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Job loss, foreclosures, threats of terrorism and life’s countless challenges can disrupt anyone’s inner peace. For most men, the stress can be too hard to handle. Former Zen Buddhist monk, yoga teacher and founder of Men’s Yoga Tribe, Jonathan Bowra, sees a way out. We spoke with him in a recent interview.

Kwami: You were teaching yoga before coming to Seattle. Jonathan: Yes, I’ve taught yoga in Germany, Hong Kong, Korea and Turkey. I’ve run yoga workshops in Boston, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and New York. Kwami: How did you get into yoga? Jonathan: In the early 1980s I was a member of Walkabout Dance Studio, a contact improvisation dance collective in San Francisco, where I became interested in yoga and started practicing. Kwami: And Zen Buddhism? Jonathan: When I was 19, I saw an ad at the studio where I was living about a retreat that the Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn was organizing. I went. The rest is history. Kwami: How so? Jonathan: The master talked about the four noble truths. First, life is suffering. Second, the cause of suffering is within us. Third, suffering can cease. And fourth, a path leads us out of suffering. I was going through much suffering then, so his words touched me. Kwami: You were going through a great deal of pain? Jonathan: Yes. The youngest of 12 children, I suffered as a child. My mother, MaryAnn Bowra, an Irish American, was married to Lowell Cantrell, a Pentecostal minister with whom she had seven children before he died of polio. She then married my father, David Bowra, an African-American Pentecostal minister. His wife, with whom he had had three children,

had died. They had two more kids, my sister and me. We were very poor and lived on a farm in New Hampshire in a very strict Christian household. For some unknown reason, my parents converted to Judaism when I turned six. When I was 10, my mother divorced my father. We moved from the farm in Northwood, N. H., to Redlands, California. My mother had home-schooled us. Now I found myself in public school with many unfamiliar kids. Instead of the big family where my siblings raised me, now it was only my sister – who now had new friends – and my mother, who had to work. Lonely and feeling abandoned, I got into drugs and alcohol by age 11, until I was 19. Kwami: How did Zen help you? Jonathan: Zen Master Seung Sahn said that suffering comes from karma. “Look within yourself for the cause of your misery,” he said. I moved from the dance studio and lived at the Zen center for more than eight years. I went to Korea and took novice monk vows but left four years later although I continued my Zen and yoga practices. Kwami: What does your Zen practice consist of? Jonathan: I do a daily practice of bowing meditation, sitting meditation and sometimes chanting meditation. I also do meditation retreats that last three, 30 or 90 days. Kwami: The purpose of such long meditations? Jonathan: These retreats present

few distractions. I become aware of my thinking keeping me from being present. I sit for 10 hours a day in 30-minute segments with 10-minute silent walking meditations in between, time for meals and short breaks, simple food and sparse accommodation. The 90-day meditations, called Kyol Che, “tight dharma” in Korean, are like entering a karmic pressure cooker. It starts to boil, bubble and foam. You experience what the teacher meant when he said “trouble comes from you.” When you see that most of your

Jonathan Bowra has taught yoga in Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, and Turkey as well as in the United States. (Photos by Nityia Przewlocki)

By Kwami E. Nyamidie

thinking is unreal, it is possible to let go of the causes of hatred and suffering. Sitting with yourself without distractions can be frightening, like going into a lion’s den. You realize that not only you, but everyone is going through the same thing. These meditations help me understand who I truly am, not who I think I am, and I see the true nature of my suffering as I cultivate compassion for myself and others. Kwami: What was the most important thing Zen Master Seung Sahn taught you?

Jonathan: He said, “Only go straight. Don’t know.” I should pay attention to whatever I am doing and “Do it 100%.” He said a part of our mind functions before thinking. That “before thinking mind” is our “true self.” Kwami: How did you get into teaching yoga for men? Jonathan: As I developed my own yoga practice, I noticed how much this ancient practice had to offer. Yoga can make you strong and flexible, bring your body out of disease into balance and relieve your aches and pains. “Where were all the men?” I discovered that fewer men attended yoga classes than women and that men do better in yoga when they practice without women. The participants are more relaxed, less distracted, less worried about performance and appearance. This opens them to deeper levels of awareness. Kwami: How do you add Zen wisdom to your yoga practice? Jonathan: Zen, as the bare basics, forces you to answer the question: “What are you doing right in this moment?” I teach my students to pay attention and know that yoga is not just an exercise but who they are. Everything that you’ve done, all your ideas, hopes, dreams, fears and prejudices confront you on the yoga mat. People sometimes think in yoga, “I can’t do that” or “If I try hard enough I can do that.” Continued on Page 4





Being, Enjoying, Floating By Karen Mott Sometimes life comes to you neatly wrapped and you wonder where the time has flown. A question recently was posed to me by an acquaintance, asking me what five things I would change at this point in my life. I thought, as to prepare an answer, and none came. That is when I realized for the first time in my life, I would change nothing. I find I cannot even work with that energy, to solve that question, as it isn’t an issue anymore. I wondered how I arrived here. It is not that I have everything, or that I didn’t loose half of our life savings, like the rest of the world, during the economic turmoil. It is as if I don’t care anymore, perhaps, who has what and who has what they shouldn’t. I find the simplicity of doing simple things, or sitting in quiet seems to satisfy me. Accumulating unnecessary items used to be a passion of mine. Then three years ago, my husband and I sold most of what we owned and drove south to find a new life; literally. We found a spot three days later, bought a house, accumulated the necessary items and then began about making friends and creating a new reality. It seems that when you retire and talk about it and never do the things you dream of, dreams die. I could see that happening and I wasn’t going to miss my inspiration and experience new and exciting things. My




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husband was game, and we sailed forth to find new hobbies and interests and passions. The most amazing thing that came to me is that my passion just needs to satisfy me. I used to think I needed to do more and be more. We had always owned our own businesses and our sense of worth came from who we were and what we created. But inspiration touches a new cord, and I found it really pulling me out of my rush. The rush to do, to be and to have, didn’t seem as important as living simply and absorbing what was around me. Many days I feel terribly lazy. I might sit and read, or write, or even stare blankly at my little “office” and my surroundings. I will surf the Internet, talk to our children, and touch base with my array of friends. We dote hours on our dog and have changed her name to “Buddy” as that is what she truly is. She likes the new name, as well. What great lesson or inspiration, do I have? None. What insight can I share? Well, perhaps dream it and do it. Or do something, if the dream hasn’t appeared, to at least dust off the cobwebs. I recently spoke before a small group of women at a local bookstore. I wrote a long, involved talk high pointing what I had accomplished with my life. Then, the night before the talk, I spoke with a wise friend of mine and she gently said, nobody cares. I was shocked and dazed, as I had spent weeks on the evening’s presentation, and she was telling me to think about changing my message. To be true to me. Then it hit me, and I knew my new direction. Do we write our own script or do we let others write it for us? That was my message and perhaps my gift. Through a series of questions, I drew the audience to experience what they were questing for deep inside. Did they do what they truly wanted to do, or instead did they let other’s expectations shape their future?

Actually, the evening’s experience further shaped me to relax into who I am, now at this point in my life. Maybe I don’t have to set the world on fire, or maybe I will, but the point is, let it flow. I came to an inner knowledge that timing truly is everything and that to change myself and others on some timeline isn’t going to happen. It is not only probably not going to happen, it’s exhausting. The flow, the energy of

our spirit, gently undulating along at our own beat, that is what I learned from trying to force a life experience into what I thought others wanted to hear. Just being, enjoying, thinking and floating to that forward motio, that is what it is all about, I am convinced. Kay Mott has written a little book of spontaneous thoughts called, “Thoughts From the Journey.” She and her husband of 34

years owned and operated a helicopter business in the wilderness of the Olympic Peninsula for 25 years. She then went to Bellingham, Wash., where she opened her boutique, Bohemian Bliss, in the annex of Village Books in Fairhaven. She and her husband now reside in Windsor, Colo., where they just “ended up” on an adventure to a new tomorrow. Phone number, (970) 590-1395, or e-mail,


Just One...

Living The Good Life

The other day I was looking at all the books I have and pulling out some of my older classics, the ones I have read more than once and from which I still draw inspiration. I thought of all the other books I have read both for my own interest and because the books came in for review. I by Krysta Gibson realized that I have probably read, or in some cases skimmed, thousands of books over the past 26 years, and that doesn’t open to the ideas and opincount novels. ions of others. I realized how much easier life would be if there was just For instance, Republicans one book or system or teaching or belief to follow instead and Democrats who believe of having a smorgasbord of ideas and processes to choose that their party or leaders from. Of course, I realize there are people who think there hold the key to solving all is only one way to think, one way to believe, one way to beof our country’s current have. For those people, life is certainly very safe because no real thinking is required. You sally up to the buffet and know challenges. Some hold so tenaciously to these beliefs exactly what to choose, no decisions necessary. that they aren’t even open to That’s how many of us who were raised in traditional relilistening to ideas other than gions were taught to think. No need to question, to analyze, their own. Who amongst us to look at the variety of belief systems in the world. Today hasn’t felt that way when we there are many people who find all of their answers in the honestly believe our way is Christian bible or the Jewish Tanakh, Islam’s Qur’an, or the the right one? Avesta of Zoroastrianism. In and of itself all of this is fairly innocent, I guess, except that it keeps us separated from one another. It keeps us organized into camps of belief, camps opposed to one another instead of interested in each other. I wonder what would happen if people who disagree with one another were able to sit down and discuss their beliefs while viewing one another with respect? When is the last time you listened to a talk radio host with whom you disagree? When was the last time you Although each of these belief systems agree with one anwatched a news program other on some points, each also has their own way of viewwith a different political ing the world and each has their own religious practices. There is great comfort in belonging to one group with which bent to your own? In the Seattle area, we have a radio we can agree, one which gives us guidance in our daily lives. Structure gives us a sense of security and that can be a program called The Commentators with John Carlvery good thing. It is unfortunate, however, when one belief son and Ken Schram (www. system is followed to the exclusion of others when it can Although become fundamentalism. This can be dangerous because as I am not available to listen we have seen so graphically, it can lead to violence against to it frequently, when I do people who do not hold the same beliefs as the fundamenlisten I enjoy it. talists. John Carlson is a selfAccording to Wikipedia, “The term fundamentalism was proclaimed conservative originally coined to describe a narrowly defined set of while Ken Schram is a beliefs that developed into a movement within the Protesself-proclaimed liberal. Each tant community of the United States in the early part of the of them is very opinionated 20th century.” Now, however, the term is used to describe and vocal in their beliefs. any sort of narrowly defined beliefs that keep us from being

When is the last time you

listened to a talk radio host with whom you disagree? When was the last time you watched a news program with a different political bent to your own?

Weddings House Blessings Commitment Ceremonies Funerals Sandy Powers, author of I BELIEVE IN YOU: Discovering the Inside Passage to Happiness, has been serving the Pacific Northwest since 1992. ~ 425-218-8294 ~

During their show they choose a topic and each gives their opposing views on it. Then they open the lines to callers who express their viewpoints. The reason I am impressed is because I can listen to both sides of an issue and actually hear the two opposing viewpoints discussed. It really does help me be more open to both sides of an issue and helps me clarify my own viewpoints. Imagine a world where everyone took the time to really hear both sides of an issue before making up their mind about what they believe. Are you fundamentalist in your thinking about something? Would you be willing to be more open and receptive to the opposing viewpoint? If so, try these ideas. Instead of listening to your usual news/ opinion source on television, radio, or the Internet, deliberately choose to listen to the source you are most in disagreement with. Just listen. You don’t have to agree. If you have a friend or relative who holds beliefs very different from your own, the next time you are together ask them if they would be willing to have an open discussion about some issue you disagree about. Take turns talking and expressing your beliefs and positions. Maybe use a stopwatch so each gets the same amount of time to talk. Don’t interrupt each other while speaking. You don’t have to agree. Just truly listen to one another and attempt to understand where the other person is coming from. Sign up for the Facebook or Twitter account of a politician or religious figure you don’t agree with. Read their posts and those of their followers and attempt to open your mind to their viewpoints. I signed up for Sarah Palin’s Facebook page after she made her statement about resigning her post



as governor of Alaska. I really want some insight to what I perceive to be a disastrous political move. Her page makes for some very interesting reading. If you go to church, go to a different church sometime, preferably one that holds really different views than your own. Read books, publications, or online web sites that don’t agree with your viewpoints. Try one or more of these and see if it doesn’t help you have a more open mind and heart. Maybe if we can all start respecting each other’s opinions a little more, the world can move towards solutions more quickly. Krysta is the publisher of New Spirit Journal and the author of books and CDs. You can find out more at You can hear her interviewed the third Thursday of each month, 7-8 a.m., on the Conscious Talk radio show,

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Plastic Surgery and Face Reading The Wisdom of Your Face is based on the same ancient principles as traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese believed that your face is a reflection of your true inner spirit, the blueprint of your original design. The wisdom written there explains why you think, feel, and behave as you do, and can help you find the life path that brings you joy, relationships that nurture you, and most of all, gain a way to feel true compassion for yourself and everyone you encounter. If you have questions for Jean about your own face or those in your life, please send them to or mail them to New Spirit Journal, 14911 Chain Lake Rd., #431, Monroe, WA 98272.

Dear Jean, If someone has plastic surgery, does that prevent you from being able to read their face? Jean’s reply: If someone has plastic surgery, I can still read their face, but it’s helpful to know in advance what they’ve changed, so I can read the emotional and energetic consequences of what has happened. Everything on your face has a meaning. If you alter anything about your face, you don’t just make a physical change to how you look, you also alter the meaning that feature holds for you, and this isn’t always a wise thing. Each of us is born with a unique inner blueprint, an intentional design that is ours and ours alone. Your face reveals what that blueprint is, and how to create a life that is in alignment with whom you were meant to be. Just as a house is built based on a blueprint, it’s not always wise to make changes to it without looking at the original plans. Often someone wants to alter their face to remove wrinkles they think are ugly. The problem is that wrinkles aren’t just as a result of aging. Many wrinkles are carved into the face as a result of repetitive patterns of emotion. Each of us has certain emotions we feel on a consistent basis, often repeatedly

Men’s Yoga Continued from front page Both mindsets miss the mark. Instead they should pay attention and ask, “What am I doing right now?” Kwami: Any practical suggestions for readers who wish to use Zen meditation and yoga practice in their daily lives? Jonathan: Begin a meditation practice. Be mindful. Pay attention to whatever you do. Be curious. Loosen up. If you are doing yoga and meditation now,

continue. If you are not, consider joining a class like Men’s Yoga Tribe. And finally, remember my master’s words: “Only go straight. Don’t know.” Jonathan Bowra specializes in yoga for men. He offers yoga classes and workshops nationally and internationally. Contact him at: or or phone (206)225-8005. Kwami E Nyamidie is a spiritual director and can be reached at

The Wisdom Of Your Face by Jean Haner

throughout the day. When we feel that emotion, we make an expression; sometimes it’s a tiny micro-expression, and sometimes it’s a longer-lasting expression. But each time we do this, we carve the lines associated with that expression a bit more deeply into our faces. If you remove the wrinkle, you’re removing the external representation of that pattern of emotion. But most likely, you’ve done no inner work to change those feelings. So you keep having those same emotions with the same frequency, and the wrinkles just re-form. One woman came up to me in a workshop to point out all the deep wrinkles she had, and then told me she’d had a complete facelift 18 months before; the wrinkles had all come back in that short amount of time. Rather than pay thousands of dollars to try to eradicate wrinkles, and then have them return, it can be very useful to learn what those wrinkles mean. This can help you become aware of the reason you developed the wrinkle. But it can also help you make new choices about what you think or feel. By learning to make these different choices, you can actually watch a wrinkle fade or even disappear. I’ve received many an amazed e-mail from students in my workshops that they’ve done this successfully.

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I was especially worried about him at this specific time in his life because age 49-50 is represented on the face as the area from the tip of the nose down into the philtrum (groove under the nose). Because the tip of his nose was so disfigured, this would indicate a time of dangerous transition, as well as actual possibility of a heart problem, no matter what the cause. If only he could have gotten real help to restore balance in his life. I’d encourage everyone to consider that learning to read the face you see in the mirror is a way of recognizing, loving and honoring your soul’s intent.

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Some people have plastic surgery, not to erase wrinkles but to change a feature they don’t like. Too often, this isn’t because the feature is actually disfiguring, but rather because they’re afraid they won’t be attractive/lovable the way they naturally look. I often have people in my workshops saying they used to hate their nose, or mouth, or ears, etc. until they learned what they mean in Chinese face reading. Every feature reveals something powerful about who you are and what you can do in the world. When you understand their meaning, you’d never want to change them. At the worst, making severe changes to your face is considered to possibly change your entire destiny. Our recent loss of brilliant Michael Jackson is an example of how someone can actually change their destiny by having plastic surgery. I’ve been worried for years about him because of how dramatically he’d altered his face. Especially as the changes he made to his nose disastrously shifted what his life would be like once he entered his 40s. (One of the things the nose represents is what your life experience will be during the decade of your 40s.) His original nose showed that this time of his life would have been one of loving connections with family and friends, relaxed enjoyment of the fruits of his success, and a sense of grounded safety in the world. But the disfigured nose he ended up with indicated a nightmare experience in his 40s, along with a loss of personal power, extreme vulnerability of the heart emotionally and physically, and need to withdraw from the world, for solitude due to hyper-sensitivity.

Jean Haner is the author of “The Wisdom of Your Face.” With her 25-year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves. Please visit www.wisdomof for information on workshops, consultations and Jean’s free newsletter.

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Will Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Help me Lose Weight? The use of human Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for the treatment of obesity was first used and made popular by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons back in the 1970s. Since that time, there have been some studies looking at the effectiveness of HCG in weight loss. The purpose of this article is to summarize Simeons’s approach, present a summary of the research and then offer some guidelines for you to make an informed choice should you decide to seek out this or some other treatment. The Simeons therapy, as it became known, utilized a fat free diet of 500 kilocalories plus a daily injection of 125 IUs of HCG. This resulted in a weight reduction of approximately one pound per day. HCG is a hormone that occurs in large quantities during pregnancy. It was suggested that individuals following this program would lose weight quickly, maintain a feeling of well being and lose fat from those areas of the body most susceptible to the accumulation of fat. Simeons thought that the hypothalamus was involved in what he termed an “inadequate fat center,” resulting in fat deposits in abnormal places. Simeons’s clinical work led him to the conclusion that small daily doses of HCG enabled a person to comfortably go about their life on a daily diet of 500 calories and only “abnormal” fat would be consumed. Simeons also suggested that treatment of the obese with HCG would result in improvement in Type II diabetes, where the pancreas was producing sufficient insulin, rheumatism, high cholesterol and blood pressure. Low blood pressure increases and high blood pressure decreases during the course of the treatment. The original treatment plan initiated by Simeons for an individual who needs to lose 15 pounds is 26 days including 23 injections of HCG and three days to allow the HCG to be eliminated from the body. When HCG is in the blood, it is saturated with food. The individual is to maintain a diet of 500 calories throughout the time period of the treatment.

This caloric restriction is emphasized as HCG can accommodate 500 calories from the intestinal tract. Once an individual has reached a normal weight, then patients are put on a diet of 8001,000 calories for the duration of the treatment. It is thought that HCG only puts abnormal fat into circulation and does not affect normal fat. Once the individual has completed the treatment, she can eat anything desired except sugar and starches for the next three weeks. When there is greater than 15 pounds to lose, then the treatment is longer, however a single course of treatment does not exceed 40 injections. The reason for this limit is that Simeons found that HCG immunity begins to develop. The immunity is lost after a six week reprieve from treatment and the body then resumes the initial reaction to HCG. Simeons stopped treatment after an individual lost 34 pounds at one time. When an individual has more than 34 pounds to lose, there are additional courses of treatment. The intervals between courses increase to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment and to cause the least hardship to the patient. Simeons required that individuals start the 500-calorie diet after the third injection. The reason is to insure that abnormally deposited fat is circulating. It is this fat that provides the sustenance to maintain the individual. The treatment program stresses that daily intake not exceed 500 calories and that daily intake include 200mg of protein. It is of note that when a woman is menstruating, HCG is not given and the diet requirements continue. It was during this phase of treatment that Simeons’s ideas were reinforced that HCG ceases the experience of hunger. What happens after the conclusion of therapy? An individual must maintain a lifestyle change of limiting carbohydrates. Simeon also points out that at the end of treatment, individuals no longer have an abnormal appetite and they are satisfied with much less food. Research results are a bit dismal for HCG therapy. Of 14 randomized studies, 12 reported that the use of HCG showed no greater loss of weight than placebo. One study demonstrated increased weight loss with HCG. It also showed that patients felt better and had little or no hunger. It is my opinion that a program for weight loss needs to be individualized and the patient’s needs must represent the foundation of the program. HCG and the regimented program that accompanies it may be helpful to get one started on this


Health for Body, Mind, Spirit by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND

path. Other individuals may choose a slower approach creating lifestyle changes in a more balanced manner. My experience has shown that there is a psychological component to all issues around food, whether it is overeating or restricting. These issues need to be addressed as well as changing deep-seated beliefs related to cravings, emotions and the role of

food. I often recommend hypnotherapy and emotional transformation therapy to accompany weight loss programs. Additionally, it is my opinion that sleep, stress and blood sugar balance play a significant role in being able to maintain balance around food. Physical activity plays a role in maintaining metabolic changes and provides a significant resource for stress relief. Whatever your choice, make sure that you are under a physician’s care before making radical changes around diet and get the support you need to be successful in obtaining optimal health. Moira Fitzpatrick is a licensed naturopathic physician who specializes in women’s health care. She is also a clinical psychologist and integrates health and mental health. She practices in the Northgate area of Seattle and can be reached at (206) 5255576, or





Divine Gifts By Linda Baker Isn’t it fun to give a gift to a child? Children love to receive gifts. Watch a child at a birthday party, and you will probably find that s/he will not be saying things like, “Oh, you didn’t have to,” “You spent too much money,” “I don’t deserve it” or “You shouldn’t have.” Most likely the birthday child will be joyfully in the moment tearing off the wrapping paper and opening boxes in anticipation to find what wonderful surprises they hold. Divine intelligence enjoys giving to the same kind of people you enjoy giving to. Would you rather spend your energy giving to someone who complains that they wanted what you gave them sooner, wanted more of it or something better or different; or would you rather give to the one who expresses gratitude and whose smile fills you

with joy? Divine intelligence responds to our vibrational field and gratitude is one of the highest vibrations in existence. Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of “Messages from Water and the Shape of Love,” says that water bottles labeled with the words love and gratitude develop the most beautiful crystals. Dr. Emoto is convinced that the life-phenomena of nature are based on love and gratitude. He says, “I believe these two emotions are the highest vibrational phone line to the source.” Divine intelligence desires to give to us, and it does. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek; and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” [Matthew 7:7-8] Since we are intelligent beings with free will, we are always given what we ask for and we

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are all continuously asking for things consciously or unconsciously every day and during the night as we sleep. To be conscious and to direct our communication with divine source energy is to tune our vibrational energy to the frequency that attracts what we desire. To do this: • Clearly define what it is that you desire. • Notice if any part of you speaks out about your not being worthy to receive this that you desire and if so, connect with the part that says no and find what it has to say. Send it love and let it know that this is a new day, and today you are worthy. • With your desired goal clearly in mind bring the feeling of having this desired thing already in your life. Make it real. Imagine what you would be doing, how you would look, what you would be saying and most importantly feel how it would be. Activate all the senses to make the imagining and feeling as real as possible. Remember imagination with feeling together create the energy that magnetizes your desire to you. • Live in this state of reality during the day whenever you do not need your mind to be actively engaged.

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These times could include times when doing household chores, showering, walking the dog and especially when lying in bed at night. Imagine and feel yourself living in the reality of the wish already fulfilled. • Feel the gratitude that you already have for this desired thing being in your

life • Know that the stronger your feeling is and the more you live in the reality of already having what you desire, feeling the joy and thankfulness for it, the stronger the magnetism is. Linda Baker has taught and practiced the art of

hypnotherapy for nearly 30 years. Through spiritual hypnotherapy and cellular housecleaning she facilitates present and past life healing. She may be reached at Watch for her coming website at www.innersourceseattle.

The cause of Restless Legs Syndrome is inflammation By David Wimble “The person that says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” -- Chinese Proverb Introduction Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), that unbearable twitching that prevents a person from sitting or lying down for any great length of time, is caused by a flow of energy streaming through the legs and touching small patches of inflamed tissue. How do you get RLS? Energy continually flows through each of us. Some people’s legs are affected by this flow, which results in small patches of inflammation. Because the flow is continual, these small patches become increasingly more irritated, until the irritation becomes physically noticeable and eventually, unbearable. This unbearable level of inflammation is what is now called “Restless Legs Syndrome.” In some cases (in people such as myself who have had RLS for many years) the inflammation gets so bad that the nerves become raw. “The sensations are unusual and unlike other common sensations and those with RLS have a hard time describing them. People use words such as uncomfortable, ‘antsy,’ electrical, creeping, painful, itching, pins and needles, pulling, creepy-crawly, ants inside the legs and many others.” The sensations that these Restless Legs Syndrome sufferers are all trying to describe in the above Wikipedia excerpt ( is the sensation that occurs when that energy flow touches an inflamed area of their legs. It’s like a sunburn on the inside of your thighs. To understand what is happening inside your body, imagine if you had a really terrible sunburn on your back. If the Invisible Man walked around with you through the day, the whole time blowing on your back, you might notice a bit of irritation, but not enough to get upset about. You’re distracted by the noises of the world around you. However, at night when it’s quiet and you’re lying in bed and trying to go to sleep, and the Invisible Man is still blowing on your badly sunburned back, you would find that highly irritating. The pain is not intense like someone dropping an anvil on your foot... but it is enough of an irritation to prevent you from sleeping, or even lying still. As the irritation continues, night after

night, you now are moving into the realm of emotional and mental pain. How do you get rid of the inflammation? To put an end to your restlessness, once and for all, what must be treated is the inflammation and raw nerves that have been created by the steady flow of energy moving through your legs. Fortunately, it is very easy to get rid of by using natural herbs and minerals. Try the curcuminn test. Curcumin is a component of the popular Indian curry spice turmeric. It has been used for thousands of years as a natural anti-inflammatory. For those of you with RLS, I suggest that you test out my claim by running out to your local health food store and purchasing a bottle of curcumin. Take the suggested amount with each meal, and one capsule before bed. Please make sure to consult your healthcare provider before trying any new treatment especially if you are pregnant, on antidepressants or any other pharmaceuticals. If you’re not taking any pharmaceuticals, you should start feeling relief within a few days. If your experience is similar to mine, for the first couple of weeks you’ll experience a great deal of relief. Some of you may even feel like your RLS has left for good. Here it comes... the hard part. The two weeks or so of relief is what I call the “honeymoon” period. It’s the calm before the storm. At some point the body’s natural resistance to change is going to wake up to the fact that you’re trying to change something “major” in your life. It will start pushing back in a big way. A very big way. This is when the real work begins. There is a survival mechanism within all of us that resists change at any cost. There are tips and exercises that will enable you to calm down that resistance and move beyond the grip of your RLS, as well as a daily intake of herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements that will heal the inflammation and raw nerves that are causing the irritation in your legs. David Wimble is the author of, “The Absolute Cure for Restless Legs Syndrome,” an e-book chronicling his discovery of both the cause and the cure of Restless Legs Syndrome. To learn about the combination of herbs, minerals and supplements David used please visit or email David at:





Your Delicious Feminine... Enlivening the Goddess Within By Julie Michaels There isn’t a better time than now in the Northwest, is there, to revive yourself? Particularly your beauty-full self. Your feminine self... you know, the one you’ve been putting last on the list all winter and spring? The one that is needing you, calling to you as the warm breezes of summer beckon a walk by the water, your hair flowing, (ahem, no cell phone and preferably no watch) at your own pace for as long as you want... sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? That you. Remember her? I live, as do many of us, in a fast pace in a big city. I live in the heart of the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles (I always mistype that as “Lost Angeles”... sometimes it feels very much that way). It is a fervent city, teeming with busy-ness, appointments, police sirens and car horns. I love the possibilities (my favorite word) that it provides. Endless... as are the demands. I find my days fly by as my own business woman involved in about four projects at once with freelance advertising consulting, my life coaching business and workshops. The Goddess self - this wonderous energy Then somewhere in there, I do my best to which women embody - is full of light, of not avoid writing/selling my writing. Okay, magic, of enormous and miraculous love. And it maybe 14 projects, truth be told. It’s a lot. needs feeding, says Julie Michaels. Regardless Then, there’s working out and schedules/ of their lives, women need to make appointdeadlines to meet, last minute unexpected ments to care for this delicious Divine energy. details from my clients needing something (Original artwork by Vicki Fairbanks) yesterday-urgent. slowed to a sweetened pace. Tears welled... I know many of us, the feminine gender, I thought, “I have forgotten who I am...” are mothers with less time than that, busiI was so filled in that moment, of the earth nesswomen in charge of lots of responsibilenergy, that nurturing divine feminine that ity, homeowners, lovers, parents, friends, nothing seemed in lack. I so became who I wives. truly am, which is the goddess energy that I Where is time for us in there? teach in my workshops. I just breathed and I went to my much beloved spot on the cried and breathed and cried some more. Lewis River last month near the marvelThis is what I teach! How can I not be doing ous cabin I used to live in. It was about 10 it myself? I rather astonishingly let in. a.m., an absolutely perfect shining morning It is easy, in our world, to stop caring for in Washington; those mornings that make our beauty-full selves in the manner we so me go, “ahhhh, heaven!” Usually I am glued deserve. The truth is, if we are not nurturing to the edge of the falls, all ion spray and and feeding this magnificent essence, the rushing waters that so inspire me. This day, delicious feminine as I like to call it, then the quieter side of the river beckoned me. our whole world becomes a warm remnant I decided, like George Costanza from Seinlike yesterday’s leftover of a masculine feld, some time ago to begin to do things world; all burden, all overwhelm, all dry and differently than I usually would. So I sat by as if one more step seems like too much. the calm side of the river. (That, another whole topic: why we are so I sat in the streaming sunlight on the important to them). warming enormous grey boulders and In my busy-ness of having to do tasks and watched the sun glisten off the water. It was make schedules in my LA world, I realized just the right angle that it looked like flashin that moment, my delicious feminine was bulbs going off at a red carpet premiere. Those flashes flickered right into my heart. I starving to death. (No accident I am dealing with fibroids ‘oyds’ as I call them). Even took an enormous breath. My body softthough I do have my afternoons of going ened. My shoulders, relaxed. My heartbeat slow here and there, certainly not enough to balance all I have to do in the world. By the river that day, it was a fantastic Improve your life now! Go to reminder, that this goddess self, this derous energy I truly am that is full of light, New Spirit Journal continues of magic, of enormous and miraculous love, to add easy ways for you to needs feeding. We need to, regardless of our lives – something will always get in the way connect with others. if we let it – make appointments to care for Now you can meet ourselves. practitioners, business people, For, if we aren’t taken care of, then our service professionals through children aren’t taken care of. If we are not their videos online in the Video Village! fueled and nourished and juicy, then our Enjoy getting to know these folks and find partners in love certainly are not, either. We out how they can help you improve your have to put the oxygen mask on ourselves life now. first, do we not in an airplane? Then, why in life do we leave us till last? When you see this icon in an ad or at the So, whether it is a simple walk alone on a end of an article in New Spirit Journal, it garden path, or digging in your garden and means that this person or organization has planting blossoming flowers, or driving an posted a brief video at afternoon out to the beach or taking an Go there and enjoy ning to go out with girlfriends (goddesses meeting this person through their video. feed each other through talk and laughter, doncha know), okay, and eating great food Like to be listed? Visit videovillage together... including chocolate). Make time for complete instructions. for you.

There is nothing more important than that; for your whole like stems from how you are cared for. Your life reflects the vibration you are living in and when I left the river that afternoon I walked a bit slower, I smiled from my heart, people watched me in Albertsons like “what did she just do?” and I gave my light, as love, once again. And, miraculous things began to happen. Renew your beauty-full self, in this summer time. Find the ways that bring you joy, make a list of 10 things you can always reference and make a date with yourself to

feed your delicious feminine within. Then, watch what happens! Julie Michaels is a master results coach, master of neuro-linguistics, author and CEO of Sacred Space Enterprises. With 13+ years bringing others to their own dreams with inspiration and laughter, Julie has created the Set Free Your Delicious Feminine Workshop to empassion women to take care of themselves.


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Understand your animal friend Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are suprisingly affordable and in most cases she will only need to see you once. Martha’s Canine, Feline and All CreatureCounseling

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Fear and the Thirsty Fish By Kelly La Sha

as a society of thirsty fish. We get caught up in the illusion that our needs for fulfillment are based on achievements, recognition and material belongings. When we dig a little deeper, the real fundamental human needs are revealed: self-appreciation, self-worth, and more meaningful connections with each other. Much like a thirsty fish, all we really want is to experience unconditional love, while in reality it is only our fear-based thought forms that keep us from experiencing our natural state of love, as it is continuously streaming through us. The opportunities that are before us now in these times of dramatic change are profound indeed, and are exactly what our souls are thirsty for. Here are just a few of the opportunities of the times ahead of us and ways that we can draw them into our lives: • Experience the value of letting go and simplicity. Try minimizing your material possessions and experience the freedom it gives you by having less to take care of and less to lose. • Gain clarity on what gives meaning to your life.

In these changing times of uncertainty, our core fears are being triggered every time we watch the news or read the newspaper, not to mention by our own capsizing personal financial situations. Our basal fears of survival, hunger, humiliation and suffering are being activated on a large scale. In America, we have gotten attached to our high standard of living with its emphasis on material wealth validating safety and self-worth. And now we feel that we will have less stability and happiness with these attachments threatened. What I have noticed is that the people who have less material wealth have less fear in these times. People who have more and are losing their wealth are suffering the most. This makes simple sense, but the reality is that if we take this opportunity to examine our lifestyle and identify our true source of satisfaction, we will find that happiness and security come from an inner well rather than from an outer validation. I often see cultures with such outsourcing belief systems

Take time for a soulful self-reflective assessment of your intrinsic values based on what gives your life meaning. • Strengthen your compassion. Shift your focus from “what can I get?” to “where can I give?” • Practice self-acceptance and patience. Let go of shame around failures. • The return to a community-based way of living. Participate in cooperative actions rather than competitive actions and experience the synergy that enhances our sustainability and enriches our relationships (i.e. community gardens and community supported agriculture). • The return to sustainability. Participate in the solutions for our economic breakdown that are also solutions for the recovery of our environment. These are just some of the opportunities that are available to us that can have a profound impact on our value system and on our quality of life. If we continue to measure our quality of life on career success and material wealth, we will continue to deplete our souls and our environment, because outsourced needs are insatiable. However, if we embrace these times as an opportunity to bring our fears to the surface Kelly LaSha says that cultures which think their good lies outside themselves are like a thirsty fish swimming in an abundance of water.

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with Christine Upchurch, M.S.

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to examine and release, we will experience the satiation that our souls are so thirsty for: a deeper more loving relationship with the inner self and with each other. Kelly La Sha has a BA in cross cultural trraining and is the author of “Liquid Mirror, An Illustrated, Experiential Journey into the Labyrinth of your Soul.” With over 30 years of experience in reading energy, her expertise is in shamanic healing and counseling.





Start your day in a powerful way and experience the difference from the inside out!

In a recent column, I mentioned my love for and attraction to unusual creatures. I say unusual in the sense that many people find it difficult to relate to the warm and fuzzy love I was referring to when I was talking about slugs. Okay, so I was a kid. But, the truth be told, even now as an adult, I still have great love for critters that most humans would swat, squish, poison and kill. Before I get into those stories, I want to elaborate on the special ones from my childhood. In case you missed it, in my summer tips column, I was speaking about slug control. That reminded me of my favorite slug story. I grew up here in Seattle. My mother grew up in Berkeley, Calif. and a few times during my childhood, she, my brother and I would drive south to visit her parents. I loved my grandparents and did enjoy these trips but at that young age, I really wasn’t very comfortable hanging out with adults. So, whenever possible I would sneak off for another kind of creature comfort. That is when I discovered the banana slug family in the backyard. They were huge and a brilliant yellow in color. I had a terrific time playing with them in the seclusion of the backyard every day. When it came time to return to Seattle, I couldn’t bare to leave my slug friends and I refused to go without them. Giving up on convincing me otherwise, my mom helped me create a slug habitat and they made the trip home to Seattle with us. I don’t actually remember what happened to them after our return but I believe my mom convinced me that they needed their freedom and they most likely disappeared into the yards of our neighbors. They were not the only critters to invade our neighborhood thanks to me. My dad’s brother was a career officer in the army while I was growing up and one of my favorite times was when our families would get together. As an army family, my aunt, uncle and three cousins were stationed all over the world. Sometimes we would visit them wherever they were living and sometimes they would come to Seattle to visit us in between assignments. We were so excited when they got stationed at Fort Lewis right here in Washington. Back then there was no I-5 freeway between Seattle and Fort Lewis so going to see them was a big deal and involved a long drive to and from. Traditionally we would leave early in the morning and drive all the way down to the city of Fife to have breakfast at the Poodle Dog restaurant. Then we made the rest of the journey to Fort Lewis. We usually stayed the night before driving

all the way back to Seattle. For some time their family lived on base and later they were able to secure off-base housing in an area called Dupont. My brother and I got along famously with our cousins and had adventure after adventure with them whenever we got together.

Our Animal Friends

with your hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears

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by Martha Norwalk

The first time we visited their new home off-base, we had a particularly exciting adventure, at least it was for me. We made the trip this time to see their new housing but we were only there for the day. Not wanting to waste any time, my cousins, brother, and I took off to explore the neighborhood. We were elated when a short distance away we found “wild country.” There were huge fields of waving grass and rolling hills that appeared to go on forever. We felt totally free and began running around in reckless abandon chasing each other and playing tag. As we finally slowed down and started exploring, I began paying attention to what was going on in the grass beneath us. There were snakes. Not just some snakes, there were lots of snakes, everywhere we stepped. Have I told you how much I love snakes? All of a sudden, I was in heaven on earth, surrounded by what I imagined must have been billions of snake friends. I called them gardener snakes, later learning that they are really garter snakes. Truly, I didn’t care what they were called, I just wanted them, all of them. I stepped on one’s tail to stop it and then picked it up by the tail and held on. It coiled up my arm. Neat! I stepped on and picked up another and then another, holding onto their tails as each coiled up my arm. I was charmed out of this world by these snakes and could not get enough of them. My brother and cousins, on the other hand, were grossed out and bored and went home. I kept collecting snakes. I continued until I had 50 of them on each arm, which was all my hands could hold! Now what? Gotta show mom. Back to the house I went to share my new friends with my mom, who fortunately also loved animals almost as much as me. She knew I was serious when I said I would Continued on Page 11

Featured interviews for August include: Guy Finley. Best-selling author of

Letting Go author Guy Finley’s encouraging message is one of the true bright lights in our world today. He is the acclaimed author of 36 books and audio albums that have sold over a million copies in 20 languages. AUGUST 6

Mona Lisa Schultz, MD, PhD, is a neuropsychiatrist, physician, and medical intuitive; the author of Awakening Intuition, The New Feminine Brain, and the Mind/Body Makeover Cards; and the host of Intuitive health on Hay House Radio. Her new book is, The Intuitive Advisor: A Psychic Doctor Teaches You How to Solve Your Most Pressing Health Problems. AUGUST 10 John Bradshaw, has touched and changed millions of lives with his nationally televised PBS series and his bestselling books. He is the author of the blockbuster bestsellers Bradshaw On: The Family, Healing the Shame that Binds You, Homecoming, Family Secrets and Creating Love. AUGUST 17 Jean Houston, PhD internationally renowned philosopher, human potential expert, cultural historian and mythologist, is the author of some twenty-six books, including the national bestsellers The Possible Human, Search for the Beloved, and her new book, The Hero and the Goddess: The Odyssey as Pathway to Personal Transformation. AUGUST 24





Getting What You Want in Life In a Practical, Spiritual Way By Roi Halse What if you had a 24-hour a day helper whose only job is to bring you anything physical, spiritual or mental that you desire without judgment? Surprise! You already have one. It’s a division of your built-in subconscious mind that has been a part of you since before you were born, though you may not have ever been told. This is not your higher self, spirit guide, angel, or anything separate from you. It is part of you, unique to your body/mind, called your life manager. Okay, so now that you know you have a helper, what’s next? All this time, your life manager has been helping you by using your self-talk, your mind chatter, the cliques you use when you talk to others, your random fears, and joys as its orders. If you don’t give it direct orders it uses the input it has available. Review your self-talk for 24 hours and you can easily see why your life is the way that it is. Good two-way communications with your life manager can completely turn your life around so you can accomplish your real desires. Your life manager has only two main quirks: 1) It monitors where your attention goes. It finds anything or anyone you put your attention on with emotion and starts you both on a journey to meet. 2) It doesn’t notice or understand: “No, I don’t want...,” “I’ll never....” Neither does it recognize any other way of expressing or thinking about the things you don’t want. Did that sink in? Any expression of what you don’t want will pull it to you. The more emotion you put into your “I

don’t want...,” the quicker it will arrive in your life. Now, do you see why your friend who constantly expresses how much he/she doesn’t want a relationship like the one he/she just had, ends up with one just as bad or worse? OK, so how can you have a real two-way conversation with your life manager? So far the various methods of muscle testing are the best. Next best is using a pendulum. • First, you write out exactly what you want and for what purpose, being careful to write nothing about what you don’t want. • Second, you read your final version to your life manager. One example to create general affluence could go something like this: “Thank you, life manager, for constantly bringing me even more money to do great things!” Another mini-quirk cautions that if you come from lack you’ll get more lack. Come from abundance and you’ll get more abundance. Say, you found a penny on the street and that was all the money you had, how could you not come from lack? Yes, you might feel broke. The above example covers that with the phrase “even more.” With that penny you are not broke; you have something in your pocket. You just desire a constant supply of even more money. You have also shown gratitude for your life manager’s efforts on your behalf with your thank you. Listen carefully. The words you use are important. Continuing the thought, by saying even more money, you are not coming from being flat broke; you have

something already and you are asking for more of it to be constantly added. We all have something to be grateful for, even it if is only a penny. Gratitude brings more things to be grateful for. I’ve used money as an illustration simply because that’s the easiest thing to acquire. After all it is simply made up of coupons representing stored God energy. It’s only purpose is to make it easier to trade for stuff you want. Some people think that money isn’t spiritual. If you think stored God energy is not spiritual go back to building your own car, davenport, table, and chair and you won’t need any coupons. Get inventive. Figure out the wording necessary to order any thing or situation you desire from your life manager. After you make that order all the other peoples’ life managers work with yours to start you and the object, person or circumstance on a journey to meet. You see, all life managers in the world are in constant contact like a very efficient Internet. They work together to fulfill your orders. Example: I’m mechanically minded and I like tools. For the past few years when I go into the home improvement stores, I’ve noticed a particular sliding miter power saw that I like. The new ones cost over $600. I’d say to myself, “I’d really like to have one of those sometime.” It wasn’t worth that many coupons to me at the moment, so I’d walk away. I seldom stop at yard 14911 sales, but the other day I turned around to go back to one. There was one of those power saws in good shape for only $60. Imagine what

had to happen behind the scenes to bring me and that saw together. The saw is now in my shop and I thanked my life manager for helping me meet my toy. Roi Halse, along with his partner Taylore Vance, have been teaching these constantly evolving methods since 1994 after re-discovering the hidden side of reiki in 1990. Call (360) 748-4426 to register for the next event where you can get lots of practice communicating with your life manager. E-mail to register at Website: http://reikiranch. com. Any returning laser reiki student can update their skills in a four-day workshop for only $100.

Roy Halse suggests viewing your self-talk for 24 hours. This will help you easily see why your life is the way that it is. Good two-way communications with your life manager can completely turn your life around so you can accomplish your real desires.

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On The Bookshelf Book and Media Reviews by Krysta Gibson Try It On Everything The Revolution Starts Within Feature length DVD This movie is about the use of EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a way to use some of the principles of acupuncture by tapping on certain keys points of your body. Many people know about EFT and use it. This is the first movie I am aware of that follows 10 people who attend a weekend seminar where they learn about the technique for the first time. We actually get to meet these 10 people who have a variety of issues: physical pain, intense grief, financial concerns, weight issues, post-traumatic stress disorder. The beginning of the movie shows interviews with these people where they express their issues. None of them have previous experience with EFT but they are willing to try. You can easily see the pain each is in. During the movie we see them working on their issues both in group settings as well as in individual sessions. It is incredibly powerful to watch them go through their processes. The filming supports our own emotional involvement with each person. I found myself encouraging them on, wanting to see them overcome their problems. There is no way your heart is not touched by their willingness to share their processes with us. At the end of the weekend, these people are visibly transformed. They share how different they feel, but we can see it in how they appear. Their faces shine! There is also follow-up where they are interviewed six months after the workshop and they are still pain-free and still using the EFT technique. From watching the movie you will learn the technique for yourself; it is very simple. There is also a special section where we are walked through the actual process of using EFT so we can start using it ourselves right away. Interspersed throughout the movie are short clips of teachers such as Jack Canfield, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson and others telling us about their view of EFT being valid and something they have each used themselves. This movie will touch your heart and encourage you to want to explore the possibility of living a life without pain, without some of the emotional luggage you might be carrying around. What if life could be more joyful and fulfilling just because you knew how to “tap?” Watch this movie and see what happens for you.

Lighten Up The Authentic and Fun Way to Lose Your Weight and Your Worries By Loretta LaRoche Hay House Loretta LaRoche is a fun author to read because she has a great sense of humor and a faced-paced writing style. She is an international stress consultant, former aerobics instructor and owner of a wellness center and has been exposed to lots of different ideas about losing weight and getting healthy. Her approach is based on common-sense and helps you make good decisions about what you eat, how you move, and finding more joy and balance in your life. Her ideas contain the fun factor, too. For instance, instead of keeping a food journal counting your calories and fat grams, how about keeping a journal of what you loved about your food every day. She says, “Calorie counting is one thing; how about counting the pleasure you get from your meals?” LaRoche talks about how we see our food and make choices, how we integrate the eating experience into our lives, and how we can go about making our lives a little less stressful, happier, and sane. The book really is about how to make finding your right body size an enjoyable adventure rather than a maddening chore. Whether you want to lose a lot of weight or just a bit, this book is sure to be a dog-eared companion along the way.

How to Heal with Singing Bowls Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods By Suren Shrestha Sentient Publications Most of us have had the pleasure of hearing or playing singing bowls; such a beautiful and haunting sound they can make. Although people do use these bowls for healing, this book is the first I have seen that gives an actual procedure to use for various types of healing. The author was born in Nepal and in the village where he grew up people were healed by herbalists, monks, and medicine men using drums, gongs, and mantras. He came to the United State when he was

Charmed By Snakes Continued from Page 9 never leave without them, even my father could not convince me, so she and my aunt went off to the store in search of something to put them in. I sat and waited patiently with my arms loaded with snakes. They came back with large gallon

plus jars and after punching holes in the lids, 50 snakes fit snugly in each jar and home to Seattle we all went. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World,

Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (206) 525-2016 or For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

15 years old, graduated from college and eventually returned to Nepal to learn how to practice ancient healing techniques. In the book, he explains the types of bowls (he is not talking about the crystal singing bowls, only the metal ones), how to choose them and how to work with them. He talks about the charkas and tones to use for various ailments and desired results. With the book is a CD where he walks you through a relaxation session, a chakra healing session, and a meditation. During the sessions, he tells you which bowl to use, where, and how to strike it. This would be very helpful to someone learning to use the bowls in their healing practice. I enjoyed each of the sessions even though I wasn’t using bowls myself. Anyone who wants to incorporate the use of metal singing bowls in their personal or professional practice will want to add this book to their library. It is full of practical, clear information that is sure to help you use these incredible tools to help yourself and others.

Healing Into Possibility The Transformational Lessons of a Stroke Alison Bonds Shapiro New World Library If you have known someone who has had a stroke, also known as a brain attack, you know the devastation that can follow and how long and steep the road to recovery can be. This book is a jewel and a gift to those who have had a stroke or other serious injury, illness or seemingly impossible problem. The author walks us through her personal



experiences of having two strokes and what she went through in order to recover the use of her body and brain, the impact it had on her family, and what she learned. She shares tools and ideas that have helped her as well as the stroke survivors and family she works with today. According to the American Heart Association, about 700,000 new strokes occur in the United States every year; that’s one every 45 seconds. The information in this book will certainly go a long way to helping stroke victims become stroke survivors and give friends, family, and professionals some very practical tools to help them as well.

The Pocketbook Trilogy By Karen Cornell, Jane Li Fox, and Marleen Putnam Triple Eight Publishing If you want to dip into something about prosperity, relationships, or transformation and transcendence, this trilogy will fit the bill. Imagine being able to tap into the wisdom, experience, and humor of three delightful women between the covers of a book. Karen, Jane, and Marleen graciously share with us their experiences and the wisdom they gleaned along the way. The didn’t really start out to write books together but it is what ended up happening. Each of the three small books is written in such as way that you can sit down with it in small doses and get a lot out of it. They tackle the big issues of life while obviously having fun along the way. If your life is a busy one or you don’t want to read another 300-page book, get these little gems instead. These authors have read the books, done the courses, lived the life, and you get to reap the rewards!

Family caregivers: you are not alone.

Now family caregivers can reduce stress and have greater well-being by using this program 20 minutes a day! • Based on scientific research that proves what we think about can influence the quality of our lives. • Designed specifically for family caregivers.

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Imagine a World Full of Psychics By Lorayne Ham You ask yourself, “Did that really just happen?” or “Did I just imagine that?” I hear clients say that

all the time. Often I hear, “You can see that, you are psychic, I am just me.” Funny how we are so quick to judge from our limited perspectives and cannot really know, see, feel, hear, smell what is right under our noses because we say to ourselves, “Who am I”? Well, who are you? What if we are all psychic and have been so wounded that we are not able to see beyond our own limiting beliefs? I tell you right now, we are all psychic, that is who you are, and it is true. Have you ever been in a room with a bunch of people and all of the sudden you feel strange and move away from the person coming towards you? Have you been in an elevator and

just know that the person next to you has had some catastrophic thing happen? How about this one: you are on the bus and the person sitting next to you turns and says “I know you from somewhere but I just can not put my finger on it.” You instantly see yourself talking to them two hours in the future. These things are happening all around us right here in our everyday lives. We have just had our eyes, ears, and feelings shut down for so long that we literally do not see. Would you like to get that part of your divine right returned to you? Try these simple techniques: First of all, stop for a moment and really take stock of how you communicate. Do you say things like “I hear you,” “It feels to me like...,” “I see it this way,” “I know.” This is telling as to what your predominant gifting is. 1. Go into a bathroom and turn off all of the lights. Place a lit candle next to your face and then move it away. Look at yourself in the mirror and see if you see a faint aura around your head. Keep

Lorayne Ham says that clairvoyance is not magic. It is our birthright. It requires discipline, diligence, and persistence.

doing this until you see a faint haze or glow. This is seeing and is the beginning of your knowledge clairvoyance. 2. Sit quietly with yourself in a busy café or public place and center. Slowly begin to tune to the feelings of one person around you. Are they happy, sad, joyful, melancholy? Really stretch yourself to feel whatever they are feeling. You will begin to notice that all of a sudden you feel something and you will notice it is not your feelings. This is the beginning of your knowledge clairsentience. 3. Tune to a really beautiful piece of music, listen attentively until you can hear the notes between the notes. Notice how the music changes and does not sound like anything you have ever heard before. Or, sit in public and listen. There is a lot going on that no one is hearing, really listen. You will notice all sorts of sounds that you would have sworn were not there before. This is the beginning of your knowledge of clairaudience. You need to learn to pick up on the subtleties, the nuances. At first the signs may seem so quiet that you may doubt whether or not you heard, saw, felt; watch out, that is the quickest way to shut yourself down. Our world needs us to wake

up to our gifts and develop them to their fullest now. Once you have learned to bring your primary gifting forward and are using it, you may notice other senses coming online. You see, the truth is that we all came in with gifts and as we started to grow and experience our world we were told by our parents, or other adults around us, that we could not see, hear, feel or know. They had a limited view of the world, they could not remember nor understand. You see, they were also born with gifts and were quickly shut down, as were their parents before them. Can you imagine a world where everyone was able to see all dimensions, a world where there would be no crime? A world where everyone could know who was perpetrating the crime. You see, we would know because we would be able to read their energy and know what they had done or were about to do. Evil deeds cannot be done if they are out in the open, and are visible. Just imagine! This is not magic. This is our birthright. It requires discipline, diligence, and persistence. Train yourself to pick up the signals however you get them. We are all psychic and we need, each and every one of us, to reclaim our Continued on Page 13


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UWTH is used for healing humanity on every level, and healing of Mother Earth, animals, plants and all life situations. UWTH can be facilitated in person or remotely, and at higher levels may be used for large numbers of people, or entire regions. UWTH Gemstone Healing is also available.






Come and be embraced by the healing gifts Mother Earth has to offer Handpicked Crystals & Minerals Large Geodes & Statues Selenite Lamps & Candle holders Gemstone Jewelry & Beads Art, Books, Candles, Incense, Sage, Medicine Cards Dreamcatchers and so much more The Little Shop of Light

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I have built a successful 25-year psychotherapy practice out of helping people resolve a wide range of issues: • Spiritual awakening and crisis Sue Neufeld-Ellis • Balancing emotion due to accidents and illnesses • Anxiety • Depression • Anger • Guilt • Childhood trauma and abuse

Let me help you open to your spiritual aspirations. I employ a variety of techniques, such as: • EMDR (eye movement therapy) • Lifespan Integration and Rebirthing • Meditation Instruction (CD samples on website) • Clinical Hypnotherapy Sue Neufeld-Ellis, LMHC, CSAT, RN

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NEW EARTH TEACHINGS are given in ten chapters focusing on tools for preparing ourselves and Mother Earth for Ascension to the NEW EARTH. Learn to open portals, clear karmic threads, work with the NEW chakras, expand your total brain capacity with protection of the New Inner Light, raising your frequency with vibrational symbols, NEW EARTH meditations & more. Purchase NET Chapters 5-9, and receive chapters 1-4 free. MATANYA UWTH Level 4 Practitioner UWTH Level 1 & 2 Teacher NET Level 2 Teacher and Lecturer Advanced Tachyon Practitioner/Distributor



Silence The clang of a brass gong woke me at dawn. Rolling out of bed, I slipped on my green crocs, and then headed outside. A light morning mist filled an expanse of open land behind my bunkhouse at the retreat center. In the distance an owl hooted. And, although I could not see them, I sensed the presence of the three deer I had seen the previous evening. Overhead, a sliver of the crescent-shaped moon and the morning star sparkled against a cobalt blue sky. Aside from birds playing call and response from the nearby

Psychics Continued from Page 12 gifts so that we can change the world. Do you want to be the creator of magic or the bystander? It is your choice. You might just surprise yourself and discover you have been psychic all along. I invite you to awaken to your truth, the truth of

trees, a palpable silence surrounded me. Taking a deep breath, I breathed in thick cool air, then released another level of stress I had brought with me from my workaday life. It was the final day of a three-day silent meditation. Sixty-eight hours of glorious silence, almost half that time spent in meditation. In a world of 24/7 noise and distractions, where some people are uncomfortable walking without a cell phone or iPod attached to their ear, I relish quiet. Instead of being

the everyday psychic, you. Lorayne Ham is known for her ability and clarity, pinpointing the issues, assisting clients to see the truth. She holds people in love with depth and compassion. Lorayne is a powerful and remarkable healer, training clients to discover their gifts.

Everyday Spirituality by Colleen Foye Bollen distracted by what is happening around me, I have time to consider what is going on inside me. Extended periods of silent mediation allow me time to check-in with myself and explore my unconscious thoughts. During this particular retreat, an insight surfaced on my first day; my inability keep my thoughts focused on the present moment. Instead of paying attention to what I was doing, I observed myself looking ahead to the next activity. In the quiet of the meditation hall, part of my mind planned what I would eat for breakfast. Sitting at the breakfast table I thought about the hot shower I was going take after I finished eating. As hot water cascaded down my back, I began yearning for a walk

around the grounds. Walking the grassy meadow paths, I daydreamed about a nap. My mind wandered everywhere except into the now. The concept of being in the now is both ancient and new. It is one of the foundations of Buddhism and a tenet of the New Age philosophy. Often times we get so lost in our thoughts, fantasizing about the past or the future, that we miss what is going on around us. By being in the now we become mindful of the present moment and experience what is actually occurring in our lives. Each time I caught my mind wandering off, I repeated the same mantra: “focus on the now.” It was like trying to rein in a wild horse. But, instead of using sugar cubes



to coax my mind to stay in the present moment, I gently nudged my thoughts each time they began to roam. I told myself to feel my breath; the way cool air entered my nostrils and left with a hint of warmness; to taste how the nuts and raisins contrasted with the soft mushiness of the oatmeal; to be aware of the relaxing effect hot water had on my shoulder muscles; to smell the flowers along the walkway and to notice the variety of leaves on the trees. With prodding, my focus returned to the present. Slowly as the hours passed I began to experience periods of stillness, being in the present moment with no yearnings and no expectations. In meditation I relaxed into the waves of breath moving through my body. Following this flow my mind and body entered the still point, that place that brings quiet to the heart. By dawn of the third day, I was able to slow down and appreciate the pre-sunrise beauty. After the retreat, I continued watching my thoughts. To my surprise and delight, I found I could frequently focus on one task without yearning


for the next activity on my list. Spending those three days in silence, diligently working on bringing my focus to the present helped me break the pattern. I did not eliminate the issue, but I made progress on staying in the present moment. Of course, attending a three-day silent retreat is not always possible or desired. Most of the time I use miniperiods of quiet time, 30 minutes to an hour, to connect with my inner self. I do this by meditating or simply turning off outside distractions, such as music, the television and my cell phone. By doing this on an almost daily basis I can root out habitual thoughts and behaviors that sabotage my desire to live in the present moment. Colleen Foye Bollen now offers Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments at East West Bookshop in Seattle and at her Shoreline location. For information visit, or call (206) 367-0491. To read more about “being in the now,” visit her blog: http://flowing



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by Kris Steinnes, with Jean Houston, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Judith Orloff, M.D., Angeles Arrien, Marion Woodman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Riane Eisler and others

Learn from these women how to claim your voice and feminine gifts ~ change your life now! AWARD-WINNING BOOK! 2008 finalist for Best New Non-Fiction - USA Book News 2009 IPPY Bronze Award for Body, Mind, Spirit - Independent Publishers “This anthology of wisdom from some of the greatest women thinkers and writers of our time is a rare treasure. It inspires, informs, and gives us hope for the future in which the best potential of all people, and of our precious earth, can be realized.” —Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Inner Peace for Busy Women and A Woman’s Book of Life. 18th Annual WOW Conference, Feb. 11-15, 2010 August 15th deadline for workshop applications Forms are available at

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Continued from Page 16 expression. 10. The world is a mess; there is nothing I can do. In one instant you can change the world. If man were to change his mind, one mind at a time, a chain reaction (like nuclear fission) would occur. Human minds like ours are all joined; it is the belief in isolation that creates the limits. Simply let them go, and a far greater world is yours, ours and in the communion of spirit as it has always been. That is the simple truth. You can affect your life with your thoughts, but beyond that narrow perspective you hold, nothing changes. The truth remains the same. There are two ends to the spectrum. Fear is at one end and it is false; love is at the other and it is all that is true. The truth is we are all God. It is only humans who have separated. “Why did humans want to separate?

Why not animals?” Perspective is the key here. From your perspective, you think that you are the different ones, the superior species, the most like God. That is the story as you have told it, it is your story. We all have a story that is our own perspective. The difference is animals are in agreement because they have not left the garden (the place where all walk and talk with God). Humans believe in a human myth. It is the story that supports separation. Animals have a knowledge of good or God. People wanted to create a perspective that would give them superiority or so they thought. “Let us have evil, which is the opposite of what all other life understands.” And they have boxed themselves into a corner. They have created another category, and being the designers of their world, have made themselves a hell. The point is we all view the world from our own perspective; “our” being singular or plural. Human/ humans. Horse/horses. The difference is humans believe in opposites; we believe in sameness. Every being

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John Skyrman Psychic, Clairvoyant, Healer, Teacher John is a down-toearth psychic who can help you with: Love • Finances Decisions • Family and Friends Health • Investments What to look forward to and what to watch out for.

A practicing psychic since he was 12 years old, John is also a clairvoyant, healer, teacher, and interior designer. See him at Stargazers in Bellevue, Spirit Journey in Issaquah, and the Cliff House Restaurant in Browns Point. Phone readings are welcome, Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted.

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sees the world through their own eyes; every species through the eyes of the species. Animals interconnect species to species, to man, and that is how we can help you. We can share our vision; we can show you paradise again. You are the only species who has lost the connection and therefore wrongly believes that you are separate and therefore superior. Just like in a flying change, the lead is the perspective. Change your lead mid-air and change your direction. It is that simple: as you believe, you will experience life. Liz Mitten Ryan is a Canadian artist-animal communicator and has co-authored four books with her horses, cats and dogs. “The Truth According to Horses” has won a coveted Silver Nautilus Award for 2009, making Prima the first horse in history to win a literary award. Retreats are offered at Liz’s Gateway 2 Ranch. Visit the herd at

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The Awakening Power of Two Simple Questions By Eli Jaxon-Bear It is possible to awaken to the depths of one’s true nature. There are two essential questions critical to this investigation: What do I really want? and who am I? Surprisingly, most people have never asked themselves this first question with any depth. Indeed, most people live their entire lives without ever questioning what it is they really and finally want. Most make do with whatever shows up. They are content to settle for some version of what their parents had or wanted. Others may rebel and want something totally different than their parents. Most people’s lives are dedicated to getting what they think they want. They live in the conditioned wants of family, and in the manufactured wants of society, with their subconscious fantasies projected out onto the world. When you answer this question on the deepest level, you can turn your life toward something of real consequence. As long as there is an experience of separation or alienation, there is correspondingly a longing for union. As long as there is fear and a sense of isolation, there is consciously or unconsciously a longing to return home. Only then can the call of your heart be heard. Be willing to stay true to your deepest longing for truth. Stay true in the face of every wave of thought that arises from the ocean of mind and tries to wash you back into subconscious desires. In the end, the desire for union and true freedom will transcend all other desires. Having this desire has been rare in the past. But humanity is now entering a new stage. Now is the time for ordinary people to wake up. There is no need to be a great saint. Simply because you are alive and intelligent enough to read this, you are ready for the next evolutionary leap, from the isolated selfishness that is destroying the world, to the bliss of union, which holds the healing of the earth. Until the desire for truth, freedom, and love arises in a life, everything is all about “me” and “my” story of “reality.” Once the desire for freedom arises, it can become the central axis, the ground of being that life revolves around. This then signals the end of the search for happiness and the birth of realization. Awakening is the end of wanting and the beginning of discovering. Once you have discovered what it is you truly want, you are ready to make the most

important inquiry of a lifetime, the second essential question: Who am I? In a certain way, this has been an implicit question throughout every stage of life. At its root, every activity, whether individual or collective, is motivated by a search for self-definition. Typically, the search is for a positive answer to this question or a running away from any possibility of a negative answer. Until the question of who you are has been truly answered, there will still be the hunger to finally know. Because no matter how you have been defined by others, well-meaning others and not so well-meaning others, and no matter how you have defined yourself, any definition is finally revealed to come up short. Recognizing that no answer has ever satisfied this question is the crucial moment of spiritual ripeness. It is then that you can consciously investigate who you really are. The question, who am I?, in its power and simplicity, throws the mind back to the root of personal identification. It throws the mind back before the basic assumption, “I am somebody.” Rather than automatically accepting that assumption to be the truth, you can investigate deeper. When this very basic sense of individual self is questioned, the mind is thrown back to the I. This is called self-inquiry. We spend most of our days telling ourselves or others we are someone important, someone unimportant, someone big, someone little, someone young, or someone old, never truly questioning beyond conditioned definitions. Definitions of oneself as good or bad, ignorant or enlightened, are all just concepts in the mind. All of that changes and is even forgotten every night when you drop into deep sleep. Whatever can be forgotten or continually changes is not the absolute truth. If you will stop trying to find yourself in some definition, in an instant of true and sincere self-inquiry, the indefinable spaciousness of consciousness reveals itself as who you are. When you turn your attention toward the question, who am I?, perhaps an image of your face or your body appears. But who is aware of that image? Are you the object, or

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Eli Jaxon-Bear says most people’s lives are dedicated to getting what they think they want. They live in the conditioned wants of family, and in the manufactured wants of society, with their subconscious fantasies projected out onto the world. To awaken to our true nature, we need to ask ourselves two essential questions: “What do I really want?” and “Who am I?”

are you the awareness of the object? The object comes and goes. The misidentification of yourself as some object in awareness leads to extreme pleasure or extreme pain and endless cycles of suffering. When you are willing to stop the misidentification, and willing to see and to discover directly, that you are the awareness itself

and not these impermanent definitions, the search for yourself in thoughts finishes. When the question, who? is followed innocently, purely, all the way back to its source, there is a huge, astounding realization: There is no entity here at all. There is only the indefinable, boundless, recognition of oneself as the fullness of being found everywhere in everything. The fullness of being is whole, is endless. There is no bottom to you, no boundary to you. Any idea about yourself appears in the fullness and will disappear back into it. You are awareness, and awareness is consciousness, full beyond measure. Let all self-definitions die in this moment. Let them all go, and see what remains. See what is never born, and see what does not die. Feel the relief of laying down the burden of defining yourself. Experience the actual non-reality of the burden. Rest in the endless peace of your true nature before any thought of I arises. Eli Jaxon-Bear met his final teacher, Sri H.W.L. Poonja, in 1990. He will be offering a one-day retreat in Seattle on Saturday, Aug. 29. Please contact the Leela Foundation for more information (

A Monthly Gathering of People Of Positive Influence People of Positive Influence (PPIs) are those who are living their lives in such a way as to be a positive influence on the world around them. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do or where you do it. If you are helping to make the world a better place, if you are reading New Spirit Journal,you are a PPI! Join us for a monthly network gathering.

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This is a relaxed networking lunch where we gather to share great food and even greater company. We visit, network, and make referrals. Find out why some people say this is their favorite networking group! Sponsored by Krysta Gibson and Rhonda Dicksion of New Spirit Journal .

First Tuesday: Aug. 4, Sept. 1, Oct. 6, Nov. 3 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. No reservations required. • No prepayment required Cost is the price of your lunch - the buffet costs $7.50! (Vegetarian available.)

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Flying Changes: The Truth According to Horses By Liz Mitten Ryan Liz Ryan has been called a horse whisperer because she is an equine communicator. She has been able to share information she has received from the horses and share some of it here. From Premiere Edition (Prima) speaking for the herd: I would like to share with you some horse

secrets. We see the world differently. You humans talk of being superior; you have beliefs that are not true. We see the truth of how things really are; all animals do. I will tell you 10 things you believe that are false: 1. Beings are separate. We are all one – human, plant, animal, rock – every single little quark is united in the same cosmic soup. There are spaces

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Meditation Temple Teaching Center Institute of Living Yoga wRaja & Hatha Yoga 3-month Intensives Beginning first week of September, Ananda’s most popular and comprehensive experience of yoga and meditation based on the 8-Fold Path of Patanjali will be offered in both Seattle and Bothell. Chanting, pranayama, chakras, asanas (postures), mantra, kundalini, karma, reincarnation, astral body, diet, and much more. wMeditation & Hatha Yoga Classes! wRetreat to the Heart of Silence

October 30 - November 1

Experience the power of silence to heal, transform, and uplift: in nature, in meditation, during meals and with like-minded friends. Ananda’s popular annual retreat will once again go to Camp Brotherhood, 1 hour north of Seattle. Register now to secure your place. Retreat lead by the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Seattle, Hriman and Padma McGilloway.

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Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Liz Mitten Ryan enjoys the sun with several equine readers. but no boundaries. Boundaries are only thoughts. 2. We are here to advance ourselves. Life is not a struggle, at least not to the rest of us. You struggle; you believe there is something that you must accomplish. There is nothing to accomplish except the desired results of your desires. 3. Our desires are important. Your desires are frivolous; they mean nothing in the span of being. I am referring to the larger span of multiple existence. 4. Boundaries are necessary. Boundaries are thoughts and create limits in a limitless universe. When boundaries dissolve, opportunities expand. 5. We have one life to live. You see life from the perspective of your ego. It is so much larger. Because you identify with a finite expression, you are blind and deaf to all that is beyond your physical senses. 6. I am the center of the universe. Imagine being outside yourself – being absolutely everything – as far back as all time in your terms; but being everything,

time spirals, loops, and meets itself again and again, all in the instant of a thought. You are that. Everything in creation you can experience; merge with the energy of a rock, a tree, a cloud. With no boundaries you are all. You have trouble being outside yourself because you are absorbed in self. 7. I must fight to survive. If you were to let go of your concerns for self for even a moment, the boundaries being just a thought would disappear. Then you would experience as we do. 8. I must protect myself from nature. (Build cities, walls, etc.). You forget yourself in nature, in quiet; true quiet void of thoughts, and you remember a truth you knew long ago that has drowned in the confusion of your busy life. 9. I must create; I must achieve. There is nothing to accomplish that hasn’t been accomplished already. You think you have a new thought, but you are just opening to mind, which as matter is infinite in its Continued on Page 14

AUGUST 2009  

Mindful men's yoga practice,; The truth according to horses; Getting what you want in life in a practical, spiritual way; Charmed by snakes...

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