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What Can We Learn From Our Spiritual Elders?

A Lot! By Krysta Gibson

Barbara Marx Hubbard, now 82, has just released her eighth book Birth 2012 and Beyond (Shift Publications) and is co-producing a global multi-media event on December 22, 2012. Swami Kriyananda who has founded nine Ananda spiritual communities, is 86 and currently on a world tour to promote his newest book The Biography of Paramhansa Yogananda (Crystal Clarity Publishers). Both of them will be in Seattle in early September.

What do you think you’ll be doing when you’re in your 80s? Will you be on a world tour promoting your latest book or launching a new online course that could shift the consciousness of the planet? This is what two of our spiritual elders are doing.

Swami Kriyananda, who is 86, has founded nine Ananda spiritual communities, written over 100 books and 400 pieces of music, and is currently on a world tour to promote his newest book, The Biography of Paramhansa Yogananda (Crystal Clarity Publishers). He is one of the few remaining living disciples of Yogananda and spent three and a half years living with him in the late 1940s to the early 1950s. Barbara Marx Hubbard, now 82, has just released her eighth book, Birth 2012 and Beyond (Shift Publications) and is coproducing a global multimedia event on Dec. 22, 2012. In 1984 she was one of the first women ever nominated for the vice-presidency of the United States. She has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra.


Separate interviews with each reveal some practical information readers might be interested in applying to daily living. I asked Swami how he has been able to manifest so many different things while also being on his spiritual path. He said “Because I’ve done it from the inner world. By meditation I feel in-tune. By that attunement, God has created this world. He has created it out of his own consciousness. When we tune-in to his consciousness, we can objectify and bring it into this world. Everything that I’ve done has been a means of objectifying the inspiration I have felt in meditation. It is really wonderful to see how many things can be expressed when you bring this teaching into the outer world. God is ever new.” When I asked Barbara why she


thinks she is able to keep doing so much work for the world when others have retired, she said, “It has to do with a very deep sense of life purpose and a very deep experience of what I call the impulse of evolution within me. This could be seen as the impulse of life force or God force or Spirit in action that has created the whole universe and all the life forms that are here. “I think millions of us are getting vocationally aroused from within by the heart’s desire to do more, be more, love more, connect more. It’s like a whole crop of humans is arising on planet Earth. I am one of those and I am an elder of the new.” Is it possible that living with a master such as Yogananda paved the way for Swami’s work? Many people think it would be wonderful


to be with a master 24/7. Was it? “Not many people survived, so I can’t say it was easy,” says Kriyananda. “Living with a master is like living with someone who is a flawless mirror reflecting back to yourself who you are. Most people can’t take that and they flee like birds before a hunter. But if you want to know how to improve yourself, it is a wonderful experience. “The most important thing he taught me was to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.” In his new book, Swami says he believes Yogananda’s life will have a major impact on the world and that it will change the course of history. What does he mean by that? Continued on Page 7





Here’s Your Sign

An Owl Feather Becomes Validation For A New Path Everything that exists can become a sign for you. Until you ask, objects in this physical realm

By Janice Lynch

My husband, Phil, and I take our dogs out to a nature trail at least once a week. One bright, spring morning 15 years ago, we went to Two Rivers Park, which offered many trails through its natural landscape. Our trips to Two Rivers always gave the dogs room to run and gave us opportunity to talk. We could talk about politics, the weather, work, spiritual things, or whatever. As we meandered through the varied terrain, our thoughts and our conversations could meander through various subjects. We knew our way around the park, but we felt lost spiritually. Phil and I found ourselves churchless. (It’s kinda like clueless, but not quite.) We both knew we longed for a loving connection with people of like minds and the shared experience of God/Divine Source/Love/ Spirit (whatever you might call it). We each stated our heart’s desire: a loving place that allowed us to serve out of joy rather than duty; a place that honors spiritual experiences that reside outside of the explainable; a place that rejoices in love rather than shackles us with duty; a place that honors the journey of discovery. If we needed such a place, maybe others did, too. Maybe, if we stepped out in faith, others would, too. At that exact moment, an owl feather spiraled out of the sky and landed right in front of me. I looked at Phil. He looked at me. He carefully picked it up and handed it to me. “It’s a sign!” he said. “A sign from heaven!” We both laughed. We knew any regular church frowned upon such things as signs from heaven. Yet, here it was. A beautiful owl feather that dropped out of the sky at that exact moment we considered starting something new and unique. Phil and I returned to Two Rivers over and over until we had a plan for creating The Divine Fellowship. With that plan, we fashioned an island of hope and exploration based upon love. Today, a spiritual springtime shines in your heart. Today, the light of love floods your soul. Feel the warmth of the light of knowing your experiences come from spirit. Bask in the light of love that sends you dreams, insights and signs to awaken you and confirm your path. You have the right and the privilege of asking for and receiving guidance from Divine Source.

remain inert. Once you ask for guidance, everything can activate to bring you the awareness and insights you seek. Here’s the process: Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. You know what is in your heart right now. Even when we think we know what we are doing, we can always use additional insights. Place that situation in your awareness. (Worry is a prayer in reverse, so just put the situation out there.) Then ask for divine guidance.

A COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FOR SOULFUL LIVING Divine spirit or angels will not tell you what to do. Rather than asking, “Should I do this or that,” ask for assistance by saying, “What would be good for me to know about this?” or “Please reveal to me insights about this situation.” You might want to close your eyes briefly and release any expectations or stress about the situation. After a few moments, open your eyes and look around you.

While your eyes were closed, things within your field of vision became energized to symbolically bring you insights. You will notice something – commonplace perhaps – something you have seen every day. A plant will appear brighter than usual. A picture might draw your attention where it normally does not. This is your symbolic message. Continued on Page 5



New Spirit Journal is pleased to introduce our newest column: Nutrition for Body & Soul written by Dr. Deanna Minich. Dr. Deanna Minich is an internationallyrenowned nutritionist and author with more than 20 years’ experience in the exciting fields of nutrition, wellness, and healing. Her unique approach to nutrition encompasses combining science and spirituality, practicality and poetry, and body and soul aspects within the realm of eating as a means of experiencing greater personal growth through one’s relationship with food. Dr. Minich has studied human nutrition during her doctoral (Ph.D.) study at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands and Master’s Degree (M.S.) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, along with further training and certification through the American College of Nutrition and the Institute of Functional Medicine. In conjunction with her academic training, she has had a variety of spiritual mentors to learn shamanic healing practices, reiki, (medical) intuitive assessment, and is a registered yoga teacher with more than 20 years of yoga practice. She has written three books on food and spirituality: Chakra Foods for Optimum Health: A Guide to the Foods that Improve Your Energy, Inspire Creative Changes, Open Your Heart, and Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit (Conari Press, 2009), Quantum Supplements: A Total Health and Wellness Makeover with Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs (Conari Press, 2010), and The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing: An A-Z Self-Healing Guide for Over 100 Common Ailments (Conari Press, 2011). She has also written a practical guide to deciphering food additives: An A to Z Guide to Food Additives: Never Eat What You Can’t Pronounce (Conari Press, 2009). Dr. Minich developed Nutrition for the Soul classes and teaches them through teleclasses and in workshop format. A dynamic presenter, she has given her inspiring talks in-person and on radio and television shows throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. She is very passionate about assisting others on their path to good health and balanced living.



Eating With Both Sides of The Brain

Nutrition for Body & Soul by Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, RYT

Welcome to the Nutrition for Body & Soul column! I am excited

to be part of New Spirit Journal, communicating with you on a monthly basis on food, eating, and soul. Before we dive in, I want to “warn” you that this will not be any ordinary column replete with reams of nutrition facts. Of course, there will be adequate nutrition information to digest and savor along the way, but what will be different in my approach is that nutrition will be contextualized to include body and soul, right- and leftsides of the brain, as well as poetry and practicality. That’s right; we are going to balance what we know from a food perspective with what we know from a deep, symbolic, soul aspect when it comes to eating, essentially connecting the left and right sides of the brain (a measure of healthy aging!).


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Why the two-prong approach to nutrition? Food journalist, Michael Pollan, made a comment along the lines of, “The more we know about nutrition, the less healthy we are.” Indeed, that bitter truth seems to be apparent; our medical and scientific understanding continues to grow, yet, so do our waistlines, and the incidence of chronic disease. I would contend that we need to straddle both sides of the fence, looking to foods as medicine yet realizing that eating can also be a potential path to empowerment and possibly enlightenment. You might be amazed that in an average day the average person makes 200 decisions about food and eating. With every bite of food having the ability to alter our physiology and psychology, you might imagine that eating can be an open gate to personal growth and lifestyle change. I have

repeatedly noticed that when people change how they eat, they end up transforming how they live. In other words, you slow down your eating, you make different food choices, and like a rock that has been dropped into a pond, you start to see a ripple effect in your life; you might slow down the pace of your life and you may start to make different life choices. This is an exciting concept considering that every day you are faced with multiple eating occasions, and therefore, many opportunities to change your life. It’s a wondrous concept that our life can begin to shift with one bite of food. You can already see that I am not your average nutritionist. We are going to take a remarkable journey together. Sometimes, it might be more on the side of the logical left brain, providing you with some grounded tips on eating and food selections, and then other times, I might leap over to the right side of the creative, intuitive brain, helping you to realize that how, what, and when we eat can have cascading, impactful effects in our lives. What I hope to do most of the time is join right and left brain together, like a happily married

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couple, a union of seeming opposites that are not so much opposing but quite complementary. Our journey starts one bite at a time. How do you get started, you ask? First, start to examine your views around food. For many people, their views on eating are all-consuming. Does eating consume you more than you consume food? Boxing yourself in with a paradigm can cause you to feel deprived rather than liberated. I remember going through graduate school, studying nutrition, forming this very righteous view about how I must eat. Years later, what I now realize is that we need to be cautious about not eating our opinions and then letting them eat us inside. Judgment, anger, and righteousness are not good for the soul. We need to consume and cultivate more compassion for our bodies and each other when it comes to eating. One of the first things I recommend is to release defining yourself by your eating. Perhaps you’ve tried diets, and each time you do, you feel safe, surrounded by the confines of those limitations. However, what you may want to Continued on Page 4

Live your dreams! June BlueSpruce, MPH

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Prayer: Ask and Ye Shall Be Given By Suhas Patwardhan, MA All of us have heard the words, “Ask and ye shall be given.” Have we ever asked ourselves what and how to ask? “Prayer” comes from the Latin precarious, meaning “obtained by begging” and precari, meaning “to entreat, to ask earnestly, to beseech, to implore.” In other words, it is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport to a deity or object of worship through deliberate communication. Prayers are generally of two kinds, directed and non-directed. Practitioners of directed prayer have a specific goal, image, or outcome in mind. They are thus “directing” the system, attempting to steer it in a precise direction. They may be praying for a cancer to be cured, a heart attack to resolve itself, or an excruciating pain to vanish. English author George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Most people do not pray, they only beg.” In contrast, non-directed prayer is an open-ended approach in which no specific outcome is held in mind. In non-directed prayer, the practitioner or the pray-er does not attempt to “tell the universe what to do.” Spendthrift Organization devised an experiment to put directed and non-directed prayers to the test so as to find out which form of prayer is more effective. It was concluded that the non-directed technique of prayer appeared quantitatively more effective, frequently yielding results that were twice as great or even more when compared to the direct approach. Spendthrift believed that when a non-directed prayer is answered, the outcome is always what’s the best for the organism. Truly, therefore, all saints all across the world favor the latter. Psychic healers using prayer claim that distance is not a factor in the healing power of prayer and most of them state

emphatically that love is the power that makes it possible for them to reach out to heal at a distance. Researchers at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University studied such an ability of people to influence the distant behavior through different mechanical devices such as Micro Electron Random Event Generator (REG). The experiments show clearly that the effects of empathic bonding transcend space. Prayer is the most fundamental, primordial, and important language humans speak. Dr.Larry Dossey, M.D., a leading medical practitioner and author of the New York Times best seller “Healing Words” says, “If a prayer has its roots in the unconscious we can never fully grasp its nature. This means that a complete definition of prayer can never be given.” The answer to the frequently asked question,“How long we should pray?” is, “Pray without ceasing.” In other words, breathing and praying should go together. Though we use only one word for “mind,” psychologists tell us that mind works on two levels, conscious mind and subconscious mind. We do a large number of activities knowingly and consciously, such as reading, writing, eating, laughing, but there are certain activities being monitored by our subconscious mind such as digestion, blood circulation, secretion of hormones, creation and dissolution of cells, that go on endlessly within our body. Any person engaged in some work, both manual or intellectual, cannot afford to suspend his work for some time so as to spare time to pray. Doing your duty is a prayer. However, there is a lot of free time we idle away, doing nothing in particular, but thinking

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negatively about the errors of our past and unduly thinking about the problems of the future. An empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Therefore, let us engage our mind in prayer whenever we find ourselves free. Such free time is indeed a lot more than we generally imagine. Vivekanada said, “All expansion is life. All contraction is death.” How wisely he said the same thing about the non-directed prayer. The non-directed universal prayer, invented by the Indian saint/philosopher Shri Wamanrao Pai, is this: Bless all with health and wealth, Bless all with money and harmony, Bless all with peace and bliss, Bless all with wisdom and your devotion. The prayer is unique in the sense that it contains all positive thoughts. The contents of the prayer are simple to understand. This prayer is in accordance with the law of nature. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. Your thought is an incipient, invisible action. The prayer, being a positive action, is bound to result in positive output. American philosopher James Allen says, “As you alter your thoughts towards things and other people, things and other people will alter towards you.” Do you want things to change, people to change as you desire? Begin with yourself. Change your thoughts and all other things will change by default. This prayer helps to achieve exactly that because the prayer is an expression of gratitude towards one and all who have

made our life worth living. What matters is the attitude of gratitude. If uttered frequently enough, consciously, the prayer will in due course reach the deeper levels of subconscious mind. American psychologist Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his book, Power of Your Sub-conscious Mind, says, “You think with your conscious mind and whatsoever you habitually think, sinks down in your deeper levels of your subconscious mind which creates according to your nature of your thoughts. Just as water takes the shape of the pipe it flows through, similarly the life principle flows through you according to the nature of your thoughts.” “Prayer is the most powerful form of energy man can generate,” says Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel. Effects of prayer sometimes appear miraculous because we fail to trace the cause-and-effect relationship with the help of the scientific apparatus at our disposal. Doubting Thomases need to keep in mind, “Faith is to believe what you do not see and the reward of faith is to see what you believe.” Why not generate the most powerful form of energy in the interest of all? And what is in the interest of all is inevitably in your own interest, too. Prof. (Mr.) Suhas Patwardhan, 60, an MA in English literature from Bombay University, is associated with Jeevan Vidya Mission, a spiritual non-profit organization in India founded by spiritual thinker, Sri Wamanrao Pai.He is a freelance journalist and can be reached at me.suhaspatwardhan@rediffmail. com or Gurukamal-1, Sanewadi. Badlapur (West ), Mumbai - 421503 India, cell + 91 9960787309

Eating with Both Sides of the Brain Continued from Page 3 try is start to examine your safety around eating. Observe your patterns, noting them carefully, determining whether they serve you or not. Now this might be very different than what you are used to, so go slow... journal on your process. Start to unwind your views, and see what feels right (right brain) rather than what you think is right (left brain). If you are too left-brained about eating, and have found yourself in the Never Never Land of analysis paralysis by counting every calorie and watching every morsel, this month, allow your right brain to emerge. Prepare foods with an artistic flair. Use your senses at the grocery store to shop rather than your to-buy list that your head came up with. Smell the produce, feel it. Spend some time shopping on a quiet night when you don’t feel rushed. Give yourself permission to enjoy a meal rather than racing off to your next things to do. Now, if you are too right-brained about eating, you might want to balance that fiery, creative spirit with some grounded common

sense around eating. You can enjoy your food, but let your analytical mind be hand-in-hand with your senses to give you feedback on your portions and selections. At the same time you honor the beauty of food, keep your emotions flowing through you so they don’t lead you to emotional eating. If you tend to make food as a reward for yourself and to show love to others, see if you can’t think of other ways to nourish yourself and gift others that involves aspects like spending quality time, kind words, and a hearty hug. The ultimate goal is to be able to connect both hemispheres of your brain when it comes to eating. Assess whether you are leaning more towards one side or the other, and create “neuronal plasticity” by shaking up your routine in this next month. Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, RYT, is a mind-body-spirit nutritionist and author who connects modern science with ancient spirituality in her novel approach to food and eating. See her website for more details:




The Gifts of Aging (Are You Kidding?!) By John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min.

ghosts from the past, the grim depictions of aging from world history and memories of suffering they have seen, and these ghosts stir their own secret fears of decline, helplessness, and death. Most people don’t want to talk about aging at all. So I shift gears and ask them about the gifts of aging. This time I get stares of bewilderment, confusion, and disbelief. I can just hear their thoughts, “What is that crazy man talking about?” I repeat the question, perhaps with different phrasing, and soon, especially in groups, I can see the wheels turning. “Oh, do you mean...?” And then the conversion gets more lively and inspiring. From such conversations in groups, classes, talks, and individual interviews, I generated a very long list of gifts. Can you believe that? In fact, hidden in the journey of age are some amazing gifts. I always knew they were there, but I didn’t know there were so many. Finally, I grouped them in basic categories. Here, for your enjoyment, edification, and inspiration, are:

I am fascinated by aging and death. I am passionate about these topics. I know each holds incredible secrets, tasks, gifts and potentials. Today I want to talk about the gifts of aging. Whenever I can, I ask older people to tell me about their aging experience. Sometimes we have great conversations. More often, I get glassy-eyed stares, hear the same tired joke, “Aging’s hard but it’s better than the alternative,” and then they change the subject. Sometimes I see terror on their faces. So many older folks are living with

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5. Freedom from traditional social roles and expectations. 6. New or revived interests and hobbies. 7. Healing and reorganization of personality. 8. Psychological and spiritual insights about the meaning of life. 9. A deeper experience of community. 10. An easier and less conflicted death. These categories are pretty selfexplanatory (though you can read more about them in my book, The Three Secrets of Aging). The best way to unpack their personal meaning is to explore your own experiences and those of your friends. For example, ask yourself whether you are happier now than during the “rat race” years of middle adulthood, and if so, why. Now consider this: What if the gifts of aging also bring you wonderful new gifts to give? You would be amazed at how much you have to offer. Here are:

“The Ten Gifts to Give:” 1. Encouragement, support, and reassurance. 2. Practical experience and ideas. 3. Blessing. 4. Larger vision of life. 5. A personal understanding of history.

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6. Stability. 7. Social conscience. 8. Unconditional love. 9. The ripened self. 10. Examples of how to age and die. Finally, consider this one last possibility: What if aging comprises a subtle process of enlightenment in slow motion. What if consciousness were changing steadily as we age but most of us fail to notice it. If we did, we might discover the following

Even More Amazing Gifts 1.The comfort of mystical consciousness. 2. Silence of mind. 3. Freedom in flow. 4. Peace. 5. Waking up. 6. Self as world. 7. A New center of consciousness. 8. Wisdom and ultimate knowledge. 9. Sheer joy. Meditate on each of these gifts and see where it takes you. Read more about them. Perhaps your life is not ending but just beginning. John Robinson is a clinical psychologist, ordained interfaith minister with a second doctorate in ministry, aging boomer, and the author of The Three Secrets of Aging and Bedtime Stories for Elders (available through bookstores, online dealers, and His website is

Here’s Your Sign Continued From Page 2

You Soul’s unique wisdom is needed now.


Let me share with you an example. I was feeling “funny” one day and didn’t really know what was up with that. I sat down and breathed quietly for a moment and then asked, “What do I need to know about this funny feeling.” Immediately after I opened my eyes, I saw one of the dog’s toys in the toy box was hanging out with both feet about two inches off the ground. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I wasn’t grounded. I took a few minutes and grounded myself by recognizing my

physical form and my link to planet Earth. I felt better and continued my day. That dog toy had no spiritual energy in and of itself. When I asked for assistance, it activated with spiritual energy to give me the insight I requested. As soon as I got the message, the toy returned to being a toy without any energy attached to it. Try it. It’s not only powerful for obtaining insights, it’s really fun to see what activates to bring enlightenment. I knew instantly when that feather floated out of the sky and into my



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awareness that Phil and I received confirmation for creating The Divine Fellowship. That was over 15 years ago. I hope you try this technique and may an awakening of true faith and spiritual experience land at your feet Pick it up. Take it on. You’ll fit right in at The Divine Fellowship. Janice Lynch is a spiritual mentor, medical intuitive, medium, and co-pastor for The Divine Fellowship. For more info, visit www. or





Time to Go and Saying Goodbye One of the hardest things about living with and loving our animal friends is having to deal with the fact that they do not live as long as we do. It can be so painful to lose their physical presence in our lives. It is especially difficult when it happens prematurely or tragically and is unexpected.

If we have a full lifetime with our animal companions, we are with them as their bodies grow older and slow down. In many ways we have a chance to prepare for their departure from our physical lives, especially if they have a degrading illness or disease. Sometimes this makes the process a little easier to go through. Sometimes is makes it harder. I do not think there are any absolutes in regards to this subject. Every situation is unique to the individuals involved. Lately it seems that many of our animal friends are leaving their bodies and crossing over to the other side. During the last three years or so I have personally had to release four of my beloved companions. It seems I am being contacted more and more frequently by friends, clients, readers, and listeners who have questions about this and need my help with this

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issue. Most of you probably know what that means by now. It is time for me to write about it. When a human member of our family grows older or becomes diseased or seriously injured, even if they are obviously suffering, we do not have much choice in the process. All we can really do is love, pray, and support them, doing whatever we can to help as their process unfolds. The only choice we may have toward the end of their life is whether or not to be physically with them as they make their transition. That is not the case with our animal friends. Yes, we also may have that choice with our animal companions but we also most often have another even bigger choice to make. We can choose to help them exit their bodies via humane euthanasia. I do not use the term “put to sleep” because it is not the truth. I have heard of cases where children heard this phrase used relating to their animal’s passing and they became afraid to go to sleep at night for fear of dying! I have also been directly involved with cases where the youngest children proved to me they are better at handling this process than their parents. If an animal friend goes missing, never to be found, or dies suddenly by tragic accident or disease, we do not have to make some of the tough decisions. But, what if we do have to make these choices? How do we know the right thing to do? And how do we deal with what can be overwhelming emotional energy after it is over? I hope to give you good answers to all of these questions and more. During my lifetime, I have gone through this experience with many more animals than humans. Many of these experiences

Our Animal Friends by Martha Norwalk were during my years as a vet tech and part of my job. Many have been my friends’ or clients’ animal friends and I was involved to help them all get through it. The most significant in terms of my learning have been when the animals involved were my beloved ones. The most difficult experiences were with what I call my “heart animals.” Yes, we can and do love some of our animal friends more than others. I believe that this is normal and okay. What has helped me more than anything to “rise to the occasion,” as my mom always said, and do the right thing for my beloved animal friends. was learning that it is only the physical body that dies. The soul is eternal. Yes, I believe our animal Continued on Page 13

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What Can We Learn From Our Spiritual Elders?

Continued from Front Page “Because he showed people a whole new approach to life that’s in-tune with this new age of energy. He showed that all life is one and we should all work together. Sectarianism is a thing of the past. In my books I’ve done my best to try to show how what he taught applies to things such as leadership, management, marriage, friendship, education, every field of life that I could imagine because I felt it was relevant in every field.” Barbara talks about the importance of shifting from ego to essence. She says, “If you are operating out of your ego or local self, you get stressed and exhausted. You feel like a failure, depressed, or diseased. However, when you put your attention on your essence or true nature, divine self, Spirit within, and you realize that’s your identity, you realize you are your own higher self. “But it needs to be recognized. When you pay attention to it and shift your identity to it, the local, separated self falls in love with its own essence and begins to become less stressed, less afraid, less separate and can be a great activator. “The local self is the one who has to do all the action, has to teach the courses, write the books, take the children to school, pick up the groceries. You can’t do without that local self. But it’s no longer separate and then you become a radiant presence.” Kriyananda says it is important for people to serve. “The Bhagavad Gita talks about action without the desire for the fruits. The important thing for the spiritual path is getting rid of your sense of separateness from other people and from God. You’re really his dream, but your delusion tells you you’re a body distinct from others. You think what hurts others doesn’t hurt you. But whatever hurts anyone always hurts you. Whatever moves in one part of the world affects what happens in another.” He offers this practical advice. “People can do what I have done: create self-sustaining communities. Yogananda talked about a depression that would be far worse than the depression of the 1930s. People should get land out in the country.

And they should do it with others. I believe very strongly that the solutions to the problems of this age will be communities, small communities independent of the government. Just independent communities doing things on their own, creating their own security. “Seek God above all for bliss. His nature is bliss. Everyone is seeking that bliss on a lower octave such as happiness, pleasure, even revenge. But finally what everybody is motivated by is bliss. Everybody comes from that everlasting ever-new bliss of God and everyone is driven to seek that bliss on his own octave. Seek bliss. Seek it in yourself.” How does Barbara deal with today’s intense energies and what does she recommend others do? Barbara says, “First, put your hand on your heart and breathe while placing your attention on anything you deeply appreciate and love. You can spread it out to the immediate people in your life and then farther out. Any time you feel upset or stressed, breathe through your heart. The heart goes in synchronicity with brain waves and you will find your nervous system relaxing. “The other thing I do is recognize I am the essence of my own being. I am the true nature of Spirit within. When I am appreciating, I am breathing in the spiritual essence of being. In one or two minutes I am shifted from stress and separation to wholeness. That’s because I practice this a lot. The more you do it the better.” To hear the full audio versions of these interviews with Swami Kriyananda and Barbara Marx Hubbard, visit the audio section at Both of these great teachers will be in Seattle in early September. For more information on Swami Kriyananda’s visit, go to For information on his books and music, go to For more information on Barbara’s visit and other events, go to www. More information on her world-wide December event is at

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Coping With Daily Stress:

A Simple and Effective Meditation Technique According to many researchers, stress is the number one killer and the cause of many diseases. The following stress-relieving technique by Yogiraj Siddhanath can be practiced anytime, anyplace. Stress is caused by anxiety, worries and negative thoughts like hatred. All these are aspects of the mind. Stress speeds up the aging process of our body, causing wear and tear to vital organs. A living master in the present age, Yogiraj Satgurunath is descended from the Solar Dynasty. He is a born siddha who came to earth on the 10th of May 1944. He spent his early years in the Himalayas with the great Nath yogis. After his deep and personal experience with Shiva Goraksha Babaji, he was transformed. He now teaches Kundalini Kriya Yoga and Hamsa Yoga, the ancient forms of yoga expounded by the Nath sampradaya (tradition). He bestows powerful Shivapat transmissions and unique clear-light mind states of awareness that empower the practitioners to gradually go into sahaj samadhi (living in the here and now), experiencing the depths of eternal being.

He bestows the three distinct graces: pranapat - breathes the peaceful breath through the sincere seekers’ spinal channel; shaktipat - transmits the evolutionary kundalini energy center to center through the pranic chakras; shivapat - awares his consciousness of natural enlightenment into sincere seekers who experience their minds transforming into “thoughtless clear-mind consciousness.” Yogeshwar Krishna’s vision gave him the realization of the harmony of all yogas, faiths and religions.

Siddhanath Golden Lotus Meditation Yogiraj Siddhanath says, “If you want a simple breathing technique to relieve stress, sit quiet, wash away all of your stress, drop all inhibition, make yourself available to the master, visualize the golden lotus in your heart, and slowly and deeply breath through your nostrils. Inhale love as the petals of the golden lotus open. And when they open, visualize a miniature you. (You know, like Honey I Shrunk the Kids.) Visualize a miniature you, sitting in the lotus of the heart. This will remove all the stress of your mind into the heart and dissolve it into love. Hold your breath for about five to 10 seconds. Then slowly exhale your breath as the lotus petals close.

Stellar Reflections

“So the whole meditation is inhale love and exhale love. When you inhale love, the golden petals of the lotus open. And when you exhale love, the golden petals of the lotus close. All the while you are sitting in the middle of the lotus. This will reduce all stress because you have shifted your consciousness from your mind to your heart, which is very necessary. Do not engage the mind or the location of the mind in the head. But engage the heart, and the location, just below Yogiraj Satgurunath says that inhaling and exhaling love your physical heart is the shits your consciousness from your mind to your heart and Anahata chakra. The Ananda lowers stress. kanda below it. The Ananda kanda means the seat of joy. The kanda of meditation techniques. More information joy. about Yogiraj’s Seattle events, workshops “Keep gently breathing in and holding the and retreat are available at www. breath for 10 seconds and gently breathing, (909) 907-9605, out. And the golden lotus, opening its petals at the inhaled breath and closing its petals Yogiraj’s teachers hold regular Kriya with the exhaled breath.” Yoga weekly practice at theascensionintoli Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath will be in Seattle Aug. 25 to Sept. 3. At his workshops and retreats he bestows the transmissions mentioned above and teaches basic and advanced Kriya yoga

Kundalini Kriya Yoga and Babaji are the same mentioned by Paramhamsa Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi.

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Cats For The Cure By Dr. Penny Lloyd

This article is dedicated to a big-hearted friend and breast cancer survivor (and the many generous people just like her). I heard my friend admiring a fellow caregiver, “Isn’t she absolutely the greatest? She goes hungry herself, just so she can pay her vet bills.” Personal sacrifice is honored in our society. Many of us give and give, until our cups run dry.

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It was so delicious to wake up this morning, with a cat laying next to me purring up a storm. Even though I was too sleepy to pet him, he continued to purr anyway. His rumbling overflowed as an expression of his utter peace and contentment.


A few moments later, his brother jumped up on the bed and joined in. Soon a mutual cat grooming session began. Watching them, my eyes opened to a display of absolute equal joy in giving and receiving. Cats do not practice self-sacrifice, but they know plenty about giving. Imagine giving because you want to give. Not because you need something. Not to earn cash. Not because you need to look good and get approval from your peers. Not because you don’t feel worthy and need to feel like you belong. Not to buy love or honor. Not to stack favors up for future security. Not because you feel sorry for someone. Or obligated or controlled by rules or society or need a ticket to heaven. Not from fear. Imagine not giving more than you have to give or trying to be more than you are. Drop all that tension and experience the world more like a cat. Imagine giving from a full cup instead of a sputtering-onempty one. Imagine being fully rested and comfortably relaxed in your body. Imagine having all the time in the world and doing exactly what you feel like, when you feel like it. Imagine feeling so content and peaceful that you overflow with good will. Imagine a world full of sensory pleasures. Imagine looking for a way to express how good you feel. Imagine bubbling over wanting to share. Imagine giving because you want to. Imagine having someone to share it with. Can you see that in this world it is just as beautiful to give as receive? In a cat’s world, love is plentiful and free and free-flowing. Pink ribbons for free-flowing unconditional love, that is the cure. Cat-watching should be prescribed for all of us learning to love ourselves and others fully and equally. Observing our feline friends can help us replace an old empty-cup pattern, with a healthy new full-cup pattern. Dr. Penny Lloyd is a veterinarian who enjoys teaching skills and games to connect deeper with animals for mutual healing benefits. If you are interested in learning more, go to

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Understand your animal friends Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are surprisingly affordable so call now for a free/no obligation telephone evaluation.

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Totem Animals and Your Career Path

Start your day in a powerful way and experience the difference from the inside out!

with Weekday mornings on Seattle’s your hostsAlternative Talk Station, KKNW 1150 Brenda Michaels with your and hosts Rob Rob Spears Spears and Brenda Michaels



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By Patricia Herlevi

While you have read much about astrological signs and professions, you have probably read little about choosing a career path based on your birth totem animals. It Takes a Zoo to Lead the Human Race

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Sometimes I can tell someone’s profession based on their totem animal. For instance, if I meet a person with an owl totem, I predict that the person works in the metaphysical field or some other profession where secrets reveal themselves. Owl totem people have uncanny intuition and sense what other people ignore. Therapists and counselors also fit into this category for they delve into places of the soul where the good stuff hides. Owl totems need to tone it down in an office environment so that they don’t come across as know-it-alls or frighten their coworkers with their psychic gifts. If an owl totem does suspect dirty secrets in the office, he or she needs to go through the right channels rather than going public with the secrets. Incidentally, investigative journalists and detectives often have an owl totem, but more than likely these professions have a weasel totem working on their behalf.

Someone who works as an interior designer, cake designer, fashion designer or beautician, most likely has a hummingbird totem working along side them. This goes ditto for people who work in catering, wedding planning, or even your neighbor who enjoys hosting monthly get-togethers. Since these professions come with stress and hummingbird totems fly away from conflict, balance this totem with skunk or otter totem. You might need to bring in a lioness totem when stuff hits the fan, but at least hummingbird will handle the people-pleasing creative side of a project. By the way, if you want to give this totem an astrological sign equivalent, try Libra and or the planet Venus. Sound healers, musicians, doulas, midwives, yogis, breathworkers, music therapists, and daycare specialists, look no further than whale and dolphin totems, which represent this group of professions Radio broadcaster, journalist, teacher, community leader, grassroots organizer, Continued on Page 12

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Light and Sound: Key Aspects of the Sixth Chakra The sixth of the seven major chakras is commonly referred to as the third eye because its positive pole is located at the point between the eyebrows. Its negative pole is located in the back of the head, at the medulla oblongata (base of the skull), the entry point of prana, or life force energy. There are two key aspects associated with the sixth chakra: light, as in seeing the light; and sound, as in listening to your inner voice. The sixth chakra is related to being clairvoyant, or psychic. This is the chakra that’s most deeply connected with the “sixth sense” or intuition. Intuitive Inhibitors Although some people are simply born more intuitive than others, everyone has the capacity to cultivate intuition. Regardless of where you fall on the intuitive scale, sustaining a constant connection to your inner guidance system is a challenge for everyone, and the main culprit for losing touch is stress. Stress comes in many forms, but it always throws you into survival mode. In survival mode, thoughts and actions are fear-based, resulting in confusion, indecisiveness, and loads of stress. Instead of being in a receptive mode – seeing and listening for guidance – you’re on alert, guarded, ready to be attacked, ready to defend. Imbalances in the sixth chakra result in migraines, eye problems, brain fog, hallucinations, nightmares, poor concentration, hearing problems, and tunnel vision (narrow-mindedness).

Developing Intuition Intuition is the language of the soul. It comes in gently, like a whisper, and often randomly, in the way of epiphanies or light bulb moments. As naturally as you draw on your other senses to enhance day-to-day living, with practice, you will come to rely on and expect intuitive guidance in addition to those “aha” moments. Over time, you can

up and eyes looking up and forward.

Chakra Talk by Ruth Stender

even create an “on demand” sixth sense. Below are a few tips for strengthening intuition: • Keep Your (Third) Eye on the Prize: Meditating at the third eye magnetizes energy to the prefrontal lobe of the brain, the area that governs creativity and concentration, as well as the pineal and pituitary glands, which produce stress-combating hormones. Focusing at the point between the eyebrows also enhances creative visualization exercises, the practice of holding a clear image of an intended desire in your mind’s eye while introducing affirmations. The rewards for focusing on the third eye are infinite. • Cool Your Engines: When we’re stressed, we literally overheat. Our bodies get inflamed and suffer illness. We become “hot-headed” and emotionally spent. The sitali, or the cooling breath, is especially good for “chilling out” during stressful times. It helps to avoid overheating your system. Begin by curling your tongue, like a straw, and sticking it out between your lips just a bit. Inhale through your mouth (and through the curled tongue). It should feel cool. As you inhale, tilt your head back while imagining energy flowing into the back of the sixth chakra (the medulla oblongata). Close your mouth and eyes. Pause. Now, gently draw your head back to center, chin parallel to the floor, exhaling through your nose. Practice up to five minutes. • Massage Your Medulla: Massaging the back of the sixth chakra, at the medulla oblongata, while focusing at the point between the eyebrows, increases the flow of energy. Using your fingertips, reach back and apply a little pressure. Close your eyes. Inhale as you rub to the right several times. Exhale, rub to the left (the same number of times). This left/right motion induces the natural up and down flow of energy in the spine; up as you inhale, circulating down

Tea And Tell

on the exhale. Tip: combine with the cooling breath for an even greater flow of energy. • Divination Tools: Tarot and angel cards, animal and nature totems, runes, pendulums, and colors are all examples of divination tools. Experiment with a variety of tools. It doesn’t matter which one you’re drawn to. Study the meaning behind any given tool and give it a chance to develop as a primary source of communication. Once the Universe knows your favorite method to communicate you can expect more messages to flow in using that particular process. s • Exercise Your Abilities: Just like a muscle that atrophies when not used, your guiding light grows dim when unattended to. Your wise inner voice grows weak when ignored. Trusting your vibes, as a matter of course, is as necessary for building intuition as eating good food and moving your body is to keeping physically healthy. The more you rely on (use) your inner guidance system, the more refined, stronger, and accurate your intuitive abilities become Focusing at the third eye during physical activity increases the flow of energy too. While running, walking, skiing, hiking, or doing yoga, practice holding your chin

What’s It Like to be Guided by Intuition? Intuitive people are often thought of as lucky or living a charmed life. It’s true to a point, but what is luck? The truth is that luck doesn’t necessarily come easy, at first anyway. Ironically, it’s often through suffering or great effort that we learn to slow down enough to examine why life isn’t easy. It’s through this slowing down process that intuition (luck) sneaks in. When guided by intuition, your surroundings are more vibrant. You feel creative, confident, and empowered to speak your truth; you feel loving, grounded, and at peace. Basically, your entire energy system is alive and thriving. Tapping into your intuition keeps you firing on all cylinders, so to speak. As you navigate life,

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guided by your soul, you appear to have it so easy, when all you’re doing is going with the flow, adjusting your sails to catch the breeze, the voice of your inner, wiser soul self. “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” – Carl Gustav Jung

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Totem Animals and Your Career Path Continued from Page 10 university professor, public speaker, workshop instructor, and anyone dealing with a pack, wolf totem leads your way. Bear totem collaborates with massage therapists, monks, nuns, medicine people, shamans, sleeping-prophets, dreamers, visionaries, beekeepers, berry farmers,

park rangers, and any profession that involves patience.

To Divine or Not Divine (Divination Tools to Discover Totems) It would take years and reams of paper to discuss professions related to all the creatures on the planet. The late Ted Andrews’ books, Animal Speak and

Animal Wise, as well as various medicine animal card decks on the market, help to narrow down the list. However, what happens when you have a giraffe totem and you do not want to pursue a career as a supermodel or professional basketball player? What if you have jaguar medicine, but have no plans for embarking on a shamanic

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path? Can these totems still help you in your current profession? While having specific totems leads us in obvious career paths, if we choose not to pursue those paths, the totem repurposes itself for you. For instance, let’s take a look at the giraffe totem. What else is giraffe known for besides height, agility, grace, and a long neck? This African animal possesses farsightedness so she can see into the distance or the future. Agility and grace are qualities we bring to any profession. Who doesn’t want to employ grace when handling a difficult situation? However, when it comes a jaguar totem, anyone with this teacher needs to take a serious look at work in the spiritual realm. Jaguar brings intuitive medicine, not to mention power. This creature would not come to anyone who doesn’t possess shamanic or medicine gifts. Often fear and denial stand in the way of pursuing these paths. Anyone with this totem who ignores their power will find that life tests them, often bringing dark night of the soul experiences that lead to a rebirthing process. This animal is often linked to the moon (dark and full moons), but I would add a link to Pluto and the astrological sign Scorpio. This same scenario plays out for bat totem.

each of us than a physical body. Besides our guardian angels, ancestors, and ascended master guides, animal spirits also guide us on our path, including our professions. Personally, I work with my totem animals for mundane and magical work. Right, now several animals act as muses for this article. These fabulous spirit creatures choose to help humans on their earth walk, while bringing their joy, wisdom, and power to each of us. Patricia Herlevi has worked with totem animals for over a decade. She gives consultations on Tuesdays at The Stone Moon, 1304 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, Wash., by appointment only. Patricia also teaches totem animal workshops by invitation. Contact Patricia at to schedule an appointment. For more information about totem and other consultations and readers, phone The Stone Moon at (360) 393-4390.

Vocational Counseling and Totems Any vocational counselor worth their salt benefits from including personality traits and interests from a client’s totem animals and astrological makeup. There is more to

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Time to Go Continued from Page 6 friends have souls just like we do and I believe they reincarnate just as we do, over and over and over again. Yes, sometimes they come back to us or have been with us before, either in this lifetime or another. We’ll get to that later. However, knowing all of this does not necessarily make any of this easier or less painful. It certainly can help in that way


but not always. For me personally, I found that in some cases, I was not just in love with the animal’s soul vibration but also with that particular physical body. That was a revelation to me. Even though I was communicating with the soul before, during, and after the death process, I still had to deal with the grief of the physical separation and especially the loss of that body that I loved so much. This was never so true as with my beloved Abyssinian kitty, Scootie. We had 15 incredibly blissful years together and he is back with me now in a new ruddy Abyssinian suit. In many ways it is ever so

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much better the second time around, as he is so delightful, cute, so obviously Scootie and oh, what a bond do we have. But, I must tell you that I grieved intensely after saying goodbye to that first beautiful body of his and I will never forget it. The next thing I want to share with you is — and for some, this is a tough one — that it is not your job to go to heroic extremes, spend tons of money and burden yourself, to keep your animal friend alive. Sometimes we do this out of selfishness as we cannot bear to say goodbye or because it gets us coveted attention. Sometimes we do this because we think it is our “duty” or that we


are somehow bad if we don’t. More next month. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or www.marthanorwalk. com. For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

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Waking Up To The Dawn of a New Day By Brad Simpkins

We are living in an extraordinary time, a time unlike any other in history. The vibrations of the planet and its people are raising and changing. Changes that used to take a few years, now only take a few weeks or even days to happen. More and more, we are realizing the necessity to be in alignment with our truth. When we aren’t in alignment, the feedback is becoming more and more intense and more painful. Almost everyone I know is struggling with this new intensified vibration. People are feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and exhausted. There is an accelerated degree of anxiety, issues with money, relationship issues, etc. Sadly, more and more people are choosing to check out. Some are doing so by leaving this life, while others are withdrawing into dementia or depression. Still others are withdrawing from society, from their friends and loved ones, and just taking a time out for awhile,

Sabine’s Healing Arts Past Life Regression Intuitive Soul Readings Energy Healing (206) 780-9211

to give them time to deal with the shifts in energy they are experiencing. There are some helpful things to remember during these times. First, while it may be hard to remember or even believe possible, we chose to be here in this time. We chose it, because we knew that there are exciting times ahead: times of growth, expansion, and abundance. Second, what we are experiencing is not indicative of what’s ahead. Imagine you inherit a plot of ground from your great aunt. There are seven acres of nature and an old house that is no longer functional. You decide to build a beautiful home on the land, but first you need to remove the old home. The property is going to look worse before it looks better. The old home didn’t look that great, but it was better than a hole in the ground, a lot of mud and stones, scaffolding and left over nails and lumber. However, patience will reward you with a beautiful new and totally functional home. You just have to focus on the new home and not the mud, lumber and nails. It is interesting to note that people who win the lottery almost always end up losing it all within five years. The reason for this is that their vibration is not in harmony with the abundance they are temporally experiencing, so within time, they return

Affordable Dental Insurance Issue Ages: 18-84


to where their financial vibration is. Contrastingly, many people who have achieved financial prosperity experienced their worst financial period immediately before. For example: J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books and movie series. While writing wizardry, this single mother lived on welfare in Edinburgh, Scotland. Broke and depressed, the author once told reporters she contemplated suicide. Oprah Winfrey, queen of daytime talk shows, was born to a single teenage mother, but raised by her grandmother on a farm. She was a victim of child sexual abuse. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, was adopted by a working-class couple and grew up in nearby Santa Clara, Calif. He dropped out of Reed College when he couldn’t afford tuition but continued auditing classes. Wayne Dyer, a selfempowerment advocate, author, and lecturer, spent much of his childhood in an orphanage on the east side of Detroit. He left his tenured teaching position at St. John’s University to sell his first book, one he selfpublished and distributed out of the trunk of his car. Neale Donald Walsch was a down and out homeless man who became an unlikely and highly acclaimed bestselling author and spiritual messenger. Here’s a fun little exercise that will help bring this home to you. Right now, while you are reading this, I need you to stand up. Awww, come on, stand up! Yes, I am talking to you! Yes, you, the one reading this right now! Stand up!!! Okay,

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thank you. Now, I want you to stand up straight, keep your knees straight but not locked. Now, see how high you can jump from that position. Okay, notice how high you jumped. Now, squat way down, keeping your eyes on the ceiling. From that squat position, see how high you can jump now. Sometimes, we have to take a brief step down so we can explode upward. The key is not to remain down, but to bounce off and explode up. So, if life is getting you down, don’t fret. Stay strong, and keep your eyes on the prize, the prize of your dreams, your passions, and your highest desires. No matter what happens, keep your focus on your “why” and what you want. The key is to always focus on your what and your why, but not on the how. Let the Universe decide the best path. It is when we start fretting about the how that we close ourselves down and lower our vibration. Imagine you hired the world’s greatest personal

assistant. You would call them in and tell them what you wanted, when you wanted it, where you wanted it, and why it is important to you. You would never tell them how to do it. That’s their job. If you are going to lay out for them the hows, then why are you hiring them? Well, the Universe is the world’s greatest personal assistant. And it is at your beck and call. It has been waiting in your outer office, waiting to serve you. It has just been waiting for you to receive your assignments. However, a world-class personal assistant would never take over a project until they were assigned. Your why is what keeps you going. It ties into your emotions on what your dreams are. Knowing that you want to make $25,000

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(206) 452-3557

more a year is good. And knowing that you want that increase so you can buy a beautiful family home will keep you going when times get rough. Make sure you are clear on what your whys are, and you will keep moving forward towards your dreams. Brad Simkins is a licensed counselor and family therapist, a published author (Beautiful Seeds of Change), international public speaker, facilitator, and coach. He specializes in working with people in their home or office. Brad has worked with many clients throughout the world via Skype and phone. You can contact him at (206) 931-4830 or innerguidehealing@gmail. com. DOUBLE DORJEE

The Tibetan Spiritual gift to the world Authentic Tibetan handmade singing bowls, Tingsha chimes, Buddhist statues, healing & meditation incense, books, mala beads, chanting CDs and more! 1501 Pike Place Market, #511, Seattle, WA 206-443-0675

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People of Positive Influence (PPIs) are those who are living their lives in such a way as to be a positive influence on the world around them. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do or where you do it. If you are helping to make the world a better place, if you are reading New Spirit Journal,you are a PPI! Join us for a monthly network gathering.

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Third Tuesday: August 21, September 18, 11:30-1 p.m. Golden City Buffet, 1407 W. Main St. , Monroe, WA 98272. Please no outside food or drinks.

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with other writers very often. This book comes to the rescue. There are 365 short pieces of inspiration, teachings, quotes, and anecdotes from other writers that are sure to provide comfort, ideas, humor, and friendship. I am cheating and reading through the book, sometimes several entries at a time rather than waiting for a full year to enjoy all of it. There are also 52 writing prompts for those times when you need some extra juice to get you going or just feel like having some fun. From Truman Copote: “It’s a very excruciating life facing that blank piece of paper every day and having to reach up somewhere into the clouds and bring something down out of them.” If you are a writer, get this book.

On The Bookshelf

BOOK, MEDIA AND PRODUCT REVIEWS Reviewed by Krysta Gibson Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom A Book of Tarot By Rachel Pollack Weiser Books

Whenever someone asks me which tarot book would be a good one to begin with, I have always suggested Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom. The original version was published as two books; one about the major arcana and the other about the minor. This could become quite a balancing act when trying to interpret or study cards. This 2007 edition with a new preface is in one volume. The reason I always recommend this book is because Pollack is so thorough and her years of living with and using the tarot on her own spiritual path is quite evident. She approaches the study and use of tarot from a deeply spiritual place and this helps the reader to study the cards from this perspective. The history of tarot is given as well as interpretation of all cards, sample readings, and information about what to do with readings. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student of tarot, this is a book you will keep and use for years.

A Year of Writing Dangerously

365 Days of Inspiration & Encouragement By Barbara Abercrombie New World Library A writer’s life is a lonely one. Similar to other crafts such as drawing and painting, writing is a solitary craft. One cannot write and visit with someone at the same time. Because of this, writers tend to be alone a lot and, unless they belong to a writer’s group, don’t get to network or visit

Beautiful Seeds of Change

Inspiring True Stories of Planting the Seeds to an Authentic Life Forward by Nancy Newman Beckworth Publications Sixteen stories written by different authors combine in this book to provide inspiration, education, and motivation. This collection offers stories from men and women of different ages, backgrounds, geographical locations, and belief systems. What they all have in common is the overcoming of hardship and the awakening to who they truly are. Reading this book is like being in a group of like-minded people sharing their histories with one another in order to get to know one another while also wanting to be supportive and understanding. Each of the 16 chapters can stand on its own, which makes this a great book to read on-the-go or one story per day. Many of the authors are counselors or coaches, including Brad Simkins who lives and works in the Seattle area. Contact information for each is included at the end of the chapter. If you enjoy peeking into the private lives of people and learning how they overcame great difficulties in their lives, you’ll love Beautiful Seeds of Change.

Aging Got You Down?

Announcing Two Books on the New Aging The first wave of 76 million “Baby Boomers,” representing 28% of the American population, turned 65 in 2011 and they will live longer than any previous generation in history, creating an entirely new stage of life. But what is this revolutionary longevity for? Just to get old and die?

The Three Secrets of Aging

argues that our final stage of life offers an astounding new evolutionary process: an initiation into an entirely new stage of life, a transformation of self and consciousness, and a revelation of a new – and sacred – world right where we are.

As mythologists and depth psychologists know, fairy tales contain ancient wisdom about life, wisdom that also applies to aging. Built upon 10 fascinating and powerful tales,

Bedtime Stories for Elders reveals the unseen psychological and spiritual dimensions of aging, providing a lens through which our own struggles will finally make sense.

Visit me at and see what the new aging could mean to you.

John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min.


Your Pets’ Past Lives & How They Can Heal You By Madeline Walker Findhorn Press

Many people who have companion animals and who are on their spiritual path believe their pets have been with them before. This book speaks eloquently to this experience and addresses the deep connection people have with their pets. The author is an animal therapist with expertise in pet and human regression and the book is full of stories sure to enlighten, inform, and inspire. She talks about how our animals can help us heal past life traumas as well as help us heal physical and emotional issues we might be facing in this lifetime. Reading this book can also support people during the time of grieving the loss of their pet. This is a great book for anyone who enjoys and loves animals.

Grace, Guidance and Gifts Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way By Sonia Choquette Hay House

The purpose of this book and CD are to help the reader “establish a consistent daily routine of connecting to Source and calling in your divine blessings of grace, guidance, and gifts to guide your human journey.” The book is divided into three sections: grace, guidance, and gifts. Each day, the reader opens the book at random and reads a Message From Spirit that focuses on a particular issue such as transcending


control or trusting inner guidance. This is followed by a morning prayer, a mantra to repeat during the day, and a blessing. Sonia Choquette is well-known for her book The Answer is Simple as well as audio programs, other books, and card decks. This book grew out of her own practices which have allowed her to live more from the spiritual level and be less involved with the day-to-day dramas one can face in daily life. There’s a lot of compassion and sensitivity in the book and it could easily be used as a daily prayer book to help focus one’s energies and thoughts for the day. The CD with the book contains some meditations that the author suggests be listened to at the end of the day or even while falling asleep.

Music Medicine

The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound By Christine Stevens Sounds True Christine Stevens believes that music is part of who we are at the deepest levels and that we don’t need any special talent or training to be able to use it to improve out lives. She is a music therapist and founder of UpBeat Drum circles. This book gives a wonderful explanation of how we can access music, even if we feel we are not musically-inclined. She shares some statistics that show people who don’t play a musical instrument regret it terribly. There is hope, however, because Christine not only gives tons of ways to use music for heart and body healing, whether or not we play an instrument. She also shares how to use our own voices as instruments. There are some fun links to You Tube videos as well as guides to what sort of music to access for various reasons. Healers and counselors, especially, will find this useful in their work. More on Page 16

The Cure: The Power of Mind to Cure Cancer and All Other Diseases, by Richard Dupuis Do you believe that modern medicine holds the key to curing cancer and other life-threatening diseases? That is exactly what they want you to believe. 90% of all prescription drugs and medical procedures treat symptoms only. Once you have read this book, you will understand how disease is created and how to cure it. A new healing paradigm is being created and it will work for you.

Available on Amazon & Kindle ISBN: 978-0615619439



On The Bookshelf



nature spirits exist on a different plane and can offer you guidance in your daily life, Divine by Nature will open your eyes to nature’s infinite possibilities.

Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution

Reviewed by Krysta Gibson

Make Unwanted Symptoms Disappear By Olivia Roberts Findhorn Press

The Seasoned Soul

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain, this is a book you should have. The author

Reflections on Growing Older By Eliza Blanchard Skinner House

Growing older is something we all do, if we’re lucky! This books offers 87 essays reflecting on the aging process. Topics range from coping with life changes, handling our fears, keeping our sense of humor, dignity, and passion. Each entry is short and can be read in just a few minutes, making this book fit easily into anyone’s lifestyle. The book would also make a great gift for an older person who might be struggling with issues related to aging. There’s nothing like hearing about another’s journey to make us feel less alone.

Divine By Nature: Spiritual Messages from the Planet’s Natural Elements By Michelle L. Hankes Angel Girl Publications Reviewed by Kwami E. Nyamidie If the trees standing near your house could speak to you, what would they say? If twittering birds and rolling thunders were sending you messages, what would they be? If you could hear the whisperings of rocks and rivers and other socalled inanimate things, what would they be telling you? In Divine by Nature: Spiritual Messages from the Planet’s Natural Elements, Michelle L. Hankes gives some clues. The Mountlake Terrace resident and practicing intuitive writes a spiritual exposé of the secret messages she has been receiving from the natural world, highlighting her ability to hear, see, and feel what most of people cannot. Hankes reveals the incredible messages to which she has been privy over the years from trees that live near her driveway, mystical sea creatures in her backyard, and water beings in Puget Sound. She also shares what she has heard from earth and water messengers in Sedona, wind and cloud beings in the Grand Canyon, rain, thunder and water spirits in Lake Ballinger and Diablo Lake in Washington State as well as a lesson from a shy Denver sprite. Whether you find this book a pure work of the imagination at its freest or you believe that

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A COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER FOR SOULFUL LIVING shares her personal journey that enabled her to discover a unique technique she calls the Magic Resolution Method. She developed the method as a means of dealing with her own pain and ailments and has since worked with many others for whom it also works. Roberts is a master NLP practitioner, an alternative pain specialist and psychotherapist. The book offers over 50 case histories and this really helps to see how the system works for a variety of people in different situations. The CD that comes with the book is very helpful for learning the processes described. Although one should always work with a health professional, this book and system could be a wonderful addition to one’s healing path. More on Page 15


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