and marketing strategies for staying in touch with your ideal prospects, visit www.

if it’s something you can actually accomplish that day. Otherwise, leave it for now, and add it to another day when you do have time to accomplish whatever it is.) As you complete each item on your “will do” list, enjoy putting a check next to it or striking through it, but move each item to an accomplishments list, and spend a few moments every day celebrating all the things you did get done. Following these tips will free up your mind, create more energy, result in more creativity, and allow you to

Instructions for Living Life Continued from Page 4 the first option. 3. Notice how you feel. Remember, feelings are emotions or physical sensations. Anything else is a thought. Inserting “I feel like” in front of a thought does not make it an emotion or a physical sensation. Pay particular attention to the areas of your stomach chest, shoulders, and neck. If you’re adept at sensing energy, notice how your energy shifts – or not – during this visual. 4. Note what you felt in the space you left below that option. 5. Repeat #2 through #4. When you’re done with this exercise, you’ll know without a doubt which option is the best one for you to choose. The reason this works so well is that it

avoids using your mind. Your mind will lie to you and keep your head whirling with maybes. Your body knows the truth and willingly shares it with you. All you have to do is find a way to ask. This little method has worked amazingly well for myself as well as everyone I’ve shared it with. Try it the next time you’re in a quandry and don’t know which direction to take. Kathy Wilson is a spiritual teacher and mentor, reiki master, co-creator of The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation, and author of many books and articles. Visit her website and sign up for her newsletter, The Journal of Spirited Coaching.

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The Review Page Books, Music, videos AND products Reviewed by Krysta Gibson

Tea drinkers will love Homegrown Tea, An Illustrated Guide to Planting, Harvesting, and Blending Teas and Tisanes by Cassie Liversidge (St. Martin’s Griffin). Not only does the book have gorgeous full-color photos, but it explains how you can grow your own tea, even if you live in the city and don’t have a lot of space. The book includes teas such as rose hips, mint, and sage, as well as lesser known teas such as honeysuckle and mountain pepper. (Tisanes, by the way, are infusions made by plants other than tea, but the author uses the word tea for everything in this book.) Not only will you learn how to grow and make your own tea, but you will most likely learn many things you didn’t know about tea and other plants while increasing your enjoyment of this popular beverage. Three little hardback books of interest are The Spirituality of….Bono, Richard Gere, and Carlos Santana, edited by Nicholas Nigro (Backbeat Books). Each book gives a brief biography of the person and then quotes from various interviews conducted over the years. It is truly interesting to learn more


about these three gifted artists and experience how their different spiritual paths and viewpoints have informed their work over the years. “The best work comes when we don’t know what we’re doing.” – Bono. “You have the tools to find your own happiness.” –Richard Gere “Music goes deeper than the knife.” – Carlos Santana Massage therapists who work with cancer patients will want to get a copy of this third edition of Medicine Hands, Massage Therapy for People with Cancer by Gayle MacDonald, MS, LMT (Findhorn Press). Much more than simply a how-to book, it offers support, direction, answers, and inspiration for those working in the field of oncology massage. Caregivers will also find the information enlightening and helpful as they walk this path with their loved one or client. I think this book would be very helpful for anyone who provides some form of healing touch such as reiki, since it gives a ton of information related to issues surrounding chemotherapy, radiation and surgery for cancer patients. Before you go on your next ghost hunt, read The Yoga of Ghost Hunting, Tips and Techniques for Psychic Protection and More by Richard Salva (Crystal Clarity Publishers). This slim book is full of great information about who ghosts are, how to communicate with them, and some very practical methods are given to protect yourself should you decide to go hunting


for ghosts, or one decides to visit your home. You’ll learn what colors to wear (or not wear), what attitudes to develop, what different fragrances and odors might mean, as well as how to use some meditation techniques to ensure your safe and happy ghost hunting trip. The powerful techniques shared come from ancient wisdom teachings given by Paramhansa Yogananda and can also be used for daily protection from the possible discordant energies faced on a daily basis. You’ve probably heard about mantras and kirtans and maybe you even participate in them. Either way, Sacred Sound, Discovering the Myth & Meaning of Mantra & Kirtan by Alanna Kaivalya (New World Library) will delight you. Besides giving great information about what these are, the book offers information about common mantras, what they mean, and how to use them in your yoga and meditation practice. I loved reading about the meanings and how the energies can be applied to daily life. The book also gives a website to visit where you can listen to the author reciting or singing the mantras so you can learn the proper pronunciation of the Sanskrit words. Even if you don’t plan to chant, there is a great deal of practical information that could help you move your energy in a more positive direction. Calling all tarot enthusiasts! The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig (Sterling Ethos)

was written for beginners, advanced, and experts who work and play with the tarot. You’ll learn about large layouts, a different way to look at the year and personality cards, the cycle of the year, tarot and astrology, and there are 122 layouts to ponder and use. No matter your level, whether you’re intrigued with the tarot or already in love with this fascinating oracular tool, this book will become a trusted friend. It’s perfect timing for the release of The Love Letters, Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi Meet Pope Francis by Bruce Davis, Ph.D. (Grave Distractions Publications). What would these two saints have said to one another when the new Catholic Pope Francis came on the scene, attempting to bring the church back into focus? Bruce Davis has studied Saint Francis and Saint Clare for many years and even lived in Assisi for 12 years. In this historical fiction book, we get a glimpse of what these saints might have written to one another about the church, the new Pope, and their own spiritual journeys. More than that, however, the book can be used for daily inspiration and guidance for one’s own spiritual journey. It’s a very sweet book that offers a lot of depth and insight. Maybe there’s a deeper reason why you just can’t seem to break some bad habits, attain your goals, or become the person Continued on Page 9

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The Review Page Books, Music, videos AND products Reviewed by Krysta Gibson

Continued from Page 8 you feel called to be. Maybe there is a soul contract operating that is keeping you from being able to move forward. Soul Contracts, Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance by Danielle MacKinnon (Beyond Words) not only explains what these contracts are and why they exist, but also how to identify which kind of contracts you have, what seed thought is behind it and, best of all, how to release it. This is not a magic bullet sort of book. There is a process to follow and it could take time to walk the path. But when you think about it, perhaps you’ve been negatively influenced by a contract your entire life and only now can let it go. Isn’t that worth some time and effort? So, here’s a switch. All your life you’ve been told you need to become somebody in order to be happy. What if this isn’t true? How about the idea of Be Nobody by Lama Marut (Beyond Words) that is explored in this book? In today’s world many people have become narcissistic and define themselves and their success by how many friends they have on Facebook, the car they drive, the clothes they wear and the smartphone they have. In his easy-going


and somewhat confrontive style, Lama Marut proposes that we focus on being “unfabulous,” ordinary Joes and Janes who don’t have a lot of preferences and who can be content with what life gives them. There’s a lot of hidden ancient wisdom in this book just waiting to be discovered. Discovering Your Soul Signature, A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy by Panache Desai (Random House) is a book you experience rather than one you read. Discover your soul’s DNA – why you are here – and then use this book for 33 days while you learn to shift your energies and patterns to let go of negativity and move into greater light and purpose. This book feels like it was written friend to friend as it gently walks the reader through readings and exercises for morning, noon, and night. When you’re through, I suspect you’ll start at day one again just to experience it at a deeper level. This book is wonderful for those who would like some sort of structure to their path without having to join an organization or any particular belief system. Here’s another very practical book. The Greatest Principle, Unlocking the Hidden Keys to Ultimate Success in All Areas of Your Life by Alexander Loyd, Ph.D. (Grand Central Life & Style). Stating that most self-improvement programs can boast a 97% failure rate, this author says that his 25 years of clinical research can give us tools to remove any personal obstacles in our lives – a big claim – and the book is fascinating. It explains why most programs fail and what needs to happen for us to succeed and gives three tools that address the subconscious mind and our internal programming. I think you will find the Energy Medicine Tool and the Heart Screen Tool very interesting and helpful. If you find that some of your current tools aren’t working for you, this would be a book that could offer a different approach and could carry you where you want to go.

JUNE 2014


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Following up on Orcas I received so much positive feedback and huge thank yous for the recent column I wrote mostly about the plight of our dolphin friends that I realize you want to stay informed, especially when there is something you can do to help. In that column, I recommended watching the CNN documentary called Blackfish about captive orcas primarily at SeaWorld. There have been some huge developments because of that film that I want to share with you. As a result of details released in Blackfish, Assemblyman Richard Bloom from Santa Monica has proposed legislation banning the use of orcas for performance purposes in California aquatic parks. According to his office, the Orca Welfare and Safety Act (AB 2140) would eliminate performance-based entertainment and captive breeding of the whales with the ultimate goal of phasing-out killer whale captivity in California. This proposed legislation is particularly significant even though similar laws have been proposed or exist in some other states. In the state of New York, a bill banning the possession and harboring of killer whales in aquariums and sea parks was

Our Animal Friends by Martha Norwalk

introduced and passed through committee. The difference being is that it is only symbolic because New York has no captive orcas. South Carolina has the only U.S. state law banning marine mammals in captivity. It was passed in 1982. However, that state also does not have any sea parks. So, the proposed California ban is huge, as that state has SeaWorld in San Diego. Consequently, as you might imagine, the City of San Diego and SeaWorld have pulled out all stops to fight this proposed legislation. In the past, I believe they would have been totally successful at getting it dumped in committee. Due to the overwhelming public response in favor of the law, however, they only succeeded in getting a delay of the vote for 18 months, pending an interim study. If you agree that it is time to stop using these incredible mammals for entertainment purposes, separating them from their families and housing them in completely inadequate and abusive habitats, then you must pay attention to this legislation, and

Equine manual therapy

Cranio-sacral and two styles of Structural Integration

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Orcas performing in San Diego in 2010. The captive display of orcas and dolphins in California would be prohibited under California Assemblyman Rirchard Blooms’s Orca Welfare and Safety Act. send your positive energy and comments of support when appropriate and timely. Eventually, if this law passes, California will join a growing number of U.S. states, localities, and at least 14 countries that have outlawed the captive display of orcas, dolphins, and in some cases, all wild animals. The following countries have bans in place: Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, India, Nicaragua, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Brazil, Luxembourg, Norway and the United Kingdom have standards so strict that it is nearly impossible to keep

cetaceans in captivity. The Blackfish documentary, which has drawn global attention since it premiered in 2013, also details the 2010 death of SeaWorld trainer, Dawn Brancheau, who was pulled into a pool, drowned, and dismembered by an orca at the chain’s Orlando, Florida SeaWorld. The very latest development related to this is that SeaWorld has just introduced new safety vests for their trainers. They began wearing these vests the first week of May. They are a custom designed, slim-fitting jacket, inflatable, and also come with a small pack of oxygen, which could buy a trainer a few min-

utes of breathing if dragged underwater. They are one of many safety measures instituted by the park after the trainer’s death in 2010. Now the trainers are no longer allowed in the water with the orcas, and must remain 18 inches away from the whales while standing and three feet away while kneeling. Other new safety measures include, remotely controlled pool gates, new walkways around the stadium, and an additional raised platform in an orca pool that could be used to lift a whale out of the water if a trainer fell in. All these improvements to Continued on Page 13

“Candles are different, but the light is the same.” – Swami Kaleshwar

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Photonic Nutrition:

In-lightened Eating in the 21st Century Nutrition scientists, myself included, have been mulling about on similar topics for years, and I might boldly suggest that we haven’t made much progress. A pivotal medical article was recently published from researchers at Yale University.1 After they surveyed and scoured all the popular diets known to humankind, they essentially came up with this conclusion: “A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants,

is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention and is consistent with the salient components of seemingly distinct dietary approaches.” In other words, with all our scientific sophistication, the basic mantra remains the same: don’t eat too much processed food and eat a lot of plants. Excellent advice, and I agree completely. Food journalist and best-selling author, Michael Pollan, has been preaching this idea to us for years and he’s never studied nutrition. But how much science do we need to tell us what is already, perhaps, common sense? I would hope by now it is general, well-accepted knowledge that it is in our favor to refrain from eating too much “junk food” and to emphasize whole food.

JUNE 2014

Furthermore, no matter what the dietary approach is we are adhering our identity to, whether it’s Paleo, antiinflammatory, low glycemic, detox, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, lowfat, low-carb, you name it, the core message remains the same: get your sustenance from plants. Why plants? Nutrition science is slowly (and somewhat begrudgingly) moving away from the three “musketeers” of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, and starting to explore the thousands of compounds in plants. An article I read a couple of months ago showed that the more we interact with plants by rubbing their leaves, the more healing compounds they produce. Plants are on our side. They want to be in close connection with us. Science and intuition tell us they are truly the ultimate nutrition. Aside from the benefits of organicallygrown plants, what is emerging in plant science is to go smaller to get denser-packed nutrients. For example, microgreens, or the small leaflets of immature leafy greens (grown within soil within seven days), are super-nutrition sources of healthy compounds like carotenoids, vitamin C, and vitamin K. We’d have to eat many more mature spinach leaves to get the same amount of nutrition in a handful of microgreens. Same thing for blueberries: the smaller the berry, the more we get of the skin relative to the sweet, sugary insides, so we can reap the benefit of proanthocyanidins, or the healing plant compounds that help us learn and remember information. Small is in. We can go even smaller when it comes

Nutrition for Body & Soul by Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, RYT

to plants as we start talking about how the plants produce nutrition for us, into the realm of what I have termed photonic nutrition. Photons are small packets of light. When the green chlorophyll in the plant captures the rays of the sun, energy and nutrients are made, a well-known process called photosynthesis. In fact, all nutrition we take in starts from sunlight. Nutrition, or the act of eating, is the process of light transfer from one species to the next, whether plant to animal to human, or direct from plant to human. We are all eating the products of light. Even more fascinating is that science, particularly quantum physics, is latching on to the idea that we are not just eating light through the products of photosynthesis, but that we are beings made of light. Depending on our experiences throughout the day, we might feel like we are losing or gaining energy. When we feel we are drained, at the most micro level, we may be leaking our precious photonic energy. Scientists in Europe and Japan have started to measure photonic emission from human beings, or how much light we give off through complicated devices that do photon-imaging. The literature on biophotonic emission (light emitted from living organisms), dating back to the mid-1980s, has revealed that all life forms give off photons. One of the first articles demonstrated that DNA is an

Martha’s Canine, Feline and All CreatureCounseling (360) 217-7258

Continued on Page 12

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JUNE 2014

Photonic Nutrition Continued from Page 11 abundant source of these photons.2 The wavelength of light was shown to play a role in how the cell grows. Cancer cells, which grow out of control, give off many photons: “Photon counts were observed to be 1.51-4.73 times higher from the regions of untreated tumor than from normal regions.”3 Aside from the articles on food, infection, and cancer, biophoton emission is now being measured in people who are engaging in mind-body practices, such as

acupuncture and Transcendental Meditation and Zen meditation.4 These activities appear to preserve our photons. Perhaps health is synonymous with keeping our photonic reserve intact. As a nutritionist, I am most interested in the application of photons to assessing the quality (freshness, shelf-life) of food.5 I hope that science continues to go more micro and atomic with our food rather than hang out at the been-theredone-that examination of high and low


macronutrients. Maybe one day we will have widespread tools on our smartphones that will enable us to measure the “light” or life force quality of food so we can better assess in knowing which food carries the most resonance for our body, mind, and spirit. I can imagine that in the future, we will shift from reading diet books about what to eat and into technologies that can assess our photonic potential and that of foods so we can truly feed ourselves and become vital at the most infinitesimal level for big, life-changing effects.

1. Katz DL1, Meller S. Can we say what diet is best for health? Annu Rev Public Health.

2014 Mar 18;35:83-103. doi: 10.1146/annurevpublhealth-032013-182351. 2. Cell Biophys. 1984 Mar;6(1):33-52. 3. Urol Res. 1995;23(5):315-318. 4. J Med Assoc Thai. 2010 Nov;93 Suppl 6:S24254. 5. Indian J Exp Biol. 2003 May;41(5):391-402.

Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, RYT, is a mind-body-spirit nutritionist and author who bridges together modern science with ancient spirituality in her novel approach to food and eating. See her websites, www., www.detoxsummit. com, and Facebook page, Food & Spirit with Dr. Deanna Minich (www.facebook. com/foodandspirit?fref=ts), for more details.

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Orcas Continued from Page 10 increase safety for the trainers have me wondering where are all the improvements to create better conditions for the orcas? Where are the vast ocean pens? When will they stop breeding if they cannot allow the whale families to stay together? In a natural, wild ocean environment, orcas are not aggressive toward humans. The film


points out that in captivity they become more aggressive toward each other as well as humans. SeaWorld’s curator of animal training refused to speculate whether the new vests would have saved the trainer’s life, but David Kirby, author of Death at SeaWorld has been outspoken saying the vest “would not have saved any of the trainers who were killed by orcas. “Dawn was rammed and dismembered by Tilikum, a vest and spare air would have been useless.” Just as the ban legislation was proposed, SeaWorld made another move to improve their image. They

hired Bindi Irwin, the daughter of beloved Australian crocodile hunter and wildlife expert Steve Irwin, to be their newest youth ambassador. Frankly, I was shocked that she accepted this position. Even her grandfather, Steve Irwin’s father and a prominent Australian conservationist, was critical. He said, “I could not support an organization that keeps animals in captivity that does not consider and provide for that animal’s physical, mental, and emotional needs and exploits them for the performance of tricks with the intent of mere entertainment for financial gain.” I am sure with all the safety

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JUNE 2014 changes, Bindi Irwin and their huge financial corporate presence in their surrounding locations, SeaWorld is expecting to weather the storm and continue its practices for many years to come. However, I am feeling a wave of changing human consciousness. Is it time for us to decide as states, country and world how we want to treat and care for our beloved animal friends. I am reminded of wise words that are important to always remember. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi.


Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

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JUNE 2014

You’re Being Blessed at This Very Moment By Sue Frederick

When bad news first arrives, it feels like the wind has been knocked out of you; it’s a punch to the gut. This moment is a great blessing. This is the brief and sudden moment of calm while your ego mind is stunned into silence. It’s the holy moment of grace when you can listen to and hear your own powerful intuition, your higher self. It whispers inside: “This is all going to be okay. Something better is waiting for you. This is all in divine order for your highest good.” That’s the voice of your soul’s wisdom, your divinity, speaking up because your ego has been delivered a swift blow and is temporarily stunned. But very soon, within minutes, the ego mind fires back up and begins whispering: “How did this happen? This isn’t fair! Life is meaningless...” Your ego mind is beginning the battle of survival that it was designed to do. This is the mind you agreed to have when you took a physical body for this incarnation. Yet it’s only half of your mind. The other half of your mind holds the doorway to your highest self, your divine intuition, and your true essence. In the brief gaps of silence from your ego mind, your higher self is always whispering the truth. If you don’t grab hold of that inner voice, the deeper wisdom of your soul, the ego mind will quickly overpower you with fear messages, shifting into full blown fear and desperation: “You’re worthless, you’ll never feel love again, you won’t find another job, you’re all alone now, this is a tragedy….” If you’ve learned to discipline your mind through meditation or other kinds of spiritual practice, the fear and negativity of the ego self can be diminished and contained, before it pushes you into depression, illness, stress and rage. Every time you choose to indulge the

fear voice, you allow it to grow stronger inside until it becomes your boss. It will fight to reign supreme over your soul’s wisdom. It tells you to protect yourself, defend your actions, fight for survival, trust no one, close your heart, blame everyone, and that nothing here is fair. Yet everything changes the moment you ask to hear your soul’s wisdom. It’s a simple request, an act of surrender to the lesson: “Please show me my soul’s lesson and help me move through this with love and courage.” That simple request calls divine guidance to your side, fills the room with light, opens your heart, quiets your mind, shows you another perspective on your pain; it illuminates the choices you didn’t know you had. Your highest self created this moment of pain to allow you to step up to your wisdom, to awaken into love, to embrace your spiritual perspective and take your life to the next level of your soul’s growth. You’re not a victim to loss, disease, heartbreak, the economy, a terrible manager, or corrupt politicians. You’re only a victim to your ego mind; it fills you with fear and keeps you from moving into the light. You are a divine being who created this painful moment to shake lose your old patterns of negativity; to provide an opportunity to embrace your soul’s perspective, even while you walk in this physical world. You came here to merge your divine self with your physical self and create a new level of consciousness for yourself and others. You intended to be grand and fearless, bold and awake, infused with wisdom, loving and aware. Your divine lens, your spiritual self, illuminates this path and shows you your next step. Your ego self says it isn’t possible. You get to choose. Just a simple request for divine guidance. And it changes everything. Sue Frederick is the author of I See Your Dream Job; I See Your Soul Mate; & Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side (St. Martin’s Press).

Kim Miller

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JUNE 2014

Achieve Bliss Now By Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D.

I know it is easy to look around and see others who seem to have it all together. They appear happy, healthy, successful. You may ask yourself, “Why can’t I have that? When is it going to be my turn?” Those who look ahead may say, “If I just had more money, someone to love me… then I could truly be happy.” Those who focus on the past may say, “If only I had had a better childhood, if only this hadn’t happened to me… then I could be happy.”

But, the interesting thing is that happiness begins as an internal state, rather than as a result of some external event. We have all heard that money can’t buy you love (or happiness), and there are plenty of very wealthy people who are not at all happy. We cannot depend on toys, money, other people, the perfect body, or a magic pill to bring us true and sustainable happiness. Happiness is a state we must create within ourselves. Happy people share several common traits. They are more relaxed, confident, friendly, pleasant, and self-satisfied.

Because they are already happy, they can be more generous than needy, more independent than clingy, and emit more positive energy than negative. These traits are attractive, meaning they will attract more of the same. Being happy generates more conditions that resonate with your state of being, creating additional reasons to be happy. That’s so fun! Here is a quick and easy way to achieve happiness now. Take a deep breath and relax. Take a deep breath and relax. Think about what it would be like to be Think about what it would be like to be truly happy right now. truly happy right now. Form a concept of the state of being that you would imagine experiencing if you were in heaven, nirvana, or bliss. As Form a concept of the state of you fully imagine those traits, you will find that you begin to experience being that you would imagine them. experiencing if you were in heaven, nirvana, or bliss. As you compassion, generosity, and you want to access this bliss fully imagine those traits, you will find that patience? state, you can simply recall you begin to experience them. Close your eyes, and truly this symbol. Notice the way your body feels: is it experience this bliss state. This state of being is relaxed, more spacious, energized, or lightTurn up the volume and let yours, always. It is exactly er? What words would you use to describe this energy spread throughthe way you want it, and no your own physical sensations? out your body and your one can take it away from Notice your thoughts: Have they changed energy field. you unless you allow it to from when you began? Perhaps your idea As you do so, ask your happen. of bliss is stress-free, worry-free, and not subconscious mind to pro We all know that life concerned with pleasing others, adhering vide for you a symbol that can throw us some “curve to a strict schedule or striving to be perfect. you can imagine holding in balls” or “kick us to the Perhaps your mind can be expansive, clear, your hands that will anchor curb.” When that occurs, and in the moment. you in this state. This symmany people just stay there, Notice your emotions: When you are in bol can be anything you wallowing in their stories, the bliss state, can you be upset, jealous, choose. Some people have schlepping their hurts sad, or lonely? Or do you turn to love, imagined a crystal, a ball of around like wearing a backsunshine, a deity, a lotus. pack. Yet, that is a choice. Let your personal image When life gives you a surface naturally from your shove, I invite you to come own subconscious mind. right back to this bliss Any time in the future, when state as quickly as you can.

Why Do We Dream? Continued from back page It also represents healing from the caduceus used in medicine. Belts are a support so the snake being used as a belt indicates supporting herself through counselling and healing. The dream goes further by telling Susan to specifically use shamanic techniques involving crystals (diamonds and emeralds). The dream encourages her by showing that refining her unique blend of skills (collar the snake) has great value (gem stones) despite her fears (snake snapping at her). The answers to your life questions are given to you each night, ironically hidden right before your eyes. You don’t need to learn the language of dreams for this nightly process to work. It will continue throughout your life but it is your choice whether it remains under your radar. Through dreams, your higher self wants you to awaken and discover your true nature. If you put a little effort into learning their language – your soul’s language – you will be amazed at what you learn about yourself. Dreaming is as vital to you as your heartbeat. Tonight, within minutes of falling asleep you’ll find yourself back at the door

to this mystical world. What will you learn this time on the other side of the threshold? Michael Sheridan was born in Ireland and currently resides in Seattle. He is author of the book How To Interpret Your Dreams and Discover Your Life Purpose, which is available on Amazon. Visit him online at to learn about upcoming workshops and read more articles in this series.


Imagine your symbol, take a breath, and return to bliss and happiness. Although this event has occurred, it does not have to be who you are. Life’s harsh events are not worthy of dictating your internal experiences. In fact, they are the opportunities for us to grow and strengthen our character. You have the power to choose. And now you have a tool to support your decision and desire to remain happy – in your personal bliss state – as you elegantly move through your life journey. Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D. is the author of five books on hypnotherapy, past life regression, including Hypnotherapy: A ClientCentered Approach and Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul’s Quest for Consciousness. She is the instructor of Bastyr University’s non-credit professional hypnotherapy training program, and instructs professional training in past life regression and spiritual awakening techniques. Named among the Top 100 Thought Leaders by Personal Excellence magazine, Dr. LaBay maintains a private hypnotherapy practice in Bellevue, Wash.,, marylee@maryleelabay. com, (425) 562-7277.

Hypnotherapy Training Clinical - Past Life - Transpersonal with Mary Lee LaBay, PHD, CI

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JUNE 2014

Why Do We Dream? Making Sense of Illusions By Michael Sheridan

You are so important that each night your dreams create an entire world around you to educate you. They are an illusion created to help you wake up from other illusions. They remind you that you are the most important person on the planet. You are not subservient. You have a specific purpose and entitlement to be here. They constantly remind you to not give your power away, and if you have, they insist you claim it back. They are the key to a healthy, happy and successful life. The choice is yours to turn the key and do something with them. There is nothing more personal than your own dreams. They are blunt and hold no punches. They show your strengths and weaknesses. They tell who in your life has good advice and who does not. Oftentimes they point to events or people in your past to illustrate how these events or people are still controlling your thoughts and actions today. Your dreams are specific and focus on areas where you need help most. They comment on health, relationships, career, emotions, and spiritual well-being. They remind you of your obligations and your life purpose,

They won’t fulfill you, neither prayer nor the law of attraction without this ever important first step. This step has components that, once learned, allow one to tap into their reason for being. And it’s probably not one thing, but an amazing journey. As one acts, the possibilities for growth and change are exponential. Only one in a thousand aren’t distracted by what they see and know. To learn this method of self-empowerment takes a session or two. You’ll know when you’re on target or when “things” are getting in the way because you’ll feel it.

Your unique adventure/contribution is within you now waiting to come forward. Give it a chance.

Paul Timo • 425-260-8878

Dream Interpretation with Michael Sheridan Michael is a 22-year veteran Dream Analyst and author, born in Ireland, now living in Seattle. He has interpreted callers’ dreams countless times on national TV and radio, including RTE and BBC.

Courses / Workshops / Newsletters Seattle 2-Day Workshop: July 12 & 13 10-5 • $350


Relax and enjoy a fun-filled weekend while Michael unlocks the messages in your dreams.

Review from course in Seattle: I have been working with my dreams for 15+ years and I always knew that one day they would bring significant meaning and depth to my life and to my relationships. That day finally arrived when I took Michael’s dream course. I can’t begin to explain how blown away I was and still am by his process for analyzing dreams. The course is structured so that you not only get your dreams analyzed by Michael (which is so fun and so insightful!) but you also get to take home real tools and steps to analyze your own dreams. By using his process I have unlocked so many mysteries of my own life (too many to count!), including minor health issues, spiritual gifts I have (and now use!) and discovering my life’s purpose. Michael’s humor makes the class comfortable and makes the material approachable and fun! There is no other course that I would more highly recommend for anyone wanting insight to their dreams and to their lives. - Jaime

Visit website for more reviews and course details. • Ph: 206-708-7254

and that your life is a planned journey designed to free your spirit. They show that your life and purpose are unique and you have special abilities that help you achieve that purpose. When you make a change in life, your dreams comment positively or negatively on that change. Take Paul, for example, who reported having many dreams in one night where he was writing his signature and specifically noticed how it had improved. In the dream all he saw was the tip of the pen writing on the paper. This dream literally shows Paul making a name for himself. From the dream’s positive statement we can infer that the recent change was the correct one to make. We can also see that writing will be part of how he makes his name, as that was the focus. Katie, who lost her mother a few months prior, dreamt of a string of flowers in her living room that led up to a flower wreath in the center of the ceiling. In the dream her deceased mother had placed them there. This dream shows that the bond of love (string of flowers) continues in the spirit world (ceiling level emphasized) beyond the grave (wreath). What a wonderful message to receive. You are the star and architect of your dreams. Shakespeare famously wrote that the world is a stage

Did you know that when you make a change in life, your dreams comment positively or negatively on that change? They do, Michael Sheridan says, and it is up to us to pay attention to our dreams so we hear what they are trying to tell us. where everyone plays a part. Dreams are a stage where you play every part. Dreams of family members, friends, and enemies all represent various aspects of your personality such as ideas, emotions, hopes, fears, and ideals. Dreams focus on the most important step you need to make at the present time. The first step, as with any journey, is to find out where you are. Using expressive symbols, dreams show you this and map your journey to where you need to be. The key to unlocking dreams is through understanding the symbols on the map. You dream in symbols because since before you were born you were a dreamer. It is your soul’s native language. Each dream is a poignant message from your higher self, telling you exactly what you need to do to improve all aspects of your life. The content is very personal, revealing and immensely practi-

cal. A correct analysis lets you know that someone is listening and does have the answers. The fact that that someone is your higher self cannot be more important. You have the answers to all of the questions you are asking now, and all of the questions you will ask in the future. Consider Susan’s dream: “I’m wearing a live snake for a belt as some sort of test. The snake is emerald green and I’m holding it by a sort of collar made by a leaf. It’s snapping at me. Then I’m with two other women, one of whom is Jewish. We know each other from past work together in the diamond trade.” Susan was wondering whether she could support herself through offering counseling services linked with shamanic healing. The dream identifies exactly this as the subject matter. The green snake represents counseling, both from the color green (heart chakra) and the biblical association of the snake with wisdom. Continued on Page 15

Are You Still Kissing Frogs? Leap Into Real Solutions To Attract Your Genuinely Committed Relationship. • Are you afraid of repeating past relationship failures? • Do you worry time is running out and that you will end up isolated and alone? ARE YOU READY TO... • Experience lasting love with a supportive, secure, and loyal partner? • Attract a trustworthy amazing mate?

Gianna Rosewood, Relationship Whisperer 360-793-9723 A relationship whisperer and former frog kisser, Gianna helps single women who are tired of kissing frogs and are truly ready to fall in love with themselves so they naturally attract the love of their life. She offers programs tailored to each individual’s needs.

See Yourself with Kind Eyes 3

Why Do We Dream?



Instructions for Living Life the Easy Way 4

Chants and

Alanna Kaivalya and Chris Grosso sing during a kirtan using the harmonium and other instrument such as guitar, bass, and a Western drum kit.

By Alanna Kaivalya

Many years ago when I started a

yoga practice, I had no idea what it would reveal to me. I was just hoping for a little extra strength and flexibility, and I did what I could to avoid all the spiritual trappings of the practice. But, somehow, as it does, the yoga did its job. Over the years it brought me through physical, psychological, and emotional revelations that I can’t imagine would have taken place otherwise. One of the most powerful insights has come through the use of sound and mantra as a basis for the practice. I was born with a hearing impairment that gave me a unique relationship to sound. As a

Our Animal Friends • 10

child, I would feel sound, vibration, tone, and intonation in order to more fully access my world. This was second nature to me, but through my studies of yoga (and physics), I suddenly found a reason behind my special relationship to sound. Just as important, through yoga’s rich mythology, I also gained context and meaning to better understand how the inner and outer practices of yoga work. It is from this perspective that I have always practiced and taught, fueled by the belief that sound has the power to harmonize us and myth brings forth what is alive within us. It is in this spirit that I always end my lectures and workshops with these words: Don’t miss the vibrations. A mantra, as it relates to the yogic and Vedic traditions of India, is a Sanskrit phrase that encapsulates some higher idea or ideal within the cadence, vibration, and essence of its sound. A mantra can be as simple as a single sound – such as chanting the well-known sound oà – or as complicated as chanting a poem that tells a grand story or gives instruction. Whatever mantra is chanted, no matter how long or short, the purpose is the same: it is meant to act like a skeleton key to help you bypass the mundane matters and mental chatter of the day-to-day mind in

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New Spirit Journal June 2014  

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