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Matthew Boger and Tim Zaal Two Heroes of Forgiveness Bring You Light and Hope in the Holiday Season By Kwami E. Nyamidie

Matthew Boger Tim Zaal and Matthew Boger met in Los Angeles at the Museum of Tolerance. The extraordinary museum was opened in 1993 in honor of Simon Wiesenthal, a holocaust survivor who vowed to hunt down and bring former Nazi war criminals to justice. Through many innovative and interactive educational programs, the museum helps its yearly 250,000-plus visitors become aware of (and prevent in the future) the devastating cost in life and property of prejudice and genocide. Tim is one of the museum’s special speakers, and Matthew serves there as a manager. Matthew had a troubled childhood. He was one of seven children of an ex-nun single-mother and a Hell’s Angels gang member father. At 13, Matthew’s mother threw him out of their San Francisco home after he informed her that he was gay. `“I know what you’re going to do,” she told him, “but you’re not going to do it in this house.” Matthew went to Los Angeles where he became homeless, sleeping in parks, under bridges, scavenging food from trash bins, and doing whatever it took to survive. When Matthew was 14, a gang of teenage white supremacists showed up one night at a favorite hamburger stand on Santa Monica Boulevard, where Matthew was attacked and left for dead in a pool of blood. Matthew eventually recovered. And after living on the streets for four and half years, he met a benefactor who helped him turn his life around. He went to beauty school and became one of Beverly Hills’ leading hair stylists. His celebrity clientele included Michael Douglas, Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, and Liv Tyler. When the murder of University of Wyoming gay stu-

As darkness envelops us this winter, religious traditions keep us focused on light. Burning candles at Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Santa Lucia Day, or Winter Solstice Night bring into awareness our power to dispel the bleakness that often comes with our human condition. Into a world engulfed in the night of war, poverty, and hatred, some individuals are sent to cast their symbolic light of courage, service and forgiveness. Matthew Boger and Tim Zaal represent these light-bearers. In August 2011 in San Rafael California, two men from very different backgrounds — Matthew Boger, a gay man and former Beverly Hills celebrity hair colorist, and Tim Zaal, an ex-recruiter for the White Aryan Resistance — received the Heroes of Forgiveness Award from the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance, for an something truly remarkable. But this is the end of the story. Let’s rewind to the beginning... dent Matthew Shepard hit the headlines in October 1998, Matthew knew it was time to act. He decided to volunteer at the Museum of Tolerance. He would later leave his successful hair stylist profession to become the museum’s manager of operations and one of its consultants. Tim’s troubled childhood took him in a different direction. He came from a dysfunctional family. His father was abusive, which pushed Tim to start his own punk rock band. His anger grew fiercer when an African American nearly killed his brother. Tim saw himself as “The God of Thunder” and terrorized those who crossed his path and

Tim Zaal who rubbed him the wrong way. Violence was like a drug he became addicted to. Tim became the Los Angeles-area director of recruitment and propaganda for the White Aryan Resistance, and his hate crimes eventually took him to jail in 1999. After his release, Tim decided to change his life and to give back to his community, so he began volunteering at the Museum of Tolerance, an unusual building standing majestically on the southeast corner of Pico Boulevard and Roxbury Drive. One day, in the summer of 2005, as Tim and Matthew were having lunch together, Tim told Matthew about some of his exploits as a former skinhead. Tim explained that one night, after he and his gang had gone to a concert, they attacked a gay boy at a hamburger joint. He told Matthew how he pursued his victim down a dark alley, kicked him and knocked him down with his boots, and beat him to death. For several years, Tim said he had been haunted by the heavy burden of thinking he had killed an innocent teenager. Matthew looked into Tim’s eyes, and realized these eyes belonged to the teenager who nearly cut short his life one spring night in 1981, some 26 years earlier. “Do you know who I am?” he asked. Dead silence enveloped them. Victim and attacker had come face-to-face. In the days that followed, Matthew wasn’t sure what to do. Furious and confused, revenge, retaliation, and other ideas flooded his mind. But after several weeks of soul Continued on Page 6





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BOOK, MEDIA, & PRODUCT REVIEWS by Krysta Gibson By Krysta Gibson Imagine going through over 100 books, CDs, and DVDs trying to decide which of them should be highlighted in this limited Gift Giving Guide space? That’s what I just did. It was difficult because every one I looked at is good and would appeal to someone. But, my space here is limited, so here are the ones I think you’ll be most interested in. Browse your local brick and mortar bookstore for even more ideas!

Music Sounds True has four particularly pertinent CD music albums. The first of these, Relax, Let Go of Stress Easily and Naturally, is based on The Ison Method and can help a person deal with tension and stress. In fact, The U.S. military is using it with soldiers in Iraq. The music runs for 60 minutes and consists of electronic sounds as well as acoustic guitar. There’s no way you could experience this album and not unwind. Truly relaxing. Reiki and massage practitioners will love Reiki Healing Music by Christopher of the Wolves in Port Townsend, Wash. Using a new kind of steel drum called a hang and a reverb from a famous underground cistern in Port Townsend, the

artist has created a one-of-a-kind album that is not only relaxing and healing but which is also capable of drawing forth visual imagery. Give it a try and see what I mean. In the Flow by Michael Brant Demaria has been composed specifically for emotional healing. With the use of native flutes, piano keyboards, and world percussion, it is definitely soothing and evocative. The composer is also a psychologist and uses music in his sessions, so I can easily see healing professionals adding the use of this album to their toolbox. Some of the pieces are perfect for journeying as well. Most people know Bruce Lipton as the author or The Biology of Belief. Now he and Russel Walder have put together an album of music called Music for a Shift in Consciousness. Dr. Lipton says he believes “Russel’s soundtrack can induce an inner journey of transformation that can restore health, enhance creativity, and reignite your passion for life.” It’s a really beautiful, otherworldly album that soothes as well as calms. All four of these would makes good gifts for people who enjoy relaxing music that can also impact their consciousness. Continued on Inside Back Page

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“Is It Easier Where You Are?” Last month I took a business trip to Barcelona, Spain. There I met with my publisher, José Luis, who just released my book The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox in Spanish. This is my second book he’s published there and, as with the first book, he asked me to give some seminars at his school, Escueles de Misterios, to support the release of the book. I love the students there. They are some of the most open-hearted, warm, and loving people I have ever met. We are, compatible or, as it is said in Spanish, “simpatico!” Although I speak enough Spanish to navigate my way, I don’t speak it well enough to give entire classes. I have a fabulous translator named Alex who does a wonderful job of taking my English and turning it into Spanish. I am amazed at how English words can go into his ears and Spanish comes out his mouth! The first day-long class I gave was focused on integrating spirituality into one’s everyday life. The day consisted of a mixture of lecturing, meditation, a bit of journaling, and answering questions. At the end of the day, I led a ritual where we blessed some little talisman bundles I had made for them. The next day focused on building a business based on spiritual principles. Some of the same students returned and there were some new folks as well. Again, it was a combination of various presentations and questions from the students. Near the end of the day, one of the men in the class asked me something that set me off on quite a journey of thinking. He said, “Isn’t it a lot easier for you in the United States to open and operate businesses than it is here for us in Spain?” As I answered him, I realized that my response really applies to many Come join us with “A Psychic Speaks” Sat. Dec. 3, 2-3 pm, for a prerecorded TV show. Bring your friends and questions and see what the holidays and offerings from the Earth have brought to Eco-Elements!!!

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different life situations, not just to operating a business. And it applies to anyone living anywhere on the planet, not just the United States or Spain. Applying my response to operating a business, I said, “I look around me when I am here in Barcelona and I see a lot of successful businesses. That tells me it is possible to operate a successful business here. I would suggest you get in touch with some of the people who are doing what you would like to do and find out how they are overcoming the difficulties you see for

yourself. José Luis has a very successful school here and I am sure he would be happy to share some of his ideas with you.” I said more on the topic and gave him some more guidance, but I realized the basis of this question by Krysta Gibson went much deeper than the differences in operating a business in Barcelona versus doing to the class I was addressing. so in the United Statess. I will include here the things I Every one of us is exactly where we need to said to him and to the rest of the class, but in a different be in order to do what we came to the planet format that will apply to everyone reading this, not just to do. It does not serve us to look at others and think they have it easier than we do. Maybe they do and maybe they do not. But no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we each have our own set of unique challenges to face. We are far better off to focus on the work-at-hand than to be looking at others and comparing ourselves or our situation to theirs. The students in the class believe in reincarnation, as do I. Those of us who are meeting up in this lifetime like they and I are doing, got together on the other side before coming here. I think that went something like this: We’re all floating around on our clouds – or whatever it is we do in between lifetimes – and we got together to plan how we would meet up on earth. Some of us said we’d go to this place or the other so we could provide certain services or solve karma we had with some people. Others said, okay, but I have to go to Barcelona or Seattle or Egypt because of some other situation I need to address or because someone I want to be with has to go there. No matter where we have ended up on the planet, we are all in this together and we Krysta’s business workshop in Barcelona, Spain. Continued on Page 4 As the next generation of New Age publishing and a company with good karma, we will raise the vibrational energy of the planet by publishing 60 trailblazing books over the next three years.

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Seven Triggers of Holiday Stress and Seven Preventive Tips By Ruth Stender

What is stress? In dictionaries, stress is typically defined as: “A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression. A stimulus or circumstance causing such a condition. A state of extreme difficulty, pressure, or strain.”

During the holidays, we are especially vulnerable to pressure or strain – stress – for numerous reasons. Identifying the stimuli, the triggers, and their impact on the body’s energy centers, also known as chakras, helps us avoid or minimize the various outward expressions of stress. In energy medicine we know that stress shows up in the energy field long before it manifests into illness. Using the framework of the seven major chakras we can isolate specific triggers by identifying particular behaviors that block energy – the prelude to stress – then replace that behavior with a positive action. When we do this, balance is restored to the entire energy system, as a whole.

Trigger #1: Family The dread of coming to face-to-face with family members you would rather avoid – and typically do – causes stress to build weeks or even months ahead of time. When toxic energy (people) disrupt our personal tribe, where we normally feel safe, our root chakra takes a hit. We lose our footing, our

“Is It Easier Where You Are?” Continued from Page 3 can all connect with each other for support spiritually anytime we want to. I explained that instead of comparing ourselves to others, let’s focus on what we came to do where we came to do it! This applies to our personal lives in a significant way. How many times have you compared yourself to someone else, thinking they have an easier time than you do? Maybe even to the point of feeling pretty jealous of them? I know I have done this. Over the years, though, I have matured to the point where I recognize we each have our own journey to walk. It appears some people have it easier than others. However, we can never know what is going on in someone else’s heart or life. What seems easy to us might be very difficult to them. There is great wisdom in taking care of what is on our own plate while supporting the others in our life in whatever way we can. There is also great wisdom in knowing we never face anything alone. There are always high beings, angels, and souls who resonate with us, who are more than willing to give their support to us.

No matter what difficulties you might be facing in your life, know that there are many of us here who are happy to be called upon energetically to give you the support you need. As I told the class, let’s remember the energy we’re sharing right now and when times get tough, let’s call on our spiritual brothers and sisters to help us. And let’s be willing to give our support to others when they call upon us for it. We are all in this together no matter where we live on the planet. I find great comfort in that. I hope you do, too. Krysta is publisher of New Spirit Journal as well as an author and teacher. Her website is www. Krysta is giving a daylong soul retreat at the magnificent Willows Lodge in Redmond on Dec. 3. Information can be found at her website. She is a regular guest on the Conscious Talk radio show. Hear her the third Thursday of the month at 8 a.m. on 1150 AM in the Seattle area, or online and archived at

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foundation and can feel a little shaky, uncertain, unsafe. Tip: The number one strategy for not falling victim to the toxicity (actions, behaviors, attitudes, judgments) of others is to remember that what other people do, don’t do, say, or don’t say has nothing to do with you. Ever! People behave the way they do regardless of who is in their line of fire. It’s not about you.

Trigger #2: Money Finances (or lack thereof) causes more stress for almost everybody this time of year because of the added pressure and expectation to spend money you don’t have. Financial burdens have the same effect as like lugging around extra weight. Energy compresses and gets blocked in the spine; specifically the Ruth Stender says that we can use the seven lower back. chakras to identify our holiday trigger points and Tip: Tap into your hidden talents begin to overcome them. and make your own gifts. Don’t consider yourself crafty? Buy a small bedroom with a cup of tea and inspirational journal or notebook and fill it with “50 book. Reasons Why I Love __________ (fill in the Trigger #4: Over-giving name). My daughter gave me such a gift when she was a teenager. I ended up reading The temptation to be overly generous is from it at her wedding. huge during the holidays as well expecting the same of others. Trigger #3: Self Sabotage Feelings of resentment creep in when we When we take on more than we know give and get nothing in return. Whether we we should – common during the holidays consciously expect something in return or – we’re setting ourselves up for stress, if not not, our energy system requires the balance failure. of reciprocity. Equally give and receive to When you neglect your needs or feel avoid potential heartache. taken advantage of, energy is blocked in the Tip: Release expectations of others while third chakra. Gut issues or an overbearing welcoming the little gifts throughout your (defensive) attitude are common. day. When someone opens the door, walk Tip: Learn to say no. Schedule some time through it, accepting the gesture as love. for yourself. Sit in a coffee shop – alone Keep an eye out for similar acts of kindness; – while out shopping. If it’s in the budget, they’re all around. Receive them as love. schedule a massage. Retreat to your Continued on Page 6

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Pets and Kids, Part Two Last month I began a huge topic. It is my intention through this series of columns to cover all the bases when it comes to having children and animals. (Well, mostly dogs and cats, but who knows where we will end up with this one?) Because there is so much to talk about, I want to avoid repeating myself as much as possible. Therefore, it is important you know that you can access past columns easily at www. Because of that, I plan each month to just pick up where I left off. So, here we go. When you speak to your animal friends with your voice, focus your mind on what you are saying as they will get the pictures in your mind and feel what you are feeling. The only glitch is that this telepathic communication is received through the right brain and the right brain does not accept negatives. Therefore, “don’t” and “no” statements do not transfer visually. If you say “Don’t bite the baby” or “Don’t lay on the baby” for example, in the picture the dog or cat gets there is no “don’t.” They see “Bite the baby” or “Lay on the baby.” If you say “No scratching’, they see “scratching.” So, you must phrase things describing what you want as opposed to what you don’t want. Instead, say something like, “Be gentle with the baby,” or “Lay next to the baby,” or “Move away from the baby.” Always

remember to praise them when they comply even if you helped make it happen. Whenever there are impending changes in your family, like a baby’s arrival, it is vitally important to explain what is going to happen to your animal friends. Remember, animals are intelligent, feeling creatures, and knowing what to expect helps them be prepared to respond appropriately. They are, in fact, very much like children and care about how changes will affect them. So, talk to them often about every step in the process and describe it in detail. Show them how a baby will grow in Mommy’s belly. Tell them how long this will take and show them how it will look when Mommy’s belly grows bigger. Explain that you, as parents, will begin bonding with the baby at this time by talking to the infant, singing or even reading to them. Tell your animal kids that you would like them to do the same thing. They can start by laying on or next to the pregnant belly and this way baby and animal will begin to feel each other’s energy. Explain and include your animals in all aspects, whenever possible, of baby preparation. Talk to them about and let them “help” you set up the nursery. Show them the

birthing process (I mean with pictures in your mind!) If it will be at home, tell them about that. If it will be at a hospital or birthing center, tell them about that. Especially explain how this will affect the family schedule around that time. Now, this is really important and hopefully, you can really mean it. Tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them that they will always be your first babies. Tell them that you will do your very best to make sure all their needs are met during this time and ask for their understanding and help. Yes, I said help. This is really huge. Just as you would do with an older human sibling, explain that you will need their help in caring for the new baby and that you need them to understand that this may be difficult for you too. They can alert you to when the baby is crying or needs attention. Their love and company will be very comforting for you as you nurse or bathe or whatever the baby. If you have a dog, let them know that when the baby gets old enough it will be their job to clean up the floor when the baby spills or throws food around. This can be part of the sales pitch as to what’s in it for them. Just doing all this talking to them will actually help them adjust to less physical attention when the baby arrives. As the baby’s arrival gets closer, make an effort to talk more to your animal friends and pet them less so this is not a shock to them when you get really busy with baby care. Cats are easier than dogs. Just talking to them as I have described and continuing that after the baby’s arrival will, in the vast majority of cases, be all that is needed to keep the cat happy. Part of this is telling


Our Animal Friends

by Martha Norwalk

them how much you love and appreciate them on a regular basis. Brag on them for the good things they are doing. Apologize whenever you cannot do it all, like if you are late with their meals or forget to clean their litter box. Try not to do that very often especially if you have a cat model who likes things pristine. It is a good idea to have a special little love ritual of some sort that you do with the cat every day. My personal all-time favorite kitty ritual which comes to mind right now is one I did with a cat I had many years ago. As I picked him up I would tell him that I loved him enough to kiss his nose and his toes and I would do just that. He got very depressed if I ever forgot. When it comes to dogs there can be a lot more prep needed before the baby’s arrival. That is where I will pick up next month. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

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Spirit JOURNAL DECEMBER 2011 Light for the Season from Two Heroes of Forgiveness



Continued from front page searching, Matthew decided to forgive Tim. They are friends now. Tim acts like Matthew’s protector. One day at an airport, an airline employee remarked to Matthew, “Sir, you must be some celebrity. You go around with a bodyguard.” She was referring to Tim’s imposing and protective presence around Matthew. Tim is a stout man, 6 feet, 3 inches tall, while Matthew is slimmer and shorter. Matthew, on the other hand, has become Tim’s confidante. Tim calls on Matthew when he needs a second opinion on life’s challenges. And now, Matthew and Tim travel together to run interactive “From Hate to Hope” workshops. Together, they have spoken to thousands of people at the Museum of Tolerance and in schools where they are often invited to talk about hate, bullying, and forgiveness. At the World Forgiveness Alliance awards ceremony honoring both men that August night, Tim played down his role in what some have called a miracle of forgiveness. “Matthew is the one who deserves the honor,” Tim expressed. “You and Matthew are honored as a team,” Bob Platt, the 85-year-old founder of the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance, told

Tim. Both of them dealt with a very severe hate crime, he said. It was a miracle they came out to the other side as friends. Sometimes people wonder if Tim’s transformation is for real; if people can really change. “Yes, they do, I’m living proof,” Tim told Davida Wilis Hurwin, whose novel Freaks and Revelations is based on the lives of these two heroes. “But it’s a conscious thing... I have to separate myself from the person I was in that alley, because even now, when I’m angry or feel stereotyped or victimized, I can slip into the kick-your-ass skinhead attitude.”

Matthew says it was difficult to forgive Tim, but that he has learned many lessons on his forgiveness journey. “I’ve learned that by forgiving those who have hurt us, we set ourselves free from the pain and the fear that lock us in a room.” The process of forgiveness is not a one-shot deal. “It was not that I forgave Tim in one moment and was set free,” Matthew said. “This is work I continue to do because I’m often tortured by the feelings and pain of what took place that night.” Matthew believes there was a gain for him for forgiving Tim.

“The reward of forgiveness for me is that I’ve set myself free and I stand in confidence. I know that I’m created exactly as who I’m supposed to be. There’s nothing wrong with me. No one has the right to take that from me.” Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance is an organization headquartered in Mill Valley, California, which seeks to spread the healing power of forgiveness to the entire world. The Museum of Tolerance: From Hate 2 Hope: Freaks and Revelations by Davida Wilis Hurwin (Little, Brown and Company)

Triggers and Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress Continued from Page 4

Trigger #5: Gossip Talking about others is a common activity at work parties and family dinners. Issues with blocked energy in the fifth chakra often present in the mouth, throat, and thyroid for those who have a habit of gossiping. Tip: Don’t do it! Somebody needs to take the high road, let it be you. Imagine the voice

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Readers are responsible for their own decisions when reading the publication, contacting advertisers, or otherwise pursuing their path through life.

All content ©2011 by New Spirit Journal ISSN: 1930-370X Columnists: Krysta Gibson, Jean Haner, Moira Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., N.D., Martha Norwalk New Spirit Journal is a monthly publication dedicated to self-empowerment, joyful co-creation, and thoughtful Earth stewardship so that everyone can reach his or her maximum potential.

Trigger #6: Memories The loss of a loved one from a broken relationship or death can feel devastating during the holidays. Memories flood in when you hear a certain song or go to an event. Shutting memories off limits your ability to tune in to your higher, wiser, self, your intuition, a key aspect to keeping energy balanced in the sixth chakra. Tip: Spend time alone. Don’t feel like you’re supposed to be surrounded by other people. Keep the memory of loved ones alive in your heart by tuning in to them during meditation or prayer. Instead of pushing them aside, invite these loving souls into your scared place of stillness.

Trigger #7: Being Alone

Make an appointment with Deborah Forrest at Essence Energetics

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of your soul or spirit; emulate that voice. And compliment someone.

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For whatever reason – separation from children, a partner, or parents – or not having any family leaves you feeling alone. Bah humbug is your mantra of choice; further isolating you from the very thing you want: community, family, love, connection to spirit. Energy in your seventh chakra is depleted leaving you with extreme fatigue, apathy, or depression. Tip: Volunteer, attend classes, lectures, try a “meet up” group or seek out a spiritual community. It doesn’t mean you have to take a vow or follow a particular path. It just means you need to put yourself out there. Practicing the suggested tips counteracts negative energy, clearing the way for

greater peace and harmony during this busy time of year. In addition, spend time in seclusion. Embrace the stillness of body, mind, and spirit. Renew your soul. One last tip. One day I was making some notes about solutions and accidentally wrote soulutions. I went to erase and correct but then instantly saw the meaning in my mistake. Solutions to every single problem are found within the wisdom of our soul. Soul-ution was a perfectly good word, so I’ve kept it! Seeing ourselves and others as souls – instead of merely physical – allows soulutions to emerge, transforming lives into peace, balance, joy. Ruth Stender assists people in creating peace and wellness through easy-to-use meditation techniques and the practice of hands-on healing, specializing in working with the chakras. Ruth sees clients at Pujari Center and East West Bookshop in Seattle and also teaches meditation classes at Swedish Hospital. www., (206) 708-3277.

Are you energetically stuck in your life, career, or relationships? Let me help you open to your spiritual aspirations! I employ a variety of techniques, such as:

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Hitchhiking Through Ascension By Angels LightWorldwide

There’s no need to check Snopes for a something called ascension; it’s real and has a myriad of symptoms. You can relax and breathe though. Ascension is not a computer virus, pandemic, nor a falling stock. It is our world awakening exponentially, our social infrastructure screaming en masse: peaceful protests, flat-out revolutions, acceptance of earth angels, UFO disclosure, biblical fear, brigades of love, and the ascension vehicle Merkaba. Merkaba: mer means light, ka means spirit, ba means soul; a light vehicle connecting universal dimensions, faster than the speed of light in wavelengths invisible to most humans, less than 7,800 angstroms or less than 4,000 angstroms, a cosmic lens able to travel and translate

humanity, a chariot of light created to carry us on our ascension. But what is ascension? • Oneness • God • Love • Mastering our light vibration • Space travel beyond the stars • All of the above If you answered all of the above, take another deep breath; you are onboard the ascension chariot mastering your light vibration enough to space travel beyond the stars in search of love oneness. Whether you are an expert or a novice you are on the peaceful path to finding the grail, the philosopher’s stone, the alchemy of the gold ray, the true vibration of love, all in their entirety. And thanks to some very smart people you are free to: • Choose love. • Be confident that words like “love” and “gratitude” or beautiful music re-arrange the molecular structure of atoms in water crystals. • Accept how responsive the smallest units of life force – adamantine particles – are to the frequencies created by love and sound. • Travel beyond your wildest dreams. And yes, ascension is the only way

to travel through world wisdom; an eco-friendly renewable resource that delivers accuracy to curios, sky dives through vortexes of time, scours the records of lives past, sifts through earth’s true history and is absolutely free with no baggage charges. But you don’t want to be a hermit gaining world wisdom all on your own. Take another deep breath; you are far from being alone. Essentially you may never be lonely again. How could you be lonely when the ascension symptoms – angelic guidance through heaven’s akashic records, past life regression with colorful images of spirits from the past, animal totems granting us instinctual wisdom through guidance – are endless? And some of us even share our physical body with angels of light, guides, ascended masters, and walk-ins. With all that ascension mavericks hear and feel during humanity’s vast increase in supernatural telepathy, combined with a wildly vibrating universal consciousness, truly you may find yourself begging for more alone time rather than feeling lonely. You wonder what caused all of this? As promised, separation from

Brian and Aurora, Angels LightWorldwide, say that the need to share our ascension experiences, no matter how subtle or wild, is imperative to both old and young.

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Rose arbor at Chetzemoka Park, the oldest city park in historic Port Townsend, Washington and site of many weddings through the years. By Margaret D. McGee

What are the particular places that bring meaning, wholeness, and harmony into your life? Where do you go to experience peace, feel awe, or receive comfort from your surroundings? Where are your sacred places? I once asked that question to a group of my friends and was astonished at the range of answers that came flooding back, and at the passionate connection we feel toward certain places that have touched our lives and hearts. Many of my friends’ responses connected sacredness to settings of great natural beauty, such as a national park, or a beloved lakeside or saltwater beach. Some people connected sacred places with times in life when emotions are close to the surface, especially feelings of deep sorrow and comfort, such as the place where a loved one died, or a family gravesite. The feelings generated by a life-changing event have a tendency to bond with the spot where it occurred, turning that place into holy ground. One friend’s musings about sacred places boiled down to a single locale: his bed with

his wife in it. Our bonds to the sacred places in our lives are part of what gives life meaning, connecting us to all of creation. In this season so full of mixed memories and hectic activity, it helps to touch base with our own holy ground. Reconnecting to meaningful places from life is one way to stay grounded through the holidays. The first step in connecting to one’s sacred places is simply to recognize what they are. You might start the journey with a journaling exercise. Jot down specific places that you remember from each decade of your life, beginning in childhood and moving through to the present moment. Refrain from judging one place or another as worthy to be called sacred, and just let the memories come until you have a good long list. Then let your gaze range over the Continued on Page 9

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Awaken to your ‘subtle body’, the essences of your soul. And experience who you really are. Now cherish this beauty.

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Kim Lincoln, Midwife of the Soul.

Certified Ortho-Bionomy, Touch Trauma Resolution, Terrain Of Essence Founder. 40 years experience awakening & integrating mind/body/spirit energies.

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Where Are Your Sacred Places? Continued from Page 8 place names, allowing two or three of them to “rise up” with special energy. Spend time with one or two of those settings in memory, jotting down details as they come to you. Recount a significant event that happened at one of those places. At the end, complete

What makes a place sacred? “A sacred place, for me, is anywhere I am, when I am paying attention.” – Rachel “I see the whole earth as sacred.” – Polly “I don’t find places themselves sacred. How I am, who I am with, if I am overtly seeking God, all of these can bring sacredness to any moment and place in my life.” – Elisabeth “I think places where you can cry are sacred.” – Willene “My first thought about sacred places has to do with nature. It seems to me that whenever I am in a place with great grandeur, I think about God and creation, and my relationship with the world, which makes that place sacred to me.” – Ginny (Excerpted from Haiku – The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice for Finding God in the Moment, 2009 by Margaret D. McGee. Published by SkyLight Paths. All rights reserved).

this sentence: “The most unexpected thing I discovered about the places in my life is...” Another way to recognize places as sacred is to expand your definition of “sacred place.” In Celtic spirituality, the source of all creation is present within and throughout every particle of creation: every atom and molecule; every raindrop, river, and sea; every tree, rock, and breath of wind; every grand public square and deserted back alley; every towering cathedral and tumbledown shack. All places are sacred, and that includes every corner of your house, from the entryway where you greet your friends to the jumbled closet that you hope they never see. It includes your backyard, your neighbors’ backyards, and the gas station where you greet each other, pump to pump. Do you recognize your own home and community as sacred places? I’m old enough to remember when Lady Bird Johnson became America’s First Lady, choosing “Beautify America” as her personal project during the Johnson presidency. At first, when Mrs. Johnson scolded her fellow citizens about using their highways and city streets as big open trash cans, she was mocked for being the “First Lady of Litter.” But over time, her dedication and tireless work for beauty in public parks and roadways gained her the respect of the nation, as well as a fundamental change in the way many Americans take responsibility for the care of their public spaces. “Ugliness is so grim,” Lady Bird Johnson once said. “A little beauty, something that is lovely, I think, can help

create harmony which will lessen tensions.” These wise words can be applied to any space, large or small, public or private. What are the sacred places of your community? They might be spots where people come together to honor the past or celebrate the present. They might be places where significant events have happened through time. Consider making a visit to a location you find sacred to your community. While there, allow yourself to feel a connection with all the lives this place has served, past, present, and future. Before leaving, consciously bless the setting by word or action. Here is a simple blessing you might use: A blessing on this place. Bless the hands that built it. Bless all those who tend it. Bless the feet that walk this ground. Bless the love that lives here always. A blessing on this place. We are connected to planet Earth by more than the force of gravity. We are tied to the places of our lives by the forces that shape and ground our hearts and spirits. In this holy season, take time to remember, uncover, and bless the sacred places of your life. Margaret D. McGee is the author of spiritual books such as Sacred Attention and co-founder of Pilgrimage Port Townsend, offering retreats and online classes that lead to encounters with the sacred in time and place. You can contact Margaret at www.



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By Karen Dossett

For over 75 years the Bach Flower Essences have been helping people bring balance and harmony to their lives. They are an amazing group of remedies that act upon our bodies in a very gentle and wonderful way. By changing one’s energy, they allow individuals to rediscover and get in touch with their inner self.


pathologist, and general surgeon. In 1919, he began working at London Homeopathic Hospital where he did research in vaccine therapy. It was here that he created seven nosodes (substances derived from disease

The Bach Flower Essences are easy to use and were designed for The Bach Flower individuals to help themselves clear the blockages that have built Essences were up over time and to restore balance. developed by Dr. Edward Bach material to treat victims of the respective who lived in the early 1900s and studied diseases). He was so well respected by his medicine at University College Hospital in colleagues that many of them considered London, England. He was a bacteriologist,

���������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������� DISC OV ER YOUR PATH. D I S CO VE R M AS S A GE. D ISCOVER YO URSEL F.

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him the “second Hahnemann” (the father of homeopathy). As time passed, Dr. Bach began looking at the emotional states of his patients and realized that their emotional states preceded their physical symptoms. Dr. Bach was a very spiritual man and felt that “disharmony within oneself was the root cause of disease.” With this in mind, he started looking for another way to relieve his patients’ sufferings. He found his answer in the English countryside with its wide variety of wild flowers, and realized that the positive energy of a particular flower would neutralize or counteract the negative blockages that our thoughts and emotional states create. He assumed an emotional state and then felt the energy of a particular flower to determine if the energy of that flower would alleviate his condition. From this, he developed the Bach Flower Essences. Dr. Bach believed that our negative

emotions are not in alignment with our true nature, and that the flower essences would bring balance back into our lives. Margaret McElroy states, “What we think we create,” and Louise Hay says, “Your thoughts create your life.” As we go through life, we put on layer after layer of emotions as numerous situations occur in our daily lives. What happens if we have low selfesteem, jealousy, or lack of self-confidence? Well, that’s exactly what we will create in our lives, and eventually those negative thoughts and emotions create havoc with our physical bodies. So why not turn those negative thoughts into positive ones and lead a healthy, balanced life in harmony with our creator? The Bach Flower Essences can help clear the blockages that we have built up over time and help restore balance to our lives. As Dr. Bach stated, “The action of these Continued on Page 11


Need A Lift Into The Shift? Heal & Expand Heart Consciousness

Author/Healer, Joyce Hawkes,Ph.D

‘The One Gathering’ Returns

Musical Guests, Narayan & Janet Energy Intuitives/ Teachers, Jennifer Yost, MA & Samantha Parrott

January 15, 2012 . Century Ballroom, Seattle Tickets at: . 206.284.2411


Hitchhiking Through Ascension Continued from Page 7 heaven is now a fallacy. We are beyond the veil, per se, and whether you drive or ride the light chariot of ascension, this is good news for humanity. How do you handle adolescents with ascension? Silence is not an option, neither is fear. Isolating in fear of madness does everyone a disservice. The need to share our ascension experiences, no matter how subtle or wild, is imperative to both old and young. Children being born with higher light vibrations need empathic guidance towards feeling what is known rather than seeing what some want them believing. Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and felt. We need to sit under the ascension tree and feel with all of our senses. The more we grow in knowing ourselves, the greater our capacity for feeling love which in turn

heightens our ability to ascend, trust our senses, and “know thyself,” a perfect circle of self, a harmonic sphere rather than “harmonic-disruption.” Harmonic-disruptions spread while generations of our family trees focused energy towards knowledge rather than knowing. Knowing is trust; the cornerstone on which faith is secure and real. When our focus knows how great we all are, our authentic self-esteem strengthens and surpasses boundaries imposed upon our spirit. Never mind who imposed the boundaries, authentic self-esteem is one of the greatest gifts that ascension has to offer. If you have trouble accepting ascension, slow down, look within a window at your authentic self, dismantle any need for false ego with many of its maladies like greed or addiction. Breathe, ascend,

Lani Nicholls

accept the multitude of gifts from ascension. Still aren’t clear what ascension is? Or think you may be unworthy? That’s okay. The ascension path is well-traveled and not reserved for yogis buried in mud or martyred saints anymore. Ascension is a unique and phenomenal adventure during which some see rainbow light, others hear angels, yet some complain of dizziness and exhaustion. Others represent the source by creating what they love and earn a fortune. Mostly ascension is a vast awareness. You have none of these ascension symptoms? Ask – shout out to the universe – “Help! Help me attain my true self with the highest frequency of love! Help me ascend!” But most of all remember you are not alone. You will get the answers. You are

The HypnoArchaeologist

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YOU WILL DISCOVER: Confidence – Freedom – Success Enthusiasm – Knowledge – Focus Peace – Prosperity – Wholeness Living Better – Feeling Great In all Dimensions of Your Life

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We will build the new world now. It’s time now. It’s safe now. “Amplifying Divine Light in All” Church is your resource for: • Discovering

your special mission and purpose • Identifying your talents and gifts • Finding and synergizing with your team/co-creators • Being supported, encouraged, affirmed, uplifted, and empowered Call to chat, check us out. Online and inperson services available.

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a creation born to create. Let the ascension light of Merkaba show you what to create and how. Some crystals to wear or keep near you during the ascension process are angelite and celestite for your crown energies. Hematite is excellent for grounding and so is any form of black stone. Synergy tools known as the12 stones of ascension are azeztulite, brookite, danburite,



herderite, moldavite, natrolite, petalite, phenacite, satuloka quartz, scolesite, tanzanite, Tibetan tektites. Certain natural essences worn or kept around you during the ascension process may also help. Salt refracts dense energies. Roses or natural rose oil raise your energy frequency vibration. Angelica root dissolves dense energies. Classical music, solfeggio tones, guitar and drums have a variety of sound wave frequencies that help us with ascension. Most of all have fun,


be brave and always ask questions. Angels LightWorldwide is a romantic twin flame couple gifted with multidimensional healing frequencies. Angelically sensitive Aurora and Brian offer sacred heart blessings, Tibetan blessings and long distance lightwork to groups and individuals. www.angelslightworldwide. com, myangelnest@yahoo. com, Facebook: Angels LightWorldwide.

Bach Flower Essences Continued from Page 10 remedies is to raise our vibrations, and open our channels for reception of our spiritual self; to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault which is causing harm.” These essences are extremely safe, very effective, don’t interfere with other medications, and have no side effects. They are also easy to use and were designed for individuals to help themselves. Today they are widely available in natural and health food stores and are used in 66 countries around the world. In addition to the flower essences, you may resonate with other simple techniques in order to change your energy. Journaling is a very helpful way to release and unblock your emotions. For some people this can be very cathartic and will go a long way toward letting go of negative emotions. You can also turn those emotions into positive ones by saying affirmations. For example, if you have a lack of selfconfidence, an affirmation might be, “I am invincible and I can do anything.” If you have self-worth issues or are embarrassed by how you look, you might say, “I am a beautiful soul and spirit loves me very much.” Affirmations can be very powerful in helping to change your negative thoughts to positive ones. The nonphysical entity, Abraham, says, “The purpose of your life is joy.” So why not find the technique that is right for you

and turn your negative emotions into positive ones? By doing so, you change your energy and thereby take control of who you are and become captain of your own ship. What more can you ask for? Karen Dossett is a Bach Foundation registered practitioner and a spiritual and energy healer. Her website is www., or you can contact her at (425) 402-3790.





WHAT CAN LAMININE DO FOR YOU? Laminine is a natural “adaptogen,” helping to create a state of balance and restore the body to a higher level of homeostasis. Regular use of Laminine helps to: • Reduce signs of aging • Build collagen for healthier looking skin • Increase physical, mental and emotional strength • Reduce physical and mental stress • Promote more restful sleep • Produce quicker recovery after work out and increased muscle tone • Elevate Seratonin levels to raise your mood • Down-regulate pain receptors in the body • Aid in brain function and activity, including focus

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Raw Food Lifestyle

Find your way back to yourself through the food that you eat – I would love to show you how! Already on a spiritual path? Want to kick it into high gear? Join me in my home and learn to prepare delicious wheat-, gluten-, and dairy-free, nutrient-rich food that supports your chosen path Early registration advised; space is limited. • 425.351.1030 • Private consultations also available

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Creating Your Own Holiday Dance The holiday season is here. Many of us add activities and shopping to an already full schedule, erasing downtime and burning the candle at both ends. Exercise gets pushed off of the schedule. Caffeine-rich drinks, sugar treats, fast food, and less sleep become the norm. This typically results in weakening the immune system and it is a set-up to catch whatever illness is going around as well as weight gain, irritability and headaches. This holiday season, let yourself enjoy the magic. Take time to experience joy, fun, laughter, and balance through selfby Moira care. See the joy in others, take time to share and be grateful for the many blessings in your life. Say “yes” to yourself. Take deliberate action and choreograph the steps toward the holidays you want to experience. Here are some simple steps to create a dance of wellness

thoughts, beliefs, hurts. Let the feeling into consciousness. Notice the thought, judgment, perception or belief accompanying the feeling and understand it. Ask yourself, what do I need? Notice the new perspective you gain as your insight grows. Consciously change the thought, give yourself what you need and keep flowing with the dance.

All’ s Well Health for Body, Mind, Spirit

• Make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep. Getting the deep sleep you need regulates growth hormone and controls the production of leptin and ghrelin, which regulate appetite. Sugar cravings are lessened, the mind is clearer, and you will be more energized. • Plan your meals and make sure you have protein at every meal. Start your day with a high protein breakfast. This will stabilize your energy. Protein helps to balance blood sugar. Add vegetables of a rainbow of colors, plus a protein for lunch. Choose whole grain foods and if you are gluten-free, plan ahead and stick with your gluten-free options. I recommend eating fish at least once a week as it is high in omega-3-fatty acids, a great preventative for depression. Get off the sugar roller coaster by eating snacks that are high in protein such as nuts, apples and almond butter, or cheese, edamame, veggies, and hummus. Satisfy your sweet tooth with dark chocolate. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is a potent mood elevator. It also gives you a boost and does not cause a sugar roller coaster. • Keep physical activity in your schedule. Walk for 30 minutes a day and park away from the stores. Maintain your yoga practice, Zumba, Pilates, running, dance. Combine walking with socializing and enjoy time with your friends. • Stay hydrated. Carry water with you. I recommend you drink half of your weight in ounces. To keep it simple, if your lips are dry, you need to drink water. If you are a coffee drinker, have your coffee before 2 p.m. followed by a bottle of water. Consider drinking herbal tea in the afternoon. • Be conscious when you are stressed. It is not uncommon for the holidays to trigger old emotions,

Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND We all have a multitude of wonderful thoughts that can be chosen to move forward and enhance our mood. Bring yourself totally into the moment and see what happens to the feeling. Stay present to the positive experiences you have. Meditate or take time for mindfulness each day. Keep a gratitude journal and take time daily to write down what you appreciate in your life. • Support your adrenals. The adrenal glands help us adapt to stress. When stressed, the adrenal glands go into a hyperfunctional state to increase cortisol levels to adapt to the demands of life. One symptom of adrenal hyperfunction is not being able to fall asleep. When Continued on Page13

Affordable Dental Insurance Issue Ages: 18-84


Pure, organic supplements since 1915. GET CLEAN PRODUCTS, AS SEEN ON OPRAH 360-652-9788 Combining the best of science and nature for over 50 years.


Making SPACE for Change By Deanna Minich, PhD, and Scott Whittaker, LMP

When was the last time you had to make a change in your life? And when will you have to make another one? Even the thought of making a change can create anticipation and physiological changes in one’s body. One thing that all human beings have in common is their constant confrontation with change: new jobs, relationships, physical locations, living spaces, ideas. Even when change is welcome, there can be some apprehension about it. Sometimes we move through the process like a grasshopper, jumping from one transition to the next, or like a slow-moving

snail, inching methodically and cautiously, with every step being sticky and secure. Creating inner space can help us to gently sculpt the foundation for change in our lives. There have been great changemakers throughout history who have known the importance of making space. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha all spent time in the wilderness of the unknown before embarking upon their public missions. They set an example and invite us into our own solitary wilderness where dreams are born and visions are nurtured, where we have the space to tap into the great dream and allow it to move through us. Not all of us can spend months or years in the desert, but each of us can create SPACE where we are able to tenderly nurture young dreams: “S” for Situational awareness: What is your assessment of your willingness

Creating Your Own Holiday Dance Continued from Page 12

a key building block for generating energy. Ribose typically comes in a powder, which can be added to your multi-vitamin/protein powder. • Take a multi-vitamin/ mineral protein powder. This is a great opportunity to get all of your vitamins, minerals and protein in a refreshing shake. B vitamins are critical for energy production, immunity, and both brain and nerve function. I often mix the protein powder with coconut milk and blueberries. It makes for a great meal replacement or snack. • Remember to take your Vitamin D. If you have not seen your health care practitioner to get a vitamin D level, I suggest that you do this. My recommendation is that you get your Vitamin D level up and then maintain it. I recommend you keep your serum level around 52ng/ml.

the stress is prolonged, then adrenal functioning is depleted and this is often experienced as not being able to stay asleep. During the holidays, I recommend that you take an adrenal formula that includes adaptogenic herbs. These herbs have a normalizing effect on the Hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal axis. The adaptogenic plants grow in stressful conditions and we benefit from what the plant has learned. Some important adaptogens include: Rhodiola, Ashwaganda, Siberian ginseng, Panax ginseng, Holy Basil If you have prolonged stress, I recommend you see your healthcare practioner. If you find yourself exhausted and craving sugar, then I recommend ribose, which is a type of sugar for energy production. Ribose is involved in making DNA, RNA, and is

• Take fish oil. Fish oil is anti-inflammatory, improves mood provides the essential fatty acids that the brain requires. As 2011 comes to a close, take time to be, to reflect, to enjoy the company of your friends and family. I wish you all a joyous, healthy and peaceful holiday season! Moira Fitzpatrick is a naturopathic physician and licensed clinical psychologist who practices in the Northgate area of Seattle. She practices functional medicine, is a primary care provider, and specializes in the unique health concerns of women. Support is available for lifestyle changes. Dr. Fitzpatrick can be reached at (206) 525-5576,

There is no time like the present to invite more space, order and harmony into your life. lping ou for he “Thank y my garage!” im lient me recla atisfied c ~s

With gentle, firm support, I will assist you in letting go, clearing out, bringing relief, and creating opportunities to be more of who you truly are!

Portals to Freedom

Personal Organizer

Valeria Vata Rae, M.A. 425-422-4950 Serving Snohomish and North King counties Free estimate • $20/hr. • References provided • Flexible schedule • Confidentiality assured

to change? Just becoming aware of where you are and what you feel is often a great place to start. In his book, Change for Good, Dr. Prochaska talks about the stages of change: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Often times, the stages can be like a spiral; we can visit varying rungs of the spiral at different points on our path. Maybe the first time you hear that you need to exercise, you allow yourself some time to think about it. As you begin to hear about your friends’ experience of their physical activities, you might go deeper into contemplation as it relates to your own situation. Becoming aware of where you are in the change process is the first step in the shift. “P” for Presence: We go where our attention is. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” If we are wondering where our heart is we can ask, “What is my treasure, where is my attention?” Once we find our heart there, then we can ask, “Is this really where I want my heart to be? Is this the treasure that I want to be selling my attention for?” Indeed, if we are present, we can dance to the dynamic of change. Being present on multiple levels – body, mind, and spirit – will set forth an intention which lights the



path to navigating change. Sometimes we are not as present, but the process of change becomes a catalyst. As someone once said, “Illness is the Western form of meditation.” Through the “gift” of illness or a symptom, we may come into a deeper, more present relationship with our lives. “A” for Authenticity: Are you authentic in your choice to change? Do you bring all of your good, true, and beautiful self into the process or do you leave on the masks, continue the illusion, and hide amidst secrets? What changes allow you to be more of yourself? The more we are aligned to who we are, the more we can be aware and present to the changes ahead. Another way to view authenticity is that it takes incredible energy to be who we are not; it is an “energy-costing” activity. In our own life are we pumping water from a thousand miles away in order to keep up the illusion of Las Vegas, or are we living beside a spring that naturally bubbles up, continually refreshing our being? “C” for Clarity: Distilling down why you need change, when it needs to happen and how it needs to occur is all part of creating clarity. Asking yourself a series of “why” questions can be helpful. For example, if someone were to say, “I’d like to lose


weight”, I would ask “why?” They might respond, “To look and feel better,” and if I were to probe again and ask “Why is that important?” they might think further and reply that they want to be healthy to be available for their family. Once you have located the emotional anchor of significance then you know what lies at the heart of your change. Questioning is healthy exploration, especially when on the brink of a change or when there is some doubt associated with it. However, once the decision is made to proceed, enjoy the ride on the rollercoaster of surrender. “E” for Empathy: The power of empathy is real. A recent study shows that when people know they are cared for, they actually recover from illness faster than those who do not feel cared for. When we are empathic with others or with our inner authentic voice when it comes to change, do we enable them with solutions or disable them with deliberation of past events and why the situation has to change? Solutions are gateways and put us into the “locus of control” seat. By opening the heart and becoming more expansive in the sea of compassion towards ourselves and others encountering change, we are better able to connect with Continued on Page 14

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Healing at the Speed of Sound

By Don Campbell and Alex Doman Hudson Street Press This is one of those books that makes me keep saying, “Wow.” Not only does it contain scientific information from two

a typical day and show you how to put sound and silence to work for you. From getting up to your morning commute, working life, family time, social activities, and sleep routines, you will learn how to use sound to enhance your life. This is a book you will want to work with and refer to frequently, not just for yourself but also for your friends and family. Perfect gift for anyone wanting to create a

highly accomplished sound and music experts, it converts the information into practical everyday information we can apply to our lives. And scattered throughout the book are links to audios, videos, and resources that support the written word. Talk about living technology! This book will guide through the process of

Live in the Light with Shakti Gawain By Krysta Gibson Just about everyone I know has read the books Creative Visualization and Living in the Light. Both were written by author and teacher, Shakti Gawain. New World Library has just released the 25th anniversary edition of Living in the Light. Updated for today’s world, it still contains all of its original wisdom. If you read the original, you’ll love this edition, and if you haven’t read it, there’s no better time than now to do so. It’s full of practical information and practices to help you live a fuller life. Here are a few ideas taken from a phone interview with Shakti. To hear this entire interview, go to www. and click on the audio section.

On using intuition: We’re all born with intuition but have learned not to trust it because the culture is so focused on the rational. Most of us have to relearn how to use our intuition but fortunately it isn’t that hard to do. It’s a

natural thing for everyone to follow inner guidance. If we practice, we can do it. The important thing is to have your own intuitive sense be your guiding force and pay attention to it regularly.

Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation Spiritual Practices for Making a Difference in the World By Nicki Scully a nd Mark Hallert Bear and Company

Many people are familiar with Nicki Scully since she has been working in the shamanic healing world since the 1970s. This book presents the culmination of 25 years work during which time she developed the practices she shares here.

Many people want to be able to do something to help with the various natural disasters as well as man-made wars and other issues facing us today. After learning the techniques and practices taught here, people will be able to do something that Nicki, her husband Mark, and their many students across the world have been doing for the past few years. This is a practical book which includes a 78-minute CD of a guided visualization and music and which is supported by the interactive website www. Wonderful gift for those who want to be more involved in

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On exploring our dark sides: All aspects of ourselves are good. There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, light or dark. None of these are parts we want to get rid of. They are all parts we want to embrace. Our dark sides are just parts of ourselves we haven’t explored and embraced.

better living environment for themselves.

Shakti Gawain says that is is a natural thing for us to follow our inner guidance, the important thing is to pay attention to it.

On the world’s financial situation: We’re collectively taking everything that has been swept under the rug and bringing it out into the open. The financial dealings and wheeling and dealing most of us knew nothing about is coming to light. This has been a revelation to most of us. I think it is positive; shocking, but a good thing. We’re all in this together and it is important to get support

and receive support on money issues if we need it.

How the roles of men and women are changing:

taking care of ourselves in the change process, keeping us connected to our life dream. No matter how large the dream, we can always take small steps toward manifesting it. The dream does not need to be manifested immediately. If we know we are moving in the right direction, then all that is required is to keep walking.

Deanna Minich, PhD (, is a nutritionist, educator and author, and Scott Whittaker, LMP (www. is a massage therapist offering spiritual coaching and energy healing. Both authors reside on the Olympic Peninsula where they give workshops on lifestyle change and spiritual transformation.

planetary healing.

Globalized Soul

Stories from the Tipping Point to a New World Movie by Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas 60 minutes This movie asks and answers the question, “Is there a unity to all life?” By exploring various religious ideas and problems in today’s world, we’re led on a journey that culminates into the idea of non-dual loving. Various religious leaders such as Joan Halifax and Mirabai Starr as well as leaders from Jainism and Sufism, speak out as if of one mind. There are solutions to the world’s problems if we open our minds and hearts to receive them. This is a well-done, motivating film that provides a glimpse into parts of the world many Westerners don’t get to see. Great gift for anyone concerned with world issues and the attainment of global peace. DOUBLE DORJEE

The Tibetan Spiritual gift to the world Authentic Tibetan handmade singing bowls, Tingsha chimes, Buddhist statues, healing & meditation incense, books, mala beads, chanting CDs and more! 1501 Pike Place Market, #511, Seattle, WA 206-443-0675

GOOD COMPANY: A relaxed networking lunch where we gather to share great food and even greater company. We visit, network, and make referrals. Find out why some people say this is their favorite networking group!

There is a masculine and feminine within each of us, men and women. The feminine has the intuitive guidance. The masculine aspect takes action. If you feel guidance and take action on it that is the two working together. Whether we are male or female, we need to bring both aspects into balance.

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People of Positive Influence (PPIs) are those who are living their lives in such a way as to be a positive influence on the world around them. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do or where you do it. If you are helping to make the world a better place, if you are reading New Spirit Journal,you are a PPI! Join us for a monthly network gathering.

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Books The Yugas

Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Energy Age, and Enlightened Future By Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz Crystal Clarity Publishers If you’re one of the people who has been asking yourself, “What’s going on these days?” and not finding an answer that resonates with you, this is a book you will want to read and study. Based on the teachings of Sri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda, the book explains about the Yugas or ages the planet goes through every 24,000 years. Not only does the book provide compelling evidence of the veracity of these cycles, it goes much further by telling us about our possible future cycles and how we and planet can be much different than we are today. The Yugas is comforting by giving meaning to today’s events and it is intriguing by putting the world into a more easily understood evolutionary picture. This is a don’t miss read for anyone who wants a deeper understanding and appreciation of our past, present, and future. A great gift for anyone on a spiritual path and for those who love history.

Wisdom of the Plant Devas Herbal Medicine for a New Earth By Thea Summer Deer Bear & Company

What a beautiful book this is! Not only is it physically beautiful with heavy pages and gorgeous color pictures, it is emotionally and spiritually beautiful. The author has worked with the herb devas for a very long time and now shares with us some of what she has learned. The basic idea of the book is that we can learn how to call upon the devas or spirits of various herbs and learn how to work with them and their energies for the purposes of healing and making our lives better. Although only 10 herbs are covered specifically, what is most important is that we are given the means to make contact with many other herbs and plants. There are communications from the herb devas which are sweet, enlightening, and thought-provoking. Perfect gift for anyone interested in healing, gardening, plants and herbs.

Your Emotional Type

Key to the Therapies That Will Work for You By Michael A. Jawer & Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. Healing Arts Press Could it be that each of us is a particular “type” who will respond better to some therapies than to others? And if this is true, would it be helpful to know what will work best for your type? Yes, and yes! This book explains how we develop our particular “types” and then discusses a variety of conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, and migraines, showing which therapies might work for various people. There is a ton of resources given so that it would be fairly easy to follow-up and find what

is going to work best for you. This is a great handbook that will be useful to anyone working with chronic conditions. Perfect gift for therapists, physicians, bodyworkers, and for people with various conditions.


The Complete Guide Techniques from East and West to Calm

the Mind, Heal the Body, & Enrich the Spirit By Patricia Monaghan and Eleanor G. Viereck New World Library Whether you already have a meditation practice or you are just beginning to explore meditation, please get a copy of this book. I have not seen a resource as complete as this one. Meditation is the bedrock of a spiritual practice, yet many people don’t do it because they don’t understand there are many different ways to practice meditation.




This book explores more than 35 meditation practices, explains what meditation is and is not, and provides many resources and tips for further followup. Disciplines grounded in Buddhism, Tantrism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity, Quaker worship, shamanism, drumming, trance dancing, yoga, and so much more are covered. This is an almost unbelievable guide to all types of meditation. The book lives up to its title: the complete guide. Perfect for anyone on a spiritual path and especially for those new to the idea of meditation. More on Page 14





Rhonda, can you make the photo span the whole width.

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ASTROLOGY by Mark Dodich

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Churches & Spiritual Homes WICCA: Aquarian Tabernacle Church, open to all. Free monthly Lunar celebrations, classes, other events. For more information call 360-793-1945.

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Churches & Spiritual Homes

Churches & Spiritual Homes

CHURCH OF DIVINE MAN is a nonprofit organization focused on spiritual freedom. The emphasis is on teaching spiritual techniques to allow spirit to awaken and create consciously in the physical world. These techniques and teachings are based upon ancient wisdom and presented in a modern-day format. Take charge of your spiritual creativity by meditating with purpose. or call 425-258-1449. UNITY is an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. A positive alternative to negative religion, Unity seeks to apply the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual masters. 800-248-6489. CENTERS OF LIGHT teaches Christian mysticism and finding truth through experiences, not dogma. One-on-one teacher/student relationships offer the personal counseling and love that is rarely found elsewhere. Spiritual communities support each other with integrity, honesty and joy.

UNITED CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Offers classes, workshops, services, and fellowship focused on positive living within a spiritual framework . 720-496-1370. SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP founded by Paramahansa Yogananda and based on the teachings he brought to the West from India in the early 20th century. Centers offer services, classes, and fellowship teaching that the purpose of life is the evolution, through self-effort, of man’s limited mortal consciousness into God Consciousness. www.yogananda-srf-org. 323-225-2471. THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY encourages open-minded inquiry into world religions, philosophy, science, and the arts in order to understand the wisdom of the ages, respect the unity of all life, and help people explore spiritual self-transformation. Offerings includes classes, workshops, and bookstores named Quest Bookshop. www. 630-668-1571.

Experience the Ancient yet Modern Science of Energy Healing with Pranic Healing! Effective, targeted non-touch energy healing heals backaches to arthritis, anxiety and stress to addictions, colds and flus to cancer and AIDS, and many things in between Experience FREE HEALING SESSIONS and the powerful Twin Hearts Meditation at the Pranic Healing clinic in West Seattle

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Churches & Spiritual Homes ANANDA CHURCH OF SELFREALIZATION founded by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda ia a movement based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda that helps you bring God into your life through meditation and spiritual living. Offers classes, services, Living Wisdom Schools, and spiritual communities in the United States, India, and Italy. Call 530-478-7560.

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“How Can You Live a Life You Love - Body & Soul? Videos Reveal 7 Tips” BodyTherapy & Life Coaching William Wittmann, LMP 206.328.2073

Ongoing Events, Classes, Groups SPIRITUAL HEALING CLINIC, FREE. Observe, receive, practice. All energy healing methods. First Sundays. Kirkland, WA.“Amplifying Divine Light in All” Church, (425)466-4001. HOW CAN WE LIVE A MEANINGFUL, JOYFUL 2012? We can do it with AmAre, by being: Aware and accepting. Meaningful and motivated. Active and attentive. Resilient and respectful. Eating properly and exercising. More information and free videos on: THE MARGARET M CENTER FOR INTUITIVE ARTS (see ad this issue) in Issaquah, WA, is your home for alternative healing arts, readings, and all things metaphysical. Check for services, schedule, and driving directions or call (425) 270-3270. MADELINE EYER’S RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE Divinely inspired group classes, private coaching & healing sessions . Helping you develop a passion for life! 425-351-1030

INTUITIVE WRITING/CREATIVITY Offering workshops, classes, private sessions and more to open and develop your intuitive abilities and expression. MOVING INTO PRESENCE NOW! Ongoing Nia, 5 Stages of Self Healing, Contemplative Dance, Breema, and Martial Movement classes in Greenwood. Practices to attune mind, emotions, and spirit to the body, enhancing awareness and vitality. Every body welcome. 206-876-0896 USE YOUR INTUITION TO know and heal yourself. Learn a conscious active form of meditation you can do anywhere. Take the Level 1 class or continue to take all 8. www.intuitivemind. org/courses

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Welcome to the December 2011 issue of New Spirit Journal, Seattle's favorite newspaper for spiritual independents. "Helping you create abund...


Welcome to the December 2011 issue of New Spirit Journal, Seattle's favorite newspaper for spiritual independents. "Helping you create abund...